His True Colors 161-163


His True Colors Chapter 161

When Xie Yufu felt the change in Tian Ling'er's expression, her heart panicked, the elders of the family had explained that they had to be patient in every way with Tian Ling'er, because everything in the Xie family was linked to the Tian family, and this girlfriendship of hers could bring great benefits to the Xie family, but it was also a double-edged sword, and if it was not used properly, it would bring trouble to the Xie family.

    And Tian Ling'er's attitude would determine the fate of the Xie Family.

    "It's better to go together."Xie Yufu said to Han 3000, even though she despised Han 3000 ten thousand times in her heart, she had to accept it, except that she had a date with the boy she loved later, and if he knew that she was having milk tea with this wimp, he would definitely be unable to avoid losing face.

    Han Giangli was somewhat appalled by Xie Yufu's sudden change in attitude, it seemed that these two girlfriends, should not be simple girlfriends, but this was not surprising, after all, Tian Ling'er was a member of the Heavenly Family, it was reasonable to be patient with her, this pink dress girl's family should have been able to reap many benefits from the Heavenly Family.

    "What have you been doing lately, there has been no news, I heard that even when grandpa asked you out, you didn't show up."Tian Ling'er asked Han Qianqian as if nothing had happened.

    Tianchang Sheng had contacted himself?That should have been Han Jun answering the phone, but I guess this apprentice still couldn't figure out why Master was avoiding him.

    "Nothing much, just playing around."Han Marchun said.

    Played around?

    Tian Ling'er's heart tensed up, how could someone as good as Han Qianqian casually go out to play, if she was seduced by the outside warblers, she would lose a lot of money.

    "Next time you go to play, take me with you, I also want to go out for a trip."Tian Ling'er said.

    Xie Yufu frowned when she heard this, was Tian Ling'er having a brain cramp?Why are you acting so close to this wimp and going on a trip with him!

    Could it be that the last rumor was true?

    After Tian Changsheng's birthday banquet, there was a lot of speculation in Cloud City about Han Third Thousand.

    Those who didn't know Han Third Thousand's identity speculated that he was the future son-in-law of the Tian family.

    As for those like Xie Yufu who knew Han Three Thousand's identity clearly, they heard another version that Master Tian valued Han Three Thousand very highly and was going to promote Han Three Thousand in Cloud City.

    But even if he really wanted to promote, Tian Ling'er shouldn't act like this ah, no matter how lame Han 3000 was, he was still the son-in-law of the Su family.

    "Aren't you still studying?Absenteeism is not something a student should do."Han Giangli smiled.

    Tian Ling'er muttered and said, "For me, what's the point of studying, my family is rich, it's not like I need to make money."

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, this was the truth, with the assets of the Heavenly Family, Tian Ling'er wouldn't have to worry about not having money to spend even if she was lying in bed for the rest of her life.

    But how could knowledge be measured by money?

    But this kind of reasoning, said there is no point, after all, knowledge to change the fate of more can be applied to the poor, and Tian Ling'er such a big sister, learning knowledge, that is, just to enrich themselves, as for changing the fate of the pursuit of a better life, for her is completely unnecessary.

    The three of them found a very famous cafe that had Tian Ling'er's favorite milk tea, and she made it clear that she was a regular customer here, and when they arrived, the waiter was warm and welcoming, and even the manager personally showed up and led the three of them to a booth on the second floor.

    "Miss Celestial, is it the same as usual for you?"The manager asked to Tian Ling'er.

    Tian Ling'er nodded and asked Han Qianqian, "What are you drinking?"

    "Ice water it is."Han Qianqiang didn't drink much of the beverage product stuff, ice water was bland and tasteless, but quenching his thirst was something that no beverage could compare to.

    The manager sneered internally, where did this guy come out of the mountain cannon, to this kind of high-class shop, but he only drank white water.

    But sneer after sneer, the manager who had developed the fire eye crystal still found out what was different about Han 3,000.

    Tian Ling'er even asked the man what he drank, but did not ask his lady friend, could it be that this insignificant looking young man was still a big man?

    The phone rang after Shepherd had ordered what she wanted to drink.

    "I'm going to pick it up."After Xie Yufu said that to Tian Ling'er, she hurriedly went downstairs.

    Outside the cafe, a Ferrari was parked at the side of the road, Xie Yufu went straight to the car and looked at the man in the car, her face couldn't hide her happiness, this was the man she had adored for a long time, Kong Wu.

    "Kong Wu, go upstairs and rest for a while."Xie Yufu said.

    "Didn't you say it's important, hurry up and say it, I have other things to do."Kong Wu said with a look of impatience, although Xie Yufu was a beautiful woman, but the strength of the Xie family and the Kong family were not very different, to Kong Wu Xie Yufu was not an ordinary woman that could be thrown away just by playing around, so he didn't even bother to put thought into Xie Yufu.

    All the women that would cause a burden to Kong Wu, he was not interested, after all, he was still young, there were still great flowers to make his way in the world, there were still many beauties waiting for him to spoil, how could he hang himself on a tree.

    Xie Yufu didn't mind Confucius' cold attitude in the slightest, because she was already used to it, and most people would become blind when they liked someone, even if Xie Yufu knew that Confucius had a lot of scummy behavior she didn't mind.

    "Go rest for a while, Tian Ling'er is also here."Xie Yufu said, that was why she had asked to meet Kong Wu at this time, because she knew that Kong Wu would only give her face if Tian Ling'er was present.

    As expected, when he heard that Tian Ling'er was also there, Kong Wu's expression changed, he hadn't thought of having anything to do with Tian Ling'er, nor did he have the guts to do so, after all, Tian Ling'er was only eighteen years old now, and Tian Changsheng was very protective of her, anyone who wanted to get their hands on Tian Ling'er wouldn't have a good end, but the benefits of being able to befriend this Heavenly Princess and become friends with her would be great.

    "In that case, I happen to be thirsty as well, let's quench my thirst."Kong Wu stepped out of the car and said.

    Xie Yufu was filled with joy, not minding at all that Kong Wu was staying because of Tian Ling'er, but thinking that there was still that wimp Han Qianqian upstairs, Xie Yufu didn't want Kong Wu to think too much, so she had to take precautions.

    "There's another person here today, but I don't have anything to do with him, don't worry, I'm meeting him for the first time as well,"Xie Yufu said.

    "Who?"Kong Wu was curious.

    "Just a wimp, you should have heard of his name, but you definitely haven't seen him, how could such a person be qualified to meet with you."Xie Yifu said disdainfully, so what if he was valued by Tianchang Sheng, in Xie Yifu's eyes, he still only considered Han Marchan as a wimp, because there were too many wimps in Cloud City about Han Marchan, this stereotype was not something that could be erased by just one thing.

    "Wimps?"Kong Wu wondered, Cloud City's wimp, was it him?

    "Let's go, why do you care about this wimp, just pretend he doesn't exist."Xie Yufu took the initiative to hold Kong Wu's hand, her face overflowing with happiness.

    The last time Kong Wu was in the Genting Mountain villa area, he had been saved by Han Qianqian once, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian's presence, the property management department of the Genting Mountain villa area would have already found trouble with the Kong family, maybe the Kong family would have been finished because of this matter, so in Kong Wu's heart, he was very grateful to Han Qianqian.As for how loud his name as a wimp in Cloud City was, Kong Wu didn't think it mattered.

    There was no telling if these hollow things were true or not, but it was true that Han Qianqian had saved him.

    After following Xie Yufu into the cafe, Kong Wu couldn't help but ask, "The person you're talking about, it can't be Han Three Thousand, right?"

    Xie Yufu covered her mouth and laughed lightly, saying, "In the entire Cloud City, outside of him, who else could have such a great reputation?"

    Kong Wu's expression was startled, it really is Han Qianqian, long wanted to find a chance to thank him, did not expect to meet today in this situation, unconsciously accelerated the pace.

    Xie Yufu sneered in her heart, Han Qianqian that wimp can sit at the same table with Kong Wu to drink milk tea, can be considered three lifetimes of luck.

    But when Kong Wu went upstairs, Xie Yufu was stunned and couldn't believe it.

Chapter 162

"Han, I didn't expect it to really be you, I've been trying to find a chance to thank you properly for what happened last time."When Kong Wu saw Han Qianqian, he enthusiastically quickened his steps and walked over, while also shrugging off Xie Yufu's hand.

    Xie Yufu was at a loss for words, if Tian Ling'er was nice to this wimp because Tian Changsheng valued him, what was Kong Wu doing it for?Did even someone as good as Kong Wu need to suck up to Han Giang?

    Tian Changsheng's influence was indeed strong enough to cause such a big reaction just with his words.

    If even Kong Wu was like this, I'm afraid that everyone in Yun Cheng's life would go and suck up to this wimp.

    Xie Yufu was very unbalanced, why should such a loser be able to turn over a salty fish because of a word from Tian Changsheng, but she had to carefully serve Tian Ling'er and also pretend to be a very good girlfriend.

    In fact, in her heart, she hid a lot of dissatisfaction towards Tian Ling'er, but she just didn't dare to vent it out.

    "I didn't expect it to be you."Han Giangli looked surprised, having not seen Kong Wu since the last time she had a chance encounter with him, she actually managed to run into him on this occasion, and looking at Xie Yifu's attitude, she seemed to like Kong Wu a lot.

    "I didn't expect it either, Miss Tian, I'm inviting Han to dinner tonight, you should come along too."Kong Wu said.

    Tian Ling'er was constantly thinking of some reason to be able to ask Han Qianqian out, but she didn't expect that Kong Wu had actually helped her accomplish this, so she was naturally happy, and her goodwill towards Kong Wu had increased by a few points.

    "Fine, I want to eat well."Tian Ling'er smiled.

    "No problem, how can you be shabby when you invite Miss Tian Ling'er to eat."Kong Wu smiled.

    In Xie Yuefu's eyes, Han Three Thousand was the one who should be the outsider, but the current situation was clearly her being ostracized, listening to the three of them chat, no one would respond to her even if they forcefully interjected a word or two, which made Xie Yuefu somehow bear a grudge against Han Three Thousand.

    If it wasn't for Han Qianqian, Kong Wu wouldn't have ignored him, and neither would Tian Ling'er, it was because of this wimp that she became transparent on this occasion.

    After drinking milk tea, Han Three thousand looked at the time, Su Yingxia should be off work, so he called ahead to report that he would not be home for dinner tonight, the hospitality was hard to refuse, Kong Wu to be grateful to him, he was too embarrassed to refuse, and for Han Three thousand, these young people in Cloud City is worth befriending, after all, these young people are the real economic pillar in the future.

    Dinner was at a very hot hotpot restaurant, to eat here you had to reserve a place a week in advance, but with Kong Wu here, it was no problem to easily get a reserved box at the hotpot restaurant.

    And when the owner of the hotpot restaurant learned that Tian Ling'er was also there, he personally went to the box to say hello and placed the manager at the door of the box, ready to do whatever he was told.

    Han 3000 does not drink, Kong Wu simply served drinks and pushed the cups to chat, but they were very everyday things, and did not involve Han 3000's personal matters, this is Kong Wu's cleverness, although he knew that Han 3000 is not simple, and his heart also has a lot of curiosity about Han 3000, but no matter how much curiosity must be suppressed, and if you become friends with Han 3000, you will have the opportunity to slowly know these things.And once it caused Han 3000's resentment, not to mention not being friends, if it turned into an enemy, this would be a big loss.

    "I'm going to use the bathroom."During the meal, Xie Yufu, who couldn't interrupt, could only find an excuse to go out for some air.

    Walking out of the compartment door, Xie Yufu's expression became much colder as she was completely excluded from this circle, she had thought that she would take this opportunity today to ask Kong Wu out and be able to get in touch with her feelings, but now that it was all ruined by Han Qianli, she was very unhappy.

    Xie Yufu, who came out of the bathroom, just happened to bump into a man who was drinking and floating on his feet, looking quite drunk, a plan on her mind, Xie Yufu's face showed a smile.

    Walking up to that man, she deliberately rubbed her body against the other, and then she turned pale and slapped that man in the face, saying in panic, "Why are you touching me?"

    The man was dizzy from drinking, and didn't know what was going on when he received a slap, but looked up and saw that Xie Yufu looked good and was dressed sexily, and said with a smile, "Beauty, how much for one night, stay with me tonight, I'll make you feel good."

    This made the smile on Xie Yuefu's face even stronger, but quickly covered it up, getting more and more frightened, and said, "You're farting, I'm not this kind of person, apologize to me, or else I won't let you off today."

    "Apologize, there aren't many who can make me apologize, Cloud City."The man said with a smile, completely ignoring Xie Yuef's threat.

    The biased upside-down walked in front of Xie Yuefu, blocking her way, and continued, "You were the one who slapped me just now, not bad, I like your fierce nature, I wonder if you're also this rigid in bed."

    After saying this, the man pulled Xie Yufu's hand.

    At this time Xie Yufu truly panicked, she shrugged it off and said, "Don't mess with me, I'm Kong Wu's girlfriend, do you know what kind of person he is?"

    This was Xie Yufu's plan, to give Kong Wu the chance to heroically save her, so that she could show her weakness in front of Kong Wu, if Kong Wu could be compassionate, so much the better.

    "Kong Wu?What the f*ck, I've never heard of it, you fucking hit me, and if you don't stay with me tonight, this isn't over."The man said.

    At this time, Han Qianqian who came to use the bathroom happened to run into this scene, the man who stopped Xie Yifu was a bit familiar, like he had seen her somewhere before.

    "Is everything alright?"Han Qianqian stepped forward and asked.

    The opportunity Xie Yufu created was for Kong Wu, not for Han Qianqian to mess up, and said in a cold voice, "What does it have to do with you, get out of my way and don't mind your own business."

    When Xie Yufu said this, she didn't see that the drunken man looked halfway sober, obviously because she saw Han Qianqian.

    "Fine, you guys go on."Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders indifferently and walked into the bathroom.

    The man was relieved when he heard this, the reason why he was so scared to see Han Qianli was because he was one of Mo Yang's men and was afraid of offending Brother 3000's woman, but now it seemed that instead, this woman had a problem with Brother 3000 ah, in that case, all the more reason not to let her go.

    "Beauty, you but you really don't know how to cherish the opportunity."The man said.

    Xie Yufu didn't know what stupid thing she had done, but she was counting on Kong Wu to save her, and said, "Wait here, I'll have my boyfriend come over."

    "Okay, I'll wait for you."

    Xie Yufu called Kong Wu and said that she was having some trouble.

    Kong Wu was in the way of his relationship with the Xie family, so he had no choice but to show up.

    The person was there, but after Kong Wu saw that person, he wanted to slap Xie Yufu a few times, Kong Wu's father had met with Mo Yang only a few days ago, he was there and saw this man of Mo Yang's, this frakking woman, did she even offend Mo Yang's people?

    The Kong family's status in Cloud City wasn't low, they even lived in the villa area of Genting Mountain, but their family was a mall after all, if they went against someone in the grey area like Mo Yang, you could imagine what would happen.

    And nowadays, Mo Yang's momentum was very strong, no one in the entire Cloud City could be his opponent, but Kong Wu's father wanted to get on good terms with Mo Yang.

    "Kong Wu, this rascal molested me, you quickly take revenge for me."Xie Yufu eagerly said to Kong Wu, acting like a soft and weak person.

    "Your boyfriend, it turns out he's Young Master Kong."

    "Hmph, now you know how powerful he is, you'd better kneel down and apologize to me today."Xie Yifu said proudly.

    "What's going on?"After Kong Wu approached, he asked the man.

    "Young Master Kong, your girlfriend slapped me for no reason, and even accused me of molesting her, what do you think we should do about this?"The man sneered, if it weren't for that interlude just now, he would have let it go, after all, he still had to give Kong Wu some face, but just now Xie Yufu was so rude to Han Qianli and told Han Qianli to fuck off, could this matter be resolved?

    "You're farting, it was obviously you who molested me first, before I hit you, what do you mean no reason."Xie Yufu cried out in aggravation, pulling Kong Wu's hand and saying pear-shaped, "Kong Wu, help me take revenge, this shameless thing just touched my ass."

Chapter 163

Kong Wu shook off Xie Yufu's hand and said in a cold voice, "She's not my girlfriend, and today's matter has nothing to do with me."

    Xie Yufu's face went pale when she heard this, deliberately creating the opportunity for Kong Wu to heroically save her, she didn't expect him to be so desperate!

    "Kongwu, what do you mean, I've liked you for so long, are you that heartless?"Xie Yifu gritted her teeth and said.

    "Xie Yufu, you're on your own, this brother is one of Boss Mo's men, you'd better call your father quickly and let him settle this matter, with luck, your father will save you, with bad luck, you'll pay with your flesh today."Kong Wu said.

    Xie Yifu was stunned, this man, was one of Mo Yang's men!

    She's just a random scapegoat, but she's messing with Mo Yang!

    Even if her father had to be polite when he saw Mo Yang, what would be the consequences of wronging Mo Yang's men like this?

    "You're out today, little girl, you didn't read the yellow calendar, did you?"The man said with a smile.

    Xie Yufu's legs and feet were weak, and she regretted a lot, how could, how could she have messed with Mo Yang's people?She was just looking for someone to let Kong Wu perform, just to show Kong Wu that she was a weak woman in need of protection!

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."Xie Yufu apologized to the man.

    At this time, Han Qianli, who had gone to the toilet, came out, and the man saw Han Qianli and unconsciously straightened his back.

    As she passed by, Xie Yufu suddenly grabbed Han Qianqian's hand, he had such a good relationship with Tianchang Sheng, he was sure he could save himself.

    "Han Qianqian, help me, aren't you familiar with Tianchang Sheng?Let Master Tian say something for me, okay."Xie Yufu said in panic.

    Han Giangli frowned and laughed lightly, "You told me to roll just now, did you forget so quickly?"

    "I'm sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn't have let you get away."Xie Yufu knew how much trouble she had caused, if her father knew about this, he would definitely split her head and scold her, Kongwu couldn't save her, but Han Giang could, so even apologizing to Han Giang didn't matter.

    "I helped you out."Han Marchan said indifferently, shaking Xie Yufu's hand and walking towards the box.

    With a desperate face, Xie Yufu knelt down to the man and said, "Please, let me go, I didn't do it on purpose, I can give you money, please."

    The man sneered and thought to himself that offending Brother 3000 could be solved with money?

    Pulling on Xie Yufu's hair, he pulled back to his compartment.

    Mo Yang and Lin Yong were in the compartment, and when they saw the man bring back a woman, they asked in confusion, "What are you doing?"

    That person went to Mo Yang's side and explained the situation in his ear, Mo Yang this kind of human essence, the first time he guessed what Xie Yufu wanted, but she asked for help to find the wrong person, and also herself to miss the opportunity in vain.

    Letting Han 3000 roll, the nerve is really not small ah.

    "Let your father come, you little girl, if you want to use the brothers under my command, you have to pay a price anyway."Mo Yang said.

    In the other compartment, Tian Ling'er saw that Xie Yufu was late and asked curiously, "Where is Xie Yufu, where did she go?"

    "Miss Tian, Xie Yufu has offended Mo Yang's people."Kong Wu said.

    "Mo Yang?What did she do?"Tian Ling'er was puzzled.

    Kong Wu explained the situation to Tian Ling'er, and Tian Ling'er didn't have any sympathy for Xie Yuef's downfall after hearing that, she knew exactly how heavy her best friend's heart was, if it was just a trick to get Kong Wu to heroically save her, she could step in and put in a few good words for Xie Yuef, after all, she was a member of the Tian family, and Mo Yang would definitely give face.

    But Xie Yufu had even told Han Qianqian to roll, that didn't deserve her half a bit of sympathy.

    "Kong Wu, she's spent no time for you, but aren't you half-hearted?"Tian Ling'er said with a smile.

    Kong Wu shook his head very decisively, he hadn't had a good feeling before, and now it was even less likely that he would be able to speak for Xie Yufu, this woman, not only had she offended Mo Yang, she had also offended Han Qianqian, and offending Han Qianqian could mean offending the Tian family ah, it was all a chain effect.

    "Miss Tian, this kind of scheming woman won't have a good outcome even if she marries home."Kong Wu said.

    Tian Ling'er nodded and said, "Eat and eat, stay away from her in the future, so as not to be counted out."

    At this time, Xie Yufu could be described as desperate to the extreme, she never thought that the situation would develop to such a serious point, and she also never thought that the reason it would be so serious was because she had told Han Qiannian to roll.

    It wasn't long before Xie Yufu's father, Xie Jingyan, arrived sweating profusely.

    When Xie Jingyan saw the two of them, Mo Yang and Lin Yong, he didn't ask what exactly had happened and just scolded Xie Yufu.

    "What have you done to offend Boss Mo, and you're still not kneeling down to apologize to him?"Xie Jingyan raged.

    The Tian family was a giant in the business world of Cloud City, while Mo Yang was a big figure in the grey area of Cloud City, with Xie's ability, even if he had a relationship with the Tian family, he wouldn't dare to offend easily, after all, he wasn't qualified to have the Tian family stand up for Xie's family.

    Mo Yang put down his chopsticks, poured a bowl full of white wine for Xie Jinyin and said, "Thirsty, quench your thirst first."

    Xie Jingyan could not wait to slap Xie Yifu to death, he would definitely have to go to the hospital after this bowl of wine, but if he didn't drink it, the hospital wouldn't be able to escape.

    After drinking a whole bowl of liquor with a hard scalp, Xie Yingyan still had to pay for the smile, and said to Mo Yang, "Boss Mo, the little girl is ignorant, and has done something wrong, please be generous, what do you want, I will make you satisfied."

    Mo Yang smiled coldly, poured another whole bowl full of wine, and said, "Xie Jingyan, you mean, I'm going to intentionally blackmail you?"

    Xie Jin Yan was numb and quickly said, "Boss Mo, you misunderstood, misunderstood, I didn't mean it."

    "Then what did you mean?"Mo Yang looked at the wine and smiled.

    Xie Jingyan had a bitter expression, a bowl of wine had just gone down, it was like a fire was burning in his throat and stomach, but this bowl, still had to be drunk ah.

    Another mouthful finished off, Xie Jingyan felt like she could breathe fire, and quickly said, "Thank you, Boss Mo for the good wine, I really can't drink it."

    "This woman, there are quite a few little tricks, she looks smart, but she is actually looking for her own death, she will be more disciplined in the future, next time she won't have such good luck."Mo Yang said.

    Xie Jingyan let out a sigh of relief and said, "Boss Mo is right, don't worry, I'll be strict with her."

    After leaving the box, Xie Jingyan hurried to the toilet to induce vomiting, which made her feel better.

    Xie Yufu was waiting for Xie Jingyan at the entrance of the hotpot restaurant, she knew that going back would definitely not save her from being scolded, in her heart, the person who caused this result was Han Qianqian, if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have been ignored and wouldn't have offended Mo Yang's men.

    "Han Qianxiang, wait for me, don't think that with Tianchang Sheng looking out for you, I won't be able to deal with you, I'll make you regret it."Xie Yifu said through gritted teeth.

    After the three of them had eaten and drank their fill and walked out of the hotpot restaurant, Kong Wu disappeared of his own accord, whether or not Han 3000 would develop any relationship with Tian Ling'er he didn't know, but he could feel Tian Ling'er's special attitude towards Han 3000, if he continued to be a light bulb, he might ruin the goodwill Tian Ling'er had built up towards him, Kong Wu was still very smart in this regard.

    "Send me home?"Tian Ling'er asked Han Qianqian.

    "No time, go back on your own."Han Qianqian said and walked away on his own.

    Tian Ling'er stayed where she was, this guy, doesn't he know any gentlemanly manners at all?With a beautiful woman like her, there was no telling how many people would want such an opportunity, but the opportunity was in front of Han Three Thousand, and he didn't even know how to cherish it.

    "Han Qianxiang, do you know what a gentleman is."After Tian Ling'er caught up to Han Qianqian, she gritted her teeth and said.

    "Little girl, I'm already married, so it's not a good thing if you fall for me."Han Qianli smiled.

    This statement made Tian Ling'er blush red in the face, her current state of mind was indeed somewhat fond of Han Three Thousand, as Han Three Thousand showed unusual excellence in every aspect, and in her opinion, Han Three Thousand was almost the perfect Prince Charming, the only beauty was that he was married.

    But Tian Ling'er didn't care about that, and said to Han 3000, "I'll only make others fall in love with me, how can I love others easily."

    "Go home, don't send me away."

    Tian Ling'er's face was livid, and she kept shaking her fist at Han Three Thousand's back, eventually dropping her head again as she let out her anger.


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