His True Colors 169-170

Chapter 169 

When he saw Han Qianqian, Su Hachao's face flashed with a cold smile and said in a yin and yang manner, "Eating soft food is good, only getting up at sunrise, not worrying about food, how come I'm not so lucky?"

    Han Qianqian knew that Su Haichao was being sarcastic, but such words were harmless to him and said, "If you looked like me, someone might be willing to take care of you, but it's a pity that looks are natural, and you won't be able to catch up with me in this life."

    Su Haichao was so angry by this statement that he vomited blood, Han Qianqian was changing his ways to say he was ugly?

    "Han Qianqian, you're so shameless, you've really opened my eyes, as a man, you don't have half a point of success, and you still have the nerve to be smug."Su Haichao coldly said.

    "Are you saying that the grapes are sour because you can't eat them?I can understand, after all, people like you have nothing else to do but envy."Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Haichao's face was livid, dealing with this kind of person whose skin was as thick as a city wall, there was no advantage at all in fighting with him.

    "Aunt Jiang, this wimp son-in-law of yours can really give you a face."Su Hachao's words changed and said to Jiang Lan.

    In Su Hachao's anticipation, Jiang Lan would definitely follow with a few sarcastic remarks to Han Qianqian, but things didn't go as he expected.

    Jiang Lan had brought all of her gold and silver jewelry with her and was indulging in dressing up, so how could she have the heart to join Su Hae Chao in mocking Han Qianqian?

    And even though Jiang Lan wasn't doing anything right now, she didn't have the guts to say those words to Han Marchand.

    "You young people take your time to talk, it's none of my business."Jiang Lan said with no interest.

    Su Haichao took a deep breath, this woman was really into money, and she allowed Han Qianqian to be shameless.

    "Han Qianqian, as a man, I'm really ashamed for you."Su Haichao said.

    "Why should I feel shame for me?I didn't say I'd ask for your help, you don't have to be so self-centered."Han Qianqian smiled.

    Su Haichao hated it so much that his body hairs stood on end, and if he hadn't been unable to beat Han Qianqian, he would've been unable to resist taking action.

    "Su Yehan, let's go."Su Haichao was afraid that if he continued to stay here, he would sooner or later be so angry that Han Qianqian would vomit blood, this kind of impudent person, he was no match, he could only admit defeat.

    Su Yeh Han watched Jiang Lan the whole time, his heart kept dripping blood, what should have belonged to her, now all brought on Jiang Lan's body, not to mention how hard it was.

    Only after hearing Su Haichao's words did he reluctantly withdraw his unwilling eyes, and said to Han Marchiang, "Never seen such a thick-skinned crow, I hope you can eat soft food for the rest of your life, don't accidentally get kicked by Su Yingxia, after all, a man like you is no longer worthy of her now."

    "Stirring up trouble won't work for me, there's no other tactic, so let's just get going."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    After the two of them left the villa, Su Haichao became gloomy and said angrily, "This frakking thing, I'll see how long he can still be arrogant, when I get back the west side of the city project, see what qualifications he still has to eat soft food."

    "How's your relationship with Zhong Liang?Han 3000 is so arrogant, all thanks to Su Yingxia's position in the company, if you don't extinguish his anger, he will only be more arrogant in the future."Su Yehan urged, she is now down to the bottom, she would like to have Su Yingxia to accompany her, it is best to be able to deprive Su Yingxia of the identity of the head of the west side of the city project as soon as possible.

    Although Su Hachao's words are very ruthless, but in the progress of this matter, so far there is no progress, and Zhong Liang, although he has met a few times, Zhong Liang's attitude towards him is also good, but the relationship is not yet good enough to dare to raise this matter.

    Having taken the risk twice, this time Su Haichao didn't dare to try it again without 100% certainty, because once the consequences created an irreversible situation, the Su family would be completely finished.

    "There's no rush, I have plenty of time to play with him slowly, a wimp is just a wimp, can he still play with me."Su Haichao coldly said.

    Su Yeh Han naturally believed Su Hai Chao, after all, he was now the chairman of the Su Family and controlled the absolute power of the company, while Han Qianqian, a son-in-law who had entered the family, could have any ability to fight with Su Hai Chao.

    "He'll fall into your hands sooner or later."Su Yeh Han said.

    In the villa, Jiang Lan was still immersed in the aftertaste of the bride-price brought to her, and for her who only had money in her eyes, there was no room for anything now.

    "Huh."Jiang Lan suddenly saw that the gold hairpin had many abrasion marks, her face boasted and shouted to Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, come take a look."

    Puzzled, Han 3,000 walked over to Jiang Lan and asked, "What's wrong?"

    "Look at this hairpin, was it intentionally worn out."Jiang Lan said with an unhappy face.

    Judging from the abrasion marks, it was indeed not long ago, so it should be Su Yeh Han who did this on purpose.

    "It looks like it was."Han 3,000 said.

    "It must have been that dead girl who did it, I'm going to find her and settle the score."Jiang Lan said furiously.

    "Why bother with such a trivial matter, as long as there's no shortage of pounds."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    According to Jiang Lan's temper, she would definitely have to settle the score with Su Yehan, how could she swallow her anger when a good hairpin was maliciously destroyed.

    But after hearing Han Qianqian's words, Jiang Lan's anger instantly calmed down.

    With a cautious glance at Han Qianqian, she asked, "Really not going to look for her?"

    Hearing this tone, it was obvious that she was asking Han Qianli, and it could be seen that the current Jiang Lan not only didn't dare to treat Han Qianli with a bad attitude, but also respected Han Qianli's opinion very much.

    "Why don't you ask Su Yingxia."Han 3000 suddenly realized that Jiang Lan was treating him better, he was still a little uncomfortable, after all, he had been used to it for three whole years, and this sudden change felt a little strange.

    "That's fine, let's wait until Ying Xia gets off work."Lan Jiang said.

    "By the way, it's almost mid-autumn, are you going back this year?"Han Qianqiang asked.

    Every year in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jiang Lan would go back to her mother's house, but in previous years, she would leave Han Qianqian behind as long as she had an excuse, and this year, she would definitely go back and Jiang Lan would bring Han Qianqian with her.

    "Back, if you have time, you should come along too."Jiang Lan said.

    "En."Han Three Thousand nodded, Jiang Lan had done very excessive things in the past, but since Han Three Thousand had withheld it, she hadn't thought of settling accounts after the fall, after all, she was Su Yingxia's mother, and it was a good thing that she had learned her lesson now and wasn't making things difficult for him.

    In the villa area of Genting Mountain, this kind of luxury car is nothing, but on the street, it is an absolutely beautiful scenery, every pedestrian will not be able to help but look at a few eyes.

    After driving the car to the entrance of the Magic City, Han Qianli parked the car and went in.

    A depressed Xie Yufu happened to bump into this scene, and she was a little surprised that Han Qianli could drive such a nice car.

    Although the Su family had a bit of money, it wasn't enough to allow this wimp to drive a Lamborghini.

    As far as Xie Yufu knew, even the Su Family's newly appointed chairman, Su Hachao, only drove a Mercedes.

    "To be able to drive such a nice car even after eating soft food, the heavens are really blind."Xie Yifu said viciously.

    Go to the car next to the heart of the unconvinced Xie Yifu, actually took off the high followed directly towards the front of the car smashed down, smashed a very obvious depression, which is not relieved, and picked up a stone on the ground and threw in the front windshield.

    It was only when the phone rang that Xie Yuv stopped destroying the car.

    "What are you doing, calling me now."Xie Whispers said in an unhappy tone.

    "You are limited to five minutes to drive to this street in Mordor and pick me up right now, or you will never appear in front of me again."

    In less than five minutes, a BMW 5 Series stopped in front of Xie Yufu, and a young man got down from the car.

    "With all this anger, who's pissing you off?"The young man asked.

    "A trash, punk, asshole dog thing."Xie Yuefu said angrily.

    The young man's name was Liu Qi, he was Xie Yufu's suitor, basically a phone call on call, he was a standard dog licker, after hearing Xie Yufu's words, he knew that this was his chance, he even said, "What kind of person is so ungrateful, he even dares to mess with you, tell me, I'll take revenge for you."

    "You?Got that?"Xie Yufu said disdainfully.

    Liu Qi patted his chest and said with a proud face, "Language Fu, don't underestimate people, I know quite a few big brothers in the Dao, do you want this unfortunate thing to kneel and apologize in front of you?"

Chapter 170

Kneel down and apologize?

    How could Xie Yufu not want to, she had dreamed of seeing this happen, Han Qianliang had ruined her good fortune and caused her to be scolded by Xie Jingyan, almost also unable to end it because she had offended Mo Yang and the two of them, this revenge was in Xie Yufu's heart, not to be avenged.

    Anyway, Liu Qi was her suitor, it was only natural to have this kind of lick dog do something for her.

    "Liu Qi, if you can get him to kneel down and apologize to me, I'll agree to finish dinner with you."Xie Yufu said.

    Liu Qi was very happy to hear this, he had been rejected countless times for inviting Xie Yufu to dinner, but he didn't expect that he would finally have the chance now.

    "Don't worry, I'll immediately arrange for someone to not only kneel down and apologize to you, but also have her learn how to bark a dog for you."Liu Qi smiled.

    "He's Han 3000, you should know who he is,"Xie Yufu said.

    Han Three Thousand?

    Hearing this name, Liu Qi was stunned, wasn't that the Su family's wimp?Just this kind of thing, even daring to offend Xie Yufu, simply looking for death.

    "Xie Yufu, this kind of trash, if I, Liu Qi, don't beat his nose and face, I'll take his surname."Liu Qi said with a sneer.

    Xie Yufu didn't tell Liu Qi about how much Tianchang Sheng valued Han 3,000, she was afraid that Liu Qi wouldn't dare to deal with Han 3,000 once he knew about it.

    This was because only the high society people who attended Tianchang Sheng's birthday banquet knew about this matter, and Liu Qi's family was not eligible to attend the birthday banquet, which was why Xie Yufu despised Liu Qi.

    Despite the fact that Liu Qi did a lot of things for her and had no dignity when it came to being a dog licker, Xie Yufu chose her husband and valued nothing but her family background, and in the entire Cloud City, apart from the Tian family, the only person she could look up to was Kong Wu, so she was happy to do anything for Kong Wu.

    When Han Qianqian came out from the Devil's Capital, he was heartbroken to see that his car had been smashed, even though he didn't spend money on it, it was at least worth a few million, but it was actually smashed somehow.

    Immediately asked Mo Yang to have someone investigate the matter, and through the nearby streets, he quickly locked down who the person who smashed the car was.

    When he saw Xie Yufu in the surveillance video, Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh bitterly, this woman actually dared to come and trouble him, wasn't the lesson she gave last time enough?

    "F*ck, this little girl is quite temperamental, and so unmemorable, it seems that her dad hasn't drank the wine comfortably last time."Mo Yang said in a cold voice, smashing the car in front of the Devil's Capital, no matter whose car it was, it was equivalent to beating his face, if this matter didn't teach the Xie family a lesson, what face would he have in Cloud City in the future.

    "Brother Three Thousand, find someone to catch her?"Lin Yong asked.

    Han Giangli smiled, Xie Yufu smashed the car, it was clear that it was aimed at her, with this kind of lady's temper, it was impossible for her to just smash the car to take out her anger, maybe she had other means of revenge.

    And the surveillance video also clearly recorded a young man appearing in a BMW, so maybe she was the one who found the helper.

    Since we're going to teach the Xie family a lesson, we need to make them cognizant of how miserable the price to pay to low is.

    "There's no rush, she'll definitely come back for me, so get me a private room tonight and I'll relax."Han Giangli said.

    The Magic City officially opened at eight p.m., and it was full in less than half an hour, with the group dancing under the electric sound being the nightclub norm.

    Han 3,000 didn't go in and out of such occasions very often, so he wasn't too impressed by the piercing music and stayed in the quiet box, waiting quietly.

    At this time, a group of young people gathered at the entrance of the Magic City, including Liu Qi and Xie Yufu.

    "Liu Qi, this is Mo Yang's venue, we won't have any trouble if we cause trouble here, right?"A certain person worriedly asked Liu Qi.

    Liu Qi waved his hand indifferently and said, "It's just a piece of trash, as long as we don't make too much noise, how could Mo Yang possibly care about these trivial matters, don't worry, even if something happens, I, Liu Qi, can still protect you."

    Liu Qi deliberately acted as if he was fearless in front of Xie Yufu, but he was actually a little worried.

    After all, Mo Yang was now the most powerful grey zone figure in Cloud City, and making trouble at his venue would be equivalent to finding trouble with Mo Yang, and if this was known by Mo Yang, it would definitely end badly, but in order to get a smile on his red face, Liu Qi was willing to take a gamble, as long as he took care of Han 3,000 without Mo Yang's knowledge.

    Hearing Liu Qi's words, the others were a little more relieved, and dealing with an unnamed character, they couldn't make any big noise.

    "Yuffie, just wait for that trash to kneel down and apologize to you."Liu Qi smiled and said to Xie Yufu.

    "Don't waste time talking nonsense, hurry up and leave."

    As soon as Xie Yufu said this, the crowd entered the Magic City.

    They had already inquired about Han Qianqian being here, and through the staff inside the Magic Capital, they had also learned about the compartment Han Qianqian was in.

    The group of people walked towards Han Three Thousand's compartment with a clear purpose.

    To be imposing, it would definitely be more imposing to just kick the door open, but this was Mo Yang's territory, and they didn't even dare to break a cup, let alone kick the door.

    Very carefully, they opened the compartment door and a line of people entered.

    Only Han Qianqian was in the entire compartment, Liu Qi was a little strange about this, who would be bored to open a compartment by themselves to play, and there wasn't even any music in the compartment.

    But it was better this way, Han Three Thousand was easier to deal with alone, and less likely to make too much noise.

    "Han Qianqian, you're not going to be unable to get into bed, so that's why you're here alone to pass the time, right?"Liu Qi scoffed at Han Three Thousand Years.

    Han Three Thousand's glorious deeds, aside from washing and cooking at home, and the well-known roommate, almost everyone who had heard of Han Three Thousand's deeds knew that for three whole years, he hadn't even touched Su Yingxia's finger.

    "You're quite early, you didn't keep me waiting."Han Giangli smiled.

    Liu Qi's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "You were waiting for us?"

    "Yeah, I'll have to find someone to pay for smashing up my car,"Han 3000 said.

    "Pay?"Xie Yufu laughed coldly and said, "Han Qianqian, are you blind or are your dog's eyes blind, will I compensate you for this situation?"

    "Of course you don't have the money to compensate me, so I'm going to inform Xie Jingyan after I've taught you guys a lesson."Han Qianqian said.

    Xie Yufu was filled with coldness and said, "Just in case you don't have the chance to notify my father, go lie in the hospital for a month."

    Hearing Xie Yufu's words, Liu Qi said to the others, "What are you waiting for, give me a beating, beat this loser into the hospital for a month, not even a day less."

    Xie Yufu said a month, it had to be a month, Liu Qi, the licking dog, was very thorough.

    Xie Yufu crossed her hands at the waist, full of cold smiles, quietly waiting for Han 3,000 to kneel down and apologize to her after being beaten down.

    Letting you ruin my good fortune, thinking that being valued by Tianchang Sheng is great?A wimp is a wimp after all, you're nothing in front of me, Xie Yufu.

    "Han Qianqian, kneel down early and apologize to me, I can get them to beat you a little lighter."Xie Yifu said proudly.

    Han Qianli looked at Xie Yufu, this kind of woman was so conceited that she thought the entire world had to be centered around her just because her family had a few dollars and a few licking dogs that liked her.

    Compared to Tian Ling'er, the Miss of the Heavenly Family, Han Qianli had to sigh, the saying that money turned bad wasn't definitive because of money, but rather depended on each person's personality.

    When Tian Ling'er was domineering, no one in Yun Cheng could take it, but she never did things that relied on her strength and weakness, unless it was someone she really hated, she would only do it.

    "Xie Yufu, you really should learn from Tian Ling'er."As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, those people had already rushed to his face, some arguing with their fists, others kicking out their legs.

    These people were comparable to ants in front of Han Qianqian, and cries of pain rose and fell, but they didn't come from Han Qianqian's mouth, but from the mouths of those Liu Qi had called out to him.

    In Liu Qi's eyes, a wimp like Han Qianqian should have been beaten down very quickly, but the truth was completely different from what he thought, and in less than a minute, none of the people he had called were still standing.

    "You ...... how did you get so strong."Liu Qi said in a jaw-dropping voice.

    "You're the only one left, since you want to perform, why don't you perform more thoroughly?"Han Giangli smiled.


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