His True Colors Chapter 171-173

Chapter 171

Hearing Han Marchant's words, Liu Qi was so scared that he retreated a few steps, he didn't expect Han Marchant to be so powerful that so many people were no match for him.

    Now that he was the only one left, even if he were to force his hand, he would just be taking a beating.

    He did want to perform in front of Xie Yufu, but Liu Qi wasn't an idiot, he couldn't do such a foolish act of sticking it on his face even though he knew he was going to be beaten.

    "Han Qianqian, don't think you're powerful just because you have the Su Family backing you up, do you know who I am?"Liu Qi threatened, trying to use his own family history to suppress Han 3000, as their family was similar in strength to the current Su family, but of course, in a few years, when the funds for the project in the west of the city started to come back, the Liu family wouldn't be able to compare to the Su family.

    "Who are you, tell me."At this time, the compartment door opened and Mo Yang and Lin Yong walked in.

    Seeing these two, Liu Qi was directly scared silly, he could use the Liu family to threaten Han Jianglian, but never dared to use this point of the Liu family to flaunt his power in front of Mo Yang.

    With Mo Yang's power in Cloud City, the Liu family was nothing more than a maggot.

    "Mo ...... Boss Mo, what are you doing here!I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause trouble in your place."Liu Qi quickly apologized, his intestines were blue with remorse, if he harmed the Liu family for a woman, he would be finished, and now he could only pray that Mo Yang would not pursue this matter.

    "It's fine to make trouble in my place, but to make trouble on my friend's head, you're not taking me, Mo Yang, too seriously, are you?"Mo Yang's cold voice.

    Friends ...... friends!

    These two words made Liu Qi be struck by lightning as if, Han 3000 was actually Mo Yang's friend!

    If you offended him, wouldn't that be the same as offending Mo Yang.

    Liu Qi's face was pale, and there was only despair left in his expression.

    At this time, Mo Yang suddenly wrinkled his nose and fanned himself with his hand in front of his nose, saying with a disgusted face, "Why does it suddenly smell like shame?"

    "Boss Mo, this little guy is scared to piss."Lin Yong laughed speechlessly, with this ability, he dared to come to the Devil's Capital to find trouble with Han Qianxiang, what a joke.

    Liu Qi's crotch was wet underneath, but he didn't care if he was embarrassed because of it now, he had seen the Liu family in shambles.

    Kneeling in front of Mo Yang, he kowtowed and said, "Boss Mo, I'm sorry, I didn't know he was your friend, please forgive me this time."

    What was Xie Yufu's mood at this time?

    Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Han Qianqian would have such a good relationship with Mo Yang as well, the word despair no longer had a way to describe her mental activity at the moment.

    Previously, just because of Mo Yang, Xie Jianyan was forced to drink two large bowls of liquor, it was hard to quell this matter, and now she had an even bigger problem, this time it couldn't be solved by drinking two bowls of liquor.

    But she couldn't figure it out, on what grounds!

    How could a wimp like Han Qianqian be valued by Tianchang Sheng and be a friend to a big man like Mo Yang?

    He was just a son-in-law who had entered the household, a trash that everyone in Cloud City knew about ah!

    "She Whisperer, before you get someone to help you out, don't you consider his abilities?What's the joke about such a big man who says he's incontinent?"Han Qianqian said.

    Xie Yufu unwillingly looked at Han Qianqian and gritted her teeth as she said, "How much money did you give Mo Yang that you could let him pretend to be your friend."

    When Lin Yong heard this, he directly went forward and slapped Xie Yuef with a cold voice, "Xie Yuef, when you speak, watch your attitude."

    Xie Yuefu's heart and liver trembled, covering her face and looking at Mo Yang in fear, she was unable to help but speak her thoughts out, but completely forgot what kind of consequences these words would bring.

    Right at this moment, no one expected that Liu Qi suddenly stood up and kicked Xie Yuefu heavily, then cursed loudly, "Stinky b*tch, even Boss Mo's friends dare to mess with you, what the f*ck are you, and now you're still implicating me, do you think I like you and have to take this life?"

    "Liu Qi, don't you dare hit me!"Xie Yufu hissed at Liu Qi's thick-headedness.

    Liu Qi's reason for hitting Xie Yufu was to clear his relationship with her, he definitely couldn't get away with the responsibility of this matter, but it would be best if he could take less of it.

    Without Xie Yufu as a woman, he could still go play with other women.

    But without the Liu family, he would have nothing.

    At a time like this, Xie Yufu's position in his heart was already worthless!

    "You're the one I'm f*cking beating, if it wasn't for you, I'd be a victim of you?"Liu Qi was also ruthless enough to say this and blast a punch on Xie Yufu's face.

    Xie Yufu had always treated Liu Qi as a licking dog, he had to do whatever he wanted him to do.

    It was always her who was above Liu Qi, when was it Liu Qi's turn to hit her?

    "Liu Qi, don't you want me anymore?"Xie Yufu said.

    Liu Qi laughed coldly, "B*tch like you, don't think I don't know what you have in mind, isn't it just using me to do things for you?I always knew you looked down on me, I've been f*cking tired of wasting my time on you for a long time, you're such a posture, I've got plenty of women throwing themselves at me as long as I spend my money, do you really think you're a queen, do you want me to serve you?"

    Xie Yufu's face became even whiter when she heard this, it was because of the existence of people like Liu Qi that Xie Yufu built up her confidence and made her feel like a high queen, while Liu Qi's words had undoubtedly sent her into the ice valley.

    "What's more, now that you even dare to offend Boss Mo's friends, how can I face Boss Mo if I don't f*cking teach you a hard lesson."After saying that, Liu Qi threw a few punches at Xie Yuefu's face again.

    When Mo Yang saw this situation, he faintly smiled, this Liu Qi has also done a ruthless job in order to skim off responsibility, he didn't even show any mercy to the woman he liked.

    "Liu Qi, you speak well, what do you mean by treating me well, what does it have to do with me if you beat her?"Mo Yang said indifferently.

    Liu Qi was shocked, quickly lowered his head and said, "Boss Mo, I know I was wrong, this matter was all this woman's idea, it has nothing to do with me, I hope that Boss Mo can let me go."

    "It's not up to me to decide whether to let go or not."Mo Yang said.

    Liu Qi knew what that meant and kneeled down directly to Han 3,000, he didn't care about Han 3,000's reputation as a wimp in Cloud City right now, just a little bit and he could willingly kneel down to Han 3,000.

    Mo Yang's friend!

    The weight of these words was only lighter than the Tian family in Yun City.

    Of course, if Liu Qi knew what had happened at Tianchang Sheng's birthday party, he would probably even have the heart to kill Xie Yufu.

    "Brother 3000, I was wrong, it's all my fault, please give me a chance."Liu Qi kowtowed and said.

    Han Qianqiang sat on the sofa and said, "My car was smashed, it was given to me by Tian Ling'er, it's not too easy to let her know about it."

    Liu Qi's scalp was numb, almost on the verge of tears, how did he get involved with the Tian family again, what kind of person was this Han 3000, not only did he know Mo Yang, he also knew Tian Ling'er, and Tian Ling'er had given him such an expensive car!

    "Brother Three Thousand, I'll pay for a new car for you."Liu Qi said through gritted teeth, although a few million was heartbreaking, it was easier to accept the loss of a little money compared to the destruction of the Liu family.

    "You mean, you're willing to help Xie Yifu bear the consequences?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "No, no, no, no."Liu Qi waved his hands in panic and said in a row, "Brother Three Thousand, you misunderstood me, I didn't help her bear the consequences, I just wanted to pay the price for my stupidity, after all, I messed with you."

    Mo Yang saw Liu Qi's panicked look, smiled and said to Han Three Thousand, "Don't scare him, or else I should replace all the carpets in this box, and then you'll have to pay me back."

    "Fine, pay me back first and I'll compensate you for the carpet."Han Giangli said.

    Mo Yang looked embarrassed, but he had no intention of paying back the 200 million, Han Qianli was so rich, what was a mere 200 million?

    "Then you'd better continue."Mo Yang said.

    "Xie Yufu, call your father, I don't want to target a woman."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Xie Yuefu was completely desperate inside, Mo Yang actually owed Han 3000 money, no wonder he would help Han 3000.

    If Xie Yingyan knew that he had made such a big mess again, it wouldn't be impossible for the two of them to sever their father-daughter relationship.

Chapter 172

When Xie Jingyan received the call, he was exchanging cups with a group of friends from the mall, now that the Su family was showing signs of pouting because of the west side of the city project, he naturally wanted the Xie family to get better, so he had been licking his chops and meeting a lot of big names from the mall for a while now, and had also compensated with a smile and a lot of whispering, in order to be able to make the Xie family's status in Cloud City higher.

    Xie Yifu's offense against Mo Yang almost ruined the Xie family, it was good that nothing big happened, Xie Jinyin had also severely taught Xie Yifu a lesson, he believed that this daughter of his family had been taught enough lessons.

    But this phone call came, and Xie Jinyin's face instantly turned pale.

    Although Xie Yufu hadn't mentioned what had happened on the phone, asking him to go to the Devil's Capital, this was clearly something wrong!

    And the Devil Capital is Mo Yang's territory, so it's not like he's offended Mo Yang again.

    "Old Xie, what's wrong with you, why do you look so ugly."

    "What's happened?"

    "If something happens, give us a word, we'll definitely not stand idly by if we can help."

    A few of the drinking buddies asked to Xie Jingyan.

    Xie Hongyan shook his head and said, "It's nothing, my daughter called and told me to go home."

    Xie Jingyan knew that it was fine for these laughing guys to add to the icing on the cake, but it was absolutely impossible to expect them to send charcoal in the snow, and it would be kind of them not to take the opportunity to step on two feet, so Xie Jingyan didn't dare to talk nonsense until he was sure what was going on, to avoid the walls falling down.

    "It's about time, I'm going home first, I'll pay for this meal today, I'm really sorry everyone, next time I have the chance, I'll buy you drinks again."After Xie Jingyan left the hotel, he immediately drove to Mordor.

    Mo Yang's two underlings were already waiting for Xie Jingyan at the entrance, at the sight of this row, Xie Jingyan couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat, it looked like it should be Xie Yifu who had caused trouble again.

    When she arrived at the compartment, when Xie Jingyan saw Xie Yuefu, whose cheeks were swollen from the beating, the first time she didn't care about her physical condition because there was still Mo Yang in the compartment, which made Xie Jingyan almost faint.

    "Xie Yufu, what the f*ck did you do again, didn't I warn you to stay out of trouble?Do you have to get the Xie family killed to be willing?"Xie Jinyin cursed harshly.

    Xie Yufu cried out at the sight of Xie Jinyin, if she had known that Han Giang was so powerful, why would she have done such a stupid thing?

    Her eldest daughter was used to acting like a wimp and thought that Han Sangsang was a wimp even if she was valued by Tianchang Sheng, so that's why she wanted to teach Han Sangsang a lesson.

    But she now finally understood that Han 3000 was by no means just valued by Tianchang Sheng.

    "Dad, save me."Xie Yifu cried out in pain.

    Xie Jingyan took a deep breath and walked up to Xie Yuefu, pulling her hair and saying, "Kneel down and apologize to Boss Mo Yang yet."

    Mo Yang waved his hand at Xie Jinyin and said, "What apology with me, your precious daughter didn't provoke me, but she provoked someone who the Xie family can't afford to provoke even more."

    Someone even more unbearable to mess with, is he even more powerful than Mo Yang?

    Xie Jingyan's heart was cold, this matter was clearly more serious than last time, but the Xie family was going to be killed by Xie Yufu.

    "Boss Mo, who has she messed with, I'll personally apologize, please give the Xie family a chance."Xie Jingyan said.

    "Are you blind and sitting right next to me without seeing it?"Mo Yang said speechlessly.

    Xie Jingyan subjectively thought that the biggest person in this compartment was Mo Yang, and naturally focused all his attention on Mo Yang, only after being told so by Mo Yang did he see Han Qianxiang beside him.

    Xie Jianyan was still very familiar with Han Qianxiang, he personally saw Han Qianxiang sitting next to Tianchang Sheng at his birthday banquet.

    Recently, the rumors about Han Qianxiang in Cloud City's high society had been increasing, with all sorts of versions appearing endlessly, but there was only one result: everyone knew that Han Qianxiang would never be a wimp in Cloud City again.

    Even if he really was a useless loser before, but being supported by the Heavenly Family, even a pile of mud could go up the wall ah.

    "Han Three Thousand, I'll apologize for what my daughter has done for you,"Xie Jingyan said.

    "Smashing my car and finding someone to beat me up, this woman of yours is not just a brute."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Xie Yifu's princess temper was a result of Xie Jingyan's pampering, so how could he not know about it?

    But after all these years, Xie Yufu was still considered to have polished her eyes and knew who could be messed with and who couldn't, so she hadn't caused much trouble for the Xie family and Xie Jingyan had let her go.

    But now, Xie Jingyan could only regret that he hadn't disciplined her more before letting Xie Yufu get into such a big mess.

    But there was one thing that Xie Jingyan couldn't figure out, Xie Yufu had also gone to Tianchang Sheng's birthday banquet, she knew how Tianchang Sheng treated Han 3000, so why did she want to provoke Han 3000?

    "Xie Yufu, what grudge do you have against Han Qianqian, why are you doing these things, don't you know that Tian Laozi values him?"Xie Yingyan gritted her teeth and said.

    Of course, Xie Yufu knew, but half an hour ago, she still didn't put Han 3,000 in her eyes, because she was arrogant and used to it, and Han 3,000's reputation as a wimp was too deeply rooted in her heart, so she thought that even teaching Han 3,000 a lesson wouldn't matter, and also that Liu Qi could take the blame for her, even if Han 3,000 asked the Tian family to help, and Tian Changsheng held her accountable, she could still put all the blame on Liu Qi.

    How would Xie Yufu know that even Liu Qi would turn against her?

    "What did you say, Xie Jingyan!"At this time, Liu Qi's temper suddenly exploded, but he didn't know about the relationship between Han Giang and the Tian family, and Xie Jinyin's words were like a bomb to him.

    Not only was Han 3000 a friend of Mo Yang's, but even Master Tian thought so highly of him!

    "What are you?"Xie Jingyan faced Liu Qi's sudden harsh questioning and said with dissatisfaction.

    "Who am I?I was f*cking killed by your daughter."Liu Qi laughed hideously and couldn't help but lash out on Xie Jingyan, punching Xie Jingyan in the left eye.

    Xie Jianyan, an old bone, could not resist Liu Qi's beating, covering his face and screaming in pain, then falling to the ground.

    Liu Qi did not stop, walked to Xie Yuefu, grabbed her hair, knocked Xie Yuefu's head towards the ground, and said in a cold voice, "Fury woman, you are deliberately hiding it from me, I am so good to you, you still deliberately harm me, why don't you f*cking die."

    At this time Liu Qi had gone crazy, the most powerful Tianjia of Cloud City Mall, the most powerful Mo Yang of the Grey Zone, all offended at once, all because of Xie Yifu, how could he still maintain his sanity.

    "Brother 3000, I'm an idiot, I'm a bastard, I'm just a loser, please spare me, I'll be a cow for you later, please give me a chance."After Liu Qi beat Xie Yufu painfully, his whole body trembled and said to Han 3,000.

    Up to this point in his life, Liu Qi had never felt such intense despair before.

    "Be a bull and a horse?What do you think of a dog?"Han 3,000 said.

    Liu Qi was stunned, then lay down on the ground, breathing with his tongue out, and said, "Brother Three Thousand, do you see the resemblance?If it's not like that, I'll go back and learn it."

    Lin Yong took a deep breath when he saw this scene, although Liu Qi had given up his dignity, I'm afraid that his future position in Cloud City would become uncomplicated.

    After all, not everyone was qualified to be a dog for Han Qianqian.

    From Lin Yong's point of view, this wasn't something to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of!

    Unfortunately, he had been at Changbin's casino and missed this opportunity.

    Han 3,000 stood up and said to Liu Qi, "Give you three days, I want to see the Xie family bankrupt, since you are a dog, you have to learn to bite."

    "Yes, Brother Three Thousand, I will do it, I will do it."Liu Qi nodded his head like pounding garlic and said.

    And this sentence was undoubtedly a thunderbolt from the clear sky for Xie Yingyi, he tried his best to hope to raise the Xie family's status in Cloud City, he didn't even want to lose his old face during this time, but all his efforts were ruined by Xie Yifu, there would be no more Xie family in Cloud City in the future!

    After Han Qianli left the box, Lin Yong walked up to Liu Qi and said indifferently, "I envy you, ah, why should someone like you have such bad luck?"

    At this time, Liu Qi still didn't know the meaning of these words, and only felt that it was a blessing to be able to keep the Liu family.

Chapter 173

Dropping Han 3,000 off at the entrance of Mordor, Mo Yang asked, "Do you want to help Liu Qi, with his ability to deal with the Xie family, I'm afraid it won't be easy."

    Han 3,000 smiled faintly and said, "No, what value does a dog have if it can't even bite people."

    Mo Yang was stunned when he heard this and looked at Han Qianqian seriously, wanting to stop speaking.

    "What's wrong?"Han Qianli was confused.

    Mo Yang shook his head and said, "It's nothing, go home quickly, or your younger siblings will be worried about you again."

    Only after Han Qianqian left did Mo Yang say to himself with a sigh on his face, "I was going to say that you possess the potential of a great baron, but with your identity, you shouldn't take this path.That ...... is the Yanjing Han family na."

    After saying this, Mo Yang got goosebumps, although he had already guessed that Han Qianqian's identity was not simple, he never expected that his true identity would bring such a strong shock to him.

    Although the Yanjing Han family wasn't the top existence in Huaxia, it was only one step away from the top of the pyramid!

    The Lamborghini had been delivered to the 4S shop, and Han 3,000 ran all the way home, and when the security guard saw Han 3,000 on foot, he smiled and said, "Brother Han, it's a big night for exercise."

    Han 3,000 yuan raised his hand as a greeting.

    The security guard didn't find Han Three Thousand cold either, the Heavenly Family had already specifically instructed him to treat Han Three Thousand politely, so in his heart, it was already an honor that a big man like Han Three Thousand could wave to him.

    Back at home, when Han Qianqian opened the door to his room, he was shocked beyond belief by the scene before him.

    Where was the bed?

    Why is the bed gone?

    The heartbeat quickened in an abrupt moment, even as sweat broke out on the palms.

    No way, is it okay to go back to the room?

    Han Giangli swallowed his saliva, feeling dry, and went to gulp down an entire bottle of ice water, which calmed his excitement a bit.

    The incident in Golden Bridge City hadn't been explained to Su Yingxia yet, so he didn't expect to be able to go back to his room and sleep so soon, and it came so suddenly that he didn't know what to do instead.

    Creeping up to Su Yingxia's room door, his hands were trembling as he reached out to open the door.

    With a gentle twist, the door opened.

    As soon as it opened a crack, Han Giangli heard Su Yingxia's voice coming from the room, "What have you been doing, coming back so late."

    From what I could hear, Su Yingxia's tone was somewhat grumbling, but she wasn't really blaming him either.

    Han Giangli hurriedly opened the door and walked in, there was no floor, but there was obviously an extra pillow on the bed, which made his heart happy.

    "Still not sleeping, don't you have to get up early tomorrow?"Su Yingxia glared at Han Qianli and said.

    Han Three Thousand nodded repeatedly and said, "Get up early, of course, it's been a long time since I went for a morning run, my body is failing lately."

    Sitting on the bed, Han Qianli felt an incomparably solid feeling.

    Su Yingxia was on her side, and after feeling Han Three Thousand lying on the bed, her heart began to worry, she was afraid that Han Three Thousand, a big pig's hoof, wouldn't even notice that the red line on the bed sheet had disappeared.

    Sure enough, when Su Yingxia heard the cries coming from her ears, she wanted to kick Han 3,000 out of the bed, and this guy really didn't even notice?

    Su Yingxia gritted her teeth, with a fierce look on her face, and her heart lined up that Han Marchant was not a man, not even the least bit active.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't go back to your room, but you can.

    This unreal conjugal relationship started with Su Yingxia's grievances, subjecting her to blank stares and ridicule, so from three years ago, Han Three Thousand had never thought of forcing her to do anything.

    Even now, Han Three Thousand's thoughts remained unchanged, perhaps only when Su Yingxia really couldn't stand it anymore one day and pressed Han Three Thousand to the bed, would he snap back to his senses.

    The next day at six o'clock, Han 3,000 was the first to wake up, feeling a thigh pressed against his chest, not the slightest bit uncomfortable feeling, but instead, the body and mind is unusually relaxed.

    When the alarm went off, Su Yingxia retracted her leg and went to wash up with a blush on her face, clearly shy.

    After they both tidy up, they go out for a morning run together, during which they encounter someone Han Qianli didn't expect, Kong Wu.

    When Kong Wu saw Han Three Thousand, he enthusiastically walked up the hill and shouted, "Brother Han, sister-in-law."

    "You came for a morning run too?"Han Qianli was puzzled and asked, a guy like Kong Wu should be a veteran of the night scene, why would he be running so early in the morning?

    Kong Wu certainly wasn't the type of person to exercise, if he hadn't heard from the security guard that Han Giang was likely to show up at this hour, why would he be so early.

    "Han, I'm not hiding it from you, I'm waiting for you here, I'm not disturbing you and your sister-in-law, right?"Kongwu said.

    "Excuse me."Han Qianqian said mercilessly, he also hadn't jogged with Su Yingxia for a long time, Kong Wu appeared, undoubtedly being a light bulb ah.

    Kong Wu didn't expect Han Qianqian to reply so simply and directly, looking embarrassed and at a loss for words.

    Su Yingxia knew about Kong Wu, although he hadn't dealt with him, he had heard of him, and the Kong family was also a very powerful family in Cloud City, seeing Han Qianli treating people so rudely, he glared at Han Qianli and said to Kong Wu, "No bother, do you have anything to find him?"

    How could Kong Wu dare to speak, his mind was on thin ice, he was here to make some connections with Han 3000, but now, it was clear that he had already made Han 3000 unhappy.

    "Sister-in-law ......, did I really not disturb you?"Kong Wu said with a guilty conscience.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, his wife had spoken, what else could he say.

    "Just tell me what you're looking for me for, don't waste my time."Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    Kong Wu let out a sigh of relief and said, "Brother Han, there's a party tonight that I'd like to invite you to."

    "What type of party?"Han Giangli asked, now that he could go back to his room and sleep, he wasn't interested even if he was invited to the Peach Banquet, but Su Yingxia obviously didn't want him to turn it down too readily.

    "It's just a gathering of a bunch of young people, those rich kids from Cloud City."Kong Wu said.

    Han Giangli was about to shake his head when he suddenly felt a stern gaze seemingly staring at him and could only say, "Fine, but it can't take too much time, I have to go home early."

    "Fine, fine, I'll arrange for the party to start early, I won't delay you for sure."Kong Wu said excitedly, being able to use this party to become friends with Han Qianqian, that was his purpose, now that Han Qianqian had agreed, he would then have to arrange something that would make Han Qianqian happy.

    Originally Kong Wu had prepared a group of models with good figure and high face value, but after seeing Su Yingxia, he dismissed the idea, beauty can buy most men, but Han 3,000 by no means this list, because he could see that Han 3,000 is very much in love with Su Yingxia, if not for Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 would not have attended this party at all.

    "Sister-in-law, I'm leaving first, I won't disturb you guys running."Kong Wu said to Su Yingxia with a slight nod of his head.

    In the past, Kong Wu would never put Su Yingxia, or even anyone in the entire Su family, in his eyes, but now, he had truly treated Su Yingxia as his sister-in-law in his heart, hating to be able to have a bit of a blood relationship would be perfect.

    "Isn't it fine to just get rid of someone like Kong Wu?Why make me go waste time."After running up to the top of the mountain, Han Qianli asked Su Yingxia.

    "The Kong family is a first-tier family in Cloud City, so having more friends is better than facing an enemy, right, and befriending him is more beneficial to your future development."Su Yingxia said.

    "Me?"Han Giangli looked appalled, he guessed that Su Yingxia was doing this for the Su family's company, but Su Yingxia didn't seem to think so.

    "It wasn't you, was it still me?If I develop well, it's also the Su Company, and in the end, it's also Su Hai Chao who gets the benefit, I don't care what kind of development the Su Family will have now."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli didn't think that she was doing it for herself, but the Kong family was as light as a feather to him, and it was no exaggeration to say that even if the entire business community of Yun City was working against him, Han Qianli didn't put it in his eyes.

    But for Su Yingxia to think this way, Han Three Thousand was still touched in his heart.

    "Yingxia, you've really touched me,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "Don't forget that you're going to make everyone who looks down on us, regret it."Su Yingxia looked to the north and said with longing.


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