His True Colors Chapter 184-186


Chapter 184 

While the Su company was arguing, Su Yingxia was already packing her bags in the hillside villa.

    Since she's also not working in the company right now, Jiang Lan suggested returning to Bin County early, just as a trip back to her mother's house for more fun.

    Su Yingxia was bored and also wanted to take a breather, so she agreed.

    Han Qianli is still working on the acquisition of the Su family company, so he can't travel with them and will be two days late.

    Although Su Yingxia didn't know what Han Marchant was doing, Han Marchant said that she had something to deal with, so she didn't ask more questions.

    "Yingxia, what could Han Three Thousand have to do with anything?Why don't you let him come with us?"Jiang Lan came to Su Yingxia's room and asked Su Yingxia a question.

    If it was before, she would not have wanted to go there on her own accord, but now, she knew that Han 3000 was a very powerful person, so she was happy to bring Han 3000 back to her mother's house, so that the people at her mother's house would know that Han 3000 was not a wimp, and Jiang Lan even thought of using Han 3000 to help her grow her face.

    "If he says something is being dealt with, there must be something, so why ask so much."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan looked unhappy and said, "If Han 3000 doesn't go with us, those relatives at home will think that we don't dare to take him for fear of losing face."

    "He's only two days late, it's not like he's not going, why are you worrying about this."Su Yingxia was speechless.

    Jiang Lan sighed, could she not be worried, if Han Qianxiang didn't go, what long face would she take.

    "You have to make a deal with him, he will get it, the sky is falling to go."Lan Jiang said.

    "Don't worry, what he promised me, he'll definitely do it."Su Yingxia said.

    At that moment, Jiang Lan found the red line on the bed sheet and pointed to Su Yingxia, "What is this?"

    "No ...... it's nothing, you go pack your bags, we'll leave early."Su Yingxia said, pushing Jiang Lan out of the room, if she knew the significance of this red line, she would have to be scolded.

    After closing the door, Su Yingxia muttered her mouth, hating to rip the sheets off, thinking of Han Qianli's stupid as a pig behavior, she was on fire.

    A grown man, is it hard to let her take the initiative to ride on her body to understand what it means?

    After packing up the luggage, Su Guoyao drove the car and the family left.

    That night arrived in Bin County.

    It was a very small county, the development could only be described as a mediocre level, there were no advantages, but there were no major disadvantages either, suitable for people without aspirations to live, the slow pace made people very comfortable and not too stressful.

    Jiang Wan knew that Su Yingxia would be back today, so she waited at home early, it was hard to wait for Su Yingxia, but she didn't see Han 3000, making Jiang Wan a little lost, she also wanted to compare Liu Zhijie with Han 3000, so that Su Yingxia would know how good Liu Zhijie is, Han 3000 didn't come, her wishful thinking wouldn't work.

    "Yingxia, where's Han Qianqian?Why isn't he here?"Jiang Wan couldn't help but ask.

    "He has something to do and will arrive two days late."Su Yingxia said.

    Two days late?

    Jiang Wan deflated her mouth, this was probably just an excuse, it seems that she was too ashamed, that's why she didn't bring Han Marchand.

    "Ying Xia, it can't be that you didn't let him come, we're all family, you're all here on festivals, how can you let him still be alone in Cloud City?Although he's not as good as my Liu Zhijie, he's not so bad as to see the light of day."Jiang Wan said.

    "Jiang Wan, what do you mean you can't see the light of day, Han 3,000 is busy, that's why he can't be with us."Jiang Lan said with an unhappy face.

    "Aunt Lan, I'm just afraid that he's busy with something, so who knows if it's really something."Jiang Wan's smile was harmless, but there was an embroidery needle hidden in her words.

    "Don't worry, he will definitely come and won't let you down."Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

    Jiang Wan hid a smile and said, "What does it matter to me if he comes or not, what am I disappointed for, come into the house, I'll introduce my boyfriend to you."

    When he arrived at home, Liu Zhijie brightened up when he saw Su Yingxia, this was the first time he saw Su Yingxia, he didn't expect Su Yingxia to be so much prettier than Jiang Wan, the two of them were not at the same level at all.

    Such a beautiful woman, but married to a wimp, what a waste.

    "Aunt Lan, Uncle Yao, hello, my name is Liu Zhijie."Liu Zhijie introduced himself.

    "Zhijie is now running his own company as a boss, but the company isn't big, it definitely can't compare to the Su family, but there are millions of profits a year, and he's still young, so he'll definitely be able to do better in the future."Jiang Wan was not satisfied with Liu Zhijie's brief self-introduction and quickly added some more.

    The owner of the company, making millions of profits a year, these words were clearly showing off.

    Jiang Lan laughed disdainfully, a few million was nothing, but Han 3000 had spent tens of millions to buy the hillside villa.

    "It's nothing, how can I dare to banter in front of the Su family with this little bit of ability."Liu Zhijie said modestly.

    "It's indeed a class act."Jiang Lan said directly.

    Jiang Wan was discontented when she heard this, Liu Zhijie was merely being modest, but she didn't expect Jiang Lan to actually rub her nose in it.

    "Aunt Lan Lan, it's true that Liu Zhijie is not much of a success, but to be compared to Han Giang, it's also a difference between a dragon and a worm, it's just a pity that you don't dare to bring him here, otherwise, you might be able to let Liu Zhijie point out to him, a grown man, what's he thinking about all day at home washing and cooking, he's not a bit of a success."Jiang Wan said.

    Su Yingxia saw that the two of them had a fighting stance and quickly said, "Sister Wan, aren't Uncle and the others at home?"

    "Ji Jie let them go on a trip and won't be back until tomorrow, he's too filial, your uncle isn't happy to go, Ji Jie insisted on letting them go, and the money is at their disposal, I can't help it."Jiang Wan said, then looked at Jiang Lan and continued, "Aunt Lan, did Han Qianqian invite you to go on a trip?It's been three years, you wouldn't have never been taken there."

    The travel thing, there really wasn't any, so Jiang Lan didn't know how to argue, and simply said, "I just like Cloud City, going anywhere isn't as good as home."

    Jiang Wan laughed, this kind of laughable excuse, thanks to Jiang Lan being able to say it.

    "Aunt Lan, you'd better let Han 3000 come, it's really not a good idea to hang around with Zhijie, he definitely won't treat Han 3000 badly, only when Han 3000 earns money can he properly honor you, otherwise ah, you'll only be envious of my father in this life."Jiang Wan said.

    Jiang Lan was so angry that she wanted to curse, Jiang Wan's sentences were aimed at, and she kept showing off for a moment, how could she swallow this anger.

    "Forget it, it's only a few million profit a year, how can Han 3000 hang out with him, now Han 3000 is earning less than ten million a year."Jiang Lan said.

    Jiang Wan this time directly laughed out loud, just that wimp Han 3000 can still earn ten million a year, this bragging is too outrageous, who doesn't know that Han 3000 is a useless loser who eats soft food at home all day, where is he going to earn ten million?

    "Aunt Lan, you're such a joker."Jiang Wan laughed so hard that she tumbled over.

    Jiang Lan knew she wouldn't believe whatever she said, so she simply stopped arguing with her and waited until Han 3000 arrived to find a way to prove it.

    "It's getting late, I'm going back to my room to rest."Lan Jiang said.

    "The room is already prepared for you, so go, but Aunt Lan you must not be angry, I didn't mean to compare Liu Zhijie and Han Qianli."

    Even Su Yingxia couldn't hold her tongue at this statement and said to Jiang Wan, "Sister Wan, Liu Zhijie is really nothing in front of Han 3000."

    Jiang Wan gritted her teeth, she dared to say that Liu Zhijie was nothing in front of that wimp Han 3000?

    Jiang Wan returned to her room, so angry that she was fuming.

    Liu Zhijie hugged Jiang Wan in his arms and said with a smile, "There's nothing to be angry about, she's saying such things to deliberately anger you, if you take it seriously, won't you just fall into her trap."

    Jiang Wan's chest rose and fell sharply, gritting her teeth and saying, "If Han Qianqiang doesn't come, how am I going to find superiority, how am I going to let their family know how good I am."

    "He's tragic enough, but Su Yingxia actually feels ashamed to even take him out, I'm curious what kind of man lives like a wimp."Liu Zhijie scowled.

    "No, I must find a way to make him come, there must be a way."An idea popped into Jiang Wan's head, simply think of a way to force Su Yingxia to call Han Giang tomorrow.

Chapter 185

The next morning, Jiang Wan very kindly bought breakfast for Su Ying Xia three people, the enthusiasm even Jiang Lan felt strange, how could Jiang Wan be so nice to them all of a sudden?

    During breakfast, Jiang Wan suggested that Su Ying Xia give Han 3000 a call and ask when he would arrive, which let Jiang Lan know the purpose of her offer of affection.

    But Han 3,000 is not not coming, just delayed some time, so even if the call is made, it does not matter.

    When Su Yingxia was forced to pull out her phone and dial Han Marchant's number, Han Marchant didn't even get through, and Jiang Wan actually snatched the phone away.

    "Sister Wan, you ......" Su Yingxia was a little angry.

    Jiang Wan directly interrupted Su Yingxia's words and said, "I'm not helping you get Han 3000 to come, what if he makes some excuse."

    When the phone was connected, Jiang Wan couldn't wait to ask, "Han 3000, what's wrong with you, the whole family is here, you're the only one missing, you wouldn't be afraid to come, would you."

    Hearing Jiang Wan's voice, Han 3,000 felt a little strange, how could it be her calling?

    This woman Han Qianqian had seen before, and was competing with Su Yingxia, but her skills of sheepishness were profound, don't look at her as if she was smiling, but in reality her heart was deep, and I heard that she had gone so far as to undergo repair surgery in order to curry favor with the rich that she had turned herself from a woman into a girl.

    "Sister Wan, I was delayed by something, that's why I wasn't with Ying Xia."Han Giangli said.

    Jiang Wan faintly smiled, and this unreasonable excuse even tried to perfume him.

    "What can you have to do, can't the home cooking and laundry work still be done for a few days?Hurry up and come, I'm also going to ask my boyfriend to introduce you to a job, what's wrong with you, a grown man, staying at home all day."Jiang Wan said.

    The contempt in his words was clear enough for Han Qianli to feel, but it wasn't surprising, Jiang Wan was already this kind of person.

    "I'll be there tomorrow, don't worry."Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

    "Don't lie to me, you have to be there tomorrow,"Jiang Wan said.

    "Of course, how could I lie to you."Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    "Fine, I can wait for you, if you don't come, I'll go to Cloud City and find you out."After saying that, Jiang Wan handed the phone to Su Yingxia with satisfaction.

    Su Yingxia sighed helplessly.

    Jiang Wan saw the situation, thinking that Su Yingxia knew that Han 3000 was coming, so she was in a bad mood, and comforted, "Yingxia, no matter what, it's also a family, how can you not let him come, and for so many years, he has embarrassed you, it's time to get used to it, as long as you don't do anything out of the ordinary."

    Su Yingxia smiled and didn't say anything.

    Jiang Lan looked dissatisfied and said, "Jiang Wan, don't be so smug, I'm afraid you won't be able to accept it in the end."

    "Can't accept what?"Jiang Wan was confused.

    "Of course it's Han 3000's excellence."Jiang Lan said without hesitation.

    "Pfft."A mouthful of gruel spewed out, and when Jiang Wan heard the word excellent, she felt like she had heard the world's biggest joke.

    How could these two words be used on Han Three Thousand's body?

    "Aunt Barbra, it's not like you to speak up for Han 3000, is it because you don't want to embarrass yourself too much, and Soyuk wants to help Han 3000 support the scene?"Jiang Wan smiled.

    Jiang Lan was about to lose her temper, Jiang Wan spoke so bluntly and without any consideration for the feelings of others, not to mention that the current Han 3000 was not a wimp anymore.

    "Just wait and see."Jiang Lan said hatefully.

    Jiang Wan smiled, of course she had to wait, she would only have the chance to humiliate Han 3000 when he arrived, and only then would she have the chance to play a trick on the wimp.

    Looking at Liu Zhijie, Jiang Wan suddenly felt that comparing him to Han Three Thousand was a bit too elevating, what qualifications did such a wimp have to compare to Liu Zhijie?

    But Jiang Wan didn't mind this in order to be able to look at the joke on Han Qianqiang.

    Cloud City.

    Han Three thousand sat in the office of the chairman of Weak Water Real Estate, and in front of him stood Zhong Liang and Du Hong.

    Before Du Hong had been speculating about who Han Qianli was, so young and actually sitting on tens of billions of assets, until he came to Weak Water Real Estate, he had some knowledge of Han Qianli's identity.

    It was well known that the backstage of Weak Water Real Estate was the Yanjing Han Family, and Han Qianxiang's surname happened to be Han, so maybe he was a member of the Yanjing Han Family, but exactly how, Du Hong had no way to confirm it, this kind of high-level matter was no longer something he had the ability to investigate.

    "Boss Han, after tomorrow, Su Haichao should be able to give me an answer, do you want to personally appear?"Du Hong asked Han Qianqian.

    "I'm leaving Cloud City for a few days tomorrow, so you can help me with this matter,"Han Qianqian said.

    Du Hong nodded his head in excitement, it was a great honor to be able to help Han Three Thousand with this.

    Although his current position wasn't low anymore, there wasn't much chance of him wanting to go a hundred feet further, but if he could get his hands on Han Qianqian's line, he would have a chance to continue climbing.

    "Don't worry, Boss Han, I'll help you get it done right,"Du Hong said.

    "After acquiring the Su family, the new chairman is Su Yingxia, but you'll keep this matter a secret for now."Han Qianli instructed.

    "Yes yes yes, I will keep it a secret."Du Hong said.

    "Zhong Liang, the manufacturer's matter, you take care of it, no matter what method you use, I want you to use the fastest time to acquire it under the Weak Water Property."Han Qianqiang said.

    Zhong Liang nodded his head and said, "Do it within three days."

    But there was one thing Zhong Liang was puzzled about, after acquiring those manufacturers, Weak Water Real Estate would no longer need to work with the Su family, so what would the Su family do?

    Zhong Liang was clear that everything Han Three Thousand Thousand did was for Su Yingxia, but then there would be no reason to give the Su family any more benefits.

    Han Three thousand did this, naturally, he had his own plans, the west side of the city project will no longer involve the Su family next, and Su Yingxia needs to think of other ways to expand the Su family's business, so that the Su family can tide over this crisis.

    Of course, Han 3,000 is not to make things difficult for Su Yingxia, but he knows Su Yingxia's character, things are too smooth for her, but will make her unacceptable, and the acquisition of manufacturers, and then with the Su family cooperation, this kind of sky-breaking loophole, Han 3,000 can not make up, after all, Su Yingxia is not a fool, it is impossible to have been relying on unwarranted classmate friendship to Teen her.

    After a good deal, Han three thousand left the company, just at the door, and Su Hai chao head-on collision.

    Su Hachao came to the weak water property is to let Zhongliang give him another chance, did not expect to run into Han 3,000.

    In his opinion, this matter is Su Yingxia secretly bad, since he can't find Su Yingxia, it's good to be able to vent on Han Qianqiang.

    Su Hachao furiously ran to Han Qianli, one hand grabbed Han Qianli's collar, gritted his teeth and said: "Han Qianli, where is that b*tch Su Yingxia?You let her out, she's also a member of the Su Family, why would she harm the Su Family."

    Han Qianqiang looked indifferent and said, "She's harming the Su Family?But she's already left her job, and the company's affairs have nothing to do with her."

    "If it wasn't for her, how could Weakwater Real Estate have terminated its cooperation with the Su family.Han 3,000, don't you think this b*tch is blowing pillow air in Zhong Liang's ear?Or are you so used to wearing a cuckold that you don't take it seriously anymore."Su Haichao scoffed.

    Han Qianqian's eyes were cold, grabbed Su Hachao's wrist and said in a cold voice, "Su Hachao, talking without thinking will end badly, I advise you better think it over."

    Su Haichao had been beaten twice by Han Qianqian, and knew that he was no match for Han Qianqian, hearing him say that, his heart was not convinced, but he couldn't stop being afraid, and quickly released Han Qianqian, retreating a few steps.

    "Isn't it, you know yourself, otherwise, how could Zhong Liang identify her as the person in charge of the west side of the city, don't you think there are really no other factors in this?"After Su Hachao said these words, he made a state of running away at any time, he didn't want to be beaten by Han Qianqiang at the entrance of the Weak Water Property.

    But Han 3000 wasn't as angry as he thought he would be, instead he was still smiling.

    The reason why Han 3000 wasn't angry was because he knew exactly how things were, and as for whether or not to give Su Hachao proof, it was completely unnecessary, and when Su Yingxia stepped into the Su Family Company again as the new chairman, Su Hachao would naturally regret what he had said.

Chapter 186

"Su Haichao, from chairman of the board to a worker again, this feeling is not pleasant, but I believe you can adjust to it, good luck."After Han Qianqiang said this, he didn't count the fact that Su Hachao had just gotten rough with him and left straight away.

    If he wanted to be reckless, Su Hai Chao would have died long ago.

    But in the current situation, Su Haichao hadn't violated his bottom line.

    Su Hachao moved a few steps across the road to make way for Han 3,000, he didn't dare to stop him, he couldn't fight and couldn't be defeated, so he could only show off his tongue.

    After Han 3,000 yuan left, Su Hachao wanted to go to the weak water property to look for Zhong Liang, but was stopped by the security guard, because Zhong Liang had already instructed if Su Hachao appeared, not to let him into the company.

    Su Hachao had no choice but to wait at the door.

    Until the end of the day, seeing Zhong Liang, Su Hachao from running up.

    "Brother Zhong, Brother Zhong, please give the company another chance, you can make a request, I will meet you with anything."Su Hachao looked at Zhong Liang with a prayerful look, now the only way to bring the company back to life is to get back the chance to cooperate with Weak Water Real Estate, only then, the bank will not pressure the company.

    "Su Hachao, do you think I'm joking with you?This is the third time, and you think you have a chance?"Zhong Liang said in a cold voice.

    "Brother Zhong, please help me, if you don't help me, I'm finished.If you want Su Yingxia to return to the company, I can also go and invite her."Su Hachao said.

    Zhong Liang shook his head and said, "It's late, if you don't want to be cornered, the best way now is to sell the company, that's the most pertinent advice I'll give you, as for cooperation, it's impossible."

    Su Haichao saw that Zhong Liang was about to get into the car, simply blocked in front of Zhong Liang and said, "Brother Zhong, give me a chance to discuss, I just became the chairman, I don't want to sell the company just like that."

    "Blame it on yourself, and with your ability, you're not fit to be the chairman, trash."Zhong Liang disdainfully said.

    When the company's security guards saw Su Haichao stopping Zhong Liang, they rushed up at the first opportunity, one by one, they looked at Su Haichao with a great deal of anger.

    Su Haichao was willingly scolded as trash, and said, "Brother Zhong, I am indeed trash now, but just give me the chance, I will prove to you that I can grow."

    Zhong Liang laughed and said, "Whether you grow or not, what does it have to do with me, and you won't be able to turn over a new leaf in your life, because you've messed with someone you can't afford to mess with, not to mention you, even the old lady of the Su family is still alive, she can't afford to mess with her."

    Zhong Liang raised his hand, and a few security guards directly racked Su Hachao away.

    Su Hachao despairingly watched Zhong Liang's car drive away, is it really the only way to have a way to live is to sell the company?

    But it's only been how long since he became chairman, Su Hechao is very unhappy inside.

    "Su Yingxia, you're a b*tch, isn't it just sleeping with him?I don't believe that I can't find another way."Su Haichao spoke through gritted teeth, then took out his phone and dialed Su Yehan's number.

    "Where are you, I want to see you, now."Su Hachao said.

    Although Su Yehan was worried about the status quo and future of the company, but for her, this was not the most important thing in life, what she wanted to do was to marry into a rich family, so in the past two days, Su Yehan made a lot of friends and entered many different circles, rich people knew some, but unfortunately did not meet her requirements, so Su Yehan was not in a hurry to do it.

    "I'm at home, what's the matter?"Su Yeh Han asked.

    "I'll be right over, wait for me at home."Su Haichao hung up the phone and drove towards Su Yehan's house.

    Su Yeh Han put on her makeup and a very sexy set of clothes, planning to go to a rich party tonight to see if there was any chance she could meet the rich man she called her heart.

    When Su Haichao arrived, Su Yeh Han said, "If you have anything to say, just say it quickly, I still have to go to a party."

    Looking at Su Yehan's voluptuous and sexy body, Su Hachao said, "Do you know why Zhong Liang would value Su Yingxia?"

    Su Yeh Han laughed coldly and said, "Didn't you say that she and Zhong Liang have an indistinct relationship?"

    "Good, so I'm going to ask you to help the company save the situation."Su Haichao said.

    "Me?"Su Yeh Han frowned, this responsibility was taken by Su Hai Chao, how could it fall on her, and there was no way for her to make Zhong Liang come back to her mind ah.

    "You go accompany Zhong Liang, as long as he is happy, he is definitely willing to give the company a chance."Su Hachao said.

    "Su Hachao, are you crazy."Su Yehan heard this and said excitedly, how could she be willing to go to accompany Zhong Liang, she has to marry into a noble family in the future, if these black histories are picked up, wouldn't it be a break in her future.

    "Su Yeh Han, you are also a member of the Su family, now let you sacrifice just a little for the Su family, is that not okay?"Su Haichao said.

    "Of course not, my innocence is worth more than just one Su family, if my future in-laws knew about this, wouldn't I be finished."Su Yehan said.

    Su Haichao knew that she was still dreaming of marrying into a noble family, but there was one fact that Su Yehan did not recognize, her beauty did have an advantage for ordinary women, but what was it to a noble family?Those really rich and powerful families with countless famous models around them, how could she possibly be able to compare to them.

    "Su Yehan, stop dreaming, with your posture, how can you marry into a rich family, you better wake up."Su Haichao said.

    Hearing this, Su Yehan's face sank and said, "Su Haichao, what do you mean."

    "My meaning is clear, those rich people can't possibly fancy you, can you compare to those star models?And with your current position, how are you going to reach out to the real upper class circles?I know you've been to a lot of parties lately, but you should know that the people at those parties aren't really rich."Su Haichao said.

    Su Yeh Han knew this, and she was also trying to find a way to get in touch with the upper class circles, she just didn't have a feasible plan yet, but she believed that if she was willing to do it, she would be able to do it.

    "It's just a matter of time, I'm sure I'll be able to reach out."Su Yeh Han said.

    "You can't do it, unless the Su family can become a first-class family, you will never be able to reach that kind of circle."Su Haichao said in a firm tone, "Grandma has never touched the threshold of a first-class family for so many years, do you think you can do it with just a face?"

    The old lady's years of hard work, Su Yeh Han is clear, but the real first-class family doesn't put the Su family in her eyes at all, so she is dying and doesn't let the Su family successfully enter the real high society.

    Su Yehan's confidence was shattered like broken glass by Su Hechao's words, and she was also aware of the difference between herself and the famous model star.

    Seeing that Su Yehan began to hesitate, Su Haichao continued, "After the Su family becomes a first-tier family, the people you know won't be of the same rank as they are now, so think it over yourself."

    After a while, Su Yeh Han asked, "What do you want me to do?"

    Su Haichao saw Su Yehan compromise and regained hope, showing a smile and saying, "Go accompany Zhong Liang, blow pillow breeze in his ear, and ask him to cooperate with the company."

    "What if he still refuses?"Su Yeh Han said.

    "As long as you can make him happy, why wouldn't you, while there's still time, go online and look up how to make a man submit."Su Haichao said.

    "Alright."Su Yeh Han compromised.

    The only way to make men happy was in serving them comfortably, and Su Yeh Han had to learn a lot online.

    As long as she could marry into a rich family, Su Yehan would do anything, she wouldn't allow Su Yingxia to live better than she did, so finding a rich man was the only way she could surpass Su Yingxia.

    That night, Su Yehan went to Zhong Liang's house, this information, are given to her by Su Hai Chao, Su Hai Chao even deliberately let Su Yehan dressed up a little more sexy.

    When knocking on Zhong Liang's door, Su Yeh Han, who was dressed in a net dress, lowered her head and revealed a shy posture, saying to Zhong Liang, "Brother Zhong, I'll accompany you tonight."

    Zhong Liang didn't expect Su Yehan to come to this, it must have been authorized by Su Haichao, but he didn't dare to do such a thing, and even if he slept with Su Yehan, it would be impossible to change the cooperation.


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