His True Colors Chapter 181-183

 Chapter 181 

"Why don't you call your classmate and tell him not to make things difficult for the company?"Su Yingxia, who was sitting on the couch, suddenly spoke to Han 3,000.

    Hearing this, Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "They won't be grateful for your kindness."

    "But the Su family still has so many relatives who live off the company, so if the company collapses, what will they do?"Su Yingxia was worried.

    Han Qianqiang used to agree with Su Yingxia's words, but he wouldn't compromise on this matter, and he had already instructed Zhong Liang to go to the Su family, so how could he casually take back what he had said?

    "You're still too soft, but they'd love to kick you out of the company, this kind of pity is unnecessary."

    At this time, the doorbell rang, Han Qianli couldn't help but frown, if it was someone from his own family, they all had keys, why would they ring the doorbell?

    Did someone from the Su family break into the Genting Mountain villa area?

    After walking to the door and opening it, there was a security guard standing outside the door.

    "Brother Han, there's a guy named Su Haichao squatting at the door, I've come to give you a word and see if you have any orders."The security guard said to Han 3,000.

    Although the Security Department was responsible for maintaining the entire Genting Mountain Villa area, ever since a Heavenly Family had spoken, the Hillside Villa had become the object of the Security Department's special care, and now that someone was squatting at the entrance, he felt the need to inform Han Qianli about this.

    Han Qianlian smiled coldly, he could probably guess why Su Hachao appeared, in this villainous mind, he would definitely think that Zhong Liang was instigated by Su Yingxia, so he would make things difficult for the company, right?

    "Tell him to get lost."Han 3,000 said.

    "Yes, Brother Han."

    After the security guard got the order, he went down to the door and summoned a few helpers.

    Su Haichao was squatting right next to the opposite side of the road, and when he saw the security guard coming towards him, he couldn't help but stand up and ask vigilantly, "What do you guys want?I don't have a place in the villa district, and you have no right to control me."

    "No qualifications?Can I interpret this as the Heavenly Family being in Cloud City and not qualified to touch you?"The security guard said indifferently.

    When it came to the Heavenly Family, Su Haichao's face changed, he was not qualified to say such wild words, after all, Cloud City was the territory of the Heavenly Family.

    "Can't I even take a break here?"Su Haichao said.

    "You have three seconds to get out of here, or else don't blame us all."The security guard said menacingly.

    Su Haichao was a wimp by nature, and when he saw a few security guards jerking their sleeves, he was so frightened that he quickly got into the car and drove away in a flash.

    "Grass, a wimp, actually dares to block Han, what the hell."The security guard said disdainfully, I thought Su Haichao would put up a fight, I didn't expect him to be so direct, just like that, what qualifications does he have to find trouble with Han 3000?

    After Su Hai Chao ran away, his heart was even more unwilling, but in the face of the Heavenly Family, no matter how much reluctance he had, he could only swallow it, giving him a hundred bears, he wouldn't dare to do anything against the Heavenly Family.

    In the villa, Han Qianli wanted to say something, so far he still does not know what exactly happened, Su Yingxia also only mentioned the departure.

    Although he didn't want to interfere too much with Su Yingxia's affairs, but now it's clear that she can't handle it, if Han 3,000 doesn't take action, Su Yingxia will have to swallow her grievances.

    Han Qianli will never let Su Yingxia suffer any grievances.

    For three years, those humiliations were enough for Su Yingxia.

    "Yingxia, what happened yesterday, can you tell me?"Han Qianliang peeled an apple and walked over to Su Yingxia and handed it to her.

    Su Yingxia took the apple and took a good bite, thinking of yesterday's incident came to anger, and Kang Ling also grabbed her hair, to this day her scalp still a bit painful.

    "Kang Ling that ungrateful guy, in the past, the Su family helped him a lot, if not for the Su family, how could his factory come back to life, did not expect him to be so ruthless now, and ...... and also ......."The more Su Ying Xia said the more angry, women in business, why should be discriminated against, why should be looked at by those stinky men with this kind of eyes, can not sell the body of the woman, can not have success?

    "What else did he do to you?"Han Qianli's eyes were cold as he asked.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath, shook her head and said, "Forget it, it's in the past, I don't want to talk about it anymore."

    "En."Han 3000 didn't pursue the matter further, but Kang Ling was a person who was already on his blacklist.

    During the bathroom break, Han 3,000 called Mo Yang to have Kang Ling arrested and interrogated properly when he had time.

    Kang Ling was still dreaming of being able to get Su Yingxia to sleep with him when a group of people suddenly barged into his house, and when he saw Mo Yang in the crowd, he was so scared that his legs went weak.

    Kang Ling's field would often deal with people from the grey area, naturally he knew what kind of ruthless character Mo Yang was, now in Yun City, he said second, who else dared to say first.

    "Boss Mo, you, what are you doing here!"Kang Ling unconsciously tensed up, Mo Yang personally appeared and brought so many people with him, such a row couldn't be looking for him to chat and fart.

    "Let's start with a beating."Mo Yang said indifferently, although Han Qianqian didn't explain anything specific, but from his tone, Mo Yang felt the anger, this kind of small role even dared to offend Han Qianqian, isn't that looking for death?

    Kang Ling was beaten by a few people, holding his head and begging for mercy, and soon his nose and face were swollen, and he didn't even know how he had offended Mo Yang.

    "Boss Mo, is there some misunderstanding between us, I didn't do anything to hurt you ah."Kang Ling, a grown man, cried out to Mo Yang.

    "I'm not sure if there's a misunderstanding or not, but you should know in your heart what you've offended."Mo Yang said.

    Who have you offended?

    Lately, if one really had to say who they had offended, it was Su Yingxia.

    But with the Su family's ability, how could they possibly hire such a big shot like Mo Yang!

    "Boss Mo, I'm sure it must be a misunderstanding, you must have the wrong person."Kang Ling said.

    "You're not Kang Ling?"Mo Yang was confused.


    "That's right, grab away."Mo Yang was the first to leave Kang Ling's house with a big hand.

    Kang Ling was smart enough to know that he would still be beaten if he resisted, so he simply obediently followed.

    Taking Kang Ling to Mordor, he directly threw him into the stench-filled basement.

    Kang Ling was a big boss no matter what, so he definitely couldn't adapt to this kind of harsh environment, but the other party was Mo Yang, so he didn't dare to complain, and only hoped that he could figure out this misunderstanding and let him go.

    Up to now, Kang Ling didn't think that this matter was related to the Su family either.

    First of all, with the Su family's status, it would never be possible to invite Mo Yang, and Su Yingxia's relationship with the current chairman of the board is also not good, Su Hachao could not help him out because of this matter, and then he also spoke with Su Hachao on the phone, so he can be sure that this matter has nothing to do with the Su family.

    As for Su Yingxia's own family, that was even more impossible, Su Guoyao was not valued in the Su family and didn't have the slightest status, and her man was even more of a well-known loser in Yun City, so how could he have anything to do with Mo Yang?

    "If it's really a misunderstanding, maybe Mo Yang will even feel sorry for me and make friends with me, it's an opportunity for me too, it's no loss to get beaten up."Kang Ling thought beautifully, not noticing at all that the biggest crisis in her life had arrived.

    Su Yingxia spent the whole day in the villa, returned to her room to prepare to rest for a while, as soon as she lay on the bed, she realized that something was not right, the red line on the bed sheet, she had obviously already removed it, when did she suddenly add another one?

    This red line appeared yesterday, but Su Yingxia was too sad yesterday, so she didn't notice it, and couldn't help but feel even more aggrieved at this point.

    It must have been that idiot Han Qianqian, who else but him could have done such a stupid thing.

    Su Yingxia was crying, being pissed off at Han Qianqian!

    When Han Qianqiang arrived in the room, murderous, in his opinion, Su Yingxia must have thought of yesterday's incident, that's why she was sad again, damn Kang Ling, he made Su Yingxia cry twice!

    The tragic Kang Ling, never dreamed that he would have to suffer this unmitigated disaster when he was already on the ropes, and he clearly had no way to live in Cloud City.

Chapter 182

Originally Han Three thousand was going to accompany Su Yingxia for a few days before interrogating Kang Ling, but seeing Su Yingxia crying for the second time, she tossed and turned that night and went to the Magic City nightclub the next day after jogging with Su Yingxia.

    The next day, after running with Su Yingxia, she went to the Magic City nightclub. Kang Ling was brought out from the basement, and her injuries weren't light, but in Han Qianli's eyes, they were by no means heavy.

    Letting Su Yingxia cry sadly twice, even if she died, was a bargain for Kang Ling.

    In Kang Ling's heart, he felt that this matter was a misunderstanding, so now that he was brought out, he should be released.

    "Boss Mo, the misunderstanding is clear, right?I already told you you've got the wrong guy."Kang Ling said.

    Without saying a word, Han Giang walked up to Kang Ling and punched him in the face, deathly strangling his neck, his voice filled with coldness as he asked, "What did you do to Su Yingxia?"

    Kang Ling hadn't yet regained consciousness and felt like he was having trouble breathing, while Han Giangli was so fresh-faced again that he asked, "Who are you?"

    "Su Yingxia's husband, Han Qianli."Han Three Thousand gritted his teeth.

    Han Three Thousand?

    Isn't this that wimp, why is he here.

    "Let go of me, this is Boss Mo's territory, what right do you have to beat me up here, do you know who the f*ck I am?"Kang Ling raged.

    "You, aren't you just a piece of trash."Han Giangli's voice trailed off as he lifted his knee and hit Kang Ling's abdomen.

    Kang Ling's entire body curled up in pain, like a cooked shrimp.

    Letting go of Kang Ling's neck, Han Qianli asked in a condescending manner, "I'll ask one last time, what exactly did you do to Su Yingxia."

    Kang Ling gasped for air as a way to ease his pain.

    "Han 3000, I just wanted to help you try this woman, you haven't touched her for so many years, you should thank me for helping you out."Kang Ling said.

    On the side, Mo Yang held his forehead, how did this kind of guy who didn't know whether he was dead or alive live until now?How dare you say such things to Han Qianqian, aren't you looking for death?

    Kang Ling's established impression of Han 3,000 trash was too deep, so Han 3,000 appeared at this time, he couldn't imagine any relationship between Han 3,000 and Mo Yang, and he didn't think Han 3,000 dared to do anything to him.

    Hearing Kang Ling's words, Han 3000 was furious, no wonder Su Yingxia was crying so hard, this guy was trying to get his hands on Su Yingxia!

    "Does this matter have anything to do with Su Haichao?"Han Qianqiang asked in a cold voice, the last time Su Haichao had done the same kind of thing, if this time it was still Su Haichao secretly arranged, not to mention Su Haichao, the entire Su family Han Qianqiang would not let go.

    Kang Ling's pain eased a little, sitting on the ground, his face was not worried, instead he smiled and said, "Do you know what your woman has done wrong?I just asked him that she sleep with me, she dared to pour my tea, I give you a warning, you better go back and persuade her, if you don't behave and meet my demands, no manufacturer in Cloud City will cooperate with the Su family, then not only will she be finished, you won't even be able to eat soft food in the future."

    From Kang Ling's point of view, he now had a stranglehold on the Su family's lifeblood, the Su family's life and death was in his hands, what would Han Qianqian dare to do to him?

    "So, it has nothing to do with Su Haichao?"Han Qianli asked.

    "What can it have to do with him, once the Su family's old lady died, but I won't give face to anyone."Kang Ling said disdainfully, he had been waiting for this day for a long time, the old lady relied on the fact that she had helped him in the past, but she hadn't missed scraping oil on him, now it was also his turn to gouge a sum of money on the Su family, and he believed that the Su family would compromise sooner or later, the west side of the city project concerned the Su family's life and death, how long could the Su family keep their mouths shut.

    "Mo Yang."Han Giang shouted.

    Mo Yang walked to his side and asked, "What are you planning to do about it."

    Hearing the simple conversation between the two of them, Kang Ling then looked frightened, it was clear that Mo Yang was going to listen to Han Qianqian.

    "K*ll."Han Marchiang said.

    Mo Yang took pity on Kang Ling and said, "Fine, leave this to me and make sure it's clean."

    Kang Ling was stirred up, unable to care about why Mo Yang took Han Qianqian's words as an order, he could look down on Han Qianqian, but he would never look down on Mo Yang.

    If Mo Yang wanted to kill him, would he still have a way to live?

    "Boss Mo, Boss Mo, you can't kill me."Kang Ling said in a panicked voice.

    "Kang Ling, I'm curious as to how you've survived until now."Mo Yang said.

    "Boss Mo, I can give you money, just let me go, as much as you want, I can immediately extort a sum of money from the Su family, all of it, how about all of it?"Kang Ling said.

    To be able to fury Kang Ling to such an extent, Mo Yang had never seen it before, although the Su family wasn't important to Han Giang, the person he was making things difficult for was Su Yingxia, ah, Han Giang's wife.

    "In order for you to die in peace, let me tell you the truth, this, is my boss, if you offend him, can you still have a chance to live?"Mo Yang said with a smile.

    "Old ...... Boss!"Kang Ling didn't dare to look at Han Qianqian incredulously, how could, how could he be the boss of Mo Yang.

    This was Han Three Thousand, a wimp of the Su family!

    "Boss Mo, don't joke with me, he's a wimp, how can he be your boss, I know you're teasing me, how much money do you want, just ask, I'll definitely satisfy you."Kang Ling said.

    "Hey."Mo Yang sighed, although money could solve a lot of things, it was the only thing that couldn't solve Han 3000.

    To him, money was probably the most meaningless thing in the world, right?

    "You died unjustly."Mo Yang smiled.

    Kang Ling saw that Mo Yang was so firm and shifted his attention to Han Three Thousand, although he couldn't understand why Han Three Thousand, a wimp, was the boss of Mo Yang, Kang Ling knew that only Han Three Thousand's words could save him from death.

    "Han three thousand, I was wrong, I won't make things difficult for the Su family again, please let me go, I will definitely work with the Su family in a down-to-earth manner in the future."Kang Ling kneeled on the ground and said.

    "I still have to go home to stay with my wife, I'll leave first."Han Qianqian didn't even look at Kang Ling and left after saying these words.

    After Mo Yang watched Han Qianli leave, his heart not only thought of his woman, thinking that back then, he had retired from the world to protect her, that's why he had retired from the world, he thought that everything would be as he thought it would be, living a peaceful life, but in the end he realized how wrong he had been.

    Now looking at Han Qianqian again, it made Mo Yang even more cognizant of how foolish his choice was.

    To protect his woman, only being strong could do it, and Han Qianxiang did it now.

    "In just a few days, the Kang family is also finished, counting the Xie family, this is already the second family, I don't know how many more unsighted people will crash into this brass wall."Mo Yang said to himself.

    Although he didn't go out of his way to help Liu Qi, but this mad dog had almost poured out all of his household goods to deal with Xie Jingyan, and now the Xie family had completely boasted, but it was making quite a commotion in Cloud City ah.

    Hearing Mo Yang's words, Kang Ling was even more incredulous, was the Xie family's matter also related to Han Qianqian?

    Even the Xie family has suffered this fate, so what's a factory owner like him?

    "Boss Mo, do I really have no chance?"Kang Ling looked at Mo Yang in despair and said.

    Mo Yang didn't answer the question, but told him with actual actions.

    "Lin Yong, do it cleanly."

    Leaving Mo Yang, Han 3,000 didn't delay elsewhere, but went straight back to the hillside villa, Su Yingxia was pulling weeds in the garden, and I could tell that after losing her job, she was quite bored.

    "Weak Water Real Estate will stop cooperating with the Su family, and the bank is also putting pressure on the Su family to lend, so if you can't leave this company behind, you can be the chairman yourself."Han Qianli walked up to the side and said to Su Yingxia.

    "If I didn't have you, would I be unable to do anything?"Su Yingxia turned her head and suddenly asked Han Qianli.

    Han Qianli was stunned, he didn't know why Su Yingxia would suddenly say that.

    Although he had indeed helped Su Yingxia a lot, Su Yingxia also had a lot of credit for this, the role Han Qianli played was merely matchmaking, the development of the west side of the city project so far could be attributed to Su Yingxia's hands.

    "Of course not."Han Three Thousand decisively replied, unable to overshadow Su Yingxia's own efforts just because of some of his help.

    "If I stay at home and teach my children, what do you think?"Su Yingxia asked.

Chapter 183

A husband and a child!

    The impact of these four words on Han Three Thousand was like an overwhelming sea.

    In particular, the word godson made Han Three Thousand's heart thump, although he was now sleeping in the same bed as Su Yingxia, he hadn't done anything out of line, could it be that Su Yingxia's words were hinting at something?

    "By the way, what do you mean you want me to be chairman?"Han three thousand hadn't returned to her senses, Su Yingxia had already started the next topic, making Han three thousand repent to her gut, very herself why she didn't pick up that topic just now.

    "The bank side can operate, and the Su family's company can be acquired."Han 3000 said very simply, but this matter was indeed not difficult for him, just acquire the Su family company directly.

    "To make it sound so simple, it will cost a lot of money again, right?"The Su family was now in a debt situation, although the suspension of the west city project would bring a great crisis to the Su family, but in recent years, the Su family was still able to rely on the money in their hands to survive, to do this thing in Su Yingxia's opinion, it was not simple.

    "The bank pressure, the Su family can't stand up to it, Su Haichao can't last too long, selling the company is his only choice, as for spending money, the Chengxi project is enough for you to earn it back."Han Marchiang said.

    "Didn't you say that Weak Water Properties would stop working with the Su family?Are you going to bother your classmates again?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Since we're all old classmates, there's no difference between two or three times once or twice."Han Qianli smiled.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with suspicion, could the friendship between classmates really be this deep?Repeatedly letting others help, Han 3,000 is not only not embarrassed, but also rightfully so?

    Su Yingxia had some thoughts before, and the words that Shen Lingyao said still lingered in her mind.

    "Three thousand, when can I meet your classmates?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "Speaking of which, it should be soon, he'll be returning to Yun City after his foreign affairs are taken care of, I've already made an appointment with him, he'll come to Yun City after he returns."Han Giangli said.

    When Su Yingxia heard this, she no longer had any doubts.

    If her circle could have been a little bigger and could have understood a little more about Yanjing, Han Three Thousand Thousand would have already revealed her skills, but it was a pity that Su Yingxia was in Cloud City, and her understanding of Yanjing, which was a thousand miles away, was simply unheard of, except for some famous sights, after all, the circles were different, and there was no access to higher fields.

    Su Family Company.

    The people in the conference room were anxious like ants on a hot pot, the cooperation in the west of the city was soaked, the bank kept exerting pressure, and now the Su Family Company was already like a crumbling building, with the possibility of falling down at any time.

    And once the Su family collapsed, all the relatives of the Su family would be crushed to death in the ruins, they were in the Su family corpse, there is no half ability, go to other companies will inevitably be eliminated by the reality, the comfortable life is already very crisis for them.

    "Hai Chao, this matter is caused by you, you must be the one to find a way to solve it."

    "The bank has given a deadline, the City West project can no longer cooperate, we have completely lost the ability to repay the loan, the bank has a legitimate reason to demand early repayment, if we can't do it, the company can only declare a flaw."

    "Hai Chao, you're so stupid, don't think that we don't know that you forced Su Ying Xia away, have you forgotten everything that happened before?Now it's not Su Yingxia that killed the Su family, but you killed us."

    The relatives gnashed their teeth one by one as they looked at Su Hai Chao, it was all Su Hai Chao's fault that they would come to this situation, so they could only vent their frustration by blaming him.

    "Have you guys said enough?"Su Haichao said in a cold tone: "Enough talk, just come and listen to what I have to say, you bunch of trash, what contribution have you made to the company?And who is now in a position to accuse me?"

    "Hai Chao, what do you mean!"

    "Did you ever make anything before, in the company?You can be the chairman only because you're a man."

    "Some trash, really think of themselves as capable men, if it wasn't for the old lady, what qualifications do you have to be the chairman, I do think Su Yingxia is more capable than you."

    "Had I known that if I had let Su Yingxia be the chairman of the board there wouldn't have been so much crap, maybe the company could have developed better, it's only been a short time since it fell into your hands."

    Hearing this, Su Haichao was even more annoyed, that b*tch Su Yingxia, why should she compare to him?

    "If you are not happy with me, you can get out of the company now, the company is in distress, you don't need people like you to add insult to injury."Su Haichao said.

    "Want to kick us out of the company?Su Haichao, do you think there's anyone else in the company who listens to you now?"

    "What right do you have to kick us out."

    While the conference room was bickering non-stop, Du Hong arrived at the company.

    As the governor of the original loan to the Su family, Du Hong was instructed by Han Qianqiang to put pressure on the Su family, and the purpose of his visit today was to bring good news to the Su family.

    But Du Hong doesn't quite understand why Han Qianqian is doing all this behind his back, as in his eyes, a small Su family is not even close to the hair, so why spend so much energy?

    When Su Haichao knew that Du Hong had arrived at the company, he immediately asked his secretary to welcome Du Hong into the conference room.

    "Governor Du, why are you free to come today?"Su Haichao asked Du Hong.

    "Su Dong, I'm here to bring you good news."Du Hong said.

    Hearing this, Su Haichao looked pleased, although the cooperation of the west side of the city project was gone, as long as the bank gave grace, the Su family still had a chance to turn around.

    "Governor Du, you're willing to give us time?"Su Haichao was surprised.

    "To give you time?"Du Hong disdainfully looked at Su Haichao and said, "Without the west side of the city project, what makes the Su family eligible for a loan, even if I give you time, do you still have the money?"

    Su Haichao frowned, good news but Du Hong himself said, if not to extend his time, what is good news?

    "What do you mean, Governor Du?"Su Haichao was puzzled and asked.

    "Isn't it good news that someone is willing to buy your company, and that everyone who is working can remain in the company?"Duhon said.

    "No."Su Haichao refused without thinking, the company was acquired, he hadn't sat in the hot chairman's position, wouldn't he be giving it away, this was something he absolutely could not accept.

    But the other relatives heard this and held a different opinion, as long as they could stay and continue working and still keep their current positions, it was a good thing for them, as for who was the chairman, did it matter?

    "Su Haichao, now is an opportunity for the Su family, someone is willing to take over this mess, and you're smirking, but you're not?"Du Hong said.

    "Governor Du, the company belongs to the Su family and will never be given to anyone else, I'm the chairman, no one is qualified to squeeze me out."Su Haichao said with a tough attitude.

    "Su Haichao, you want to die yourself, why do you want to drag us together."

    "Governor Du brought such a great opportunity, you still don't know how to appreciate and cherish it, do you have to bankrupt the Su family to be willing to do so?"

    "You'll only harm the company if you become chairman, do you still have the face to sit in this position?"

    Listening to what the relatives said, Su Hachao's face was livid, in the past, these guys could be licking their faces to suck up to him, but now one by one, they were treating him like an enemy.

    "I'm the chairman, there's no place for you to talk here, shut up."Su Haichao was furious.

    "I do think that these people have a point, Su Haichao, I'll give you three more days, or I'll submit an application to the court for enforcement, and then not only will the company go bankrupt, but all of you, all of you, will be out on the streets."Du Hong stood up and left the conference room.

    Three days!

    These three days are dispensable for Su Haichao, he can't do anything, is the Su family really going to be finished?

    "Su Haichao, think it over, if you really want to enforce it, you are the chairman of the board and bear the greatest responsibility, you won't even have a place to live when the time comes."

    "How many more days can you sit in the position of occupying the chairman's seat?Do you have to see a coffin to shed a tear?"

    "The old lady really died at a bad time, or else the company wouldn't have ended up in this situation."

    The Su family crowd said angrily, they really wanted to be able to sell the company, but the decision was ultimately in Su Haichao's hands, if he didn't want to, he would have to watch the company collapse into bankruptcy.


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