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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2209

As soon as I saw that Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were going to choke up again, Xiao Churan hurriedly came out to smooth things over: "Oh my dad, mom, can you guys not always choke up when you talk?Ye Chen just got back, and people Rorin is there, don't let them see the joke"

      Xiao Changkun looked at Ma Lan and coldly snorted, "For the sake of my daughter's face, I won't get along with you!"

      Ma Lan said disdainfully, "Look at what you're saying, as if how much I want to be like you."

      Saying that, Ma Lan turned her head to the side and no longer looked at Xiao Changkun.

      At this time, Dong Ruolin was a little embarrassed and said to Xiao Choran, "Right Choran, Gu Qiu Yi is coming to Jinling for a concert next month, let's go see it together then, right?"

      Xiao Choran was busy laughing, "Ye Chen said he was going with me, he knows Gu Qiu Yi and said he could get front row tickets."

      Dong Ruolin looked towards Ye Chen in shock and asked, "Ye Chen, you know Gu Qiuyi?!"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Acquaintance, Miss Gu is one of my clients, I used to help her read feng shui."

      Dong Ruorin blurted out, "Momma, so good?!Then you must be familiar with Miss Gu. Can you find me a front row ticket too?I'll pay you twice as much then!"

      Saying that, Dong Ruolin was afraid that Ye Chen wouldn't agree, she put her hands together and pleaded, "Ye Chen, like Choran, I've liked Gu Qiu Yi for a long time, and I especially want to sit in the first row to watch her concert"

      Speaking of which, Dong Ruo Lin sighed and said, "But it's so hard to get front row tickets for her concert, as long as she holds a concert, rich people from all over the country will swarm like flies and instantly grab all the good seats, I've grabbed them several times without success, so I can only beg you for more help."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but feel a headache when he heard this.

      He had promised Gu Qiuyi at the earliest that he would definitely go to see her concert, and then he had promised his wife Xiao Churan that he would definitely take her to see Gu Qiuyi's concert.

      Xiao Choran was his wife, and Gu Qiu Yi was his fiancée that he had been engaged to since childhood, taking his wife to see her fiancée's concert, that in itself made him very uncomfortable, and he didn't expect Dong Ruorin to come to join the fun at this time!

      Dong Ruo Lin likes Ye Chen's thing, Ye Chen himself already knew.

      And he also knows that Dong Ruorin has a fiery personality and a lot of courage, when she was in the hot spring with herself and her wife, she dared to run to her side to confess while her wife was asleep, if she was also in Gu Qiuyi's concert, I wonder how chaotic it would have been

      So, Ye Chen was a bit embarrassed and said, "Ruo Lin, I'm really sorry, I may not be able to help you with this matter, because I've already greeted Miss Gu, and Miss Gu said that she can settle two tickets for me at the most."

      "As you know, my relationship with Miss Gu is nothing more than a client relationship like Party A and Party B. It's already very enough for people to settle two tickets for me, and I'm really too embarrassed to ask for more"

      When Dong Ruolin heard this, she didn't have much doubt in her heart.

      In her heart, she surmised, "Tickets for Gu Qiu Yi's concert are already hard to come by, and front row seats are even harder to get."

      "Ye Chen is just helping Gu Qiu Yi to read the feng shui, it's indeed already very rare for people to agree to give him two tickets for the front row, asking for more would make it seem like Ye Chen is a bit uncaring in his work, I can't let Ye Chen be looked down upon just to ask for tickets for me!"

      When she thought of this, she hurriedly said, "Then I'll think of something else, if I can't get a ticket for the front row, I'll be satisfied with getting a ticket for the first five rows then."

      Ye Chen was also slightly relieved when he heard this.

      He felt that if he couldn't stop Dong Ruolin from going to the concert as well, then it would be a good thing for Dong Ruolin to sit a little farther away from himself and his wife when the time came.

      At the very least, he would be a little less stressed by then.

      Ye Chen knew very well that if he asked Gu Qiuyi for three tickets, then she would definitely not refuse and would definitely give three consecutive seats.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2210

What if Dong Ruo Lin then has to sit next to her, what will she do?

      So, resolutely can't grant her request, let her try to get tickets on her own, the best situation is that she can't get a seat in the first row, but taking a step back, if she gets a seat in the first row then, as long as she doesn't sit next to her, she has nothing to worry about.

      At that moment, Dong Ruorin said to Xiao Churan again, "Churan, do you want to go shopping together this afternoon?"

      Xiao Choran looked at Ye Chen and whispered in her ear, "Ruo Lin, I'd better not go shopping, I'm going to work in two days, and Ye Chen has just returned from a few days out, so I want to stay at home with him more."

      Dong Ruorin was horrified in her heart.

      She could tell that Xiao Churan was completely radiant from the bottom of her heart when she said this.

      This made Dong Ruorin realize that Xiao Churan, who was always not too sensitive to feelings, was probably already truly in love with Ye Chen.

      This made her heart very sad.

      She used to think that Xiao Churan was only forced by her grandfather's pressure to marry Ye Chen, and emotionally speaking, she must not love Ye Chen.

      In that case, she would be able to dig a corner with peace of mind.

      However, if this best friend of hers really fell in love with Ye Chen, wouldn't the two of them be in love with each other?

      If that was the case, it would indeed seem a bit immoral for her to cross her heart again.

      At this moment, Dong Ruolin thought about whether or not to give up on pursuing Ye Chen.

      If she gave up on pursuing Ye Chen, there would be no need for her to remain in Jinling.

      After all, the chairman of the Emperor Group hadn't shown his face until now, and Dong Ruolin's family had already given up on the idea of letting her get on the line.

      This time, when Dong Ruolin went back for the New Year, the Dong family all hoped that she would quit her job at the Imperial Hero Group and return to Yanjing to develop.

      But Dong Ruolin said nothing to resign because she didn't want to give up on Ye Chen.

      But at this moment, Dong Ruolin's heart appeared a little shaken.

      At a certain moment, she even thought that she might as well leave Jinling and return to Yanjing to develop herself.

      This way, not only would she be able to keep her girlfriendship with Xiao Churan, but she would also not delay her career and relationship.

      After all, no matter how much energy she put into Ye Chen, it would be difficult to get the returns she wanted, and it was very likely that she would end up with a basket full of water.

      However, when she thought of all the times Ye Chen had saved her past, Dong Ruolin's strong feelings of love and admiration in her heart could not be restrained at all.

      She felt that if she gave up on Ye Chen, she might not be able to find a man in her life who could make her heart beat.

      After thinking about it, Dong Ruolin decided, "I want to stay in Jinling and continue to fight!"

      "If Ye Chen is willing to accept me, then I will never hesitate even if I am spurned by the world!"

      "However, if Choran is sure she's pregnant one day, then I'll quit completely and return to Yanjing without hesitation, never to see Ye Chen again!"


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