His True Colors 159-160


His True Colors Chapter 159

"Han 3,000, you have no business here, what are you doing here?"Tang Long said with a dissatisfied face.

    Han Qianqiang walked to the desk and sat directly on Zhong Liang's seat.

    This action infuriated Tang Long even more!

    What kind of dog sh*t dares to sit in Zhong Liang's seat.

    Zhong Liang treats you as a friend, and that's no reason for you to rub your nose in it.

    He's a member of the Han family, and you, you're just a wimp from Cloud City.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, you're really brazen ah, it's your three lifetimes of luck that Brother Zhong considers you a friend, and you dare to casually sit in Brother Zhong's seat."Tang Long coldly rebuked.

    "Friend?"Han Qianliang smiled faintly and asked Zhong Liang, "Are we friends?"

    Zhong Liang's face was livid, you're going to f*cking get yourself killed, why are you dragging me down with you!Hastily, he said to Han Three Thousand Years, "I'm not qualified."

    Han 3,000 yuan looked at Tang Long, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hear that, he has no qualifications to be my friend."

    Tang Long three hundred and sixty degrees of confusion, Zhong Liang, ineligible ...... ineligible to become Han Three Thousand's friend?

    How could that be, he was just a wimp, anyone could step on his head, how could Zhong Liang be unqualified?

    Tang Long dug his ears, he must have misheard, or else he was hallucinating.

    "Brother Zhong, do you want me to help you teach this ungrateful guy a lesson?"Donlon said.

    "Braking thing, how f*cking stupid are you going to be."Zhong Liang gritted his teeth and said to Tang Lung, for a piece of trash like him, he still wanted to teach Han Qianxiang a lesson, and didn't even look at what a piece of shit he was.

    "Brother Zhong, you, what's wrong with you."Tang Lung asked in puzzlement.

    Zhong Liang took a glance at Han Qianqian, his heart and liver trembled, but he couldn't let Tang Long continue to talk nonsense like this, or else he wouldn't even be a fart if he was implicated by this fool.

    "Young Master, what do you want to do with Tang Long?"Zhong Liang asked.

    His words were clearly a deliberate attempt to reveal information to Tang Lung, so that Tang Lung would know what status Han 3,000 was.

    And by saying this, Zhong Liang was taking a big risk, once Han Qianxiang was dissatisfied with this, he would be at the end of his life.

    However, looking at Han Qianqian's appearance, he didn't seem to be angry.

    At this time, though, Tang Lung had instantly turned pale.

    What did the little young master mean?

    Why did Zhongliang call Han Gansan young master!

    He's a member of the Han family, to be able to be called a young master by him ......


    It was like a thunderbolt exploded in Tang Long's head, shaking his entire body to the core.

    Han ...... Han 3000, is he, is he a member of the Han family!

    Puffing out his chest, Tang Long weakly kneeled on the ground and said incredulously to Han Giang, "You ...... are a Han family member!"

    Han 3000 shook his head and said, "I'm not a Han family member anymore, I don't care to be a Han family member, to me, I'm Han 3000."

    What did this mean Tang Long didn't understand, but Zhong Liang's face was even more ugly, he didn't consider himself as a Han family member.It was not putting the Han family in his eyes, right.

    After all these years, he had done a lot of deployments in secret, and even the Feng Qian Company was cultivated by him in secret.

    Perhaps those ...... Yanjing who watched the Han Family joke would never have dreamed that the Han Family's true power did not lie in Nangong Qianqiu, much less in Han Jun, but in this unknown young master!

    With his city and means, it would never be a problem to re-establish an even more glorious Han family.

    Was this a case of pushing out the old and establishing the new?

    Zhong Liang's scalp felt numb, as if there was an electric current, and only now did he recognize what a terrifying person Little Young Master was.

    Wiping a handful of cold sweat from his forehead, Zhong Liang said, "Young Master, Zhong Liang is only loyal to you for the rest of his life, and if there is any betrayal, the heavens will punish him."

    Han Giangli laughed and said, "There is no need to be so eager to show loyalty to me, I warned you to treat Zhang Ling Hua well, and what have you ...... done?"

    Zhong Liang was so frightened that he fell to his knees and said with panic in his eyes, "Young Master, I'm sorry, I was negligent, I hope you can forgive me, I will definitely honor your orders in the future."

    Han Jianglian stood up, walked up to Zhong Liang and said condescendingly, "You have reservations about me, I can understand, after all, in your eyes, I'm just a port of call for your temporary rest, the true master within you is still Han Jun, right?"

    The cold sweat on Zhong Liang's forehead was like yellow beans, dripping down.

    He had indeed thought like this before, because no matter how much opportunity the Han family gave Han 3000, in Zhong Liang's eyes, he would never be able to fight against Han Jun. After all, Han Jun was someone Nangong Qianqiu was optimistic about, and Han 3000's ten thousand achievements would never be able to stand up to Nangong Qianqiu's words.

    So in doing anything, Zhong Liang would leave himself a line to avoid returning to Han Jun's side in the future and not being used heavily.

    Take the matter of Zhang Ling Hua, Zhong Liang had been in a wait-and-see state since the day Zhang Ling Hua entered the company, and had not given Zhang Ling Hua any rights or preferential treatment, and the reason for this was to use these details to help him raise his status in front of Han Jun in the future.

    He had to let Han Jun know in every way that although he was following Han 3000's side, he wasn't doing his best to work for Han 3000.

    But Zhong Liang never expected that just these little things would be noticed by Han 3,000.

    He hadn't even thought that the Han family would suddenly undergo such a drastic change.

    "Before taking me for a fool, didn't you consider the consequences?"Han Giangli continued.

    "Young Master, I'm sorry, it's my fault, from today onwards, I'll do my best to serve you."Zhong Liang fiercely kowtowed to Han Three Thousand, he knew exactly what would happen if he was kicked out of the Han family, with Han Three Thousand's methods, there would be no place for him to live in all of Huaxia.

    And it was hard to get to such heights, it was all that was left for Zhong Liang that he couldn't lose.

    Tang Long already looked desperate, it didn't matter if Han 3000 was a member of the Han family or not, just Zhong Liang's attitude towards him was enough for Tang Long to understand the gap between him and Han 3000.


    It was just a joke.

    Now that he thought about the oath he had made, Tang Long himself felt absurd, did he have a chance for revenge in front of such people?

    But Tang Long wondered why such a powerful person was willing to be called a wimp, and for three whole years, the entire Cloud City took him as a joke, how could he endure this humiliation.

    "Zhong Liang, this is your last chance, take advantage of it."Han Giangli said.

    Hearing this, Zhong Liang kowtowed incessantly and said, "Thank you, young master, thank you, Zhong Liang will definitely remember your words and will grasp the opportunity you give him."

    "This man, don't let me see him in any company in Cloud City."Han Qianliang said this and left the office.

    Zhong Liang waited until the office door closed before he dared to get up, his hatred for Tang Long naturally went without saying, if it wasn't for this fool, how could something like today's incident happen?

    For Zhong Liang, his life was almost on the line just now!

    "You heard what Young Master said."Zhong Liang said in a cold voice.

    Tang Long was filled with panic and crawled to Zhong Liang on his knees, begging for mercy, "Brother Zhong, please, help me, help me, if I leave Cloud City, I'll have nothing left."

    Tang Long's achievements were not just his own abilities, but also the connections he had accumulated in Cloud City for so many years, which was the most valuable thing about him, if there was no company in Cloud City that wanted him, then all of his efforts over the years would be reduced to nothing, and then he would have to go to another city and start all over again, which was something Tang Long absolutely could not adapt to.

    Zhong Liang looked at Tang Long with a disgusted face and said after kicking him, "Do you think I have the ability to save you?You've caused me to almost get myself killed, go away and don't let me see you again."

    "By the way, let me remind you, regarding the identity of the young master, if you dare to divulge the slightest bit, your life is in danger."

    Tang Long unconsciously shook his body, his life is in danger!

    Desperate and repentant.

    Tang Lung kept slapping himself, if not for his series of stupid actions, how could things have come to this point?He even tried to seek revenge on Han Qianqian.

    Ridiculous, ridiculous to say the least!

    The employees of the company gathered together to whisper when they saw Han Marchant leaving the company, and until now, they still thought that Han Marchant was bragging, after all, Tang Long was someone Zhong Liang had personally poached and was a very important person in the company.

His True Colors Chapter 160

"Where do you think this braggart came from?"

    "Who knows, looking at that loser look, maybe he's delusional."

    "What do you guys think Zhong Liang will do with Tang Lung?"

    "How else can we deal with it, just casually perfunctory, it's hard to really fire Tang Long for Zhang Ling Hua."

    A few people laughed lightly discussing this matter, it wasn't until Tang Long came out of Zhong Liang's office with a deathly look on his face that they felt something wasn't right.

    "What's going on, Tang Long's expression, he can't have really been fired."

    "How can that be, he was fired, wouldn't Zhang Ling Hua be no one to mess with."

    "Damn it, I'll go ask."

    A certain person walked up to Tang Lung and bashfully asked, "Tang Lung, how's it going, did Brother Zhong fire Zhang Ling?"

    Tang Long's heart had been completely desperate, his entire body was like a walking corpse, without any energy, pushing away the people in front of him and going back to his office.

    The office door was open, Tang Long was packing his personal belongings when those watching colleagues outside were stunned.

    "F*ck, no way, it's really Tang Long who was fired!"

    "My god, who was that young man just now, he said to fire him."

    "Oh no, no, I've offended Zhang Ling Hua before, what should I do, I won't be expelled as well."

    As soon as this was said, everyone panicked because they had more or less made things difficult for Zhang Ling Hua, and as for bullying and ridiculing Zhang Tian Xin, it was even more of a necessary drama that was performed every day.

    From the day Zhang Tianxin arrived at the company, these people had been treating Zhang Tianxin as a plaything, teasing him when they were happy and scolding him when they were unhappy.

    And now that Tang Long had been fired because of this matter, what would happen to them.

    "In the future, if any of you dare to find trouble with Zhang Ling Hua, you'll end up like Tang Long."At this moment, Zhong Liang's voice suddenly came from behind him.

    The crowd turned around in trepidation, and one by one, they kept quiet.

    "Brother Zhong, don't worry, this will definitely not happen again."

    "We will definitely treat Zhang Tianxin well in the future and take good care of him."

    "Actually, this child is quite pitiful, we did go too far in the past, we must review ourselves properly."

    As everyone admitted their mistakes, Fan Xue was very unpleasant because she had started this matter, and even though Tang Long was behind it, she couldn't get away with it.

    Before, she wasn't worried about losing her job because she thought she could live by blackmailing Tang Long, but now that Tang Long had been fired, what blackmailing capital did she still have.

    "Fan Xue, you've disappointed me, get lost."Zhong Liang said and went back to his office.

    Fan Xue's face was as white as paper, she hadn't gotten anything and had lost her job, it was a fatal blow to her.

    Credit card spending in advance, if she lost her job, what else would she have to pay back?

    The gang of licking dogs didn't dare to say anything good about Fan Xue at this time, although she was pretty, she had to have money to get it done, and it wasn't worth losing her job for her.

    At this time, outside the gates of the Weak Water Real Estate Company, Su Haichao blocked the way of Han 3,000 yuan.

    "Wimp, you wouldn't have offended anyone in Weak Water Real Estate, right?You clearly know that the Su family has a partnership with Weakwater Real Estate, so you're not deliberately trying to cause me trouble, are you?"Su Haichao said to Han Qianli with a toe-curling look.

    He was now the chairman of the board, and without knowing the identity of Han Qianqian, he did have the capital to be proud of himself, after all, Su Yingxia was only his subordinate now.

    And when his relationship with Zhong Liang was good, and he was able to hold the west side of the city project in his hands, at that time, he wouldn't even have to give Su Yingxia face.

    Of course, all of this was just Su Hachao's imagination.

    "Who can I offend."Han Giangli said.

    "Also."Su Haichao nodded his head in derision and said, "With your ability, you can't offend anyone, who would take a wimp like you seriously."

    "Since you know, there's some other reason for waiting for me here, right?"Han Giangli asked.

    Su Haichao smiled and said, "It's Family Day in a few days, and I'm afraid you'll forget, so I'm giving you a heads-up."

    Han Qianli pretended to look surprised and said, "I didn't expect that you would personally invite me, so do I have to thank you."

    Su Hachao proudly held his head high and said, "If you have to thank me, it's not impossible, I'm now the chairman of the Su Family, I don't care to bother with little people like you, so I'll just take it as a chance to give you something good to eat."

    Did Su Haichao really sincerely invite Han Qianqiang?

    Of course not, he and Su Ye-han had already agreed not to let Han 3,000 attend the family day, and the reason he said that was to get rid of Han 3,000 after he was there.

    He is happy to find pleasure in toying with others, especially when it's Han Qianxiang.

    To trample on Han 3,000 years old's dignity and crush Han 3,000 years old on the ground is something Su Hacchao is never tired of doing in his life, who called Han 3,000 years old a wimp?

    And being beaten three times, Su Hachao did not forget this hatred.

    "Fine, in that case, I'll go watch a good show."Han Giangli smiled.

    "Then you'll have to come early."Su Haichao smiled.

    Returning to the car, looking at Han Giang's departing back, Su Haichao sneered to himself with a face full of laughter, "What an idiot, did you think I would let you into the house?When the time comes, let all your relatives see your jokes and just play monkey."

    Han Three Thousand went to the hospital and made sure that Zhang Tianxin's injuries were not serious before leaving.

    During that time, Zhang Ling Hua said some words of gratitude, and Han 3,000 took it as it was the only way Zhang Ling Hua could repay him, and if she didn't let Zhang Ling Hua finish, she would definitely feel uncomfortable in her heart.

    As for continuing to go to work at the company, Han Qianli had also made a deal with her and told her not to worry, no one at the company would dare bully Zhang Tianxin in the future.

    Strolling down the street, not picking up Su Yingxia from work, living a really boring and tasteless life, was planning to go to Mordor to take a look, and suddenly someone hammered him in the back.

    "Han 3,000, where have you been for so long."Tian Ling'er was shopping with her best friend, and bumping into Han 3,000 made her excited, immediately dragging her best friend to get to know Han 3,000.

    The best friend was wearing a pink dress, and although her looks couldn't be compared to Tian Ling'er's, her body was exceptionally great and eye catching, and even Han Qianli couldn't help but sink in for a few more glances.

    "What are you looking at?Believe me to poke your eyes out."The Celestial Spirit crossed her hands at the waist and deliberately puffed out her chest to say to Han Three Thousand.

    Han Giangli smiled helplessly and withdrew his gaze and said to Tian Ling'er, "If you want to poke my eyes out, do you have to consider whether or not you have the ability to do so?"

    Tian Ling'er thought of Han Qianqian's victory over Luo Bin's men at the boxing gym and let out a gasp.

    "Do you understand what it means to be a gentleman, a gentleman has to give way to a beautiful woman."Tian Ling'er said.

    "A pretty girl?"Han Giangli gazed at his head, curious, "Where's the beauty?"

    The Heavenly Spirits were gnashing their teeth at the sight of such a beautiful woman right in front of him, couldn't he see it?

    "Han 3,000, did you have to make me angry?"Tian Ling'er said with a gloomy face and gritted her teeth.

    Xie Yufu knew that the person in front of her was Han Qianqian, the famous wimp of Cloud City, so intuitively she didn't have the slightest liking for Han Qianqian, and wondered even more why Tian Ling'er would greet Han Qianqian on the street, wasn't she afraid of losing her Heavenly Miss's face?

    However, although she was Tian Ling'er's best friend, she didn't dare to say anything in these matters because the Xie family and the Tian family belonged to a cooperative relationship and the Tian family was dominant, so even in this best friend relationship, there were still interests present.

    "Ling'er, it's so hot, let's find a cold drink shop and take a break."Xie Yifu said, actually just wanting to separate from Han Giang earlier so that outsiders wouldn't see her getting to know Han Giang, the trash.

    "Han Qianqian, buying me a cup of milk tea, isn't that too much to ask?"Tian Ling'er said.

    Han Qianli looked at the time and had just about nowhere to go, but he was about to say something when Xie Yufu said, "We'd better go by ourselves."

    Han Qianli smiled, and he saw a hint of disgust in Xie Yifu's eyes, clearly this pink-skirted girl didn't treat him well.

    "Or, I won't go."Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

    At this moment, Tian Ling'er's dissatisfaction with Xie Yuef was revealed between her eyebrows.


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