His True Colors 164-166


His True Colors Chapter 164

Family Day Day. 

    Han Qianqiang woke up very early to wash up, the last time he was kicked out of the Su family villa due to the old lady's death, by all rights, he wasn't qualified to go to this family day, but Jiang Lan didn't dare to talk nonsense in front of Han Qianqiang now, so even if she saw that Han Qianqiang was preparing to go to the family day, she was just watching.

    Thinking of Nangong Qianqiu hanging in the living room that day, Jiang Lan was still very scared to this day, and although she didn't value this wimp son-in-law of hers, she didn't dare to underestimate him anymore.

    "Are you going too?"Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian.

    "I ran into Su Haichao two days ago, and he said he'd let me go, so I'll go and make it happen."Han Qianli said with a smile, today Shi Jing will appear, and will make Su Yehan spit out all the bride-price then, this kind of good show, there is a chance to go see, how would Han Qianli miss it.

    Su Yingxia frowned, Su Hechao is this a sex change, why would he let Han 3000 go?

    At this time, Jiang Lan couldn't help but ask Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, today, do you really want Su Yeh Han to spit out all the bride-price?"

    "Of course, but looking at how prosperous she's been lately, I don't know how much is left."Han Marchiang said, Su Yeh Han took the money, but she was in a state of spending money like water, more than eight million, I guess there isn't much left, after all, the luxuries she bought were expensive.

    Jiang Lan can't wait to go to the Su family villa to watch this good show, although this appointment gift will not fall into Su Yingxia's hands, but it's better than Su Yehan taking it ah.

    And today, only the Su family would know who this bride-price was for.

    "Mom, don't talk nonsense after you go there."Su Yingxia seemed to have guessed what Jiang Lan wanted and reminded her.

    "What do you mean?"Jiang Lan was puzzled.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian and said to Jiang Lan, "You can't say that this hiring gift was originally given to me."

    "Why?"Jiang Lan directly jumped to her feet, this is a matter of earning face for Su Yingxia, why can't she say it?

    "Don't say it if I tell you not to, there's no why."Su Yingxia glared at Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan carefully looked at Han Giang, was it because he didn't want to expose this matter?

    In the past, Jiang Lan would have dared to follow her own wishes unforgivingly, but now, she had to consider Han Giang's wishes, and if he didn't want to, she really couldn't say anything.

    "Listen to Ying Xia."Han three thousand said, whether his current identity would have any impact after it was exposed Han three thousand wasn't sure, but since it had taken three years to build his image it would be a pity if it was ruined like that.

    More importantly, Han 3000 liked to control everything in the dark.

    Jiang Lan sighed in her heart, such a long face-saving thing, but she couldn't even say it, isn't this a missed opportunity to pretend?

    Han Qianqiang drove to the Su family villa.

    The relatives in the villa hadn't all come yet, but Su Yeh Han was an early arrival and was showing off the designer clothes on her body with her peers.

    "This skirt of mine, but the joint limited edition, now money can't even buy, but it cost me tens of thousands of dollars."

    "And this watch, do you know how much it costs?Over eight hundred thousand, you won't be able to afford it in this lifetime."

    "I also recently fell in love with a necklace that also costs over three hundred thousand, but unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet, I can't wait any longer."

    Listening to Su Yeh Han's flaunting words, those people were smiling and agreeing on the surface, but their hearts were very unhappy, if it wasn't for Su Haichao giving her the bride-price, how could she have such a good life.

    Now in the hearts of a few people, they were eager for Han Qianqian's original words to come true and deal a fierce blow to Su Yehan's sharpness.

    When Su Yingxia's family arrived at the villa, Su Yehan's expression was instantly unpleasant when she saw Han Qianqian.

    "Han Three Thousand, what are you doing here, this villa, you are no longer qualified to enter, have you forgotten?"Su Yehan said to Han Qianqiang in a high and mighty voice.

    "Su Haichao told me to come, of course I can come."Han Giang said with a smile, the higher Su Yeh Han flew, the worse she would fall, and not until she had the heart to show off now, and how she would feel when Shi Jing showed up.

    "Oh."Su Yehan snickered, she had already agreed with Su Hachao not to let Han Marchant attend the family day, how could it be that Su Hachao had asked him to come.

    Turning to Su Yingxia, she said, "Su Yingxia, this wimp doesn't have the qualifications to be in the Su family, you wouldn't have forgotten about it, would you?Or do you think you can ignore Hai Chao by virtue of your position as the person in charge of the west side of the city and having to bring him here?"

    Su Yingxia's current state with Su Haichao was considered well water, and she would not interfere in Su Haichao's matters regarding the west side of the city project.

    "Su Yehan, whether he can come or not is not for you to decide, you might as well ask Su Hachao."Su Yingxia coldly said.

    "Fine, just ask and see who he'll listen to."Su Yehan looked proud, now how would Su Hachao dare to offend her, she would marry into the Han family in the future, Su Hachao was still waiting for the Han family's investment, how could she be offended by Han Qianqian, a wimp?

    Su Hachao in his room, there is actually nothing to do, just like the old lady's, deliberately show up late, put up a full row, this is the Su family's common disease, a small family, numerous rules, they treat themselves as a famous family, always feel that they will be superior, doing meaningless things, self-consciousness is still very good.

    Not long after, after Su Haichao appeared, Su Yehan came to the side and said, "Haichao, this wimp, saying that you let him come to the family day, is it true?"

    Su Haichao dug his ears and said with a smile, "Yehan, do you believe everything he says?How could I let him come to the family day, he's the murderer who killed grandma."

    Hearing this, Su Yihan laughed proudly and scoffed, "Han Qianli, why can you be so brazen, does it make sense to tell such lies?"

    With a light smile on her face, Han Qianli said to Su Hae Chao, "Do you enjoy playing this retarded game and find it interesting?"

    Su Haichao was now the chairman of the Su Family, so he forcefully put on a superior air and said calmly, "Playing with a wimp like you is too cheap, and you have no qualifications, I'm just teasing you, how about it, isn't this feeling unpleasant, being played with, and you still can't do anything about it, very unconvinced, right?"

    Han Giangli shook his head helplessly, toying with the idea?As long as he was willing, trash like Su Haichao would be worse than dead in minutes, even the Su family could go bankrupt overnight, and I don't know where Su Haichao got his sense of superiority.

    "Since I'm the one who misunderstood your meaning, then I'll just go out."Han Qianqian said.

    Jiang Lan used to think of Han Third Thousand as a wimp, so in the past, Han Third Thousand's forbearance was the right thing to do in her eyes as a wimp.

    But now that she knew that Han Three Thousand was clearly not such a person, she didn't understand why Han Three Thousand continued to swallow his pride.

    Did a grown man not even want to lose face?

    "Han 3,000, don't leave."Lan Jiang spoke up.

    "Aunt Jiang, is there a place for you to talk here?Are you still qualified to let him stay, don't you forget that I'm the chairman of the Su Family now."Su Haichao said in a cold voice.

    Su Yingxia pulled Jiang Lan's hand, what Han Giang was unwilling to do, she was even more unqualified to do.

    "Mom, think about our living room."Su Yingxia said in a low voice.

    The living room!

    Thinking of these two words, Jiang Lan felt a chill come over her and couldn't help but shiver, then lowered her head and didn't dare to say another word.

    "Han Qianqian, hurry up and get lost, don't delay our Su family's family day."Su Haichao said in a cold voice.

    Han Qianqian walked out of the villa without saying a word.

    Su Hachao smiled proudly, this feeling of ravaging Han Three Thousand's dignity was so refreshing, next time, we must find a public occasion to let outsiders also know how much of a wimp Han Three Thousand really is.

    Even if he was valued by Tianchang Sheng, he was just a humble wretch in the Su family.

    "Su Yingxia, I really feel sorry for you, finding such a wimp as a husband, unlike me, my future husband is a rich and powerful family."Su Yehan scoffed.

Chapter 165

Hearing Su Yehan's words, Su Yingxia sneered more than a little and said, "You're not going to run out of money already, are you?"

    "So what if it's all spent, do I need you to worry about it?Don't be funny, you, the head of the west side of the city, is nothing in my eyes."Su Yeh Han said with a smile, she didn't feel bad at all about spending money lately and had no qualms about it because the Han family would show up sooner or later, and she would marry sooner or later, so spending just a few million now was nothing.

    "The life of a rich man like me, you don't understand even if I say so, so you'd better honestly work for the Su family."

    "I hope you can get your wish, good luck."Su Yingxia said.

    "Yawn."Su Yeh Han sneered out and said, "Forget about your false blessing, I know you envy me in your heart, so why hide it, anyone with clear eyes can see it."

    "En, I do envy you quite a bit, I can't afford to wear so many name brands."Su Yingxia said.

    Seeing that Su Yingxia was soft and also showed envy towards herself, Su Yehan became even more proud, deliberately stretched out her hand, showed the gold bracelet and said, "Although the bracelet is not worth a few dollars, but this is a gift from a noble family, the meaning is different, don't worry, if you can't wear a famous brand in the future, you can come to my house to pick up the ones I don't want, although I have worn them, they are allA big brand, the kind you can never afford in your life."

    "Your good intentions, I appreciate it."

    Family Day was just a dinner party, and after there was no old lady, the taste of the dinner party became even more different, in addition to Su Yeh Han showing off, there was also Su Hai Chao pretending to talk about the future development of the Su family, and also said that in the future Su Yeh Han would let the Han family invest in the Su family, but it made a bunch of relatives happy.

    The more the Su family develops, the more benefits they can get, so these relatives not only befriended Su Haichao, but also Su Yehan, and as for Su Yingxia, the unpopular head of the west side of the city, they were completely treated like transparent people.

    When it was almost lunch time, a group of people came to the villa, walking right in the middle of the noble woman with a cold temperament, although the crowd did not know, but the person next to her, the Su family have seen.

    He was the one who showed up with the eye-popping bride-price and blew up the Su family in the first place.

    Today he appeared again, could it be that the Han family had finally come?

    Looking at the noble temperament of this noble woman, she must be from a famous family, could it be that she was an elder of the Han family?

    The agitated Su Yihan subconsciously took out her makeup mirror to look at herself, this woman, most likely the future mother-in-law, she has to leave a good impression!

    "Excuse me, are you ......?"As the head of the Su family, Su Hachao calmly stood up and asked.

    The person who came was naturally Shi Jing, after hearing Su Haichao's words, he said indifferently, "You don't need to know who I am, all you need to know is that the bride-price, I had someone send it to you."

    Although Su Haichao guessed, but when Shi Jing said these words, he still couldn't help but be moved, the Han family that had waited for so long finally showed up.

    If Su Ye-han could marry into the Han family, he could have the Han family invest in the Su family earlier, and as long as there was this kind of investment from the giants, he would be able to ignore the west side of the city project, at that time, Su Yingxia's position in the Su family would be something he could kick out if he wanted to.

    "Please sit down please sit down."Su Hechao greeted in succession.

    Su Yehan also couldn't wait to introduce herself and said to Shi Jing, "I am Su Yehan, may I ask if you are my future mother-in-law?"

    These words made Su Yingxia couldn't help but laugh out loud, this Su Yehan could be really brazen ah, actually saying such words!Where did she get the confidence to be so sure that the bride-price was given to her, and it was called Granny Shi Jing, it was laughable.

    "No need, where's the bride-price I sent in the first place?"Shi Jing didn't even look at Su Yihan, and asked Su Haichao.

    "I've already handed it over to Shi Jing, don't worry, I definitely didn't steal a single point."Su Haichao said.

    "You?"Only then did Shi Jing look at Su Yehan and said, "Where's the bride price?"

    "Granny, I'm bringing it with me, the things you gave me, I take care of them every day."Su Yeh Han said with a smile.

    "Mother-in-law?"Shi Jing laughed coldly and said, "I'm not your mother-in-law, I'm here today to get back my bride price."

    Boom ......

    This sentence was like a thunderbolt in Su Yihan's ears.

    Take back the bride price!

    How come? Why take it back when it's so good?

    Cash Su Yeh Han had already spent almost all of it, and spent it in peace, because she decided that these bridal gifts were hers, this time but experienced the life of a landowner, and now she was asked to take it out, where would she get it.

    "Mother-in-law, don't joke with me, although I don't know who your son is, but I'm definitely willing to marry him."Su Yeh Han said.

    "You're willing to marry him, but he can't look down on you, how can a mediocre person like you get into my son's eyes."Shi Jing said faintly.

    Su Yehan's body shook and directly fell to the ground.

    This period of time, but she was dreaming of spring and autumn every day, dreaming of marrying into a rich family, dreaming of having a luxurious life, and she even thought that after she married into the Han family, even her chopsticks would have to be studded with diamonds, and these dreams, like bubbles, were instantly shattered!

    "Is there some kind of misunderstanding at this ......?"Su Haichao asked, puzzled, how could he suddenly withdraw the bride-price for a good reason?

    "A misunderstanding?The bride-price was never meant for her in the first place, so how could it be a misunderstanding, it's just that you guys are thinking too much."Shi Jing said.

    "But ...... but the bride-price is for the Su family, it's also for the Su family, if it's not Su Yehan, who else could it be?"Su Hai Chao startled, the family's senior, is the most beautiful Su Yi Han, if her son can not even look at Su Yi Han, much less look at others ah!

    "All you need to know is that I want my bride-price back, and that you should pay it back in full, but as for the rest, are you in a position to ask?"Shi Jing said in an imposing manner.

    Su Haichao gritted his teeth, although he knew that the other party was very powerful, but the Su family was not a soft persimmon to be manipulated, not to mention that the bride-price had been given, how could it be withdrawn again for no reason?

    "You have to give me an explanation,"Su Hachao said.

    "An explanation?"Shi Jing laughed disdainfully and said, "What kind of a thing are you that you still want me to give you an explanation?"

    Su Hachao's face sank, he was now the chairman of the Su Family, how could he be insulted like this.

    The other Su family relatives were also very upset when they heard this, to make Su Hachao lose face was to make the entire Su family lose face.

    "What are you again, coming to our Su family to flaunt your power."

    "Go to Cloud City and inquire about the Su Family, we are not vegetarians."

    "Don't think that having a few stinking dollars is great, this is Cloud City, not your territory."

    A group of relatives were outraged, and they all looked at Shi Jing angrily.

    Shi Jing was the Han family's daughter-in-law, and in the face of this situation, not only was she not weak, but she exuded an even more powerful presence.

    What did it mean to be a superior?

    Su Haichao's faked momentum was completely different from Shi Jing's.

    "You mean, the bride-price is not going to be returned to me?"Shi Jing said indifferently.

    "Give me a reason that satisfies me, it's not that I can't give it to you, this amount of money, my Su family didn't put it in my eyes."Su Haichao said.

    "I'll make you very satisfied."Shi Jing said and took out the phone.

    In less than half an hour's time, the several brothers of the Tian family, all drove to the Su villa.

    Seeing this battle, Su Haichao was filled with cold sweat for a moment, what kind of immortal big shot is this woman, a phone call, actually called everyone from the Tian family here!This is a f*cking joke!

    Those relatives who had just shouted at Shi Jing were also so scared that they lowered their heads and didn't even dare to breathe.

    They had thought that they could put pressure on Shi Jing by virtue of the fact that this was Cloud City, but she had called, directly calling the most powerful person in Cloud City!

    The Heavenly Family, this was the Heavenly Family, the Su Family was just an ant in front of the Heavenly Family.

    "How about it, are you still satisfied with this reason?"Shi Jing asked to Su Hae Chao.

    Su Haichao had been scared to death, while Su Yehan, who was sitting on the floor, had completely lost the ability to think.

    It didn't matter if her beautiful dreams were shattered, but she had already spent most of the money, so what could she take out now that she was asked to?

Chapter 166

Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, Su Haichao didn't dare to have any more arrogance in front of Shi Jing, what kind of bullshit is the chairman of the Su Family, this woman in front of him casually called the Tian Family, what other qualifications does he have to be high and mighty in front of her.

    "Su Yehan, immediately have someone bring the bride-price."Su Haichao said to Su Yehan, such a big row, if you don't spit out the bride-price today, you definitely can't be good, do you still need a reason at this time?Her strength was the strongest reason to overwhelm the Su family.

    Su Yeh Han's desperate face was bloodless, the golden jade could be taken out, but the cash, she had already spent almost all of it, where could she get it?

    "Haichao, help me."Su Yehan to Su Hai Chao begged for help.

    Su Haichao knew that Su Yehan had recently spent a lot of money, her body was full of brand names from head to toe, but it wasn't enough to spend all of the eight million, even he couldn't plug such a big hole ah.

    And now that Su Ye-han can't marry into the Han family, it's no longer of any use to him.

    "You're not going to spend all the money, right."Su Haichao said through gritted teeth.

    Su Yeh Han shook her head in panic and said, "No, there's still, there's still more than a million left."

    More than a million!

    In other words, Su Yeh Han had spent over seven million in a short period of time!This loser b*tch is really swell enough, what kind of bottom line does she have, what qualifications does she have to spend money like this.

    "I don't care if you sell your family property or your company, if the money is one point less, the Su family won't have to stay in Yun City."Shi Jing said indifferently.

    Su Haichao's heart sank, her words, no need to be doubtful, because now the Heavenly Family had come forward for her, if the Heavenly Family were to target the Su Family, the Su Family would not be able to have a foothold in Cloud City.

    But more than seven million, where would they find it at once?

    "Su Yeh Han, why did you spend so much money, isn't this going to kill our Su family?"

    "You're such a loser, that's over seven million."

    "Hurry up and go sell everything you bought and sell the house too, but you can't get us involved."

    The Su family was a big family, but the scenes of each flying in the face of disaster had happened more than once, so it wasn't surprising that at the moment Su family relatives were blaming Su Yehan, they all relied on the Su family to survive, if the Su family was implicated, the whole family would be finished.

    Su Yeh Han's previous confidence was shattered to the ground, she never dreamed that this day would actually come, but she was actually told by that ravenous mouth of Han Qianqian.

    "It's Han Qianqian, it's Han Qianqian who cursed me, what does it have to do with me."Su Yeh Han was like a madman, shifting all the blame onto Han Qianqian.

    Su Hachao didn't believe in the curse set, it could only be said that it was just misrepresented by Han 3000, it was very likely that what people in the Han family valued in the first place was indeed not Su Yehan, it was just that she thought so.

    As for why the Han family wants to withdraw the bride-price, Su Hachao no longer has the heart to care, now to take out all the bride-price and solve this matter is the most important.

    "Give me a day's time, I will definitely return the bride-price in full."Su Haichao said to Shi Jing.

    He didn't want to help Su Yehan, but the current situation was a necessity, because if he couldn't get the money, the entire Su family would be finished.

    "Okay, I'll give you one day, now tomorrow, to deliver the bride-price to Su Yingxia's house."Shi Jing said.

    Su Yingxia!

    How could it be Su Yingxia's house?

    "What's going on, why is the bride-price going to Su Yingxia?"

    "No way, doesn't she know that Su Yingxia is already married?"

    "This woman, how can she have such good luck, is she going to divorce that trash Han Qianli?"

    The Su family's relatives whispered with startled expressions, unable to figure out why Shi Jing would do this.

    Su Haichao was also surprised, why would he give Su Yingxia so much money.

    "Don't you know that Su Yingxia is already married?"Su Haichao asked.

    "The gifts that my Han family gave, I don't care to take them back, so I found someone who is pleasing to the eye and gave them to you, do you have a problem with that?"Shi Jing said.


    Is that money toughness?It's worth ten million, so it's too cheap to give it to Su Yingxia just because it's pleasing to her eyes!

    Su Yehan was even more unhappy in her heart, in her eyes, what was supposed to belong to her was now snatched away by Su Yingxia.

    "What makes Su Yingxia, am I not prettier than her?And she's married to a wimp, so what makes her any more entitled to this than I am?"Su Yehan said unwillingly to Shi Jing.

    Shi Jing's face was cold, calling Han Qianqian a wimp in front of her?

    Shi Jing looked at the person beside her, who walked directly towards Su Yehan, slapped Su Yehan in the face, and said in a cold voice, "Do you have the right to tell me what to do?"

    Su Yeh Han was struck blinded, covering her face and not daring to have another word of nonsense.

    "Tomorrow at this time, if he doesn't deliver the bride-price to the Hillside Villa, what should be done, you know, right?"Shi Jing said to the Tian family's crowd around her.

    The Tian family members nodded their heads as if they were pounding garlic, not daring to have the slightest opinion on Shi Jing's words, but she was a member of the Yanjing Han family, the Tian family is powerful in Yun City, but it's not even a fart when thrown into Yanjing.

    After Shi Jing left, the atmosphere of the Su villa was depressing.

    "Hai Chao, what should we do now?"Su Guolin opened his mouth to ask.

    Su Hai Chao's eyes looked at Su Yei Han with a dark look, if she hadn't spent so much money, this problem wouldn't even exist, now Su Hai Chao regretted very much giving the bride-price to Su Yei Han, but unfortunately the regret was too late.

    "Let Su Yingxia say that the money has already been given to her, won't that do?"A certain Su family relative suggested.

    Jiang Lan was bugging about this matter, how could she be willing to hear that, it was millions of dollars in bills.

    "No way, we didn't get the money, why would we say we did."Jiang Lan said.

    "Do you want to see the Su family finished?Don't forget, you guys are also members of the Su Family."

    "Yes, now that the Su family is in trouble, you guys should also help, but it's just lying, what's so hard about it."

    "The money has already been spent, do you guys want to force Su Yeh Han to die?"

    The spearheads were instantly pointed at Su Yingxia, but they weren't speaking for Su Yehan, defusing the issue and ultimately for themselves, as they didn't want to be implicated in this matter.

    "Fine, but if she finds out, who will bear the consequences?"Su Yingxia spoke up.

    This made the Su family crowd not dare to speak again, what the consequences were, they knew very well, this was not something they could afford casually.

    Although Su Haichao also wanted to let Su Yingxia help round out the lie, but the concerns that Su Yingxia spoke out, indeed cannot be taken lightly, if that woman knew, her anger would be fatal to the Su family.

    "Yingxia, the only place the company can come up with cash now is the loan in your hand."Su Haichao said.

    "No."Su Yingxia decisively refused, the loan was for the west side of the city project, how could it come to fill the hole poked by Su Yehan?

    "Are you going to watch the Soviet family go bankrupt?The Celestial Family is targeting us, so what can you do even if you have those loans in your hands?"Su Haichao gritted his teeth.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath, looked at Su Yehan and said, "Let her sell everything, even the real estate must be sold, as much as you can raise, the rest can be taken from the loan."

    When Su Yehan heard this, she roared angrily, "Su Yingxia, what do you mean, do I have to sleep on the streets in the future?You're trying to screw me on purpose."

    "Screwing you?Su Yihan, but you spent the money yourself, I didn't use a single cent, how did I screw you.Aren't you arrogant, aren't you enjoying yourself?Can I be blamed for such a consequence, when it was you who caused it?"Su Yingxia said.

    "That can't sell my things or my house either, I don't care, we all have to die together."Su Yehan said with a fierce expression.

    This statement directly caused everyone's discontent.

    "Why should we have to die with you, if you don't want to live, go jump off a building yourself."

    "You're the one who spent the money, it's only natural to make you spit it out now, who made you so arrogant."

    "Also buy a necklace, I see you buy yourself a lanyard, self-righteous."

    The few Su family juniors who had long been dissatisfied with Su Yehan, who found the opportunity at this time, naturally wouldn't let go of the opportunity to rub salt into the wound, because during this time, Su Yehan often showed off in front of them.


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