His True Colors 91-95


His True Colors Novel Chapter 91

"I'm going to have uncle kill you, I'm going to have uncle kill you."Rongliu touched the bald spot on the top of her head and shouted hoarsely at Han Qianqian.

    Seeing Rongliu's miserable state, Yang Wen, who was still bleeding from covering his mouth, rushed to her side and said, "Don't worry, I'll never let him leave here alive today."

    "Han Qianqian, you're dead, I want you to pay a painful price."Yang Wen turned his head to look at Han Three Thousand viciously, Yang Qi but as his own son, Rong Liu is also his daughter-in-law, now Han Three Thousand has ripped off his hair and is bald, how could Yang Qi let him go.

    "Yang Qi."Han Qianqian shouted in a cold voice.

    Yang Qi, who was still sitting paralyzed at the door, heard the reprimand and was so scared that he quickly climbed up and trotted into the hall.

    "It's over, it's over, Yang Qi is here."

    "This is no way for Han Qianli to escape, what a fool."

    "Who let him be so arrogant, he didn't run when he had the chance to run, and now that Yang Wen wants him dead, Yang Qi definitely won't let him go."

    When Yang Wen saw Yang Qi, he was like seeing a savior, he said with a snotty nose and tears, "Uncle, you have to save me, look how I've been beaten by him, and also by Rong Liu."

    Yang Qi didn't pay any attention to Yang Wen, what nephew, even if it was his own son who had done this, Yang Qi didn't have the guts to help, this was completely fucking looking for death ah!

    Running in front of Han Giangli, Yang Qi poofed down to his knees and kept kowtowing to Han Giangli.

    "This!What's going on, how did Yang Qi kneel down to Han Giang."

    "F*ck, Yang Qi is falling down, why would he be kneeling down."

    "No, he didn't fall, this is still kowtowing, how could he fall?"

    The group of students watched the scene with jaw-dropping eyes.

    Some rubbed their eyes to make sure what they saw wasn't an illusion, and then looked at Han Qianqian, their eyes filled with incredulity.

    Yang Qi was even kneeling to him, what was going on, could it be that this loser was even more powerful than Yang Qi?

    How could that be, he's a famous wimp in Cloud City.

    "Uncle, help me kill him and help me get revenge."Yang Wen shouted without knowing how to die.

    Yang Qi's eyes were cold as he stopped kowtowing, not needing Han Qianqian to speak, he stood up and walked over to Yang Wen, "You traitor, you're going to f*cking get me killed."

    After saying that, Yang Qi f*cked the bench and struck at Yang Wen as hard as he could.

    Yang Wen rolled around in pain and howled.

    After being startled, Rong Liu got up and pulled Yang Qi, saying, "Uncle, you hit the wrong person, this is your nephew."

    Yang Qi stopped moving and swung a punch at Rong Liu's face, "And you b*tch, what use do you have except to cause me trouble, do you really think you're a f*cking person?"

    "You're just a b*tch who can't do anything, if it weren't for me, you could live such a comfortable life."

    "Where the f*ck did you get the superiority complex to have Miss Su kneel for you."

    Yang Qi cursed as he pulled on Rongliu's hair and brought her in front of Su Yingxia, then kicked Rongliu's leg and continued to curse, "Kneel down for me."

    Rongliu was confused, in her opinion, Yang Qi would definitely help her out with this bad breath, even if he didn't kill Han Giang and Su Yingxia, he would still make these two kneel down and apologize to her.

    But now, it was her who was kneeling down to apologize!

    "Uncle, you ......"


    A slap on Rongliu's face, Yang Qi said, "Don't f*cking call me uncle, from today onwards, I have nothing to do with you."

    Yang Qi couldn't lose everything he had now because of Yang Wen, even if he didn't have anyone to inherit his business in the future, so he would never say a good word for Yang Wen Rongliu.

    He would never frown a bit if Han Qianqiang wanted to kill.

    "What ...... is going on here, is Yang Qi crazy?"

    "Yang Wen is his own nephew, he didn't teach Han Qianqian a lesson, but instead he wants to cut ties with Yang Wen, what's going on?"

    "Maybe ...... Maybe Han 3,000 is a very powerful person?"

    "Bullshit, he's a wimp, how can he be powerful.I think, Yang Qi is looking at Su Yingxia's face, after all, the Su family is now in charge of the west side of the city project, Yang Qi has to give this face ah."

    The students watching the fun were each speculating on the cause and effect, and quickly determined that Yang Qi was not helping Yang Wen out because he didn't dare to offend Su Yingxia.

    But at this time, Yang Qi kneeled down again, and in front of Han Qianqian, buried his head and said, "Brother Qianqian, it's all my fault, I taught such an arrogant and ignorant thing, today you want to kill or scrape, I will never have a single complaint."

    Brother Three Thousand ......!

    Yang Qi called Han Giangan, Brother Giangan!

    The students who were sure that this was related to Su Yingxia were slapped in the face.

    But ......

    But they couldn't figure out why Han Qianqian was so powerful that she could make Yang Qi kneel down and apologize.

    It wasn't just those students who couldn't figure it out, at the moment Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao were also filled with confusion.

    Why did even someone like Yang Qi have to address him as Brother Three Thousand Thousand?

    "Just now, someone tried to put my wife on the spot?"Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Yang Qi said emotionlessly, "Understood."

    Quickly, Yang Qi called a few of his men and instructed his men, "This woman belongs to you, right here."

    A few of the men didn't know what was going on, but Yang Qi gave the word, which dared to disobey.

    Rongliu looked at the few people coming towards her in horror, although she used to be debauched, but after following Yang Wen, she has been restrained, because Yang Wen is rich and can bring her a good life, if she is spoiled by these people today, Yang Wen definitely does not want her.

    "Yang Wen, save me, save me."Rongliu begged for help.

    Seeing Rongliu's clothes being torn, Yang Wen ran to Yang Qi's side and knelt down, "Uncle, she's your nephew-in-law, how can you do this to her."

    Yang Qi kicked Yang Wen away and said coldly, "Don't say your wife, even if my woman offended Brother 3000, this is how she ended up, she is to blame for her own arrogance and ruthlessness, this is her own fault."

    The scene of springtime unfolded in the hall, in full view of everyone.

    Han Qianqiang still had cold eyes, and only when the ripples started to rise did she sneer at Yang Wen and say, "Looks like she's still enjoying herself."

    Yang Wen gritted his teeth as he listened to the voice in his ear that was originally dedicated to him and was even more intense than when he was with him, his heart was dripping blood.

    Looking at Han Qianqian with hatred, he said, "Han Qianqian, I won't let you go, and I'll definitely take my revenge today."

    The words had just fallen, Han Qianqian hadn't spoken yet, Yang Qi's fist had already arrived, this thing that didn't know how to die, and dared to rave about revenge.

    "I regard you as a Gryphon, what qualifications do you have to take revenge, even if you were given the chance, you'd be shooting yourself in the foot."Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    Yang Wen, whose ears were ringing from the punch, covered his head, he really couldn't understand what kind of wind his uncle was drawing today, why did he kneel down to this wimp, why did he beat him because of this wimp, even ...... even Rongliu suffered such a downfall.

    "Brother Three Thousand, I can kill him, this matter has absolutely nothing to do with you in the slightest."Yang Qi said to Han Qianqian, abandoning his car to save his life, this was the only way he could do it now.


    Did you kill Yang Wen?

    Those students looked at Yang Qi in horror, he was going to kill his nephew, this was really crazy!

    "Three thousand, I want to go to the hospital."At this time, Su Yingxia walked over to Han 3,000 and said.

    Han Three Thousand's icy gaze instantly softened and said, "Good."

    Helping Su Yingxia to the entrance of the hall, Han Three Thousand Thousand stopped and said without looking back, "If Yingxia has half a scratch on her face, prepare a coffin for yourself."

    Yang Qi's heart trembled, he had beaten Yang Wen up again, if it wasn't for Yang Wen, how could he have met such an unlucky thing, now he could only pray to the gods and hope that Su Yingxia's face would recover as before.

    "You dog, I'm going to be killed by you!"

    After beating Yang Wen to the point that he didn't have the strength to scream, Yang Qi turned to those students and said in a cold voice, "If you dare to reveal half a word about what happened today, don't blame me, Yang Qi, for being merciless."

    The classmates nodded their heads one by one in shock, not daring to be the least bit lenient towards Yang Qi's words.

    But there was a question in everyone's heart as to why the rumored wimp was so powerful!

Chapter 92

On the way to the hospital, Su Yingxia had many doubts in her mind, but she didn't ask too many questions, whether or not Han 3000 was a wimp, time would tell.And what kind of person he really is, time will also tell her.

    Su Yingxia was clear, all she needed to know was that Han 3000 loved her, and that was enough.

    "Han Three Thousand, do you know Yang Qi?"Shen Lingyao, who was sitting in the back seat, was not lonely and asked.

    "There was a one-sided encounter."Han 3,000 said, after meeting Yang Qi one time three years ago, Han 3,000 hadn't appeared again in the past three years, so the claim of a one-sided encounter couldn't be considered a lie.

    Shen Ling Yao deflated her mouth, she didn't believe Han Qianqian's statement, but Su Yingxia, who was sitting in the passenger seat, didn't even ask more questions, so she knew she shouldn't mind her own business either.

    However, Shen Ling Yao was sure of one thing, Han Three thousand is by no means a wimp in the eyes of those people in Yun City, he is so powerful that ordinary people may not be able to imagine, but unfortunately, such a man is destined to have no chance with her, because this is her best girlfriend's husband.

    After arriving at the hospital, and after some examination, Su Yingxia's face was just some external injuries, and she could recover as long as she recuperated.

    Shen Lingyao's injuries are not serious, and there are no injuries to her bones or muscles.

    But Su Yingxia's current condition is definitely not suitable for going home, and if Jiang Lan knew about it, she would have to jump to her feet and scold people.

    Han Qianqian rented them a daily rental apartment for the time being, and while they recovered here, the two girlfriends could still keep each other company and wouldn't be bored.

    A week later.

    Su Family Company.

    Su Haichao sat in his office with a sneer on his face, Su Yehan sat on the sofa and said to him, "Haichao, Su Yingxia didn't come to work for a week, she's really bloated now, she doesn't even care about the company anymore."

    "This frakking woman, I didn't think she would actually learn to be sneaky, today grandmother will come to the company, let's see what I will say about her in front of grandmother then."Su Haichao said.

    Su Yeh Han laughed and said, "If you let grandmother until she is not doing her job, your image can be saved a few points."

    Su Hachao disdainfully laughed, does image matter?With his manhood alone, Su Yingxia couldn't fight him, Su Hachao wasn't even worried that his position would be taken away by Su Yingxia.

    "In grandmother's heart, my position is unshakable, what is this frakking woman."

    Not long after, the old lady of the Su family arrived at the company, Su Hachao deliberately opened an internal family meeting on an impromptu basis.

    The old lady saw that Su Yingxia hadn't appeared late, and said with dissatisfaction, "Where is Su Yingxia, why hasn't she come yet, have you informed her?"

    "Grandmother, you have no idea, Su Yingxia hasn't come to the company for a week, and I've been handling the company's affairs lately."Su Haichao said.

    "A week without coming to the company?"The old lady frowned, full of displeasure, and continued, "She's really winging it now, not even coming to the office?"

    "Grandmother, Su Yingxia is such an impetuous person, now that she has power and money, how can she work as diligently as I do."Su Haichao sighed and said with a regretful face.

    Su Yehan seized the opportunity at the right time and spoke up, "Grandmother, I see that she doesn't even know what her last name is now, she doesn't even put the Su family in her eyes."

    The old lady gritted her teeth, if it wasn't for the fact that Su Yingxia controlled the right to cooperate in the west side of the city project, she would hate to drive Su Yingxia out of the company, but based on that, she couldn't do that, because Zhong Liang's attitude had already made it clear, for the sake of cooperation, the old lady could only endure.

    "If you don't teach her a lesson, she really thinks that the Su family can't do without her, Hai Chao, call her and tell her to get back to the company immediately."The old lady said sternly.

    Seeing the old lady moved to anger, Su Haichao smiled more than a little in his heart, although this time can't deprive Su Yingxia's rights, but it's good to have the old lady doggedly scold Su Yingxia.

    After dialing Su Yingxia's phone, Su Hachao said, "Su Yingxia, you didn't come to the company for a week, grandmother is now very angry, tell you to get the hell back."

    "I'm at the construction site of the west side of the city project, I'm not free right now, please tell grandma for me, I'll meet her after I'm busy."Su Yingxia said.

    "Su Yingxia, you think I'm an idiot, right?Did you say a construction site is a construction site?You've been sneaking off on your own for a week, and you're still trying to find this excuse to pamper grandma?"Su Haichao sneered, he didn't believe that Su Yingxia had spent a week at the construction site, the weather was so hot, who had to stay in the air-conditioned room.

    "Believe it or not."Su Yingxia directly hung up the phone, and at this time, she was indeed at the construction site.

    "Three thousand, you're really smart, if you hadn't let me come to the construction site, this time Su Hachao would have been caught by Su Hachao."Su Yingxia said with a smile to Han 3,000, she came to the construction site yesterday, and it was Han 3,000 who suggested it.

    When this matter was proposed yesterday, Su Yingxia didn't understand Han Three Thousand's meaning, and Han Three Thousand didn't explain, until now, Su Yingxia only understood that Han Three Thousand had expected that Su Hachao would use this matter as a handle.

    "Su Haichao's person, hating every second of the day to target you, not going to the company for a week, can he let you go?"Han Giangli smiled and was delighted to see Su Yingxia's face recovered as it was.

    Su Yingxia noticed Han Qianqian staring at her face and suddenly thought of what he said a week ago, when he left the Fuyang Fruit Village.

    "Three thousand, if I did leave scars on my face, would you really ask Yang Qi to prepare a coffin?"Su Yingxia was confused.

    Han Qianli shook her head and said, "It's not Yang Qi, but the entire Yang family."

    Su Yingxia looked at the gaze of Han Qianqian, not like a joke at all, although she felt a little scary, but more touched, because it was all because of her.

    Su Haichao, who was hanging up the phone, gritted his teeth in anger and said to the old lady, "Grandmother, Su Yingxia said that she is at the construction site and is not available to see you right now."

    "How could she be at the construction site, she's just looking for an excuse to justify herself, grandmother, you can't believe her."Su Yehan said.

    The old lady's face was gloomy, if Su Yingxia really dared to lie and deceive her, this time she must not spare Su Yingxia, even if she couldn't deprive her of her status as project manager, she could still get her financial power back.

    "Is it at the construction site, just go and check it out."The old lady said.

    Su Hachao couldn't wait to tear down Su Yingxia and said, "Grandmother, I'll go downstairs and drive first."

    In addition to Su Hachao, Su Yehan also followed the crowd, and there were many other Su family relatives, they all wanted to see what would happen to Su Yingxia after she was debunked from this matter.

    The Su family's convoy, with great sound, drove towards the west of the city.

    "Grandmother, it's time to get Su Yingxia's financial power back, or else she really thinks she controls the company and won't even go to work."On the way, Su Haichao said to the old lady.

    Now Su Yingxia controls the finances and keeps a very strict check, Su Hachao has made a lot of money this week, but it's easy to find out, if he deprives Su Yingxia of her rights, he doesn't have to worry.

    "Grandmother, I think that Hai Chao is more suitable to manage the company's finances than Su Yingxia, after all, he will only be the chairman of the board later, and he should be allowed to get used to it in advance."Su Yehan said, she knew that only if Su Hachao controlled the finances, they would be able to make money in the company more easily.

    Although the old lady was old, but people were not stupid, if she gave the financial power to Su Hachao at this time, he would only be self-satisfied, the Su family's current west of the city project was very important, can't let Su Hachao to collapse.

    "Haichao, what kind of mind you have, old lady I know very well, your pattern, should also be upgraded, the whole company is yours in the future, now rushing for this small profit, how can you achieve great things."The old lady said in a deep voice.

    Su Haichao's heart was shocked, busy saying: "Grandmother has taught a lesson, don't worry, I have learned my lesson now, never take a single penny of the company's money that I shouldn't."

    "You should know that the Su family's current development is all for you to have a higher step in the future, and you are the heaviest beneficiary."The old lady said.

    Su Haichao only cared about the immediate benefits, without thinking about the future, being reminded by the old lady, enlightened by the truth, the whole company is his, so why bother fishing for this oil now?

    "And you."The old lady turned to Su Yeh Han and said, "You're the one who's going to marry into the rich family, so this amount of money is nothing."

    Su Yehan smiled proudly.

    I'm the one who's going to marry into a noble family, what is Su Yingxia counting for?

Chapter 93

The Su family's crowd arrived at the construction site, the old lady was filled with joy, this large area that was being developed would most likely replace the main city of Cloud City in the future, and the Su family would also become a first-tier family in Cloud City because of this springboard, which was something the old lady had dreamed of.

    "I thought I would never see the Su Family squeeze into a first-tier family in Cloud City in my lifetime, but the heavens took pity on me and gave me this opportunity."This was the first time the old lady had come to inspect the west side of the city, and she was inevitably excited.

    "Grandmother, don't worry, under my leadership, the Su Family will definitely be able to match the Heavenly Family, and perhaps surpassing it is not impossible."Su Haichao said with a smile.

    The old lady nodded her head and said appreciatively, "Not bad, you have such an ambition, I can close my eyes in the future."

    "Grandmother, I'll call Su Yingxia and see if she's here."Su Haichao said and eagerly took out the phone.

    "Grandmother, it's very likely that she came here on purpose to round out the lie, you have to keep your eyes peeled ah."Su Yeh Han warned to the old lady.

    The old lady looked cold and said, "She dares."

    Su Yehan couldn't help but laugh and said, "Granny is discerning, surely she won't be fooled by her."

    After Su Haichao hung up the phone, Su Yingxia didn't take long to arrive in front of everyone, accompanied by Zhong Liang.

    And Su Yingxia's skin had obviously darkened a bit, how could it have darkened if it hadn't been exposed to the sun?

    "Grandmother, why are you here personally, it's so hot, hurry back and rest."Su Yingxia walked up to the old lady and said.

    Su Haichao and Su Yehan both looked at each other, is she really at the construction site all these days?

    "Su Yingxia, you're quite quick to move, you came before us, it seems like you've already made arrangements."Su Haichao said in a cold voice.

    "Old lady, our boss's vision is really good ah, before I didn't understand why he must work with Su Yingxia, but this week I sort of know, it's really hard to find a person in charge who can be so dutiful now."Zhong Liang said with a smile.

    The old lady piled a smile on her face and said, "Boss Zhong, your boss's vision is indeed good, otherwise, it would be impossible to have such a dutiful subordinate like you."

    Zhong Liang waved his hand repeatedly and said, "I'm just coming over occasionally to take a look, how can I compare to Yingxia, she's been on the front line of the construction site every day this week, look at her, her entire body is much tanned."

    Zhong Liang's words were equivalent to proving for Su Yingxia, which made Su Hachao and Su Yehan's faces turn very ugly.

    "By the way, I heard that you two also came to the construction site a while ago and left in less than ten minutes, Su Hachao, you didn't become the project manager, this is a great fortune for the Su family company."Zhong Liang continued with a smile.

    Su Hachao was demeaned, although his heart hated it, but he did not dare to have any dissatisfaction in the face of Zhong Liang, and could only look at Su Yingxia viciously.

    The old lady was here to find trouble with Su Yingxia, and hadn't expected Zhong Liang to be there and to speak for Su Yingxia so much.

    "Boss Zhong, if you have a task to explain to Hai Chao, you can always ask."The old lady said, she still wanted Su Hachao to join the project, after all, he was only the chairman of the Su family in the future, and being able to make good relations with Weakwater Real Estate would be of great help to the future development of the Su family.

    "No need."Zhong Liang shook his head without hesitation and said, "How can I dare to give him an account of the task for such a delicate gentleman like him, if he doesn't get it done, won't he still have to get me involved."

    "Brother Zhong, don't worry, I will do my best in what you have explained to me."Su Hachao said evenly.

    Zhong Liang didn't give any face at all and said coldly, "Everyone in the Su family, my boss only trusts Su Yingxia, this is my boss's intention, the rest of you, don't follow suit, don't come back to regret after you've lost the opportunity you've got."

    This sentence was a wake-up call for everyone in the Su family, especially the old lady's idea of letting Su Hai Chao into the project, which was once again shattered.

    "Yingxia, since the owner of Weak Water Real Estate thinks so highly of you, you can't let him down."The old lady said.

    Su Yingxia nodded her head and smiled, "Grandmother don't worry, I will do my best, but the company still has a lot of things I need to deal with, I may not be able to go to the construction site next, how about Grandmother help me choose someone to help me come and keep an eye on the site."

    Just keep an eye on it, there was nothing else to do, much less any right to do so.

    The old lady looked at Su Yehan, this thing definitely can't let Su Haichao do it, he came to the construction site, the company is Su Yingxia's world alone, and the supervisor has no rights, which is equivalent to emptying Su Haichao's rights again.

    Su Yehan found the old lady looking at himself, suddenly panicked, she does not want to do with the sun every day, this fair skin if the ultraviolet radiation, not into a black carbon?

    "Grandmother, I won't do it, you don't expect me to do this."Su Yeh Han refused before the old lady could say anything.

    The old lady sighed, Su Yehan will marry into the gentry in the future, the Su family will have to rely on her to help out, it's not good to annoy Su Yehan, but the other relatives, who don't carry much weight in the Su family, don't show the sincerity of the Su family, casually perfunctory a person to the construction site, in case it makes the weak water real estate side dissatisfied, the consequences are also very serious.

    "Su Guolin, you will be the company from now on."The old lady said.

    Su Guolin never expected that this chore would fall on his head, he was blowing the air conditioning in the company, he didn't have to do any work every day, he could be said to be enjoying his life, if he came to this construction site, he would die of heat every day, not to mention, he would also have to face the dust in the sky ah.

    "Mom, how can you let me come, these things ......"

    Before Su Guolin could finish his sentence, the old lady interrupted, "Yingxia can do it, but you, a grown man, can't?If you don't feel up to it, go home today and rest, you don't have to go to the office anymore."

    Is this a case of getting kicked out of the company and stepping down?

    Where did Su Guolin dare to refuse, he could only promise, "Mom, I'll do it."

    From Su Guolin's point of view, this was something Su Yingxia had deliberately mentioned, so he turned all of his hatred, onto Su Yingxia.

    But Su Yingxia didn't care, it was their own fault.

    "Grandmother, there's something else I want to tell you."Su Yingxia said.

    "Let's talk about it when you have something back at the office, it's too hot here, I can't stand it."The old lady said and turned around to go back to the car.

    Su Haichao stared at Su Yingxia, she suddenly mentioned something, it couldn't be related to the accounts, could it?

    "Su Yingxia, I'm warning you, it's better to turn a blind eye to some things, or else everyone won't end up in a good place."Su Haichao threatened.

    "What? Have you done something wrong?"Su Yingxia smiled.

    "There are some rules that the Su family has always had, it's not something you can go and break."Who in the Su family wasn't corrupt, so Su Haichao was able to say so righteously because everyone would be on his side.

    "Really? I'd like to see if this rule, grandmother can continue to accept it."Su Yingxia said in a cold voice, turning around and getting into Han Giangli's car.

    On the way back to the company, Han 3000 said to Su Yingxia, "You don't expect grandmother to give them multiple chastisements, she will keep Su Haichao anyway, and if you want to kick Su Haichao out of the company, you can't be in a hurry."

    Su Yingxia naturally understood this, and she also knew how much grandmother valued Su Haichao, and said, "I didn't expect this matter to crush Su Haichao, I just cut off their money, so that they can't be corrupt in the company in the future."

    Back at the company, Su Yingxia went to the finance department first and took a thick stack of documents before going to the conference room.

    The old lady sat in the main seat and said in a light voice, "What's the matter, please speak quickly, I have other things to do."

    "This week, although I am at the construction site, it doesn't mean that the company's affairs are unheard of, in just one week's time, there are more than four million unexplained funds lost in the accounts, I hope that everyone here, can give me an explanation."Su Yingxia coldly said.

    More than four million, to the Su family is not a small amount of money, at this time the Su family's relatives are a little surprised, some people thought to themselves, I only took more than a hundred thousand, how could there be such a big difference in the amount.

    Some people also thought, I took just a few hundred thousand, what is it to the account of a billion?

Chapter 94

The meeting room was silent, everyone buried their heads and didn't speak.

    Su Haichao didn't think Su Yingxia would actually dare to bring this matter up, wasn't she afraid of offending everyone?

    "Su Yingxia, since you're the one managing the company's accounts, where did the money go, isn't it hilarious that you came to ask us without asking yourself?"Suhai Chao said.

    "I know exactly whose pockets the money went into, do you want me to tell you every single one of them?"Su Yingxia asked.

    Su Hai Chao's face was as heavy as water, everyone's amount of embezzlement was different, and this kind of thing brought to the stage, not only would it be disgraceful, but it would also cause disobedience from each family.

    "Yingxia, are you intentionally trying to start an internal fight?"Su Haichao said.

    "This matter is done, Su Yingxia, they are all working for the company, there is no next time."The old lady got up and said.

    This issue, is it over?

    Su Yingxia looked at the old lady with some consternation, although she thought the old lady would not chastise, but at least to restrain a few sentences, and finished like this, is not more indulgent of their foolishness in the company?

    There is indeed money on the books now, but how long have they been prohibited from embezzling?

    "Grandma, do you mean to just let it go and let them continue to be corrupt in the future?"Su Yingxia questioned.

    Su Haichao saw Su Yingxia's attitude and immediately became angry, saying, "Su Yingxia, what kind of attitude are you talking to grandmother, winged and hardened, don't you even care about grandmother?"

    "You're really good at it now, Weakwater Real Estate values you, so you don't give a damn about the Soviet family, do you?"Su Yeh Han said in a gloomy manner.

    "Okay, all less talk, I'm leaving first."The old lady stood up and said.

    Su Yingxia gritted her teeth, it was hard to get back the one billion loan, if she couldn't hold on to the funds back, who would be able to save the Su family?Is the old lady trying to shield Su Haichao, not even caring about the safety of the Su family?

    "Grandmother, how long do you think a billion dollars will last in a week of over four million?I talked to Zhong today, although the City West project has started pre-sales, but the project is not officially completed, weak water real estate will not give us money, until the company's economic crisis, what do you use to fill the hole?"Su Yingxia said.

    When the old lady heard this, she stopped in her tracks, the west side of the city has recently had a large amount of funds remitted in, in her opinion, it should only take one to two years for the funds to return, so four million small money, she didn't see it in her eyes, but if it's really like what Su Yingxia said, they can't be allowed to act recklessly in the company.

    "From today onwards, whoever takes a penny of ill-gotten gains in the company, get out."The old lady changed her face quite quickly, she was full of care just now, but now she was nervous.

    "The survival of the company concerns everyone's interests, if you just care about your own wallets, don't blame me for being rude."

    "Grandma, if they do it again, will you really fire them?"Su Yingxia said.

    The old lady knew that this was Su Yingxia forcing her to make rules, but the big matter was at hand, and she knew how shameless these relatives were, they would definitely be corrupt if given the chance, the Su family must not be destroyed by these people.

    "Yes, no matter who it is, dismiss them all."The old lady said and left the meeting room.

    The Su family's relatives were ashen, without the opportunity to embezzle, the living expenses of the big spenders would become tight, which was unacceptable to them.

    "Su Yingxia, do you have to make things so desperate?"

    "What do you think you are that we took a penny of your money?"

    "To fight us is to fight the entire Su family, can you fight us with the power of one person?"

    Su Yingxia looked at the Su family relatives who blamed themselves, they acted as if they took corruption for granted, it was really ugly to the extreme.

    "I don't need to fight with you guys, as long as there is anything wrong with the accounts, I will do my best to investigate thoroughly, even if it's just a penny, I will trace it back to its source, you guys better be able to follow some rules, what grandmother said, if you don't take it seriously, you can't blame me if you are fired."Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao clenched his fist, he had vowed to ensure that everyone could not be afraid of Su Yingxia, but now that grandmother had spoken, he could only abide by this rule.

    To the extent that it does not affect him much, because the entire company is his in the future, but losing face in front of his relatives, this is something Su Hachao cannot accept.

    "Su Yingxia, let's see, this company, with you and without me."Su Hachao coldly said.

    "When I marry into the Han family, I want you to be unable to hold your head up in this life."Su Ye-han said and left the conference room with Su Hachao.

    "What an ungrateful woman."

    "We'll see, we don't have a good life, and neither will you."

    "Holding a chicken feather as a token, what the hell."

    Only after all the relatives left the conference room did Su Yingxia go back to her office, she knew that she would cause public outrage if she did so, but it didn't matter, no one in the Su family would have taken her seriously anyway, becoming an enemy, there would be no excuse to be merciful in the future.

    After work, Su Yingxia got into Han Three Thousand's car and only said, "Now they all want me to die."

    Han Qianqian didn't say anything, but whoever dared to touch a hair on Su Yingxia's head, he would make them beg for death.

    A week had passed and Rongliu and Yang Wen were still kneeling in that hall, such was Han Three Thousand's attitude.

    Back at home, He Ting was busy making soup because she knew that Su Yingxia would be back today and give Su Yingxia a good tonic.

    Han 3,000 came to the kitchen and asked He Ting, "No one is making things difficult for you this week, right?"

    "Three thousand, Auntie He is very nice, she has food, shelter and money."To He Ting, being wronged was nothing, working for someone, how could she not be frustrated?As long as Jiang Lan didn't make things excessively difficult, she could accept it all.

    In fact, Han Qianqian knew without asking that Jiang Lan would definitely make things difficult for He Ting, that was Jiang Lan's personality, after having a conflict with He Ting, how could she be amiable to He Ting?

    But since she didn't say anything, she probably didn't have anything too serious happen, so Han three thousand didn't bother to ask further questions.

    In the evening while sleeping, Han 3,000 received a call from Mo Yang, wanting to meet with him tomorrow, related to Blade 12, Han 3,000 agreed, and then quietly waited for Su Yingxia to return from the bath.

    This week in the day-rental apartment, Su Yingxia was pulled by Shen Ling Yao to bed, but Han 3,000 spent a whole week alone on the sofa, although he and Su Yingxia sleep together can not do anything, but for him, it is already a worthwhile memory.

    Not long after hanging up the phone, Su Yingxia walked in wearing a thin silk nightgown, very sexy, and gave Han Qianli the illusion that she was deliberately selling sex appeal.

    But this should be an illusion, how could Su Yingxia be deliberately sexy in front of her, probably because this nightgown is more comfortable to wear.

    Han Qianqiang pretended not to look away, but actually kept checking Su Yingxia out of the corner of her eyes.

    "You asked Zhong Liang to act with me today, did you ask your classmate to help again?"Su Yingxia asked after lying on the bed.

    "Well, Zhongliang's presence was more convincing to them, so I called my classmates again."Han Giangli said.

    "Ask your classmate when he's coming back to China, he's helped so much, if he doesn't even invite someone for a meal, I'll feel too bad."Su Yingxia said.

    "Let's talk about this ......, he's busy with a big business recently, and I don't know when he'll be back, but don't worry, as long as he returns to China, I'll definitely ask him out."

    After this topic ended, the room fell into an awkward silence.

    Su Yingxia surreptitiously sized up Han Qianqian, did this guy really keep the rules of the red line so strict?They're married. What's a red line?

    Or is he simply no good at that?

    Han Qianli's mind, on the other hand, was thinking about when Su Yingxia would remove the red line, and when there was no more red line, it would probably be time for Su Yingxia to truly accept him.

    But Han 3,000 hadn't thought about it, Su Yingxia is a woman after all, how could she do something so obvious in intent?

    The two of them each slept with their own thoughts.

    The next morning, Su Yingxia crossed the red line and lay on the bed in a large font, her thighs directly on Han Qianqian's chest.

Chapter 95

When Su Yingxia woke up in the morning, she found that her posture was wrong and blushed again.

    Sneaking a peek at Han Qianli, she was relieved to find that he was still sleeping.

    How humiliating would it be if she knew about this?

    Just about to secretly retract his leg, he suddenly felt a hand grab his ankle.

    A smiling Han Giangli opened his eyes and said, "After squeezing me all night, you want to run?"

    "Ah!When did you ...... wake up?"Su Yingxia said in a panic.

    Han Giangli woke up early in the morning, but was afraid of disturbing Su Yingxia's rest, so he didn't move, and this skin-to-skin opportunity was rare, so naturally he had to cherish every second.

    "You keep pressing on me, can I not wake up?"Han Giangli said.

    When Su Yingxia heard this, she instantly changed her face and said in anger, "Are you disliking me for being fat?"

    Han Qianqiang was confused, it didn't mention anything about weight, how come she understood disliking her for being fat?

    Before he had time to explain, Su Yingxia was already raging out of bed, and Han Marchian could only marvel at how unusual a woman's brain circuits really were.

    Morning run, work.

    After leaving Su's company, Han Three Thousand went to the Magic City Nightclub.

    Although the Magic City Nightclub was still under Lin Yong's name, the boss here had actually turned into Mo Yang, after all, his commissary wasn't a decent headquarters, and with so many brothers under him, they couldn't all be crowded into the commissary.

    Lin Yong didn't dare to have any opinions on this matter, Mordor was originally given to him by Han Qianqian, and now it was only natural to let Mo Yang use it temporarily.

    After seeing Mo Yang, he mentioned about the recent investigation of Blade Twelve.

    Knife Twelve was a local of Cloud City, but lived in the suburbs, with a daughter at his knees and no wife, Knife Twelve made money to support his daughter, and it could be said that his greatest wish in life was to raise his daughter and let her live a good life.

    "The reason why he fights in Ye Fei's boxing ring, besides making money, I think there's also his daughter, if he betrays Ye Fei, Ye Fei will most likely use his daughter as a blackmail."Mo Yang said.

    Daughter, this is for a father, he will certainly guard it for life, Ye Fei is a ruthless person, Blade Twelve betrayed, the situation that Mo Yang said is very likely to happen.

    "There's a way to make him and Ye Fei enemies, enemies of enemies are friends."Han Giangli said.

    "What way?"Mo Yang asked.

    "Killing his daughter and framing it on Ye Fei."

    Mo Yang was stunned when he heard this, Blade Twelve's daughter was nothing more than an innocent child, and Han Qianqian was so desperate to achieve his goal?It was fine to be hoodwinked for a while, but if Blade Twelve found out the truth, the consequences would be even worse.

    "You don't really think so, do you?"In Mo Yang's heart, Han Giang should not be such a person, how could he make such a proposal?

    Han Giangli laughed and said, "You still take it seriously?I'm just joking."

    It was true that Han Marchioness could use a lot of tactics to achieve her goal, but to hurt the life of an innocent child, Han Marchioness couldn't do it.

    Mo Yang was relieved, he was really afraid that Han Three Thousand was serious.

    "Since he values his daughter so much, his daughter, who is our breakthrough, I can guarantee her safety and even a good life."After a pause, Han Three Thousand continued, "Do you know his exact address?"

    "Of course I know, let's go."

    The two drove to a small village on the outskirts of Cloud City.

    It took a lot of asking around to determine the exact place where Knife Twelve lived.

    The old red brick house, sheltered from the wind and rain all seemed a bit barely, it was hard to imagine that someone like Knife Twelve would live in such a shabby place.

    The crumbling wooden door Han Qianli didn't dare to knock too hard for fear of breaking it.

    With a creak, Knife Twelve pushed open the door and didn't lift his eyelids even when he saw Han Three Thousand and Mo Yang.

    There was a courtyard after entering, although it was all mud, there wasn't a single weed, it seemed that he usually took care of the house quite cleanly.

    In a short time, a few townspeople rushed into the courtyard to shout.

    "When will you pay the money you owe us."

    "Do you hide in your house every day and think you can stop paying without making a sound?"

    "Why don't you sell your daughter if you can't change the money, you damned bastard?Keeping it for your retirement."

    As those people spoke, they kept throwing stones at Knife Twelve, not daring to approach, but their temper was arrogant.

    Knife Twelve sat silently on a wooden stool and didn't speak, letting the stones hit him without even furrowing his brow.

    After a few minutes, Knife Twelve said, "You guys are comfortable playing today, you can leave now."

    Han 3,000,000 never thought that Knife Twelve, who was so powerful in the ring, would be bullied by a group of townspeople and not return the favor.

    "We won't leave until we get the money today."

    "Good, we'll never leave until we see the money."

    "When your daughter comes back, let her watch us beat you and let her know that her father is a wimp."

    Knife Twelve suddenly stood up, when his daughter wasn't at home, he could let these people bully him, because he owed money, it was only natural to be beaten, and there was no need to fight back when he could afford it.

    But in front of his daughter, Blade Twelve would never allow anyone to mess up.

    "Have you guys thought this through?Are you really not leaving?"Knife Twelve coldly spoke.

    Those townspeople saw Blade Twelve's angry face, and one by one, they felt guilty again.

    Don't say that they could beat Knife Twelve, just his size was enough to intimidate people.

    "Do you still have a reason for not paying back the money you owe?We've already called the police, and we'll sue you then, and I've heard that the court will enforce it and lock you up."

    "Good, you'll just have to wait to be arrested and locked up."

    "You don't want to regret it, if you're locked up in there, there won't be anyone to take care of your daughter."

    The threat from the townspeople made Knife Twelve frown, his daughter was his only relative, if he was locked up, would these people let her go?

    "How much he owes you guys, I'll pay it back for him."At this time, Han Marchant stepped forward and said.

    "Five hundred."

    "Three hundred."

    "Twelve hundred."


    The townspeople couldn't wait to report the amounts, all of which were very small amounts, which made Han Qianli laugh and cry even more.

    The underground black boxing expert, Blade Twelve, who had never lost a single battle, actually owed such a small amount of money that he couldn't even pay it back, it was like a joke.

    "I have ten thousand here, you guys can take it and divide it among yourselves, and take the rest as interest."Han 3,000 yuan pulled out 10,000 pieces of money and threw it to those people.

    "Ten thousand yuan!"

    "Take a good look, the money can't be fake, can it?"

    "This kid is so rich, where did he come from, a big landowner."

    "Well, get out of here, don't act here, this money is real, didn't you guys just see me drive here, that's why you chose this time to ask for money?"Han Giangli shook his head helplessly.

    It shouldn't be the first time they asked for a debt, so why would they be so tough this time?It was because they saw that Han Marchant drove a good car and hoped that Han Marchant would pay back the money for Knife Twelve, how could they hide this little thought from Han Marchant.

    As expected, after hearing this, the group of townspeople took the money and hurriedly withdrew.

    Blade Twelve didn't even look at Han Three Thousand and said, "Even if you pay back the money for me, I won't work for you."

    "King of the ring, you actually owe the villagers money, and it's still a few hundred, you wouldn't be mixed up so badly in the boxing ring, would you?"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    "Daughters should be richly raised."Blade Twelve said indifferently.

    Han Qianli was dumbfounded, this guy was so poor that his home was leaking, but he still wanted to enrich his daughter, it seemed that he was indeed good to his daughter, I guess the money earned from the boxing ring was spent on the little girl.

    "If you help me, I can give you more money and be able to help you raise your daughter better, it's a good thing for you, right?"Han 3000 said.

    "You don't understand, if there's nothing else, hurry up and leave, my daughter will be home soon and I don't want her to see strangers in the house."Knife Twelve gave the order to expel the guest.

    If Han Three Thousand Years left so easily, he wouldn't be visiting today.

    "Of course I understand, aren't you just afraid that Ye Fei will target your daughter?What if I could help you with this trouble with Yuffie?"Han Marchant said.

    Knife Twelve raised his eyebrows at Han Three Thousand and said, "You're good at fighting, but Ye Fei isn't that easy to deal with."

    "Ye Fei, tonight, will d*e!"


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