His True Colors Chapter 209-210


His True Colors Chapter 209

"But it has nothing to do with me either."Su Yingxia said listlessly.

    "Ahem ...... When you guys went back to Bin County, I bought the company, so you're now the new chairman."Han Giangli said.

    Everyone, including He Ting, raised their heads and stared at Han Qianli.

    Acquired the company!

    He even bought the company!

    Jiang Lan unconsciously looked at Su Guoyao, this is another big expense ah, where did Han 3000 get this money from, how did he get so rich.

    After Su Yingxia was shocked, she said to Han 3000, "You ...... are not kidding me, you bought the company?"

    "But tomorrow Zhong Liang will go after you, and the company probably won't get the project in the west of the city back, so you'll have to find your own way to get the company through the crisis."Han Marchiang said.

    The west of the city project determined whether the Su family could become a first-tier family in Cloud City, the old lady was desperate at first, that's why she was facing this predicament, but as long as they found a way to pull away from the west of the city project, use the existing funds to develop other channels, and discard their ambition to become a first-tier family, it wasn't like the Su family couldn't get through this crisis.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said, "I won't let you down."

    Seeing that Su Yingxia had regained her fighting strength, Han Qianli smiled openly and said, "Not that I'm disappointed or not, as long as I can make you happy, I'm willing to do anything."

    Su Yingxia's cheeks blushed and lowered her head, she was very touched and even thought of a special way to show her gratitude, but it was too shy and it shouldn't be her initiative, so she quickly gave up.

    Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao, that look seemed to say look at people Han 3000, in order to make Su Yingxia happy, even the company has acquired, what can you do.

    Su Guoyao buried his head in sorrow, it's not that he didn't want to, it's just that his strength didn't allow it, the acquisition of the company, this is a considerable amount of money, where he can take out.

    After dinner, the family watched TV in the living room, He Ting finished her own work and went back to her room.

    "Three thousand, Auntie He seems to have something going on today, do you want to go ask?"Su Yingxia reminded Han Three Thousand.

    Han Three Thousand had intended to do so, and after hearing Su Yingxia say so, he headed towards He Ting's room.

    When she knocked on the door, He Ting opened it with her head slightly bowed, obviously hiding her expression, but Han 3000 could still see tear-streaked cheeks.

    "Auntie He, what's wrong?"Han Qianqian asked to He Ting.

    He Ting shook her head and said, "It's nothing, 3000, Auntie He wants to resign."

    "Resign!"Han Qianqian was shocked, how could he resign for a good reason?And Han Qianqian knew how He Ting was, she couldn't possibly be dissatisfied with her salary.

    "I hope you can understand Auntie He."He Ting said with her head down.

    "If you don't tell me what happened, I won't agree to this matter and I won't settle your salary."Han Qianqiang said in a strong tone, being able to get He Ting to resign, the matter must not be small, and she only had one daughter, this matter must have something to do with her daughter.

    He Ting started to panic when she heard this, she still had to rely on Han Qianqian to settle her salary to find her daughter, if Han Qianqian didn't settle her salary, it would be useless even if she resigned.

    "Three Thousand, I know you're a good person, but I can't ask you for help with everything, you've helped me enough."He Ting said.

    Han 3,000 sighed, He Ting felt something was owed, he could understand, but how would He Ting survive in the future if she quit her job?

    "Aunt Ho, can you help her with your abilities?Without a job, what will you and your son eat from now on?If you feel indebted to me, just cook more delicious meals in the future."Han Giangli said.

    He Ting reached up and wiped away a handful of tears, not knowing what to say.

    "Tell me what's going on."Han Three Thousand asked.

    "I don't know, I just heard Ying Ying say that the school wanted her to withdraw from school and I didn't have time to find out what happened, but on the phone, she kept crying and I was worried about her,"He Ting said.

    Withdraw from school?

    He Ting had said many times about Jiang Ying Ying, her words revealed that Jiang Ying Ying was hardworking and a good girl, how could she have been withdrawn from school?

    "I'll go to her school tomorrow, so don't worry about it yet."Han 3000 said.

    "Thank you, thank you Three Thousand."He Ting said gratefully.

    Han Qianqian patted He Ting's shoulder and comforted her, "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

    After comforting He Ting, Han Three Thousand returned to the living room and told Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia also agreed for Han Three Thousand to go to Rong City tomorrow to see what was going on with Jiang Ying Ying, and as for the company, she told Han Three Thousand not to worry, one person could handle it.

    The company has already been acquired, and if those Su family relatives are really ungrateful, they will be fired one by one, and there is nothing to worry about.

    When she was sleeping, Su Yingxia used the reason that the red thread pressed the flesh, in front of Han three thousand to remove the red thread, this is already the limit of what she can do, if Han three thousand still does not understand her meaning, Su Yingxia will not be able to do anything.

    However, it was clear that Han 3000 didn't understand Su Yingxia's true meaning, and also said that she would buy some good threads to go home tomorrow, but it drove Su Yingxia crazy.

    This kind of person, why should he have a wife!

    Steel straight man cancer, don't you pounce on him, he'll never understand me for the rest of his life?

    "What's wrong with you?"Suddenly seeing Su Yingxia's expression unclear, Han Qianli asked in confusion.

    Su Yingxia took a heavy breath and said, "It's nothing, take your time to tear it down, I'm going to sleep first."

    "Okay, rest if you're tired, I'll take care of this little matter."Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia lay on the bed in despair, wishing she could cover herself with a pillow.

    The next morning, Su Yingxia was dressed in formal wear, the stunning lines of her body making Han Qianli look crazy.

    Although other clothes would still make Su Yingxia radiant, this kind of OL clothes was even more inspiring, and Han 3000 had to wonder if she had uniform control.

    "Does it look good?"Su Yingxia asked Han Qianli.

    "En."Han Giang nodded his head without hesitation, it was indeed good looking, making one's mouth go dry just looking at it.

    "You deserve to look at it for the rest of your life."Su Yingxia walked out of the room with a cold face.

    Han Giangli still didn't understand what was going on, why was she angry again somehow.

    Following out of the room, Su Yingxia had already driven herself to work, which made Han Three Thousand very speechless.

    "What's wrong, did you make Yingxia angry again?"Jiang Lan in the living room asked Han Marchant.

    Han Qianqian fished her head and said, "I don't know what's going on, maybe it's my aunt."

    Lan Jiang couldn't laugh or cry, but she couldn't guess the exact reason, it was normal for a woman to have so many days in a month.

    Su Family Company.

    All the relatives of the Su family arrived early, because today was the day to meet the new chairman of the board of directors, people who usually always late to work, today one by one came earlier than anyone else.

    Su Haichao was still sitting deadbeat on the chairman's seat, and the other relatives were quite a bit opinionated when they saw the situation.

    "Haichao, this position no longer belongs to you, you'd better get up quickly."

    "Yeah, if the new chairman sees you, what if he's not happy?"

    "Get up quickly, don't cause us any trouble."

    The persuasion of the crowd of relatives sounded particularly harsh to Su Haichao, this group of wallflowers fell down with the wind, but it was really fast.

    "You bunch of white-eyed wolves, have all the benefits I used to have in my hands been eaten by dogs?"Su Haichao gritted his teeth and said.

    "Look at what position you're in now, and you're still taking yourself as the chairman."

    "If it wasn't for you, the company wouldn't have gotten into this situation, and you still don't know how to reflect."

    "Su Haichao, get up quickly, don't harm us anymore."

    A group of relatives didn't hold back any mercy at all, even Su Guolin didn't dare to speak for Su Hachao, because it was indeed Su Hachao who had brought this situation upon himself, and didn't deserve any sympathy at all.

    At this time, Zhong Liang came to the conference room.

    Su Hachao shot up and walked up to Zhong Liang and said, "Brother Zhong, didn't you say that you wouldn't cooperate with the Su family?Why come again?"

    Zhong Liang looked at Su Hachao contemptuously and said, "The loss of this stoppage will be borne by your company, of course I have to come, otherwise who will pay for me."

    Hearing this, Su Hachao laughed, this is not snow in the snow, it is adding insult to injury.

His True Colors Chapter 210

"Sit, sit, sit, Brother Zhong, sit quickly."After knowing Zhong Liang's intentions, Su Hachao's attitude immediately changed, acting like he was licking the dog.

    Su family relatives saw this scene, angry, he lost his position as chairman of the board, not to mention, he even wanted to pull everyone in the Su family to accompany him to the funeral, not to see the company collapse, he is unwilling ah.

    Su Guolin was Su Hechao's father, and even he couldn't see it anymore.

    The company was there, they could at least make a living, but if the company was finished, everyone would be finished with it.

    "Hai Chao, you bastard, do you know what you're doing."Su Guolin gritted his teeth.

    Su Haichao's heart was already twisted, unable to accept the fact that he was stepping down from his post, he wanted more than anything for all the people watching the joke to follow him into disaster.

    The worst that can happen is that we all die together, there's still company on the way to the Yellow Springs, what's there to be afraid of?

    "Dad, it has nothing to do with you."Su Haichao said coldly.

    Su Guolin was so angry that he wanted to beat this unfilial son up, but at this time, a loud noise came from outside the conference room, and it looked like it should be the new chairman coming.

    Everyone stretched their heads, and after a beautiful figure appeared, the Su family's relatives all had a puzzled expression on their faces.

    Su Yingxia!

    What is she still coming to the company.

    Su Haichao rushed to Su Yingxia at the first time, he had gone to Genting Mountain villa area to block Su Yingxia, but failed, then Su Yingxia went to Bin County, the heart of a gas has been nowhere to vent, and now Su Yingxia even dared to come to the company.

    "Su Yingxia, you get out of here, what qualifications do you have to appear here."Su Hachao snapped.

    Su Yingxia was followed by two bodyguards, they were Mo Yang's men, Han Giang arranged to protect her in order to avoid some conflict, it was because of the two bodyguards that Su Hachao didn't dare to get too close to Su Yingxia.

    "Su Haichao, you're no longer the chairman of the board now, it's not your turn to manage the company's affairs,"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Hachao's expression was fierce and resentful, "If it wasn't for you, how would I have fallen into this situation, stinking b*tch, it's all because of you."

    "I left my job and just fulfilled your wish, how could I be the one who harmed you?"Su Yingxia said.

    This argument was valid, but only if it couldn't affect the company Su Haichao would accept it.

    However, now that the company had been acquired, and he had become the most unranked person in the company, Su Haichao would naturally throw the blame on Su Yingxia.

    "You already knew the consequences of this, that's why you left your job, you're f*cking deliberately harming me."Su Haichao roared, and even already had to raise his fist.

    The two bodyguards beside Su Yingxia each took a step forward, which made Su Haichao not dare to act rashly.

    "Su Hachao, if you don't force me, how could you do this?And in what position are you talking to me now, a company janitor or a security guard?"Su Yingxia laughed.

    This statement completely infuriated Su Hachao, Su Yingxia was clearly coming to see his joke, he would never let Su Yingxia get away with it.

    "You get out of here, the new chairman will come to the company for a meeting today, isn't it enough for you to harm me, do you want to harm others as well?"Su Hachao said.

    These words clearly meant something, the other Su family relatives didn't want to be victimized by Su Yingxia.

    "Su Yingxia, you'd better hurry up and leave, since you've already left your job, why do you need to come and make fun of yourself."

    "Yes, this matter is Su Haichao's fault, but now it's already like this, you still come to drag us down, this is too unkind."

    "Su Yingxia, get out of here, you're no longer a member of our company, no one will treat you.And you've brought two bodyguards to act like a fool, who are you scaring."Su Yehan said disdainfully.

    Su Yingxia looked at the Su family's relatives, everyone seemed unwilling to see her, especially Su Yehan's hostility was particularly strong.

    "If I leave, who will give you a meeting?"Su Yingxia said.

    A meeting?

    Today's meeting is with the new chairman, what does it have to do with Su Yingxia?

    Among the puzzled crowd of Su family relatives, some gradually revealed a look of shock.

    Could it be that Su Yingxia was the new chairman?Did she secretly buy the company?

    "The new chairman of Welcome Summer ......, is that you?"A certain person asked.

    Not only the relatives, but also those employees were shocked when this statement was made.

    Su Yingxia, who had left his job, had actually acquired the entire company!

    How is that possible!

    How could she be so strong.

    "You ...... you're the chairman?"Su Yeh Han was wincing, she was now living but almost like a beggar, if she lost her job again, she wouldn't even be able to eat, if Su Ying Xia was really the new chairman of the company, the words she just said would be enough to make Su Ying Xia fire her.

    "Yes."Su Yingxia said.

    The Su family's relatives' attitudes instantly changed dramatically, and one by one, they greeted each other with a pleasant smile.

    "Yingxia, I didn't expect you to be the chairman of the board, good, it's so good, the company still hasn't fallen into the hands of someone with a foreign name."

    "Great, Yingxia."

    "It's still Ying Xia who is powerful, if it wasn't for you, our company would have been finished."

    Where did Su Yingxia get the money to acquire the company, they didn't care, and it wasn't something they could care about, in their opinion, since the chairman was Su Yingxia, then their layoff crisis was also contacted.

    "Su Yingxia, straw mud horse, this is a trap you set for me, right."At this time, the furious Su Hachao finally couldn't hold back and waved his fist at Su Yingxia.

    In Su Hachao's opinion, this was a trap that Su Yingxia had set for him, deliberately leaving her job to plunge the company into crisis, and then she would acquire the company and take back the chairman's position.

    Before his fist fell in front of Su Yingxia, Su Hachao fell to the ground first.

    How could Mo Yang's two underlings let Su Yingxia get hurt?

    If Su Yingxia was missing half a hair, none of them would be able to deliver to Mo Yang.

    One of the bodyguards stepped on Su Haichao's chest and said in a cold voice: "Kid, calm down, or it's not good to be missing arms and legs."

    Su Haichao was so scared that he quickly apologized: "Big brother, I was impulsive, I'm sorry."

    The crowd automatically made way for Su Yingxia, and after entering the conference room, Su Yingxia sat on the chairman's seat.

    After all the relatives were seated, Zhong Liang spoke up, "Miss Su, the delay in the west side of the city project, the loss must be paid by the Su family, if you have any doubts about this, my lawyer will explain it to you properly."

    "Brother Zhong, for your trouble, the loss is fully compensated by the Su family, I will never have any objections."Su Yingxia said.

    Zhong Liang smiled faintly, Su Yingxia was indeed a woman with courage, such a small problem would be useless to her.

    "Then thank you Miss Su, in that case, I will not delay your meeting, I will leave first."Zhong Liang got up and said.

    The Su family's relatives were naturally unhappy with the compensation for the west side of the city project, but since Su Yingxia was the chairman of the board, who would dare to refute what she said?

    "Su Yingxia, you're such a f*cking wimp, you'll pay for what you're asked to pay for, how long can the company last in your hands?"Su Haichao sneered, Zhongliang's trouble was solved so easily, this was what he didn't want to see, but at least it was good to make Su Yingxia bleed.

    "If there's a lawsuit with Weakwater Real Estate, the company will have more trouble, losing the west of the city project just won't allow the Su family to become a first-tier family in Yun City, but it's not difficult to operate normally and maintain the previous state."Su Yingxia had already thought well, give up this goal, the company will not take on too much pressure, leave the green hills are not afraid of no wood, it is not that there is no opportunity to impact on this goal in the future, the most important thing now is to get the company back on track as soon as possible, don't be too much affected by the west of the city project.

    "Loan one billion, without the west of the city project, what are you going to pay it back with?"Su Hachao said.

    Su Yingxia looked at Su Hachao, smiled faintly and said, "You are no longer an employee of the Su Family, it's not your turn to worry about these things, right?"

    "You ......" Su Haichao gritted his teeth, Su Yingxia's words were to drive him out of the company ah.

    "Should I call security, or do you want to leave by yourself?"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao sneered, "The company without me, Su Haichao's company will sooner or later go into extinction, Su Yingxia, we'll see, one day you'll come begging for me."

    "I know you have a lot of connections in your hands, but don't forget, businessmen's interests are paramount, who else cares about this kind of worthless relationship now?"Su Yingxia said.


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