Dish Best Served Cold 1206-1210


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1206

Ever since Ye Fan had stepped into the third level of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination by absorbing the Yuan Power from the Spirit Jade, his cultivation had been stagnant at the early third level, and if he wanted to break another level and enter the fourth level, it would never happen overnight.

    "Forget it, I don't want to."

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

    "Let's take one step at a time."

    Ye Fan shook his head, so he didn't think about such distractions.

    Instead, he continued to look at the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book and delve into that defensive formation.

    As for the matter of the Chu Gate Master, it might be that he was worrying unnecessarily.

    After all, it was not very likely that an outsider, the Chu Clan's family feud, that the Chu Gate Master would get involved in it.

    And while Ye Fan continued to study the Cloud Dao Heaven Extinction Formation, the land of Jiangbei, a thousand miles away, was bustling with activity.

    Simply because, the triennial Special Forces Competition was held here.

    The five garrison districts of Yanxia all sent teams to participate!

    In the land of Jiangdong, Wu Yang brought along a group of leaders from the Jiangdong garrison and personally hosted a banquet to send them off.

    "Raise an army for a thousand days, use an army for a moment."

    "Qinghe, whether we can create glory and history in Jiangdong this time, it all depends on you."

    Outside of the garrison area, the willows were still attached and the breeze was pleasant.

    Wu Yang, who never drank alcohol, but today, raised his glass to Lin Qinghe and the Flying Eagle Squad to trample.

    Yes, this time Jiangdong garrison, led by Lin Qinghe, leading the Flying Eagles, into the north of Jiangbei competition.

    This competition is the highest monetary value in the domestic military world.

    Not only was it about the glory and shame of Jiangdong, it was also about the future of Wu Yang and the others' future.That was why, even he, Wu Yang, treated it so solemnly.


    "Commander Wu is at ease!"

    "After months of special training, everyone among the War Eagles is now a yowling wolf!"

    "The enemy is nothing more than prey to be slaughtered to them."

    "You'll just have to be in the middle of the defense zone, waiting for news of our victory."

    Lin Qinghe was confident and his cheerful laughter echoed through this world.

    "Very good!"

    "It's all about the bottom line."

    "If you want to win the championship, you must first have the heart to win the championship."

    "This time, I have only one request for you, and that is, to be the strongest in the army!"

    "That's right, if you meet Yanjing's team during this tournament, you don't have to hold back, give me a death blow within the rules."

    "I'll make sure to let that Lu Tianhe know that it's never wise to offend my Jiangdong Garrison."

    "Alright, that's all there is to it, so let's depart!"

    With Wu Yang's order, Lin Qinghe, along with the crowd of War Eagles, resigned right then and there.


    Amidst the deafening roar, a number of off-road vehicles tore through the canopy of the sky, rolling the earth, racing towards the northern land of Jiangbei, a thousand miles away.

    On this day, not only Jiangdong, but also Northwest, Southwest, Border and other five garrison areas of Yanxia, all went out to battle.

    That one team, like an arrow off the string, gathered in the north of the river, just like a hundred rivers converging on the sea!

    Finally, with the arrival of the teams from the major garrison districts, the day of the competition had arrived.

    The atmosphere in the land of Jiangbei, also at this time, reached a peak.


    "Commander Lin, long time no see."

    "I didn't expect that you would be the one to lead the Jiangdong this time."

    "It looks like you, Jiangdong, are determined to win the championship throne this time."

    At this time, underneath the competition arena, people from all parties had already gathered.

    Among them, there were naturally quite a few acquaintances, and after meeting, they immediately exchanged pleasantries and smiled.

    "Haha, Instructor Han Ping, long time no see indeed."

    "This body of yours, is it still tough?"

    Lin Qinghe also walked over and exchanged pleasantries with a stout old man in front of him.

    This person was the Chief Instructor of the Jiangbei Garrison, Han Ping.

    "Thank you Commander Lin for your concern, this body of mine is fine even if I work for another twenty years."


    After the pleasantries were exchanged, the instructors of the major garrison zones also went to their work areas to fill out the relevant entry documents.


    "Where's the team from Yanjing?"

    "They didn't come?"

    Han Ping looked around, the people from the southwest, northwest, border and other major garrison areas were all here, but only the Yanjing side was missing.

    It looked like the submission of the entry list was about to end, but there was no one from the Yanjing side, so Han Ping was naturally confused.

    Lin Qinghe smiled at the news, "Instructor Han, there's no need to wait."

    "This year Yanjing, I'm afraid that you won't be participating."

    "Oh?What do you mean by that?"Han Pingping looked at Lin Qinghe for a moment and asked, confused.

    "What else can I say, no one from Yanjing chanted.Over the past few years, that tournament, wasn't it all Yanjing's side that was at the bottom.This time, they're afraid of being embarrassed by being bottom again, and they even vainly want to build a joint team with our Jiangdong Garrison, do you think it's ridiculous?Only, in the end, I gave it a harsh rejection!"

    "As you know, the Yanjing Garrison is full of dudes.Their ability to play with women and sleep with girls may be one of a kind, but this fist and foot competition thing simply won't work."

    Lin Qinghe shook his head and said, his words filled with contempt and disdain.


    "The Yankees are going to build a joint squad with you?"

    "Haha, they're the only ones who could come up with such an idea!"

    "But Commander Lin, I heard that the team competing in your Jiangdong Garrison was the Green Dragon Battle Team, but now how is this a Flying Eagle?"

    At this time, the instructor of the Northwest Garrison, Zhu Rong, asked in confusion.

    Lin Qinghe listened, but shook his head and sighed, "Don't mention it.Previously, that Yanjing Lu Tianhe, gave our commander a recommendation for a chief instructor, called Ye Fan."

    "Our martial commander then listened to this Lu Tianhe's nonsense and appointed this Ye Fan as the instructor of the three armies to create Qinglong."

    "But who would have thought that this Ye Fan is just an incompetent trash!"

    "As the saying goes, a bear of a soldier and a bear of a general."

    "This Ye Fan is a trash, what else can the Green Dragon Battle Team he brought out be?"

    "And all of them are just a bunch of hyenas!"

    "All of them were kicked out by me and Commander Wu."

    "That's why they activated the Flying Eagle to represent my Jiangdong."

    Lin Qinghe shook his head and said, and after the others heard this, they were all indignant.

    "That person you call Ye Fan is really daring."

    "How dare you deceive the commander of the three armies?"

    "If you ask me, this kind of person would be worth a thousand cuts!"

    "Hey, who says it isn't?But our martial commander's womanly kindness let him go."Lin Qinghe was dissatisfied.

    In the midst of everyone's discussion, the registration time had arrived.

    "It looks like the Yanjing side won't be coming to fight."

    "What a bunch of wimps and softballs, they don't even have the courage to go to war, so how can they talk about victory?"

    "It's a shame that they're still at the foot of the sky!"

    "Forget it, there's no need to wait, let's just start the lottery match."

    Han Ping looked at the time and angrily cursed a few times before ordering that the lottery match be drawn against each other.

    "Slow down!"

    "Who said that we in the Yanjing garrison are cowardly and fearful of war?Embarrassment?"

    However, just as the major instructors were about to go on stage and draw lots to choose their opponents, a majestic shout rang out.

    All the people present were shocked.

    Then, all of them turned in unison and followed the sound.

    Only to see, beneath the canopy ahead, Lu Tianhe leading the Green Dragon crowd, strode in with his head held high!

    Wherever the edge is, gods and spirits retreat.

Chapter 1207

"It's...This is..."

    "Lu Tianhe?"

    Hearing this, the gazes of everyone in the audience brushed past, and they all ended up landing on Lu Tianhe's body.

    However, quite a few people in the arena, when they saw Lu Tianhe, had a few mischievous looks in their brows.

    In particular, the instructor of the Jiangbei Garrison, Han Ping, snorted coldly.

    "Who am I supposed to be, so it's General Lu Tianhe Lu?"

    "I never thought that General Lu would still be so sharp after three years of matting the rear end of your Yanjing garrison."

    "Even the chief instructor of the last championship team is by no means as sharp as General Lu, right?"

    Han Ping was full of ridicule and said coldly.

    As soon as this Lu Tianhe appeared on the stage, he sounded like he was raising an accusation, Han Ping was naturally displeased and spoke directly to ridicule him.

    However, in the face of Han Ping's ridicule, Lu Tianhe did not give in in the slightest, but instead said back forcefully, "Isn't Instructor Han the same, the last tournament, almost crippled by me, this year is not the same is not restrained, the sharpness is not less than the same year!"

    "You~" Lu Tianhe's words made Han Ping tremble with anger.

    They say that hitting a person's face doesn't hit their face, and exposing them doesn't expose their shortcomings.

    But this Lu Tianhe who couldn't mention which pot, this in front of the Jiangbei Garrison's crowd of generals, Han Ping was undoubtedly outraged.

    Almost instantly, it reminded Han Ping of the embarrassing incident after the last tournament.

    Last time, after the tournament, Yanjing's side continued to be at the bottom, and was eliminated in the first game, its members were seriously injured and went straight to the round.

    Han Ping, the chief instructor of the Jiangbei Garrison who won a big victory at that time, was also on duty like today and ridiculed Lu Tianhe for a few words.

    Who would have thought, Lu Tianhe annoyed, direct a big fight, the public fiercely taught Han Ping a lesson, straight hit Han Ping all over the ground, can be said to make him lose face.

    Now Lu Tianhe was obviously slapping Han Ping's face by bringing up old matters again.

    But how could Han Ping let him humiliate him, and directly said back in a cold voice, "Last time, I was recovering from a serious illness, and my powers were ten to one, and only then did you exploit the gap."

    "This time, if you humiliate me again, I'll take back both old and new grudges, and I'll never forgive you!"

    "Yeah?Then I, Lu Tianhe, will wait and see."

    Lu Tianhe grinned and then paid no more attention to Han Ping, but instead led the Green Dragon crowd to the registration office to report for duty.

    However, it wasn't until this moment that Lin Qinghe had noticed the young men and women behind Lu Tianhe.


    "Green Dragon?"

    "Why you guys?"

    "Bunch of bastards, the defense zone is heavy land, how can you few expelled people set foot in it, why don't you get out?"

    The moment he saw Ye Yuyan and the others, Lin Qinghe was instantly furious and directly told them to get lost.

    Lin Qinghe had no grudges against the Green Dragon Five, however, he hated Ye Fan to the bone.

    This group of people were now following Ye Fan, so they were naturally loathed by Lin Qinghe.

    Therefore, after seeing them, Lin Qinghe ignored the fact that he had worked with them and spoke ill of them directly.

    Not only Lin Qinghe, but also the members of the Flying Eagle Squad that he had brought out, all looked at Qinglong and the others with ridicule and told them to get lost!

    "Bunch of banished people, what are you doing here?"

    "You have long since been removed from the Commander's Military District, do you think you still have the right to stand here?"Lin Fan, the captain of the Flying Eagle Battle Team, sneered.

    Green Dragon captain Ye Yuyan said needlingly, "We came here, naturally, to compete!"




    Hearing Ye Yuyan's words, Lin Fan and the others burst out laughing.

    That look of ridiculing disdain was as if they had heard the world's funniest joke.

    "Just a few of you, and you still want to compete?"

    "You're just trash trainees trained by a trash instructor, and you're the only ones who even dream of competing?"

    "You have long since been removed from the military, and the one who is now representing Jiangdong is Flying Eagle!"

    "As for the Green Dragon, it's already been crippled!"

    "Without the recognition of the Jiangdong Garrison, you bunch of losers aren't even qualified to register."

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    "Who says they don't qualify?"While Lin Fan and the others were snickering, a low cry from Lu Tianhe interrupted them.

    Then, Lu Tianhe walked towards the registration desk and said in a mixed voice, "The Green Dragon Battle Team, representing our Yanjing Garrison, is participating in today's match."


    "What do you mean, Lu Tianhe?"

    "This Green Dragon committed the crime of disobedience and was part of my Jiangdong's crippled warband, yet you sheltered and reused them to fight on behalf of Yanjing?"

    "Could it be that you're explicitly antagonizing me, Jiang Dong?Confronting Commander Wuyang?"

    Hearing Lu Tianhe's words, Lin Qinghe's appearance changed and his eyebrows sunk as he rebuked in anger.

    This Qinglong crowd could be called the sinners of the Jiangdong garrison.

    But now Lu Tianhe was activating them once again, undoubtedly slapping the face of their Jiangdong Garrison Defense District!

    How could Lin Qinghe not be angry?

    "Commander Lin, don't you think you're being a little lenient in your control?"

    "Now that the Green Dragon has separated from your Jiangdong, there is no longer any connection with you there!"

    "What does it matter to you whether he uses it or not?"

    "What's more, a bunch of people in your defense zone who have eyes and no pearls have discarded their talents, how can I, Lu Tianhe, allow you to squander them?"

    Lu Tianhe laughed coldly, a few words of dislike for Lin Qinghe who was speechless and his old face reddened.

    Li Ziyang and the others took the opportunity to also say, "Commander Lin, how is it?"

    "Without you guys, we, the Green Dragon Battle Team, can compete just the same?"

    "Don't think that we won't be able to live after leaving the Jiangdong Garrison."

    "The world is so big, where is there no place for us Green Dragons to stay?"

    "That shithole of yours is going to beg us to go back in the future, and we're not going back."

    "You...You...You guys~" at that time, Lin Qinghe could be said to be trembling with anger.

    He had thought that these people of the Green Dragon would feel remorse after being expelled.Perhaps they would even kneel down and apologize to him and beg for mercy, so that he, Lin Qinghe, could plead for them and restore their military status.

    But now it seemed that he had completely overthought it!

    This group of stubborn juniors were still so arrogant.

    "Hey, Commander Lin, why do you need to be so familiar with them."

    "Didn't you just say that this so-called Green Dragon Battle Team is just a bunch of rotten trash.If General Lu wants to use it, just let him use it, what are you getting angry about?"

    "As you know, there is no one in the Yanjing Defense Zone, and now you can only activate these incompetent people that you Jiangdong don't use."

    Han Ping came over to Lin Qinghe and reassured him.

    Only, those sentences were laced with sarcasm, mocking Lu Tianhe.

    The rest of the several garrison instructors also echoed the comforting words, "Yes, Commander Lin.You have to be sympathetic to Instructor Lu as well, don't you?"

    "Instructor Lu has no one to turn to, so we can only hope for these lost dogs."

    All of the instructors advised Lin Qinghe, but their words carried a bit of ridicule and mockery towards Lu Tianhe.

    After all, for three consecutive tournaments, the Yanjing side was at the bottom.

    Now, they were already a joke among the mass garrison, and it was hard not to sneer at them.

Chapter 1208

"It's not that I'm inconsiderate."

    "It's mainly that these five people are the sinners of our Jiangdong."

    "They have already been disqualified by my Jiangdong Garrison and banned from taking another step into the garrison."

    "But now, a bunch of trash, expelled sinners, are competing with us?"

    "It's a strange shame for us, too!"

    "Therefore, these losers must not be allowed to participate."

    "Even if they are unbearable, but fighting against them on the same stage is dirtying our hands!"

    Lin Qinghe shook his head repeatedly and said in a deep voice.

    He was trying to drive Qinglong out of here, just to let these five people know that they would not be able to move an inch away from their Jiangdong Garrison!

    Not even the qualifications to participate in the competition.

    "But, with Lu Tianhe sheltering them, it's hard to drive them out of this competition."All the instructors shook their heads and sighed.

    After all, Lin Qinghe might be able to persuade Han Ping of the Jiangbei Garrison and Zhu Rong of the Northwest Garrison, but Lu Tianhe he was undoubtedly unable to persuade them.

    Lu Tianhe had insisted that the Green Dragon Battle Team represent Yanjing, and there was nothing they, the people, could do about it!

    However, at this time, the Chief Instructor of the Northwest Defense Region, Zhu Rong, thought of something and lowered his voice, saying, "Commander Lin, I have an idea."

    "We may, perhaps, not be able to make Lu Tianhe change his mind, but we can tamper with the referee's side."

    "Oh? How do you say that?"Lin Qinghe was suddenly curious and looked over.

    Zhu Rong smiled treacherously, "Commander Lin, didn't you say that these people are the sinners of my Yanxia Military Region?"

    "We just need to have the judges, on the grounds that they are wearing a sin and can't compete, overrule the land's entry form and disqualify the Green Dragon.Thus, won't this group of expelled people be unable to go on stage and fight?"

    When Lin Qinghe heard this, he was delighted.

    However, then Lin Qinghe shook his head, "This is not a good thing to do either.Most of the people on the judging panel are from the northern part of Jiangbei, and my connections are in the eastern part of Jiangdong, how can I persuade them to help me?"


    "Commander Lin, you're under the lights."

    "Have you forgotten that among the four of us, there is one, however, who has a wide range of connections in Jiangbei."Zhu Rong and the others laughed.

    Lin Qinghe immediately slapped his thighs while turning around and a pair of eyes swiftly fell on Han Ping.



    "How did I forget about Instructor Han!"

    "Instructor Han, you're the chief instructor of the Jiangbei Defense Zone, those people will definitely sell you a face."

    "I'm counting on Instructor Han for this!"

    "After the deed is done, I, Lin Qinghe, will host a banquet to thank you."

    Lin Qinghe then requested to Han Ping.

    Han Ping waved his hand, "It's just a small matter, Commander Lin needn't be polite."

    "Besides, I've long wanted to take revenge for Lu Tianhe's humiliation of me back then, and it just so happens that Commander Lin has provided me with a good opportunity."

    "You guys wait, I'll go tell them right now."

    "Just don't worry, I know all the people over there on the data review side, and several of them, I promoted them."

    Han Ping was confident and smiled proudly, then quietly left.

    The words and actions over here were naturally unknown to Ye Yuyan and the others.

    At this time, Lu Tianhe was taking the Green Dragon crowd and heading to the reporting office.

    "Alright, the process is all finished."

    "In a little while, Yuyan, on behalf of the Green Dragon team, you will go on stage and draw lots to choose your opponent."

    Within a short while, Lu Tianhe walked out from the reporting office and informed Ye Yuyan that she would go up on stage to draw lots later.

    Ye Yuyan nodded, "Mm, teacher, I know."

    "Haha, Captain, make sure to draw the Flying Eagle!"

    "I have to beat them up so badly that I'll beat them into dead birds.Smash Lin Qinghe and the others' dog faces."

    "Let them know that we, Instructor Chu, are not mediocre.We, Green Dragons, are by no means trash!"

    As the official match got closer and closer, the five Green Dragons became more and more excited and looked like they couldn't wait.

    "See you guys like that?"

    "Don't worry, there will be times when you guys will perform."

    "Seriously, I also want to see how far Instructor Chu has trained you guys these past few months."

    Not only the five Green Dragons, but actually even Lu Tianhe himself was looking forward to these juniors in front of him.

    After all, it had been too long, since the Special Forces Competition had been held, ten years, Yanjing Garrison Nian Nian cushioned the tail.

    The cold bench was about to get warmed up by them!

    Under the foot of the sky, the imperial defense zone, but every time, it was such a bad performance, saying that Lu Tianhe and the others themselves felt ashamed.

    That's why, Lu Tianhe would rather take the blame and go to Yunzhou to get the Green Dragon Battle Team out of Ye Fan's hands, for the sake of this team, he hoped that this team would give them the Yanjing Defense Zone and wash away this ten years of humiliation, so that the noisy generation that mocked him for being incompetent and ridiculed no one in the Yanjing Defense Zone would all shut their mouths.

    "Look quickly, it seems that the lottery is about to begin."

    From the ear, came Tarzan's urgent voice.

    The Qinglong crowd immediately looked, and sure enough, on the stone platform in front of them, a majestic old man in military uniform had walked up, faced the crowd, and made a speech.

    "I've kept you all waiting."

    "Let's cut the crap, I announce that this competition, has officially begun."

    "Now, anyone whose name I read, go on stage and draw lots to determine the opponent of the first round!"

    "Northwest Defense Sector, Captain Red Phoenix Squad, Reno!"



    "Jiangdong Defense Zone, Captain of the Flying Eagles, Lin Fan!"



    "Jiangbei Defense Zone, Captain Poor..."


    "Southwest Defense Zone, Captain Black Tiger..."


    Just like that, as each name fell, one person walked up to the stage.

    "Haha, Captain, it's your turn next."

    "Have you washed your hands yet, you must draw the Flying Eagle, I damn well must draw that Lin Fan to death!"

    Li Ziyang laughed.

    Ye Yuyan also had a smile on her lips and nodded her head excitedly.

    However, just as the Qinglong crowd was filled with anticipation, who would have thought that the old man on the stage, actually put away the list and looked up and said, "Please, the above four, come and draw lots!"



    "What's going on?"

    Hearing this, Ye Yuyan and the others' faces changed slightly.

    However, they didn't think much of it at first, only thinking that this person had forgotten about them, so Li Ziyang reminded loudly, "Hey, what about us?What about our green dragon?"

    "Green Dragon?"The old man on the stage shook his head and sneered, "I forgot to say, as reported by others and verified by my judging team, the five people of Green Dragon, all of them are guilty bodies, sinners of the defense zone."

    "Today's competition is an upright competition, and the participants should also be upright people.The five of you, with your bad deeds, after deliberation, it is hereby announced that the Green Dragon Battle Team is disqualified from participating.And immediately, get out of the Jiangbei Military Region!"


    Few words, only as if thunder struck down.

    Ye Yuyan was stunned, Li Ziyang was stunned, and Tarzan was stunned.

    The five of Qing Long were all muddled in place!

    The face, as white as paper.

Chapter 1209

How could they have never imagined that months of effort would end up like this?

    They weren't afraid of failure, nor were they afraid of hardship, but they never expected that the other side wouldn't even give them a chance!

    The moment they heard that their eligibility for the competition had been cancelled, Ye Yuyan and the others actually had the urge to cry.

    They had worked so hard for so long, and all they had done was to raise their eyebrows above the competition, right?

    But now, even though they have come to this arena, they still suffer such an unjust ending and treatment.

    Anger, resignation, loss~.

    All sorts of emotions, like overturned bottles of five flavors, swept wildly through the hearts of Green Dragon and the others.

    Once upon a time, their expectations were as great as their anger and disappointment was at this time.

    Because, so this battle cannot be participated in, what is the point of your and their efforts for so long?

    Don't say anything about the great truth, in the eyes of the Green Dragon crowd, the purpose of their months of painstaking training was for today's battle.

    One could imagine the anger in the hearts of the crowd of Green Dragons after learning that they had been disqualified!


    "Why, exactly?"

    "Obviously, we've just passed the qualification test, and you're the ones who made us come over here to draw lots, but now, why are you going back on your word?"

    "What's more, we've already left Jiangdong, and I, the Green Dragon crowd, have no connection with the Jiangdong Defense Zone whatsoever.On what basis, we are not allowed to participate, and on what basis can we be disqualified!"

    Tarzan and the others were roaring lowly, and Li Ziyang was even more red-eyed as he roared at the man on the stage.

    "By what?"

    "By virtue of your disobedience to your superiors, by virtue of your treason, by virtue of the fact that you are sinners of Jiangdong!"

    "A bunch of underdogs who still presume to be in the same realm as the entire army's pride of God?"

    "We're afraid of getting our hands dirty!"

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    At that moment, Han Ping stepped forward, snarling at the crowd of Green Dragons and once again roared low, telling them to get the hell out of Jiangbei!

    Lin Qinghe also came over at this moment, and his sensible and wanton gaze fell on the Green Dragon crowd like this.

    He smiled proudly, full of pride, "I have already said that those who betray my Jiangdong Defense Zone will not be able to walk an inch!"

    "Bunch of losers, do you really think you can rest easy with Lu Tianhe helping you?"

    "It's delusional!"

    "Rubbish is rubbish, and in Jiangdong, I'll let you lie down like dogs.In Jiangbei, I'll make you lie down as usual."


    Lin Qinghe looked up to the sky and laughed, and what an intentional laughter it was.

    "You, it's you, it must be you who is secretly causing trouble!"

    "What kind of hero is a son of a bitch who secretly trips up?"

    "If you have the ability, pull out the Flying Eagle and let's have a real match in the ring."

    Hearing Lin Qinghe's words, Ye Yuyan and the others, everything suddenly became clear.

    They finally knew why the organizers had suddenly disqualified them and why the crowd of instructors had asked them to leave Jiangbei.

    All of this was this Lin Qinghe, messing with them.

    "You guys are the only ones who still want to be compared to the flying eagles I trained with my own hands?"

    "Do you deserve it?"

    "I'm telling you, I'm just not going to let you compete, I'm just going to make your efforts go to waste, I'm just going to make you mad with rage!"

    "If you want to blame, blame yourselves for recognizing the wrong master."

    "I want you guys to know, let that bastard know that the consequences of offending me, Lin Qinghe, and offending my Jiangdong Defense Zone, are too much for you to bear!"

    "Go back and tell your instructor Chu that if he wants to compete, tell him to roll over and beg me on his knees."

    As soon as he spoke of Ye Fan, Lin Qinghe gnashed his teeth in hatred and said with eventful viciousness.

    When Ye Fan first entered the defense zone, he spoiled his plans.

    One of his two friends was crippled by Ye Fan, and the other was even more so, directly killed by Ye Fan.

    And, because of Ye Fan, he had even suffered a brutal beating from Wang Dongsheng!

    Yes, Lin Qinghe counted that debt of Wang Dongsheng's on Ye Fan as well.

    In short, Lin Qinghe already hated that Ye Fan to the bone, so naturally, he was against him in every way.

    "Son of a bitch~"

    "You scumbag."

    "I'll spell it out with you~"

    Hearing these words from Lin Qinghe, the crowd of Green Dragons were completely enraged.

    They didn't care that this was a heavily defended area, they were about to copy up their iron fists and punch Lin Qinghe violently.


    However, at this moment, a low drink was quietly sounded.

    It was seen that Lu Tianhe, who had been silent, suddenly walked over and stopped the Green Dragon crowd.

    "What are you guys doing?"

    "How can a heavily fortified area be a place for you few juniors to make a fuss?"

    Lu Tianhe reprimanded in a stern voice.

    "General Lu, it's them, bullying people too much~"

    Li Ziyang and the others had bloodshot eyes, their hearts burned with anger, and their words were filled with grievances.

    "I said, retreat!"

    Lu Tianhe drank again.

    "By what?"

    "They're the bastards who insulted us, why should we be allowed to retreat?"

    "We, the Green Dragon, do not retreat!"

    "If Mr. Chu were here, he would not let us retreat either!"

    Taishan and the others had been suppressed for too long, and they had been humiliated in the Jiangdong garrison.

    So, they cultivated for months to avenge their humiliation here.

    But they didn't expect that they would still be humiliated when they arrived at Jiangbei.

    How could the Qinglong crowd tolerate this anymore?

    However, Lu Tianhe still shouted in a cold voice, "Don't forget your instructor Chu's orders before the trip.The trip to Jiangbei makes you obey my orders!"

    "You may disrespect my orders, but do you still dare to disrespect Instructor Chu's orders?"

    "I say again, stand down!"

    "But, Teacher~" Ye Yuyan's heart was also depressed and indignant, and there were tears in her beautiful eyes.

    "Back off!"

    "Leave here, go back to Yunzhou, and find your instructor Chu."

    Lu Tianhe's eyebrows were heavy and his words were unquestionably majestic, directly interrupting Ye Yuyan's words.

    Wang Dongsheng, who had followed along with him, also advised the crowd of Qinglong at this time, "Yuyan, you will listen to General Lu, leave here with me, return to Yunzhou, and look for Instructor Chu."

    "Instructor Chu is a peerless and majestic countryman, he will definitely make decisions for you all~"

    "Otherwise, you're the ones who will suffer if you cause trouble here!"

    Wang Dongsheng advised them bitterly.

    In the end, the crowd of Green Dragons, despite all the anguish in their hearts, still, gritted their teeth, endured their grievances, and left in tears.

    However, the Green Dragon left, but Lu Tianhe did not.

    Only after the Green Dragon had walked away did Lu Tianhe's gaze fall on the Lin Qinghe in front of him.

    His face was expressionless and his eyebrows were furious as he looked at Lin Qinghe like this.

    "Commander Lin, I want to ask you, don't you feel guilty in your heart for bullying a group of children like this?"

    "Do you know how much work they've put in to get to today?"

    "Do you have any idea how much work they've poured into this tournament?"

    Lin Qinghe said as he walked towards Lin Qinghe's direction.

    Without taking a single step, the sensuality on his eyebrows intensified by a few points.

    The temperature here also plummeted by a few points.

    "They cultivate day and night, Li Ziyang's home is a thousand meters away, but he hasn't returned once in months!"

    "Big's grandfather died and he didn't go back and train with tears in his eyes!"

    "How they look forward to this competition."

    "But what about you?"

Chapter 1210

"In the middle of the defense zone, you colluded with others and abused the Green Dragons."

    "And now, they have left Jiangdong and have nothing to do with you anymore.But you are still unforgiving and pushing them to the brink."

    "Lin Qinghe, in your heart, you really don't have any guilt at all?"

    "It's a shame that you're still the commander of the defense zone, but you manipulate your authority and make things difficult for your junior.Have you no shame at all?"

    Under the Heavenly River, Lu Tianhe was expressionless and asked in a deep voice.

    Morbid voices, like swords, swept the four directions.

    Asking several questions in a row, it was even more aggressive.

    However, in the face of Lu Tianhe's question, Lin Qinghe shook his head and laughed wantonly, "Guilt?"


    "That Green Dragon is nothing but a bunch of inferior trash, the scum of my army."

    "Why should I feel guilty about them?And why should there be shame?"

    "And they deserve it?"

    "Instead, you, Lu Tianhe, don't distinguish between right and wrong, don't distinguish between good and evil, and blindly enable these criminal scum, it's you who should be guilty, and it's you who should be ashamed!"

    Lin Qinghe was cross-eyed and aggressive, as well as several words in a row.But there was no sense of knowing wrong at all.

    Lu Tianhe saw the situation, but he smiled lightly, "Since we've spoken to this point, there's nothing more to say."

    "But I have to tell you, Instructor Chu has entrusted the Green Dragons to me, I, Lu Tianhe, naturally cannot tolerate them being wronged in the slightest."

    Lu Tianhe smiled coldly and, as he spoke, Lu Tianhe's forward steps did not stop at all.

    At the same time, the momentum in his body was also gradually rising.

    Perhaps sensing the powerful oppression on Lu Tianhe's body, Lin Qinghe stared at him and said in panic, "Lu Tianhe, you...What are you doing?"

    "Are you going to, like, do something to this commander?"


    Lin Qinghe's words had just fallen, but Lu Tianhe's kick had already kicked out.

    With a single bang, Lin Qinghe's entire body had been kicked out.

    He screamed and fell to the ground moaning.

    "Commander Lin~"


    The crowd present, seeing the scene before them, was shocked.

    Han Ping was even the first to step forward and accused Lu Tianhe in an angry voice, "Lu Tianhe, how dare you!"

    "The defense zone is heavy, and you dare to attack Commander Lin?"

    "Is there any law of the land in your eyes?But there are still military rules?"

    As Han Ping stepped out, Zhu Rong and the rest of the officers from the major defense zones also took issue with Lu Tianhe.

    "Lu Tianhe, you simply have the audacity to do this!"

    "Why don't you go apologize to Commander Lin?"

    "Or else, don't blame us, for your military justice!"

    However, Lu Tianhe was oblivious to the crowd's persuasion.

    He lifted his feet and walked towards Lin Qinghe once again.

    It looked like Lu Tianhe was not going to let Lin Qinghe off so easily.

    "Instructor Han, Instructor Zhu, quickly...Quickly stop him!"

    Lin Qinghe was not a martial arts practitioner, so naturally, he was powerless to fight back against a warrior like Lu Tianhe.

    Therefore, he could only turn to Han Ping for help.

    Han Ping was worried about not having the chance to avenge his first arrow, and the present was undoubtedly the perfect opportunity!

    Thus, Han Ping leapt up and blocked directly in front of Lu Tianhe, warning once again, "Lu Tianhe, I'll say it again, this is not the place for you to spill your guts."

    "It's not too late to hang back from the cliff."

    "But if you're bent on going your own way, then don't blame me, Han, for ignoring old feelings?"

    Han Ping said coldly, an icy sound that echoed all around.

    Then, he didn't even wait for Lu Tianhe to reply, this Han Ping immediately made a move to attack, majestic fist, directly smashing into Lu Tianhe.

    A battle, on the verge of a war!


    Naturally, Lu Tianhe wouldn't let him attack, and after Han Ping made his move, Lu Tianhe raised his arm as well, then punched him.

    After a loud bang, the two of them actually both exploded back.

    With their feet on the ground, they retreated ten steps in a row.

    Just the moment they touched, Lu Tianhe's eyebrows and eyes trembled.A few wisps of surprise and amazement flashed in his old eyes.


    "Land, didn't expect that, did you?"

    "Three years ago, my Taijiquan technique was not yet great, so it was naturally inferior to yours."

    "But now, I, Han Ping, have greatly increased my cultivation."

    "It won't be so easy for you, Lu Tianhe, to defeat me again."

    "Today, I'll make sure to take back double the humiliation I suffered at first!"

    In the midst of a sneer, Han Ping once again stepped on the ground and struck out with a palm strike.

    Quickly, it was a fight with Lu Tianhe!

    "Instructor Zhu, Instructor Blue, what are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you go and help Instructor Ce Han and catch this traitor together!"

    "This is an important area of the defense zone, but he's openly causing trouble, so he should be severely punished."

    Lin Qinghe climbed up from the ground and urged Zhu Rong and the others.

    After Zhu Rong and Lan Xing, the two instructors looked at each other, they also nodded and rushed up.

    After all, Lu Tianhe's actions today had severely disrupted the discipline of the competition, if they didn't subdue him as soon as possible, they were afraid that this competition would not be able to proceed.

    Just like this, Zhu Rong and Lan Xing also rushed over and joined the battle.

    With the two of them joining in, the battle was naturally lopsided.

    Originally, Lu Tianhe and Han Ping were basically indistinguishable from each other.

    Now, the three great instructors surround Lu Tianhe, and he falls into a disadvantageous position as he can't be defeated with four hands.

    In the end, he was slapped by Zhurong and directly knocked out several meters.

    "It's now!"

    As the saying goes, take advantage of his illness to kill him.

    Han Ping, who had been waiting for the opportunity, seized it and whirled his feet on the ground, rushing over like an arrow off the string.

    "Storm Kick!"

    Han Ping burst into the air.Like a great roc spreading its wings, he flew into the air, while his legs kicked hard at Lu Tianhe.

    Boom boom boom~.

    Han Ping kicked eight feet in a row, and the crowd saw Lu Tianhe's chest caved in, his ribs breaking, and blood flying everywhere.

    Lu Tianhe spat out blood, and his entire body flew several dozen meters away like a kite with a broken string.

    In the end, Lu Tianhe fell to the ground, but was unable to stand up again.

    However, even so, Han Ping still had no intention of letting go of Lu Tianhe.

    After Lu Tianhe fell to the ground, he struck out again with a heavy fist, smashing it on top of Lu Tianhe's spine.


    Lu Tianhe's body trembled violently, and blood mixed with fragments of internal organs was spat out wildly.

    In the end, his eyes fell into darkness and he completely lost consciousness.

    He fell to the ground and fainted.

    "Lu Tianhe, Lu Tianhe, this is what happens when you fight me!"

    Han Ping was condescending, looking at Lu Tianhe, who was as dead as a dog at his feet, and with a cold smile, he turned his head and left.

    Lu Tianhe had been subdued, so the two instructors, Lan Xing and Zhu Rong, withdrew their power and paid no more attention to Lu Tianhe.

    Instead, Lin Qinghe, who had just been kicked by Lu Tianhe, ran over and, in the manner of a sorely beaten down dog, kicked and kicked Lu Tianhe, who was lying motionless on the ground.

    "Can ah~"


    "Get up and take another shot at me, huh?"

    "Even this commander dares to fight, I'll fucking kick you to death today!"


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