Secret Identity 1871-1880


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 1871

If it wasn't for the fact that on the way home, he heard his aunt's phone call with Richard Chen, at this moment Ye Chen would have really believed that this woman's enthusiasm on the phone was really from the bottom of his heart.

      So, he simply also pretended to be very surprised and said with a smile, "Auntie, is it really you?Why did you even think to call me?"

      Ye Changmin didn't really want to call Ye Chen.

      She had already sent an order to Chen Zhaichai to just inform Ye Chen to go to Shangri-La for dinner tomorrow directly.

      However, Master Ye had just come to see her again specifically and told her to make sure to call Ye Chen personally.

      But it could also appear that she was more sincere, and after all, she and Ye Chen hadn't seen each other for so many years, so making a phone call in advance to get acquainted with each other would also be like warming up in advance, and it would help in the next plan of persuading Ye Chen to go home.

      So, she said with a smile, "Chen'er, I haven't seen you for so many years, my aunt has been thinking about you, I had wanted to go to Jinling to meet you long ago, but I heard Tang Sihai say that you don't seem to be willing to come back for a while, so I didn't bother you for the time being ......"

      Saying that, she asked with great concern, "Chen'er, how have you been for so many years?"

      Ye Chen was more or less nauseous in his heart, but he kept his manners and said, "Everything is quite well with me, thank you for your aunt's concern."

      Ye Changmin was relieved and smiled, "You're doing quite well, aunt can't be more pleased!"

      She said, "By the way Tatsuo, Auntie called you, mainly because I want to go to Jinling tomorrow to see you and ask you out for a meal, I don't know if you have time."

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "You're coming to Jinling tomorrow?"

      "Right!"Ye Changmin said, "Actually ah, aunt wanted Chen Zekai to inform you, but on second thought, we haven't seen each other for so many years, so I'd better give you a call personally."

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Okay, when will you arrive tomorrow, I'll treat you to dinner!"

      Ye Changmin smiled, "Let's just have dinner at Shangri-La tomorrow night, I've asked Richard Chen to prepare it."Updated fastest.

      "Okay."Ye Chen didn't hesitate and agreed without thinking, "Then I'll see you tomorrow night at Shangri-La."

      Ye Changmin smiled and said, "Fine, fine, then we'll see you tomorrow!"

      Ye Chen hung up the phone with Ye Changmin, the smile on his expression had gradually disappeared.

      He didn't have much affection for all people surnamed Ye, whether it was his own grandfather, his own uncle, or his own aunt.

      Before investigating the cause of his parents' death, the Ye family was the biggest suspect in his eyes.

      Back in his room, Xiao Churan had already put out a bath for him.

      After taking a bath, Ye Chen returned to his bed and slept with Xiao Churan.

      Like a child waiting to hear a story, Xiao Churan asked him if he had encountered anything interesting in Japan.

      Ye Chen then recounted to Xiao Churan the things that happened between the three big families in Tokyo, adding oil and vinegar to the story.

      However, he deliberately plucked himself out of the series of events, not daring to let Xiao Churan know that he was deeply involved in them.

      He only told Xiao Churan that his clients in Japan happened to have some relations with these families, so he got some first-hand insider information.

      Xiao Choran was shocked to hear Ye Chen recount these unimaginable things.

      The elements of big families, ninjas, and assassinations not only sounded unbelievable, but also inventive.

      Therefore, Xiao Churan was very addicted to listening to it and pestered Ye Chen to talk until late at night.

Chapter 1872

The next day, Xiao Choran got up early to go to work.

      Ye Chen had eaten breakfast made by Ma Lan and spent the entire day thinking about Ye Changmin's matter.

      Ever since Tang Sihai had found himself, up until now, the Ye family had never directly appeared in his life.

      For Ye Chen, he also liked the status quo of not having to deal with the Ye family.

      However, this time, Ye Changmin had broken the silence between himself and the Ye family, which also meant that the Ye family had started to want to pull themselves together, and for whatever purpose, they didn't want him to remain in Jinling.

      Even if he met his aunt today and refused her request today, the Ye family would definitely stop at nothing.

      It seemed that the Ye family would become a long-lasting problem for himself in the future.


      At 5:30 pm, Ye Chen greeted his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, and told her that he had something to do in the evening and wouldn't be home for dinner.

      Then, he went out alone and took a taxi to Shangri-La.

      Richard Chen originally wanted to drive to pick him up, but Ye Chen refused.

      The Ye family had always thought that Richard Chen was one of their people, and if Richard Chen acted too attentive to him, it was possible that the Ye family would notice something unusual.

      When Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of Shangri-La's catering department, Richard Chen was already waiting here personally.

      Seeing Ye Chen arrive, Richard Chen immediately came forward and said respectfully, "Young Master you are here."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and asked him, "Where is my aunt?Are we there yet?"

      "Here we are."Chen Zekai wiped the sweat from his forehead and whispered, "Your aunt said that her body is a bit tired, I've arranged for the technician who did the spa to go to her room to do the service for her, and it will take about half an hour to finish."

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Alright, then take me to the private room first."

      Richard Chen was busy, "You two will dine at the Sky Garden tonight."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, he remembered the Garden in the Sky, the wedding that he had given Xiao Churan to make up was held there.

      The Sky Garden was a huge banquet hall, there were no private rooms, and it was surrounded by translucent glass, it was the place where the top members of Shangri-La dined on weekdays, and choosing to eat there would inevitably be seen by other guests.

      So Ye Chen asked him, "How many guests are there tonight?In case many people see me eating with her and recognize her again, it might expose my identity."

      Richard Chen shrugged his shoulders and smiled and said, "Don't worry, tonight at Shangri-La, the entire food and beverage department has been completely cleared, whether it's the outside rooms or the sky garden, there are no other guests tonight."

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Just clearing a sky garden isn't enough?Have the outside booths, Chinese and Western restaurants cleared out as well?"

      "Right."Richard Chen said, "The catering department will only entertain you and your aunt tonight."

      Ye Chen said awkwardly, "There's no need to be so torturous, can't we just find a more upscale box?"

      Chen Zekai lowered his voice and said in Ye Chen's ear, "Young Master, you may not know your aunt very well, this is how she has always done things."

      Saying that, Richard Chen added, "Your aunt is usually above her eyes and has always sneered at third-tier cities like Jinling, having her eat with the locals in a restaurant in such a third-tier city is an insult in her eyes ......"

      "What's the display?"Ye Chen said with a bit of resentment, "No matter how big the shelf is, doesn't it still have to eat, drink, shit and sleep like ordinary people?What's the point of having this specialization everywhere?"

Chapter 1873

Ye Chen stepped into Shangri-La's catering department.

      The large catering department was indeed empty today.

      The waiters had also withdrawn quite a few, according to Richard Chen, it was because he was afraid that the flow of waiters was too much, making Ye Changmin look annoyed.

      Ye Chen passed through the peripheral restaurant of the catering department and came directly to the Sky Garden located in the center, at this time, the Sky Garden Banquet Hall, the eighty-eight banquet tables had been completely withdrawn, leaving only an exquisitely made Western-style table in the center.

      Ye Chen didn't need to think about it to know that the removal of the eighty-eight banquet tables and chairs must have been authorized by his aunt.

      Therefore, he felt somewhat unhappy in his heart.

      Although Ye Chen hadn't seen this aunt's face up to now, this aunt's almost ancient imperial relative's style of doing things still made Ye Chen feel disgusted in his heart.

      Even though the current Ye Chen had nearly 60 billion RMB in cash in his bank card, Ye Chen still didn't have half a mind to put up a fight.

      Not to mention that eating a meal would be a huge expense and a waste of money, even if he was allowed to eat a bowl of beef noodles at a roadside ramen restaurant for ten yuan, he wouldn't feel anything wrong with it.

      Moreover, clearing the entire Shangri-La and emptying the entire Sky Garden just for a meal would really not allow Ye Chen to experience any feeling of superiority.

      On the contrary, it would also make him very repulsive and contradictory.

      Ye Chen, accompanied by Richard Chen, came to the only dining table.

      The dining table was about two meters long and one meter wide, and there were two seats placed at either end.

      Richard Chen personally pulled out one of the seats for Ye Chen and spoke, "Young Master, I have to ask you to wait here for a moment."

      Ye Chen nodded lightly and said, "Alright, you go and get busy, I'll play with my phone and wait for her."

      Chen Zekai busily asked, "Young Master, would you like something to drink first, I'll have someone prepare it for you."

      Ye Chen said, "Just give me a cup of plain water."

      "Okay young master."

      Ye Chen sat alone at the table, fiddling with his phone in boredom, just in time to receive a message from Itachi Nachiko: "What is Ye Chen-kun doing?"

      When Ye Chen saw her message, he would smile and reply, "Preparing dinner outside, how about you?"

      Ito Nana-chan replied to him, "I just got back from the hospital where I spent time with my father-sama."

      Then, Itachi Nachiko sent another message, "Yatsuo-kun, your wife, does she like the ring you gave her?Is the ring still the right size?"

      Ye Chen replied, "I like it, thank you for trying on the ring for me, and the size of the ring is perfect."

      Itachi sent a smiling expression and added, "That would be perfect!In four days it will be the Chinese Lunar New Year, and Cabbage is here to wish Ye Chen-kun a Happy New Year in advance!"

      Ye Chen smiled and typed back with his fingertips, "Thank you!How's Ito-san's recovery going?"

      Itachi replied, "The doctor said he'll be out of the hospital after a few more days of recuperation."

      "That's good."As soon as Ye Chen sent those three words over, the entrance to the Sky Garden entered a woman dressed in a gorgeous and rich outfit.

      This woman looked to be around forty years old, wearing a Chanel limited edition bespoke dress, with short to medium hair that was dyed yellow, her face didn't look too pretty, her face was not only somewhat indifferent, but also gave people a very mean feeling.

      This woman, is Ye Chen's aunt, Ye Changmin.

Chapter 1874

Ye Changmin was walking very fast, and walked in with big strides and came straight to the table where Ye Chen was.

      As for Richard Chen, he also followed her with a very respectful attitude.

      When she was a few meters away from Ye Chen, Ye Changmin smiled and said, "Oh Chen'er, after so many years, you've grown into a handsome young man!"

      Ye Chen looked at Ye Changmin and also found some memories of his childhood on her face.

      Thus, he laughed at himself and spoke, "I'll be 27 soon, I'm not a big young man anymore."

      Ye Changmin looked very affectionate and said with a smile, "My, you look so much like your father!It's simply a mold!"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Aunt doesn't look much different compared to back then."Updated fastest.

      Ye Changmin harrumphed, "In a blink of an eye ten or twenty years have passed, I'm almost fifty years old, how can I still be the same as before."

      At this time, Richard Chen had already taken a step ahead and carefully pulled away Ye Changmin's seat as well.

      When Ye Changmin sat down, she looked over to Ye Chen's side and saw that Ye Chen was always seated in his chair, but he didn't even stand up before he took his seat, he was a bit dissatisfied.

      According to the rules, the younger generation at the dinner table had to stand up and respectfully wait when the elder came.

      If the elder spoke, the junior had to bend down and bow his head to listen carefully.

      If the elder is seated, the younger must wait until the elder is seated and until the elder indicates that he may sit down.

      But Ye Chen was good, his buttocks were like a chair the whole time, not to mention standing up, he didn't even bother to move.

      Ye Changmin was a little annoyed in her heart all of a sudden.

      She actually didn't have a good feeling towards Ye Chen.

      It would naturally be best for her if Ye Chen kept disappearing and never showed his face again.

      But she didn't expect that this brat had been missing for so many years and suddenly popped out to divide the assets of the Ye family.

      What was even more unacceptable to her was that it wasn't enough that the old man had given him an imperial group and ten billion in cash, but he still wanted him to return to the Ye family.

      She sized up the ordinary-dressed, easy-going, and somewhat rude Ye Chen and slandered in her heart, "What qualifications does such a person have to return to the Ye family?Any member of the Ye family's direct line was educated as a child by aristocrats and then went abroad for further studies, compared to someone like Ye Chen who only spent a year in Jinling for his fourth year of college, it's heaven and earth, to have this kind of semi-literate person back in the Ye family would definitely disgrace the Ye family!"

      However, although Ye Changmin disliked Ye Chen in her heart, she didn't dare to disobey the old man's instructions.

      After all, after the complete separation from her husband, her intention is to return to the Ye family, so that in the future, a share of the Ye family's huge family business.

      But after all, she was a married woman, and wanting to return to her mother's house to share the family fortune was rejected by Ye Changkong and Ye Changyun's brothers.

      In this situation, if Ye Changmin still wanted to get some of the assets, she would need the full support of the old man.

      Therefore, she had always been the only one who had the old man's head in the Ye family.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      So, she also admonished herself in her heart, "This time, I must do the things that the old master has assigned to me beautifully!Let alone being able to persuade Ye Chen to return to the Ye family, at least make Ye Chen promise to return to the Ye family to spend this year's Lunar New Year with the old man!"

      Thinking of this, she suppressed her dissatisfaction with Ye Chen and said with a smile, "Chen'er, you have really suffered in Jinling these years, your family and you haven't seen each other for so many years, and one of them misses you very much, have you ever thought of coming home to visit sometime?"

Chapter 1875

"Home for a visit?"

      When Ye Chen heard these four words, he couldn't help but smile.

      When Ye Changmin saw that his smile was a bit fake, she spoke up, "Chen'er, people say that young and young away from home, the oldest one returns, you are not young now, you have been away from home for so many years, it is indeed time to go back and take a look."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and agreed, "You're right, after being away for so long, it's time to take some time to go back and take a look."

      Saying that, he smiled and said, "Let's say, I'll arrange some time in a while and go back to take a look when I'm free."

      Ye Chen seemed to have agreed to Ye Changmin's proposal, but in reality, it was nothing more than a stalling tactic.

      After a while, arranging a little more time would basically be tantamount to a distant goal, and anyway, his only thought was to deal with today.

      Ye Changmin, of course, also knew Ye Chen's plan, and immediately spoke up, "Chen'er ah, you don't have any resistance to the family, the family has always been very concerned about you, don't forget, after your grandfather heard that you were in Jinling, he immediately asked Tang Sihai to send you the Empire Group, as well as 10 billion in cash, it is reasonable and sensible, you should also go back to see his old man, don't you think?"

      Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "Auntie, is it true that I only need to go back and take a look, and the matter will be evened out and cleared up?"

      The dissatisfaction in Ye Changmin's heart had intensified.

      In her opinion, Ye Chen was indeed a little too ungrateful.

      The Ye family had asked themselves to come all the way over to invite him back, this was already giving him a lot of face, if he was a little bit more sensible, he should have immediately agreed to go back and then directly go back with his plane for the New Year.

      Unexpectedly, he actually played Tai Chi with himself here, and also said something about getting even and clear.

      So, with a slightly unhappy expression, she said to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, your grandfather has invested 110 billion RMB in you, this amount of money is nothing to the Ye family, but purely in terms of quantity, it's definitely a huge sum of money, is it that you can only go back for a glance in exchange for investing so much in you?"

      Ye Chen looked at Ye Changmin and asked seriously, "Aunt, what exactly does the Ye family want from me, there's no need for you to hide it here, let's open the windows of heaven and talk about it."

      Ye Changmin slightly hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head and said, "Good, since you said so, I won't beat around the bush with you."Updated fastest.

      Saying that, Ye Changmin sat up straight and said with a serious expression, "Your grandfather's meaning is to first let you go back to the Ye family to spend a reunion year together, then, these things in Jinling, you have to hurry up and make an end of it."

      Ye Chen raised his eyes and asked with great interest, "Make an end?What's the end?"

      Ye Changmin said, "You are nothing more than an imperial group in Jinling, a family of your current wife."

Chapter 1876

Saying that, Ye Changmin stretched out a finger and said with a gusto, "First of all, the matter of the Emperor Group, at that time, you can continue to let Wang Dongxue help you with the points, this person we have investigated, the ability is there, and this period of time, look, the Emperor Group is developing quite well in her hands, you can feel free to hand it over to her."

      Then, Ye Changmin stretched out another finger: "Secondly, it's your current wife Xiao Churan's family, we have investigated the Xiao family, to say it from the bottom of our hearts, such a family, in front of the Ye family, is not even a fart!How can their family be the Ye family's in-laws?"

      Ye Changmin was already looking disgusted at this point, and said with a trailing mouth, "So ah, I advise you to leave with that Xiao Choran and draw a clear line with their family before it's too late, it's best to just give them a sum of money and let them get out of China forever, so that no one will make a big deal out of them in the future and sarcastically mock our Ye family men for being hungry!"

      When Ye Chen heard this, his face immediately turned a bit ugly and his voice grew colder as he said, "Aunt, my marriage is my own matter, it has nothing to do with you or the Ye family, so please don't interfere in any way!"

      Ye Changmin sighed and advised, "Ah Chen'er, don't be so impetuous, think about it, you're a scion of the Ye family!The ten richest two generations in the country to choose the highest status out of ten, there will definitely be a seat for you, the girl surnamed Xiao, how could she match you?She's not even qualified to give you a shoe!In ancient times, she wouldn't even be qualified to serve you as a common maid!"

      Ye Chen said with a bit of huffiness in his tone, "Aunt, Choran is my wife and she married me at the lowest point in my life, I could never divorce her, so you don't need to say anything like that!"

      Ye Changmin said with a regretful face, "Chen'er!You don't want to get emotional!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Emotional matters, of course you have to be emotional!"

      Ye Changmin blurted out, "As a grandson of a noble family, feelings don't even count for shit!Do you remember your aunt?He looks like a real talent, and he's been good to me all these years, but so what?Once his family's strength can't match mine, I'll have to part with him!"

      Immediately after, Ye Changmin said with some reluctance, "If it wasn't for your grandfather thinking that a woman initiating a divorce would affect my reputation, and forbidding me to go through the divorce procedures, I would have severed all ties with him long ago!You're a male, you don't even need to care about how a divorce will affect your reputation, just divorce the one surnamed Xiao and go back to Yanjing to marry a big lady with a good family, your future will definitely be boundless!"

      Ye Chen sneered and said, "Sorry, I'm a rather sentimental person, you guys can do such things, I can't!"

      When Ye Changmin saw that Ye Chen didn't even accept his suggestion, he immediately spoke up, "Chen'er!You need to understand that the Ye family's hands are among the best in the country among families!Any woman who wants to marry into our Ye family must have a family background that can match the Ye family!Otherwise, you'll be dragging my Ye family down and bringing shame to my family's face!The Ye family's face must not be ruined in your hands or in the hands of that lowly family surnamed Xiao, either!"Fastest Update

      Ye Chen coldly said, "Excuse me, although my surname is Ye, I am not something you can control and dominate at will, I make my own decisions about my marriage, no one else has the right to interfere, and neither do you!"


      Ye Changmin became furious, slapped the table and stood up, shouting angrily, "Ye Chen!Do you think I'm talking to you in a nice voice and discussing with you?!"

      "What?"Ye Chen asked her in a cold voice, "Are you going to force me to divorce?"

      Ye Changmin snapped, "You're a son of the Ye family!You have to follow the Ye family's arrangement, not to mention you think that the Diablo Group and the 10 billion in cash were given to you for free!If you are disobedient, the Ye family can hold you up and step on you!"

      Ye Chen also became furious, he said coldly, "Don't you dare talk about the Imperial Group and that 10 billion cash here!The Ye family's rapid and dramatic advancement to the top of the country was due to my father's hard work and devastating decisions.If we count family assets, my father has at least a quarter of the Ye family's assets to inherit, if you put it that way, not to mention 110 billion, even if it's 11,000 billion, I still deserve it!"

      At that, Ye Chen spoke a little more harshly and snapped, "My father has done so much for the Ye family, but how do you repay him?You're forcing the three of us out of the capital!And that's how my parents ended up dead!I haven't settled this score with you yet!"

Chapter 1877

Ye Changmin didn't think that Ye Chen would dare to talk to himself like that!

      And, upon hearing Ye Chen say that he should inherit a quarter of the Ye family's assets, Deng was also on fire!

      So she just snapped, "Bastard!You think too highly of yourself!Inheriting a quarter of the Ye family's assets, what do you deserve?!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Just because my name is Ye Chen!Just because my father is Ye Changba!"

      Ye Changmin scolded, "It's been so many years since your father died, and you're the only one who wants to come and inherit the Ye family's assets!I'm telling you, you don't deserve it!"

      Ye Chen looked at Ye Changmin and sneered, "My father was rampaging for the Ye family back then, and in my opinion, even being the head of the Ye family is more than enough!It's you!If you really want to go by the rules of your extended family, a daughter who marries out is a spill, and since you're already married, you're no longer a member of the Ye family!Why are you telling me what to do in front of me?!"

      The saying that a married daughter is a spilled water was the one that Ye Changmin hated the most in her life.

      Even though she had married into a woman long ago, she had always missed the Ye family's fortune.

      Now, after separating from her husband and breaking off her enmity, she was placing all her future hopes on the Ye family's property!

      However, the Ye family's eldest, Ye Changkong, the third, Ye Changyun, and the fourth, Ye Changfeng, had always been hostile towards Ye Changmin, and they often spoke about it in front of her, reminding her, overtly and covertly, not to think about the Ye family's assets because she was already married, no longer a Ye family member, and not worthy of inheriting the Ye family's assets!first issue

      Naturally, Ye Changmin was ten thousand times more unconvinced!

      She felt that her husband's family couldn't be relied on, the only one she could rely on was Master Yeh!

      Therefore, no matter what, by pleasing the old master, she wanted to make him give her an inheritance that would give her food and clothing for the rest of her life before she died, and this was also the goal that she was desperately trying to achieve now.

      However, what she didn't expect was that Ye Chen, a boy who had been away from home for almost twenty years, dared to say such words in front of her as well, which was simply tantamount to stepping on her tail, causing her to go up in flames!

      So, she gritted her teeth and glared at Ye Chen, furiously saying, "Ye Chen!I'm telling you!If you are sensible and do everything the Ye family tells you to do, the Ye family will naturally not treat you badly in the future and will let you have food and clothing for the rest of your life!"

      With that, her voice rose a little higher as she turned her words around and angrily threatened, "But if you don't know better!Then let me tell you, if the Ye family can lift you up, they can naturally drop you down!By that time, the Empire State Group and the $10 billion will be gone!You'll eventually be knocked back and turned back into that stinking hangdog who is despised by everyone and your wife's family!"

      Emotionally out of control, Ye Changmin's voice had even taken on a few shrieks as she spoke.

      The entire Sky Garden was echoing with her exasperated voice.

      Chen Zekai hurriedly asked all the service staff to withdraw, and he also left the Sky Garden banquet hall and stood outside the door.

      At a time like this, other people who had even the slightest displeasure with Ye Changmin might cause Ye Changmin to lose control of her emotions further.

      Ye Chen saw that Ye Changmin's expression had taken on a strong resentment, instead, he smiled playfully and asked her, "So ruthless?Then I'd like to ask, if I'm sensible, what have the Yeerks ordered of me?"

Chapter 1878

Ye Changmin thought that her threat had softened Ye Chen, so she immediately sneered, "First divorce your marriage with your lowly-born wife, then return to the Ye family to do your grandfather's bidding, now that Gu Yanzhong has unified the Gu family, his control over the entire Gu family has reached an unprecedented peak, and his daughter is married to you!The words of the Ye family will be of great help to the Ye family."

      Saying that, Ye Changmin said, "Or you can also try the Su family's eldest granddaughter, the daughter of Su Shou Dao, she is very favored in the Su family, and her mother was one of your father's suitors back then, if you love the house, you might be willing to marry your daughter to you, and then it will help the Ye family even more!"

      "So, after you divorce that woman, first try to develop with the Su family's eldest granddaughter, if you can take her down, then marry her, if you can't, then fulfill the marriage contract with Gu Yanzhong's daughter!"

      Ye Chen smiled lightly, "So the Ye family wants me to sell my body for the Ye family!"

      Ye Changmin said coldly, "It's not exactly selling out, after all, this kind of thing, marriage, is very common in high society, it's not just good for the Ye family, it's good for you too!"

      Ye Chen scoffed and laughed, "Aunt, since there are so many benefits to a marriage, why don't you simply divorce the marriage and try to see if you can hook up with Gu Yanzhong, or Su Shoudao?If you had this book to hook up with one of them, wouldn't that be a huge help to the Ye family, too!"

      When Ye Changmin heard this, it felt like she had been slapped repeatedly by Ye Chen, and she realized that Ye Chen looked like he was being soft, but he was actually trying to humiliate himself!

      Thinking of this, she became irritated and gritted her teeth, cursing, "You beast!I'm your aunt!How dare you humiliate me?!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Bending you?Torturing you is a way of giving you face, if you were a guy, I'd have beaten you eight fucking times!"

      Ye Changmin almost fainted with anger and covered his chest with a hideous face.

      Ye Chen didn't bother to stay here at this point, he stood up and said to Ye Changmin very disdainfully, "Go back and tell the old man that if he wants to return the Emperor's Group and the 10 billion, I can always return it!"

      At this point, his expression was stern as he snapped, "But!"

      "I'll definitely settle this debt with my parents in the future!"

      "When the time comes, all those responsible for this will be returned to me, with interest!No one can get away!Even him!No exception!"

      "You ......You ......"Ye Changmin was trembling with anger, and her finger snapped at Ye Chen, "You bastard!How dare you show such disrespect to your grandfather because you are an heir of the Ye family!How outrageous!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "So what if I disrespected him?If you're not satisfied, you can go back and complain to him!"

      Ye Changmin gritted her teeth and said, "Yes!I will report every word you say today to your grandfather truthfully, and if you are beaten back, don't blame me, the aunt, for not giving you the chance!"

      "Give me a chance?"Ye Chen sneered, "You don't deserve to give me any chance at all!However, if I find out in the future that you were involved in my parents' deaths, you won't be asking for a chance when the time comes!"

      "Against you!It's against you!"Ye Changmin had been completely enraged by Ye Chen, she grabbed a beautifully empty wine glass from the table and slammed it on the ground, shouting hysterically, "I will definitely make you regret it!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and sneered in a despicable manner, "Use whatever tactics you have, I'm waiting respectfully!"

      Saying that, he walked directly towards the door without turning back.

Chapter 1879

Seeing that Ye Chen had gone, Ye Changmin behind him cried out angrily "Ye Chen!I haven't left yet, so who are you to go first!I'm your elder and your aunt!If you dare to treat me with such disrespect, I will make you pay!"

    Ye Chen ignored it.

    In his opinion, this aunt of his was a complete idiot who was spoiled by the family aura.

    Any time she never forgot to hold her stand and take orders, she was obviously ordered by the old man to do business but only cared about her own stand and face, such a person, even in the Ye family, would be difficult to become a great person.

    Therefore, Ye Chen didn't bother to continue wasting time with her.

    After leaving the gate, Ye Chen left the Sky Garden directly.

    Chen Zekai then hurriedly welcomed him and said nervously "Young Master, why are you suffering, in case the eldest miss goes to the old master to file a complaint, then your situation will be passive!"

    "So what?"Ye Chen snorted "Don't look at her as a member of the Ye family, but she's actually just a dog of the old man, and it's up to the old man if she wants to bite me!If the old man really wants to do something to me, then let him have at it!"

    Saying that, Ye Chen said, "The reason why I only scolded her now instead of beating her or killing her is because they still have a bloodline connection with me.If they make the first move themselves, then I won't even care about this bloodline!Whoever of the Ye family barking dogs in front of me again, I'll castrate him!If anyone dares to lay a hand on me and those around me, I'll just take his life!"

    At this moment, Ye Chen's killing aura was raging!

    At the side, Chen Zhai Kai sighed helplessly.

    At this moment, what he was actually worried about was not what the Ye family would do to Ye Chen in the future, but rather, he was afraid that once the Ye family was annoyed and angered, Ye Chen would not let the Ye family go.

    In case of a real fight, the Ye family might not be Ye Chen's opponent.

    He drove Ye Chen all the way to the entrance of Shangri-La and said respectfully "Young Master, where are you going?I'll drive you."

    Ye Chen waved his hand "No need, if you drop me off at this time, it will make the Ye family detect a hint, go and see Ye Changmin, and by the way, see what else she plans to do next."

    Richard Chen nodded gently "Young Master, then I'll go over to see your aunt first."

    Ye Chen reminded him "Touch up Ye Changmin's return plan to see when she is leaving, also, make sure to give me strict precautions against her going to see my wife, got it?"

    Chen Zekai was in awe and stood straight and said respectfully "Young Master, don't worry, I understand!"

    It was true that Ye Chen didn't put Ye Changmin in his eyes, but he was equally worried that Ye Changmin would think of other ways to save the country from the curve.

    She wanted her to take the initiative to divorce Xiao Churan and then return to the Ye family, and she directly rejected her, next, if she went to find her wife, it would be a bit tricky for her.

    After all, Xiao Choran didn't know her identity yet.

    And he wasn't prepared to let her know either.

    At least, he didn't want his wife to know his identity before he found out the truth about his parents' deaths and successfully avenged them

    After Ye Chen left, Richard Chen turned back to the Sky Garden.

    At this time, Ye Changmin was already storming in place.

Chapter 1880

The western table that had been prepared had been lifted by her, and the floor was covered in messes.

    As there are a lot of broken glass on the ground, the head waitress of the Sky Garden is afraid that Ye Changmin will be hurt by the glass, so she rushed over with two waiters to clean up the mess.

    The first time I saw her, I was so angry that I grabbed one of the girls and hit her in the face.Did I ask you to come?!"

    The girl was slapped several times, crying and begging, "Miss you calm down, I am also afraid that you will be hurt by the glass, so hurry up and clean up the glass."

    Ye Changmin was still furious in her heart, and even increased her hands by a few more points,[New Pens] and cursed angrily, "Bastard!You can only come out if I let you, and you better not even let me see your face if I don't let you!"

    When the foreman saw this, he hurried forward and begged, "Don't be angry, Miss, this matter is my own initiative, that's why I bumped into you."

    Ye Changmin glared furiously and kicked the foreman in the stomach, cursing in a cold voice, "Eyeless thing!All three of you are fired, so get out!"

    The foreman was kicked by Ye Changmin with an ouch.

    The ground was full of glass ballast, so she boarded up and felt a few pieces of glass ballast piercing into her flesh.

    However, at this time she couldn't care less about the severe pain caused by the glass ballast, she was pale and covered her stomach, saying in pain "My stomach hurts ah Lily, please help me call an ambulance".

    Lily was the other one of the two waiters, and she didn't take a beating from Ye Changmin because she was standing a bit far away from him.

    As soon as she saw the foreman covering her stomach with pain on her face, she immediately asked with concern, "Sister Nan, are you okay?Just hang on, I'm calling 120!"

    Ye Changmin looked at the foreman with disgust and said, "Why are you pretending to be pitiful in front of me?Is it because you want me to pay you for it?"

    The girl who was dialing the number with her cell phone suddenly scolded angrily, "Why are you like this!Nam is three months pregnant!You even kicked her in the belly, if anything happens to the baby, even more money won't solve the problem!"

    Ye Changmin frowned and said coldly, "What kind of a thing are you that you dare to speak to me with such an attitude!"

    The girl blurted out, "We're people!Not a thing!Even if we're not as high up as you are, our bodies were given to us by our parents!What gives you the right to hit us?!"

    Ye Changmin was simply furious!

    When she was growing up, apart from being a good girl with her tail between her legs in front of her father, no one had ever dared to disobey her or speak to her in such a tone of voice!

    And here today, she had already been backstabbed by Ye Chen and a few waiters one after another, and was naturally annoyed in her heart.

    In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they've been in the business for a long time, but they've been in the business for a long time.

    Immediately after that, she immediately raised her hand a slap and smacked the girl's face, mouth gritted teeth and cursed, "Shame on you, still dare to shout at me here, looking for death isn't it?"

    As I was saying, Richard Chen stepped in, and upon seeing this, he hurried forward to ask "Miss, what's wrong with you?"

    Ye Changmin saw that Chen Zekai was here, and said in a cold voice, "Good, you're just in time!Let me ask you, how do you manage the people under your command?How dare you contradict me!Is this going to turn over a new leaf?!"

    As soon as Chen Zekai saw that all three of his employees had been beaten, he knew without asking that Ye Changmin must have vented her anger against Ye Chen on them, so he immediately said respectfully, "Don't worry, Miss, I will deal with these three ungrateful people seriously!You mustn't be out of breath, so why don't I have someone send you back to your room to rest first?"

    Ye Changmin was also suffocating with anger and looked at Chen Zekai and coldly said, "Give me a chance to completely shut down these three bitches!"

    Saying that, he reached out and smacked that Lily in the face again, before turning away in a big way


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