His True Colors 96-100


His True Colors Chapter 96

When leaving the village, Han 3,000 saw a little girl at the village entrance, around ten years old, with a ponytail.

    Seeing her, Han 3,000 knew where Knife Twelve's money was spent, the little girl's entire body was covered in clothes, all of which were nice brand names.

    "All of Knife Twelve's thoughts are spent on his daughter, no wonder he doesn't want to do anything for me even if I give him money."Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Mo Yang's expression was somewhat serious, because just now Han Giang said that Ye Fei will die tonight, but in his opinion, this is not an easy thing to do.

    Ye Fei was surrounded by many bodyguards, those could be boxing ring thugs, and Ye Fei was a strict person, even casual has a fixed venue, will send a large number of people to guard, want to kill him is not impossible to do, but made too much noise, the influence spread too widely, it is very likely to implicate itself into.

    "Han Qianqian, how do you plan to deal with Ye Fei?"Mo Yang asked in a deep voice.

    "How else can I deal with it, I can only kill it, otherwise he'll investigate me sooner or later."After learning about the video from Mo Yang, Han 3,000 was motivated to kill, as it was the only way to solve things, and now he could also use this to pull in Blade 12, killing two birds with one stone for Han 3,000.

    "Do you think this is something as simple as just talking about it?What kind of person is Ye Fei, aren't you clear on that?"Mo Yang looked speechless, it wasn't like he was killing some unnamed character, but Ye Fei was the ruthless character of Cloud City.

    "It's no loss to try."Han Qianli smiled.

    Mo Yang was completely speechless, try not to lose?If something happened to this, not only would he not be able to kill Ye Fei, he wouldn't even be able to save his own life, but why did he still look like he was joking.

    "What specific plan do you have, hurry up and say it so I can cooperate with you."Mo Yang said.

    "No, just wait for the news, I'll handle this matter by myself, but more people are a burden."Han Giangli said.

    "One person?Han 3000, are you crazy!"Mo Yang was shocked, he admitted that Han Qianqian was very strong and had pushed back Blade 12 in the ring, but he wanted to kill Ye Fei by himself, wasn't he just looking for death?

    "Tong Mo Boss, could you please stop shouting."Han Qianli said with a bitter smile.

    "Can I f*cking not be shouting?Han 3,000, you don't know who Ye Fei is, do you?But you still have a wife, if you die, who's going to take care of her."Mo Yang said.

    "So, for her sake, I can't die either ah, just don't worry, I won't do anything I'm not sure of."Han Giangli said.

    As for Ye Fei's whereabouts, Han Three Thousand Thousand already had it in hand, from that video, Han Three Thousand Thousand had the idea of eradicating the root of the problem, so he investigated Ye Fei thoroughly, the occasions he went in and out, his habits of work and rest, even the number of women around him, and how many hideaways he had.

    Just like what Mo Yang said, if he died, who would take care of Su Yingxia?

    So Han 3,000 would never let herself die.

    Back in the urban area, Mo Yang repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to help Han 3000, but all of them were rejected by Han 3000, so it was not good to say anything more in helplessness.

    "I'll wait for your call anytime tonight, if there's any accidents, contact me at the first time."Before Mo Yang parted, he said to Han Three Thousand.

    Han Qianqian just waved his hand.

    According to Ye Fei's normal habits, tonight he should go to Golden Bridge City for a massage, it wasn't the best opportunity to do it, but it wasn't bad because the state of the person was very relaxed during the massage.

    After picking up Su Yingxia from work and giving Su Yingxia that he would be home late tonight, Han 3000 dropped Su Yingxia off at the villa gate and turned back to the vicinity of Golden Bridge City.

    Parked the car, Han 3,000 into the Golden Bridge City.

    The lobby manager was a woman, heavily made up and flowery, and greeted Han Three Thousand warmly when he saw her, saying, "Sir, how many floors are you on."

    Golden Bridge City was divided into a total of three floors, the first floor for foot massage, the second floor for bathing, as for the third floor, it was a paradise for many men, as long as there was money, there was nothing that couldn't be enjoyed here.

    "Third floor."Han Giangli said.

    "Please follow me."The floors were different, and so was the consumption, so when Han Three Thousand said to go to the third floor, the lobby manager became even more enthusiastic and personally led Han Three Thousand upstairs.

    The third floor environment is elegant, all single small suites, Han Three thousand wants the most luxurious one, the standard consumption of 5888.

    The room was dimly lit, and the lobby manager introduced the services and prices to Han 3,000, and even the menu.

    The so-called menu, on top of the information of each female technician, age and three circumference, and with photos, at a glance.

    "I'm a bit tired and want to take a break, we'll talk about these things later."Han 3,000 said, took out her wallet, twirled two thousand randomly, and stuffed it into the lobby manager's collar.

    The lobby manager smiled even more happily when he saw how generous Han 3,000 was, pulling Han 3,000's hand and hating to have his whole body attached to him.

    "Sir, if you need anything, call room service at the first time, I won't let you down."The lobby manager smiled.

    Han Three Thousand nodded, slapped the manager's buttocks heavily, and said, "Get out."

    It wasn't time yet, Han three thousand quietly waited, tonight's matter, can't make half a mistake, otherwise, it would be difficult for him to get out of the whole body.

    At home, Su Yingxia was still quite uncomfortable without Han 3000 by her side, but she knew that Han 3000 had important things to do and could understand.

    After eating dinner and lying in bed resting, the phone suddenly rang.

    "What's wrong?Calling me this late, you're not going to make phone calls again, are you?"The call was from Shen Lingyao, Su Yingxia had warned her before not to be disturbed on the play, but tonight was an exception, since Han Giang was not here, she had time to chat with Shen Lingyao.

    "Yingxia, how are you and Han Qianqian doing?What step have we reached."Shen Ling Yao asked directly.

    "What which step, why did you suddenly bring up this matter."Su Yingxia said with a blush of shame.

    "What are you shy about, tell me quickly, it's important."Shen Ling Yao said eagerly.

    Su Yingxia saw that Shen Lingyao was so cautious and could only say, "I kissed him once, but it was very short."

    "No wonder."Shen Lingyao said with a sudden realization.

    "What's hard to blame?What do you mean."Su Yingxia asked puzzled.

    "You silly girl, he's a normal man, it's been a few years with you, doesn't he need to vent when it's hard to get down?I just saw him go to Golden Bridge City, you know what Golden Bridge City is, right?"Shen Lingyao said.

    Golden Bridge City, Cloud City was famous for being a men's paradise, and although Shen Lingyao had never been there, she had heard many people talk about what was going on there.

    How could Han 3000 go to Golden Bridge City?

    "How is it possible, you can't be mistaken."Su Yingxia said.

    "I saw it with my own eyes, how could I be wrong, it's true that all men are big pig's feet, I didn't expect him to do this kind of thing."Shen Lingyao said indignantly.

    Su Yingxia fell silent, what were the men doing in Jinqiao City, no need to think about it.

    But Su Yingxia had never thought that Han Qianli would go to such a place.

    "Yingxia, you have to speed up your trip, you two can't delay the matter any longer."Shen Ling Yao reminded.

    Su Yingxia didn't say anything, but hung up the phone with tears in her eyes.

    She had thought that Han Qianli loved her so much that even if they didn't have sex, Han Qianli wouldn't mind, but now it seemed that she might have thought it all wrong.

    In three years, he had probably been there many times, right?It's just not being noticed.

    It's normal for men to have needs, but why would you go to a place like that?

    I've never betrayed the marriage relationship even though I've made mistakes.

    And you, on the other hand?

    Marriage derailed.

    Thanks to me, I thought that our relationship would progressively go further.

    Su Yingxia, with a blank expression and tears on her cheeks, walked out of the bed and helped Han 3,000 yuan to lay the floor again.

    At this time, Han 3,000 yuan, learned that Ye Fei has arrived in Golden Bridge City, call room service phone, called the lobby manager.

    The lobby manager never expected that Han Three Thousand would call her by name, although she said she didn't do these services, but Han Three Thousand was handsome and rich, as long as she could afford the money, she didn't mind doing it once in a while.

    When she came to Han Three Thousand's room, the manager looked a little shy and said to Han Three Thousand, "Sir, I didn't expect you to be so discerning."

Chapter 97

Seeing that the manager was about to take off her clothes, Han Giangli knew that she had misunderstood and quickly said, "I've asked you to help me with something else."

    "Other things?"The manager looked vigilantly at Han Qianqian and said, "You don't have any special fetishes, do you?I don't accept those odd things."

    Han Giangli smiled helplessly, what was going on in this manager's head, but on this occasion, it was no wonder she thought so.

    "I need to know which room Ye Fei is in and how many people he has following him now."Han Qianli asked, although she knew that Ye Fei had already arrived in Golden Bridge City, but for the situation outside, Han Qianli didn't dare to come out and find out easily, so asking someone was the best way.

    "Brother Fei?What do you want?"The manager was appalled as he looked at Han Qianqian, Ye Fei was a familiar customer of Golden Bridge City, and was also the boss of Cloud City's underground boxing ring, the owner of Golden Bridge City had specially opened a membership for him, and he didn't have to spend any money at all to come here, which was enough to see Ye Fei's status in Golden Bridge City.

    "What I want to do doesn't matter to you, just tell me what I want to know and I'll give you 100,000."Han Giangli said.

    Ye Fei's enemy?Is this to seek revenge on Ye Fei?

    The manager's face turned a little pale, if she told Ye Fei about this, she would definitely be able to get the benefit of Ye Fei, although the 100,000 was tempting, the end of offending Ye Fei was even more unimaginable.

    "I'm sorry, I can't help you."The manager said.

    "Yes?"Han Qianli took out a butterfly knife, blocked the doorway, and said indifferently, "I'm sure you've already guessed what I want, right?Do you think that I would let you go and tip off Yuffie?"

    The manager sat down on the floor in shock and said, "An injustice has been done, who you are looking for revenge has nothing to do with me, you can't kill me."

    "As long as you tell me where he is and how many people are around him, I will never hurt you, on the other hand, I can't guarantee what I will do."Han Qianli threatened.

    The manager was very scared, so he had to tell Han Qianqian the room where Ye Fei was.

    "You're grieving for a while, stay here."Han Three Thousand Years tore the sheets and tied the manager up with all the trimmings and gagged him tightly.

    After walking out of the room as if nothing had happened, Han Three Thousand Thousand headed towards the place where Ye Fei was.

    As expected, there were two of Ye Fei's men standing at the entrance of the room the manager said, but according to the manager, there should be four of them.

    I didn't expect that Ye Fei would have to follow two people around while doing that, he was really careful to the extreme.

    Doesn't it feel a little odd to give his men a live feed, hard to beat him?

    Han Marchan hadn't reached the door yet, the two men were already alert, good thing that the third floor of Golden Bridge City is free of any surveillance, after all, the people who come here to play, in addition to the usual guests, there are a lot of rich and powerful people, they don't want their privacy to have any possibility of exposure, so Golden Bridge City helped the guests protect themselves well in terms of privacy.

    But this also gave Han Third Thousand an opportunity to take advantage of the situation, and if there was surveillance, things would only become more troublesome.

    The moment he passed by the room, Han 3,000 was so fast that he sealed his throat with a cross blade, and the two men didn't have time to react, so they covered their throats and looked at Han 3,000 incredulously.

    Han 3,000 stretched out his hands to support the two men so that they would slowly fall down, avoiding making too much noise.

    Apart from Ye Fei and his men in the room, whether or not there were any innocent people in the room Han Three Thousand didn't know, but things had come to this point, he couldn't retreat anymore, and if there were any employees of Golden Bridge City, he could only be ruthless.

    Pushing through the door, he only heard Ye Fei say, "What the hell, it took so long to come, I'm already tired of waiting."

    Hearing this, Han Giang could be sure that there was only Ye Fei and his men in the room, although no innocents would be hurt, Han Giang made sure to hurry as the two at the door would soon expose this matter.

    "Ye Fei, your time to die has come."Han Qianli walked into the room with a cold face.

    When Ye Fei saw that it was a man who had entered, he sat up from the bed and said with contempt, "Kid, to get my two men outside without a word, a bit of skill."

    "They're already waiting for you on the road, now it's your turn."Han Qianqian walked towards Ye Fei.

    The remaining two men when in front of Ye Fei, Ye Fei said without caring, "Just you, what kind of trash are you, I've been around for so many years, if I'm killed by a mongrel kid like you, wouldn't it be a laughing stock if I said it out?"

    "And they can protect you?"Han Qianli smiled faintly, these two might be considered strong to an ordinary person, but in front of Han Qianli, they were just paper protein powder.

    "You try it then, I hope you don't die too badly."After saying that, Ye Fei lay down without any worries.

    Two of his men rubbed their fists and looked at Han Qianqian hideously.

    "Kid, how do you want to die."

    "What's it like to have a broken leg, ever felt it?"

    Han Third Thousand didn't have time to waste with them and took the lead, for him who was good at playing with swords, it was too easy to kill two people who didn't take him lightly.

    It was with a small blade that Han Three Thousand's master, Yan Jun, had become the most powerful man in the Han family, and he couldn't find many opponents in the entire Yanjing.

    The moment the two big men crashed to the ground, Ye Fei, who was waiting for the women to serve him with his eyes closed, said indifferently, "Drag this bastard out, don't disturb my mood."

    "Ye Fei, on the road to the Yellow Spring, I'll burn two maid paper men for you."

    Hearing Han Qianqian still speaking, Ye Fei opened his eyes abruptly, and when he saw that his men had fallen while Han Qianqian was still unharmed, he finally understood that the person in front of him was not someone he could take lightly.

    "Who are you!?"Yuffie asked.

    "Aren't you checking up on me?How come you don't even know who I am."Han Giangli smiled.

    This sentence scared Ye Fei to the point that his teeth were chattering, the guy he had recently checked was the one who had forced back Blade Twelve in the ring.

    Could it be that this person in front of him was him!

    Not bad, if it wasn't for him, how could these two men have been so easily dealt with?

    "Don't kill me, I'll give you anything you want, money, women, I'll give you as much as you want."Yuffie said.

    "I'm sorry, I just want your life."At this moment, a scream came from the corridor, it should be the woman that Ye Fei called arrived.

    Time didn't allow Han Qianqiang to delay any longer.

    When Ye Fei saw Han 3,000 coming towards him, he directly knelt on the bed, but his fate had already been decided when he investigated Han 3,000.

    With blood staining the white sheets, Ye Fei, who was covering his neck, watched with hatred as Han Three Thousand Year jumped down from the window to the third floor.

    By the time the relevant security personnel of Golden Bridge City arrived, the five of Ye Fei's men were already lifeless.

    This matter quickly spread to the ears of the Golden Bridge City boss, although he usually take care of Ye Fei, but since Ye Fei has died, the tea is cold, in order to avoid more trouble, let the men in the late night to Ye Fei and other people's bodies out of the city to bury, as to who the murderer is, he does not care, will not let people know that Ye Fei died in Golden Bridge City.

    After all, Golden Bridge City was an outlawed place, and if the authorities were alerted and investigated, he would have to close down his Golden Bridge City.

    In order not to worry about Mo Yang for the entire night, Han Giang gave Mo Yang a call to report his safety and then limped off to his car.

    He wasn't Spider-Man after all, forced to jump from the third floor height, it was impossible to get away unscathed.

    Mo Yang was so shocked after learning that Han Qianqiang had managed to kill Ye Fei that he couldn't recover for a long time.

    In his opinion, the success rate of this was less than one percent, but Han Qianxiang had done it.

    Mo Yang, who hung up the phone, smiled bitterly and said to himself, "I'm really curious, is there anything you can't do?"

    "Boss Mo, Brother 3000, have you already killed Ye Fei?"Lin Yong asked in a frightened voice.

    Mo Yang nodded his head.

    Lin Yong's eyes became horrified, even though he was no longer able to get Han 3000's heavy use now, this matter warned him that he must not have the slightest bit of betrayal towards Han 3000, or else he would end up like Ye Fei.

    If Ye Fei could be killed so easily, what was he to him?

    Han Giangli returned home and stayed where he was when he saw the floorboards in his room.

Chapter 98

Seeing that Su Yingxia had fallen asleep, Han Three Thousand didn't ask too many questions and slept the night away on the floor.

    Waking up at six o'clock the next day, Han Three Thousand was about to get up when he heard Su Yingxia coldly say, "I'm going jogging alone today, don't follow me, and I'll go to work by myself, you don't need to see me off."

    What was this happening?

    Han Qianqiang's monk was baffled, yesterday he was fine, why did his attitude change so quickly today.

    Could it be that the great aunt was coming?

    Han Giang had experienced this a few times before, and he also knew that there were always a few days a month where women were extremely hot tempered.

    Presumably that was the reason.

    Han 3,000 touched his leg, today was indeed not very suitable for running, although last night's jump from the third floor did not hurt his muscles and bones, but still need a good day of rest.

    At the entrance of the villa, Su Yingxia, who had waited for three minutes, was discouraged and went jogging alone.

    It seems he was really tired last night, otherwise, how could he really not come jogging because of her words?

    Perhaps this relationship was not what she thought it would be from the beginning to the end.

    At the top of the mountain, Su Yingxia cried a lot, and when she came down the mountain, her expression became extraordinarily cold.

    During the company's lunch break, Shen Lingyao came to the office looking for Su Yingxia.

    "Yingxia, what happened yesterday, have you asked Han Qianqian yet?"Shen Lingyao asked.

    "What is there to ask, do I still need to know what woman he slept with?"Su Yingxia said in a cold voice.

    "What if, he just went for a massage?"Shen Ling Yao tossed and turned last night, in her opinion, Han 3000 should not be such a person, and after calling Su Ying Xia, she only realized in hindsight that such unsubstantiated words would most likely affect their relationship.

    "You also know what kind of place Golden Bridge City is, if it's just a massage, why do you have to go there?"Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao was speechless and couldn't find a reason even if she wanted to help Han Qianqiang explain.

    "Even if he did go to that or something, you can't blame him, he's just a normal man ah."Shen Lingyao said.

    "Yaoyao, you like him so much that you can still accept him sleeping with other women, so why don't I just give him to you."Su Yingxia faintly said.

    "Shoot, there are three thousand weak waters, how could he possibly fancy me if he only takes this one scoop from you.And I think it, even if he did do that kind of thing, it's just pure venting, without emotion, you don't have to blame him, as long as you give it to him, he won't go out and get into trouble in the future ah."Han Qianqiang would have been able to vomit blood if he had been there to hear Shen Lingyao's explanation for him.

    Things that were clearly not there, let Shen Lingyao speak as if they were true, and could such kind words be comforting to Su Yingxia's ears?

    Weak water?

    Su Yingxia didn't care what Shen Lingyao said behind her, frowning because of these four words.

    Three Thousand Weak Waters ......

    I don't think so.

    "What's wrong with you, suddenly dazed?"Shen Lingyao saw that Su Yingxia didn't speak and asked.

    "No ...... nothing."Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "I've already let him sleep back on the floor, you don't need to speak up for him, I will never let an unclean person touch me, even if I don't divorce him, he won't get me in this life."

    Shen Lingyao secretly spoke at first glance, not expecting that her momentary nosiness had caused such serious consequences.

    "Ying Xia, it's possible, I was wrong, maybe it's just a back image, if you don't ask yourself, what if there's any misunderstanding?"Shen Lingyao said anxiously.

    "Don't say anything, if there's nothing else, you should hurry back to work, I'm still very busy here, I don't have time to accompany you."Su Yingxia said.

    What else did Shen Lingyao want to say, she was directly pushed out of the office by Su Yingxia.

    This is serious, I shouldn't have called Su Yingxia had I known.

    Shen Lingyao regretted so much that her intestines were blue, but in this situation, it was useless to regret.

    Since Su Yingxia wouldn't go and ask, Shen Ling Yao could only go to Han Qianqian herself and ask for clarification, and if it was a misunderstanding, making it clear might even be able to salvage their relationship.

    "Where are you, I want to see you."Shen Lingyao dialed Han Qianqian's number and said directly.

    Han Three Thousand was on his way to Blade Twelve's house, so naturally, he was unavailable and said, "Some other time, I have something today."

    "I advise you to come out to see me right away, or you'll be too late to regret it,"Shen Lingyao threatened.

    Han Qianli didn't know what this woman was up to again, but it wasn't the first time she had messed around, so Han Qianli hung up the phone, not bothering to take care of it.

    Shen Lingyao was so angry at being hung up that she almost couldn't help but fall to the ground if it weren't for her new phone.

    "Han Three Thousand, you actually hung up on me, so go regret it on your own."

    Mo Yang drove his old Santana, with no boss style at all.

    It was only after Han Three thousand hung up the phone that Mo Yang couldn't help but ask curiously, "How did you do it last night?Alone?"

    "Ye Fei is dead, but the news definitely won't come out, the Golden Bridge City side will definitely hide this matter, how do you plan to start with the underground boxing ring?"Han Marchiang asked.

    Seeing that Han Qianli didn't want to mention last night's incident, Mo Yang stopped asking questions, no matter how it worked out, just as long as the result was good.

    "There's actually someone who can do it for me, and it's simple with him,"Mo Yang said.

    "Blade Twelve?"Han Giang was confused.

    Mo Yang nodded heavily and said, "Although Blade Twelve is not well liked in the boxing ring, his strength is recognized by everyone, so no one should be displeased with him."

    "That's a good idea, but even if Ye Fei is dead, Blade Twelve may not be willing to work for us."Han Qianli worried.

    "Isn't this big guy the one who spoils his daughter, and if his daughter doesn't have a school to study in, we'll just be able to help, so can he still refuse?"Mo Yang laughed.

    Han Qianli mocked and looked at Mo Yang: "Boss Mo, you're not a good person either."

    Mo Yang sweated and said, "I'm also trying to help his daughter get a better learning environment, how good can education be in this countryside."

    "En, I quite like it when you're cheeky."

    The two of them smiled at each other, having a feeling of a snake and rat's nest.

    Town Center Elementary School.

    Knife twelve in the principal's office with a sinking face, today, his daughter just went to school, before the end of the school day to come home crying, said that he was expelled from the school, knife twelve when the anger rushed to find the principal to find an explanation.

    The principal, faced with Knife Twelve's hideous expression, was afraid, but thinking that he had taken a lot of money, even if he was afraid, he could only do so.

    "Your daughter often fights with people in school and doesn't even listen to her teacher, that's why I expelled her, you'd better hire another lawyer."The principal said.

    "Fart your mother's fart."Knife Twelve slapped the desk and the entire desk trembled.

    The principal was frightened all over and quickly said, "Don't get excited, calm down first."

    "My daughter is obedient and well-behaved, how can she fight with anyone, with whom do you find and confront me."Knife Twelve sounded like a flood bell blasting the entire principal's office.

    The principal wiped a cold sweat from his forehead and said, "This is an indisputable fact, even if you confront me face to face, so what, your daughter has been expelled now, even if I wanted to help, I couldn't, other parents, who don't want their children to be in the same school as your daughter, do I want to ruin the entire school's learning atmosphere for her alone?"

    "Who wouldn't, you let him talk to me,"Knife Twelve said.

    "You're barbaric, exactly like your daughter, anyway, your daughter can't study here, if you're ...... capable of doing so, just kill me."The principal said with his eyes closed.

    Knife Twelve hit the desk with another punch, and the entire desktop cracked like a scattered spider web.

    "Tell me, what do I have to do to keep my daughter in school."Knife Twelve could bend low for his daughter, so even if he had to make amends, he could accept it.

    "There's nothing I can do, you'd better try another school."The principal said with a sigh.

    "There's really no other way?"Knife Twelve softened his tone a bit.

    "No, I really can't help you, I'm sorry."The principal said with a sigh of regret.

Chapter 99

When Knife Twelve left the principal's office, the desk was already in a shattered state.

    The principal was stunned as he looked at the mess in front of him.

    This guy's strength was so terrifying that he had shattered the entire desk.

    The robbed headmaster breathed a sigh of relief and said under his breath, "It seems that in the future, it's better not to make this kind of money, you'll lose your life if you're not careful, today is really a blessing from God."

    Knife Twelve returned home, saw the car at the door, and entered the house unhappily.

    In the courtyard, Han 3000 sat squatting beside Tang Qing Wan, he knew Tang Qing Wan's name through the chat he had just had, and was surprised at the word Qing Wan.

    Just a rough guy like Knife Twelve could actually come up with such a fresh and unpretentious name, and he didn't know where this guy had looked it up from.

    "Qing Wan said that she was expelled from the school?"Han Giangli stood up and asked Blade Twelve.

    "That principal is farting, how could my daughter fight with someone."Knife Twelve's temper flared and he scolded.

    Tang Qing Wan wept and buried her head in her knees.

    When Knife Twelve saw this scene, he was even more heartbroken, but this was the person he loved the most, and Knife Twelve was unwilling to let Tang Qing Wan suffer half of the grievances even if he was hungry.

    "Daddy, can't I study in the future?"Tang Qingyuan raised her head and looked at Knife Twelve with a pear-shaped face.

    Knife Twelve hurried to Tang Qing Wan's side and comforted her, "Don't worry, dad will find another school for you, how can you not study."

    "But ...... our town, there's only one school."Tang Qingyuan cried out.

    Knife Twelve also knew the problem, if they found a school for Tang Qing Wan in the city, it would cost even more, and they didn't even have a place to live, would they have to let Tang Qing Wan sleep on the streets in order to study?

    "Ye Fei is finished."At this moment, Han Qianli spoke up.

    Knife Twelve looked up at Han Three Thousand with disdain and said, "Will I believe you if you tell me?"

    Han Giangli took out his phone and said, "There are some things that aren't quite suitable for Qing Wan to see, why don't you take a look?"

    Knife Twelve walked to Han Marchant with a suspicious face, only to see a bloody photo on his phone, the person covering his neck was Ye Fei.

    Knife Twelve's eyes became shocked, yesterday when Han Qianqian said this, he was just treating it as a joke, he didn't expect that he actually did it!

    Ye Fei, this was the boss of Cloud City's underground boxing ring, surrounded by many experts, and although Blade Twelve was able to do this, it would never be so silent.

    "How did you do it?"Knife Twelve looked incredulously at Han Marchant.

    "Does it matter how you do it?You have no worries now, and if you're willing to work for me, I can help Qing Wan find a better school in the city and provide you with a place to live as well."Han Giangli said.

    What Blade Twelve feared the most was that Ye Fei was using Tang Qing Wan to threaten him and he was now facing the problem of Tang Qing Wan going to school as well.

    The former Han Three Thousand Thousand had already solved it, and the latter he believed he could easily do as well.

    "What do you want me to do?"Knife Twelve asked.

    "How about taking over Ye Fei's underground boxing ring, and you step in to help me subdue those who don't?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "You want me to be the boss?"Knife Twelve was confused.

    "He's the boss, and with your brain, you're only fit to be a thugs."Han Giangli said bluntly.

    Knife Twelve didn't refute this statement, as he knew that he had the courage but not the brains to be a general, not a handsome talent.

    "Fine, as long as you help me with Qing Wan's reading, I'll help you."Knife Twelve promised.

    Han Giangli looked at Mo Yang and they smiled at each other again.

    "If there's anything to pack at home, let's go downtown and find you guys a place to stay first."Han Three Thousand said.

    Knife Twelve packed some of the clothes that Tang Qing Wan usually wore, but as for the rest, he didn't take anything else, it wasn't worth much after all.

    To go downtown, Tang Qing Wan was still a little apprehensive, having grown up so much, the number of times she had been there could be counted on one hand.

    After getting into the car, Knife Twelve said something that made Mo Yang bleed internally.

    "When the boss just drive this stupid car?"

    Han 3000 laughed, and Mo Yang, whose face was like pig's liver, stared hard at Han 3000 who was watching the joke.

    Back in the city, when choosing a house, taking into account the convenience of Tang Qingyuan's study, Han Three Thousand spent a large amount of money to buy a school house for Knife Twelve, and it was also written in Knife Twelve's name.

    Knife Twelve felt that since he was going to work for Han Three Thousand, this was the right thing to do, so he didn't say anything to thank her.

    Some unnecessary money was spent so that Knife Twelve's father and daughter could move into their new home that day.

    When Han 3,000 and Mo Yang were leaving, Knife Twelve personally took them to the elevator, making Han 3,000 a little surprised.

    Although Knife Twelve hadn't thanked him throughout the entire process, he didn't expect that the guy still had a bit of a conscience before he left.

    "You don't need to thank me, as long as things are done right, there are many benefits waiting for you in the future."Han Giangli said.

    "Do you have cash?"Knife Twelve asked.

    Han Giangli looked at Knife Twelve in dismay and said, "Yes, what for?"

    "No money for dinner."

    Okay, this isn't a thank you, this is coming to the door to ask for money, afraid of being seen by Tang Qingyuan, right?

    Han 3,000 yuan helplessly took a few thousand to Knife Twelve, Knife Twelve got the money and returned home without saying a word, leaving Han 3,000 yuan and Mo Yang who were looking at each other face to face.

    "This guy, he only recognizes money ah."Mo Yang said with a bitter smile.

    "It's pretty good to be straightforward."Han Three Thousand looked at the time, it was almost time to go to the office and quickly entered the elevator.

    It was good to not miss the time when having Mo Yang drop off at the downstairs of Su's company, but Han 3,000 waited until 5:30 and didn't see Su Yingxia.

    She wouldn't be working overtime, right?

    Or did you leave the office early and go home?

    At this time, Su Hachao and Su Yehan both walked out of the company's front door.

    Han Giangiang stepped forward and asked the two, "Where's Yingxia, is she still working overtime?"

    "Han 3000, she's already off work, don't you know?"Su Hachao said.

    Han Qianli turned around without saying a word.

    Get off work early!

    For the first time in over three years, Han Giang's intuition was sure that something was wrong.

    "Didn't Su Yingxia used to wait for Han Giang to pick her up?"Su Yeh Han was confused.

    Su Haichao gloated and gritted his teeth, "This b*tch, probably sensing the reason why grandmother doesn't trust her, is now deliberately trying to get rid of relations with Han Third Thousand to get grandmother's heavy use."

    "This wimp Han Three Thousand Years is still unaware that she was kicked away."Su Yeh Han scoffed.

    "Now that Su Yingxia has recognized that this wimp is her stumbling block, of course she has to be kicked away, but I can't let Su Yingxia get away with it, wanting to compete with me for status, not even looking at what kind of goods she is."Su Haichao coldly said.

    "Don't worry, Su Yingxia is a woman after all, how can she fight against you, and I'll help you in the future."Su Yehan said.

    Recently, Su Hachao purposely got close to Su Yehan and caged the relationship, just because Su Yehan has the chance to marry into the rich family in the future, and now with this assurance from Su Yehan, he couldn't help but laugh.

    "In the future, the two Su Han families, can be in our hands, you are good to me, so that everyone can be good."Su Haichao smiled.

    "Hey, I just don't know how long I have to wait for my prince charming to appear."Su Yeh Han exclaimed, she couldn't wait, but the other party was slow to make a move.

    "This kind of rich man, there must be a lot of things going on, he might be busy making money for you, what's the hurry."Su Hachao said.

    "That's true, the family is so rich, how could they be idle, it's only right to be busy, but after making me wait for so long, when he comes out, I must make things difficult for him, let him know that I, Su Yeh Han, am not just any woman, it's not that simple to marry me."

    Looking at Su Yehan's haughty face, Su Hachao despised it in his heart, I'm afraid that when that person really appeared, Su Yehan would be eager to jump into his arms, how could there be any restraint.

    The gold-worshipping girl facing the temptation of money, that can't just open her legs?

    When Han Three Thousand returned home, she didn't see Su Yingxia, but Jiang Lan was sitting seriously in the living room.

    "Han Three Thousand, from today onwards, you'd better not return to live here and get lost yourself."Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

Chapter 100

"Where's Welcome Summer?"Han Qianqian asked.

    Jiang Lan didn't know what had happened, but she could feel Su Yingxia's sudden coldness towards Han Qianli and had He Ting pack out a room for Han Qianli, which was clearly to sleep in a separate room from Han Qianli.

    It didn't matter what happened, the breakdown of their relationship was a good thing for Jiang Lan.

    Adding fuel to the fire was definitely unavoidable, it was best to get Han Qianqian out of the villa and she would be out of sight and out of mind.

    "Who are you to ask where Ying Xia is, she's already cleaned up your room and wants to share it with you, don't you understand what she means?"Jiang Lan smiled, how nice, it would have been nice to take this opportunity to kick Han Giang's ass.

    "Shut up, you."Han Giang snapped in a cold voice.

    Three years ago, even though Su Yingxia was very reluctant to finish the marriage with him, the two of them slept in the same room, and now the separation of the rooms was the first major earthquake in the relationship for Han 3000, and the key was that he didn't even know what was going on.

    Letting Jiang Lan continue to stir up mud here would only make things worse.

    "Han Three Thousand, what do you mean, now it's Ying Xia who's dissatisfied with you, why are you yelling at me."Jiang Lan forked her waist and walked menacingly up to Han Qianqian.

    "Jiang Lan, this villa is mine, you won't forget it, right?"Han Giangli said.

    Jiang Lan was stunned and looked a little guilty for a moment, but thought about Su Yingxia and had the presence of mind to say, "Are you going to kick us all out?"

    At this time, Su Yingxia suddenly came out of the room and said, "If you don't want us to live here, we can move out now."

    Hearing this, Jiang Lan was anxious, a trot to Su Yingxia's side, and whispered, "Daughter, are you stupid, how can we move out ah, if we want to leave it's also him leaving ah."

    "Mom, this villa is not ours."Su Yingxia said.

    Seeing Su Yingxia's cold as frost face, Han Qianli said helplessly, "Can you let me know what's going on?"

    "Does it matter?"For a woman, a man has been physically cheating on her, even if he is simply venting his lust, Su Yingxia can't accept it, because she is clean, and by the same token she also wants the same for Han Marchant.

    It doesn't matter what Han has done in the past, what matters is after marriage.

    And he claimed to be in love but did those things behind her back, which made Su Yingxia feel betrayed and lied to, which was the biggest reason for her change of heart.

    "Of course it's important, even if I die, let me die in plain sight,"Han Giangli said.

    "Fine, I'll let you die in plain sight, you went to Golden Bridge City last night,"Su Yingxia said.

    "What!"Lan Jiang was shocked, Golden Bridge City was very famous in Cloud City, although she had never been there, she had heard many sisters mention it, it was a place where men played with women.

    "Han 3,000, now that you're rich, you're going to play with women who aren't good for nothing, divorce, you must divorce."Jiang Lan said furiously.

    Han Qianli didn't expect it to be because of this matter, but how could she know?

    When I left home yesterday, Han Qianqiang was the one who sent Su Yingxia home.

    Thinking about the phone call from Shen Ling Yao today, it wouldn't be that she just happened to bump into her and ratted on Su Ying Xia, right?

    "Is there anything else you'd like to say?"Seeing Han Qianli's silence instead of defending herself, Su Yingxia was completely disheartened, this was her chance to explain but Han Qianli didn't say anything.

    "This matter is not what you think,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "Then what is it like, you tell me."Su Yingxia said.

    Kill Ye Fei!

    If this matter were to be known to Su Yingxia, Han Qianxiang didn't know what she would think.

    For the dark side of society, Su Yingxia had never seen anything at all nowadays, and things like murder were even more unknowable to her.

    "I can't tell you yet, but I'm not having sex with any woman,"Han Giangli said.

    "Han Three Thousand, can we believe you when you say such things?What kind of place is that?Fooling us like we're three years old?"Jiang Lan feared that the world would be in chaos, and would have loved to take this opportunity to disengage Su Yingxia and Han Giang, provided, of course, that he could get possession of the villa.

    "Do you trust me?"Han Qianqiang looked at Su Yingxia and asked seriously.

    Su Yingxia wanted to believe Han Giang, but in a place like Golden Bridge City, she didn't believe that Han Giang had really just gone to see what nothing had done.

    "How am I supposed to trust you if you won't tell me what you've done?"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli took a deep breath and said, "I'll tell you everything later, but now isn't the time?"

    "You want to wait for some wild woman out there to get pregnant with wild seed?"Jiang Lan questioned.

    For the first time, Han Qianqian had murderous intent towards Jiang Lan, if this woman kept talking so much, the misunderstanding would get deeper and deeper, and Su Yingxia would distrust him more and more.

    A pair of icy eyes stared at Jiang Lan, Jiang Lan unconsciously cringed, only feeling that Han Qianqian seemed very scary at the moment.

    "What ...... are you staring at me for."Jiang Lan took two steps back and looked at Han Qianqian fearfully.

    "Ying Xia, I didn't do anything wrong to you."Han Giang said.

    "Fine, explain to me when you'll be back in the room."Su Yingxia said and turned around to go back to her room.

    Han Qianli cried and laughed, it would take at least a few years for her to know these things, so it was hard to sleep in separate rooms for all these years?And this is bound to cause the two of them to grow apart.

    Have to think of a way to settle this matter properly.

    "Ying Xia, this is a good chance for you to divorce him, you're not going to just let him go, are you?"Jiang Lan followed Su Yingxia back to her room, and the first thing she did was to start being bad.

    "He's now but he's already slept with other women, those that are out for sale, how dirty one of them is, just think of what he did with those women, how can you still want this kind of dirty man."

    "And maybe he's even infected with a disease, what if this spreads to you?"

    "Mom, don't say anything."Su Yingxia said impatiently.

    "You silly girl, you don't really believe him, do you?If a man's word can be trusted, a sow can go up a tree."Jiang Lan eagerly said.

    Seeing Su Yingxia's head bowed, Jiang Lan mistakenly thought she had persuaded Su Yingxia, and continued, "But before the divorce, you have to get the villa, you can't take advantage of him, listen to what mom says, go with him tomorrow to transfer the registration, and divorce after the registration, with your condition, isn't it simple to find a good man?"

    "Mom, will you shut up, it's my own business to decide what to do,"Su Yingxia said.

    "Mom is doing this for your own good, can't it still hurt you?It's too late for you to regret if you really contracted some disease."Jiang Lan scolded.

    Su Yingxia was originally willing to give Han Third Thousand a chance, but was a little shaken by what Jiang Lan said.

    She believed in Han Qianli's character, but there was no telling if he could control himself in the face of his desires.

    "Mom, do you want this villa badly?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Aren't you talking nonsense?Who wouldn't want a place this valuable."Jiang Lan said without hesitation.

    "Good."Su Yingxia nodded her head and said, "I'll let him go with me to transfer the property tomorrow, but I won't divorce him yet."

    "Really?"Jiang Lan looked pleasantly surprised, whether to divorce or not was something to be said later, the key was to transfer the household first, and when that happened, she would be able to straighten her back in this house.

    "En."Su Yingxia did this for no other reason than he wanted to give Han Qianli a warning, even if he really didn't do anything this time, he had to have a sense of crisis when facing these things in the future.

    New room, new weather.

    But Han 3000 was not happy at all, he could understand Su Yingxia's feelings, if it were him, he wouldn't be able to calm down, for fear that Jiang Lan would add fuel to the fire behind the scenes and this would become more and more troublesome.

    Looks like it's time to teach Jiang Lan a little lesson, endure the humiliation for three years, can't let this woman continue to be arrogant.

    The next day at breakfast time, Han Qianli met up with Su Yingxia at the dinner table.

    Originally, he wanted to open his mouth and say that he would send Su Yingxia to work, but he didn't expect Su Yingxia to be the first to speak up and say, "I'm not going to the company today."

    Su Yingxia's serious and responsible attitude towards work wouldn't take time off for no reason, was it because of the villa?


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