Dish Best Served Cold 1201-1205


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1201

However, all of this, Ye Fan had no idea.

    Of course, he just didn't care.Otherwise, with the power of the Dragon God Temple, it wouldn't be easy for him to gather some information.

    Today's Ye Fan, the only thing he cared about was his grudge against the Chu family.

    In the blink of an eye, January passed by in a hurry.

    The matter of Ye Fan's betrayal from the Jiangdong Military Region with the Green Dragon crowd had gradually spread to the Yanjing Army.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were shocked when they learned of the incident.

    That night, Lu Tianhe drove to the Jiangdong Military Region and prepared to question the military commander, Wu Yang, in person.

    "Where is Commander Wu Yang?"

    "Where is Commander Wu?!"

    As soon as Lu Tianhe [PEN] arrived at the Jiangdong Military District, he went straight to the headquarters.After pushing open the door, he directly called out to Commander Wu.


    "Lu Tianhe, the military district is important, how can it be a place for you to yell and scream?"

    "Don't think that just because you're a member of the Yanjing Military District, you can ignore the hierarchy and not even put Commander Wu in your eyes?"

    "This is Jiangdong, not Yanjing, and it's not a place for you to spill your guts!"

    "If you want to find Commander Wu, tone of voice and show me some respect!"

    There was no figure of Wu Yang in the room, only Lin Qinghe and a few of his men were here dealing with military affairs.

    Seeing that Lu Tianhe was so rude, Lin Qinghe got angry and snapped at him.

    However, Lu Tianhe simply ignored Lin Qinghe's words and came up to pursue where Wu Yang was.

    "Commander Wu is not here, if you have anything to report directly to me."Lin Qinghe commanded to Lu Tianhe with an arrogant tone of superiority.

    "I can't talk to you, I'll ask you again, where is Commander Wu Yang?"Lu Tianhe also didn't give Lin Qinghe a good face and directly returned the gesture.

    "You~" being treated with such contempt by this Lu Tianhe, Lin Qinghe was also furious and was about to attack.

    At that moment, a few people walked in from outside, and the person who was on the verge was Heck, Wu Yang.

    "What are you yelling about here?"

    "Hearing all this arguing all the way here, as a military general, not caring about your image at all, if you don't mind being humiliated I will?"Wuyang said unhappily.

    Wuyang then glared at Lu Tianhe, "Making trouble here as soon as you come back, what, thinking that our Jiangdong temple is small and can't accommodate a big Buddha like you?"

    However, Lu Tianhe ignored Wu Yang's reprimand and asked anxiously, "Commander Wu, did you really force out Instructor Chu and the Qinglong?"

    "So what if it is.This Ye Fande doesn't deserve his position, and as the commander of the military district, it's only right that I remove him.As for Qinglong, a bunch of rotten trash, remaining in the military district is nothing more than assholes."


    "Commander Wu, you're confused!"Lu Tianhe was heartbroken.

    "Commander Wu, do you know that Instructor Chu was hired by me with great pains, and his skills are praised even by General Ye with both hands."

    "If he is not virtuous enough to deserve the position, then there is no one in this Yanxia's greatness, who is worthy of the post of military instructor."

    "But you, you just forced him away?"

    "How could you, so impulsive, so presumptuous ah.At the very least, you should have consulted with me before making your decision~"

    "Now that Instructor Chu is gone, the Green Dragon is gone too.What are you going to deliver with in the military special forces competition two months from now?"

    Lu Tianhe was filled with bitterness, his heart was both angry and grieved.

    He was angry that Wu Yang was blind and unaware of talent.

    The grief was that a supreme powerhouse that he had hired with great difficulty had been forced away by Wu Yang?

    "Shut up!"

    "Lu Tianhe, pay attention to your identity."

    "This is Jiangdong, not Yanjing."

    "And you, you're just an instructor, not the commander of the three armies."

    "It's not my turn to consult you on what decisions I Wuyang make!"

    "Besides, I've already given you enough face."

    "Otherwise, that night, I would never just banish that bastard as simple as that, but shoot him on the spot!"

    "He killed a key minister under my command and disobeyed this commander's authority in public, according to military law, he should be directly executed."

    "As for the matter of the military competition, you don't need to worry, I have already cultivated another team, which is only stronger than that group of trash of Green Dragon, and can completely replace them!"

    Ye Fan's matter had originally made Wu Yang furious.

    This month, it was hard for him to put this matter aside, but this Lu Tianhe even brought it up again, and even came over specifically to raise a charge against him, Wu Yang was naturally angry, and snapped at Lu Tianhe with an iron face.

    Hearing the end, Lu Tianhe was furious.

    "Shot on the spot?"

    "Direct execution?"



    "Well?Lu Tianhe, what are you laughing at?"Lu Tianhe's laughter made Wu Yang even more unhappy, sternly berating him.

    "What am I laughing at?"

    "I laugh at your arrogance and your lack of eyesight!"

    "Thanks to you, you're still a military commander, yet you can't tell right from wrong and can't understand people."

    "I understood before I came here, that Lan Chen was killed because he mistreated Qinglong and tried to force Tarzan and the others to die in vain, he deserved to be killed!"

    "As for you executing Instructor Chu, it's even more ridiculous."

    "You don't even know the majesty of Instructor Chu, let alone the majesty of the martial arts."

    "I guarantee that if you had ordered the shooting that night, the one who would have died would never have been Instructor Chu, but you."

    "A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well who still want to take charge of the life and death of a cleric, it's just stupid!"

    "How dare you, Lu Tianhe, how dare you call me a frog in a well and call me ignorant and stupid?You Yanjing Military Region, do you still want to co-construct an army with us?"Wu Yang was so angry that his old face reddened, pointing at Lu Tianhe's nose and shouting angrily.

    "And co-build a fart!"

    "Instructor Chu and Green Dragon have let you idiots push them away, what else are you going to build a special squad with?"

    "I was really blind at first to agree to let this group of idiots from your Jiangdong Military Region co-construct a war team with us."

    "Today, I, Lu Tianhe, announce that I am suspending all cooperation with the Jiangdong Military Region and withdrawing from the plan to build a joint war team."

    "I, the Yanjing Military Region, would rather establish my own war squad and build my own war squad, than never cooperate with this group of idiots again!"


    Lu Tianhe's furious words were so strong that his low angry voice was like thunderbolts exploding, trembling the entire room.

    After saying that, Lu Tianhe then brushed his sleeves away with a heart full of anger.

    "You~ You~"

    These words of Lu Tianhe were too heavy, not only did he scold Wu Yang for being stupid, he even directly cut off the cooperation with Jiangdong Military District.

    At that time, Wu Yang was close to going mad, he never thought that this Lu Tianhe would also be so offended to contradict him for a Ye Fan.

    "Good you Lu Tianhe, good you self-made man~"

    "Get out, all of you~"

    "I, Wu Yang, don't care to work with you either!"

    In the room, Wuyang ate red eyes and roared angrily at the direction Wuyang had left.

    In the end, perhaps in a hurry, Wu Yang actually went black and trembled, and ended up falling straight to the floor, being passed out from anger.



    "To the hospital~"

    Lin Qinghe and the others were shocked and quickly sent someone to the hospital to save them.

    As for Lu Tianhe, however, he didn't turn back and quickly walked away.

Chapter 1202

Lu Tianhe was truly pissed off.

    In order to invite Ye Fan to take the position of instructor, Lu Tianhe didn't know how much he had wasted his breath and how much effort he had used.

    However, the person he had worked so hard to hire was forced away by Wu Yang and his group of idiots.

    However, that wasn't the most serious.

    What was more serious was that by acting like this, Wu Yang would most likely completely offend Ye Fan, and even, make Ye Fan to be angry with him Lu Tianhe.

    One had to know that Ye Fan was the one who had made Ye Qingtian all favored, and even qualified to be ranked as the supreme powerhouse of the Martial God Temple, and it was too late for Lu Tianhe to suck up to such a person, but now he was completely offended by Wu Yang.

    If it wasn't for the unusual status of this Wu Yang, otherwise, Lu Tianhe would have to kick this group of idiots to death.

    "Bunch of idiots, simply spoiling my event~"

    Lu Tianhe was simply furious to death.

    After all, this Green Dragon Battle Team was of great importance, and the two major military regions were working together to form a special battle team, definitely not just for the purpose of cultivating future generations, but for the next operation.

    In fact, not only Jiangdong Military Region and Yanjing Military Region were preparing, the other major military regions were also recently working overtime to train their special battle teams.

    Originally, Lu Tianhe had high hopes for the Green Dragon Battle Team, hoping that they would be able to shake the entire Yanxia with astonishment under the leadership of Ye Fan.The Yanjing Military District would then be able to sweep away the previous years' decline and become famous throughout the country.

    But now, all of Lu Tianhe's plans were undoubtedly all screwed up by Wu Yang.

    "No, we can't just go back to Yanjing like this."

    "I have to find a way to salvage it."

    "It's not too late to mend, I hope it's not too late~"

    Lu Tianhe thought like this, then ordered the driver to turn around.

    The off-road vehicle that was heading to Yanjing eventually turned towards the depths of Jiangdong.



    Jiangdong, the land of Yunzhou.

    At this time, in the room, Li Er was reporting the progress of the construction to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, after months of hard work, the skeleton of the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa has now been built."

    "In less than three months, the shape will be completely constructed."

    "However, if you want to move in, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the end of this year."

    Even though Li Er had mobilized a large amount of labor to build the Genting Mountain Villa, a project of this magnitude would take almost a year at the earliest to be completely completed.

    Even if the skeleton of the house was finished, the exterior walls were frosted and the interior was still extremely time-consuming work.

    Ye Fan listened to Li Er's report, but his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, "Three more months?"

    If Ye Fan wanted to construct the Cloud Dao Heaven's Expanse Formation, he must wait until the external skeleton of the Cloud Peak Mountain villa was finished before he could start building the formation.

    Otherwise, it was highly likely that the house construction process would destroy where the formation's foundation was located.

    Li Er's forehead slightly overflowed with cold sweat as he explained, "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "This is already the fastest speed that can be achieved while ensuring quality and safety."

    "Any faster and the quality of the house wouldn't be guaranteed."

    Evan nodded, "Well, three months is three months."

    "However, that's the maximum period I can tolerate."

    "If the main project isn't finished after three months, I'll take you as a question!"

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."Li Er nodded his head and responded in fear.

    For some reason, every time he was with Ye Fan Li Er felt an invisible oppression on the young man in front of him, pressing him close to the point of being unable to breathe.

    Normally, this oppression was acceptable to Li Er.

    However, once Ye Fan became angry, Li Er felt a sudden sense of fear as if he was walking on thin ice in the abyss.

    It is said that accompanying a ruler is like accompanying a tiger, but the current Ye Fan, even if he is not a ruler, he is still more like a ruler.

    However, in the middle of Ye Fan's conversation with Li Er, the two brothers Jin Bao and Yin Bao who had been waiting outside suddenly pushed the door and walked in.


    "I thought I told you to wait outside, who told you to come in?"When Li Er saw these two people suddenly barge in, he was displeased and rebuked.

    "Second Master, it's someone outside, wanting to see Mr. Chu."Jin Bao reported.

    "Oh?Someone looking for me?Do you know the identity of the other party?"Ye Fan asked faintly.

    Jin Bao shook his head, "We don't know each other, it shouldn't be someone from our Jiangdong.Wearing a military uniform, he looks like he should be from the military district."

    "A person from the military district?"

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's eyebrows, wrinkled up.

    I thought to myself, did Wu Yang change his mind and send someone to capture him and the Green Dragon?

    Ye Fan was very clear that Wu Yang was by no means a broad-minded person.

    That night, Ye Fan was almost all prepared for a battle with the Jiangdong Military District.

    Because, with Ye Fan's understanding of Wu Yang, if he disobeyed him in public and killed his valued instructor, Chen Lan, Wu Yang would definitely be furious and would never let him leave unharmed.

    However, to Ye Fan's surprise, Wu Yang chose to hold back and didn't order his men to rage against him.

    So, now that the military district is here again, Ye Fan's first thought is that Wu Yang sent someone to deal with him and the Green Dragon.

    If that was the case, Ye Fan would naturally not be polite.

    "Wu Yang, I advise you better not to be stupid."

    "Otherwise, I, Ye Fan, dare to bloodstain the Japanese Military Region, and I can also make you, Jiangdong Military Region, bleed for a thousand miles!"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he whispered to himself.

    Then, he waved his hand and coldly returned, "Let them in."

    After receiving the order, the Gold Treasure and Silver Treasure brothers immediately went out to deliver the message.

    Soon, a hale and hearty old man hurriedly walked in.

    After seeing Ye Fan, this old man became excited and said, "Instructor Chu, I have finally found you."

    "I, Lu Tianhe, first went to Jingzhou, then to Jianghai, and now I have finally found you in Yunzhou."

    Seeing this person, Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed and said in a deep voice, "It's you?"

    "What, did Wuyang send you to arrest me?"

    "No, no, no, Instructor Chu is majestically majestic and is a supreme powerhouse standing at the peak, I, Lu Tianhe, wouldn't dare to disrespect Instructor Chu even if I had the guts to do so."Hearing Ye Fan's words, Lu Tianhe became terrified and quickly explained.

    "Instructor Chu, I've come this time to ask for the thorns."

    "I know all about the insults that you and Qinglong encountered in the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "But Instructor Chu, it was all because that Wu Yang had eyes but no pearls and acted without authority, and that's why he did the foolish thing of making things difficult for Qing Long and dismissing Instructor Chu."

    "I, Lu Tianhe, really didn't know about it at the time."

    "Otherwise, even if I were to risk my life, I would never let Instructor Chu, or Qinglong, suffer such an insult."

    Lu Tianhe was full of bitterness and said evenly.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed.

    That laughter was cold and full of ridicule.

    "General Lu, according to what you said, these matters have nothing to do with you.I, Ye Fan, was expelled and you are not half responsible for the humiliation of the Green Dragon.If that's the case, why do you need to come and take the blame and make an unnecessary move?"

    "Just go, no need to ask for forgiveness, I, Ye Fan, have nothing to do with you anymore.From now on, we don't need to see each other even if we're old or dead."

Chapter 1203

"Don't, Instructor Chu."

    Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Lu Tianhe's old face turned white, and he was busy explaining, "I, Lu Tianhe, am really here to apologize."

    "It's also because I, Lu Tianhe, was blind and unaware of people's insight, and misbelieved fools like Wu Yang."

    "If I hadn't recommended Instructor Chu to Wu Yang and pushed him into the Jiangdong Military Region, the people of Qinglong would have never suffered this abuse.Instructor Chu, too, would never have been subjected to this kind of bullying."

    "Instructor Chu, whether it's a beating or a punishment, I, Lu Tianhe, will listen to it and have no complaints whatsoever."

    "Only, I hope that Instructor Chu will look at my Lu's heart to serve the country, and for General Ye's sake, he can bring the Green Dragon crowd and re-enter my Yanjing military district."

    "Now, I've already broken with Wu Yang and built my own warband."

    "I guarantee that as long as Instructor Chu can enter the Yanjing Military District, he will definitely not be humiliated like this again."

    "I, Lu Tianhe, will definitely bring along all the people of the military district to serve Instructor Chu as my guest and teacher!"

    In the room, Lu Tianhe begged bitterly.

    He only hoped that Ye Fan would put aside his past and give him another chance to go among the Yanjing Military District and become the Chief Instructor to train the Green Dragon.

    "No need."

    "I, Ye Fan, am insignificant and can't climb the tree of the military district, much less be worthy to serve as any instructor general."

    "You guys can hire another wise man."

    "As for Qinglong, I can train myself just as well, I don't need the military district's support."

    Ye Fan was clearly still angry because of the Jiangdong Military District incident.

    Therefore, facing Lu Tianhe's sincere invitation, Ye Fan directly brushed off the offer.

    He had stayed enough in places like the military district.

    A life of being under the control of others and being subservient to others was not suitable for Ye Fan.

    The experience of the Jiangdong Military District was a good lesson.

    As for the matter of training the Green Dragon, without the resources of the military district, Ye Fan's financial resources could just as well provide for it.

    Since that was the case, why would he need to enter the military district and live under the control of others again?

    When Lu Tianhe heard this, his heart cooled halfway down.

    However, he was still unwilling to give up and continued, "Instructor Chu, I know that with your talent and position, joining the military district may be more of a burden and a shackle."

    "However, have you ever thought about the five people of the Green Dragon?"

    "If they enter the military, they will not only be given military ranks and honor their ancestors.They can also be supported by the state and sheltered by the state in times of danger."

    "What's more, closer to home, they will only be able to take part in the Yanxia Six Military Region Special Forces Competition two months from now if they obtain the status of military personnel, and only then will they be able to clear their shame and raise their eyebrows."

    "Otherwise, how are they going to recover the insults that the Jiangdong Military Region has suffered?"

    "Instructor Chu, you should consider my suggestion as well for the five of the Green Dragons."

    "Are you going to, let Qinglong carry the insults that Wu Yang and the others gave them and live for the rest of their lives?"

    Lu Tianhe's eyebrows and eyes were red, and he even advised.

    Words of bare sincerity and esteem echoed throughout the room.

    At this time, the Green Dragon and the others, who had finished training, also happened to return to the villa, preparing to have lunch with Ye Fan.

    But it was just in time that they heard Lu Tianhe's words in their ears.

    For a while, the crowd of Green Dragons all looked at Ye Fan, with a hopeful light in their eyebrows.

    Obviously, they also wanted to be able to take part in the Military District Competition two months later to avenge their past shame.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he finally shook his head and sighed, "It's just that, Lu Tianhe, for the sake of the Green Dragon, I'll agree to your request."

    "However, I can agree to let the Green Dragon represent your Yanjing Military Region to compete, but that's all.Green Dragon and I are not under the control of the military district.Moreover, future training will not take place in the middle of the Yanjing Military Region, but will still be by my side and trained by me."

    "In other words, Green Dragon and I are just your Yanjing Military District, putting up a name."

    "Do you agree to what I'm saying?"

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    Lu Tianhe was overjoyed at the news, but he replied excitedly, "Promise, haha, as long as Instructor Chu you agree to let the Green Dragon Battle Team, represent my Yanjing Military Region to participate, the rest, it's all easy to say."

    "En."Ye Fan nodded, "If there's nothing else, you can return."

    "When it's almost time for the competition, just come back to Yunzhou and look for me."

    "At that time, I will let the Green Dragon compete with you."

    "Good.Instructor Chu, I'll return to the military district and tell my military chief the good news.Also, the other related registrations and treatment, I'll go back and do it immediately."

    After receiving Ye Fan's promise, Lu Tianhe also returned to the Yanjing Military District with satisfaction.

    Sure enough, three days later, the relevant documents for the appointment were sent to Yunzhou.

    Among them was the appointment of Ye Fan as the Honorary Chief Instructor of the Yanjing Military District, with full authority to take charge of the Green Dragon, and the title of Major General of the Green Dragon.

    Appointing Wang Dongsheng as Honorary Deputy Instructor, to assist Ye Fan in commanding the Green Dragon, and to be named Brigadier General!

    A brigadier general is also a half-general, with the position above a major colonel and below a major general.

    As for the five Green Dragons, all of them were enrolled in the Yanjing Military District and sealed as colonels.

    Of course, Ye Fan didn't care about these posting documents.

    All of them are just fictitious names, and to Ye Fan, they are just gilding the lily, and have no substantial effect.Therefore, Ye Fan didn't even look at them, and let them be put aside.

    However, just because Ye Fan was calm, it didn't mean that the others were calm as well.

    In particular, Ye Yuyan and Tarzan Five were undoubtedly excited after learning that they were promoted to colonel.

    It should be known that the colonel and the major general were only separated by a major colonel.

    In other words, they were only a few steps away from the general.

    This was undoubtedly a great honor for them, something that glorified their ancestors.

    Li Er was so happy that night that he directly killed a pig and threw a feast to congratulate his son on his promotion to colonel.

    The Ye family was also happy after learning that Ye Yuyan had been promoted to colonel, and Ye Yuyan's father Ye Tian was even more excited that he hadn't slept all night.

    Ye Yuyan's father, Ye Tian, was even more excited and didn't sleep the whole night. He only felt that his daughter was competitive.She was crowned a colonel at a young age, she will be a general in the future, ironically.


    "In ancient times, there were female generals of the Yang family, but in this day and age, there are my Ye family girls~"

    Ye Tian smiled happily as he smothered three glasses of wine in a row.

    In his heart, he only felt that his lady daughter's performance was not weaker than Ye Fan in the slightest.

    No matter how powerful Ye Fan was, in the end, he only relied on the power of his fists and feet to deter the crowd, and didn't have any legitimate name.

    But her lady daughter has, the state has appointed her, and in less than ten years, she is bound to be a general in the army.

    By no means could it be compared to the self-proclaimed honor of Jiangdong by a worldly person like Ye Fan.

    However, Ye Tian didn't even know that his proud daughter was actually just Ye Fan's subordinate.

    He didn't even know that by the time her daughter was made a Colonel, Ye Fan was already a Major General of the Green Dragon.What was even more infuriating was that people still didn't care about the position of General that Ye Tian had enshrined as his title.

    Therefore, Ye Fan didn't say a word about the Yanjing Military Region's own enthronement.

    If Ye Fan himself didn't say anything, the bystanders, naturally, would not know.

Chapter 1204

However, what made Ye Fan laugh and cry was that after learning that Li Er's son, Li Ziyang, had received a national title and honored his ancestors, Lei Laosan, who was far away in Jingzhou, went to Yunzhou in the night and sent his own son, Lei Ao Ting, over.

    "Mr. Chu, this rebellious son of mine is stubborn and stubborn, and over the years, he has caused a lot of trouble in the unknown."

    "I implore Mr. Chu, also take this rebellious son of mine under your command, and be disciplined by Instructor Chu."

    "He should be beaten, he should be punished, as long as Mr. Chu can lead this son of mine to the right path, even if you break one of his legs, I, Lei Laosan, will never complain in the slightest!"

    In the western suburban villa, Lei Laosan pleaded with Ye Fan.

    Behind him, Lei Ao Ting stood honestly.

    In normal days, this lawless Prince of the Lei family would only be so honest in front of Ye Fan.

    "What are you waiting for?"

    "You traitor, kneel down and call Instructor Chu!"

    Before Ye Fan could reply, Lei Lao San glared at his son Lei Ao Ting and told him to kneel down and pay his respects to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just turned his head and stared at Li Er as hard as he could.

    No need to think about it, it must be that this Li Er learned that Li Ziyang was promoted to military rank, so he was proudly showing off everywhere.

    Now it was good that he had caused trouble for Ye Fan!

    "Lei San, what are you doing?"

    "How can Mr. Chu have time in his day, to discipline your son?"

    "Aren't you being difficult for Mr. Chu?"

    "If you're not unable to manage it, let him call my father, I'll give you the charge."

    Li Er seemed to be self aware that this was because of him, so he didn't wait for Ye Fan's reply before directly blocking it for him.

    "Li Er, you get out of here!"

    "I'm talking to Mr. Chu, is it your place to interrupt?"

    "Besides, just can your son honor Mr. Chu as an instructor, but my son can't shout?"

    "What's more, maybe my son's talent is still above your son's?"


    "Fuckin' bullshit!My son is a general, how can he be compared to your stubborn and rebellious son?"Li Er directly cursed.

    Just like that, these two, Li Er and Lei Laosan, without saying a few words, cursed at each other.

    Just when Ye Fan was frazzled, someone else arrived outside.

    It was Wang Jiexi, the head of the Wang family who replaced Chen Ao and took charge of Jianghai.

    "Jie Xi, you're just in time."

    "You come over to give an assessment, Mr. Chu's day-to-day affairs are complicated.But this Lei Laosan doesn't know how to share Mr. Chu's worries and even finds work for him."

    "His own father is incompetent, and he even plans to let Mr. Chu take care of him for him."

    "Do you think this is nonsense?"

    Seeing that Wang Jiexi had also come, Li Er was as if he had found a helping hand, and pulled Wang Jiexi so he could give his assessment.

    However, Wang Jiexi smiled awkwardly, "That, I'm also here to beg Mr. Chu to discipline my rebellious son."

    In between the words, Wang Jiexi turned his head to look behind him and shouted in a low voice, "Adversary, come in quickly and kneel down to Mr. Chu!"

    "In the future, I'll make you respect Mr. Chu as your father and Mr. Chu as your master!"

    "Do you understand?"

    Wang Jiexi said in a stern voice.

    Li Er beside him was dumbfounded.

    "Fuck, you two are sick, right?"

    "See my son sealed Colonel, and you all send your own sons here?"

    "You guys are jealous, nakedly jealous."Li Er roared from the side.

    But Wang Jiexi and Lei Laosan both rolled their eyes and glared at Li Er: "Li Er, I think the one with jealousy in his heart is you."

    "We are begging for Mr. Chu, not you, but you are here to obstruct it again and again, could it be that you are afraid that my Yu Chen's future achievements will surpass your son's?"

    Seeing that these three were about to quarrel again, Ye Fan, who had been silent, finally spoke up, "Alright, let's all cut the crap."

    "But, Lei laosan, do you guys really want to send your sons to train under me, along with the Green Dragon?"

    Teacher Lei Na and Wang Jiexi both whirled around and said yes.

    "Alright, in that case, let the two of them stay over there."

    "However, let me remind you two beforehand that people in this world have different talents."

    "Some people are suitable for learning martial arts and building a career."

    "And there are those who may be suitable for business and becoming rich."

    "And there are others who may be suitable for medicine and saving lives and injuries~"

    "I originally chose Li Ziyang to join the Green Dragon because I felt that he had talent in the martial path."

    "But Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen and the two of them, whether they have that talent or not, it can be said."

    "How about this, I'll give the two of them a week's time and they train with the Green Dragon."

    "After a week, then let them decide whether to stay or go on their own, what do you think?"

    Ye Fan looked at Lei Old Three and the two and slowly asked.

    The two of them, Lei Lao San, naturally had no objections and agreed.

    Then, the few of them, too, left and went home separately.

    After they left, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been accompanying Ye Fan, asked to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, do you really intend to, also take in the son of Lei Third Master and the Wang Family Master?"

    Ye Fan laughed bitterly, "Do you think this Green Dragon Battle Team is something that anyone can join?"

    "Just wait and see, in less than seven days, Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen will both run home by themselves."

    "The path of martial arts is so arduous that it is not something that ordinary people can step into."

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, regarding this matter, Ye Fan was actually just looking at it as a farce.

    He knew very well that Wang Jiexi and Lei Laosan were the two who saw Li Er's son being crowned with a military rank and became jealous, and only then did Fang send his own son here as well.

    Naturally, Ye Fan couldn't take it.

    After all, he didn't have so much energy to train them from scratch again.

    Moreover, Lei Aoting and Wang Yuchen, the two of them, were originally not martial arts training material.

    However, Ye Fan could not directly refuse.

    There was always going to be a need to take into account Lei Laosan's and their face, and he couldn't let the two of them chill and feel that he was favoring Li Er.

    So, Ye Fan could only use this method to make them retreat with knowledge of their difficulties!

    As expected by Ye Fan, after only three days, Wang Yuchen couldn't hold on any longer and came to resign with Ye Fan.

    Lei Aoting was better, and lasted for five days.

    But on the sixth day, his body couldn't hold up and he passed out directly during the training, and was finally pulled back to the hospital by an ambulance to save him.

    It was said that he almost didn't make it back.

    This terrified Lei Laosan, after which he didn't even need Lei AoTing to resign, Lei Laosan himself came over to find Ye Fan, saying that his son wasn't this material, and finally gave up on letting Lei AoTing continue to train with the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    "Lao San, I've long said that everyone in the world has their own talent."

    "Even if Ao Ting doesn't become a martial artist, just like you, it's not bad to be a powerful big shot who rebuilds the world."

    "Moreover, the path of martial arts is extremely dangerous, and now there are five people in the Green Dragon Battle Team, but even I don't know how many people will still be alive after these ten years."

    "If I, Ye Fan, have a child, I would rather have him bowing in the countryside than to let him dabble in the martial arts."

Chapter 1205

In the room, Ye Fan's words slowly echoed.

    Lei laosan nodded in agreement, so far not mentioning the matter of letting his son enter the Green Dragon anymore.

    This farce, at this point, would come to a complete end.

    In the following months, apart from his personal cultivation, Ye Fan also spent more time on cultivating the Green Dragon.

    In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

    Until, one early morning, Lu Tianhe appeared once again in Yunzhou, outside the villa in the western suburbs.

    At that moment, Ye Fan knew that the time had come for the Green Dragon to emerge!

    That morning, Ye Fan summoned the Green Dragon crowd and gave them a final speech.

    "Months of painstaking cultivation, one day's achievement."

    "Next, the time to test you all has arrived."

    "Next, I will have you go with General Lu to Jiangbei and participate in the Special Forces Competition."

    "Whether it's a dragon or a worm, it depends on this battle."

    "However, before I leave, I'll instruct you one last time that the Combination Technique I've taught you may not be used unless it's the last minute."

    "Er, can you remember that?"

    Under the Celestial River, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative.

    In front of him, the crowd of Green Dragons worshipped respectfully, and in the face of Ye Fan's blessing, they returned in a flood of voices, "Instructor Chu's blessing, Green Dragons remember it to the letter."

    "Never use the Combination Technique unless it is a matter of life or death!"

    "Very well, depart.There are some grudges, and it's time to go and settle them.Let's go, I'll be here, waiting for you guys to triumph."Ye Fan nodded, and with a smile on his lips, he waved his hand and sent Lu Tianhe's group on their way.

    The wind was roaring and the water was flowing.

    Outside Yunzhou City, the crowd of Green Dragons knelt down and bowed three times to the man who sent them off ahead!

    "I, Green Dragon, will not fail to live up to Instructor Chu's high expectations."

    "This trip to Jiangbei will not be a victory without a return!"


    "No victory, no return!"


    The rushing sound gathered into a stream.It impacted the entire world.

    Just like this, the five of the Green Dragons, in the sight of Ye Fan, headed to Jiangbei to participate in the Special Forces Competition.

    In this battle, they were not fighting for merit or fame, but just to make an end to the feud with the original grudge!

    They want everyone to know that the wretched Green Dragon, who was like a lost dog, is now full of feathers and will take wing in the Nine Heavens!

    "Mr. Chu, do you really feel comfortable letting them go alone?"

    "After all, they're just kids who are new to society and don't know what's important and what's not.I'm worried..."

    Beside Ye Fan, Li Er looked at the direction his son had left, but he was worried.

    How could he not know that the journey of martial dao was dangerous and full of crises.

    Those merits and glories were almost always gambled with their lives!

    In the past, with Ye Fan protecting him, Li Er was still quite relieved.

    But now, Qing Long was going to Jiangbei alone to fight in the war, Li Er was naturally worried about the safety of the trip.

    But Ye Fan smiled lightly and returned, "Why worry?"

    "The Green Dragon was created and personally disciplined by me.Inside, there is the Green Dragon Body Refining Decision to protect my body, and outside, I teach the Combination Attack Technique to attack."

    "I can say, without exaggeration, that the current Green Dragon is strong enough to come and go across the northern part of the river!"

    "You just sit well at home and wait for the good news."

    Ye Fan said lightly, his confident and arrogant laughter, but it echoed the heavens and earth.

    Then, Ye Fan also returned to his residence.

    However, while Ye Fan was studying the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book and familiarizing himself with the process of arranging the Cloud Dao Heavenly Destruction Formation, his cell phone suddenly rang.

    Ye Fan lowered his head and saw that it was from Han Lao.

    As the date to go to the Chu family was approaching, as a precaution, Ye Fan had already instructed Old Man Han not to contact him unless it was something important.

    Now, Old Man Han suddenly called, it seemed like he had something important to report.

    Ye Fan didn't hesitate and immediately answered the phone.

    "Old Man Han, what's wrong, could something be happening?"

    After receiving the call, Ye Fan looked puzzled and then asked.

    "Yes, Little Lord."

    "Recently, the Chu family suddenly mobilized strong people on a large scale, and it looks like they are going to make a move."

    "I'm worried that the Chu family is going after you, little lord."

    "Little Lord, you should be careful."

    In the midst of the words, came Han Lao's voice filled with worry.

    Ye Fan frowned, "Oh?"

    "The Chu Family mobilizes strong people on a large scale?"

    After a moment of silence, however, Ye Fan shook his head.

    "The Martial God Hall is stationed in Yanxia, and the six pillar powers are sitting at the center.If the Chu family really dared to send a large number of strong people to Yanxia to kill me, they would definitely alert the Martial God Hall."

    "Those six Pillar States of the Martial God Hall are no scoundrels."

    "They definitely won't, allowing strong people from foreign countries to penetrate the borders."

    "At that time, the Chu family might not even make it to Jiangdong before they are stopped by the Martial God Temple outside the country's gates."

    "Therefore, no matter how stupid my third uncle is, there is no way he would choose such a method to kill me."

    "If they really wanted to deal with me, they would only send one or two people to secretly sneak into Yanxia and assassinate me."

    Listening to Ye Fan's analysis, Old Man Han, who was on the other end of the phone, was stunned, "Little Lord, what you mean is that the Chu Family's action this time is not targeting you?"

    Ye Fan nodded, "Eighty percent not.I reckon that it should be something else."

    "By the way, what's the situation with Truman now?"

    "That Chu Gate Master, has he returned to the clan."

    Ye Fan asked again in a deep voice.

    Old Man Han returned, "Young Master, I was about to report to you.A few days ago, the Chu Gate Master returned."

    "Now, is sitting on Chu Gate Mountain."

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's face, however, became even uglier, "Back already?"

    Ye Fan whispered in a deep voice, and within his words was a thick scruple.

    Although, Ye Fan's grudge with the Chu family was only a family matter of the Chu family, and had nothing to do with the other two Chu Gate families.

    However, Ye Fan also had to worry that once he led the crowd of strong people to kill the Chu family, the Chu Gate would not interfere in the Chu family's family feud.

    Especially since this Chu Gate Master was the number one supreme powerhouse in the Heavenly Ranking.

    One of the few people who stood at the pinnacle of the world's martial world.

    Even as strong as Ye Fan, he had absolutely no confidence that he would be able to take the slightest advantage under this Chu Gate Master.

    Previously, Old Man Han reported that the Chu Gate Master hadn't returned to the clan for a year, and at that time, Ye Fan was glad that there was at least one less strong enemy that he might encounter.

    But now, she had returned.

    This was definitely not good news for Ye Fan.Ye Fan was naturally worried in his heart.

    "Well, you first continue to conceal the Chu family and probe for news."

    The information that Han Lao had was also very limited, so Ye Fan didn't ask any more questions and hung up the phone.

    After this call ended, the worry in Ye Fan's brows and eyes, however, was slow to dissipate.

    The news of the Truman Gate Master's return was like a layer of haze that permeated Ye Fan's heart.

    This person's existence was undoubtedly one of the biggest variables in Ye Fan's plan.

    "If I want to resist the Chu Gate Master, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel must at least be cultivated to the fourth level."

    "But how easy is it to break through a major realm in a short period of time?"


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