His True Colors Chapter 174-176


Chapter 174

At five o'clock that afternoon, Han 3,000 received a call from Kong Wu, and after asking for the address of the party, he drove the Audi to go.

    The Lamborghini was definitely not able to drive recently, it was ruined by Xie Yufu, and had to undergo a round of surgery to do so, and the cost was not small, and the insurance company's damage control personnel heard that they had already cried a lot.

    After arriving at the meeting place, Han 3,000 found that it was a private club, and it looked quite high-class.

    There were already many luxury cars parked at the entrance, almost like a luxury car show, although Han 3,000's Audi A6 was also good, but in the entrance of this club was a bit dim, no one would even take a second look.

    Just as Han 3,000 found a parking space ready to park in, a service staff trotted over and knocked on Han 3,000's car window with an impatient face.

    Han 3,000-3000 stepped on the brakes and pressed down on the window, puzzled, "What's wrong?"

    "I'm sorry, there's no parking space here, so you can move to another place."The waiter said with a disdainful look in his eyes at Han Giangli.

    "Isn't this just a parking space?"Han 3,000 walked out of the car and pointed to the parking spot.

    The attendant smiled faintly, pointed at the next few cars, and said, "Look at what kind of cars these are, and what kind of cars are you qualified to park here."

    "It's not all four wheels, what's the difference?"Han Qianli smiled helplessly, not expecting this private club's attendant to be so wide-eyed that he couldn't even look at the Audi A6.

    "People can buy you a whole car with one wheel, can they compare?And this is our clubhouse's private parking space, you don't get to park here if you go to the clubhouse."The attendant said.

    "Are you so sure I'm not going to the clubhouse?"Han Marchiang said.

    The waiter sighed and said, "Buddy, just don't lose face here, okay, our clubhouse has been booked, and all the guests here tonight are big names in Cloud City, look at the cars here, which one of them is less than a million?"

    It's true that there are no cars under a million in the parking lot.

    No, another Porsche 911 drove up.

    "What the heck, attendant, is there any parking left?"A head sticks out of the car and growls impatiently at the attendant.

    The waiter hurriedly walked up with a smile on his face and said, "Brother, there's still a parking space, don't worry, I'll have him move the car right away."

    After saying that, the waiter's face became filled with coldness as he turned to Han Qianqian and said, "Don't move your car yet, don't delay this brother from parking."

    The dog's eyes looked down on people, Han Qianqian had seen many of them, but this was the first time he had encountered such an unreasonable person.

    "So what if I don't move?"Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    "Are you going to make trouble?"The waiter's face showed anger.

    At this time, the man driving the Porsche was perhaps impatient with waiting, stepped out of the car, came to the Audi, kicked at the front of the car, and said, "What a few handfuls of broken cars, hurry up and drive, don't disturb my parking."

    Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, the temper of young people nowadays is really not small ah, these rich sons have never suffered losses since childhood, that's why they are so arrogant and ignorant.

    "Give me the car to look after, if there's half a bit of damage, you can't afford to pay for it."Han Giangli said to the attendant, then made a gesture to leave, and wasn't about to park the car in the parking space.

    The young man from the Porsche, seeing the situation, kicked at the headlights again and said to Han 3000, "What the f*ck are you, I'll let you move the car, I don't believe I'll smash it for you."

    "You can try,"Han Marchiang said indifferently.

    Seeing Han Qianqian's footsteps stop, the young man felt ignored, which made him furious, walking behind Han Qianqian in three steps and grabbing Han Qianqian's shoulders.

    "Dude, don't be too arrogant, or you won't be able to bear the consequences."The man threatened to Han Three Thousand.

    "That applies even more to you, let go of me."Han Qianqian said coldly.

    "Letting go is fine, if you drive this stupid thing and disappear in front of me immediately, I can let you go."

    "What if I don't?"

    "No?"The man laughed coldly and said, "Then let's see how much you can do."

    As soon as his words fell, he kicked out at Han Giang's back.

    Sensing the other man's movement, Han Giangli side-stepped and kicked out with an even faster kick, and the young man fell to the ground and rolled backwards a few times before stopping.

    "Grass Nima, what are you, and you dare to fight back!"The man gritted his teeth in anger.

    "Don't ask me who I am, I'm someone you can't afford to mess with."Han Giangli continued to walk towards the clubhouse.

    The waiter had been dumbfounded, a man who drove a broken Audi dared to open a Porsche, didn't he want to live?

    Hurriedly ran to the young man's side, helped him up, and asked, "Are you okay."

    The young man shrugged off the waiter's hand and said through clenched teeth, "F*ck, a waste thing, but also dare to move the earth on my head, what kind of dog stuff.Not moving the car is it, I'll play with you."

    After saying that, the young man got into the car, fired up the engine, and rammed it directly into the Audi, hardened it, and then parked the unrecognizable Porsche in the parking space.

    The waiter looked frightened, this is a million car ah, when bumper cars pretend to play, these rich people also too do not take money seriously.

    And that Audi owner just now, what will happen to him if he offends such a person?

    "Play with your car first, then play with your people, tonight is Kong's venue, I'll see how you run."The man looked soothed, not at all distressed by the car breaking down, after all, a Porsche wasn't much of a car in his eyes.

    At this time, another sports car drove up, and after the owner got off, he walked next to the Porsche owner and said with a surprised face, "Jiang Tao, what's the situation, why did your car crash like this?"

    "A frakking thing took a parking space from me and I rammed his car,"Jiang Tao said.

    "F*ck, you've really put in a lot of money, it's just a broken Audi, is that it?"

    "To me, a Porsche is just a toy, but to this kind of person, an Audi can be all he has, so what's not worth it."Jiang Tao said disdainfully.

    The man nodded and said, "That's true, but it cost you a Porsche, you can't just let it go, right?Got a good show tonight?"

    "Of course there's a good show, but it's better to give Kong's field some face and just casually play with this kind of trash."Jiang Tao said.

    In the clubhouse, Han Qianlian found many young men and women in an open courtyard, the women were dressed very thin and alluringly.

    Since the place was already booked, these people should be the friends that Kong Wu had invited, but where had this guy gone?

    While Han Qianqian was taking stock of the situation, Jiang Tao also arrived.

    Tonight this party is a bunch of rich people drinking to provoke girls, this is something that this group of rich people in Cloud City often do, after all, are not bad money, you come and go, a month this type of party, at least ten times.

    There's a saying that money is idle, saying that this kind of family is rich, nothing to do can drive luxury cars and wear brand-name people, except for eating, drinking and playing, they almost have no other skills.

    When Jiang Tao saw Han 3,000, he said to the person next to him, "It's this trash thing, I didn't expect to drive a broken Audi, but he even dared to mix in our party."

    The man looked at Han Qianqian, laughed contemptuously, and said, "Every time our circle meets, don't we have to mix a few trash in, these things, aren't they just trying to suck up to us?"

    Jiang Tao laughed and said, "That's true, these unimportant guys cut their heads to fit into our circle, but with different family backgrounds, how can these losers become our friends."

    "How about it, do you want me to go play with him?"

    "Go ahead, if this kind of trash doesn't teach him a lesson, he'll really consider himself a big shot."Jiang Tao said.

    The man nodded and took a glass of wine towards Han Qianli.

    "That broken Audi outside is yours?"The man scoffed as he walked up to Han Giang.

    "I don't know you, do I?"Han Qianli raised his eyebrows and said without interest.

    "Of course I don't know trash like you, but we're clearing the room, uninspiring goods have no business appearing at our party."The man finished speaking, and a cup of wine was thrown directly in Han Three Thousand's face.

Chapter 175

Jiang Tao walked up to Han Qianqian with a timely smile and slurred, "Geez, I just recently watched a block of garbage sorting, you were supposed to be a dry trash, but now that you've been spilled, does that make you a wet trash?"

    "Jiang Tao, what's the difference between wet and dry garbage, it's just a pile of garbage, right?"The man mocked and said.

    Han Qianli wiped the wine off his face, faced the two who were mocking him, and said indifferently, "I'll give you a chance to kneel down and apologize to me."

    Their laughter came to an abrupt halt as they looked at Han Qianli incredulously.

    "Make us apologize?Did I hear that right?"Jiang Tao made a deliberate ear digging motion, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

    "What the f*ck are you, asking us to apologize to you, you didn't even know what kind of venue this is and just blended in, did you?"The man said loudly.

    Such a commotion quickly attracted the attention of others, most of the people present knew Jiang Tao, so in their eyes, Han 3,000 was like a jumping clown.

    "Now these unsophisticated guys are really getting blind, mixing into the party and actually daring to offend Jiang Tao, isn't this looking for death?"

    "Maybe these guys came up with a new trick, sword-walking, to intentionally get our attention."

    "Oh, just this kind of garbage, what's the point of attracting our attention, does that get you into our circle?"

    Some disdainful voices rang out in the crowd, all of them treating Han Qianxiang as a second generation who had mixed into the party.

    Certain women even revealed a very intense contempt after sizing up Han Qianxiang.

    It wasn't that these women were able to attend the party, it wasn't that they had a high status, it was that they were able to please the rich second generation here with all their meat, to put it bluntly, they were exchanging their bodies for the current glamour, after all, every single brand name on their bodies was only exchanged for sleeping with an escort.

    "Jiang Tao, he told you to kneel down, you won't just let it go like that."

    "With your Young Master Jiang's temper, you wouldn't beat him up and put on a show for us."

    "Yeah, if you don't even dare to beat up this kind of trash, I'll look down on you."

    The crowd began to coax.

    Jiang Tao was being chased away from the ducks and couldn't retreat even if he wanted to.

    Originally, he wasn't going to make too much noise at Kong Wu's party, but now with so many pairs of eyes watching, if he just let it go, where would he put his face?Wouldn't it be a laughing stock if word of this got out.

    "Fury, today is your bad luck, since everyone is so elegant, how can I disappoint them."Jiang Tao said to Han Qianqian with a hideous face.

    Stretching out his hand, he greeted Han Qianqian's face with a fist.

    The crowd began to howl ghostly, as if they were giving Jiang Tao a boost.

    These sons and daughters are never too big for a show, and in their eyes, it's just beating up a loser, so how much noise can be made?

    The noisy voices suddenly came to an abrupt end.

    The crowd was stunned at first when they saw that Han Marchant hadn't been beaten because he had dragged the fist that Jiang Tao had swung at them.

    But after a moment, the noisy voices continued.

    "Kang Tao, what are you doing, you're not going to beat this trash down."

    "You can't even beat this trash, that's a joke."

    "Is there anyone willing to help Young Master Jiang out, it looks like our Young Master Jiang can't beat this trash."

    Hearing those words, Jiang Tao's face became extremely ugly, but no matter how hard he tried, his hand was tugged by a death grip and couldn't be withdrawn.

    "Trash, you f*cking let go of me."Jiang Tao said through clenched teeth.

    "I told you, the chance, I'll only give it once."After saying that, Han Giangli kicked out like lightning and kicked Jiang Tao's left leg on the knee.

    With a crisp bone-cracking sound, Jiang Tao's left leg bent backwards stiffly, presenting an arc that made one's scalp go numb.

    "Hiss ......"

    "Is this ...... this, did he break Kang Tao's leg?"

    "F*ck!Who is this guy, he actually struck out this hard."

    The faces of the bystanders changed greatly, and the one standing next to Jiang Tao even had a feeling of weakness in his legs, as he was the one who heard the sound of a broken bone most clearly out of all the people present.

    Jiang Tao shouted in pain, tearing his heart out in excruciating pain from his left leg, and when he lowered his head to see what was happening to it, he stared in shock.

    "You ...... you broke my f*cking leg!"Jiang Tao said to Han Giangli in horror.

    "It's still just one leg, what are you anxious about."Han Qianqiang's face presented a devilish smile, then kicked out another kick.

    Jiang Tao's entire body fell to the ground, and his right leg also bent backwards again, presenting a bizarre arc that made people unable to speak.

    This time, those who were watching no longer turned pale, but were all numb.

    Having directly crippled both of Jiang Tao's legs, they had never dreamed that it should have been Han Giangli who knelt down in front of Jiang Tao to apologize, but now it was Jiang Tao who had met such a tragic end.

    "And you."Han Three Thousand seemed to have no intention of stopping here and turned to the other man.

    Hooooooo ......

    Many people drew a breath of cold air, it wasn't enough to ruin Jiang Tao's legs, but he had to do it to another person.

    Who the hell was this guy, was he really mixed in with the trash?

    Doesn't he know that today's party is Kong Wu's home turf?Aren't you afraid to pursue Kongwu for causing trouble here?

    The man was so frightened that his legs weakened when he heard Han Qianli's words, and he just fell to his knees.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was just doing what Kang Tao said, it has nothing to do with me."

    "You can say you're sorry, but I, won't forgive you."Han Giangli stood up and kicked the man in the face.

    The man's face was a blur of blood and flesh.

    The bystanders who saw this scene felt incredulous.

    The shot was too ruthless, they had never seen such a ruthless peer before, and with so little regard for the consequences!

    Han Qianqian took two steps forward and stepped on Jiang Tao's face with his right foot, saying, "Remember what I said, if my car is half damaged, you'd better think of a compensation plan that satisfies me."

    Jiang Tao's heart and liver trembled, the car had already been hit by him, but before the crash, he didn't know Han Qianqian was so ruthless.

    "I'm going to kill you, do you know who I, Jiang Tao, am in Cloud City, how dare you do this to me."Jiang Tao said.

    "It doesn't matter who you are, the important thing is that Cloud City, there's no one I can't mess with."Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

    The girls who had looked down on Han Three Thousand before had revealed a look of infatuation after hearing this, which was what a man should say.

    Regardless of whether he was bragging or was truly capable, at least at this moment, his image was as majestic as a mountain, giving him a suffocatingly strong presence!

    After beating up the two unsighted guys, Han Giangli turned his eyes to the others, who had just been building momentum and advocating.

    "You guys, is there anyone else who has a problem with me?"Han Qianli asked indifferently, everywhere his sight went, those people lowered their heads, none of them daring to look Han Qianli in the eye.

    What is called trash?

    What do you mean by garbage?

    The entire party of more than twenty people were crushed to death by Han Qianli's aura alone, and they didn't even have anyone to say a word of rebuttal.

    Because of Jiang Tao's downfall they all saw it in their eyes, and although they didn't know what kind of person Han Qianqian was, who would want such consequences and bad luck to befall them?

    It doesn't matter if he's wishy-washy, when Kong Wu shows up, he'll naturally teach this guy a lesson, and it's not like they're the protagonists tonight anyway, so why get involved in this muddle?

    "Is this your self-proclaimed upper class circle?"Han Qianli saw that no one dared to talk to him and scoffed.

    "Kong Wu is here!"

    "Kongwu's here?Coming?"

    "Brother Wu, Brother Wu."

    "Someone caused trouble at your party and broke Jiang Tao's leg, you came just in time to teach this arrogant guy a lesson."

    The crowd that didn't even dare to breathe, after seeing Kong Wu, one by one they found their strength again and pointed angrily at Han Qianqian.

    Kong Wu had just gone to squat a large number and had no idea what was going on, but after hearing what those friends said and looking at the situation of Jiang Tao in front of Han 3000, he shivered in fear and hurried towards Han 3000.

    Those people had a cocky expression on their faces once again, with Kong Wu appearing, this guy would not immediately reveal his original form?

Chapter 176

"Brother Wu is here, let's see how he ends up."

    "This guy dares to cause trouble in Brother Wu's field, he's dead."

    "Damn, if it wasn't for Brother Wu's venue, I would've stepped in to teach him a lesson."

    "Yeah, this kind of trash, if it wasn't for getting in the way of Brother Wu's face, I could have stepped in to teach him a lesson."

    People who were too wimpy to speak up were now brazenly telling lies, and the arrogant and smug look on their faces wasn't hidden at all, as if they could casually trample Han Qianqian underfoot.

    But these people, how could they understand Kong Wu's desire to die at this moment?

    It was hard to invite Han 3000 here, but this happened because of a large number, if Kong Wu had known this would happen, he wouldn't have been able to go to the bathroom even if he had suffocated to death.

    While everyone was waiting for Kong Wu to teach Han 3000 a lesson, Kong Wu walked up to the side, directly lowered his head, and said, "Han, I'm sorry."

    "Is this the party you invited me to?"Han 3000 said indifferently.

    Kong Wu shivered in fear, his face pale, and said, "Han, I'm sorry, I didn't know something like this would happen."

    Among the crowd watching, those who were lying and had an arrogant look on their faces were instantly as if frozen, their insides tumbling with shock.

    Kong Wu!

    Even Kong Wu had to bow down before him!

    Not only did Kongwu fail to avenge Kang Tao's broken legs, he also apologized to him.

    Crazy ......

    Those people's hearts instantly collapsed like the Yellow River bursting its banks.

    Who the hell was this guy that even Kong Wu had to bow and bend in front of him.

    Those who had been lying before were so repentant that their guts were blue.

    Feasting on a quick tongue, they didn't expect the face punch to come so quickly.

    If even Kong Wu didn't dare to provoke this man, what were they to him?

    "You better have someone go out and look at my car, if my car is half damaged, you and them ...... "Halfway through the sentence, Han 3000 stopped.

    Kong Wu was scared to death, he didn't know what had happened, but with Kang Tao's temperament, he might have caused a big disaster.

    A good party, a great opportunity to build a relationship with Han 3,000, didn't expect to be ruined by Jiang Tao.

    With a gloomy face, Kong Wu walked up to Jiang Tao and asked in a cold voice with gritted teeth, "Jiang Tao, what did you do to Han's car!"

    Jiang Tao was still in pain, but the fear within him was even stronger.

    This person, who was able to crush Kong Wu to the point where he couldn't raise his head, was messing with some big shot.

    The Audi wasn't just half damaged, it was about to be scrapped by him!

    "Brother Wu, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know he was your friend, please save me."Jiang Tao, a grown man, cried like a pussy with one snotty nose and one tear.

    Hearing this, Kong Wu's heart sank into an ice valley, it was clear that Jiang Tao had done certain irreversible things.

    Kicking hard at Jiang Tao's face, Kong Wu wished he could kill this ungrateful guy.

    "Kang Tao, I was f*cking killed by you, what right do I have to be Han's friend?"After saying that, Kong Wu stomped on Jiang Tao's stomach.

    Jiang Tao's desperate cries of pain echoed in the courtyard.

    Everyone present was now all dripping with cold sweat, and no one had thought that things would turn out this way.

    This strange face, not only did Kong Wu not dare to mess with him, it was obvious that his status was much higher than Kong Wu's.

    Could it be that it was someone from the Heavenly Family?

    But Kong Wu called him Brother Han, and it was clear that his surname wasn't Tian, but they couldn't think of anyone in Cloud City other than the Tian family who was worthy of such fear from Kong Wu.

    At this moment, there were already cowards kneeling on the ground to atone for their arrogant words just now.

    "Brother Han, I'll get you a new one for your car, but as for these two, you can do whatever you want with them."Kong Wu said to Han Qianqian.

    Jiang Tao was already useless, but the other one was only injured on his face, and when he heard Kong Wu's words, he kneeled down to Han 3,000 in fear and kept kowtowing, "Brother Han, I was blind, I made a mistake, I'll give you anything, please let me go."

    Han 3,000 yuan sighed, a good party had somehow turned into this.

    Jiang Tao's leg was already useless, there was no need to pursue the matter further, and he had nothing to lose if Kong Wu paid for a new car.

    "You shouldn't have invited me."Han Giangli said to Kong Wu, then walked towards the outside of the club.

    Kong Wu knew that although this matter was resolved, his chances of developing a relationship with Han Three Thousand in the future had become very slim, and it was all because of the fool Kang Tao who had screwed up.

    "From today onwards, Jiang Tao is my Kong Wu's enemy, and you guys, if anyone dares to leak out half a word about tonight's matter, I will never let go of Kong Wu."Kong Wu said to the crowd.

    Although he didn't have the chance to establish a relationship with Han 3000, Kong Wu didn't want this matter to spread out and be known by the Tian Ling'er, if Tian Ling'er knew that he had upset Han 3000, the entire Kong family would be dragged down.

    Arriving at the parking lot, Han Qianxiang couldn't help but smile bitterly when she saw that her car had been banged up beyond recognition.

    That guy Jiang Tao was also really ruthless enough to not want his own Porsche.

    "What? I warned you long ago that you're not qualified to park here, and you still don't believe me, now you regret it, right?"That waiter walked up to Han Qianli with a smug look on his face and continued, "He's a truly rich man, Jiang Tao, he doesn't even care about the millions of Porsche, what are you."

    Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hundreds of thousands, it's really heartbreaking."

    The waiter's eyes despised Han Qianqian, this was the difference between rich people, people didn't even care about a Porsche, but he was distressed over an Audi.

    "Who told you not to listen to advice, you deserved it."The waiter said.

    "En."Han Qianli nodded undeniably, the car could only walk home since it was no longer drivable.

    After Han 3,000 yuan left, the attendant sighed with a smile and said to himself, "There are so many people who don't know what's good for them now, but if you don't listen to me, this is what will happen."

    In a short time, an ambulance stopped at the entrance of the clubhouse, the attendant looked confused, but Kong Wu had booked the clubhouse tonight, how could an ambulance suddenly come?

    Did something happen inside?

    While the waiter was thinking about it, Jiang Tao lay on a stretcher and was lifted out, directly making him look foolish.

    This was Kang Tao, how could he be injured for no reason, and it didn't look like he was injured lightly!

    Kongwu walked up to the waiter with a heavy face and asked, "Where's that Audi?"

    The waiter was stunned and quickly said, "Brother Wu, the car is still in the parking lot."

    "Take me there."Kong Wu said.

    The waiter was a bit confused, a broken Audi that was just crashed and crippled, why would Kong Wu care so much.

    Bringing it to the parking lot and seeing the wrecked Audi, Kong Wu took a deep breath, the extent of the car's damage was the relationship between him and Han Qianqian.

    "Brother Wu, I've warned that guy not to park the car here, but he didn't listen to me."The waiter said to Kong Wu.

    Kong Wu laughed coldly and kicked the waiter in the stomach, he was in the middle of his anger, and the waiter still said such things, wasn't he looking for a fight?

    The waiter was so confused that he didn't even know why he was being beaten.

    "You're just a f*cking waiter, you don't even look down on people who drive Audis.Is there a car here that has anything to do with you?"Kong Wu's cold voice.

    The waiter didn't understand why Kong Wu was angry, but in this situation, just apologize, "Brother Wu, I'm sorry."

    "In the eyes of trash like you, is only driving a luxury car a big deal?"The furious Kong Wu, didn't care who owned the Cayenne beside him, kicked up to vent his anger.

    Seeing the back of Kong Wu leaving, the waiter covered his stomach and stood up with difficulty, his head reverberating with Kong Wu's words just now, suddenly as if struck by lightning, dumbstruck on the spot.

    Only people who drove luxury cars were big shots?

    The waiter fiercely turned his eyes to Audi, his expression terrified.

    Could ...... it be that the man who just now was the real big man?

    Jiang Tao's injury couldn't have anything to do with him!

    Thinking about the way he had treated him before, the waiter suddenly felt like he was robbed.

    Even Jiang Tao had been sent to the hospital, so what right did he have to flaunt his power in front of him?


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