Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1244-1246


Chapter 1244

"I'll go, yes, Raylo."

    "Even the strongest people of Yan Xia have been forced away by you."

    "Over the years, the strength of your Indian Martial Dao is getting stronger and stronger."

    "In a short while, I'm afraid that the place where the Asian Martial Dao will be dominant will be your Indian Country Martial Dao."

    At this time, many people in the crowd lamented.

    Among them, some of those who knew Lei Luo were even more surprised.

    Nowadays, the world martial dao, the wind and clouds were rising, showing a pattern of one superpower!

    That one super was not a certain country, but the Chu Gate.

    In the martial world, the acknowledged strongest martial power was the Truman.

    It was only further back in the row that the martial power of each country.

    Yan Xia was a famous ancient country, and its martial heritage had been profound for thousands of years.

    Although the battle between Yan Xia and Chu Men back then had dealt a near devastating blow to the power of Yan Xia's martial dao, causing it to decline for nearly a hundred years.

    However, with the emergence of six pillar powerhouses such as Ye Qingtian and Mo Guocheng, Yan Xia Martial Dao was undoubtedly once again dominating Asia.

    However, Yan Xia Martial Dao's position was not solid as a rock.

    Not to mention that the reappearance of the Moon God of the Sun Country caused the martial power of the Sun Country to climb extremely high.And the martial power of the Indian State had also been climbing wildly in recent years, and thirty years ago, a martial genius was born, Burning Heaven!This person's battle for fame was in the Amazon Rainforest.

    At that time, after some looting, the Yuan Spirit Fruit was eventually snatched by the Yan Xia strongman.

    However, on the way to evacuate, the Indian strongman intercepted him halfway.

    Facing the eight peak Transformation powerhouses, Burning Heaven was able to turn the tide, killing four Yan Xia powerhouses in a row with just one person, and even those who managed to escape were seriously injured.

    This made Burning Sky famous, not only being included in the World Master List, but also helping Indian Country become the biggest winner of the last battle for the Origin Fruit.

    In the last 30 years, the Indian Country has seen the birth of several grandmasters, and its martial power has progressed by leaps and bounds, gaining international prominence, and hinting at the momentum of suppressing Yan Xia's martial arts.

    This was coupled with today's retreat of Kong Ming.

    What's more, the crowd in the hall felt that the momentum of the martial dao of the Indian Country was unstoppable.

    "Asian Hegemon?"

    "It's just a matter of time."

    "However, the goal of our Indian Martial Dao is much more than that."

    Lei Luo proudly said, his words full of boldness and wildness.

    Of course, this was not his ambition alone, but the ambition of their entire country's martial dao!

    After saying that, Lei Luo didn't say anything more on this topic, but once again looked towards the young girl who was kneeling in front of the old man, who was crying pear-shaped.

    "Little girl, there's no one to protect you now."

    "Be obedient and go with your brother."

    "And avoid suffering the pain of skin and flesh."

    "Don't worry, at night, I will love you very much~"

    After the Yan Xia strongman was forced back by himself, Lei Luo undoubtedly became even more arrogant.

    Even the words he said became more and more exposed, not hiding it in the slightest.


    "Rallo, you're a fucking beast."

    "Not even a little girl?"

    "You're not afraid to crush people."


    "Hey, don't you guys understand that?"

    "It's the tradition of others in India."

    "Over there, they just like to play small~"

    Most of the people who practiced martial arts were coarse men.

    Now that these grown-ups were gathered together, they would naturally say some dirty jokes.

    And for these spectators, Lei Luo ignored them.

    He still stood there, like admiring his own prey, looking at the miserable weeping girl in front of him.

    He liked this kind of feeling, this kind of feeling of killing and killing, playing with others and the palm of his hand.

    Because, only in this way, he would have a sense of accomplishment like "hunting".

    However, in the face of Lui Luo's words, the little girl ignored them.

    She was lying in the old man's arms, crying unceasingly.

    Lei Luo was in no hurry, anyway, it was fine, so he simply ordered a few drinks and dishes, ready to drink while enjoying the girl's dying struggle.

    However, most of the tables and chairs had been broken from the battle just now.

    It was hard to find a table that still worked, but the chairs weren't enough.

    Ryloth looked around, his eyes eventually landing on a teenager in the corner.

    "Hey, that kid over there, bring me the chair."

    Lei Luo shouted, yet it was as if the teenager didn't hear him, still sitting there peacefully, looking out the window while quietly sipping his tea.

    Yet he didn't even look at Lei Luo!


    "Bastard, are you fucking deaf?"

    "I say again, take the chair you're sitting in and bring it over here!"

    Lei Luo suppressed his anger and spoke in a low voice, as if he was a fierce tiger before the hunt.

    The crowd had no doubt that if that teenager disobeyed him again, he would end up in an extremely miserable situation.

    However, to the surprise of the crowd, the young man still ignored it and just calmly drank tea.

    After drinking it, he even lamented leisurely, "Good tea, good tea~"


    "You're fucking looking for death~"

    Finally, the teenager's such behavior completely angered Lei Luo.

    He shouted angrily and slapped down, splitting the table in front of him in four parts.

    Between the splinters, Lei Luo directly stepped forward and bounded into a knife, directly towards the arrogant teenager, and smashed it hard.


    In full view of the public, seven feet between the restaurant, so people only see, just in that calm drinking tea a harmless look of the teenager, quietly raised his hand, backhanded slap paste over.

    At that moment, the world was quiet.

    The breeze softly chanting, falling leaves rustling.

    The young man withdrew his palm, picked up the teapot, self-consciously poured himself a cup of tea again, and after that, raised the cup lightly sip.

    A teenager, a table and chair, a cup of tea, a wind chant.

    That teenager, just like the person in the painting, out of the ordinary, misty and extraordinary!

    As for Lei Luo, the mighty and domineering Indian State just now, who threatened to pierce through the Yan Xia Martial Dao, but he had already flown out.

    Lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth, he was twitching like a dead dog.

    Half of his face was blood red.

    Through the eventful blood color, one could still vaguely see, the ghastly white bones inside.



    In that instant, it was as if time and space had come to a standstill.

    The laughter of the crowd just now came to an abrupt halt.

    The hand that was sandwiching the food hung in the air, the wine cup that was raised was slow to fall, and everyone froze in place.

    All the people present were staring at the scene before them.

    Everything, all happened too suddenly.

    A few seconds ago, Lei Luo was still mighty and unstoppable, even threatening to trample the Yan Xia Martial Dao in the future.

    But in the blink of an eye, he had become a dead dog, lying on the ground and unable to stop twitching.

    This nearly 180 degrees of huge flip, once made the crowd, feel unreal.

    Who would have thought that a taciturn, unremarkable teenager would smack a top-notch powerhouse of the Indian Country to death with a single slap?

    Shocked, frightened, horrified~

    A variety of emotions permeated the hearts of everyone here.

    At that moment, the entire hall was silent, and for a long time, there was not a single person who felt anything.

    Until, Ye Fan raised his head, his deep gaze, and looked forward.

    In a split second, everyone's heart tightened, thinking that this teenager, was going to kill again, and some people, were even ready to jump out of the window and run away.

    Just when everyone's nervous heart was in their throat, Ye Fan's voice, Fang rang out, "Boss, serve tea!"

Chapter 1245

In the hall, Ye Fan's words echoed for a long time.

    But the people who filled the hall, but their eyelids twitched.


    Isn't that a bit pushy?

    Many people's eyes were black at that time.

    Just now, they thought that this Ye Fan was going to go berserk and deal with the remaining Indian powerhouses.

    But who would have thought that this Ye Fan had been brewing for half a day, but he was just letting people pour tea?

    For a moment, the crowd's gaze towards Ye Fan was undoubtedly even more bizarre.

    "Who is this guy?"

    "Good power?"

    "How dare you slap and incite Rallo to fly?"

    "But by the looks of him, he seems to be Asian."

    After a long tremor, many people began to whisper and discuss.

    Even the little girl who was crying pearly whites just now was startled as she looked at the young man who was calmly drinking tea in the corner.

    Apparently, he was also useless in thinking that Ye Fan was so strong?

    Although, she had already felt something different about Ye Fan, the power that Ye Fan had just exerted was still beyond her expectation.

    You know, this Renault had even defeated Grandpa Nuo, but now, he was actually incited to fly away by Ye Fan's slap?

    "Could it be, this big brother, is a clan master?"

    Others hadn't come into contact with a martial arts master, but that didn't mean that this little girl hadn't.

    In his family, many of his father and elder brother were Martial Grandmasters.

    And the power that Ye Fan had just displayed was undoubtedly extremely similar to her father and brother.

    However, while the crowd was trembling, the strong man from the Indian Country on the side was undoubtedly furious when he saw Lei Luo being beaten.

    "Brother, are you alright?"

    "Brother, say something~"

    These Indian powerhouses first ran to where Lei Luo had fallen and kept shouting Lei Luo's name.

    However, just now, Ye Fan's palm was all forceful.

    Even now, this Lei Luo was still down on the ground twitching, his consciousness completely in a state of Nether Blank?, allowing the strong man of the Indian country to shout, there was no response at all.

    "Son of a bitch, you brat, how dare you use treacherous methods to sneak attack my big brother?"

    "Let's see if we don't get you killed today!"

    When they saw that Lei Luo had been so severely injured, the Indian powerhouses that came with him, however, directly exploded.

    They raged and cursed as they rushed towards Ye Fan's direction.

    They didn't think that the young man in front of them really had the strength to hang Lei Luo.They only thought that it was because Ye Fan was taken by surprise and Lei Luo was momentarily unprepared, which was why he was able to sneak attack successfully.

    Otherwise, how could a milquetoast jerk be their big brother's opponent?

    However, just as these few powerful Indians, in a flurry, were preparing to avenge Lei Luo's death, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    Then, in the midst of the crowd's shocked and violent gaze, he saw the young man in front of him, picking up the tea in front of him and spilling it to the sky.


    The tea that burst out of the sky immediately flew out.

    The tea that burst out was so sharp and tough that it was like a steel blade!

    In the tea, the phase of the tea was even sharper as a sword.

    It just flew out like this, directly running through those Indian Country powerhouses.

    At that moment, who could have imagined that the tea water that filled the sky was like a sword.

    Clothes shattered and blood flew everywhere.

    Amidst the miserable screams, the group of strongmen who had attacked Ye Fan were all actually knocked several meters away and fell to the ground, covering their wounds and moaning.

    The sweet red blood stained their long shirts.


    "This ~ this ~"

    "This is ~"

    "Tea like a sword, water into a sword?"

    "I'm going to fuck it up, right?"

    Ye Fan's miraculous scene had truly shocked everyone here once again.

    On the spot, many people were blinded.

    Many of them even jumped up directly from their seats in shock, staring with deadly old eyes.

    These people before them, since they could be sent here to participate in the looting of the Origin Spirit Fruit, they must be top-notch powerhouses in their own country.

    They considered themselves to be knowledgeable, but this scene in front of them was truly unheard of and unseen.

    Many of them opened their mouths wide in shock, almost forgetting to breathe.

    Before this, who would have thought that this insignificant teenager in the corner would have brought them so much shock?


    "It hurts so much..."

    "It hurts ...." 

    On the ground, those strong Indians couldn't stop moaning, the wounds on their bodies weren't fatal, but the pain that spread throughout their bodies felt as if flames were burning, causing them to be extremely painful.

    Only then did Ye Fan Fang raise his face and look at them squarely.

    He swung the already empty teacup in his hand and looked at the wretched Indian strongmen in front of him and smiled coldly, "Aren't you going to get out yet?"

    "If you don't leave, then what you'll endure won't be as simple as just the pain of the skin."

    In the hall, Ye Fan's cold and morbid laughter slowly echoed.

    Such morbid words, yet coming from a seemingly harmless teenager, undoubtedly made everyone present, shudder.

    For a while, those strong Indians hadn't made a move yet, and the surrounding patrons who were originally watching the fun, indeed maple leaf-like, ran out directly in a swarm.

    Obviously, Ye Fan's fearsome nature had scared them as well.

    These people, naturally, no longer dared to stay here.

    And those strong Indians, naturally, they also sounded fearful in their hearts, forcibly endured the pain, stood up from the ground.

    And then, supporting each other, they limped and fled outside.

    However, perhaps these Indian Country strongmen were unwilling, before they left, they suddenly stopped, turned their heads to look at Ye Fan, and asked in a deep voice, "Your martial prowess is high, I, the strongmen of the Indian Country, admire it."

    "However, the reason for our defeat today is not that my Indian Country's martial dao is unbearable, but that a few of us are not good enough to learn it."

    "I wonder if Your Excellency would dare to leave your name, so that the strong men of my Indian Country can go to consult with you another day?"

    From the front, came the strong voice of the Indian Country, unassuming and unassuming.

    The words were filled with reluctance and resentment.

    It was obvious that these people wanted to play the autumnal revenge trick again.

    "Big brother, don't tell them."

    "These people are despicable, if you tell them your name, they will definitely retaliate against you and even your family and friends."

    That little girl had suffered a loss once, she was worried that Ye Fan would make the same mistake again, and she was anxious to advise her.

    But how could Ye Fan care about that.

    He ignored the little girl's persuasion and still calmly returned, "What wouldn't I dare, I am, Huaxia Ye... "

    However, just as the word "Fan" was about to be uttered, Ye Fan suddenly saw Lv Hua returning from the toilet outside the door, and with a sudden change of heart, he continued, "Huaxia, Lv Hua!"

    "Wah Wah, LW?"The strong man from the Indian country repeated, then said viciously, "Very good, Lu Hua, we remember you."

    "We will not turn the mountain around, we will definitely meet again in the future!"

    "Let's go~"

    The powerful Indians snorted coldly, spun around to support each other, and turned away.


    "Who's calling me?"

    At this time, as soon as Lu Hua entered the hall, he heard someone calling Lu Hua's name and was confused

Chapter 1246

However, as soon as Lu Hua entered the door, he was greeted by the sight of Indian Country and a few other strong men carrying Lei Luo, who was limping towards the outside."Hm?"

    "Are you guys from the martial arts of the Indies?"

    Seeing the way these people were dressed, Lu Hua guessed their identities almost immediately.

    After all, because of the religious culture of the Indian country, they were dressed very distinctively and it would be hard not to recognize them.

    At that time, Lu Hua's appearance went cold.

    A pair of cold eyes stared intently at them.

    However, Lui Luo and the others didn't pay any attention to him at all, and at this time, these Indian Country Martial Daoists only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and escape from Ye Fan's clutches.


    "Did you not hear what I asked you?"

    Lu Hua suppressed his anger, his words had become much colder.

    Thirty years ago, his uncle had lost his life at the hands of an Indian powerhouse.

    This time, Lu Hua came to the Amazon Forest, apart from fighting for the Yuan Spirit Fruit, his other purpose was to take revenge.

    Now, having seen his former enemy, how could Lu Hua be calm?

    "So what if it is?"

    "Get out of our way!"

    "We don't have the time to gossip with you."

    Even though they had just suffered a lecture from Ye Fan earlier, these people did not restrain their arrogance in the slightest.

    When they saw someone blocking the road, they said with a bad attitude and asked Lu Hua to get out of the way.

    "Get out of the way?"

    "Well, I can not only get out of your way, but I can give you a ride!"

    As the words fell, Lu Hua's eyes were completely cold, then his body's qi and blood surged, and his hands did not stop brewing and flowing.


    "Curfew, how dare you?"

    Seeing Lu Hua's stance, these people were shocked and shouted in alarm.

    However, how could Lu Hua pay attention?

    The hand attack was unleashed without hesitation.


    Lu Hua smashed out with a punch, followed by another sweeping kick across the hall.

    In a short moment, these Indians, who were already strong crossbows, were all kicked out of the hall by Lu Hua like a knife cutting tofu.

    In a miserable scream, these people smashed the doors and windows and indeed rolled down the steps to the road.

    The miserable appearance was only like that of a lost dog.

    At this time, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi, who had left earlier, turned back because they were worried about Lu Hua's safety.

    However, as soon as they reached the door of this restaurant, they just happened to see the doors and windows explode, and several men flew out like dogs from inside.

    "This ....This is ...."

    "Lei Luo and the others?"

    After seeing the identities of these people clearly, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi and the others were stunned, waves of shock sweeping through their hearts.

    No one knew Lei Luo's strength better than Kong Ming.

    Even Kong Ming had been knocked back three steps by him in just the first encounter.

    Therefore, even though this Lei Luo's overall strength was slightly inferior to Kong Ming's, it would never be easy for Kong Ming to defeat him.

    But who would have thought that the arrogant and arrogant Lei Luo and the others, who had just been arrogant and arrogant a moment ago, would have suffered severe injuries and been beaten out of it.


    Who could it be?

    Could it be that a strong master had appeared?

    Kong Ming's eyebrows furrowed as he speculated in his heart.

    At the same time, driven by curiosity, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi and the others were about to go in and take a look.

    But who would have thought that as soon as they looked up, they would see Lu Hua, who was standing proudly with his hands in the negative, on the top of the steps.

    "Lv Hua, are you alright?"

    "We were just coming back for you."

    "What's going on here, what's happening?"

    "Who wounded these Indians."

    Kong Ming asked several questions in a row.

    At this time, however, those Indian Country powerhouses that had been kicked out were once again biting their teeth and climbing up.

    Their wretched looks were filled with resentment.

    They looked viciously in Lu Hua's direction and roared in anger, "Lu Hua, and you, you curse, wait, we will never let go of today's matter.Especially that Lu Hua, who injured my big brother and ruined our face, we, the Martial Dao of the Indian Kingdom, will definitely take it back a hundredfold!"

    After saying that, these people hurriedly left the place.

    Afraid that Ye Fan and the others would find trouble with them again.

    "Hmph, I'll let you guys off the hook this time.

    "When we meet in the rainforest after tomorrow, it will be the time for you to lose your lives and die."

    Although Lu Hua was very reluctant to slaughter these people right now to avenge the death of his loved ones.

    However, this was still a city after all, and once the killing was carried out, it was bound to be condemned by international public opinion.

    After all, there had always been a consensus between countries regarding the looting of the Origin Spirit Fruit.

    That was, once they entered the rainforest, then each would live and die according to their abilities.

    Even if there were casualties in the process, it would be the fault of those who were not as skilled as the others, and they could not take revenge for any reason.

    Therefore, Lu Hua could only endure now.

    Even if he took revenge, he would have to wait until he entered the rainforest.

    At that time, it would be up to each of them whether they lived or died.


    "Kong Lao, Rock Eve, why are you guys out there?"

    "Weren't you just eating inside the hall?"

    It was only after the martial powerhouses of the Indian Country left that Lu Hua noticed Kong Ming and the others who had hurriedly arrived and whirled around to ask.

    "Kong Lao, what happened to you guys?"

    "Why don't you talk?"

    After shouting several times in a row, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi, the two of them, asked Lu Hua with an inexplicable gaze, "Lu Hua, he ....They were all you...You defeated them?"

    "What did I beat?You mean those scumbags in India?"

    "Just a few hyenas and dogs, I would have just slaughtered them all if I didn't care about the international implications!"

    "However, they won't live long.When we enter the rainforest tomorrow and see them again, I, Lu Hua, will slay these Indian Grylls with my bare hands."

    "Let them avenge their blood!"

    Lu Hua clenched his palms, and his eyebrows were filled with icy coldness.

    But when Kong Ming heard this, he was undoubtedly instantly shocked, "Lu Hua, you really defeated that Lei Luo?"

    "But how is that possible?"

    But Lu Hua was baffled: "What's impossible about this, I come from a martial arts family, I've been practicing martial arts since I was young, is it still difficult to defeat a few Indian Grylls?"

    Lu Hua was clearly a little unhappy, feeling that Kong Ming was looking down on him.

    Kong Ming quickly explained, "Lu Hua, don't misunderstand, I'm just surprised and pleased."

    "In your first year of life, you were able to severely injure several Indian martial powerhouses with your own strength."

    "With talent like that, you'll be a rebuke to the martial arts masters of the country!"

    "The next generation can be dreadful, the next generation can be ah~"

    Kong Ming even lamented.

    Even Lu Yanxi, who was looking at Lu Hua, had a few more strange colors in her gaze.

    After all, women liked strong people.

    One had to know that previously, Lei Luo and all these people, however, had allowed Kong Ming to temporarily evade them, but now that they were defeated in the hands of Lu Hua, this naturally made one look at Lu Hua with admiration.

    "Hmph, nonsense!"

    "It's not him?"

    "The one who just defeated those bad guys was this big brother."


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