Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1247-1248


Chapter 1247

Right at this moment, a timid voice came out from the hall.

    Kong Ming and the others followed the sound and forgot about it, only to see a pink carved and drunken girl, but it was at them, exasperatedly speaking.

    Seemingly, it was dissatisfied that Lu Hua had topped Ye Fan's credit.


    "Where is this dead girl?"

    "Go where it's cool and stay."

    To this little girl's discontent, Lu Yanxi and the others naturally didn't care.

    Lu Hua was even more directly impatient of exporting curses.

    Instead, Kong Ming, asked this little girl one more question, "Little girl, which big brother you were talking about just now?"

    "That's him!"

    "It was this big brother who defeated the bad guys."

    "It wasn't even this four-eyed suit guy!"

    The four-eyed man in the suit the little girl was talking about was naturally Lu Hua.

    This Lv Hua is from a gentry family, and his appearance is very refined.

    This whole way was a suit, and even more so after getting off the plane, he wore sunglasses, and that look was very pretentious.

    However, the attention of Kong Ming and the others was not on this, but landed in the direction the little girl was pointing.

    There, I saw that Ye Fan was in a short shirt, drinking tea while sitting quietly.

    Previously drawn, when they left, what Ye Fan was like now was still the same.

    It was as if he hadn't moved the slightest bit throughout.


    "You mean him?"

    At that time, the old faces of Kong Ming and the others went straight to black.

    It only felt like this little girl was teasing them.

    Kong Ming would rather believe that it was Lu Hua who had defeated those powerful Indians.

    Lu Hua even shook his head and laughed contemptuously, "Old Kong, can't you take a child's words seriously?"

    "Besides, it's not like you didn't hear it just now."

    "Wasn't that Indian powerhouse still threatening to take revenge on me, Lu Hua, before he left?"

    Actually, Lu Hua didn't know how these people knew his name.

    After all, all along, he had never said his name.

    But then, Lu Hua thought about it, taking into account that it was because he was excessively talented and his fame had spread abroad, that's why these people recognized him.


    "I'm just casually asking, I naturally won't take this yellow-haired girl's words seriously."Kong Ming also said back instantly.

    "Right, you still haven't said, what did you guys do just now?"

    After that, Lu Hua and the others ignored the little girl and asked about other matters.

    Kong Ming didn't conceal anything either, telling Lu Hua about the clash that Lei Luo and the others had just started.

    "That Lei Luo's strength is extraordinary, even if I go all out, I may not be able to beat him to serious injury."

    "I never thought that you would have done it, Xiao Hua."

    "Worthy of being a descendant of a clan, after a martial arts family."

    "Compared to you youngsters, we old things are still old after all."

    Kong Ming shook his head for a moment, his heart filled with admiration for Lu Hua.

    "Those people, are they really that powerful?"

    "Why am I not feeling it?"

    "Haha, Kong, don't get me wrong, I'm really not pretending anymore, I'm really telling the truth."

    "Just this time I kicked them out with three strikes."

    "I guess it's probably our Lu's boxing method, which just happens to restrain them."

    Lv Hua laughed.

    After being praised by Kong Ming and the others, Lu Hua had a floating feeling and spoke in a much higher tone.

    "Brother Lv Hua, don't be modest."

    "I heard my father often mention you years ago, saying that you were the leader of the new generation of Hua Xia."

    "At that time, I was still unconvinced, but now it seems that my father was right."

    "Brother Lu Hua, you're really good hey~"

    "Otherwise, Master Kong wouldn't praise you so much."

    This Lu Yanxi didn't know if he really liked Lu Hua, or if he was simply just trying to befriend him, but now he had even changed his name, calling him brother Lu Hua with a mouthful of affection.

    "Alright, enough wine and food, everyone should also go to rest."

    "Prepare for tomorrow, and enter the rainforest."

    "This time, we, the Huaxia Martial Dao, must double back the humiliation we suffered back then!"

    After continuing to chat for a while, Kong Ming greeted Lu Yanxi and the others and went back to the hotel to rest.

    "Hurry up and go, brother Lu Hua~"

    Lu Yanxi called out to Lu Hua, and the three of them left.

    Throughout, they didn't even think of Ye Fan who was still eating inside.

    After all, in this team, Ye Fan's presence was too low.

    A mere bratty jerk, who would care?

    A mere bit of presence wasn't a good impression.

    So much so, that it made Kong Ming and the rest of them almost forget about Ye Fan's existence.

    With the departure of Lu Hua and the others, the entire hall, undoubtedly, returned to calm.

    The only sound was that sweet-looking little girl's tearful sobs.

    At the end of the day, it seemed as if this little girl realized something and turned to run to Ye Fan, crying and begging, "Big brother, please, save my grandpa Nuo."


    "Grandpa Nor has watched me as an elder since I was a child, and I don't want him to die."

    "As long as you can save him, I'll grant you anything you want."

    "Please, big brother~"

    Kong Ming and the others didn't know what Ye Fan was capable of, this little girl couldn't possibly not know.

    After all, the things that had happened earlier, this little girl had all seen it in her eyes.She knew deep down that this seemingly ordinary young man in front of her was by no means an ordinary person.


    "Do you really promise me everything?"

    Evan held his cup of tea and turned to look at her, smiling softly.

    He then shook his head.

    "Forget it, you're a little girl, what can you have for me."

    "Go away, I never mind my own business, and I won't help a stranger for no reason."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, before continuing to lower his head and drink tea, ignoring the little girl's request.

    "Big brother, I will really repay you."

    "My brother loves me very much, our family is very big.Whatever you want, you tell me and my family will definitely give it all to you."

    "I really won't lie to you, my father is the head of the Jones family and my brother is the heir."

    "Anything you want, we can really accommodate you, if you can save my grandfather Nor."

    "Oh?The Joneses?Are you a Truman?"When Ye Fan heard this, his eyebrows slightly raised, and a slight ripple immediately appeared in his originally bland brows and eyes.

    "That's right, big brother, do you also know about Truman?"

    "Our family is one of the three Truman families."

    "I'm to blame for my wilfulness and running away from home, which is why I harmed Grandpa Nuo."

    "If Grandpa Nuo had died because of me, I would have felt guilty for the rest of my life."

    "I only ask Big Brother to save Grandpa Nuo~"

    The little girl continued to beg.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he nodded, "Okay, since you are a member of the Jones family, I can indeed help you.However, I'm afraid that you won't be able to make the decisions on the requests I make."

    "For example, I want half of your family's fortune, do you dare to agree?"

Chapter 1248


    After hearing Ye Fan's words, the little girl hesitated slightly.

    Apparently, she also felt that this request of Ye Fan's was too big for her to make her own decisions.

    "It looks like you really still can't make the decision."

    "In that case, I can't help."

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, then got up and prepared to leave.

    "Okay, I promise!"

    Seeing that Ye Fan was about to leave, the little girl who was anxious couldn't care less.

    Anyway, in her opinion, money and wealth were all outside of her body.

    Compared to her own Grandpa Nuo's life, what was half of the family's fortune?

    When Ye Fan heard this, the smile on his clear face, however, became even more intense.

    He continued to look at the little girl in front of him and continued to tease, "Then if in the future, I go to your family to ask for it, what if your father and brother are unwilling to give it?"

    "No, my brother and my dad love me the most, I'll let them give it to you, they won't not give it to you."The little girl vowed to say.

    Ye Fan still shook his head, "You and I are still duckweed after all, I can't be so gullible as to believe your words."

    "How about this, you make a note for me."

    "If, in the future, your father and brother are unwilling to deliver half of the family fortune, then you will sell your body to return it and become my mistress."


    Ye Fan smiled faintly, and the teasing in his words was extraordinarily thick.

    Yes, actually, all along, Ye Fan was only teasing this little girl.

    This little girl was kind-hearted, and just the grace of delivering food just now was already enough for Ye Fan to help him.

    The reason he was making these conditions was purely because he was bored and just passing the time.


    After hearing that Ye Fan wanted to marry her as his little wife, this little girl's pretty face reddened.

    She lowered her head and entwined her small hands with each other, clearly hesitating to say yes.


    "Pity that old gentleman."

    "He would even risk his own life to save his little master."

    "But now, her little master, but he's not even willing to pay that price~"

    "It's not good to meet someone, it's not good to meet someone."

    This little girl was not deeply involved in the world, how could she play with Ye Fan?

    Sure enough, under Ye Fan's inciting words, the little girl's heart was broken and she gritted her teeth, "Okay, I promise you everything."

    "If in the future, my father and brother are not willing to fulfill today's promise, I, Angel, will marry you and be your wife."

    In between the words, the little girl immediately found a pen and paper from the shop, then wrote a note to Ye Fan and signed her name.

    "Angie .Jones?"

    "Well, the person is cute and has a nice name."

    Ye Fan looked at the note and smiled in satisfaction.

    "Big brother, now it's time for you to help me save Grandpa Nuo, right?"Angel begged again.

    "Of course."

    Ye Fan promised, and then walked over, first pointing a finger at the old man's wound, sealing its blood gate, then using a special technique to connect the broken bones, and finally operating the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination, sending several lines of pure Yuan Power into the old man's body.

    As expected, under the infusion of Ye Fan's energy, the old man, who was unconscious from serious injuries, regained a little bit of life as if a withered tree was rejuvenated in spring.

    The eyes that were originally closed were also slowly opened.

    "Awake, Grandpa Nuo is awake~"

    Angel was so happy that she ran over and grabbed the old man by the neck, laughing and crying as she did so.

    "Don't rejoice too early yet."

    "I've only stabilized his condition for the time being, and when those Yuan Power of mine dissipate in his body, he'll be dying again."

    "The priority is to send him to the hospital for follow-up treatment."

    "That way, only then can we completely save his life."

    Ye Fan's words were like cold water being poured down.

    Thinking that the old man was already safe, Angel's pretty face undoubtedly became panicked once again.

    "Big Brother, will you help me again and send Grandpa Nuo to the hospital?"

    "I'm alone, I don't know how to take Grandpa Nor to the hospital."

    Angel's pretty face was in tears as she begged to Ye Fan again.

    Since she was a child, she had always been under the strict protection of her family, living a life of dignity with her clothes on and her mouth open.

    Now having her send an old man to the hospital in an unfamiliar city was undoubtedly a difficult task comparable to heaven for her.

    After all, a well-bred "princess" like her had almost no experience of life.

    "All right."

    "Today, I'll be nice, right?"

    Ye Fan didn't refuse, and after nodding, he led An Qi, and the dying old man, to a nearby hospital.

    After arriving at the hospital, the local doctors were stunned.

    It was hard for them to imagine how the old man had survived such heavy injuries.

    However, the world of martial artists, how could these mundane people understand it?

    "Hey, little girl, why are you still following me?"

    "Aren't you guarding that old man at the hospital?"

    After settling this old man and young man, Ye Fan also left.

    But who would have thought that the little girl was following him as if she was stalking Ye Fan.

    Being discovered by Ye Fan, Angel seemed a little embarrassed.

    However, she remained stubborn and returned, "Big brother, I know, I'm not related to you, I have no reason to follow you."

    "But, I can help you."

    "I know that you came here for the Yuan Spirit Fruit."

    "But the rainforest is huge, and it's hard to find the Yuengling Tree without guidance."

    "But I know."

    "I can guide you and find the Origin Spirit Tree."

    "Just as long as you can share one or two of the Yuanling fruits with me after you get them."

    "May I, big brother?"

    Ye Fan did not expect that this little girl in front of him knew quite a bit.

    She even knew about the existence of the Origin Spirit Fruit.

    "But, little girl, you don't seem to be practicing the Martial Dao, do you?"

    "Since you're not a martial artist, what do you need this Yuan Ling Fruit for?"

    Ye Fan inquired with great interest.

    After all, it was really strange that a princess of a noble family, a young girl who was not familiar with the world, came to this place of crisis and snatched the Origin Spirit Fruit.

    However, it was good that Ye Fan didn't ask, as soon as he did, Angel's little face bulged up.


    "I'm just trying to prove to my brother and my father that I'm good at Angel too!"

    "I can do what they can do, and I can do it just as well, and I can do it better than they can!"

    "I'm already grown up, why should they still treat me like a child, not letting me participate in anything, and always saying that I'm causing trouble for them."

    "This time, I will prove it to them~"

    Angel waved her pink show fist and said angrily.

    Only when Ye Fan heard this did he completely understand.

    To be frank, it was actually just a story of a young girl in the rebellious stage, proving her worth to her family.

    If it was normal, Ye Fan would have just taken it as a story and laughed it off.

    But now, Ye Fan was slightly interested.

    After all, Angel did have a few uses for him.

    This little girl was right, the Amazon Rainforest was very large, and Ye Fan knew very little about the Origin Fruit, if this girl could really lead the way, it would definitely save Ye Fan a lot of trouble.


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