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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2111 

Master Song's sudden emotion made Song Tian Ming feel more or less guilty.

      However, he carefully observed Old Master Song and found that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the old man, so he also put his mind at ease.

      He felt that he had almost never disobeyed the old master on a regular basis, and even if he wanted to give the Song family's headship to Song Wanting, he hadn't expressed very strong opposition to it, so the old master shouldn't suspect anything to his head.

      So, he smiled slightly and said with a filial face, "Dad, drink more while it's hot, and I'll have the backstage kitchen cook you a cup of Buddha's Jumping Wall in the evening to replenish your body."

      Master Song nodded and did not speak, but ate all of the bird's nest in the bowl in one gulp.

      Seeing the old man eat all of the bird's nest in the bowl, Song Tian Ming was completely relieved and laughed coldly in his heart, "Song Wanting's life and death is uncertain, the old thing has turned into Alzheimer's, no one in the Song family will be able to make an enemy of himself!Old thing, since time immemorial, it's always the eldest son who inherits the unification, if you insist on giving me this demon moth, then don't blame me for being ruthless!"

      Then, he smiled and said to the old man, "Dad, you rest for a while longer, I'll go out and give Honor a call and ask him how he's progressing."

      The old master nodded lightly, "Go ahead."

      Song Tian Ming stepped out of the old master's room, and didn't really call Song Honor right away, but directly found one of his henchmen and called him into his room, and seriously said, "From now on, keep a close eye on the old master's every move, and everything the old master does and says must be told to me, understand?"

      The other party immediately nodded, "Understood milord."

      At this moment, Master Song, who was lying on the bed, suddenly felt a headache coming on, and for a moment the pain felt as if his entire brain was being stripped out.

      But soon, there was a warm energy in his body that completely drove that pain away from his body.

      He knew very well in his heart that the headache must have originated from the neurotoxin that Song Tian Ming had given himself.

      And that warm energy was the small amount of rejuvenation pills that he had taken in advance.

      The old man couldn't help but lament in his heart, "It seems that the Rejuvenation Pill is really as Master Ye said, able to resist all kinds of toxins!Now that we've escaped the neurotoxin, the next thing to do is to play dumb for 24 hours and make sure that no one sees any flaws until Master Ye returns!"

      So he took advantage of his last bit of relative freedom to pull out his phone and look up the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease.

      He found that Alzheimer's disease, also known as Alzheimer's, causes memory impairment, as well as loss of cognition, speech and vision.

      In severe cases of Alzheimer's disease, there is not only severe memory loss, but also incontinence, stiffness, and vacant eyes.

      Seeing this, Master Song surmised in his heart, "It seems that if I want to make that adversary completely believe that I've become Alzheimer's, I must show the symptoms of severe dementia, only then will I be able to make him completely at ease"

      An hour later.

      Song Tian Ming had been keeping an eye on the time, and now that an hour and a half had passed since the old man had taken his medicine, it was reasonable to say that the effects of the medicine should have kicked in.

      Thus, he planned to go to the old master's room to see what was going on.

      When he arrived in front of the door of the old master's room and pressed the doorbell, there was no response in the room.

      He was delighted, but on the surface, he pressed again without showing his face.

      This time there was still no response.

      So he pretended to be alarmed and said, "Someone!Come on people!"

Chapter 2112

All of a sudden, several servants ran over and asked after him, "Young Master, what's happened?!"

      Song Tian Ming said, "I pressed the master's doorbell with no response, I'm afraid that someone has had an accident, you guys quickly help me break down the door!"

      A few of the servants tensed up as they heard, and one of them volunteered, "I'll do it!"

      The other man was busy saying, "I'm with you!"

      At that moment, Uncle Yu also heard the news and asked nervously, "Young Master, what's wrong with the Master?!"

      Song Tian Ming saw him and was busy saying, "Uncle Yu, you're just in time, my father is in his room, he rang the doorbell several times with no response, I'm afraid he had an accident."

      Yu Bo's heart tightened, realizing at once that Song Tian Ming should have already drugged the old master, and was suddenly a little angry and sad as well as worried.

      He also didn't know whether Ye Chen's method would be able to spare the old master or not.

      However, he didn't dare to show any hesitation, and hurriedly said, "Then quickly break down the door and go in to have a look!"

      Several of the servants had begun to push together, running and crashing into the door, and after a few times, the door crashed open with a bang.

      Immediately afterwards, Song Tian Ming raked off the left and right people, rushed in with a tense, one-horse race, and once inside, ran straight into the bedroom, shouting, "Dad!Dad are you okay Dad!"

      I said, pushing open the bedroom door!

      As soon as Song Tian Ming entered the door, he was immediately stunned by what he saw!

      And then rushed in Uncle Yu, as well as a few of his servants, frightened by what was happening!

      Between now and then, Master Song was standing at the edge of the bed with a dazed look on his face.


      Master Song saw so many people suddenly rushing in, he was so frightened that he cried out, and his entire body stumbled to the balcony, crying out, "You you guys who are you guys what are you doing".

      Song Tian Ming's heart blossomed with joy as he saw the old man looking like this!

      "The old thing sure is Alzheimer's!I can't even control my bowels!That's really steady!"

      I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I think I'm going to be able to do that.Don't you recognize me?I'm Tian Ming ah!"

      Master Song was angry inside at this point, but he also admired this son of his.

      "This beast, it really is able to flex and be open-minded, my son is dirty like this, he can come up and hug me without hesitation even in front of so many people, and he's acting so true, he seems to be number one too!"

      Thinking of this, Master Song couldn't help but mock himself, "What's the difference between me and the others?In order to convince him completely that even something like incontinence can be acted out, it's considered more open-minded than this beast."

      Although Song had mixed feelings in his heart, the show must go on, so he desperately tried to break free of Song Tian Ming and cried out, "Kill kill kill!"

      Song Tian Ming cried out loudly, "Uncle Yu!Get a car and take my dad to the hospital!Quick!"

Chapter 2113

As Song Tian Ming made arrangements to send Song to the hospital, he hurried back to his room to change into clean clothes.

      In the process of changing clothes, he had called Song Honor to formally inform him that he should return to Jinling immediately.

      Song Honor had been waiting for this news, so almost immediately he began to arrange for the private jet to make preparations for takeoff, scheduled to leave Tokyo early tomorrow morning.

      In order not to let Ye Chen suspect, Song Honor also made a special call to Ye Chen, on the phone, said respectfully, "Master Ye, my father just called me, my grandfather's health seems to have a small problem, so I should hurry back as soon as possible, so I may have to leave Tokyo first tomorrow morning"

      Ye Chen asked with an act of surprise, "Honor, what happened to your grandfather him?Nothing serious, right?"

      Song Honor hurriedly said, "Master Ye, don't worry, my father said that there is nothing serious, just that his brain seems to be a little less clear, so I rushed back to take a look."

      Saying that, he said with a bit of pleading, "Master Ye, I have to leave Tokyo temporarily this time, I can only count on you to find Wan Ting, and please make sure you do your best to find Wan Ting and bring her back to Jinling, on behalf of our whole family, thank you!"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Don't worry, I'll do my best, the best case scenario is that in a few days, I'll be able to bring Wan Ting back to Jinling with me."(first post)

      When he heard this on the other end of the phone, he laughed coldly in his heart: "Surname Ye, are you fucking awake?It's been more than 24 hours since Song Wanting went missing, she probably wouldn't have survived even if she hadn't died in the car accident then, after being well in that deep forest for so long!"

      "Besides, the deep mountains of West Domo County are so inaccessible, with so many wild animals, it's possible that she's even got a corpse now that's been eaten by the birds and beasts of the mountains, leaving only her bones, and you want to take her back to the Golden Mound?!Go live your springtime dream!"

      However, even though he thought so in his heart, Song Honor's mouth was still very pious as he said, "Master Ye, that's so thankful to you!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "No need to be so polite, it's not too early, rest and rest, hurry back tomorrow morning, and by the way, help me bring good luck to Master Song."

      Hanging up the phone, the corner of Ye Chen's mouth wiped a mocking smile.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, father and son, must be very proud of themselves right now.

      They must have felt that Song Wanting had most likely died, and Master Song himself had turned into Alzheimer's, and now the entire Song family was in their pockets.

      Fine, just let them have their way.

      After Song Honor has left, I'll sneak out of the capital with Song Wanting and return to Jinling quietly, catching them by surprise!

      By then, Master Song, who they thought had turned into Alzheimer's, would also rip off his disguise and join forces with them to deliver a fatal blow!

      Just thinking about it, Itachi Cabbage ran over, knocked on Ye Chen's half-open sliding door, peeked in with a sweet smile, and said, "Ye Chen-kun, Miss Song is awake."

      Yeh Chen smiled, "She slept all day and finally woke up."

      Itachi Naozi smiled, "She was frightened last night and walked alone in the deep mountains for so long, she must be exhausted, it's normal for her to sleep a little longer."

      Saying that, she added, "By the way Ye Chen-kun, I've arranged for Miss Song to go to a hot spring to relieve herself, and my father-sama sent a freshly caught bluefin tuna, and had his servants at home prepare two bottles of Yamazaki Fifty Years Whiskey, inviting you and Miss Song for sashimi and sushi in the evening."

      Bluefin tuna is the most expensive type of fish, better quality, one is worth ten million dollars, and the next kilo costs over ten thousand dollars.

      And this wasn't even the end retail price, this was the packaged auction price of the whole fish.

Chapter 2114

Two years ago, a big boss in Japan shot a 278 kilograms of bluefin tuna, cost exactly 3.1 million U.S. dollars, the average price of each kilogram is 11,000 U.S. dollars.

      And this quality of bluefin tuna, if sent to the top restaurants, the price is many times more.

      If you eat the most expensive bluefin tuna in the most high-end shops, the price of the fish meat is even more expensive than gold.

      As for Yamazaki Fifty Years Whiskey, it's even the top whiskey of Japan's national treasure, with a single bottle selling for more than 3 million RMB.

      The fact that Ito Yuhiko was hosting a banquet with such expensive ingredients and drinks was enough to show how much he valued Ye Chen.

      When Ye Chen arrived at the restaurant, Ito Yuuhiko had already been waiting here for a long time.

      At this time, in the center of the huge wooden table was a huge bluefin tuna, which was covered with ice cubes made from pure water frozen underneath it.

      A chef was standing beside it with a sashimi knife, and after the meal was served later, he would directly cut off different parts of the bluefin tuna's body according to the guest's preference, for the guest to enjoy.

      When Ito Yuhiko saw Ye Chen coming, he hurriedly and enthusiastically said, "Mr. Ye, please sit down!Mr. Ye is blessed today, this is a bluefin tuna brought in by a fishing boat that just docked an hour ago, it's the best quality one in Tokyo this year!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously, "Mr. Ito is really too polite, in fact, I'm a person who doesn't have too many requirements for food, you don't have to be so broke."

      Ito Yuhiko said very seriously, "Mr. Ye is an honored guest of our unified family, it's natural to use the best ingredients and wine when entertaining honored guests!"

      Saying that, he asked Itachi, "Nana-chan, is Miss Song still up?"

      Itachi Nabiki smiled, "Miss Song is soaking in a hot spring, and I've instructed my servant to bring her over directly after Miss Song finishes her soak."

      "Good."Ito Yuhiko nodded lightly and smiled, "Then we'll wait until Miss Song arrives before we start."

      Ye Chen then remembered something and asked Ito Yuuhiko, "Right Mr. Ito, there's something I want to ask you."

      Ito Yuuhiko hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, you don't have to be so polite, you can ask anything, I will know everything!"

      Ye Chen nodded and asked him, "If I want to leave Japan quietly, without alerting the customs, do you have any good ideas?"

      Ito Yuhiko thought, "If we don't want to alarm the customs, then we'll have to use the smuggling route."

      Ye Chen asked again, "How is it more convenient to smuggle?Is it feasible?"

      Ito Yuhiko explained, "There is basically only one way to sneak out, and that is by boat from the sea, especially in an island country like Japan, which is not bordered by any country, the only two ways to sneak out are by sea and in the sky, but aircraft control is extremely strict, and there is basically no room to operate, so you can only choose to take the sea route."

      Saying that, Ito Yuhiko added, "Japan's coastline is long and its shipping is quite developed, there are just too many ships coming and going, so it's not really difficult to sneak out by sea."

      When Ye Chen heard this, he said to him, "Mr. Ito, then please help me prepare a boat, I want to bring Wan Ting to smuggle back to the country."

      "Smuggle her back?"Ito Yuhiko was a bit puzzled and said, "Mr. Ye, if you want to sneak back to Japan, it's a bit of a toss-up to not only sneak past Japanese customs, but also your domestic customs as well"

      "It doesn't matter."Ye Chen said seriously, "The Jinling side is easy to solve, I'll have everything ready, mainly because I don't have any connections on the Japanese side, the only friend I can turn to is you, I wonder if you can help me get a boat so that I can leave Japan quietly with Wan Ting by boat?"

Chapter 2115

Hearing Ye Chen's request, Ito Yuhiko said without hesitation, "Mr. Ye, the boat is a small matter, I can always prepare a luxury yacht for you and make sure you can leave Tokyo by sea without any hindrance, I just don't know when you plan to leave?"

      Ye Chen asked him, "How long will it take if you take the sea route back home?"

      Ito Yuhiko said, "The size of luxury yachts are generally larger, and large ships are highly stable and resistant to wind and waves, but the speed will be a little slower, the average speed per hour is about fifty to sixty kilometers, and to get to Jinling from here, you have to first go to the mouth of the Yangtze River in Zhonghai City, a distance of about two thousand kilometers, and it will take at least thirty hours to sail."

      Said Yuhiko Ito, "But since we're sneaking in and out of the country, we'll need time to deal with the Coast Guard, and the speed will definitely slow down when we dock, so I estimate that it will take at least thirty-five hours to get from Tokyo to the middle of the ocean."Updated fastest.

      Ye Chen smacked his lips and wondered, "Thirty-five hours ah is indeed a bit long"

      Ito Yuhiko nodded and said helplessly, "In terms of smuggling, this is the fastest, as you know, smuggling is mostly by sea, if you smuggle from Asia to North America, it would take more than a month to drift at sea alone."

      Ye Chen spoke up, "That's just the time to get to Zhonghai, from Zhonghai's to Jinling's again, it would take at least a few hours, right?"

      Ito Yuhiko explained, "If you're still taking a boat to Jinling from Zhonghai, this is estimated to be a seven or eight hour journey, but if you're in a hurry, I'd rather suggest that you disembark in Zhonghai and then take a helicopter to Jinling, that way, you'll be there in just over an hour."

      As soon as Ye Chen heard that, he immediately said, "Okay, in that case, I'll trouble Mr. Ito to prepare the ship as soon as possible, I want to leave tonight."

      Both Ito Yuuhiko and Ito Nana-chan were shocked, and both father and daughter said in unison, "Ah?Leaving tonight?!"

      I can't take Wanting directly by plane, after all, the entire Tokyo Police Department thinks that Wanting is dead or alive and is searching for her, the customs are networked with them, if Wanting suddenly leaves the country through the customs, the Tokyo Police Department will get the news at the first time.I'm afraid that I'll just let Customs detain and investigate them all."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Moreover, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor and his son must still be doing their best to monitor Wan Ting's whereabouts, once she shows up at the customs, she will be completely exposed, so it's prudent to let her remain missing in front of the outside world, and then quietly leave Japan and return to Jinling."

      Ito Cabbage was in a somewhat lost mood at this point, and Ito Yuhiko, who was beside her, spoke up, "Mr. Ye, it's not easy to come here, so why don't you stay for a couple of days, so that I can do my best as a landlord?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I appreciate Mr. Ito's good intentions, but this matter is indeed of great importance, if we delay any longer, I'm afraid that something will change on the Jinling side, after all, Wan Ting's grandfather is still in Jinling."

      Ito Yuanyan suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly said, "I understand!It's really a matter of urgency, how about this, I'll have someone prepare the boat right now, and then make some Coast Guard connections to try to get going at one or two o'clock tonight."

      Ye Chen said gratefully, "That's really a big thank you, Mr. Ito."

      Ito Yuuhiko quickly waved his hand, "You don't have to be polite, Mr. Ye, you are a great benefactor of the Ito family, working for you is the right thing to do!"

      Saying that, he pulled out his phone and said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, I'm going to make a call to make arrangements, so excuse me for a moment."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "I also need to make a call to settle things down in China."

      Then, Ye Chen pulled out his phone and pulled a group on WeChat, pulled Chen Zekai and Hong Wu into the group, and spoke, "Are you two going to let go now?If it's convenient, let's have a conference call."

      The two men immediately replied, "Convenient!"

      Ye Chen immediately initiated a group voice call, with Richard Chen and Hong Wu accessing it one after the other.

      Richard Chen was the first to pick it up and opened his mouth to say, "Young Master, what do you want?"

Chapter 2116

Then, Hongwu also joined in, "Master Ye, what do you wish to command me?"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "It's like this, both of you are people I trust completely, so what I'm going to tell you next, you must keep it strictly confidential and strictly enforce it, do you understand?"

      The two men stated in unison, "Don't worry!We'll keep it a secret!Strictly enforced!"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and continued, "Song Tian Ming and Song Honor are now going to usurp the throne in the Song family, you two should quickly contact Song Tian Ming and tell him that you heard me say that Master Song's body is in some condition, so you want to visit Master Song and pay more attention to his health as well as his personal safety."

      Chen Zekai blurted out, "The Song family's father and son are trying to usurp the throne?!Then Miss Wan Ting's accident in Tokyo, was it also their doing?"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "That's right, they're the ones who arranged it."

      Hong Wu gritted his teeth and said, "Damn it!This father and son are really snakes and scorpions, even to their own family members!I'll tell my brothers to cut them down!"

      Ye Chen instructed, "Don't be so impulsive, I'll take care of their father and son myself, all you have to do is to protect Master Song's safety."

      Hong Wu could only say with anger, "Okay Master Ye, I'll listen to you!"

      Ye Chen added, "One more thing, I'm going to take Wan Ting back to China by sea, when the ship will dock in the middle of the sea, Old Chen you arrange a helicopter for me in advance, when we arrive, we'll immediately transfer to a helicopter to return to Jinling!"first issue

      Richard Chen said without hesitation, "No problem young master, I'll arrange it tonight and have the helicopter wait for you in the middle of the sea!"

      Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "Alright, you two give me close monitoring of the Song family's father and son's every move, and report to me in time if there is any action."

      After making the call, Song Wanting, who had just finished soaking in the hot spring, walked over quickly under the leadership of the Ito family's servants.

      When she reached the front, she was very embarrassed and said, "I'm really sorry to keep everyone waiting for me."

      Itoh Cabbage hurriedly smiled, "Miss Song doesn't have to be so polite, we just sat down too."

      Saying that, she stood up and said, "Would Miss Song like to sit with me?"

      Song Wanting nodded, "Yes, thank you Ito-san."

      Saying that, she sat down next to Ito Cabbage Patch.

      Ito Cabbage looked at her still damp hair and said with a smile, "Miss Song's hair texture is really good, it's dark and shiny and has a lot of volume, I wonder what she usually uses to maintain her hair?"

      Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, "Usually, I use a kind of ginger shampoo that has a hair growth effect, and with a nutritious hair mask, I can ensure the quality of my hair, but the brand I use should not be available in Japan, so when I go back, I'll mail some to Miss Ito."

      Ito-chan said excitedly, "Oh my, that's so thankful Miss Song!"

      Song Wanting smiled, "Miss Ito doesn't have to be so polite, and you don't always have to call me Miss Song, just call me Wanting."

      Cabbage Ito said seriously, "Miss Song is older than me, so I'd better call you Sister Wan Ting."

Chapter 2117

Itoh Cabbage is still in her fourth year of college, 22 years old, similar to Qin Ao Xue's age.

      Song Wanting, on the other hand, is around the same age as Ye Chen.

      Therefore, Song Wanting was four years older than Ito Cabbage.

      It was reasonable for Ito Cabbage to call her a sister.

      But Song Wanting was a little flattered by Ito Cabbage's attitude.

      Ito Naija-chan was now the head of the largest family in Japan, the Ito Family, and her family's strength was ten times that of the Song family.

      Being so powerful to such an extent, and still being able to be so polite to Song Wanting, taking the initiative to call her sister, naturally made Song Wanting feel a bit more affinity towards Ito Naija-chan, in addition to being touched.

      After all, they were women and had a lot in common, so the two were soon chatting animatedly.

      At this time, Yuuhiko Ito also came back, he first greeted Song Wanting politely, then he spoke, "Mr. Ye, the ship has been arranged to board tonight at the Tokyo container port, your luck is really very good, internal sources say that the coast guard patrol unit is doing equipment overhaul tonight, so the maritime supervision will be very lax, and it will be easiest to go out to sea tonight."

      Said Yuhiko Ito, "But I've also checked with the Coast Guard, and if they make any changes, they won't do any inspections of the boat you're on."Updated fastest.

      "Okay."Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "This matter is up to Mr. Ito."

      Ito Yuuhiko said respectfully, "Mr. Ye and I don't have to be so polite!"

      Song Wanting, who was whispering with the vegetables, suddenly heard this and hurriedly asked Ye Chen, "Are we leaving tonight?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Let's leave by boat tonight."

      Song Wanting's heart tightened and hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, is there some kind of change in Jinling?"

      Ye Chen didn't tell her about Song Tian Ming and Song Honor drugging Master Song, so he smiled slightly and said, "Don't think too much, nothing has changed, but I just wanted to quietly bring you back home first without alerting anyone."

      Song Wanting nodded gently and said gratefully, "Thank you for your hard work, Master Ye."

      After saying that, she looked towards Yuuhiko Ito and Nana Ito and bowed slightly, "Mr. Ito and Miss Nana Ito, thank you for your help and care!"

      Ito Nai-chan was busy saying, "Sister Wan-ting, you and Nai-chan should never be so polite, don't forget you are my sister, we are also considered good sisters, this will be your home from now on, any time you come to Japan, please make sure to stay at home!"

      Saying that, Itoh Cabbage looked at Ye Chen again and said with great reluctance, "The same goes for Ye Chen-kun, please remember that this will always be Ye Chen-kun's home in Japan!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I'll keep that in mind."

      Ito Yuuhiko was busy, "By the way, doesn't Miss Song want to cooperate with New Nippon Steel?Do you want me to call Shinwa Watanabe over and get him to sign the partnership agreement with you first?"

      Song Wanting was unable to speak in surprise, and Ye Chen was now one step ahead of her, asking, "Is this person trustworthy?Will it be leaked to the public about Wan Ting?"

      Ito Yuhiko assured, "Mr. Ye, don't worry, Watanabe Shinwa is absolutely reliable, I will instruct him to keep his secret strictly, he will definitely not say anything."

      Ye Chen nodded, "Good, in that case, trouble Mr. Ito to ask him to come over for me, and sign the contract tonight."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Master Ye, is this appropriate?"

      Although she was also eager to take the cooperation agreement with New Nippon Steel, but operating it this way was not a normal business cooperation negotiation at all, but rather a complete use of Yuhiko Ito's favor, and she was worried that Yatsuo would owe Yuhiko Ito too much for himself.

      Ye Chen smiled calmly at this time and said, "You don't have to worry about this matter, let me decide everything."

      Song Wanting still wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, she gave up.

      She knew that she already owed Ye Chen too much, anyway, his life was his, his heart was also his, as long as he nodded, his body and even the entire Song family could be his, so she didn't have to care too much about how much she owed him.

Chapter 2118

Ye Chen remembered one more thing and said to Ito Yuuhiko, "By the way Mr. Ito, I need to trouble you with one more thing for me."

      Ito Yuuhiko busily said, "Please go ahead."

      Ye Chen said, "What's the name of that vice president of New Nippon Steel who interfaces with Wan Ting?Nearly Hashimoto first, right?"

      "Right."Ito Yuuhiko nodded, "That's Hashimoto Konohan!"

      Ye Chen sneered and said, "You send a few ninjas and tie him up, but after tying him up don't send him here, just get him to the dock, and then stuff him in the cabin, I'm going to take this beast to Jinling!"

      Without hesitation, Ito Yuhiko said, "Okay Mr. Yeh, I'll arrange it!"

      Although Hashimoto Kensen was a senior executive of Nippon Steel and was considered a respectable figure, he was still far from the Ito family.

      He usually brought a driver and two bodyguards with him at most, but a ninja was a top Japanese existence that he definitely couldn't afford, so sending a few ninjas to kidnap him was definitely a breeze.

      Ito Yuuhiko methodically arranged both things.

      He sent his own ninja to kidnap Hashimoto Konzen immediately, while he himself called Shinwa Watanabe, the chairman of Nippon Steel, and invited him to his home to discuss the matter.

      Although Shinwa Watanabe was the chairman of Nippon Steel, he had a great deal of respect for Yuuhiko Ito, and drove over as soon as he was summoned.

      And they lived very close to each other, so ten minutes later, he was already at Yuuhiko Ito's home.

      As soon as Watanabe Shinwa entered the door and saw Ito Yuuhiko, he hurriedly came forward and said with some humility, "Brother Ito, I don't know what I'm looking for at such a late hour, what do you want to order?"

      Ito Yuuhiko smiled slightly and said with a playful face, "Calling you over this late, you're not delaying the two of you and your wife, are you?"

      Watanabe Shinwa smiled awkwardly, looking a bit lonely.

      Although Shinwa Watanabe was about the same age as Yuuhiko Ito this year, and his body was in relatively good shape, the only thing that was a bit hard to say was when it came to matters of men and women.

      He didn't know what was wrong with him, his body was in good shape in every way, but his ability in that area was getting worse and worse.

      Originally, he and his wife had at least about three times a week of conjugal life, and they were quite harmonious.

      But in the past two years, the desire and ability in this area are plummeting.

      From three times a week, to once a week, once every two weeks.

      Now, he's at a state where it's hard for him to have sex even once a month.

      Shinwa Watanabe has been to many hospitals and specialists, but the feedback they give out is that the ability in this area has nothing to do with the overall condition of the body in some cases.

      Some people are obviously healthy, or even strong, but they just can't do that aspect.first issue

      But some people look like they're going to fall over when the wind blows, but they're so strong in that area.

      The physical qualities, and the ability of that aspect, are not equal.

      Also, the ability of that aspect is very troublesome to treat, either physical degeneration, neurological degeneration, or psychological degeneration.

      In short, if something goes wrong in that area, even if there is money, it may not be able to be cured.

      Because of this, Watanabe Shinwa was only hurting his head over this matter, but he was ashamed to tell others about this kind of thing, so Ito Yuuhiko didn't know anything about it at all.

      However, Ye Chen could see some desolation in the look of Watanabe Shinwa, and after looking at his face carefully, he knew the situation like the back of his hand.

Chapter 2119

At this point, after a few more chit-chats with Shinwa Watanabe, Itohiko got to the point.

      "Shinwa, there are two things I've asked you to do this time, the first thing is to try the bluefin tuna and taste the Yamazaki Fifty Years Whiskey."

      Shinwa Watanabe smiled slightly and chuckled as he asked, "What about the other thing?"

      Yukihiko Ito laughed, "Don't you want to build a joint venture in China?I'd like to introduce you to an excellent partner, Miss Song Wanting of the Song Clan."

      Saying that, Yuuhiko Ito pointed to Song Wanting at the dinner table.

      It was only then that Watanabe Shinwa saw Song Wanting.

      The whole man was dumbfounded.

      He said in amazement, "Miss Song Song?!Hasn't it been reported on TV that Miss Song is still missing after the accident!How come it's here?!"

      Ito Yuuhiko spoke up at this time, "Miss Song is a valued guest of my family, she encountered a sudden incident this time, and since the matter is quite sensitive, I didn't announce her whereabouts to the public, Shinwa, you must keep it a secret, understand?"

      As soon as Watanabe Shinwa heard this, he hurriedly nodded his head and said solemnly, "Don't worry Ito-san, I will never leak a single word to the public!"

      Ito Yuhiko smiled in satisfaction and said, "In that case, you can sign the cooperation agreement with Miss Song on behalf of Nippon Steel first."

      Saying that, Ito Yuhiko said again very seriously, "Brother, sell me face, on the terms of cooperation, you must make some appropriate concessions!"

      Without hesitation, Watanabe Shinwa said, "Ito-san, since you've spoken, I'll definitely give you the biggest discount on the terms!"

      Song Wanting then quickly stood up and said to Watanabe Shinwa, "Mr. Watanabe, I've heard a lot about you!I'm Song Wanting, and I hope you'll take care of me more in the future."

      Watanabe Shinwa nodded and said with a smile, "Miss Song, since you are Ito-san's valued guest, naturally you are also my Watanabe Shinwa's valued guest, our daily overseas cooperation is usually to strive for a controlling stake, but since Ito-san has spoken, let's be straightforward and simple, you will hold 51 shares and we will hold 49 shares, what do you think?"

      The biggest goal of Song Wanting's visit to Japan is to reach a holding partnership with Nippon Steel.Fastest Update

      Can let the Song Group 51 shares, she has been completely satisfied.

      She had talked with Hashimoto Konzen for so long before, trying unsuccessfully to get a 50 share for each side, so now Watanabe Shinwa directly agreed to let the Song Group hold 51 shares, which made her instantly excited.

      So, Song Wanting hurriedly bowed to Watanabe Shinwa and thanked him: "Mr. Watanabe, thank you so much!I'm sure we at SONGS will disappoint you!"

      Watanabe Shinwa was also very upbeat, pointing directly at Ito Yuuhiko beside him and saying seriously, "Miss Song, the one you have to thank for this matter is Ito-san, with Ito-san giving the word, I will naturally raise my hands in approval."

      To Watanabe Shinwa, he didn't know Song Wanting, so he didn't care if Song Wanting owed him a favor or not, what he cared about was for Ito Yuuhiko to remember this favor, and if he needed it in the future, he would ask Ito Yuuhiko to get this favor back.

      When Song Wanting heard this, she looked towards Ito Yuuhiko with a face full of gratitude and said, "Mr. Ito, thank you for your help, Wanting is grateful beyond words!"

      Ito Yuhiko was even more of a human being, and he didn't want Song Wanting to owe himself a favor, and the reason he was helping was entirely to sell Ye Chen's face, so he hurriedly said, "Miss Song, in the end, everything is still thanks to Mr. Ye!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly as he took in the performance of Ito Yuhiko and Watanabe Shinwa.

      He was well aware of the mindset of these two.

      It was nothing more than a chain of favors.

      Watanabe Shinwa was selling Ito Yuuhiko's face, and Ito Yuuhiko was selling his own face.

Chapter 2120

Since that was the case, then it would be better to simply hang on to this favor of the two of them.

      And since they are hanging on to themselves, then don't keep owing them, in order to avoid a long night's sleep, simply pay them back together before you leave!

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen opened his mouth and said to Song Wanting and Ito Cabbage, "Wanting and Cabbage, please excuse yourselves for a while, we men have some things to talk about in private."

      Ito Naija stood up without hesitation and smiled, "Sister Wanting, do you like puppies?"

      Song Wanting nodded, "Like it!"

      Itochi smiled, "I have a couple of purebred Akita dogs at home, and six little ones that have just turned two months old, they're especially cute, they're loose in the east courtyard, I'll take you to see them?"

      Song Wanting said excitedly, "Great, let's go now!"


      Seeing Ito Cabbage and Song Wanting walk away hand in hand, Ye Chen then withdrew his gaze and looked at Watanabe Shinwa, smiling, "Mr. Watanabe, Wanting is a good friend of mine, and I'm very grateful that you agreed to let her hold 51 shares in the cooperation."

      Watanabe Shinwa, playing the same old tune, was busy saying, "Oh my, it's all for the sake of Ito-san"

      Ye Chen waved his hand to interrupt him and said seriously, "Mr. Watanabe, it's better not to look at Mr. Ito's face, I want you to look at your own body's face and make this concession of cooperation a little bigger, what do you think?"

      Watanabe Shinwa was full of amazement.Mentally.

      "What do you mean, for the sake of my own body?"

      "What do you mean by making a bigger concession?"

      Bewildered, he asked curiously, "Mr. Ye, what exactly do you mean by that?"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and asked with a profoundly inscrutable face, "If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Watanabe should be very distressed about his body right now, right?"

      Watanabe Shinwa was busy saying, "No ah, I am very healthy and I also go to the gym often to do fitness, the average middle-aged and elderly men, but they are not as focused on exercise as I am."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, "Exercise naturally strengthens the body, but we are all men, and there are no ladies present now, so I won't hide some words, Mr. Watanabe's married life these two years should be very incompatible, right?"

      As soon as this was said, Watanabe Shinwa's expression was horrified, but also surfaced with complete embarrassment, slandering in his heart, "This is the most unspeakable hidden disease inside me, no one knows about it except my wife and I, and the doctors I've looked for, how could this Ye Chen know about it?!"

      Yuuhiko Ito on the other side was also a bit shocked and subconsciously asked, "You're not that old, Shinwa, that aspect of you is a problem so early?"

      Watanabe Shinwa was suddenly bashful and red in the face, scratched his hair in panic, and accosted, "This this Mr. Heyeh is truly extraordinary, you can even tell such things?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "In the nearly lost ancient Chinese medicine, it is said that there are three types of qi in human beings, namely blood, vital and essence qi."

      "Blood Qi dominates externally, Yuan Qi dominates internally, and as for Essence Qi, it's more reflected in the affairs of men and women."

      "When Blood Qi is strong, your body is strong, and when Yuan Qi is strong, your life is long, but both of these have little to do with Essence Qi."

      "Don't look at the fact that your Blood and Yuan Qi are both strong, but only your Essence Qi is depressed."

      "Lacking essence energy, even though you are very strong, you are still powerful but not energetic when it comes to performing men and women."

      Watanabe Shinwa couldn't care less about being shy at this point and asked out of the blue, "Mr. Ye, since you have such magical powers and can see the knot in my body at a glance, I wonder if you have a way to cure me!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2121 

Ye Chen looked at Watanabe Xinhe who looked excited and eager, his finger gently tapped twice on the table and said with a smile, "Mr. Watanabe, I, Ye Chen, never say anything I'm not sure of, and if I can't cure you, I certainly won't say it."

      Watanabe Shinwa was inordinately excited and blurted out, "Mr. Ye!If you can really heal me, I'll accept whatever conditions!"

      For Shinwa Watanabe, he was not as rich as Yuhiko Ito, but he was still one of the top wealthy men in Japan.

      After having so much money, making money had long ceased to be his first motivation in life.

      His number one motivation was to enjoy life.

      Ironically, when the time came to enjoy life, he lost the body to enjoy life.

      The pain of a man who is rich and powerful and has status, but has lost that aspect of his ability to do so, is too much for Watanabe Shinwa to bear in life.

      However, this kind of hidden disease often had nothing to do with money, spare him even if he was rich, that place couldn't be used or not, and the Great Luo Jinxian couldn't save him.

      Ye Chen then looked at Watanabe Shinwa and smiled calmly, pointing at Ito Yuuhiko, "Mr. Watanabe, for the sake of Mr. Ito's face and your earlier promise to cooperate with Miss Song, I can cure your hidden disease, but I still have one more request."

      Shinwa Watanabe was thrilled, "Anything you want, feel free to ask!"

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "It's the terms of cooperation between you and Miss Song, with a few more concessions."

      Watanabe Shinwa nodded repeatedly and couldn't wait to say, "How to make concessions, you decide!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "So, you both contribute according to a ratio of five to five, but the equity is distributed according to a ratio of six to four, that is, Miss Song's Song Group, to own 60 shares of the joint venture, this, do you have a problem with it?"

      As soon as Ye Chen said this, Ito Yuuhiko was blinded, and he thought to himself, "Ye Chen this is too dark, right?Is this guy always this dark?The first opening was a 50-50 contribution, four or six shares, and then blackmailed away 10 shares of the others."

      "And this isn't a project of several hundred million dollars, a steel company with an investment of at least 20 to 30 billion RMB, to walk away from someone's 10 shares is equivalent to walking away from someone's 2 to 3 billion RMB ah!"

      However, Watanabe Shinwa nodded his head almost without hesitation and said, "Mr. Ye, as long as you can heal me, I have no problem with this condition of yours!"

      Watanabe Shinwa had long since exhausted all his patience and hope in the past few years of searching around for a cure.

      Before he met Ye Chen, he already had a very clear and certain perception of this matter, that is, even if he was asked to take out 10 or even 20 of his personal assets, if he could find the meaning and pleasure of being a man again, he would not hesitate to agree.

      After a certain amount of money, it's just a number, no matter how much it is, it has no practical significance.

      But, your own male virility, that's half of a man's entire life fun!

      Giving up 10 shares and reaping the pleasure of the other half of a man's life, this deal was really worth it.

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, "I have a medicine here that's guaranteed to take effect when you take it."

      Saying that, he looked at Ito Yuuhiko again and spoke, "Mr. Ito has also helped me and Miss Song a lot this time, and I said before that I will help you get your body in shape before I leave, so this time, you'll be receiving treatment with Mr. Watanabe."A second remember on your mobile phone provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      As soon as Ito Yuuhiko heard this, his heart immediately surged with excitement.

      In his heart, he surmised, "From the before and after changes in his daughter, Ito-chan, you can see Ye Chen's great prowess!"

      "The injury that my daughter suffered at that time was something that all the top doctors were helpless to do, but I didn't expect that it would be cured by Ye Chen!"

      "Even if you can heal a wound as serious as your daughter's, then isn't Ye Chen's treatment of my little weakness a matter of faith?"

      Thinking of that, he panicked and spoke, "Mr. Ye, thank you so much for that!"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and spoke, "You guys wait for a moment, I'll go prepare the medicine."

Chapter 2122

With that, he stood up and returned to the room that the Ito family had arranged for him.

      After returning to the room, Ye Chen took two clean glasses from the coffee table and then poured half a glass of water into each glass.

      After pouring the water, he then took out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket.

      He scraped off some powder from the rejuvenation pills, which immediately melted after falling into the water.

      Two cups of water, in total, only used a tenth of a rejuvenation pill.

      It wasn't that Ye Chen was stingy.

      The main reason was that these two people had different conditions, and their need for rejuvenation pills wasn't that great.

      The first was Ito Yuuhiko, who was weak, mainly due to the injuries and shock he had received in the accident, as well as the damage to his vitality after the amputation surgery.

      For this kind of situation, a little bit of Rejuvenation Pill would be enough to replenish his lost qi and blood.

      As for Watanabe Shinwa.

      His main problem was that his essence was depressed, the rejuvenation pills were naturally able to replenish his essence, but replenishing it was like filling up a tank of gas for a car that was out of gas, if he drove the tank out of gas, he would be in a situation where he couldn't move again.

      So, Ye Chen was prepared to use a two-pronged approach.

      First use a little bit of water added to the rejuvenation powder to restore his essence, then use a little bit of aura appropriately to help him repair the damage done to his body's essence, so that he would be able to produce his own essence like a normal man in the future, so that he would be able to recover that aspect of his ability.

      To Ye Chen, aura was the best scalpel, he could use it to remove the foci in a person's body, restore a person's blood and vital energy as well as essence, and repair the damaged meridians in the body.

      Conversely, he could also use his Spiritual Qi to abolish a person's Blood Qi, Yuan Qi, Essence Qi, and even meridians.

      When the chairman of Yanjing Qiancheng Group, Xiao Yiqian, had gotten together with Xiao Weiwei, he pretended to be a man in front of Ye Chen, and after Ye Chen sealed his essence with his aura, he made him lose his ability to be a man.

      There was also a Japanese loose fighter like Yamamoto Kazuki who had his entire meridians destroyed by him using his aura after mentioning the four words East Asian sick man in front of him.

      Therefore, Ye Chen could now also use his aura to repair Watanabe Shinwa's damaged essence.

      When he came out with two cups of water, Ito Yuhiko as well as Watanabe Shinwa were a bit surprised.

      Ye Chen arrived in front of the two and handed the cups of water to each of them, "Come, two, drink the medicine."

      The two of them looked at each other for a moment.

      They didn't expect that the medicine that Ye Chen was talking about was just two cups of white water?

      Ye Chen saw the two of them look surprised and smiled slightly, "You two drink this cup of water, then you'll naturally know if it's effective or not."

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded, lifted the cup and said seriously, "Okay Mr. Ye, I'll drink it now!"

      Saying [PEN], he drank the cup of white water in one go.

      Shinwa Watanabe looked at Yuuhiko Ito and the glass of water in front of him with some hesitation, and hesitated again and again, but decided to take a stab at it, lifting the glass up and drinking it with his head up.

      A few seconds later, they both felt a sudden surge of warmth in their bodies, and a different kind of warmth flowed from their abdomens all over their bodies.

      In this instant, the two of them gawked in shock and looked at each other, both could easily see the deep shock in each other's eyes!

Chapter 2123

While they were in shock, Ye Chen looked at Watanabe Shinwa with a smile on his face and said with a slight smile, "Come, Mr. Watanabe, extend your hand and I'll take your pulse."

      Watanabe Shinwa was being nourished by the warmth in his body, his whole body was immersed in it, and when he heard Ye Chen's words, he nodded his head in a panic and said, "Thank you, Mr. Ye!"

      Saying that, he immediately stretched his hand out.

      Ye Chen placed his finger on Watanabe Shinwa's vein, and a faint bit of spiritual qi crossed into his meridians.

      These few hints of qi could already ensure that he could produce a steady stream of essence in the future, which would then enable him to revive his manhood.

      In his mind at this time, Watanabe Shinwa could not help but think of his beloved wife.

      Thinking of the picture of the two of them once being warm, he felt his body suddenly move a bit!

      These few shifts evolved immediately afterwards into strong impulses that overjoyed his whole being!

      "This this is working so fast?!"

      Shinwa Watanabe was trembling with excitement.

      To make sure that impulse wasn't fleeting, he hesitated for about two minutes, not moving, not saying a word, feeling it with all his attention!

      For two minutes, instead of disappearing, that urge of his had grown stronger!

      At this instant, tears of excitement came to Watanabe Shinwa's eyes!

      He cried out in ecstasy in his heart, "I've been waiting for this day for so many years, dreaming about it, and today it has finally come true!"

      At this moment, he looked at Ye Chen and cried, "Mr. Ye Ye, you are the living Hua Tuo!"

      Ye Chen smiled casually and asked him, "Mr. Watanabe, is it too much to ask you for an extra 10 shares just for this healing effect?"

      Watanabe Shinwa soared to his feet and took off, "Not too much!It's not too much to ask!You are my birth parents!"first issue

      Ito Yuohiko, who was on the other side, saw a bag on top of Watanabe Shinwa's pants and hurriedly waved his hand at him, "Oh, Shinwa, sit down, sit down!What an outrageous thing to do!"

      Shinwa Watanabe looked down, shy but excited at the same time!

      "Ito-san and this is a symbol of androgynous power!You have no idea how long I've longed to have this power again!!!"

      Yuuhiko Ito suddenly froze.

      In this instant, he suddenly understood Watanabe Shinwa's excitement.

      At this moment, what he thought of was his own legs.

      Although it hadn't been long since he had lost his legs, his desire to stand up again, to have legs again, had surpassed everything.

      If he were to one day be able to grow his legs and regain the state of a healthy person, he would probably be ten times, if not a hundred times, more excited than Watanabe Shinwa!

      Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart: "Hey, my life, I'm afraid it's not possible to regain the legs, and after that, do not know to face decades of crippled life at this moment, suddenly very envious of Watanabe ah!He also went through several years of a crippled life, but was healed by Mr. Yeh, and me?The world has never heard of a severed limb being able to grow back."

      After a moment of sobbing, he also finally realized that Ye Chen wasn't actually that black.

      He made up for Watanabe Shinwa's wrecked life, but he only received two to three billion RMB in shares.

Chapter 2124

To an ordinary man, two or three billion is indeed an astronomical price, but to Shinwa Watanabe, it's only one or two percent of his total assets.

      It's not like there's a single man in the world who would refuse to let any man who has lost his masculinity spend one or two percent of his total assets to regain that coveted ability.

      Watanabe Shinwa was also incredibly aroused at this point, and asked out of the blue, "Mr. Ye, I wonder how long I can maintain this ability?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Maintaining twenty years is definitely enough, by then you'll be nearly seventy and can be considered old, if you maintain yourself properly, it's not impossible to maintain it until you're in your seventies."

      Watanabe Shinwa's face flushed with excitement, his fists clenched and his voice trembled as he said, "Twenty years?!This is a dream come true!Fantastic really fantastic!"

      Ito Yuhiko, who was on the side, spoke up, "Shinwa, since Mr. Ye has already helped you make up for your shortcomings, let the vegetables bring Miss Song back, and you guys can sign the contract first."

      "Yes, yes, yes!"Without hesitation, Shinwa Watanabe said, "Sign!It must be signed!"

      Yuuhiko Ito nodded, pulled out his phone, called Nana-chan, and spoke, "Nana-chan, you and Miss Song should come back soon, it's dinner time."The mobile phone one second remembered to provide you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      "Okay father-sama!"

      Not long after, Itoh Cabbage came back with Song Wanting.

      At this time, in Song Wanting's arms, she was also holding a small, earthy yellow puppy.

      The little dog was now burrowing around in her arms and appeared to be very affectionate with her.

      Itoh Cabbage smiled and said, "Little You is very close to Sister Wanting and has been sticking to her, so Sister Wanting wants to bring it back to Jinling to feed it."

      Song Wanting stroked the little milk dog in her arms lovingly as she said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, Little You is a little girl who seems to like me a lot, and I also like her quite a bit, so I want to bring it back home, I don't know if it's convenient?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "What's so inconvenient about this, we two big living people can smuggle back, not to mention a small milk dog, there's plenty of space on the boat, I'm afraid that a hundred dogs can fit."

      Ito Yuhiko also nodded repeatedly and smiled, "The boat I have prepared for the two of you is indeed large, and there is more than enough room for dozens of people."

      Song Wanting was overjoyed and smiled delicately, "Then I'll bring Little Yu back!"

      Itoh Cabbage was busy saying, "Sister Wanting, I'll have someone prepare some dog food for you later, and you and Ye Chenjun will just take it on board at night!"

      Song Wanting nodded and thanked, "Thank you so much Cabbage Patch!"

      Ito-chan winked and smiled, "Don't be so polite with me, sister Wanta!"

      Song Wanting said, "Will you miss it when Yoshi goes with me?"

      Afterglowing, Itoh Cabbage snuck a glance at Ye Chen's face and said with a smile, "If I miss it, I'll go to Jinling to see it, just in time to meet my sister and Ye Chen-kun too!"

      In fact, what Itoh Naija wanted to see the most was naturally Ye Chen.

      It's just that she knew very well that Ye Chen was a married man after all, and if she went all the way over to see him, she would not be true to her name.

      Therefore, when Song Wanting brought this puppy to Jinling, she could at least use the excuse of seeing the puppy to go to Jinling to see Ye Chen.

      Although this rhetoric was more or less child's play, but at least it could be considered a teacher's name.

      Song Wanting was also aware at this time, and her heart could not help but sigh, "Ito Nai Nai Nai Zi is such a tender little girl, but she has also been completely captured by Master Ye, I really don't know how Master Ye is going to repay these peach blossom debts in the future!"

      At this moment, she felt a bit of heartache for Itachi, but also a bit of heartache for herself, the two had only just met, but deep down, they were genuinely in the same situation

Chapter 2125

At this time, Watanabe Shinwa immediately said to Song Wanting with a flattering face, "Miss Song, just now Mr. Ye and I had another in-depth chat, and I myself met Mr. Ye at first sight, so I decided to, readjust the terms of our contract."

      Song Wanting was somewhat surprised and hurriedly asked, "Mr. Watanabe, how are you going to adjust it?"

      Watanabe Shinwa smiled, "So, we'll both contribute in a five-to-five ratio, but in terms of equity distribution, your company holds 60 shares and we, New Nippon Steel, hold 40!"

      Song Wanting was dumbfounded!

      She couldn't figure out what kind of operation Watanabe Shinwa was doing!

      Why give up 10 shares all at once for nothing?

      In the next moment, she immediately looked at Yatsuo, and her intuition told her that it must have been the time she had left with Cabbage that Yatsuo had re-brokered this deal with Watanabe Shinwa for her!

      She was shocked to the core: "What method did Master Ye use to make Watanabe Shinwa make such a huge concession!Wouldn't that make Master Ye owe Watanabe Shinwa a favor for me?"

      Thinking of this, Song Wanting felt a little terrified.

      She didn't really want to take advantage of New Japan Railway.

      All she wanted was actually just a controlling stake of 51.

      Of course, the controlling interest herself does not want for nothing.

      Not only will he follow the 51 proportion to fund, will also provide land as well as local relations, to promote the rapid landing of cooperation projects.

      But, right now, Nippon Steel is obviously giving itself a huge advantage!

      Just when she didn't know what to do, Ye Chen spoke up and said, "Wanting, since Mr. Watanabe is so sincere, if you want me to say that you should sign the contract now, we can push for the cooperation to be landed with Mr. Watanabe after we return home and deal with our domestic matters."

      When Song Wanting heard this, she hurriedly said, "Master Ye, is this appropriate?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Nothing inappropriate, Mr. Watanabe is bringing full sincerity, you don't want to cooperate again, do you?"

      Song Wanting hurriedly waved her hand, "No no, that's not what I meant"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Then get down to business and sign the contract."

      Watanabe Shinwa also hurriedly echoed, "Yes Miss Song, I'm looking forward to working with the Song Group, let's sign the contract early and save the nightmares!With a partner as good as Miss Song and the Song Group, I'm really afraid that you won't work with us and will instead work with someone else!"

      Song Wanting's heart had been shocked to the point of no return.

      Watanabe Shinwa's words were also really too much to hold himself as well as the Song Group.

      Honestly, this was the Song Group rushing up to want to cooperate with Nippon Steel, and as Nippon Steel was the world's top steel group, ranked number one in all of Japan and among the top in the world, how could the Song Group turn to cooperate with others.

      However, when Watanabe Shinwa said so, it was a self-reduction and hardening of Song Wanting, and the stance could be said to have been put very low.

      Ye Chen also said at this time, "Wan Ting, don't dawdle, everyone is still waiting for dinner, hurry up and sign the contract, we'll have dinner, get ready after eating, we still have to go to the dock to take the boat."

      As soon as Song Wanting heard this, she didn't hesitate much longer at that moment, and gave Ye Chen a grateful glance, then immediately said to Watanabe Xinhe, "Mr. Watanabe, then let's sign the contract now!"

      Naturally, Watanabe Shinwa was full of promise: "Fine, fine, sign it quickly!"

      Ito Yuhiko, on the other hand, instructed his men to prepare a portable printer, and then the two of them changed the data of the contract they had already prepared on the computer, and then they printed it out, each side signed it, and exchanged it with each other.

      Song Wanting was very excited, because with this contract, the Song Group would definitely make great progress in the future!

      If you manage it well, you might be able to become the new first family of Jiangnan in the future.


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