Dish Best Served Cold 1277-1278


Chapter 1277

Just a moment ago, Kong Ming had thought that their Yan Xia was about to give birth to an extraordinary talent that far surpassed Lu Hua, but he hadn't expected that it would fall so soon.


        Kong Ming shook his head and sighed.

        "Old Kong, there's nothing to sigh about."

        "Even though this jerk has some talent, his personality is really arrogant and flamboyant."

        "This kind of talent is instead a bane to our Yanxia Martial Dao if kept."

        "It's a good thing that he died here now."

        "At least in the future, it will give me Yan Xia Martial Dao and attract less trouble."

        Lu Hua at the side, however, was smiling gloomily.

        Kong Ming had a public heart, and was sorry for the loss of a talent for the Yan Xia Martial Dao. But Lu Hua clearly didn't have such a heart, and he only had a personal grudge against Ye Fan in his eyes.

        The last person present who wanted to see Ye Fan bullish was Lv Hua.

        After all, their relationship was so frosty before, if Ye Fan was really awesome in the future, he wouldn't be able to retaliate against him?

        So, when he saw that the Truman had sent out the Martial Grandmaster to deal with Ye Fan, Lu Hua naturally gloated.

        Soon, as Mike . Jones's words, the crowd behind him immediately scattered like a tidal wave.

        Immediately afterwards, an old man, Xun Xun, dressed in a black robe, his cloudy old eyes full of authority, with his hands behind his back, quietly walked out from the crowd just like this.

        The moment they saw this old man, the surrounding Chu Gate people all bowed and kowtowed in unison, "Bye, Seventh Elder!"


        "Bye, Seventh Elder!"

        The first thing that I want to talk about is the fact that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

        It was the young master of the Jones family, Mike. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I think I'm going to be able to do that.

        This was the majesty of the strong!

        That's the reputation of a clergyman!

        Perhaps, in terms of family origin, this offering elder before him was not as distinguished as Michael . He was not as distinguished as Michael Jones, but he was a martial arts master.

        However, the mere status of a martial arts master was enough to make Michael Jones respected and respected. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea.

        This is the world of martial arts, where power is respected.

        When you've mastered enough power, what lofty family background is nothing more than vanity in the eyes of the truly strong.

        With a single punch, you can smash it to pieces.

        Just like this, in the midst of the crowd's worship, this Seventh Elder, finally appeared in front of everyone.

        "Seventh Elder, this son is so arrogant that he has not only offended me, but also blasphemed the might of my Chu Gate."

        "The crime is worth ten thousand deaths!"

        "Please, Seven Elders, cut him down~"

        Mike. Jones cupped his fist and worshiped again.

        The old man nodded, "Well, leave this place to me."

        "You guys back off."

        "The remaining power of the clan master is not something that you guys can resist."

        The Seventh Elder's face was expressionless, and his low tone was full of majesty.

        On hearing the words, the bystanders shouted straightforwardly with dominance.

        Even the remaining might was not something one could resist, so one could imagine how strong the strength of a clan master would be.

        Just like that, after the old man's words fell, the surrounding onlookers all took a few more steps backwards.

        Above the clearing in front of them, only a young man and an old man remained, standing distantly from each other.

        At this time, almost everyone was imagining how miserable Ye Fan's next death would be.

        There was only a small girl, hiding in an unattractive corner, smiling wryly.


        "Wait for it."

        "Bunch of despisers, see how I, brother Fan, will smash your dog faces~"

        This little girl waved her pink show fist and smiled smugly.


        "What are you babbling about, little girl?"

        "You don't think that teenager would be a match for Elder Truman, do you."

        "Then you're really overthinking it."

        "What you should be thinking about now is how long that teenager will live."

        "Is it ten seconds, or twenty seconds, I don't think it's more than a minute at most."

        The person beside him seemed to hear the little girl talking to herself and shook his head and laughed.

        However, this little girl didn't argue with him, only raising her Qiong Nose high and proudly saying in an extremely flamboyant and confident tone, "Hmph, how can my Little Brother Fan's majesty be fathomed by you mere mortals?"

        "Ouch fuck, this little girl is quite good at pretending."

        "Well then, let's see, how extraordinary is this little brother Fan that you're talking about?"

        The nearby onlookers laughed at the words, but they laughed out loud.

        Naturally, they didn't care about the little girl's words, treating them all as jokes.

        After all, in the eyes of most of the people present, a Martial Dao Master was almost an invincible existence, not to mention that the one challenging the Master at this time was only a nameless teenager, so naturally, no one was even more optimistic about Ye Fan.

        Finally, the gaze of the seven elders had landed on Ye Fan.

        Near the same time, a majestic momentum was immediately unleashed from this old man!


        The gale swept up the chaotic sand, and the cold current wrapped around the flying leaves.

        The mighty pressure belonging to the Martial Dao Grandmaster swept out without reservation.

        At that moment, the surrounding crowds were all under heavy pressure, and even their breathing felt a little more difficult.

        "My God!"

        "Is this the might of the clan?"

        "The mere release of breath is so powerful?"

        The crowd present trembled with sweat once again.

        However, what was slightly surprising to the Seventh Elder was that, under the pressure of his Ancestral Master, the young man in front of him was unmoved and at peace.

        This teenager, it seemed a bit interesting.

        The Seventh Elder secretly thought, then raised his head and coldly said, "Young man, I don't want to fight you."

        "If you still have some self-awareness, break your own arms and kneel down to this elder and beg for mercy."

        "In that case, for the sake of your youth and ignorance, for your previous offense against the Chu Gate, this elder can forgive you and spare your life!"

        Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "To be honest, I don't want to fight you either."

        "It's better to resolve an enmity, we don't have any major grudges, so why do we need to make a fuss?"

        "Take my word for it, we're all dismissed."

        "I will take the men away, and you will dismiss them all."

        "Wouldn't it be nice if each of you was well?"

        Ye Fan casually said.

        He also really didn't want to waste time with these people.

        After all, Ye Fan was still thinking of returning home quickly after getting the Origin Spirit Fruit and then going to set up the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution Formation.

        This kind of pointless fight, Ye Fan naturally avoided it as much as he could.

        However, as soon as Ye Fan finished saying this, he shook his head, "Forget it, let's fight."

        "If we don't fight at this time, we'll still have to fight later to rob the Origin Spirit Fruit."

        "Finish you guys later, there's no need to bother later."

        "You go first, respecting the old and loving the young is my Yan Xia tradition!"

        "You~"Ye Fan's words almost made the seven elders angry.

        It only felt like a huge contempt and blasphemy!

        "Good you jerk, you're simply arrogant."

        "If that's the case, then don't blame this elder, for bullying the small with the big! "

        The seventh elder was truly enraged by the young man in front of him.

        In his rage, he stamped his feet on the earth and immediately rose up into the sky.

        A heaven-rending claw then headed towards Ye Fan's chest and grabbed it hard.

Chapter 1278

"Junior, it's over!"

        Claws tore through the void, and strong winds swept the four directions.

        In the hunting wind, the Seventh Elder was smiling coldly.

        However, Seventh Elder's complacency didn't last long, and when his attack landed on Ye Fan, the smile on his face abruptly stagnated.


        "This... . how is this possible?"

        The Seventh Elder looked greatly changed and looked incredulously at the Ye Fan in front of him.

        Because, he found that the attack he just made didn't even break through Ye Fan's defense.

        It was as if a punch had struck a body of steel, and the feeling of powerlessness caused the Seven Elders to tremble to the core.

        "Accident, this must be an accident~"

        However, the trembling was quickly suppressed by the Seventh Elder.

        He comforted himself in his heart as he attacked Ye Fan again.

        Bang bang bang~

        Three punches in a row, smashed down one after another.

        Each punch had the force of a thousand pounds, and every time it smashed on Ye Fan's body, thunder exploded.

        However, what made the Seventh Elder collapse was that after his three punches fell, not to mention severely injuring Ye Fan, the young man in front of him didn't even move.

        In other words, his three full force punches didn't even shake Ye Fan in the slightest!

        Like, a mayfly shaking a tree.

        "How... How did this happen?"

        "This... That's impossible~"

        The Seventh Elder's face went completely white, and the gaze that was now looking at Ye Fan no longer had the contempt and disdain from before.

        What there was, was only deep scruples and heaviness.

        At this moment, the old man in front of him finally realized that this young man was by no means a good person.

        Of course, the attack just now was not his full strength.

        He was a Chu Gate Elder, so naturally, he still had stronger cards to play.

        However, just a few moments ago, Seventh Elder realized that in today's battle with Ye Fan, even if he would win, it would be a miserable victory.

        For the sake of a flirtatious woman, was it really necessary to play with a strong man who was no less than a clan master?

        At this time, the Seven Elders, looking at Ye Fan, were shifty.

        After much deliberation, he even had the intention to retreat!

        "Seventh Elder, what are you up to?"

        "Why the mercy?"

        "Hurry up and slay this bastard with the power of thunder!"

        At this time came the voice of Mike . Jones's anxious and angry voice.

        Yes, the fight that had just taken place was driving Mike. Jones was furious to death.

        It was reasonable to say that their Chu Gate elders personally took action, when they used the autumn wind to sweep away the fallen leaves, they killed Ye Fan in one strike.

        That's how the Chu Clan's might was revealed!

        However, what made Mike . The thing that broke down was that the seven elders had just fought for half a day and were stunned that they didn't shake Ye Fan in the slightest.

        Nima are you not eating?

        Can't you use a little more force?

        Mike. Jones cursed furiously in his heart, only thinking that this Seventh Elder had been merciful and hadn't moved at all.

        And at the same time, Ye Fan's eyebrows lifted and lightly smiled, "Is it my turn to make a move?"

        Ye Fan asked lightly.

        That indifferent and calm appearance was as if he was chattering with someone, not having the appearance of a life and death battle in the slightest.

        It couldn't be helped, just so confident.

        "Wait... . wait."

        However, just as Ye Fan was about to make a move, the Seventh Elder's face tightened and quickly stopped him.

        "What? Something's wrong?" Ye Fan wasn't in a hurry, he hadn't taken any Truman Elders seriously throughout anyway.

        "I... I..." The Seventh Elder thought for a moment, as if he was looking for an excuse for a truce, and finally came up with, "Wait, I'll take a call."

        After saying that, without waiting for Ye Fan to answer, this old man took out the phone and whooshed away, retreating far away.

        The people next to him were all dumbfounded.

        What the fuck is this game?

        A fight to the death and an intermission?

        The crowd was filled with consternation, their eyes falling out, and they only felt that this Truman Elder was a bit... amusing.

        "Seventh Elder, what the hell are you up to?"

        "The sky is the limit, can we wait until after we kill him?"

        Mike. Jones was simply furious, pushing down his anger and yelling at the Seven Elders.

        "Young Master Jones, this son is bizarre."

        "I think that we should not confront him for the time being."

        "Otherwise, we won't be able to explain to the clan if we miss the big event!"

        The Seventh Elder lowered his voice and advised in a deep voice.

        "No, Seventh Elder, I just can't understand it, you're a grandmaster and you're telling me that a brat is weird?"

        "Is it hard to believe that you're not a match for him?" Mike. Jones stared at the old man before him, full of puzzlement.

        "That's not so bad, I'm just worried for fear of delaying a big event because of this little character."

        "It's just a furry kid, what's the big deal about delaying something?" Before the Seven Elders could finish, Mike . Jones was directly impatient, "You're a clergyman, won't a slap on the wrist kill him and be done with it?"

        "Besides, we've just let out our big lies, this son has offended our Chu Gate and deserves death."

        "Today, if we fail to kill him, how will others look at me and our Chu Gate instead?"

        "Wouldn't that be an insult to the majesty of my Truman?"

        "Seventh Elder, this is a big deal!"

        "But..." The seven elders were concerned and had to say something else.

        However, Mike . Jones didn't give him the chance at all, directly interrupting, "You don't say anything, in order to maintain the dignity of Truman, this bastard, you must slaughter me today~"

        "If you don't want to hold up business, make it quick!"

        Just like that, Mike . Jones drove the ducks to the wall, once again pushing the Seven Elders into the limelight and facing Ye Fan's majesty.


        "It looks like this battle can't be avoided."

        The Seventh Elder sighed.

        Even though he was tempted to retreat, there was no way that Mike . Jones insisted on letting him fight. The Seventh Elder could only suppress his reticence and fight with Ye Fan with all his might.

        "Finished answering the phone?" Seeing this old man coming again, Ye Fan teasingly asked.

        The seven elders nodded, while saying, "Make your move."


        As the words fell, Ye Fan directly took action.

        He only saw his feet on the earth and his body was like the wind, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of the Seven Elders.


        "That was fast!"

        In a split second, the seven elders were once again shocked.

        Pupils crumpled in between, exploding in retreat.

        At the same time, these seven elders no longer held back, and the strongest secret technique was instantly displayed.

        "Chu Gate Three Ultimate, Sky Wolf Ultimate!"


        The storm swept, and its vigor was monstrous.

        In a low roar, the Seven Elders' might erupted, raising their voices to the sky.

        Under the might of the sky, everyone could only see the virtual shadow of a celestial wolf appearing quietly behind the old man.

        Then, it swept towards Ye Fan with a sharp and unstoppable momentum.


        "Skywolf Extinction?"

        "The Seventh Elder actually used the Sky Wolf Extinction?"

        "That's too much to give him, isn't it?"

        Behind him, Mike . Jones frowned and whispered.

        "The Seven Elders are always cautious."

        "The lion fights the hare, but also uses his full strength. I guess the Seventh Elder is also afraid of a long night's sleep, so he used his strongest power and prepared to kill in one blow." The man from the nearby Chu Gate whispered.

        Mike. Jones nodded and didn't say any more.

        Just waiting for the end of Ye Fan's fall.


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