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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2091 

As soon as she heard Ye Chen say that she wanted a grand motorcade, Ito Naozi immediately smiled and said, "Ye Chen-kun, isn't the motorcade a little bit not grand enough?Why don't I just send a couple of helicopters over there!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "This guy is staying at the Aman Tokyo Hotel, isn't it inappropriate to arrange a helicopter in the city center?"

      Ito Naija smiled wanly and said seriously, "Yatsuo-kun, there is nothing inappropriate about this little matter for the Ito family, if you are willing, you can leave this matter to Naija to arrange, and Naija will definitely not let you down!"

      Ye Chen gave it some thought before nodding his head and smiling, "Then I'll leave it to Cabbage Patch to help, I only have one goal, to completely shock him."

      Ito Nana-chan smiled and said, "Don't worry, Ye Chen-kun, I'll definitely give him a vivid realistic education lesson!"

      Aman Hotel.

      Song Honor asked his beautiful assistant, to put some band-aids on his hands.

      This girl is not only his assistant, but also his lover and his beloved.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      After she helped Song Honor treat the wound, she said with a heartbreaking feeling, "Mr. Song, you mustn't be so impulsive in the future, you mustn't joke with your body no matter what!"

      Song Honor's expression clouded over as he said, "You don't understand, it's not that I'm too impulsive, it's just that that Ye Chen is too tricky, and his staying in Tokyo is a huge problem for me!"

      The assistant hurriedly said, "Mr. Song, it's actually not that difficult to deal with such a person, right?Let Hashimoto Kon gather a few more killers first, just find a chance to kill him."

      Song Honor waved his hand and sighed, "Oh you don't understand, you don't know what this Ye Chen is capable of, this man is still somewhat capable, ordinary people are not his match."

      "Moreover, if we rashly look for him, it's very likely that we'll expose ourselves early, and then we'll lose more than we gain."

      The assistant asked again, "Mr. Song, then what should we do now?Is it really as the old man said, that everything is at his disposal?"

      Song Honor nodded and said in a cold voice, "Right now there is nothing else to do but to cooperate with him superficially and then hope that he doesn't find out about my problem."

      Saying that, he sighed, his heart was a little bottomless, "I just don't know now whether I can remain calm in front of him or not, this person is very shrewd, and if I'm not careful, it's possible that he will see it."

      The assistant was busy saying, "Mr. Song, you are the best psychological person I've ever met, I'm sure that you won't reveal any flaw."

      Song Honor nodded slightly, "I hope so."

      As I was saying that, Song Honor's phone suddenly rang.

      On the phone, a woman's voice came out, "Is this Mr. Honor Song?"

      Song Honor gave a hmmm and said, "Yes, it's me."

      The woman then said, "Hello Mr. Song, I was sent by Mr. Ye to pick you up, may I ask if you are ready to leave?"

      Song Honor said, "I'm ready, where shall we meet?"

      The woman said, "You're staying at the Aman Hotel, I believe?"

      Song Honor said, "That's right, I'm in the Presidential Suite [Vertex Fiction] room of the Aman Hotel."

      Song Honor deliberately said the words presidential suite just to find some superiority in front of the other party.

      He knew that Ye Chen was more or less somewhat capable, but he also felt that Ye Chen's ability should only be useful in Jinling, and it would definitely be greatly reduced when he left Jinling and went to Japan.

      Therefore, he instinctively didn't take Ye Chen's words about his friend into consideration either.

      In his opinion, it was impossible for Ye Chen, who was a half-prodigy like existence, to befriend any high ranking person in Japan.

      It was estimated that the other party would be a Tokyo middle class at most.

Chapter 2092

The woman on the other end of the phone said calmly, "Since Mr. Song is staying at the Aman Hotel, please Mr. Song, move to the rooftop now."

      "Rooftop?"Song Honor frowned, "What do you want me to go to the rooftop for?"

      The woman said, "The helicopter is waiting on the rooftop."

      "Helicopter?"Song Honor's expression was somewhat surprised, but also somewhat despised at the same time.

      In his heart, he surmised, "This Ye Chen and Ye Chen's friends, also really boring enough, what kind of helicopter to pick up in the city, a bit of money, don't know where to spend it, right?You think you're so cool just because you rent a helicopter?It's a bit too low for this segment, isn't it?"

      Thinking of this, he smiled contemptuously, and then, very politely, he said, "In that case, please wait for a moment on the rooftop, I'll be right up."

      "Okay, I'll wait for Mr. Song on the rooftop."

      After Song Honor hung up the phone, he immediately laughed out despicably, "Hmph, this Ye Chen is also really interesting, I said that I would go to him, but he had to make me wait for his friend to pick him up, and he had to get a helicopter to pick me up, does it make sense?Do you think I've never seen the world?A helicopter and you're trying to bluff me?"

      The assistant smiled slightly, "Mr. Song, in my opinion, this Ye Chen is nothing more than the light of a firefly, and he even has the nerve to compete with you, the sun and the moon, he is really a bit ungrateful!"Fastest Update

      Song Honor sneered, "Oh my, to say that this Ye Chen is more or less capable, not to mention anything else, that rejuvenation pill in his hand is a damn good thing!I'd really like to have one by the time I'm old."

      Saying that, Song Honor sighed and waved his hand to his assistant, "Okay, let's not talk about that, you come with me to the roof."

      "Okay Song!"

      Song Honor brought his beloved assistant to the rooftop rooftop of the Aman Hotel.

      At this time, on a piece of helipad on the rooftop, there was already a heavy helicopter with black body parked.

      Song honor saw this helicopter, slightly surprised, spoke: "ouch I go, Ye Chen and this friend of his, is really willing to put down money ah, this super puma helicopter, the factory price of more than one hundred and fifty million yuan, a little modification, the price exceeded two hundred million, such a helicopter, rent a short flight also hundreds of thousands."

      The little assistant laughed and said, "Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to pretend to be in front of Mr. Song, this Ye Chen is also really blind!"

      "Yeah."Song Honor smirked, "Did you see the four letters on the fuselage of this plane?"

      The assistant looked at the white letters on the black fuselage and read them out one by one: "itou, Mr. Song, what does this mean?There doesn't seem to be this word in English."

      Song Honor smiled and said, "It's not an English word, it's a Japanese roman sound, and the four letters, itou, pronounced with a roman sound, should be pronounced as Itou."

      "Itou?"The little assistant frowned, "What does this mean, Mr. Song, it sounds like something strange."

      Song Honor seriously said, "You, the world is really a bit short, these 4 letters correspond to the Japanese word for Ito, which means that this plane belongs to the largest family in Japan right now, the Ito family."

      "Huh?!"The little assistant exclaimed, "It's the Ito family's plane?!Gosh, does that Ye Chen still know someone from the Ito family?!"

      Song Honor left his mouth, "With him?And knows the Ito family, does he deserve it?"

      The junior assistant was surprised and asked, "So what's with the plane?"

      Song Honor smiled and said, "You don't know anything about that, the Ito family's industry is spread throughout all walks of life in Japan, and the family themselves have a navigation company, called Ito Navigation!"

      "Ito Tongue?"

      "Right!It's the Ito Tomo!"Song Honor explained, "This navigation company mainly does short and medium distance navigation, and it has over two hundred aircraft of all kinds, including over one hundred helicopters, so it is very strong!"

      "I reckon that Yatsuo and his friend rented this helicopter from Ito Tongkong!"

      The little assistant nodded and smiled, "I see!You just said that this plane was from the Ito family, it really scared me, I thought that Ye Chen's friend was from the Ito family."

      Song Honor sneered, "I just said that he doesn't deserve to know anyone from the Ito family!The Ito family is now in Japan, which is equivalent to our domestic Su family, and a guy like Ye Chen who got up by reading feng shui and jumping up to the big gods isn't even worthy of giving the Ito family a shoe!"

Chapter 2093

In Song Honor's heart, the status of the Ito Family was indeed very high.

      After all, it was the largest family in Japan, and it had just survived the bitter battle of the three big families in Tokyo, and for that reason alone, the future of the Ito family was unlimited.

      Therefore, Song Honor simply didn't believe that Ye Chen could have any actual relationship with the Ito family.

      It must be that he or his friend had paid to rent a helicopter belonging to the Ito family's aviation company.

      So, he took his little assistant with him and stepped forward to the helipad.

      A beautiful woman in a blue flight attendant uniform stood by the side of the helicopter, and when she saw the two of them reach the front, she looked at Song Honor and said with great respect, "You must be Mr. Song, right?"

      Song Honor nodded and said with a bit of arrogance, "Yes, that's me, are you guys in charge of picking me up?"

      The beautiful lady smiled slightly and said, "Yes Mr. Song, Mr. Ye and our Miss Ye are waiting for you at home right now, please board the plane with this lady."

      Song Honor grinned, "Master Ye is so polite, in the city, there is no need to take any helicopter, just take a car?"

      The beautiful lady said calmly, "Mr. Song, our big sister said that it must be grand when picking you up."

      Song Honor shook his head and laughed, thinking to himself in a despicable manner, "Sending a helicopter is grand?Do you think I'm a bumpkin who's never seen the world?Our Song family is also lined with private planes, we have private planes and private helicopters, this thing is nothing big in my eyes."

      However, since it was a helicopter sent by Ye Chen, he naturally didn't dare to say such disdainful words to his face, so he said very politely, "In that case, I'll leave it to Master Ye."

      Saying that, he brought his assistant with him and got into this heavy helicopter.

      This helicopter could originally hold at least twenty people, but now the cabin had been completely transformed into a luxury room, like a top-notch luxury caravan.

      Song Honor sat down on the couch of the helicopter and asked the beautiful woman, "I wonder how far away Master Ye is from here?"

      The beautiful woman smiled and said, "Almost fifteen kilometers."

      "Fifteen kilometers?"Song Honor said helplessly, "Wouldn't it be a few minutes to fly there?"The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      The beautiful woman smiled, "It takes less than a few minutes to fly, about half an hour."

      "What?Half an hour?!"Song Honor was stunned and said, "Fifteen kilometers, even if you pedal a bicycle, pedal faster for half an hour can also get there ah, the speed of this helicopter, it is impossible to slow down to this level, right?"

      The beautiful lady smiled and said, "Mr. Song has no idea, our Missy has arranged a sightseeing route to reflect the importance she attaches to you, you'll know later."

      Song Honor was a bit confused and asked, "Can I ask who your eldest sister is?"

      The beautiful lady shook her head and said apologetically, "I'm sorry Mr. Song, our Missy's identity can't tell you right now, but you'll naturally know when we get to the place."

      Song Honor could only nod his head and said, "Alright."

      Saying that, he was also muttering in his heart, "I wonder what kind of medicine is in this guy Ye Chen's gourd?What are you doing here with a helicopter?"

      At that moment, the beautiful woman spoke up, "Mr. Song, our helicopter is about to take off, so please put on your intercom headset while buckling your seat belt."


      Song Honor nodded, put on the intercom headset, and then buckled the seat belt.

      Since helicopters generated a lot of noise when they were running, normal conversations in the cabin could not be heard by each other at all.

      In order to solve the problem of communication in the cabin, all the helicopter crew and passengers, all wearing very good sound effect headphones, wearing headphones can not only isolate the sound of the engine, but also can use the radio to ensure that each other to talk.

      Once the helicopter is up, this is the only way to communicate with each other.

Chapter 2094

At this time, the helicopter's engine slowly revved, then accelerated continuously, and soon began to rise slowly.

      Song Honor thought to himself, "It's just as well to take this opportunity to see what kind of scenery Tokyo is under the high altitude."

      As he was thinking, he heard that beautiful woman's voice in his headset, and she spoke, "Number two and three take off, number four and five start the engines, and number six and seven start preparing!"

      Song Honor was still a little puzzled and thought to himself, "What number two, three, four and five?What's this pussy talking about here?"

      Wondering, the assistant on the other side pointed to the roofs of the other two buildings on either side of the window and said in surprise, "Mr. Song, the roofs of those two buildings also flew up two helicopters, exactly the same as the one we're sitting on!"

      Song Honor turned his head, and sure enough!

      There were two identical helicopters taking off at the same time and simultaneously on the left and right.

      These two aircraft were not only the same as this model they were riding, both were Super Pumas, but also had the same fuselage livery, both were livery of the Ito Tonkatsu Corporation.

      Song Honor was surprised and asked that beautiful woman, "These two planes are also yours?"

      The beautiful woman nodded and smiled, "They are doing the entire accompanying flight for you."

      Song Honor was stunned, "What do you mean by flying with you the entire time?"

      The beautiful woman smiled, "It's just to accompany you throughout your flight, like the fleet's front tail car."

      Song Honor's expression was a bit startled as he said, "Uh is that really necessary?Master Ye won't be too broke, will he?"

      The beauty said calmly, "Don't worry, Mr. Ye doesn't have to contribute a single penny."

      Song Honor nodded and thought to himself, "Needless to say, Ye Chen should have found another wrongdoer in Tokyo."

      As I was saying, the two helicopters had risen to the same altitude as them, then the two planes followed the one that Song Honor was riding, and the three planes moved forward at the same speed.

      Not even a kilometer after flying out, Song Honor's assistant pointed to the two buildings on either side again and said, "Mr. Song!Two more up here on either side!"

      Song Honor fixed his eyes and was amazed!

      That's five!Is that necessary?

      Just after saying that, the assistant pointed very far away and said off the top of his head, "Mr. Song, there seems to be black helicopters on the roofs of the two buildings in front, too!"

      Song Honor followed the direction of her finger, and there were indeed two black things the size of ants at a distance of one kilometer away.

      Song Honor carefully identified the two black things parked on the roof, and they did indeed resemble the same type of helicopter he was riding in!

      Just to my surprise, the two helicopters that had just taken off had reached the front.

      The fleet went from three helicopters to five.

      Soon, the two ant-sized black things, in Song Hornung's vision grew larger and larger, it was easy to recognize that they were indeed the two helicopters.

      After that, the two helicopters also began to soar into the air.

      The fleet, again from five, became seven.

      At this time, Song Honor was already a little numb.

       He couldn't understand, what was Ye Chen doing?It's just a pick-me-up, do you have to make such a big deal out of it?

      As I was thinking, I heard the pretty girl say over the intercom, "Two takeoffs are too inefficient, let's take off four at a time next!"

Chapter 2095

Seeing the helicopters really four by four take off, the fleet soon expanded all the way to nearly twenty, Song Honor the whole man felt like a big head!

      When he couldn't figure it out, he wondered, "What the fuck is going on, sending twenty helicopters to and from a dozen kilometers, that's unbelievable, right?"

      "And what's the story of that Tokyo friend of Ye Chen's!It's a lot of money to rent twenty helicopters, do you have money to burn so wastefully?"

      The citizens of Tokyo were now also startled by the helicopter echelons whizzing through the sky, and one by one they stopped and looked up, thinking that something big had happened or that some great big person had come.

      The more Song Honor couldn't guess Ye Chen's motives, the more he felt a bit guilty.

      Although he and Ye Chen could not be considered familiar or friends, but at least they were acquaintances, and when acquaintances met, shouldn't it be just a matter of arranging a place and then going there separately?What did Ye Chen mean by this whole sudden move?

      All the while, new helicopters were still taking off and joining the top floors of the high-rise buildings on both sides.

      Soon, the total number of helicopter echelons exceeded thirty.

      Song Honor had never experienced such a battle in his life, and his heart was already a little hairy!

      Also, he didn't have the same contempt in his heart that he had at the beginning.

      His subconscious implicitly told him that Ye Chen seemed to be much more powerful than he thought, including that Japanese friend of his whom he had never met before.

      Maybe, the other party was a local Tokyo bigwig!

      The thirty or so helicopters circled around the city of Tokyo and finally hovered over a private estate.

      At this time, Song Honor found that the thirty or so helicopters around him had turned into a circular layout, surrounding his own plane right in the middle.

      And this aircraft was slowly descending.

      Song Honor looked down at the manor that covered a huge area below, and asked that beautiful woman in surprise, "Excuse me, where is this?"

      The beautiful lady said, "Back to Mr. Song, this is the place where our eldest sister lives."

      Song Honor didn't know exactly where the Ito family's mansion was, so he couldn't recognize who owned this mansion directly below.

      However, looking at this location, this area, and this architectural style, one knew that this was definitely not an ordinary home.

      As the helicopter slowly descended, Song Honor's heartbeat became faster and faster.

      In his heart, he panicked and secretly thought, "Ye Chen's friends in Tokyo have such a powerful family and their energy must not be underestimated, if Ye Chen asks them to help investigate Song Wanting's matter, then he might really have to explode the thunder!"

      Before, Song Honor also thought that there was no point in Ye Chen even if he came to Japan, he was unfamiliar with life in Japan, he did everything with a blind eye, and without enough connections and human help, it would be difficult to find Song Wanting's whereabouts or investigate the cause of her death.

      This was the case for the vast majority of people.

      Each person's ability to do so had very obvious geographical limitations.First Published.

      For example, Hong Wu, in Jinling he was an underground emperor that no one dared to mess with, but once he left Jinling, even if he reached Suhang, his influence would be greatly reduced.

      If he were to come to Tokyo, with that bit of influence he had in Jinling, any random storm trooper would dare to directly hit him in the face.

      This was because the vast majority of Hongwu's abilities could only be exercised when he was in Jinling, and the further he left Jinling, the less he could do.

      Song Honor originally still felt that Ye Chen must be the same.

      Ye Chen was a bull in Jinling, and that was because there was a large group of respectable local bigwigs who held him up in Jinling.

      But once he left Jinling, his influence was bound to drop significantly.

      If he really came to Japan to investigate Song Wanting's affairs, he might not even be able to find three or five assistants.

      But now, Song Honor finally realized how ignorant he was.

Chapter 2096

Because he discovered that Ye Chen seemed to have extraordinary connections in Japan as well!

      The helicopter landed on the lawn of the Ito family's back garden.

      As soon as the helicopter landed, there were immediately twenty men in black suits running neatly over.

      Then, the twenty men stood on either side of the hatch, very powerfully.

      At that moment, the beautiful woman inside the helicopter opened the hatch wide and jumped down first before saying to Song Honor, "Mr. Song, please!"

      Song Honor swallowed his saliva with some difficulty, drumming in his heart as he stepped apprehensively out of the helicopter.

      The beautiful woman said again, "Mr. Song please follow me, Mr. Ye as well as our family's eldest sister are already waiting in the parlor."

      Song Honor hurriedly asked with a face full of humility, "Beautiful lady, can you be bold enough to ask, who is your family's eldest sister?"

      The beautiful lady smiled, "Our big sister's identity, when you meet her later, she will definitely tell you herself."

      Song Honor pretended to smile indifferently, but in fact, he was already panicking like a dog.

      He could tell that such a mansion, in such a nice part of Tokyo, was worth at least billions or even tens of billions of RMB, and a family that could have such a mansion should be much stronger than the Song family!

      At this moment, the beautiful woman gestured at him in a please pose and said with a smile, "Mr. Song, this way please."

      The apprehensive Song Honor could only nod his head and followed up with a hard scalp.

      He followed the beautiful woman through the entire back garden of the Ito family mansion and then through the long corridor to the door of a Japanese and Japanese style room.

      The beauty said to him as well as his assistant, "Please wait for a moment, both of you, I'll go in and make an announcement."

      Song Honor nodded hurriedly, "Make yourself at home we'll wait at the door first."

      The beautiful woman entered the door and said to Ye Chen, who was drinking tea cross-legged in front of the tea table, as well as Ito Naija, "Mr. Ye and Miss, the guests are here."

      Ito Naija nodded and said indifferently, "Invite the guests in."

      The beautiful woman immediately said, "Okay Miss!"

      Saying that, he came to the door and said to Song Honor, "Mr. Song, please come in."

      At the side, Song Honor's assistant asked Song Honor in a low voice, "Mr. Song, do I still go in?I'm a little nervous, or I'd rather not go."

      Song Honor saw her expression of panic and knew that she was probably scared by the unimaginably oversized formation of the other party, so she didn't dare to go in.

      He sighed in his heart, "You're a little nervous?Do you know that I'm also in a panic right now!"

      However, he also knew that the assistant could still back off, but he definitely couldn't, so he could only helplessly speak up, "Then you wait for me outside."

      The assistant was relieved, as if he had been pardoned, and nodded hurriedly.

      Song Honor then summoned up his courage and stepped through the door.

      As soon as he entered the door, he saw Ye Chen who was sipping tea by the tea table.

      At this time, Ye Chen was still as calm as before, and waved his hand slightly at Song Honor when he saw him come in.

      On the opposite side of Ye Chen, there was also a young looking Japanese woman sitting, this woman was wearing a Japanese kimono, looking not only extremely beautiful, but also gentle and elegant.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      Song Honor recognized this woman with a glance!

      By this time his heart was churning with shock and he muttered to himself, "Isn't this woman this woman the Ito family's eldest daughter, the one known as Yamato Nadeshiko, Ito Nana-chan!Could it be that the local friend that Ye Chen is talking about is her?!"

Chapter 2097

Song Honor felt like his outlook on life, values, and worldview was completely overturned at this moment.

      He had never expected that Ye Chen would be able to climb into a relationship with the Ito family's eldest sister.

      And what was even more frightening was that the Ito family's eldest sister was now wearing a kimono, kneeling opposite Ye Chen, and pouring him tea like a waiter, respectfully.

      This was simply incredible!

      Song Honor howled in despair deep inside, "What the f**k is this sh*t?Do the Japanese also believe in Feng Shui metaphysics?Otherwise, how else did Ye Chen fiddle with Itachi's vegetables?"

      Just when his head was filled with shock and surprise, Ye Chen saw him come in, as if he saw his friend's son, smiling and waving at him, "Oh honor, come quickly, hurry up and sit down."

      Song Honor looked at Ye Chen's calm face, he was even more puzzled and wondered, "Ye Chen is so close to Song Wanting, why has Song Wanting disappeared for so long, why has Ye Chen come to Tokyo and instead of looking for her, he is still so calm and has tea in the Ito family's mansion?"

      Although Song Honor was confused in his heart, he still came to Ye Chen's front with a hard scalp and said respectfully, "Greetings, Master Ye!"

      After saying that, he looked at Itachi Nachiko again and said politely, "Hello Itachi-san, it's your first time meeting me, please take care of me!"

      With a small smile, Cabbage Ito said, "Mr. Song knows me?"

      Song Honor nodded, "You are so well known, how could I not know you."

      Ito Naija smiled generously and stretched out her hand, "Mr. Song, please sit down, just to try the Japanese tea ceremony and see if it fits your appetite."

      Song Honor busily waved his hand and said, "Miss Ito is too polite, I have come to do as Master Ye instructed this time, so it's fine for me to stand."

      Ye Chen faintly waved his hand, "Okay Honor, I'm an old acquaintance with your grandfather, you don't need to be so formal in front of me, since Miss Ito has asked you to sit, then you can sit."

      The tone in which Ye Chen said this made Song Honor very disgusted.

      He could hear the somewhat condescending feeling in Ye Chen's mouth.

      It made his heart very unhappy.

      However, at this moment, he didn't dare to disobey Ye Chen in the slightest.

      After all, Ye Chen was the guest of honor of the Ito family, and this monetary value was really too great.

      So he hurriedly said respectfully, "Since Master Ye has said so, then I will respectfully follow the order."

      Saying that, he then sat down beside Ye Chen.Updated fastest.

      After sitting cross-legged, Song Honor's heart was apprehensive, always confused as to what kind of medicine was in Ye Chen's gourd.

      At this time, Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked, "Honor, what do you know about what happened to Wan Ting?Tell me about it."

      Song Honor's heart thudded, but on the surface tried to control it relatively naturally and spoke, "Master Ye the thing is like this, some time ago Wan Ting wanted to reach a cooperation with Japan's New Japan Railway, so she brought people to Japan to proceed with negotiations with New Japan Railway, but last night suddenly something happened, the commercial vehicle she was riding in, fell off a cliff in the mountains of West Domo County, the other three people in the vehicle died on the spot, Wan Ting's whereabouts are now unknown"

      Ye Chen nodded, looked at him and asked, "What did the Tokyo Police Department say?"

Chapter 2098

Song Honor was looked at by Ye Chen and felt a little guilty, he hurriedly lowered his head and pretended to say respectfully, "Back to Master Ye, the Tokyo Police Department over there has already sent a lot of people to search in West Domo County, but they haven't found Wan Ting's whereabouts yet."

      Saying that, Song Honor hastily added, "However, they are increasing their police force to expand the search area, so hopefully they will be able to find valuable clues as soon as possible, and of course, it would be best to find Wan Ting's whereabouts as soon as possible."

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, "That's not what I'm asking, what I'm asking is whether the Tokyo Police Department has defined this matter, whether this fall off the cliff was an accident, or a coincidence?Was it an accident, or was it a deliberate murder?"

      Hearing the 4 words deliberate murder, Song Honor's heart immediately tensed up.

      He felt his back had begun to seep out cold sweat, simply because he was wearing a jacket, so it was not so easy to see.

      In fact, there was already a clear definition from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and they believed that this matter was a premeditated murder, as the accident scene had clearly been manhandled.

      However, they couldn't find any valuable clues yet.

      Now that Ye Chen had asked such a straightforward question, Song Honor's heart grew more and more panicked.

      He originally thought that Ye Chen was alone in Japan and couldn't turn over any waves in Tokyo, but now it was different, Ye Chen had such a good relationship with the Ito family, and as long as he said a word, the Ito family would definitely do everything possible to help him investigate this matter.

      The Ito family was very strong in Japan, once they intervened, it was very likely that the sword would be able to find out the truth of the matter faster than the police.

      Song Honor was nervous inside, not knowing for a moment how to respond to Ye Chen's question.

      And Ye Chen also asked after him at this time, "Honor, why aren't you talking?"

      Song Honor came back to his senses and hurriedly said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Master Ye, I was just thinking of Wan Ting and also worried about her safety, so I was a little distracted."

      After saying that, he sat up straighter and said truthfully, "Master Ye, the Tokyo Police Department's definition of this matter is that it is more likely to be a deliberate murder, but since nothing of value has been found.So the specifics will have to wait for the results of further investigation, as for the murder, it's just a speculation."

      Ye Chen nodded and said coldly, "The Tokyo Police Department is known for being useless, the Tokyo security was so bad and there were so many major cases some time ago, and the Tokyo Police Department still hasn't solved all those cases, so if we expect them to do something about this Wan Ting matter, I don't know how long we have to wait."

      Then, Ye Chen pointed at Ito Cabbage and said to Song Honor, "Honor ah, Miss Cabbage and I have a deep friendship, and I also have some connections with the Ito family, their power in Japan, I believe you have also heard about it, with Miss Cabbage's help, I believe that our progress in finding Wan Ting should be faster than the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department."

      Itachi Cabbage immediately said respectfully, "Please feel free to rest assured, Ye Chen-kun, as long as Your Excellency says so, the entire Itachi family is at your disposal!"

      Cabbage's words caused Song Honor to be terrified.

      He knew very well that with the strength of the entire Ito family, even if they couldn't find the living Song Wanting, they would definitely be able to find out the truth of the matter.

      Moreover, the fact that so many helicopters from the Ito family had just picked themselves up with great sound, it was enough to see that the Ito family was very attentive to anything Ye Chen commanded.

      It could also be imagined that once Ye Chen opened his mouth, the Ito family would definitely go all out to find Song Wanting's whereabouts and the truth of the whole matter.

      By then, it would all be over.

      Song Honor's heart was in despair at this point.

      A fine layer of sweat had even poured out on his forehead.

      Ye Chen had taken in all of his reactions and had become increasingly certain in his heart that there was definitely something very wrong with Song Honor!

Chapter 2099

At the moment when Itoh Cabbage made her statement to Ye Chen, Song Honor had already started making plans to leave Japan as soon as possible.

      He knew that as long as the Ito family interfered, it wouldn't be long before he would definitely be defeated.

      If he remained in Japan at the moment of the defeat, then he basically wouldn't have to think about returning alive.

      Because, he knew that Ye Chen would definitely not let him go!

      The only way right now was to quickly leave Japan and go back to finish off the old man before he was revealed and completely take over the entire Song family.

      As long as you can take over the entire assets of the Song family, you can break bread with Ye Chen.

      After all, the one hundred and twenty billion assets of the Song family was not something that Ye Chen, a so-called Master Ye, could fight against!

      Ye Chen looked at Song Honor beside him, his entire body looking a bit restless, and deliberately asked, "Honor, why do I see you looking a bit absent-minded?Is it something physically uncomfortable?"

      Song Honor hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No no, Master Ye, I'm just a little worried about Wan Ting, she's been missing for a whole night, I'm afraid that the more we delay, the slimmer the chances of her surviving"

      Ye Chen looked at him and said seriously, "Don't worry, as long as I, Ye Chen, am here, Wan Ting will definitely not die."

      Song Honor pretended to be pleased and said, "That's really great!Master Ye, it's all up to you to find Wan Ting!"

      While saying this, Song Honor's heart was cursing viciously, "Even if Song Wanting is really still alive, I will definitely kill her, even if you Ye Chen are in front of me it's useless!As long as I, Song Honor, am here, she, Song Wanting, will not be allowed to live, she must die!"

      At this time, Ye Chen spoke up, "Alright Honor, you go back to the hotel first, you don't need to interfere in the search for Wan Ting, stay well in the hotel and wait for my good news."

      Song Honor was suddenly a little startled, and secretly thought, "What do you mean?Send dozens of helicopters and a huge crowd to pick me up, and that's all it takes to let me go?With so few words, you can just make a phone call or even send a WeChat to solve the problem, so why all the fuss?!"

      However, although Song Honor was perplexed in his heart, his mouth didn't dare to disobey in any way, and hastily stood up and said earnestly, "Master Ye, in that case, I'll take my leave first"

      Ye Chen nodded and instructed, "Don't go anywhere in Tokyo these days, just stay honestly in the hotel and wait for my news."

      Song Honor was busy saying, "Okay Master Ye, I'll be waiting in the hotel for your news in the next few days!"

      Ito Nana-chan spoke up at this time, "Since Mr. Song wants to go back to the hotel, I'll also have the helicopter take you back."

      Song Honor was flattered and said, "Miss Ito is really too polite, this place is not far from the hotel, I can just go out and get a car, or you don't need to arrange a helicopter."

      Ito Cabbage said seriously, "Mr. Song is Ye Chenjun's guest, that's my Ito family's guest, the Ito family has never let a guest leave on his own by taxi, so it's better to ask Mr. Song to return by helicopter."

      Song Honor could only nod, slightly embarrassed said: "Miss Ito, it's no problem to take a helicopter back, but you really don't need to send so many helicopters, it's too wasteful, one will be enough."

      Cabbage Ito smiled slightly, "Mr. Song doesn't have to be so polite, the reason why we sent so many helicopters together to transport you is also due to the importance our Ito family places on our distinguished guests."

      Song Honor had no choice but to say, "Then I will comply with Miss Ito's arrangements."

      Nodding her head, Ito-chan greeted her assistant and asked her to escort Song Honor out.

Chapter 2100

As soon as Song Honor left, Itoh Cabbage hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, your intuition is really accurate, and after we met, I also think there's something wrong with this Song Honor!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "But anyone with a guilty conscience, even if they are psychologically strong, will definitely reveal some flaw, Song Honor obviously became very nervous after seeing you, this must be because he is afraid of the strength of the Ito family and knows that once the Ito family gets involved, this matter will definitely be investigated, so he must be frightened in his heart."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "I think that Song Honor will most likely escape before the East Window, you must have your ninjas keep a close watch on him, and never let him escape!"

      Itachi nodded and said, "Don't worry Yatsuo-kun, I've already made all the arrangements, just as Song Honor came over, my ninjas have already rushed to the hotel, they will be monitoring Song Honor in all directions!"

      Ye Chen smiled in satisfaction and said, "If he has other accomplices, then the first thing he will do when he returns to the hotel must be to get in touch with his accomplices, and you must then eavesdrop on all his conversations and don't miss any clues!"first issue

      On the flight back to the hotel, Song Honor had been a little distracted.

      With such a major change, he himself had lost his main focus, and all his hopes were pinned on his father, Song Tian Ming.

      He now couldn't wait to get in touch with Song Tian Ming and tell him everything about the change that had happened here.

      However, since he was still sitting on the Ito family's helicopter, he could only resist the urge and wait until he got to the hotel.

      On the way back, there were still dozens of helicopters whirling around to escort him.

      What looked like a very imposing formation to outsiders was putting a great deal of pressure on Song Honor.

      The strength of the Ito family was on display during this short flight.

      According to Ito's assistant, the Ito family's own Ito Navigation Company had taken over eighty percent of the high rise tarmac in the entire Tokyo.

      Usually, without stopping at the airport, their helicopters were parked on the top tarmacs of major high-rise buildings in Tokyo.

      This had the advantage of having the closest helicopter to the location of the need to quickly take off in case of any demand.

      That was why, on the way here, there were constantly the Ito family's helicopters, taking off and lifting off from the roofs of various buildings.

      The more the Ito family showed their muscles in front of him like this, the more fearful Song Honor's heart became.

      When he returned to the Aman Hotel, the first thing he did as soon as he entered the room was to immediately pull out his cell phone and call Song Tian Ming.

      At this time, Song Tian Ming had just landed in Jinling after a ten-hour flight.

      When the call came through, the first words out of Song's mouth were, "Dad!I'm about to be exposed, Tokyo and Japan can't stay long, I'm planning to return home quietly tonight, and your side should take care of the old thing as soon as possible too!"

      Song Tian Ming was shocked and asked off the top of his head, "What's going on?!What's gone wrong?!"

      Song Honor said with a cry, "It's Ye Chen!That guy's too damn strong!Dad, you can't even imagine. The Ito family, the biggest in Japan, treats him like their own father!Ye Chen said he wanted to find Song Wanting, and the Ito family immediately stated that all hands were at his disposal!I don't f*cking get it, what is this Ye Chen guy capable of, are all these people sick in the head?!"

Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2101 

When Song Tian Ming learned that the Ito family was going to do their best to help Ye Chen find Song Wan Ting's whereabouts and help investigate what happened, he, who was two thousand kilometers away, was also in a cold sweat.

      There was no perfect crime in this world, when they were planning to kill Song Wanting, all they wanted was to leave the murder clues in Japan, so that everyone would think that Song Wanting was killed in Japan and had nothing to do with them, and that would be enough.

      However, once people knew that Song Wanting's death was related to them, or even that they were behind it, then it would be a big trouble.

      Not to mention that the old man would be furious, the domestic law enforcement authorities would not let them off either, although they had committed the crime overseas, in the end, it was still their own citizens that were killed, and the laws of their own country would apply.

      Moreover, once the outside world knows that it was their father and son who killed Song Wanting, then their reputation and that of the entire Song family will definitely plummet.

      At that time, even if they managed to escape the law, they would be treated like rats on the street and shouted down by everyone all day long!

      Thinking of this, Song Tian Ming immediately made up his mind and said off the top of his head, "Honor, if you run back right now, this is undoubtedly telling Ye Chen that you have a problem, when Ye Chen makes a phone call to your grandfather, with your grandfather's shrewdness, he'll be able to guess all the links at once, and by then, you'll be in even more trouble!"

      Song Honor was nervous with a few chokes, "Dad, then what do you think I should do now ah the Ito family is too strong, with their help, I'm afraid that this matter will come to light in a few days, at that time, I'll be finished!"

      Song Tian Ming immediately reassured, "Honor, you first calm down and wait for my news, I'll find an opportunity to give your grandfather the medicine after I return later!"

      Said Song Tian Ming with a sneer, "Just turn the old thing into an Alzheimer's patient, I'll call you back from Japan urgently on the grounds that he has a sudden illness, that way, Ye Chen should not suspect you, at that time we will sell all the assets of the Song family in China and realize them as fast as possible, and then convert them all into dollars, before this matter is completely cleared up.Before that, immigrate to the U.S. or Canada with tens of billions of dollars in assets!"

      Song Honor hurriedly asked, "Dad, how long will it take for that medicine of yours to take effect after the old thing takes it?"

      Song Tian Ming said, "If I increase the dosage a bit, I guess it will be a few hours at most, and I guess he will become an Alzheimer's patient by tonight."

      Song Honor was slightly relieved and said, "Then in that case, will I be able to fly back tomorrow morning?"

      Song Tian Ming gave a hmmm and said, "If things go well, tomorrow morning everyone will find out that your grandfather had a sudden onset of Alzheimer's, then I'll inform you to hurry back, then I'll urgently inherit the Song family's headship, then we can quickly get rid of all the assets."

      Song Honor asked again, "What about my several uncles?They're all eyeing the legacy as well, there's no way they're going to let us dispose of it."

      Song Tian Ming said disdainfully, "Don't worry, they've also been looking forward to splitting up for a long time, before Old Thing had been holding the power of the Song family and they couldn't even split up if they wanted to, then Old Thing made Song Wanting take over as the head of the family, although they didn't say anything, they were even more annoyed in their hearts."

Chapter 2102

After a pause, Song Tian Ming continued: "And Song Wanting's style of doing things you also know, this girl herself is not too high pursuit of quality of life, so they are intent on desperately trying to develop the scale, the Song Group earned profits, she hates to put all into the new expansion, everyone is so engaged by her, can't share any money, who heart not angry?"

      Saying that, Song Tian Ming sneered, "If I inherit the Song family's headship and I propose to divide the family, your uncles will definitely not refuse, when I take a relatively large share and distribute the rest to them, they won't have any problem with it."

      Song Honor couldn't help but ask, "Then what if they have a problem with it?What if they ask for an equal share per head?Wouldn't we then be working for their benefit after all the hard work we've done?"

      Song Tian Ming smiled and said, "Don't worry, I've already considered all of these issues, I'll give them two choices after we settle the old thing!"

      "The first option is for me to continue to be the head of the family, and then I'll be like Song Wanting and put all my energy into expanding the business territory, in that case, they won't be able to get a share of the money from the Song Group for a while, and then they won't have the money to continue to maintain their extravagant and lustful lives, so they'll naturally be anxious to scratch their heads;"

      "As for the second option, it's that they voluntarily give up a portion of their share to me, in which case I agree to sell the entire family and realize it, so that they can also get the money and live the life they want earlier."

      "All the assets of the Song Clan now add up to about $20 billion, in order to seek a quick exit, it's still not a big problem to package and sell $20 billion as a whole, my request is not too high, no matter how much it sells for, our family will take half and give them an equal share of the rest, I'm sure they won't refuse."

      Song Honor thought about it and said in agreement, "What you say is reasonable, for them, there is no difference in essence between dividing three billion dollars per person and five billion dollars per person, anyway, with this much money, they [81 Chinese website] will never be able to spend it all in their lifetime."

      Song Tian Ming hmmmed and said, "From what I know about them, they're definitely willing to give up some of their shares and get all the money early, so that they don't have to live under someone else's roof or look at someone else's face anymore."

      Song Honor was relieved and said with a smile, "Dad, since you have it all in your chest, I'll wait for your good news in Japan!"

      "As soon as you take care of the old stuff here, I'll be back home tomorrow!Let's take care of these follow-ups as soon as possible after we get back, and before the Ito family finds out anything about the hidden circumstances of Song Wanting's murder, we'll raise our families and emigrate to the United States!"

      "By then, even if they find out that we're behind it, there's nothing they can do to us!"

      Song Tian Ming also smiled and said, "That's right!A case of this magnitude is usually impossible to investigate in a few months, and we simply don't need that much time, just a week at the most, and that's enough!"

      Saying that, Song Tian Ming instructed, "Honor, the only variable now is not the Ito family, but Ye Chen, this man is mysterious and tricky, you must make sure not to let him see any clues, otherwise, you are alone in Japan, in case he wants to do something to you, dad is so far away, it's also out of reach ah!"

      Song Honor hurriedly said, "Dad don't worry, I've been very cautious, I've been doing my best to make myself look more natural in front of Ye Chen, and all around my room, there are all my own people living in the room, and the room has been well checked against eavesdropping, so I'm sure that Ye Chen won't see anything!"

      Song Tian Ming laughed, "That's good!That's good!You'll just get down to business at the hotel and wait for my good news!"

Chapter 2103

Knowing that Dad already had a full set of solutions, Song Honor breathed a sigh of relief.

      What he and dad wanted was not the so-called Song family head, but most of the assets of the Song family.

      After getting rid of Song Wanting, being able to smoothly take charge of the entire Song family was naturally the best situation, but if this goal was not achieved, taking a step back and being able to get most of the assets would be enough for their father and son.

      Therefore, Song Tian Ming wasn't afraid of the murder of Song Wanting being revealed, he was just afraid that it would be revealed too soon.

      He needed to win a time gap that would be enough for him to finish off Master Song, cash out all the Song family's assets, and then flee to the United States.

      The biggest problem is how long the time gap is.

      The company is also looking for a way to get the best out of the company's products and services.

      It was only after the trouble with Master Song had been resolved that he was able to return home as soon as possible, otherwise, if he stayed in Japan, it would be like leaving a hostage for Song Tian Ming.

      In ancient times, two countries that were hostile or threatening each other would often send each other hostages.

      A so-called hostage was an emperor of a country who sent one of his princes to a rival country as a hostage in order to seek peace.

      If the two sides engaged in bad blood during this period, then the other side could take out this hostage at any time.

      Song Tian Ming was afraid of leaving Song Honor in Tokyo for too long, or else if Ye Chen found out something and took his son hostage or simply killed him to take revenge for Song Wanting, then he would be considered extinct!

      However, neither Song Tian Ming nor Song Honor knew that the conversation between the two of them had actually been fully monitored by the ninjas of the Ito family.

      After they finished their conversation, the entire recording of their conversation was sent to Ito Naija's phone.

      Ito Cabbage immediately played the recording to Ye Chen, who listened to it with a tight frown on his brow.The mobile phone one second remembered to provide you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      At the side, Ito Naija-chan exclaimed, "Ye Chen-kun is really predictable, this Song Honor is really the culprit!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously, "Actually, this is not much of an anticipation, just remember one thing, when the real culprit of a case cannot be found, the real culprit is often the beneficiary of this case."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Song Honor is the eldest son and grandson of the Song family, and by all means, his father should indeed inherit the Song family's headship, and then pass the headship to him after his father retires."

      "But Song Honor's grandfather preferred to pass on the family headship to Song Wanting, which invariably caused a great loss to Song Honor and his son."

      "So, any time Song Wanting dies, their father and son are the biggest beneficiaries, and as the biggest beneficiaries, they are naturally the most suspicious."

      Itachi Naija pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement, "What Ye Chenjun said really makes sense!Sometimes profit is the greatest motive for crime!"

      Ye Chen said with a bit of a haze on his expression, "Song Honor and his master did have a plan for that bit of property, but they didn't expect to not only murder Song Wanting, but also their own father and their own grandfather, it's so abominable!"

      Ito-chan was busy asking, "Yatsuo-kun, so what are you going to do now?Do you want me to just have Song Honor detained and then force his father to turn himself in?!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "It's okay to operate like this, but there are some risks."

      Itochi asked, "Ye Chen-kun, what are the risks?"

      Ye Chen explained seriously, "If Song Tian Ming is willing to give up Song Honor, then even if I kill Song Honor, I won't be able to stop him."

Chapter 2104

Itachi-chan asked again, "Yatsuo-kun, what are you going to do about it?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "I want to give them a will-o'-the-wisp."

      "A will-o'-the-wisp?!"Ito-chan was surprised and asked, "Yatsuo-kun, what kind of will-o'-the-wisp specifically?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Didn't Song Honor and his father think that Song Wanting's chances of survival were slim?Also, didn't they think they could definitely turn Song into Alzheimer's?If I do let them have their way, and I announce to the Song family that the search for Tokyo has turned up nothing, will Song Honor and his father and son breathe a sigh of relief?"

      Cabbage Ito nodded and said, "That's for sure, this father and son might both be happy then to release the salute to celebrate."

      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Then what would they do if they were to learn, at their most triumphant moment, that Master Song didn't actually have dementia and that Song Wanting wasn't dead at all?"

      Itachi pursed her lips, "I'm afraid they'll be devastated when this kind of pleasure happens."

      Ye Chen nodded, "That's right!All I want is for them to be happy and sad!"

      Saying that, he pulled out his phone and called Master Song.

      When the call came through, Master Song asked nervously, "Master Ye, have you found any clues about Wan Ting?"

      Ye Chen said, "Old Master, I'm calling you because I have a matter to discuss with you."

      Old Master Song hurriedly said, "Master Ye what you have to tell me!"

      Ye Chen asked him, "Is it convenient for you to speak now?"

      "Convenient!"Master Song hurriedly said, "I'm in my own room right now, this place has been soundproofed, it's very safe."

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Good, what I am about to say may be a bit shocking and even unbelievable to you, but you must not doubt it, do exactly what I say, and if you do exactly what I say, not only will Wan Ting live, but your Song family will also be safe forever!"

      When Master Song heard this, he said excitedly, "Master Ye, you may command, I dare not disobey!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I need you to take out the Rejuvenation Pill that I gave to Wan Ting, scrape off a fifth of the dose with a razor blade and soak it in water and take it."

      Master Song was shocked and spoke out of turn, "Master Ye, why do you want the old man to take the Rejuvenation Pill?And still a fifth, what is your special intention?"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "One fifth of the Rejuvenation Pill can at least guarantee that you will be invulnerable to a hundred poisons for the next two days."

      Master Song was even more shocked, "Master Ye, what do you mean?Is it possible that someone is trying to poison me?"

      Ye Chen said very bluntly, "Old Master, from now on, you must always keep an eye on your eldest son, Song Tian Ming, as far as I know, he will most likely use some kind of nerve-destroying drug to destroy your brain!"

      "So, you take one-fifth of the Rejuvenation Pill in advance by soaking it in water, and when you meet him, you'll eat whatever he gives you to eat; you'll drink whatever he gives you to drink, and then you'll also have to act like you don't remember or know anything at the right time."

      At this point, Ye Chen added, "Or let me put it more directly, you'll be playing the role of an Alzheimer's patient in front of Song Tian Ming!"

      Master Song was horrified, "Master Ye Ye you mean to say that Tian Ming he wants to harm me?!"

      Ye Chen didn't hide it and said seriously, "From the information I've gotten so far it's true, so you must make the best of it and see what kind of medicine they're selling!"

Chapter 2105

Jinling, Song Family.

      As soon as Song Tian Ming returned, he was so nervous that he found Master Song asking questions, his face full of concern for Song Wan Ting.

      Master Song looked at his eldest son, confused deep inside.

      He really doesn't want to believe that his eldest son, whom he has raised for fifty years, is trying to murder him.debut

      If this had come out from any other person, Master Song would not have died believing it.

      However, when it came from Ye Chen's mouth, Master Song had to pay attention to it even if he didn't want to believe it.

      Because, in his heart, he knew very well that Master Ye Chen Ye's skills were astronomical and with his character, he would never say any irresponsible words.

      And since he had said that, he must have some proof!

      Thinking of this, he looked at his eldest son, Song Tian Ming, while pondering in his heart, "It seems that I do have to be cautious!From now on, be sure to hit your stride!"

      At that thought, he stood up and said to Song Tian Ming, "Hey, Tian Ming ah, Wan Ting's matter has been wearing me out, my body is somewhat unwell, since you're back, you can help me with the big picture first, I need to rest first, my body can't take it anymore."

      Song Tian Ming hurriedly said, "Dad, then let me help you back to your room."

      Master Song waved his hand and said, "No need, you quickly contact Honor and ask about the progress in Japan, have you found any news about Wan Ting, and tell me when you have news."

      After saying that, the old man looked towards the housekeeper, Yu Bo, and spoke, "Old Yu, help me back to my room."

      Uncle Yu nodded hurriedly and stepped forward and said respectfully, "Master, please!"

      Master Song stood up, looked at Song Tian Ming and instructed, "Tian Ming, after your brother leaves, he will leave behind this bloodline of Wan Ting, you must let her come back alive no matter what, otherwise I will die and have no face to see the two of them, do you understand?"

      A few moments of embarrassment flashed in Song Tian Ming's eyes, then he returned to his natural state and said seriously, "Don't worry dad, I'll do my best!"

      Song nodded gently, his heart sobbing.

      He said this because he wanted to see if he still had the last bit of conscience if this was really Song Tian Ming's doing.

      If he still had any conscience at all, he should spare his own niece and give his dead brother an afterthought.

      But if he is still indifferent to what he has said, and even continues to plot against himself, then for himself, this son can also give up completely.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

      As soon as you enter the door, Master Song is like a changed person, the whole person is sharp, and his body is no longer as weak as it was earlier, cold voice said to Bo: "Old Yu, close the door, come to the back room study, I'll tell you something."

      Master Song's room was actually a very large suite.

      The parlor, bedroom, living room, and study were all in it, and it was very private.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the entire room.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own website.

Chapter 2106

Back then, when Master Song was in his prime, he was swift and decisive.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      Every time Master Song was about to do something big, he would be as firm and torchy-eyed as he was now.

      He hurriedly followed the old master into the study, and then, after Master Song waited for him to close the door, the first thing he said startled Yu Bo!

      "Old Yu, activate the home's surveillance system, and from now on, give me full surveillance of Tian Ming's every move!"

      When Yu Bo heard this, his entire expression was on edge!

      Before moving into this villa, Master Song had specifically instructed him to find the best security company on the market and quietly install a full set of internal surveillance systems.

      There were four systems installed throughout the Song villa.

      The first set was a family security system to guard against thieves and criminals.

      The second is an outdoor surveillance system that captures all locations inside and outside the fence and throughout the compound 24 hours a day without a dead zone.

      The third system is the emergency escape system, in the event of a natural disaster, or sudden danger, for the owner to escape.

      These three systems are well known to the Song family, but only two people in the family know about the fourth internal monitoring system, one is Song and the other is Uncle Yu.

      The fourth system is the internal monitoring system.

      The internal surveillance system, the entire villa of all places are 360 degrees without dead ends secretly monitored, secretly installed cameras each very clever, ordinary people may not be able to find ten years, and these cameras are also equipped with high-fidelity directional microphones, can clearly capture the sound of each room.

      The reason why Song installed this system, not because there is any desire to snoop, but because it is true to see more of the other giants around the internal strife, some even for money sibling rivalry, for money to kill the father and mother, for the benefit of simply everything.


      However, this system has never really been used since it was installed, although it has been on 24-hour standby for so many years.

      Master Song was also considered a decent man, and he didn't want to pry into his children's and grandchildren's privacy when they didn't show anything amiss.

      But now, he had to use this system to monitor what Song Tian Ming was doing to see if he was what Master Ye said he was, not only the culprit in Song Wanting's murder, but also intent on poisoning himself!

      Yu Bo was very nervous at this point and asked, "Master, you suddenly want to activate this internal monitoring system, is there some major change within the Song family?"

      Master Song nodded with a heavy face, "Old Yu, you and I have been friends for many years, so when problems arise in this family, you are the person I trust the most.I'm turning into an Alzheimer!"


      Yu Bo was stunned and said, "This this Master you you are not joking with me, are you?!"

      Master Song said seriously, "How can you joke about such things?If Master Ye hadn't told me, to death I wouldn't have believed it."

      Yu Bo pondered for a moment, nodded solemnly and said seriously, "Master Ye is not an ordinary person, if he said so, he must have his reasons, this matter, you really should pay attention to it!It must be tightly guarded!"

      Master Song sighed, "This came from Master Ye's mouth, and I naturally take it very seriously, which is why I have to activate the internal monitoring system to see what Tian Ming is doing and saying when he's not in front of me!"

Chapter 2207

The difficulty of running a big family was comparable to running a country.

      Looking at the current big families fighting each other internally, it can be compared to the ancient princes fighting among themselves as recorded in history books.

      Ancient princes were willing to kill their brother and father for the sake of the throne.

      But such things were common in today's society, especially in big families with assets of over 100 million.

      Although the descendants of the Song family had always acted in unity and harmony before, Master Song was always preparing for the worst within his heart.

      Now, this internal monitoring system he had prepared really came in handy.

      Yu Bo immediately went to the bookshelf and found a hidden switch, then the bookshelf slowly moved to the left, revealing a large display embedded in the wall.

      Yu Bo hurriedly turned the display on, then said to Master Song, "Master, please verify it!"

      Master Song nodded, pulled out his own phone, and opened an inconspicuous piece of software from it.

      This software was the entrance to this internal monitoring system.

      To open the software, one also had to go through the same triple authentication as the banking software.

      This triple authentication is facial recognition, traditional password and mobile phone real-time verification code, wrong one, are unable to activate the software.

      After taking Song to successfully activate the system, the wall monitor immediately turned into as many as two hundred and ten small grid of images.

      These two hundred and ten small compartments of images came from two hundred and ten different locations of the camera.

      Master Song selected four of them, and the two hundred and ten images on the screen disappeared and turned into the four images he had chosen.

      These four images were suddenly much larger, and you could clearly see everything on the screen.

      The four images that Master Song chose were Song Tian Ming's bedroom, Song Tian Ming's study, Song Tian Ming's living room, and the gym.

      At this time, Song Tian Ming had just returned to his room, and in the picture, he passed through the living room to the bedroom and directly laid down on the soft and comfortable bed.

      As soon as Song saw his expression lying on the bed, he immediately believed in Ye Chen's words with unwavering conviction in his heart.

      It wasn't that he didn't believe in Ye Chen before, but he was more or less still trying to hold on to a little hope in his heart.

      But at this moment, when he saw Song Tian Ming lying on the bed, with his legs crossed and his face full of excitement, he knew that there must be something wrong with Song Tian Ming!

      Otherwise, his niece's life and death in a foreign country would be uncertain, and no matter what, he shouldn't look like this.

      Master Song pointed at Song Tian Ming on the picture and said in a stern voice to Bo, "Old Yu, look at this beast!He was acting so anxious and heartbroken in front of me. It was all a fucking act!Now the expression on this face of his was the true reflection of his innermost being!He's happy!And very happy!"

      Yu Bo nodded and sighed, "It seems that what Master Ye says is true, the Eldest Young Master does have a problem"

      Saying nothing more than that, he exclaimed, "Master, this internal surveillance system can not only determine their conspiracy, but also lock down evidence of their crime!You are truly too prescient!"

      Master Song sighed, "The ancestors said, born in trouble, died in peace and happiness, if a person has no sense of trouble, what's the difference between him and an animal to be slaughtered in the slaughterhouse?Only an ever-present sense of concern can allow one to survive in a dangerous society!"

      He said, "But I never thought that my worries would become reality!"

      At this moment, a cell phone ringing came from the screen.

      It was Song Tian Ming's phone ringing.

Chapter 2208

Song Tian Ming, who was lying on the bed, immediately picked up the phone and said with a smile, "Honor, I'm home, yes, don't worry, the old thing didn't find anything unusual, he probably stayed up too long feeling unwell and went back to his room to rest."

      At this time, the high-fidelity directional microphone, also capturing the phone and Song Honor's voice, spoke up and asked, "Dad, when are you going to drug the old thing?"

      Song Tian Ming smiled and said, "Don't worry, there's no proper reality right now, I just ordered the back kitchen to make a bowl of bird's nest stew for your grandfather, I'll take it later and add the medicine to it before sending it to his room to watch him drink it with my own eyes!"

      Song Honor hurriedly asked again, "Dad, how long will this medicine take effect approximately?"

      Song Tian Ming said, "Time is running out, I'll give the old thing an extra dose and it should take effect within an hour or two after he takes it!"

      Song Honor was excited and said, "That would be great!When the old thing turns into Alzheimer's, he won't have the chance to dictate the Song family's affairs anymore!"

      Song Tian Ming gave a hmmm and said, "Honor ah, you tonight.Have a good rest first, and if that Ye Chen has anything to tell you to do, then you should honestly do what he tells you to do, and never let him have any doubts.After my side turns the old thing into Alzheimer's, I'll call you to come back, and by then you can just fly back to Jinling."

      Song Honor said excitedly, "Okay dad, then I'll wait for your news!"

      When Master Song heard this, he only felt a rush of anger!

      "True!"A second to remember on your mobile phone provides you with a wonderful dusk novel to read.

      "This jerk is really trying to hurt me!"

      "I'm his real father!He's now trying to poison me for a little family fortune!"

      Master Song was already shaking with rage at this point.

      He stood up, pointed at Song Tian Ming on the screen, and roared with rage, "I, Song Jimo, have never done anything wrong in my life, but I didn't expect to give birth to such a jackal beast!Had I known he was such a beast, I should have strangled him in his swaddling clothes!"

      "And that son of a bitch Song Honor!I've loved him since the day he was born, but I never thought he would do such a beastly thing for money as well!"

      Yu Bo was similarly filled with shock and anger, but he rushed over to support Master Song and said seriously, "Master, the priority now is not to be angry, but to think of how to deal with it!"

      After a pause, Yu Bo added, "Not to mention anything else, just the bird's nest he prepared for you, you must never take it!"

      "Not only can't we take it, but we have to be in our twelfth spirit, from now on, everything we eat and drink must be strictly guarded, and we must not leave him any opportunity to take advantage of it!"

      Old Master Song shook his head with a sad face and waved his hand, saying, "Old Yu, since he already has the intention of harming me, if I remain so tightly guarded, it will instead make him realize that he has been exposed, thus becoming even more vicious!If I delay in letting him have his way, he might not just want to turn me into Alzheimer's, he might want to screw me alive."

      Yu Bo hurriedly asked him, "Master, are you going to let them have their way and be at their mercy?"

      Master Song nodded and said seriously, "Old Yu, I have the Rejuvenation Pill here from Master Ye, Master Ye specifically instructed me to use it to ward off the poison, so I guess Master Ye won't lie, so I'll just give them a will-o'-the-wisp."

      When Yu Bo heard this, he was relieved and exclaimed, "Fortunately, there's Master Ye!"

      Master Song couldn't help but exclaim, "Hey!Yes!If it weren't for Master Ye, I'd be an old bone, and I don't know how many times I'd have died!"

      Uncle Yu nodded gently and said, "Old Master, you have been doing good deeds all your life, Master Ye might be the one that the heavens have arranged to keep you safe for life."

      Old Master Song smiled bitterly and instructed, "Old Yu, if I will play the trick, I must play the role of an Alzheimer's patient, and when the time comes, you must not reveal any flaw!"

      "Those two beasts know that you are my most trusted man, and if they come to you to ask anything of me, you must know how to use your wisdom to mediate with them!"

      "Say what you need to say, say what you can say, and be sure to do everything you know to let them know you're loyal to them too!"

      "But don't say a word about what you can't say!"

      "Especially the existence of this internal monitoring system must not be known to them, understood?"

Chapter 2209

Hearing Master Song's explanation, Yu Bo nodded heavily without hesitation, "Master, don't worry, I'll keep what you've explained in mind!"

      Only then did Master Song put his mind at ease, then he waved his hand somewhat weakly and said, "Old Yu, I'm a bit tired, you go and get busy, I'll rest for a while."

      Yu Bo was a little nervous and said, "Master, why don't you go to the bedroom and rest, I'll keep watch outside in the living room, otherwise I'm really worried"

      Song laughed bitterly and asked him, "Were you afraid you wouldn't be there when they drugged me?"

      "Yes" Yu Bo's eyes reddened as he said incomparably seriously, "Master, Master Ye is certainly very powerful, but I'm really afraid of a bit of a change in this sort of thing"

      Master Song smiled calmly and said, "Don't worry, since some things are out of your control, you must feel free to leave it to someone more capable, and then trust that person wholeheartedly."

      Said Master Song, "It's like when you first started playing skydiving, before you accumulate enough jumps, you must be led by an instructor, every time you jump from a plane, your fate is not in your own hands, but in the hands of that instructor behind you, all you have to do at such a time is to confidently give your life to him, and let the professionalsand go do the professional thing."

      Yu Bo knew that this professional he was talking about in his words was Master Ye Chen Ye, so he nodded gently and said, "Master, then I will do as you say."

      Master Song hmmmed, then nodded slightly and instructed, "When you go out, do whatever you should do, and don't come to me if you are not called, or if you don't have anything important to do."

      Yu Bo was busy saying, "Okay Master, then you rest for a while, I'm going out!"

      Master Song waved his hand and sighed lightly, "Hey go!"

      After Yu Bo left, Master Song had been in front of the monitor, observing his son who had raised him for fifty years.

      The more he watched, the more he felt that the man in the video became stranger and stranger.

      In the video, Song Tian Ming was repeatedly playing with a drug in his hands, his expression not hesitant, only clearly excited and unable to hold back.

      Master Song's heart was a pall, and he was more and more certain that this son of his had almost no affection or kindness for him.

      An hour later, Song Tian Ming, who had long since been unable to hold back, was beginning to lose his seat.

      He didn't want to wait any longer, so he got up and went to the back kitchen.

      The chef had followed his instructions and was already using a gentle fire to stew up an iced sugar bird's nest.

      As soon as Song Tian Ming arrived, he asked, "Has the bird's nest prepared for the Master been stewed?"

      The chef panicked, "Back to the Eldest Young Master, there's still a ten minute wait."

      Song Tian Ming waved his hand, "No more waiting, the old master is hungry and needs something to replenish his strength, just serve me a bowl, I'll personally deliver it to the old master."

      The chef didn't dare to disobey, hurriedly propped out a bowl and carefully placed it into the tray, saying to Song Tian Ming, "Young Master, the bowl is very hot, be careful."

      Song Tian Ming gave a hmmm and took the tray and went back to his room first.

      After returning to his room, he took out the medicine he had already prepared and added all of one of the medicinal liquids to the bird's nest that night.

      When Master Song saw this scene, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.

      He was the only one in the study at this time, and he couldn't help but say to himself, "Tian Ming, you and I have been father and son for fifty years, and from this day onwards, our love is broken!All the things of the past are like passing clouds from today onwards; if you blow it away, it is completely gone!"

      He then stood up, turned off the monitoring system, and restored the study to its original state.

      Then from his phone, he completely deleted that software that authorized the internal monitoring system as well.

      From now on, he was going to go exactly according to Ye Chen's words.

Chapter 2110

So, after Song Tian Ming drugged himself and before Ye Chen returned, he was an Alzheimer's patient.

      An Alzheimer's patient can't use a cell phone, so you can't even touch it during this time.

      So, just in case, it would be more stable to just delete the software.

      Master Song then found the Rejuvenation Pill, scraped off a layer from the top, soaked it in water and took it.

      Right after that, he went back to his bed and laid down.

      Just then, the visual screen on the bed suddenly lit up, and Song Tian Ming appeared in the picture, followed by a pleasant Turkish marching bell.

      It was the doorbell of Master Song's room.

      Due to the fact that his own suite was too large, when one was in the bedroom or study, one couldn't hear anyone knocking outside, which was why he had pressed such a set of visual doorbells.

      Seeing that it was his eldest son carrying a drugged bird's nest and arriving outside his own room, Master Song sighed lightly and pressed the answer button, "Tian Ming, are you in trouble?"

      Song Tian Ming hurriedly said to the camera, "Dad, are you still sleeping?"

      Master Song deliberately let his voice be slightly tired as he said, "I just fell asleep and you woke me up, what's so urgent?"

      Song Tian Ming was busy saying, "Dad, just now I saw that you looked tired, so I asked the back kitchen to cook you a bowl of iced sugar bird's nest, I wanted you to drink it while it's hot to replenish your strength and also restore your vitality."

      Master Song gave a hmmm and said, "You're kind, come in."

      Saying that, he pressed the button to open the door.

      When Song Tian Ming heard the door make a click, he knew that the lock had been disengaged, so he pushed the door into the room, through the living room, and into the bedroom.

      He stepped forward to Master Song's bed and asked with concern, "Dad, how are you resting?"

      Master Song said absent-mindedly, "Not bad, squinting for a while."

      After saying that, he eagerly asked, "How's Wan Ting doing?Any news from Japan yet?"

      Song Tian Ming shook his head and said with a somewhat pained expression, "Dad, there's no valuable news from Japan yet, I'm also continuing to communicate with Honor, and at the same time I've asked him to put pressure on the Japanese Police Department, once there are any concrete clues, I'll inform you at once."

      Master Song nodded and exclaimed, "I'm much relieved that you're back."(first post)

      Song Tian Ming smiled slightly and said respectfully, "Dad, iced sugar bird's nest is perfect for tonifying blood, you should drink it now while it's hot."

      A hint of sadness flashed in Master Song's eyes.

      In the end, this son of his was still going to do something to himself.

      So, without hesitation, he sat up and said to Song Tian Ming, "Go, help me sit for a while while I go to the living room and drink!"

      Song Tian Ming was delighted and hurriedly said, "Okay dad!I'll help you to the living room!"

      Song Tian Ming assisted the old man to the living room and had the old man sit down on the sofa, he immediately eagerly handed over the iced sugar bird's nest and respectfully said, "Dad, you drink it while it's hot."

      Without any hesitation, Master Song nodded and received the bowl of iced sugar bird's nest, took a sip, and exclaimed, "It tastes good, you've got heart!"

      Song Tian Ming didn't expect things to go so smoothly, his heart was ecstatic and said with a smile, "Dad, why are you still so polite with me, isn't this all I should be doing?"

      "Should do?"Old Master Song smiled and nodded seriously in a whirl, he forced down the sadness in his heart and exclaimed heartily, "Oh my, that's right, it's the right thing to do, indeed it's the right thing to do!I, Song Jimo, have raised a good son!Hahahaha!"


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