His True Colors Chapter 257-258


His True Colors Chapter 257

After Shen Weng took Su Haichao away, he hated to kill Su Haichao, he had just lost face in front of Yanjun, and there was simply no place for his old face.

    But isn't that what Su Hachao is like?How could a complete and utter waste compare to Han Qianqian who had been hidden for so long?

    But Shen Weng has no choice, and now the best chess piece he can think of and find is only Su Hae Chao.

    Su Hae Chao's anger towards Han Qianqian drives his desperate desire for revenge, and if Shen Weng can give him a little sweetness in this matter, the dog will remain loyal to him until Han Jun is released from prison, so he can have a good helper.

    Ten years in prison, even if you use your connections and get a reduced sentence for good behavior in prison, it will take a few years to get out, these years of isolation, the outside world will soon be unfamiliar to Han Jun, Shen Weng needs to help Han Jun train a dog that knows the outside world.

    Following beside Shen Weng, although Su Haichao was bowing his head, but his heart was very disdainful, this old man was obviously no match for that old man just now, and he actually had to be a dog for this kind of person, making Su Haichao feel like he couldn't see half a hope for the future.

    "I'll give you one billion to establish the company, and the first thing you need to do is to crush the Su Family Company,"Shen Weng said.

    Su Haichao, who had disdained Shen Weng just now, immediately changed his mind about Shen Weng after hearing this and became incomparably excited.

    One billion!This old man is giving him a billion dollars!

    With this billion, he would become a gentleman again, and the Su family's relatives who had treated him like a lost dog would once again submit to his feet.

    "Are you serious?"Su Haichao asked incredulously.

    "Hmph, do you think a billion is a lot?It's time to open your eyes, unaware of the so-called frog in the well."Shen Weng's cold voice.

    For Shen Weng's disdain, Su Haichao did not have any discomfort, to get a billion dollars, to be able to flaunt in front of the Su family relatives again, even if he was kneeling to Shen Weng on the street he would be willing to do so.

    "Yes, yes, it's my narrow vision, don't worry, as long as you are willing to give me the money, I will be able to defeat the Su family."Su Haichao said.

    At this time, Shen Weng suddenly stopped as Yan Jun blocked in front of him.

    "What do you want?"Shen Weng asked with dissatisfaction revealed between his eyebrows.

    Yan Jun smiled faintly and said, "You kicked my disciple, of course I have to take revenge for him."

    When Shen Weng heard this, he immediately gritted his teeth and said, "Yan Jun, don't bully others too much!"

    "Bullying?If you don't bully my apprentice, how will I bully you?"Yan Jun laughed and slowly walked towards Shen Weng.

    Shen Weng stood in place, not daring to move, this was the street, people were coming and going, he was already humiliated enough just now, if he was beaten in the street, he simply didn't want this face.

    "I can make it up to him."Shen Weng said.

    "This brat, never wants to accept help from others, and as for compensation, even I don't see how he would want it."Yan Jun said with a smile.

    Shen Weng only felt a blur before his eyes, and a gravity hit his waist side, while his entire body lost focus as his feet left the ground in an instant.


    Shen Weng fell to the ground, dust flying.

    Yan Jun stood condescendingly in front of Shen Weng and said, "Will you be so lucky the next time?"

    Shen Weng couldn't care about the pain in his body, full of anger making him tremble, but the crushing strength of his strength made him lack the courage to take a shot at Yan Jun.

    "Yan Jun, I will prove to you that your choice is wrong, the Han family belongs to Han Jun, Nangong Qianqiu will never be wrong, Han Qianqiang is just a trash, and Han Jun is the Emperor's face."Shen Weng gritted his teeth and said.

    "Let's wait and see."After saying that, Yan Jun strode away and gradually disappeared in the crowd.

    Su Haichao even went to Shen Weng's side to help him up, hiding the disdain in his eyes, after all, this was his golden master, even if he felt inside that this old man was a useless piece of trash, he didn't dare to show it in the slightest.

    But in the conversation between the two of them, Su Hachao also noticed something, it seemed that all along his perception of Han Qianqian was wrong, he was not simply a son-in-law, Han Jun, Nangong Qianqiu these names are not familiar, but one can tell that they are not ordinary people.

    Could it be that Han 3000 was still a big person?

    "Who the hell is this Han Qianqian?"Su Haichao said in confusion.

    Shen Weng shook off Su Haichao's hand and said with cold eyes, "The Yanjing Han Family, but he's just a family abandonment."

    The Yanjing Han Family!

    Han 3,000 is even a member of the Han family in Yanjing!

    These four words made Su Haichao's scalp go numb, the wimp he had been targeting all along was actually the young master of the Yanjing Han family?

    To think that at the beginning of Han Sanchi's entry into the family, all the Su family treated him as a beggar, Su Haichao would even treat Han Sanchi as a pleasure, who would have thought that such a person would be the son of the Yanjing Han family!

    Even if he was just an abandoned son of the Han family, it was by no means something that could be compared to an unimpressive family like the Su family.

    Now Su Haichao finally understood that the bride-price that had appeared for no reason was originally given to Su Yingxia, and Su Yehan had actually always thought that she was favored by the gentry, but now it seemed like a big joke.

    "Are you afraid?"Shen Weng said disdainfully.

    Su Haichao shook his head repeatedly and said, "Don't be afraid, don't worry, I will help you deal with him, a trash that was abandoned by the family, what is there to be afraid of?"

    Shen Weng smiled coldly, Su Haichao appeared to be forcefully calm, but how could he not feel Su Haichao's true state of mind?

    "As long as you are obedient, Han Jun will definitely use you heavily in the future, and you should know that even if you are just a dog of the Han family, you will be able to enjoy all the glory and wealth."Shen Weng said.

    "I understand."Su Haichao said.

    "Don't mention this matter to anyone, if Han Three Thousand's identity is known to others, you should prepare a coffin for yourself."Shen Weng said indifferently, Han Three Thousand Year had been silenced in Yanjing for many years, Yanjing's high society had even long believed that Han Three Thousand Year had passed away due to illness, once this news was revealed, it would definitely set off shock waves in Yanjing, which would be very detrimental to Han Jun.

    "Please don't worry, I will keep this secret strictly."

    On the other hand, Han 3000 had been sent to the hospital by Mo Yang and the others, his head had been opened, and although his injuries weren't serious, he needed some time to recuperate.

    In the hospital room, Mo Yang, Knife Twelve, and Lin Yong were standing next to the bed, looking at Han Three Thousand's head being wrapped like a dumpling, and none of them dared to look at Han Three Thousand directly.

    "Laugh all you want."Han Three thousand said helplessly.

    "Pfft, hahahahahaha."Mo Yang was the first one who couldn't hold back and burst out laughing cheerfully, then waved his hand at Han Three Thousand with an apologetic face and said, "Three Thousand, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, don't blame me, you're so funny right now."

    "Brother Three Thousand, if you went to Dubai with such a look, you would definitely be treated as a local hero."Knife Twelve couldn't help but ridicule as well.

    Lin Yong was the one who didn't dare to say anything and didn't dare to laugh, after all, his status was not comparable to Mo Yang and Knife Twelve, so he could only endure even if he held back his internal injuries.

    Han Giangli sighed, it's okay to be laughed at by these guys, but if Su Yingxia knew, she wouldn't know how to explain.

    "If you guys are done laughing, help me think of a way, preferably one that can be hidden from Su Yingxia."Han Giangli said.

    Mo Yang sat directly on the edge of the bed and said with a bitter look, "Three thousand, I advise you to better get rid of this idea, how smart our younger sibling is, how can you still hide it from her?And if she finds out afterwards, she'll only blame you even more, so it's better to be honest and tell her directly."

    "I don't want her to worry,"Han 3,000 said.

    "The best way to not want her to worry is to tell her everything to avoid her thinking blindly on her own, and if you find an excuse not to come home, can you guarantee that she won't be at home imagining things?Doesn't that just make her more worried."Mo Yang said.

    The reasoning behind this statement left Han Qianqiang with no way to refute it, and if she did find an excuse not to go home, Su Yingxia's harebrained thoughts were certain.

    "The dog's mouth really made you spit out your ivory,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Mo Yang didn't care about Han Three Thousand's verbal attack on him and said with a smile, "Three Thousand, I'm a person who has come over, and I know more about emotions than you do, if you have any problems, I can be an emotion consultant for you, and the fees are cheap, what do you think?"

His True Colors Chapter 258

Han Giangli stared at Mo Yang with disdain, this guy was changing his ways to pit money again.

    "Are you that short of money?And now in Cloud City, most of the grey industrial chain is in your hands, you're getting rich."Han Giangli said.

    "No, no, no, compared to you, the gap is still huge, I'm not even a hair on your head right now."Mo Yang said with a humble look.

    "Alright, nothing else, you guys go your own ways, no need to guard me."Han 3,000 said.

    A few people knew that Han Three Thousand mostly wanted to inform Su Yingxia about this matter, so naturally they couldn't stay here as a light bulb, and one by one, they all left with a sense of humor.

    Han three thousand take out the phone, look at the current appearance, even he could not help but laugh, this f*cking head wrapped in dumplings, like and the Middle East region of those big money soho.

    After flipping to Su Yingxia's number, he hesitated for a long time before dialing.

    Although Mo Yang usually did not act too serious, but his words were very reasonable, if you want Su Yingxia not to worry, only to let her know the truth of the matter, let her know that she is safe.

    "3000, how's it going, where are you and when are you coming home?"Once the call was connected, Su Yingxia asked in an urgent tone.

    Back home, Su Yingxia has been disturbed, worried that Han Qianxiang impulsively do irreversible things, afraid that if he really will not be able to help but kill Su Hachao.

    Although she doesn't have any affection for Su Hachao, but she doesn't want to see Han Qianqiang make a big mistake because of this matter.

    Su Haichao's death was not enough, but Han Qianxiang didn't need to get into trouble over it.

    "Uh ...... I'm at the hospital."Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia, who was sitting on the couch, jumped straight up and said in panic, "Hospital, why are you in the hospital, are you injured?It's not serious."

    Su Yingxia's eager tone made Han Giangli feel wrapped in happiness, and with an unconscious smile on her face, she said, "It's not serious, just rest for a few days."

    "Where are you, I'll come see you."Su Yingxia asked.

    "City Hospital, I'm nothing important, you'd better get busy with your own business."Han Qianli hardened his mouth but his heart wasn't thinking like this, he naturally wanted Su Yingxia to take care of him more.

    "How would it not matter, nothing matters to you, I'll come over right away."Hanging up the phone, Su Yingxia hurriedly went out.

    In less than twenty minutes, Su Yingxia rushed to the hospital, when she saw Han Giangli lying on the bed, the corners of her mouth kept twitching, all her worries turned into laughter in her heart, but she could only hold it in, Han Giangli was like this, how could she still laugh at it.

    When Han three thousand saw Su Yingxia froze as well as the corners of his mouth, his heart laughed bitterly, he just imagined how Su Yingxia would behave when he saw him, nervous, scared, concerned all thought about it, but never thought that she actually wanted to laugh.

    "If you can't help it, laugh it out."Han Giangli said weakly.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath and held back her laughter, walking over to the bedside, touching Han Qianli's large head and saying, "So tightly bandaged, it's not a light injury, right?"

    It wasn't a serious injury, bandaged tightly because there were so many small cuts, and the glass slag from the shattering of the bottle had scratched the scalp in many places.

    "Yeah, it hurts, and my head is still dizzy."Han Giangli said with a soft look.

    The suppressed laughter in Su Yingxia's heart was instantly gone, and with tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, she said with a heartbreaking look, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault."

    Han Giangli squeezed Su Yingxia's hand and said, "How can I blame you, I was careless, I was attacked by Su Haichao, otherwise, how could he beat me."

    "Su Hai Chao, you didn't kill him?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "No, he's looking for a patron now, it's a big problem."Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face, Shen Weng's sudden appearance had completely changed the nature of this matter, this old thing was also a figure in Yanjing, he was now cultivating Su Haichao as a pawn, it wouldn't be a simple matter to deal with Su Haichao.

    "No matter what he wants to do, the most important thing now is for you to get well, don't blindly worry about anything."Su Yingxia didn't care what kind of backing Su Hachao had and how powerful he was, in her eyes, even the Su Family Company couldn't compare to Han Qianqian's position in her heart right now, it was just a pity that the veil between her and Han Qianqian had never had the chance to pierce.

    Of course, she had to blame Han 3000 for not being able to see the many hints he had given her, leaving Su Yingxia very helpless.

    "No matter who his patron is, I didn't put it in my eyes, what's the difference between one stink bug and two stink bugs?"Han Giangli laughed.

    "Brains are broken, and you still have a mind to brag."Su Yingxia said with a glare.

    Looking at Su Yingxia's eyes that didn't have any intention of reproach, Han Qianli couldn't help but sigh, those bright red lips were something he could have gotten casually, but he didn't expect Shangguan Black and White to use such a despicable and shameless method to force him to lose the match.

    "The match is lost."Han Giangli said dejectedly.

    "Yi Yun already called me, I know what's going on, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have lost."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but lick his lips and said, "Since you lost the match because of you, is there compensation?"

    Su Yingxia blushed and said, "Of course not."

    Hearing these four words, Han Qianli's essence was instantly emptied, feeling like life suddenly had no staying power.

    He was drooping his head, but then heard Su Yingxia say, "But I'm your wife, ah."

    This sentence made Han Qianli look up abruptly, his eyes shining brightly at Su Yingxia, wife!Does that also mean he can exercise his husband's rights?

    The dry-mouthed Han Giangli, slowly put her head closer to Su Yingxia.

    Just then, the ward door suddenly pushed open and the doctor wearing a white lab coat walked into the room and said, "Doctor check."

    F*ck f*ck f*ck!

    Han 3,000 thousand heads of grass and mud horses rushed through his heart, when is it bad to do a room check, but at a time like this!

    Su Yingxia hurriedly stood up, the shyness on her face couldn't be hidden, so she could only keep her head down.

    The doctor casually asked a few questions and then left, but the atmosphere in the ward is completely different from before, filled with should not have been embarrassed, and Su Yingxia did not sit back in the bed, can be said to be a good opportunity, the doctor ruthlessly crushed.

    That night, Su Yingxia also accompanied Han Qianli in the hospital, although Han Qianli tried to say that he does not matter, but Su Yingxia could not let go of his heart, and insisted that he did not leave, Han Qianli could only stop.

    The next morning, the entrance to Su's company was bustling with activity, the gate was blocked and all the employees couldn't get in.

    "Who is this person, why is he blocking our company?"

    "By the looks of it, it's looking for trouble, I heard that the chairman of the board messed with these people."

    "The chairman hasn't come to the company for several days, she wouldn't have offended any big people."

    "Who knows, I didn't expect that the company had only gotten through a difficult time once, and this has attracted such a big trouble."

    A few leaning guys from the Go Association, one chair each, sat generously at the door with a faint smile on their faces.

    "Making such a big commotion, let's see how long Su Yingxia can hide."

    "I didn't expect these two people, both of them are shrinking turtles, Han Qianli is hiding and doesn't dare to see anyone, Su Yingxia actually doesn't even want the company."

    "Isn't it normal for us to come out, Su Yingxia doesn't dare to come out, does she still have the guts to deal with us?"

    "Also, it's just a Su family, fart can do nothing."

    A few people chatted proudly, Han 3,000 lost the competition, they harbored a grudge, and had long wanted to find Han 3,000's trouble, but Han 3,000 returned to Cloud City with an arrogant attitude, and Su Yingxia was nowhere to be found, so they could only come to the Su Company to cause trouble, this kind of blocking the door to prevent employees from entering was very bad and arrogant, but they were not at all worried that it would bring too much impact, as they said, a mere Su Family, in the event that they teamed up to deal with it, what was it?

    One of the old men stood up and said to all the employees of the Su Family Company, "Hurry up and contact Su Yingxia and tell her to get out, or else you won't have to go to work, from today onwards, the Su Family Company is completely closed down, if you have any doubts about what I'm saying, go and ask around for my identity."


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