His True Colors Chapter 207-208


 His True Colors Chapter 207

When Han Qianqian placed his eyes on Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng was so frightened that he knelt down in front of Han Qianqian without the slightest hesitation.

    "Your family of three, I've condoned it a few times, and you can't blame me for seeking your own death."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Jiang Sheng cried in fear and said, "Han Three Thousand Years, it wasn't my idea, it was my mother, she was the one who wanted to catch Su Yingxia, and she was also the one who let Long f*ck Su Yingxia, you heard it all, it has nothing to do with me ah."

    "Jiang Sheng, what are you talking about, I'm your mother."Liu Hua shouted at Jiang Sheng in shock, Jiang Sheng was obviously betraying her in order to save himself, this was pushing her into the pit of fire ah.

    "There's no rush, I'm not in charge of this matter, after all, you're all members of the Jiang family, let's see what Jiang Hong will tell me."Han Marchiang said.

    In less than ten minutes, Jiang Hong arrived at the billiard room and walked into the basement, when he saw Yao Long's flesh and blood blurred right hand, Jiang Hong's heart was shocked, this Yao Long was a very powerful number one in Bin County, was he even in such a miserable state in front of Han Qianqian?

    "Jiang Hong, Su Yingxia, are they from the Jiang family?"Han Giangli asked to Jiang Hong.

    "Yes."Jiang Hong nodded heavily, Su Yingxia was his granddaughter, and of course a part of the Jiang family.

    "Since she's a member of the Jiang family, should she receive fair treatment?"Han Marchiang continued to ask.


    "Jiang Sheng joined forces with Jiang Wan to arrest Su Yingxia, I won't pursue this, but Liu Hua even let Yao Long rape Su Yingxia, what do you think should be done to give Su Yingxia justice?"Han Marchant said.

    Hearing the two words rape, Jiang Hong's body shook.

    Liu Hua had actually done such a beastly thing to his niece!

    Although it was understandable that she held a grudge against Su Yingxia, but in the end, she was a relative of her own family, how could she be so cruel?

    "Liu Hua, have you really done this kind of thing?"Jiang Hong gritted his teeth and asked.

    Liu Hua regretted very much right now, but this fact wasn't something she could just say to hide.

    "Dad, I was momentarily confused, I already know regret now."Liu Hua cried out.

    Jiang Hong was so angry that he walked to Liu Hua's side and slapped her face one after another.

    "You beast, she's your niece, how could you do such a thing."After Jiang Hong got tired of beating her, he said to Jiang Feng, "Jiang Feng, our Jiang family, we can't have this kind of woman in existence."

    Jiang Feng Feng's heart was shocked, Jiang Hong's words were asking him to divorce Liu Hua, but how could he dare?

    "Jiang Hong, is this what you call fair?If I hadn't shown up, Su Yingxia would have been poisoned by now, so can we forget about it just by driving her out of the Jiang family?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    Jiang Hong looked at Han Qianqian, took a deep breath, and said, "What do you want to do?"

    "Since you're the head of the Jiang family, it's not too much to kill Liu Hua to show fairness,"Han Qianqian smiled.

    Jiang Hong took two steps back in panic, Han Qianli actually wanted him to kill Liu Hua.

    This was a human life, something that was illegal.

    "Han Three Thousand, I know you're angry, but must she die to make up for her mistake?"Jiang Hong said.

    "Make amends?This is redemption."Han Qianqiang firmly said.

    Liu Hua turned pale and said in a panic, "Jiang Feng, Jiang Sheng, what are you still doing, do something to save me ah, this wimp wants to kill me, didn't you hear?"

    Jiang Feng and Jiang Sheng didn't dare to move, although the three members of the family were close, but each of them flew their own way in the face of disaster, who would be willing to risk their lives at this juncture?

    "Yao Long, if Liu Hua doesn't die, don't let any of the Jiang family go."Han Qianli finished in a cold voice and left the basement.

    The basement was silent and still, as if one could hear the fierce sound of a heartbeat.

    Jiang Wan walked to a few people in despair and said to Jiang Hong, "Grandpa, I was wrong, I know I was wrong."

    Looking at the kneeling Jiang Wan, Jiang Hong angrily kicked Jiang Wan down, if it wasn't for her, how would things have gotten to this point.

    She repeatedly used to humiliate Su Yingxia to give herself face, but she didn't know that from the start, this road was an abyss, not only would it get her killed, even the entire Jiang family would be dragged down.

    "Your arrogance, it's time to restrain it."Jiang Hong chided.

    Jiang Wan nodded her head in tears, repenting.

    Knowing that she was by no means a match for Han Qianqian, Wan Wan Jiang even wished that time could be turned back, that if she didn't make things difficult for Su Yingxia, if she didn't look for superiority on Su Yingxia, Liu Zhijie wouldn't have broken up with her.

    "Old man Jiang, I still have to go to the hospital, give me a clear answer, Liu Hua death or Jiang family death."Although Yao Long's right hand was so numb that he had no feeling, and he himself knew that his right hand was ironically useless, even if it could be cured, it must not be cured, because Han Qianqian had already said that he would have to get used to eating with his left hand in the future, and this was an irrevocable fact.

    Jiang Hong's face was heavy, Liu Hua was to blame, of course he couldn't bring the entire Jiang family down because of her.

    If someone like Yao Long were to deal with the Jiang family, it would be impossible for the Jiang family to survive.

    After receiving the knife in Yao Long's hand, Jiang Hong walked towards Liu Hua and said, "Liu Hua, don't blame me, you're confused, if you could remember half of your family, things wouldn't be like this."

    After leaving the billiard room, Han Three Thousand wasn't in a hurry to return to the villa, but was attracted by a fortune teller at a roadside stall.

    A very young man, dressed in a Taoist costume, quite the same flavor as the Taoist priests he'd seen in photos.

    Probably this was the con man, giving the same impression.

    "You can tell fortunes?"Han Qianli walked up to the stall and asked.

    The young Daoist priest looked up at Han Qianqian and said, "I tell fortunes and only look for people with a destiny, but you're not my destiny."

    "Playing God, isn't it just to cheat you out of a few more bucks, name your price."Han Qianqiang didn't believe in fate, he believed that people were destined to win, he just happened to think of the young Taoist priest's words that brought pain to his childhood, that's why he wanted to dismantle the young priest's true face.

    "Money has a short life, so it's not good to have more money."The young Daoist priest said.

    Han Giangli smiled coldly and said, "Aren't you beckoning for money as well?Aren't you afraid of the wrath of God."

    "In this world, there's no such thing as condemnation, it's just karma, everything has a cause before it has an effect."

    "With these empty truths, you dare to come out and cheat money, you've got a lot of guts."Han Giangli shook his head in disdain, although this kind of Daoist had no real skills, he had to at least have a clever mouth to deceive people, but this person in front of him clearly had nothing.

    "Willingness to take the bait, aren't you just here to give me money?It's just that I don't want to eat your little fish."The young Daoist laughed and began to close his stall, and then divinely talked to himself, not knowing what he was saying.

    Han Qianli stood up and said, "Don't let me see you again, or you won't be able to keep your stall."

    The young monk watched Han Qianqian walk away before saying, "We still have a chance to meet, Master said that you must die, or else how would I get off the mountain?It's just a shame. ......"

    The young Daoist shook his head weakly and sighed again, "Little Dao is still not your opponent, but it's a real pain in the ass for Little Dao to die."

    After Han Three Thousand returned to the villa, Su Yingxia had apparently told Jiang Lan what had happened, and Jiang Lan was so angry that she didn't know what to say anymore.

    "Han Three Thousand, where's Liu Hua, this woman with a heart like a snake and scorpion is capable of such things, you can't let her go."Jiang Lan said furiously.

    Han Qianli looked at Su Yingxia and said, "There's no hurry to return to Yun City, we'll leave after attending Liu Hua's funeral."

    Su Yingxia and Jiang Lan were all shaken when they heard this.

    Jiang Lan wanted to take revenge and export her anger for Su Yingxia, but she had never thought that Liu Hua would die because of this matter.

    Having seen with her own eyes the image of Han Qianqian forcing Nangong Qianqiu to die, Jiang Lan naturally wouldn't doubt the truthfulness of Han Qianqian's words.

    "Three thousand ...... you."

    "I didn't do it, it was Lord Jiang."Han Three Thousand Thousand said.



    Once again, Jiang Lan and Su Yingxia were stunned, how could Jiang Hong be involved in this matter, and why did he kill Liu Hua?

His True Colors Chapter 208

Han Qianli didn't say why, and Su Yingxia and Jiang Lan didn't continue to ask questions.

    Liu Hua's death, Jiang Fengfeng, Jiang Sheng and Jiang Wan all witnessed it, scared their minds blank, but they knew that Jiang Hong did it to save the Jiang family, or else everyone in the Jiang family had to be buried with him.

    The four of them left the billiard room, Jiang Hong's hands were still shaking, to him, this kind of thing was the first experience in his life, how could he not be afraid?

    "Grandpa, why is Han 3,000 so powerful?"Jiang Wan's heart was hairy, the thought of herself belittling Han 3,000 every day made her fearful, because all of this was only caused by Han 3,000, Tang Zong calling him Brother Han and Yao Long kneeling to him, this fully illustrated that Han 3,000 was not simple.

    Jiang Hong's teeth were still trembling, after hearing Jiang Wan's words, he trembled and said, "There must be a reason why the master of the Su family decided that Han 3000 had joined the Su family back then, his identity is by no means as simple as we think, this matter, you are all forbidden to mention it again in the future, just pretend that nothing has happened, or else Liu Hua's fate will fall on our heads sooner or later."

    "Dad, how do you explain Liu Hua's death, how do you explain it to her mother's family?"Although Jiang Fengfeng was sad, he also felt a sense of relief, after all these years of being held down by Liu Hua's death, he hadn't even had a chance to breathe, and now that Liu Hua was dead, his life had been relaxed.

    "Yao Long will take care of it, Tang Zong will also take care of it, let's just say that Liu Hua is sick to death externally."Jiang Hong said.

    The three of them nodded repeatedly, with Yao Long and Tang Zong, the truth of this matter would definitely not be found out, they just needed to remember one thing, Han 3,000, not to be messed with!

    The news of Liu Hua's death quickly spread, with Tang Zong secretly manipulating it, no one doubted this matter, and the hospital also issued a relevant certificate.

    Three days later, Liu Hua was cremated and buried, and this matter came to an end, but in the hearts of the Jiang family, this matter had undoubtedly become a shadow that could not be waved away.

    Yun City.

    In Su Haichao's office, since the company was acquired by a mysterious person, Su Haichao's position as chairman of the board stepped down, and now he was considered an idler without a position in the company, and his fate would only be known after the real chairman appeared, whether or not he would be able to remain in the company.

    Although he was no longer the chairman of the board, Su Haichao was still shamelessly sitting in the chairman's office, obviously very attached to this position.

    Selling the company, this was the last resort, Su Hachao secretly vowed that one day he would take back control of the company, of course, this idea was ridiculous, he was nothing now, so why should he take back control of the company.

    "Haichao, I heard that the new chairman will appear tomorrow, what are you going to do?"Su Yeh Han came to the office and said to Su Hae Chao.

    "Who told you that?"Su Haichao said with a gloomy face, the new chairman appeared tomorrow, which meant that after today, he was no longer qualified to appear in the chairman's office.

    "Du Hong."Su Yehan said.

    Su Haichao smashed a fist on the desk and said in a cold voice, "If it wasn't for Du Hong, how would I have fallen to this point, I would like to see what kind of person the new chairman is, how capable is he, now that the Chengxi project has nothing to do with the Su family, what ability does he have to bring the company back to life."

    Su Yehan's expression was torn, there was a piece of news, I don't know if I should tell Su Hachao in advance.

    She knew that Su Hachao was very disgruntled in his heart, even he would prefer to see the company collapse in the hands of the new chairman, but this situation, obviously impossible, because tomorrow's meeting, Zhong Liang will also appear, what this means, Su Yehan knows very well.

    "Hai Chao, in tomorrow's meeting, Zhong Liang will also attend."Su Yeh Han said through gritted teeth, even if he didn't tell him now, he would know tomorrow, it would be better to tell him now.

    "What!"Su Haichao angrily stood up, Zhong Liang will also attend, this made him unable to believe, saying, "How can this be, Zhong Liang, this damn thing, why would he attend the company meeting, what does it have to do with him."

    Su Yeh Han sighed, why would Zhong Liang attend the meeting, how could Su Hae Chao not guess it, he just didn't want to admit it.

    "Haichao, the truth is already like this, just bear with it."Su Yeh Han said.

    Su Haichao furiously lifted the desk, but the strength was too small, it didn't overturn, it just made the desk move a little bit.

    But he didn't stop, but smashed the computer, and everything he saw in the office was smashed cleanly.

    In less than two minutes, the chairman's office was already a mess.

    "Zhong Liang, this damned guy, didn't he say he wouldn't work with the Su family anymore!"Su Haichao roared with reluctance.

    Su Yehan shook her head, allowing Su Hachao to continue to go crazy and walked out of the office.

    This kind of thing was indeed hard to accept for Su Hachao, but for the other Su family relatives, it was a good thing, almost every Su family relative was very cheerful after hearing this news, because if the company survived the crisis, it meant that they wouldn't lose their jobs and could still live off the company, at most, there would just be less opportunities to get some oil.

    "Yeh Han, how's it going, how did Su Haichao react?"

    "He's going crazy, smashing everything in the office,"Su Yeh Han said.

    A few Su family relatives weren't surprised to hear this, it had only been a short time since he became chairman and now he was stepping down, how could he accept it so easily.

    "I don't know who exactly the new chairman is, but I'll finally be able to see it tomorrow."

    "Hey, let's hope he'll continue to use us, if he leaves the company, it'll be hard for us to survive out there."

    "Yeah, I hope the company doesn't shuffle its plates."

    These relatives of the Su family, the corpse has been living for many years, with no real skills at all, leaving the Su company is nothing, so naturally they would worry about their future.

    But now that their fate is in the hands of the new chairman, it's useless for them to worry even if they do, they can only pray to the heavens to give them a way to live.

    After returning home to the mountainside villa, Su Yingxia and the others were finally able to relax.

    Although Liu Hua's death had put a certain amount of psychological pressure on them, Han Qianli's performance in front of them was still the same as always, so there was nothing to worry about.

    Jiang Lan didn't dare to provoke Han Qianqian anymore now and treated her politely, fearing that Han Qianqian would be the least bit unhappy.

    As for Su Guoyao, he doesn't even have the courage to look at Han Qianli directly right now, and even eating at the same table as Han Qianli would feel an incomparably great pressure.

    At the dinner table, Han 3000 noticed that He Ting looked hesitant, as if something had happened, and that Su Yingxia was idle and somewhat dejected.

    He Ting must have something happened, the probability is related to her daughter, as for Su Yingxia's dejected face, it must be because of the company, after all, she is a strong woman, if she stays at home all day and doesn't work, this life is something Su Yingxia can't adapt to.

    "Yingxia, do you want me to send you to the company tomorrow?"Han Giangli said to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia was filled with a bitter smile and said, "I've already left my job voluntarily, what else would I go to the company for."

    "Hey, if you want me to say it, you're too impulsive in this matter, taking the initiative to leave your job, isn't it just fulfilling Su Hachao's wish, he would love for you not to go to work in the company."Jiang Lan said helplessly, she had always not interfered with Su Yingxia's decisions because Su Yingxia never did anything right, but in this matter, Jiang Lan felt that Su Yingxia was wrong and outrageously wrong.

    "Mom, it's already happened, what's the point of talking about it now."Su Yingxia slumped her head, she actually regretted it, now Su Hachao should still be smirking, thinking about these things, Su Yingxia was distraught.

    "In fact ......" at this time, Han 3000 opened her mouth and said: "Su company after you left the company, weak water real estate terminated the cooperation, and the bank also forced Su family to repay the loan, so now the company, not easy."

    Su Yingxia wasn't downright happy because what she wanted wasn't how miserable the company was, but to be able to go to work herself.

    Jiang Lan was happy to hear this and said, "Deserved it, Yingxia's importance in the company, how can it be replaced by Su Haichao, now he should be about to die of remorse."


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