His True Colors Chapter 204-206


His True Colors Chapter 204

Jiang Wan's house.

    Jiang Bo looked pained, as if he had been beaten.

    Xu Fang's eyes were red, and it was obvious that she had just cried a lot.

    Jiang Hong's face was as heavy as water, just a moment ago, several people suddenly came to the house and forcibly took away Jiang Wan, without knowing the details of these people, Jiang Hong didn't dare to call the police, afraid that things would get even worse.

    "It must be Han Qianqian, who else could it be but him who arrested Jiang Wan, he's the one who wants revenge, dad, you have to help Jiang Wan."Xu Fang couldn't help but leave tears again as she thought of her good girl being captured.

    Jiang Hong also guessed that this matter had something to do with Han Qianqian, but if it was really Han Qianqian's doing, what would the Jiang family have to deal with this!

    And this time, it was all Jiang Wan's own fault, Jiang Hong's vain attempt to use his position as an elder to suppress Han 3000 was simply impossible.

    "Did Jiang Wan do something behind my back again?"Jiang Hong asked, the previous incident had actually come to an end, in Jiang Hong's opinion, Han Qianli wouldn't bother Jiang Wan afterwards, unless Jiang Wanli had done something that offended Han Qianli again.

    "Dad, aren't you clear on who Jiang Wan is, she's dumped by Liu Zhijie now, what else can she do."Xu Fang said.

    Jiang Hong certainly knew who Jiang Wan was, and it was because she had been dumped by Liu Zhijie that she had retaliated against Han 3000 and Su Yingxia.

    "Jiang Bo, do you know what Jiang Wan has done?"Jiang Hong asked.

    "Dad, she ......"


    "I heard her call, she should be looking for revenge."Jiang Bo didn't dare to hide this matter, he was worried that something would really happen to Jiang Wan.

    "Confused."Jiang Hong was furious, he didn't think that Jiang Wan would dare to disobey him and go to find trouble for Han Qianqiang, wasn't that egg on her face?

    Han Qianqiang was the kind of person who was above Tang Zong, and the tactics of a little person like Jiang Wan were simply asking for death.

    "This is your good daughter, she's not happy if she doesn't get the Jiang family killed."Jiang Hong took a deep breath and took out his cell phone, although it was a bit brazen to contact Jiang Lan now, Jiang Hong was after all the elder of the Jiang family, he couldn't let the situation continue to get worse, he had no choice but to admit it, even if he was told to apologize to Han Giang, he could only admit it.

    Before the phone call is made, the door to the house is blasted and Han Qianxiang rushes into Jiang's house all by himself.

    Xu Fang saw Han 3,000 and ran to Han 3,000 with a spill, grabbing Han 3,000's clothes with both hands and roaring, "Han 3,000, where did you grab my daughter, if anything happens to her, I'll fight with you to the death."

    Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed, Tang Zong's people were quite fast, he didn't expect to have already captured Jiang Wan in such a short time, but he had to see Jiang Wan now, only Jiang Wan would know Su Yingxia's whereabouts.

    "Han 3,000, we're just having a bit of an internal conflict, you're letting outsiders come and meddle in the family's affairs, are you going to make a scene before you're happy."Jiang Bo said to Han Three Thousand.

    "I only hate that I didn't kill Jiang Wan faster, otherwise Su Yingxia wouldn't have been arrested."Han Qianli said in a cold voice, this matter of finding someone to arrest Jiang Wan was not afraid of them knowing, the relationship had broken in Han Qianli's heart, so what if it was torn?

    Anyone who tries to harm Su Yingxia will only end up dead in Han Qianxiang's hands!

    "Han Qianqian, she's your cousin."Jiang Hong gritted his teeth and said.

    Han Qianqian sneered, "As a cousin, having your own cousin arrested, Jiang Hong, is this the rule of your Jiang family?Only allowed to bully the little with the big?"

    Jiang Hong's face was extremely ugly, this matter was indeed Jiang Wan's fault, and the conflict from start to finish was started by Jiang Wan, he had no words to refute Han Qianqian now, but Han Qianqian now had murderous intent towards Jiang Wan, he couldn't just stand by and watch Jiang Wan die.

    "Han Qianqian, if you let Jiang Wan go, Su Yingxia will be safe, this matter is considered my Jiang family's apology to you, if you want me to apologize to you afterwards, I, Jiang Hong, will never say anything."Jiang Hong said.

    "Jiang Hong, you put yourself in such a high position, have you thought that you are qualified?Your apology is worthless and bullsh*t in my opinion."Han Marchiang said.

    "You ......" Jiang Hong was furious, his hand pointing at Han Qianli kept shaking.

    "Su Yingxia is missing a hair, everyone in the Jiang family will die."Han Qianqian finished in a cold voice and left the Jiang family.

    Jiang Hong, a man of a certain age, was so scared that he sat on the ground, his eyes sightless.

    He had thought that after Jiang Wan married Liu Zhijie, the Jiang family would have a new life and be able to take the Jiang family to the top, and he had even put all his hopes on Jiang Wan, but now, because of Jiang Wan's lack of self-control, he had almost caused the Jiang family to go on a desperate path.

    Jiang Hong didn't dare to imagine what kind of turmoil Han Qianli's anger would cause if something really happened to Su Yingxia.

    Perhaps the Jiang family was nothing more than a pile of ants in his eyes.

    "Dad, what should we do, he wants to kill Jiang Wan, think of a way to save Jiang Wan."Xu Fang cried and knelt in front of Jiang Hong.

    "Jiang Wan's character has always been arrogant, she thinks that Su Yingxia is inferior to her in every aspect, so she wants to suppress Su Yingxia in every way, I know that she deliberately shows off in front of Su Yingxia because she's not satisfied with Su Yingxia being the head of the Su Family Company, she wants Su Yingxia to know that no matter what position Su Yingxia has now, she can live a better life than Su Yingxia, but in reality, long agoThree years ago, Jiang Wan had already lost, lost to the wimp we all see as a wimp."

    "Han Qianqiang is the one who can truly decide Su Yingxia's status, how can he be a wimp?How could the Master of the Su Family let a wimp into the Su Family?"

    "I'm so stupid, I should have thought of this long ago, this old thing, shrewd as she is, how could she be confused on this matter."

    In the end, only a sad smile remained on Jiang Hong's face, he looked at the kneeling Xu Fang and continued, "This is the end of your conniving her, the blame is on her own, not worthy of pity."

    Xu Fang's face was ashen, the meaning of Jiang Hong's words was clearly that he was not going to take care of this matter, but how could she stand by and watch Jiang Wan die at the hands of Han Qianqian?

    "Jiang Bo, now that your daughter is dying, won't you do something about it?"Xu Fang walked up to Jiang Bo and punched and kicked him, cursing angrily.

    Jiang Bo didn't dare to resist and didn't even dare to say a word of rebuttal.

    Seeing this scene, Jiang Hong smiled helplessly and said, "This is trash, real trash."

    Joyous Billiard Room, Su Yingxia and Jiang Wan were both thrown in the dark and damp basement, with only a dim light that was not enough for them to see each other clearly.

    Jiang Wan's mouth kept talking about arresting the wrong person, in her opinion, it must be Jiang Sheng's misrepresentation, she was obviously the one who spent the money, how could they have arrested her?

    Su Yingxia didn't yell and scream, hearing Jiang Wan's voice, she only thought it was strange, why was Jiang Wan even arrested?

    In a short time, Brother Long came to the basement with a group of boys.

    "Brother Long, you've arrested the wrong person, why would you arrest me?I spent twenty thousand dollars for you to catch Su Yingxia, I'm not Su Yingxia ah."Jiang Wan panicked and said to Brother Long.

    When Su Yingxia heard this, her anger was unstoppable, but it was Jiang Wan who asked someone to arrest her!

    "Twenty thousand dollars?F*ck me, why did I only get 10,000."Brother Long said.

    "It's Jiang Sheng, he must be the one who is greedy for 10,000, Brother Long let me go, I'll go find him right away."Jiang Wan said, she hated Jiang Sheng in her heart now, this guy, he was greedy of her for an extra 10,000, and he also let Brother Long catch the wrong person.

    "I'll definitely make Jiang Sheng spit out this 10,000, but you, I didn't catch the wrong guy, stay honest."Brother Long said, walking towards Su Yingxia.

    "You're Su Yingxia, right."Brother Long asked.

    Hearing this, Jiang Wan's heart shook!

    So Ying-ha!

    Is she locked up here too?Wouldn't Su Yingxia have heard everything you just said?

    "Jiang Wan, I didn't think you would pay someone to arrest me."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Wan saw that the matter has been revealed, simply evil people do the end, not afraid of tearing the face with Su Yingxia, said in a cold voice, "If not for you, how would Liu Zhijie break up with me, how would I lose face, Su Yingxia, only if you die, only if you die, can I solve the hatred in my heart."

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said to Brother Long, "Release me now, you still have a chance to redeem yourself."

Chapter 205

Su Yingxia's words made a few of the younger brothers behind Brother Long laugh, even Jiang Wan couldn't help but mock at the side, "Su Yingxia, what do you really think you are, you dare to threaten Brother Long."

    Brother Long squatted down, his hand carrying Su Yingxia's chin, and said, "I advise you to listen to Jiang Wan's words, she's quite smart, she knows that I'm not easy to mess with, and she's putting harsh words with me, do you think your life is too long?"

    "My husband is a friend of Tang Zong's,"Su Yingxia said.

    Tang Zong!

    That made Long's scalp go numb and he quickly let go of his hand.

    Tang Zong's friend's wife, could this be f*cking messed with?

    "Brother Long, don't listen to his nonsense, she's just scaring you, she's my cousin, what kind of family does Jiang Sheng have, don't you know it yet?"Jiang Wan said.

    What kind of person was Jiang Sheng, Long had already heard from Puppy, a useless piece of sh*t along with the entire Jiang family, how could someone from such a family know Tang Zong?

    "Straw mud horse, stinking b*tch, you dare to scare me."Brother Long tugged at Su Yingxia's hair, grimacing and continuing, "You're not bad looking, much better looking than Jiang Wan, if your man can't come up with the money that will make me happy, you can be a junior to me, as long as you serve me comfortably, I won't embarrass you just the same."

    Jiang Wan thought she was superior to Su Yingxia in terms of looks, but she didn't expect that she was no better looking than Su Yingxia in Brother Long's eyes.

    But at a time like this, Jiang Wan wouldn't care, if Su Yingxia actually slept with Brother Long, she wouldn't be happy enough, and she even couldn't wait to see Han Qianqian's face when she found out about this.

    "Brother Long, she has a better body, don't you want to see it?"Jiang Wan was fanning the flames.

    Lung touched his bald head, looked covetous, and said, "It's not bad to look at it, and you're not losing anything anyway."

    "What do you want, don't come over."Su Yingxia said in panic, not even Han Qianqian had touched her, how could she allow her body to be touched by another man?

    "Don't be afraid, I'm gentle and it's just a look, so what's the big deal."Long said and extended his hand towards Su Yingxia.

    Just at that moment, the phone suddenly rang.

    "F*cker, who the hell is so ungrateful to call me at this time."Long cursed and took out his phone, and after seeing the caller ID, his attitude immediately shifted 180 degrees.

    "Mr. Tang, I've already done the things you explained."Brother Long said.

    "Where are you, I'll come see you right away."Tang said, now that Su Yingxia's whereabouts were unknown, he could only find Jiang Wan to find out what was going on.

    "In the billiard room, are you coming over now?"Long asked.


    Tang Zong hung up the phone, Brother Long gave a relentless glance at Su Yingxia and said, "Count your luck, I'm going to meet the big man now, I'll come back later to play with you."

    After saying that, Brother Long left the basement with his little brother.

    Su Yingxia let out a heavy breath of bad luck, if she was really tainted by Brother Long, she would never have a relationship with Han Qianqian in her life, she would feel that she was not good enough for Han Qianqian.

    "Su Yingxia, don't worry, Brother Long will be back soon, and when he is, he will definitely treat you well."Jiang Wan said with a cold smile.

    Su Yingxia wasn't worried at all, because the General Manager Tang that Brother Long had just shouted on the phone was most likely Tang Zong, if it was Tang Zong coming, what other danger could she be in?

    "Jiang Wan, Tang Zong is here, do you think Han 3000 didn't come?You'd better think about your own situation, I'll tell 3000 about this and will never plead for you."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Wan's face changed, with the relationship between Han Qianqiang and Tang Zong, if it was true that Tang Zong had come, it wouldn't be Su Yingxia who would suffer, but her.

    "Su Yingxia, this matter was suggested by Jiang Sheng, it has nothing to do with me."Jiang Wan panicked and said.

    "It's too late, it's too late."

    In the billiard room, without waiting a few minutes, Tang Zong appeared, along with Han Giang.

    Long took a strange look at Han Qianqian, where did this creature come from, if he was Tang Zong's assistant, there was no way he would have gone ahead of Tang Zong ah.

    "Mr. Tang, Jiang Wan has already been captured, what else do you want to order?"Brother Long asked.

    Tang Zong took a look at Han Qianqian before saying, "Go and ask if she had someone arrest Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia is Brother Han's wife, if there's half a flesh wound, you'll have to follow suit."

    Brother Han!

    Su Ying-xia!

    These two key words made Brother Long's legs go soft.

    Su Yingxia had been caught, and by him, just now in the basement, and if it wasn't for Tang Zong's phone interruption, he should be admiring Su Yingxia's body right now.

    Brother Han!

    What kind of immortal character was this Nima again, and he was even honored by Tang Zong.

    If he knew what he had done to Su Yingxia, he would have to be skinned if he didn't die ah!

    "Han, Han, I know where Su Yingxia is."Long's scalp went numb, as if he had been electrocuted.

    "Where is it?"Han Qianli asked nervously, anything, Han Qianli could take it in stride, only Su Yingxia, he couldn't be calm.

    Brother Long gulped and said, "In, in the basement."

    "You arrested Su Yingxia?"Tang Zong was furious, this damn guy.

    "Mr. Tang, it has nothing to do with me, I don't know who she is ah, it's Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng came to me and asked me to arrest Su Yingxia."Brother Long said in a panic.

    Jiang Sheng!

    Hearing those two words, Han 3,000 gritted his teeth.

    "Lie to me?"Han Qianqian had a sneer on his face.

    When Brother Long saw Han Qianqian's expression, he lowered his head in fear, he felt a suffocating sense of oppression on Han Qianqian's body, it was an aura only possessed by those at the top, he couldn't help but make Brother Long wonder who he was, how could he be even higher than Tang Zong?

    "Bring in Jiang Sheng's family, I want to see how far they can go in treating their own relatives,"Han Marchiang said.

    "Yes, I'll send someone right away."Brother Long responded in one breath and personally brought people to Jiang Sheng's house.

    The family of three who were still gnawing on steamed buns were a bit overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of Brother Long.

    Brother Long knew that he had been victimized by Jiang Sheng this time, and the guy had even swallowed 10,000 yuan privately, but no one had ever dared to pull the hair out of his head.

    "Jiang Sheng, you've got a lot of guts, give me a fight."Brother Long said.

    A few little brothers without saying a word beat Jiang Sheng violently, usually shrewd as Liu Hua such a woman, this time is not the atmosphere dare not breathe, she spilled also divided the target, in front of Long Brother such people to spill is looking for death.

    "Brother Long, what's wrong, what did I do wrong, why did you hit me."Jiang Sheng said puzzled.

    "You took 20,000 yuan and only gave me 10,000, you have a lot of guts, you even dare to eat my Brother Long's money."Brother Long walked up to Jiang Sheng and punched him in the face.

    Blood spurted from his nose and Jiang Sheng covered his face and screamed in pain.

    How did he know that twenty thousand existed, was he betrayed by that stinking b*tch Jiang Wan?

    But how did she come into contact with Lung!

    "Brother Long, I'll give you all the money you want, please let me go."Blood continued to flow out from the fingertips of both hands, Jiang Sheng kneeled down and begged for mercy.

    Liu Hua was especially sensitive to money, she had only given Jiang Sheng ten thousand, why did twenty thousand pop up now?

    "Brother Long, is there some kind of misunderstanding, I only gave him 10,000 ah."Liu Hua was worried that she still had to post money and felt that she had to clear this up.

    "There's still 10,000, so that's 30,000?"Brother Long sneered.

    Jiang Sheng was about to cry, there was still a chance to salvage ten thousand, Liu Hua this much mouth, not a penny could be salvaged.

    "Dead kid, where did you get 30,000, what's going on here."Liu Hua walked up to Jiang Sheng, not caring at all about how badly Jiang Sheng was beaten, grabbed Jiang Sheng's ear and asked, showing the love of money like a life to the fullest.

    "Mom, it's Jiang Wan, Jiang Wan gave me twenty thousand and told me to find someone to teach Su Yingxia a lesson."Jiang Sheng said.

    Liu Hua's hands couldn't help but work harder, the twenty thousand Jiang Sheng hadn't mentioned, it was obvious that he was ready to swallow it privately, how could Liu Hua accept such a thing?

    "You still don't take the money out."Liu Hua said.

    "Take it out also belongs to me, what does it have to do with you, get out of the way."Brother Long said.

    Liu Hua was just stunned, repentant, knowing what stupid thing he had done.

    "Brother Long, 10,000 is enough to teach a Su Yingxia a lesson, you don't need 30,000, right?"Liu Hua said with a pitiful look.

    "Thirty thousand, let you guys go and witness Su Yingxia's downfall, it's worth the ticket price, come with me."Brother Long acted as if nothing had happened, but he was already scared to death, what he was doing now was what Han Qianqian had asked for, he knew full well that after Han Qianqian dealt with these people, bad luck would fall on his head.

Chapter 206

To be able to see Su Yingxia's end with her own eyes, isn't that exactly what Liu Hua wants?

    She had said she couldn't see it with her own eyes, that it was not worth spending 10,000, and now it's even more like 30,000 all spent, and she can't get it back even if she wanted to, so how can she miss going to see a good show when she has the chance?

    "Brother Long, it's okay to go and see, but can we not let Su Yingxia find us?"Liu Hua asked.

    Seeing the smile on Liu Hua's face, Brother Long spat in his heart at what an ignorant thing, he didn't even know what kind of people he had messed with.

    "Of course you can, you paid the money, of course I will make arrangements for you."Brother Long said.

    Liu Hua was all smiles and said, "That's done, let's go."

    Jiang Sheng felt a bit strange, Brother Long wasn't such an easy man to talk to, why did he suddenly give people a kind and friendly feeling?

    Arriving at the billiard room, Lung brought the family to the basement.

    Jiang Wan and Su Yingxia were in their different corners, and in addition to the two of them, there were two other figures standing in another corner.

    But Jiang Sheng's family didn't care about those two people, and in their opinion, they were Brother Long's men.

    "Don't worry about talking, Su Yingxia's ears are blocked, so she can't hear what you say."Brother Long said to a family of three.

    Liu Hua was a little hesitant, afraid of being discovered by Su Yingxia, and tentatively called out, "Su Yingxia."

    Seeing that Su Yingxia didn't move, Liu Hua then let go of her nerve and said to Brother Long, "Brother Long, but we gave you 30,000 yuan, you have to make us feel that the 30,000 yuan is worth spending."

    Brother Long was full of cold smiles and said, "Worth it, of course it's worth it, why don't you come to attention?"

    Liu Hua had the idea before that what could make both Han Qianqiang and Su Yingxia miserable was to let Brother Long f*ck Su Yingxia, so that Su Yingxia was dirty and Han Qianqiang was cuckolded, so it could be said that it was the best of both worlds.

    "Brother Long, what do you think Su Yingxia looks like?"Liu Hua said.

    "Liu Hua, what are you talking about."Jiang Feng Feng snapped, before he was just talking casually at home, so he didn't bother to refute Liu Hua's words, but now, how could he say that in front of Brother Long, did she really have to watch Su Yingxia being played by Brother Long before she was willing to do so?

    Liu Hua glared at Jiang Fengfeng and said, "Jiang Fengfeng, you have no say here, have you forgotten that trash Han Giang almost killed me and beat your son, he can't let me vent my hatred even if he dies, I want him to know that Su Yingxia was played with and made him suffer."

    "Liu Hua, Su Yingxia is your niece, how can you be so cruel."Jiang Fengfeng said.

    Liu Hua snorted coldly and said, "What niece or not niece, for so many years, she has never given me Liu Hua money to spend, do I still have to sympathize with her and pity her?The one who was strangled wasn't you, so you should stop talking sarcasm."

    After loosening the fist that Jiang Fengfeng was holding, he sighed heavily and said, "Liu Hua, but she called you auntie."

    "Being her aunt, I'm still ashamed of it."Liu Hua didn't bother to talk nonsense to Jiang Ying and said to Brother Long, "Brother Long, don't you want to try?"

    Long, who was already sweating cold when he heard the conversation between these two, sneaked a glance at the two in the corner and said, "Are you sure?"

    "Of course I'm sure, I don't blame me Liu Hua for being ruthless, I can only blame Han Qianqian for being too hateful."Liu Hua said through gritted teeth.

    At this time, the figure in the corner came out, the closer you got, the more clearly you could see his face.

    "Han three thousand!"Liu Hua was shocked, how could Han Qianli be here.

    "Auntie, I didn't expect you to hate me so much."Su Yingxia, who was squatting in the corner, also stood up and walked towards Liu Hua.

    Liu Hua's face was pale, and as she was about to question Brother Long about what was going on, she found that he was already kneeling on the floor.

    "Brother Han, I've done everything you've asked, please can you let me go later."Brother Long kowtowed and said to Han Kuanyuan.

    "Han Three Thousand, you set me up for this!"When Liu Hua heard this, she finally understood what was going on, Brother Long wasn't bringing them to see what would happen to Su Yingxia at all, but Han Qianqiang had deliberately arranged it to lure her into saying those words just now.

    "Liu Hua, the set was set for you by me, but I didn't make you say those words just now, in your eyes, you probably don't care about this kinship at all, right?"Han Qianqian faintly said.

    Liu Hua didn't know what Han Qianli wanted, but she could sense that Han Qianli wouldn't let her off easily.

    "So what if I said it, so what if I don't care, do you still dare to kill me?"Liu Hua said without knowing what to do.

    Han Giangli took a deep breath and said to Su Yingxia, "Yingxia, let Tang Zong send you home first."

    Although Su Yingxia was very angry and annoyed, Liu Hua was a living person after all.

    "Three thousand, I ......"

    "This time, listen to me."Han Qianqian's expression was gentle, but her tone carried an irresistible firmness.

    Su Yingxia knew that even she couldn't change Han Qianli's decision this time.

    "En, I'll go home first."

    After following Tang Zong away, Su Yingxia asked Tang Zong at the door of the billiard room, "Do you know what Han 3000 will do?"

    Tang Zong didn't know much about Han Qianqian, but he could feel Han Qianqian's killing intent, and he would never be able to spare Liu Hua if such a thing happened to him.

    A relative?


    After Liu Hua said those words, those words became ridiculous to the extreme.

    "Miss Su, I don't know, but what Brother Han decided to do was for your own good, so no matter what happened, you shouldn't blame him."Tang Zong said.

    Su Yingxia nodded and said, "Of course I don't blame him, I only blame Liu Hua for not thinking of his feelings, the blame lies with him."

    In the basement, there was silence, Liu Hua looked directly at Han Qianqian, Jiang Sheng and Jiang Fengfeng, who had their heads down and didn't dare to speak, and Jiang Wan in the corner, who also didn't dare to breathe.

    "Which hand did you use to touch my wife?"Han Marchan asked to Brother Long.

    Kneeling down, Brother Long trembled, never expecting Han Qianli to come after him first.

    Stretching out his right hand, he said, "Brother Han, it's this one."

    "From now on, get used to eating with your left hand."Han Three Thousand faintly said.

    "Good."Brother Long said with a hard scalp, "Don't bother Brother Han with your own hands, I'll do this little thing for you."

    Brother Long took out a butterfly knife from his pocket and held it in his left hand, spreading his right hand into a palm and placing it on the floor, his left hand pushed violently and stabbed down from the palm.

    One knife and two holes, blood flowed like a torrent!

    Seeing this scene, the three Liu Hua were scared silly.

    Brother Long was the big man in the grey area of Bin County, and now, in front of Han Qianli, he was going to self-harm to thank for his crime!

    One stab down, and Brother Long's body trembled, but his mouth didn't make a single sound.

    After raising his eyebrows to look at Han 3,000, Long drew his knife and stabbed down again.

    The three members of Liu Hua's family, scared out of their wits, sat on the ground with their eyes dazed.

    But Han Qianqian was clearly not satisfied with this and quietly looked at Brother Long.

    Brother Long gasped for breath, his heart almost on the verge of collapse, and said, "This is what happens when you offend Brother Han, and I, Yao Long, will definitely bear that in mind."

    The words fell, and Brother Long drew his knife again, doing repetitive motions over and over again until his entire right palm was bloody and blurred, not daring to stop.

    Jiang Sheng had already peed himself, for a coward like him, this kind of thing would scare him even if it happened in a movie, let alone in front of his eyes in real life.

    Liu Hua had said before that Han Qianqian didn't dare to kill her, but now that she was already scared to death, what was the point of being able to treat Brother Long like this, even if it meant killing her.


    A wimp?

    A useless son-in-law?

    At this moment Liu Hua felt that these appellations were ridiculous to Han Three Thousand.

    "Han 3000, I'm your aunt, I'm your aunt."Liu Hua kneeled on the ground and kept shaking her head, already too frightened to be conscious, repeating one sentence.

    Jiang Fengfeng didn't dare to say half a word for Liu Hua, even if Han Three Thousand wanted to kill Liu Hua, she deserved it, because even Jiang Fengfeng couldn't see what she was proposing.

    All that Jiang Feng could hope for now was for Han Qianqian to release him and Jiang Sheng, and as for Liu Hua's life or death, not a care in the world.

    In the corner, although Jiang Wan didn't know what was happening, the growing smell of blood in the air made her sweat.

    "It's almost time."Han Giang said to Yao Long.

    "Thank you, Brother Han."Yao Long kowtowed in gratitude and wept bitterly!


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