His True Colors Chapter 251-253


His True Colors Chapter 251

Listening to the onlookers jeering at Han Three Thousand, the man who had just picked out Han Three Thousand's identity looked proud of himself for what he had just said, if it wasn't for him, how would those people have recognized Han Three Thousand's true identity?

    "Han Three Thousand, you should thank me, if it wasn't for me, you'd only have a reputation, but it's different now, soon everyone in Cloud City will recognize you."The man said with a smile.

    When had Han Third Thousand not been humiliated, from the age of twelve, his days were no longer the posture of a wealthy young man, ignored by outsiders and belittled by his closest relatives, these cold-eyed taunts were nothing to him, not even a flesh wound.

    After marrying into the Su family, Han Qianqian no longer cares what outsiders think of him. He once told Shi Jing that a gentleman who hides his weapons and waits for an opportunity to make a move is deliberately holding back in order to pave the way for greater ambitions in the future.

    The current Han Sanqiang pursued more than just replacing the Han family with a new one, he wanted to find Han Tian Yang, even if Han Tian Yang was truly dead, he wanted to dig up the enemies of the Han family back then and find out how they actually treated Han Tian Yang, Han Sanqiang had to make them pay the price for that!

    Looking at the Go Association's crowd with cold eyes, Han Qianli only said one word: "Roll."

    As soon as this word came out, the Go Association's people were all stunned, while those onlookers were dumbfounded.

    Who was he?

    He was Han Qianqian, the famous wimp of Cloud City.

    And standing in front of him was one of the top businessmen in Cloud City, and he was telling these people to get lost!

    "F*ck, this Han Qianqian is desperate, he actually told these people to get lost."

    "He eats Su Yingxia's soft rice, even though Su Yingxia is now the chairman of the Su Family, what is the Su Family to these people?"

    "They say that a dog fights with a man, but I didn't expect that this wimp of his would be floating around now ah, he wouldn't think that after Su Yingxia became the chairman of the board, he would have the right to mess around in Cloud City."

    "How could Su Yingxia be married to such a person?There's no use at all, and it will attract big goods to the Su Family ah."

    The spectators shook their heads, offended by these people, how could the Su Family Company still have a good life?If Su Yingxia knew about this, I wonder how she would feel, would she regret not divorcing Han Qianqian earlier?

    When the Go Association crowd heard Han Qianli's words, they were completely furious, they had come to settle scores with Han Qianli, but Han Qianli didn't take them seriously and told them to get lost!

    "Han Qianqian, what kind of thing are you that you dare to tell us to roll."

    "Do you believe that I can play dead with the Su Company in less than a week, and then you'll be the dog of death, do you think Su Yingxia is qualified to help you?"

    "Dogs who don't know what's good for them, kneel down and apologize to us, otherwise, this matter will not be rested."

    Han Qianli swept a cold eye over the crowd, he had just returned to Cloud City and still didn't know what Su Yingxia's situation was, if he spent any more time with these guys, he was afraid that he would delay saving Su Yingxia.

    "Play dead you guys, I don't need a day."Han Giangli pushed the crowd away and strode away.

    This action once again made the Go Association's crowd furious, a few old things were green in the face, they thought they could accuse Han Qianli from on high and trample on his dignity as they pleased, but this was the result, being ignored by Han Qianli.

    With so many people watching, if they didn't let Han Qianqian and the Su Family pay the price, where would they put their old faces.

    "I want this brat to regret it, and I want the Su Family Company to give him a funeral."

    "A day to play us to death, the young people nowadays are really arrogant, since he likes to brag, let him see what we're capable of."

    "I'm very much like seeing if Su Yingxia will kick this wimp out of the Su family after they go bankrupt."

    Based on old friends, Wang Mao, who hadn't left yet, kindly reminded, "I advise you guys to do more with less in this matter, there's no need to make trouble for yourselves."

    "Wang Mao, your Go Association would have collapsed long ago if it wasn't sponsored by us, so there's no need for you to interfere with our affairs."

    "Starting from today, I'm quitting the Go Association."

    "I'm also quitting."

    "I'm also quitting."

    Wang Mao heard these words and laughed, as if relieved.

    These old things didn't miss old times, so he wouldn't need to treat them as friends.

    "Okay, I'll watch Han 3,000 banquets and watch your high building collapse, so don't come to me for help when the time comes because I can't help."After saying that, Wang Mao turned around and left.

    After Han Three Thousand and Chi Yi Yun left the airport, they headed directly towards Mordor.

    "I'll send you home first."Han 3,000 said to Chi Yiyun, his other connections in Cloud City were still unknown to Su Yingxia and he didn't want to expose them so soon, and Chi Yiyun was Su Yingxia's sister, if Chi Yiyun knew about this, she would definitely tip Su Yingxia off, so Han 3,000 didn't plan to let Chi Yiyun go with him.

    Qi Yiyun was a very smart woman, Han 3,000 wanted to find Su Yingxia out, she would definitely use the energy of the grey area, and because of this, Han 3,000 didn't want her to follow along, he was worried about telling Su Yingxia something she didn't know, as long as Han 3,000's concerns in this regard were addressed, she would be able to follow along.

    "Are you afraid that I'll see something I shouldn't and then tell Su Yingxia?Don't worry, I saw you at the boxing ring, but I didn't tell her."Chia-Yun said.

    The boxing ring?

    Han Giangli was shocked, how did she know about the boxing ring!

    "Don't be so strange, I was just curious about that place, so I went to take a look, but I didn't expect to happen to meet someone I know."Chi Yi Yun smiled.

    The boxing gym was not a place that one would normally go to, it was filled with hostility, and it was precisely the kind of place that people with hostility would go to vent their anger, and from the looks of it, Chi Yi Yun was just a very quiet woman, so how could she have hostility?

    And just explaining it with curiosity seemed a bit weak, for a good girl, even if she had the greatest curiosity in her heart, she couldn't go to that kind of place.

    "I didn't think there was a hidden side to you, should I know more about you?"Han Qianqian said indifferently, having investigated Qi Yiyun's background before, there was nothing strange about it, but Qi Yiyun's behavior made Han Qianqian feel extraordinary, and thinking carefully about Qi Yiyun's background, the more there was no problem, the more one felt that there was a bigger problem instead.

    Why would a family that worked in agriculture suddenly go abroad to do business?

    "If you want to get to know me, I'll always give you the chance."Qi Yiyun smiled.

    Han Giangli no longer spoke, and since Chi Yiyun knew what he was doing in the boxing ring, it was no big deal to let her tag along to the Magic City.

    When they arrived at the Magic Capital, Mo Yang, Lin Yong Blade Twelve and Thirteen were there, as they had received a call from Han Three Thousand yesterday and had sent people all over the city to find out where Su Yingxia was.

    "How's it going?"After seeing Mo Yang, Han Qianli asked directly.

    "There's still no news about my siblings, among the Skynet surveillance, they were seen being taken away by a car, this driver should be very familiar with the surveillance of every street, avoiding almost all of the surveillance cameras, so where he went now, it's not easy to find out."Mo Yang said, this matter he was very anxious and also did his best, sent out thousands of people, almost all night without rest, only to this day still nothing.

    Han 3000 cold face, this matter was started because of Shangguan black and white, if he just used this matter to coerce Han 3000 to lose the competition, then he should release Su Yingxia now, but now Su Yingxia also did not show up, this matter is obviously not very simple.

    "What's going on, how could someone kidnap siblings?"Mo Yang was puzzled, in his opinion, Han Marchan shouldn't have offended anyone, so how could this happen.

    "It's not important, what's important is how I can find Ying Xia."Han Qianli said in a deep voice, finding Shangguan Black and White for revenge, this was a must, but revenge was a long way off, and the most important thing right now was to ensure Su Yingxia's safety.

    "Don't worry, as long as my younger sister is in Cloud City, I'll definitely be able to find her, even if I have to dig three feet into the ground,"Mo Yang said.

    Just at this moment, Han Qianqian's phone rang and the caller displayed the word wife.

His True Colors Chapter 252

With Han Qianqiang's frightened heart, even if Mount Tarzan collapsed in front of him, he wouldn't be shaken in the slightest, but when he saw the phone's caller ID, he was incomparably nervous, so much so that his hands trembled slightly.

    Seeing this scene, Chi Yi Yun secretly shook her fist, can a mere phone call make you so nervous?Why do you have such deep feelings for Su Ying Xia!

    For three years, the Su family has been humiliated, so why do you still want to fall in love with Su Yingxia, why do you still love her so much?

    As a man, can you really throw away all your dignity for her?

    In fact, it wasn't just Han Qianqian who was nervous, Mo Yang also unconsciously rubbed his nose, which was also a sign of his nervous movements.

    Others may not be clear about Han Qianqian's feelings towards Su Yingxia, but he is witnessing all of this, a full three years of rain and wind, can this be an ordinary person can do?

    "Quickly pick it up, what are you waiting for."Mo Yang reminded to Han 3,000.

    Han Three Thousand took a deep breath and pressed the answer button.

    "I want one billion."After the call was answered, a deliberately altered voice came from the other end.

    "Fine, how do I make the deal, how do I make sure she's safe now."Han Giangli said without hesitation, don't say a billion, as long as Su Yingxia was safe, so what if ten billion?

    "Your loser husband wants to talk to you, so speak up."

    "Three thousand, I'm fine, don't worry about me."

    Su Yingxia's voice came out, and from the tone of her voice, she could sense that nothing was different, which made Han 3,000 feel relieved.

    "Now feel at ease, I'll contact you again when the money is ready."The other end of the phone hung up directly.

    Han Qianli instantly squeezed the phone into shape and gritted his teeth as he said to Mo Yang, "It's Su Haichao, find Su Haichao for me!"

    Su Haichao deliberately lowered his voice to change his tone, but to Han Giang, his tone was very familiar, with mockery and contempt, which was Su Haichao's usual style, he had always been superior in front of Han Giang.

    Previously Su Yingxia had also mentioned that Su Hachao had been kicked out of the Su Family Company, but Han Qianqian couldn't figure out why Su Hachao would be connected to Shangguan Black and White.

    This old thing kidnapped Su Yingxia with the intention of letting Ouyang Xiujie win the competition, now that the competition has ended, he should have released Su Yingxia, but it was Su Hechao who kidnapped him, how could Su Hechao, the down-and-out dog, easily release Su Yingxia?

    Or that such as a pile of garbage in the room, Su Hai Chao with a headgear, tattooed man has been killed by him, because he was not willing to let go of Su Ying Xia, and tattooed man started an argument, accidentally accidentally killed the tattooed man, now carrying a human life, Su Hai Chao the only way he can think of escaping responsibility is to leave Huaxia, so that's why the lion's share of Han 3000 to one billion.

    And this one billion, is Su Haichao carefully calculated, the current Su family company, the most limit can take out this much money, of course, this money, also means that the company will go bankrupt, Su Yingxia, the chairman of the board will also cease to exist.

    He didn't just want to take the money, he also wanted to take revenge on Su Yingxia, and by the way, make sure that Han 3000 would never have soft rice to eat again.

    "Chairman Su, the Su family is going bankrupt, how do you feel about it?"Su Haichao said to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia had felt that Su Haichao was very familiar before, although he wore a hood that made it hard to see his face, but his figure backstory was increasingly allowing Su Yingxia to see the flaw.

    "Su Haichao, the Su family won't go bankrupt, and you won't get a billion."Su Yingxia said indifferently.

    Hearing Su Yingxia directly call his name, Su Haichao's figure shifted and mischievously stood up.

    "You don't get excited, I already guessed that you are Su Haichao, even if you don't admit it, so what, and it's hard to speak with your voice pressed, right?"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao took a few deep breaths, thinking about getting the money to go abroad anyway, even if Su Yingxia recognized it, so what, when he went abroad, who would still be able to find him?

    Pulling off the hood, Su Haichao looked at Su Yingxia with a fierce face and said, "So what if you know, you will soon become a dog of the family, Han Giang will not even have a chance to eat soft food this time, while I get a billion dollars but can get away with it, Su Yingxia, you didn't expect to have today, right?"

    "A billion may be just a little bit of money to him, but do you have a life to spend when you get the money?"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao laughed, a billion trifles?Didn't I hear it right, she didn't need to brag so much even if she wanted to help Han Giangli save face.

    Digging her ears to Su Yingxia, she said, "You're so good at bragging now, and don't even think about whether I'll believe it or not?"

    Su Yingxia smiled faintly and said, "How would someone like you know how powerful he is."

    "Awesome?Something that eats soft food can actually be said to be powerful."Su Haichao nodded his head and continued, "It's indeed quite powerful, a grown man, relying on a woman to feed him, shameless, to be able to do his level, it's indeed considered powerful."

    Su Yingxia shook her head, this kind of thing, she was also unclear, much less able to explain it to Su Hachao, but she knew that Han Qianqiang would never let Su Hachao off easily, he repeatedly sought death, this time there would never be a good end.

    "I hope you don't regret it."Su Yingxia said.

    "Regret?When this wimp kneels in front of me, you'll know if I'll regret it."Su Haichao sneered.

    At this time, Han Qianqiang, having a goal, asked Mo Yang to take people to Su Hai Chao's house, as long as he had an appearance somewhere, he would be able to find out.

    Su Guolin and his wife were now completely reduced to civilians, Su Hachao was kicked out of the Su family company, Su Guolin was also affected by the calamity, and now without a job and financial resources, they were living a tight life and didn't even have the strength to eat a good meal.

    This matter, Su Guolin didn't blame Su Hachao to his face, but there must be a lot of complaints in his heart, if not for Su Hachao making so many things, their family wouldn't have fallen into such a bad situation, and now the Su family relatives to avoid suspicion, no one is willing to deal with them.

    The door to the house was kicked open with a bang, down to the old couple shaking on the couch.

    When Su Guolin saw Han Qianli, an angry expression appeared on his face, standing up and shouting angrily, "Han Qianli, what are you doing!"

    Han Giangli walked up to Su Guolin with a cold face and asked, "Where is Su Hai Chao?"

    Su Guolin had always looked down on Han Three Thousand, but he had kept a low profile for so many years and was tolerant enough to swallow his pride, so Su Guolin didn't have much of a problem with him, but now, after Su Yingxia became the chairman of the board, he didn't expect this wimp to follow suit and be arrogant, directly breaking into his home.

    "Han 3,000, you're also really arrogant now, after Su Yingxia became the chairman, you're lawless, right?We don't work for the company anymore, so what right do you have to be arrogant in front of me."Su Guolin said.

    "I'll ask again, where's Su Haichao?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    Su Guolin was furious, a wimp who relied on women for a living, flaunting his power in front of him, wasn't he just a broken chairman?It actually made him, the little white guy, rise to heaven as well.

    Su Haichao was so capable, yet he didn't live as well as a loser like Han Qianqian!God is so f*cking unfair.

    "I don't know, and even if I did, why should I tell you what gives you the right to ask about our family,"Su Guolin said.

    Han Qianqiang suddenly grabbed Su Guolin's collar and pulled Su Guolin to himself with great force, due to their height difference, Han Qianqiang was practically looking down on Su Guolin.

    "What are you doing, let go of me."Su Guolin said in shock.

    His wife also instantly ran to her side, pulling on Han Three Thousand's clothes and cursing angrily, "What are you doing, you wimp, let go of my husband."

    "I want to know where Su Haichao is, speak up."

    "Han Three Thousand, what right do you have to boss me around, you're just a f*cking loser, a loser who lives off women, what is my son doing, why do I have to tell you, do you think that all men under the heavens are like you when it comes to being a little white man?Su Haichao is much more productive than you, of course he's going to make money."Su Guolin said.

    "Make money?The way he makes money is by kidnapping Su Yingxia for ransom?"Han Qianqiang pushed Su Guolin away.

His True Colors Chapter 253


    When these two words reached Su Guolin's ears, his face instantly turned pale.

    Su Guolin was a very ambitious man, he had always wanted Su Hechao to take charge of the Su family, and now that the company was in Su Yingxia's hands, he was so unhappy that he had even thought of all sorts of shameless ways to deal with Su Yingxia, hoping to get Su Yingxia to step down and allow Su Hechao to regain control of the company.

    But all of his thoughts were limited to fantasies, and his guts simply couldn't hold up his ambitions.

    Now that he learned that Su Hachao had even kidnapped Su Yingxia, how could he not be afraid!

    It's a prison thing, and he's only got one son to retire to, so if he goes to prison over this, how is he going to live in the future!

    "You're farting, don't slander my son, how could my son do such a thing."Su Guolin said emotionally.

    "Would I joke with you about such a thing?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    "Why wouldn't you be, you're jealous of Hai Chao's talent, jealous of his abilities, for a little white guy like you, you'd be ashamed of yourself even standing in front of him, there's nothing you can't do."Su Guolin said, where did he get the strength to say this, there was no way to know, it seemed that in his eyes, only Su Hai Chao was excellent in the whole world.

    "Talent?"Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, "Su Hachao, this piece of trash, has dragged the company down more than once, and he still has talent?Is his talent to make everyone suffer along with him?He's just an idiot."

    The word idiot made Su Guolin angry, Su Hai Chao had indeed done some stupid things, but it wasn't something Han Qianqian was qualified to critique.

    "You're the idiot, the idiot who eats soft food, people like you aren't qualified to critique Su Hai Chao."Su Guolin raged.

    Han Qianli knew that in the eyes of everyone in the Su family, his image as a wimp was already ingrained, and he had no desire to change that now, it didn't matter what Su Guolin thought of him at all, what he needed to know now was where exactly Su Haichao was.

    "I'll ask one last time, where is Su Haichao, if I have to find him myself, he'll be dead, you can continue to help him hide it if you want to have no one to give you the end of your life in the future."Han Giangli said with an icy gaze.

    Su Guolin still remembered the first time he was afraid of Han Three Thousand when Su Yingxia's family was living in the old house, it was the first time there was a problem with the Weak Water Real Estate, he and Su Hachao personally came to Su Yingxia's door to apologize, it was also on that day that he saw the exact same look in Han Three Thousand as he did now.

    Ice cold as frost, making one shudder!

    "How dare you ...... you."Su Guolin stammered.

    "Do you want to try it?Fine, I'll let you know how serious the consequences are, prepare a coffin for him."After Han Three Thousand Thousand turned around to leave.

    Su Guolin was terrified that Han Marchant would actually do this, but he thought, how could a wimp like Han Marchant have the guts to kill someone?

    But Su Guolin's wife didn't want to lose Su Haichao, even if Han Qianqiang really didn't have the guts to kill Su Haichao, but if the kidnapping thing was true, Su Haichao would go to jail, and she didn't want her son to suffer.

    "I know."Just as Han Three thousand walked to the door, Su Guolin's wife spoke up.

    Stopping in her tracks, Han Qianqian turned to look at her and said in a cold voice, "I don't have time to waste with you, if you want to mess around with me, Su Haichao will only die a worse death."

    Su Guolin's wife shook her head repeatedly and said, "I really know, I have the location of his phone and can find out where he is."

    Han Qianli turned to Su Guolin's wife and said, "Give it to me quickly."

    Nothing was more important to Han Qianli than finding Su Yingxia, and at the same time, at the Cloud City Airport, a seemingly ordinary white-haired old man with a low-key attire appeared.

    If it wasn't for his 1.9 meter straight posture, probably no one would have noticed such an old man.

    People who came and went would pay more attention to him because of his height, and only after a closer look would they find that the old man was extraordinary, with a strong aura of oppression, just like a big man who had been in the top for a long time, not angry, just standing there, could give people pressure.

    Two days ago, this old man had appeared in Qin City, visiting Jun Han!

    Han Jun was crippled in both legs and was now confined to a wheelchair, but fortunately, after Guan Yong escaped from prison, he wasn't beaten and oppressed anymore, and when he learned that someone was visiting the prison, he thought it was Han Qianqiu who had come to flaunt his power in front of him, but upon seeing this old man, Han Jun wept bitterly in front of him.

    This old man, who had been a suitor of Nangong Qianqiu in her youth, named Shen Weng, was an extremely paranoid man.

    When Nangong Qianqiu married into the Han family, Shen Weng made a vow to never marry for the rest of his life, and he did, never touching any woman and loving Nangong Qianqiu to the extreme.

    The news of Nangong Qianqiu's death was very secret, only some of the upper class families in the capital learned of this news, and when Shen Weng found out, he was furious and wanted to snatch back Nangong Qianqiu from the Hell, but such an unrealistic thing could only be thought about, and the only thing he could do was to help Nangong Qianqiu take revenge.

    "Do you want revenge?"This was the first thing Shen Weng said to Han Jun.

    Han Jun would end up like this, thanks to Han Qianqian, who had dreamt of revenge and had already crippled his legs, and without ambition, he knelt down before Shen Weng.

    "Grandpa Shen, it's Han 3000 that killed Grandmother, and he's also the reason I'm crippled, I can't wait to kill him, crush his tendons and skin, eat his flesh and drink his blood."

    "I will help you, before you are released from prison, I will find a chess piece to do this for you."

    A chess piece, that's why Shen Weng would come to Cloud City.

    Shen Weng was already very familiar with the situation in Cloud City, and the first pawn he had planted for Han Jun was Su Hae Chao, as Su Hae Chao also had a great hatred for Han 3000.

    Standing at the entrance of the airport, Shen Weng took a deep breath and said to himself, "Yan Jun, I didn't personally take action against Han 3000, it doesn't count as a violation of our agreement."

    After getting Su Haichao's location, Han Three Thousand drove over by himself.

    It was a very shabby neighborhood, and because the rent was cheap, there were many foreign workers and local thugs living there, so it belonged to a very chaotic place.

    When Han Giangli stopped the car, a few thugs at the entrance stared at him.

    A few of them were smoking cigarettes and blocking Han 3,000 as if they were dragging a twenty-five thousand dollars.

    "Dude, there's a fee to park here, so pay up first."One of them said to Han 3,000.

    "How much?"Han Qianli asked with a cold face.

    A few people smiled as they saw how easy it was to talk to Han Qianli.

    This kind of pie-in-the-sky business didn't happen every day, so naturally, there was a pile of extortion.

    "Buddy, this car of yours is hundreds of thousands of dollars, the brothers can help you guard it well, so that it won't be scratched, look at how we have so much manpower, we have to give two or three thousand."The man said.

    Han 3,000 yuan took out his wallet, and the man who spoke looked like he was heartbroken, as if he thought he was going to have less and should have more.

    But at this time, Han 3,000 threw down a coin, dropping it on the ground with a crisp sound.

    "F*ck, what do you mean."

    "Sh*t, you think we're barkers, right, and you want to get rid of us for a dollar."

    "Dude, I think you're blind, you don't know how good a brother's fists are."

    Several people lifted their cuffs and looked fierce.

    "I'm kindly advising you guys to f*ck off."Han Qianli coldly said.

    "Damn, arrogant in my territory, what are you."

    "Brothers, give me a fight and teach this ungrateful guy a lesson."

    "If you don't shell out tens of thousands of dollars today, you won't leave."

    These people were ganged up hooligans, often extorting working residents in the community, arrogant and accustomed to it, so long has been no trouble, so the more they grew their courage, facing Han 3,000 in their opinion, just fist and kick to teach him a lesson he will be honest.

    A minute later, Han Marchan was still standing while several hoodlums all fell to the ground, sobbing ouch.

    "Guard the car well, if there's half a scratch, I won't spare you."Han 3,000 said, walking towards the small area.

    A few hoodlums knew they had run into a hard target and nodded incessantly, witnessing Han Marchant leave.


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