Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1249-1250


Chapter 1249


    "Since you're so stubborn, I'll take you in."

    "But first, let's agree that after entering the rainforest, you must not be capricious, nor must you act without permission."

    "Otherwise, if you perish in the depths of the rainforest, you won't be able to blame me."

    Ye Fan finally agreed to let An Qi follow him into the rainforest.

    "Thank you, big brother."

    "Big brother, don't worry, after entering the rainforest, Anqi will definitely listen to big brother and will never cause any trouble." 

    The little girl was very excited, and her silver bell-like laughter was so beautiful in this dim night.

    "Alright, let's find a place to stay first, shall we?"

    "Tomorrow morning, we'll leave into the rainforest."Ye Fan said as he led An Qi around to look for a hotel.

    As for Kong Ming and the others, Ye Fan didn't bother to look for them either.

    The only use of these three to Ye Fan might be to guide himself to the Origin Fruit Tree.

    But now, with An Qi, the only use the three of them had for Ye Fan would be gone, and Ye Fan naturally no longer had the need to act with Kong Ming's three.

    "Big brother, didn't you book a hotel?"

    "If not, then stay with me."

    An Qi had already booked a hotel here before she came.

    Thus, after hearing Ye Fan's words, she whirled around and led Ye Fan, to the place where she was staying.

    However, after returning to the hotel, An Qi didn't have any intention of resting, instead, she pulled Ye Fan and went out to purchase some things.

    This little girl had obviously done a lot of homework before coming here.

    Knowing full well that this time she was deep into the rainforest, she didn't know when she would be able to come out.

    And in the rainforest, there were many mosquitoes and insects, so food and water diversion were problems.

    So, she bought two super large shoulder bags and then procured a large amount of food and medicine until she couldn't stuff the two bags any more, and only then did she return to the hotel with Ye Fan in satisfaction.

    "What's the point of buying so much stuff, it's not like we're going to the desert."

    "There are many flora and fauna in the rainforest, so if you're hungry, the worst you can do is eat some fruit, and if you're thirsty, just drink some river water."

    "Don't worry, you won't die of hunger."Ye Fan shook his head and said helplessly.

    "That's different."

    "What if the fruit is poisonous, and the river water is unhygienic."

    "Besides, this trip to the rainforest is inherently ferocious and hard.After resting, it's only right to reward yourself with some wine and food."

    "Life is short, you should always be kind to yourself."An Qi was still checking the things she was going to bring tomorrow, while saying to Ye Fan very seriously.

    Hearing this, the smile above the corners of Ye Fan's mouth undoubtedly became even deeper: "You little girl, you're quite good at living."

    "Alright, you can bring it if you want, I don't spend any money anyway, and I can still eat and drink for free, I'm fine with that."

    But who knows, as soon as Ye Fan said that, An Qi turned her head to stare at Ye Fan, "Hehe~"

    "Brother Fanny, there's no such thing as a free lunch oh."

    "If you want to eat, you'll have to carry this big bag!"

    After a day together, Ye Fan and An Qi have become familiar with each other.

    After knowing Ye Fan's name, An Qi directly addressed him as Little Brother Fan.

    "I'm going, little girl, are you trapping me?"

    Looking at the black travel bag in front of him that was a full man's height, Ye Fan stared at it.

    One night passed quickly.

    The next day, when the first rays of morning light shone on the earth, a new day began.

    At the same time, the martial teams from all the countries that had spent the night in this city repairing, were all heading towards the Amazon Rainforest, which was not far away, in great numbers.

    [New Pens]"Huh?"

    "Where's Evan?"

    "Why isn't he here yet?"

    At the entrance of the hotel, Kong Ming's three men had finished repairing and were ready to leave.

    It was only then that Kong Ming noticed that their team of four was missing one person.Moreover, they had searched around, but they hadn't found any sign of Ye Fan.

    "By the way, did that Ye Fan return to the hotel with us yesterday?"

    It wasn't until this moment that Kong Ming Fang remembered something and then asked.

    Lu Yanxi shook his head, "I forgot about it too, I should have followed them here."

    Perhaps it was because Ye Fan's existence was so low, Kong Ming and the others didn't even remember if Ye Fan had followed them back to the hotel yesterday.

    Thinking about it, who would care if it was just a bratty teenager?

    All along, Kong Ming and the others didn't take Ye Fan seriously at all, so naturally they wouldn't pay much attention to him.

    "I think ah, I guess it was yesterday's incident that scared him away, right?"

    "A punk kid who's never seen blood before, I'm afraid?"

    "When I saw that bloody scene yesterday, I naturally got scared out of my wits."

    "By now, perhaps he's already bought his ticket home and is waiting at the airport for his flight?"

    "Kong Lao, it's just a piece of trash, let's leave him alone."

    "Without him here, we'll have one less burden to bear~"

    Lu Hua sneered and laughed, and his words were full of contempt for Ye Fan.

    Lu Yanxi also nodded, "Well, what Brother Lu Hua said makes sense."

    "Yesterday's battle might have really scared him."

    "That's why he didn't say goodbye today."

    Listening to these two's analysis, Kong Ming also felt that it made sense, and finally shook his head, "After all, he's just a junior, he's never seen anything big, and he's scared to retreat at this point of the fight."

    "This little bit of heart is all he'll ever have in his life, destined to be difficult to achieve greatness."

    "Forget it, just leave him alone."

    "Let's go~"

    Kong Ming also didn't want to waste too much time on an insignificant teenager.

    Thus, after searching to no avail, he also gave up his search and directly brought the three of them, Lu Hua, into the rainforest.

    On the other side of the rainforest, two figures, a man and a woman, with huge backpacks on their backs, also headed towards the rainforest.

    These two, were Ye Fan and An Qi.

    "Brother Fan, I can't, I'm too tired, I need to rest~"

    After all, An Qi was weak and carried so many things, so naturally, after walking for a while, she was tired and sweaty.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he was helpless: "I told you, it's strange that you can walk with so many things?"

    "Give me the bag."

    Ye Fan said slowly.

    He was a martial arts practitioner, so this weight was naturally nothing to Ye Fan.

    However, An Qi refused, "No need, Brother Fan."

    "I have a way."

    Between the words, Anqi took a piece of meat from her bag and threw it on the ground.

    Not long after, a black bear seemed to smell the fishy smell and approached.

    "Angie, danger!"

    But Ye Fanton was in shock and was about to strike to kill the bear.

    "Little brother Fan, don't worry, just watch."

    But An Qi would smile, and then actually walked towards the black bear without fear.

    Next, Ye Fan only saw a touch of blue mane quietly light up in An Qi's beautiful eyes, and underneath the blue mane, there was even a golden flower shadow blooming and flowing.

    The moment he saw these eyes, the black bear's body trembled, and then, his tyrannical body became docile.

    Like a believer on pilgrimage, it prostrated itself at An Qi's feet.

    "This...Could this not be, the Aqua Eye Golden Flower Pupil?"

    At that time, Ye Fan was shocked, his eyes suddenly constricting!

Chapter 1250

The Cloud Dao Heavenly Book was all-encompassing.

    Among them, there were records about some special physiques.

    For example, there were some people who were born with divine power and had the power to open tablets and crack stones at birth.

    Others, who were born with a Yin body, were born with a huge Yin cold power.

    As for the green eyes and golden flower pupils that Ye Fan was talking about today, they were naturally one of the special physiques.

    Of course, there were numerous special physiques recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, but looking at the billions of people in the world, those who really had special physiques were undoubtedly few and far between.

    So much so, Ye Fan once thought that people containing special physiques only existed in the historical records.

    But he never expected that he would be able to see it with his own eyes today.

    Moreover, it was an extremely miraculous, blue-eyed golden flower pupil.

    This kind of special "physique" by itself couldn't bring great strength to An Qi.

    However, An Qi could use the Golden Flower Pupil to intimidate the beast, and then use it for herself.

    This means, virtually, An Qi can gather a lot of loyal and devoted "fighters" around her.

    Yes, this was the greatest use of the Golden Flower Eyes.

    Any beast, once "hit" by the Golden Flower Pupil, will become the most loyal follower of An Qi.

    Just like the current An Qi, after deterring the black bear, she beckoned the bear to her side, and then rode directly on the bear's shoulders, letting it carry her on its back.

    As for the heavy backpacks, she also let the black bear carry them for her.

    "Brother Fanny, why don't you come up too?"

    "Blackie's shoulder's very comfortable."

    This little girl had just subdued this beast, but she had already given it a name.

    And Ye Fan was undoubtedly still in shock and hadn't come back to his senses.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what's wrong with you, why aren't you talking?"

    "You wouldn't, like those people, think that An Qi is a monster, and therefore hate An Qi, right?"

    Seeing Ye Fan's different appearance, the smile on An Qi's face, however, suddenly dimmed.

    Saying that, the little girl in front of her had a pair of beautiful eyes, but they were gradually red.

    There were points of crystals that played around in her eyes, and her head lowered even deeper.

    Outside the sun, gradually sprinkled, through the dense shade, but sprinkled countless colors.

    Ye Fan saw this, but he was slightly stunned, "Monster?"

    "Angie, what are you talking about?"

    "You have this kind of ability, I'm not too envious, how could I hate you, let alone think you're a monster."

    But Ye Fan was strangely surprised, not knowing why An Qi would suddenly say such words.

    "Brother Fan, is what you said true?"

    "You really don't think Angie's a monster?"

    An Qi raised her head, a pair of large, watery eyes, and looked at Ye Fan just like this.

    From her eyes, Ye Fan saw a deep inferiority and loneliness, and a desire to be acknowledged by others.

    It was hard for Ye Fan to imagine what kind of experience An Qi at this age had to have such a deep loneliness.

    It turned out that from a very young age, An Qi had discovered that she was different from others.

    Many of the vicious beasts would become exceptionally submissive when they saw her.

    And she, too, was happy to play with them and communicate with them.

    Even Angie felt an inexplicable connection with these beasts.

    Gradually, whether it was in the family, or among the Chu Men, An Qi undoubtedly became a foreigner in the eyes of her peers.

    Everyone ostracized her, isolated her, and thought she was a monster, calling her a savage, a beast in human form.

    And the more this happened, the more withdrawn Angie became, and the more unwilling she became to interact with others.Gradually moving further and further away from the human circle, instead blending more and more into the beast's circle.

    Later, Angie's situation caused his father and brother to worry.

    In order to integrate An Qi into the human society, his father and brother locked An Qi up in the family, and shot all the birds and beasts within a thousand meters radius, forbidding her to have contact with any animals, and only interacting with the family.

    In this way, An Qi was locked up in the family for ten years.

    During these ten years, An Qi had almost forgotten about this ability of hers.

    Until this time when she escaped from the family, after entering the rainforest, the cells hidden in her body, but this ability was awakened again.

    Only, after seeing Ye Fan's reaction, what was awakened at the same time was also the past that An Qi didn't want to remember in the depths of her mind.

    "When I was little, whenever I talked to animals, my father would beat me and my brother would be mean to me."

    "Everyone around me also looked at me like I was a different species."

    "Brother Fanny, do you think I'm really a monster?"

    "Why, do they all hate me?"

    "Wouldn't want to be at the same table as me in school."

    "Won't be at my table at dinner, either."

    "Meet on the road, and avoid them from a distance."

    "I want to be accepted by them, and I want to play games with them, and I want to have lots of friends."

    "But no one talks to me, no one wants to play with me, so I have to play with ants, listen to the cicadas in the trees and talk to the birds in the branches."

    "The only friend I had, too, disappeared one day, never to be found again."

    "I'm sure he knew I was a monster too, so he got scared and ran away~"

    Under the banyan tree, An Qi whispered.

    In the past, she only told these words to Worm Bird, but now, she didn't know why, she wanted to give them to Ye Fan.

    Perhaps, it was because of the kind of affection that Ye Fan gave her.

    Yes, from the first moment she saw Ye Fan, An Qi felt an inexplicable kindness.

    It was like an old friend from many years ago, reuniting again.

    As she said these words, Anqi's eyebrows were red, tears were rolling in her eyes, and she was sobbing slightly.

    When Ye Fan heard these, his heart was also filled with mixed feelings.

    Perhaps there was a lonely dead child living in everyone's heart.

    An Qi was, and he, Ye Fan, was not?

    Back then, in the Chu family, wasn't he also like this, being ostracized at every turn.

    He could never forget the way everyone looked at him at that time, with contempt, as if they were looking at a different kind of person.

    In the past, Ye Fan thought that he was not good enough where he was, so he tried very hard to fit in with them.

    But as a result, it was undoubtedly in vain.

    It wasn't until later that Ye Fan realized that it wasn't himself who was at fault, it was them!

    As for himself, there was no need to fit into any circles, let alone get recognition from anyone.

    So, when he heard these words from An Qi, Ye Fan smiled gently and reached out his hand full of compassion, gently helping An Qi wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes and softly comforted, "An Qi, remember, life is your own, you don't need to seek anyone's recognition, nor do you need to care about anyone's gaze."

    "What's more, bearing this magical physique is enough to show that you are the darling of heaven and earth.One day, those who mock you will know how blind they once were."


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