Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1241-1243


Chapter 1241

However, after a few people entered, Lu Hua looked at it, but eventually chose a table for three and sat down.

    "Brother Ye, I'm sorry."

    "There's no seat here, so why don't you find yourself a table over there."

    After Lu Hua sat down, he looked towards Ye Fan with a smile on his face and said faintly, clearly looking like he wanted to mess with Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to him, he just didn't let him sit with him.

    With his temperament, it was naturally impossible for him to beg them to give him a seat.

    Just like that, Ye Fan picked a corner seat by himself and took the seat alone.

    "Bastard, fighting me?"

    "You're still young, aren't you?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan rolled obediently into a corner, Lu Hua ton smirked, full of pride.

    Lu Hua then called for the waiter and ordered a table full of drinks and dishes.

    In a short while, one by one, dishes were brought up and delicious delicacies were placed all over the table.

    "Rock Eve, Kong Lao, quick, try them all."

    "It's my first time in America, and I don't know how this foreign food tastes."

    Lu Hua greeted Lu Yanxi and the others for dinner.

    "Well, it's pretty good?"

    "This tropical fish, it's pretty good."


    Several people were laughing and chatting as they ate, and it was lively.

    Ye Fan's side, in contrast, was much more deserted.

    Throughout the whole time, he was just sitting there quietly by himself, drinking tea.

    The loneliness was quite miserable.

    When Lu Yanxi saw such a scene, a few pity and sympathy suddenly arose in his heart.

    "Lu Hua, why don't you call him over as well?"

    "After all, they're all Yan Xia people, a little lesson is fine, there's no need to be too harsh."

    However, in the face of Lu Yanxi's words, Lu Hua snorted and laughed.

    "Yan Xi, why do you need to pity him?"

    "This kind of jerk is not worth pitying."

    "Okay, leave him alone, let's keep eating ours."

    "I'll see how much longer he can hold out."

    "Believe me, in a short while, he'll come over to apologize and beg for our forgiveness."

    Lu Hua said proudly, and his words were full of disdain and contempt for Ye Fan.

    After saying that, they thoughtfully gave Lu Yanxi some food, and the few of them continued to eat.

    However, they didn't notice that there was a girl in the restaurant, who was secretly staring at Ye Fan the whole time.

    "Miss, what's wrong?"

    "Is there something wrong with that man?"

    Next to the girl, the old man who had been respectfully guarding the side, asked in a low voice.

    The girl shook her head, "No, I just feel that that big brother is a little different from the others."

    "Eh?How is it different?"The old man continued to ask.

    The girl thought about it while saying, "Like a sword with a hidden casket, the sharp edge is dark."

    "Grandpa Nuo, you take these plates of food and serve them to that big brother."

    "Just say, I gave them to him for free."

    After the girl said that, she suddenly had a whim and asked the old man beside her to go and bring a few plates of food to Ye Fan.

    That old man smiled inexplicably, "Miss, you're not falling in love with him, are you?"

    Hearing the old man's words, at that time, that girl's pretty face, swished red.

    "Grandpa Nuo, what are you talking nonsense."

    "I don't know what's the reason, I just somehow feel some kindness."

    "Like I've seen it before from somewhere."

    "Fine, fine, I won't say anything."Seeing this girl's shyness, the old man didn't make fun of her anymore.

    Instead, as she instructed, she gave all the wine and food on the table to Ye Fan.

    "This friend, this is the wine dish my lady gave you, please enjoy."The old man walked over and said politely to Ye Fan.

    "Oh, your Miss?"

    Ye Fan was suddenly curious, when he looked up, he saw that not far away, there was a clear young girl with smiling eyebrows and eyes, looking in Ye Fan's direction.

    Ye Fan was strange then, he didn't remember seeing this girl, why was this nice girl suddenly bringing him food.

    "Mister, you don't need to think too much."

    "My lady just thought that you look heroic and extraordinary, resembling a deceased person she used to be, and that's why she would send food to Mr. Fang."

    "You can just assume that it's my lady, who wants to make friends with you."

    The old man said slowly, his manner was decent and highly cultivated, and at a glance he could tell that his origin was extraordinary.

    After saying that, the old man also returned to the girl's side.

    "What a strange girl~"

    Ye Fan smiled helplessly at the situation.Rather, he didn't reject the other party's good intentions.


    "Is that old man blind?"

    "What kind of food for him?"

    "And heroic?"

    "Young Master Ben is here, in terms of being heroic, where is his turn?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan had received a good table of food for no reason, Lu Hua on the side was undoubtedly not calm.

    But he was cursing with a black face.

    He had thought of isolating Ye Fan to embarrass him, but now, instead, he had made a small fuss.

    Lu Hua cursed under his breath, then got up and left, presumably to go to the bathroom.

    At the dining table, only Lu Yanxi and Kong Ming were left behind.

    Lu Yanxi also secretly checked out Ye Fan at this time, curious as to what was so special about this Ye Fan, that this was in a foreign country and there were people taking the initiative to accost him to show their affection.

    However, at this moment, only a loud bang was heard, and the restaurant's door was suddenly kicked open.

    After that, only a few vicious Indians with turbans were seen, barging right in.

    One of them, a man with a swollen nose, looked around and finally pointed at the young girl who had just delivered Ye Fan's dishes, "They're the ones, big brother, they're the ones who injured me."

    "Third brother's legs were also crippled by them."

    "Big brother, you must avenge your brother, you must not let them go~"

    This man cried out, his face full of resentment, and pointed at the old man and the young man, cursing harshly.

    "All right, you shut up too!"

    "How many grown men have been crippled by two old and sick men?"

    "The face of my Indian Martial Dao has all been disgraced by you!"

    The man in the lead, drank in a deep voice, his words suppressed with anger.

    "Big brother, we can't be blamed."

    "Who knew that old man was so strong?"

    "At least it's in the late stage of transformation."


    The injured man was filled with bitterness, even justifying himself.

    "Alright, get out of my way and watch."

    "Don't get in my way here."

    The lead man said in a cold voice, and then he took the three to five brothers behind him and walked towards where the girl was.

    "My brothers, but you're injured?"

    After stepping in front of him, the lead man directly asked.

    Surrounded by these big men, the little girl, however, was fearless and smiled back, "You're talking about those perverts, right?"

    "They have offended and blasphemed against me, and it is only right that I teach them a lesson."

    "It would have been the greatest mercy I could have shown Grandfather Nor to leave them alive."

Chapter 1242

"You people, you don't know how to thank me, but you still dare to take revenge on me."

    "As expected, Grandpa Nuo is right, most of the world fears might rather than virtue."

    "I should have asked Grandpa Nuo, before, to kill those villains!"

    This little girl was so angry that her pink and pretty face was all bulging from anger.

    Earlier, when she was playing on the road, some people got drunk, molested her, and tried to make a move on her.

    At that time, the little girl let the old man beat those people up severely!

    In the end, the old man was going to kill them all to put an end to their troubles.

    However, the little girl was kind enough to let the old man release them all after giving him a lecture.

    At that time, the old man warned the little girl that these people would not be grateful to you for not killing them, but would hold a grudge against you, and would definitely take revenge again in the future.

    The little girl didn't believe it, she thought that she had let them go, those people should know to restrain themselves and be grateful.

    But now it seems that she was wrong!

    She, after all, took humanity, too simply.

    "You little girl, you're not big, but you have sharp teeth."

    "However, even if these brothers of mine have done something wrong, but I, the strongest of the Indian Kingdom, would be punished by us, how can you teach us a lesson at will?"

    "And, it was done so viciously."

    "If this sub doesn't get back, and word gets out, won't my Indian Martial Dao be laughed at by the world?"

    The leading man said in a cold voice, his words icy, and his gaze was directed at the clear young girl.

    "Of course, seeing how young you are, I won't make it difficult for you."

    "How about this, you two kneel down and apologize to my brother."

    "Then, let that old man break his own arms."

    "In that case, I'll let you go in peace."

    "Otherwise, don't blame me, Lei Luo, for bullying the weak."

    The low and deep words, full of threats, echoed throughout the hall.

    The rest of the patrons, upon seeing such a scene, mostly remained silent, acting as if they had nothing to do with the matter.

    However, there were still some righteous people who stepped forward to speak for the young girl.

    "I say, this brother, a bunch of you grown men, bullying old people and children, aren't you ashamed?"

    "Besides, it was your friends who were at fault, but if they didn't have evil intentions and coveted the beauty of someone else's girl, how would they have been beaten?"

    "It's your fault, no wonder..."

    In the middle of the hall, there was a backpacker, roadkill, defending the young girl.

    Then, before he could finish this sentence, he only heard a bang.

    Lei Luo kicked out with a direct kick, and with the sound of tendons and bones shattering, the backpacker was actually kicked straight up and flew out onto the street outside after smashing the door and window.

    After even twitching a few times, he was no longer alive.


    "This.... this killing?"

    The scene in front of them, however, scared the crowd silly.

    Many of the dining patrons directly ran out screaming in fear.

    After all, to ordinary people, this kind of scene was undoubtedly bloody and frightening, not many people could endure it.

    Within a short while, most of the diners in the entire hall had run away.

    "Inadequate thing!"

    "You're not even a martial artist, but you dare to meddle in the affairs of the world?"

    "Looking for death."

    Lei Luo sneered, then looked ahead again at the old man and the young man.

    "How's the consideration?"

    Faced with Lei Luo's threat, the young girl didn't reply, but turned to the old man at the side, her small face drooping as if she was a child who had done something wrong: "Grandpa Nuo, I'm sorry, it was An Qi who was too naive."

    "In the beginning, I should have listened to you, I shouldn't have let them go."

    The old man saw the situation and smiled kindly: "Miss, you are leaving home for the first time, you are not deeply involved in the world, it's normal to be a bit simple."

    "Growing up, it always takes a process, doesn't it?"

    The young lady nodded and gave a soft hmmm.

    "Alright, young lady, you can step back, the rest, leave it to the old slave."

    The old man softly reassured, a smile always in his pale face.

    That smile was genial and warm, it was like a spring breeze!

    Of course, the old man's benevolent smile was only for that young girl.

    When he faced Reno and the others, what replaced it was as fierce as a blade.

    "Old thing, it looks like you're going to play hardball with me?"

    "There's a way to heaven that you won't take, so naturally you insist on seeking death, so I'll make it happen!"

    After seeing this demeanor of the old man, Reno naturally knew their choice.

    So, he no longer hesitated, his body's momentum exploded, and with a fierce punch, he directly smashed into the old man.

    The old man dodged sideways, and the fist wind whistled past the old man's shirt.

    "Old thing, in front of me, do you think you can dodge?"

    Lei Luo sneered, the heavy fist that had originally rushed forward, suddenly changed direction and turned into a palm, directly slapping down on the old man's chest.

    Lei Luo's palm came abruptly, the old man hurriedly blocked and resisted Lei Luo's strike.


    After a loud bang, the old man's feet on the ground were actually knocked back several steps before he finally spat out a mouthful of blood with a sweet throat.

    "Grandpa Nuo~"

    The young lady was shocked at the sight and ran over worried.

    "Miss, I'm fine, you back off."

    The old man once again told the young girl to back off, then he raised his head and looked towards the direction of the strong man from the Indian Country.

    "You're, at the peak of the entry?"

    Ryloth grinned, "Heh, but how many eyes are there?"

    "But don't you think it's too late to see that?"

    Lei Luo sneered, then his body rioted and stormy attacks poured down.

    At first, the old man was barely able to cope by relying on his body skills.

    However, the old man was not as good as Lei Luo after all, and soon fell into a disadvantageous position.

    In the end, Lei Luo seized the opportunity and gave a flying kick in the air.

    The old man was kicked out, his body weighing hundreds of kilograms tumbling through the air, knocking over countless tables and chairs along the way, and finally collapsed in front of Lu Yanxi and the others.

    After getting his way, this Lei Luo remained unforgiving, taking several consecutive steps on the ground, and just as the old man landed on the ground, he stomped down again.

    The ribs broke and the chest caved in.

    This time, Lei Luo actually stepped on the old man's chest raw.

    Blood mixed with fragments of internal organs poured out, and the red droplets of blood splashed all over Lu Yanxi who was on the side.

    "Grandpa Nuo!"


    At that moment, the young girl in the distance cried straight away, she ran like crazy and threw herself into the old man's arms, tears falling like rain.

    The old man opened his eyes and looked at the girl in front of him, wanting to say something, but when he opened his mouth, all that gushed out was blood.

    In the end, he was unable to make a sound.

    Only, he used the last strength of his remaining life to give the little girl, leaving one last, kind and genial smile.

    "Grandpa Nuo, don't you die~"


    The young girl was sobbing, her miserable voice echoing through the world.

    She could never accept that the old man, who had once been so kind, had left him like this, forever.

Chapter 1243

"Grandpa Nor, I'm sorry, it's all my fault~"

    "It's all me~"

    "I shouldn't have run away from home, and I shouldn't have let them go."


    Under the hall, the little girl was sobbing, tears flowing unceasingly, churning above her delicate pretty face.

    At this time, the little girl was full of self-recrimination and guilt.

    She only felt that she had killed the old man.

    After all, if he hadn't run away from home, he wouldn't have met these people.

    If he had listened to Grandpa Nuo and killed those people who had offended her, then he wouldn't have attracted these consequences.

    The little girl in front of her had never thought that she would be taught such a painful lesson after leaving her family for the first time in her life and stepping into society.

    "Just an old man, who dares to stand up in front of my Indian Martial Dao?"

    "Just asking for death."

    Lei Luo looked down at the old man's corpse in the pool of blood and sneered, while kicking to the side.

    After finishing off the old man, his gaze undoubtedly fell on the young girl in front of him.

    "Little girl, are you still struggling?"

    "If you don't want to die, just be good and come with us."

    "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you."

    Lei Luo smiled faintly, but in his words, there was a bit of covetousness.

    Even he had to admit that the girl in front of him was, however, born pretty and beautiful, with red lips and white teeth, and skin like gelatin, whether it was her figure or her looks, she was undoubtedly long for their aesthetics.

    Originally this trip to America was slightly dull, if they could bring a woman with them, it would undoubtedly add to the fun.

    "So many people, bullying a little girl.A few of you, don't you think it's too much to bully?"

    However, at this moment, an unkind voice was quietly heard.

    Lei Luo followed the voice and saw that at the side, a yellow crowd with black hair and black eyes was looking at him in a ghostly manner.

    This person, none other than Lu Yanxi, who had eaten here earlier, was indeed Lu Yanxi.

    "Yo, Yan Xia people?"

    "Last time, I heard that your Yan Xia is now in the middle of the Amazon forest, and your entire army was wiped out."

    "What? You don't have a long memory and have come to die again?"

    These powerful people of the Indian Country arrogantly laughed out after seeing Lu Yanxi.

    Due to the mutual proximity between India and Yanxia, there was naturally frequent contact between the two martial dao, and it was for this reason that there was a lot of accumulated contradictions.

    The thirty-year trip to America was a violent eruption of the accumulated contradictions between the two martial dao.

    But as a result, the strongest people of Yan Xia were defeated, and more than half of them were left in the depths of the dense forest forever.

    "Hmph, thirty years ago, if you weren't shameless and despicable, violating international conventions and secretly mixing the strong Ancestor Masters in your ranks, how could we have suffered such a large number of casualties?"

    Lu Yanxi had undoubtedly heard about the feud with the Martial Dao of the Indian Country.

    At this time, these people even took the initiative to bring it up, and Lu Yanxi gritted her teeth in anger and clenched her palms tightly.

    "Hey, girl, words can't be spoken nonsense?"

    "At the time, it was just the luck of our Burning Lord, who managed to step into the realm of the clan in the middle of a battle."

    "How can this be considered a violation of international conventions?"

    "If you have the ability to break through the clan, even if you kill us, the few of us will admit to it."

    Lei Luo laughed contemptuously.

    "Alright, don't bother talking nonsense with you."

    "Yan Xia Man, I advise you to mind your own business."

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for knowing how to take pity on you!"

    Lei Luo's eyebrows and eyes gradually became icy cold, and his energetic words were filled with threats, and

    "You~" Lu Yanxi was so angry that her pretty face was red.

    However, just as Lu Yanxi was about to explode, Kong Ming, who had been silent, stepped out, and he blocked Lu Yanxi's way, looking at Lei Luo.

    "We can ignore idle matters, but you people of the Martial Dao of the Indian Country have disturbed our peace, ruined our meals, and soiled my clothes, there has to be an explanation for these things, right?"Kong Ming said in a deep voice.

    Kong Ming and the others had suffered miserably from the battle just now.

    Not only was the table full of good food overturned, but even that old man's blood was splashed onto them.

    A good meal had all been spoiled by them.

    Kong Ming and the others, naturally, were unhappy.

    "Want an explanation?"

    "Well, yes."

    "It's just that, let's see if you have the ability to do so."

    There was no unnecessary nonsense at all, and after Kong Ming stepped forward, Lei Luo clenched his palms and thundered a fist straight at him.

    In the martial world, the strongest was the best!

    Before having a conversation, Lei Luo naturally tried this Yan Xia powerhouse's falseness first.

    Let's see if they had the qualifications to have an explanation with him.

    "Kong Lao, be careful!"

    Lu Yanxi also didn't expect that this Lei Luo would directly do it.

    In great shock, he even reminded.

    Kong Ming was not an idle person, the old man had been prepared the moment before Lei Luo made his move.Near the same time, Kong Ming pressed down on his waist, his strength lingering, and punched wildly, then followed suit.


    Amidst the roar, the two of them punched each other just as hard.

    After holding each other for a moment, the two were shaken apart by the other's fist strength at nearly the same time.

    Kong Ming, with his feet on the ground, retreated two steps.

    Lei Luo, retreated three steps in a row.


    "And you're blocking it?"

    Seeing that Lei Luo didn't gain the slightest advantage from the confrontation just now, the Indian powerhouses that came with him were horrified.

    But they knew what kind of strength their big brother had.

    But now, he was actually repulsed.

    This undoubtedly meant that this Yan Xia old man was afraid that his strength was also extremely strong!


    "The old gentleman's strength is truly not trivial, I Lei Luo admire it."

    "I'm sorry for disturbing the old gentleman's meal just now, I will personally host a banquet to compensate for it some other day."

    "But today, I hope that the old gentleman will dine somewhere else."

    "Otherwise, if we brothers fight together later, I'm afraid that we might mistakenly injure the old gentleman ah."

    Lei Luo said with a smile, but the threat in his words was so clear.

    "A different place?"

    "You said we'd change it, right?"

    "Do you really think you're a clergyman?"

    Lu Yanxi sneered and directly disguised himself.

    With the confrontation just now, Kong Ming had the upper hand, and Lu Yanxi's base was undoubtedly much stronger as well, turning his head from Kong Lao, "Kong Lao, we won't leave, let's see what they can do to us."

    Kong Lao was silent, his old eyes looking ahead at the Indian country's crowd, gloomy and uncertain.

    After deliberating for a long time, Kong Lao but grabbed Lu Yanxi: "Yanxi, go!"

    "The other side is outnumbered, so we'll retreat for now, and we'll discuss the long term afterwards."


    "Kong Lao, we can't retreat, or else they'll think we're afraid~" but Lu Yanxi was reluctant.

    However, Kong Lao had made up his mind, how could Lu Yanxi change it.

    Eventually, the two of them hurriedly retreated.

    "This Yan Xia Martial Dao people are really a bunch of trash."

    "When I achieve mastery, I will definitely kill them in the future and pierce through the Yan Xia Martial Dao.Trample them down hard underfoot."

    The pride on Lei Luo's face became even greater as he looked at the two people who had hurriedly left Kong Ming, smiling proudly.


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