Dish Best Served Cold 1274-1276


Chapter 1274

"Mike. Jones is it, give her a face and let her go."

        "He's the daughter of a friend of mine, and when you promise someone something, you always have to do it."

        It wasn't a big voice, faint words, just like a fresh breeze.

        Only, the moment the words rang out, the heavens and earth here, were instantly quiet.

        Only these faint words reverberated.

        In the next moment, the gazes of everyone present turned in unison, all falling towards the source of the sound.

        Obviously, the crowd also wanted to know who had the audacity to ask for face with a member of the Chu Gate?

        However, when their eyes fell over, they only saw there, a thin young man standing with a smile.

        He had a clear face, one hand in his trouser pocket, and his entire person appeared calm and aloof.

        "F**k, it's him?"

        After seeing that it was Ye Fan, Lu Hua's old eyes drew in, his face then darkened, and at the same time he cursed in his heart.

        I thought Ye Fan, this dog coin blindly showing off what he can do.

        My grandfather, a martial arts master, couldn't even calm down the scene, and you, a lowly country bumpkin from a humble background, can be of no use at all?

        Still giving you face?

        You have no fucking pride!

        How dare you talk nonsense here?

        I'm afraid you're going to get me killed!

        Lu Hua gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath, kicking Ye Fan to death.

        Not only Lv Hua, but also Lu Yanxi was undoubtedly even more desperate after seeing that it was Ye Fan.

        The slight hope that had been born was also immediately shattered.

        Apparently, Lu Yanxi also didn't think that Ye Fan stepping forward at this time would be of any use at all.

        Instead, he felt that Ye Fan was a heartless person who couldn't see the situation.


        Yes, even if you like me and want to be a hero.

        But please, can you use your brain before acting like a hero?

        He's a descendant of the Chu Sect, an existence that doesn't even care about martial arts masters, and he'd give face to a brat like you?

        The fact that you're saying these things now will only make me despise you even more and make me think you're an out-of-control egomaniac!


        Lu Yanxi cursed in her heart.

        At this time, she was both terrified and angry.

        Terrified was naturally the might of Truman, while angry was Ye Fan's brainless actions.

        She really couldn't figure out what was going on in Ye Fan's head, if he really wanted to save him, it would be better for him to go and ask for the help of a strong Indian country fist than to say these idiotic words, right?

        "Evan, you're crazy, what are you doing?"

        "Is it your place to talk?"

        Kong Ming was also shocked and was busy berating.

        He was afraid that Ye Fan, the stunned young man, would cause any more trouble.

        After all, the trouble that Lu Yanxi had caused had already caused them to scorch their heads.

        If Ye Fan were to unknowingly offend this Mike at this time . Jones, then it was likely that the lives of several of them would be on the line today.

        However, just as Kong Ming and the others were angry and anxious, Mike . Jones' gaze, undoubtedly also looked over and landed on Ye Fan.

        The first time he saw Ye Fan, Mike. Jones was slightly stunned for a moment, apparently also surprised by Ye Fan's youth.

        "Interesting, after all these years, you're still the first young man to make me give face."

        "But I'd really like to know what you are."

        "Also let me see if you want my face, do you want it?"

        Mike . Jones smiled faintly, the gaze that looked at Ye Fan was full of teasing and playfulness.

        The rest of the people, looking at Mike. Jones' words and actions, but secretly frightened.

        It only felt that this Mike. Jones is worthy of the Truman people, no matter the behavior and speech, simply no longer exude an inexplicable confidence and arrogance all the time.

        The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of all the people. Jones alone would have this kind of arrogance and confidence that defied everyone.

        "This is the might of a Truman, right?"

        "Just because they hold the strongest power, they have no fear of any country or power."

        "With this kind of background and backstage, the world is big, and they are indeed fearless."

        Among the crowd, many people secretly lamented, the fear and awe of Truman in their hearts undoubtedly intensifying.

        And while the crowd trembled under Mike . Jones trembled in awe and awe, Kong Ming, who had been beside them, hurried over.

        He pulled Ye Fan as he smiled obsequiously to Mike. Jones apologized, "Young Master Jones, sorry sorry sorry."

        "He's tongue-tied and can't speak, but he definitely didn't mean to offend you."

        "Your Excellency, you mustn't get on his bad side."

        Kong Ming bowed his back to Mike . Jones said with a low brow, the humble terrified look, almost down to the dust.

        After saying that, Kong Ming turned his head again, a pair of old eyes glaring angrily at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, what the hell are you still staring at?"

        "Give Master Jones an apology now!"

        "You bastard, you really don't know what's going on?"

        "What kind of status does Master Jones have, and how are you qualified to talk to him?"

        Kong Ming bellowed at Evan with fierce words, telling Evan to immediately give Mike . Jones to make amends.

        Although he had always disliked arrogant juniors like Ye Fan, but as he had said before, Ye Fan was after all a member of the Yanxia Martial Dao, and he had personally led him here, so naturally he couldn't just stand by and watch this Ye Fan seek his own death.

        Of course, Kong Ming had now come out to berate Ye Fan, not only for Ye Fan's sake, but more so, for their own sake.

        After all, he was well aware of Ye Fan's temperament.

        If he didn't stop him right now, God knows what kind of trouble this punk would make.

        In case Ye Fan really provoked the people of Chu Gate, then the one who would suffer would not be Ye Fan himself, but the few of them as well.

        Therefore, under all these considerations, Kong Ming finally endured his fear and came up to hold Ye Fan and told him to apologize to Michael. Jones and the others to apologize immediately.

        However, Ye Fan simply ignored Kong Ming's persuasion.

        He lifted his head, his eyes looking straight ahead at Mike . Jones, and his clear face was always as calm as it was.

        Then, a faint laughter continued to ring out.

        "It doesn't matter what I am."

        "All that matters is that you know that I'm someone you can't afford to mess with."



        "I'm going to Nima, right?"

        As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, they exploded like thunder from the nine heavens from here.

        In a split second, everyone was confused.

        Everyone looked at Ye Fan like a ghost.

        They had never dreamed that the young man in front of them would dare to say such words?

        Especially Lu Hua, who was even more frightened on the spot and nearly soul-dead, hiding beside him and directly cursing at Ye Fan.


        "It's a fucking brake, isn't it?"

        "It's all over~"

        "Totally screwed by this idiot!"

        Lu Hua's entire body was close to crying in fear, and she had the heart to slaughter Ye Fan.

        Originally, the trouble that Lu Yanxi had caused, it was enough for her to bear alone.

        But now it's good, Ye Fan, this idiot crossed the bar again, this Mike . Jones was so angry that he was afraid that he would have to slaughter all of them Yan Xia martial artists.


        "Shouldn't have brought this idiot here in the first place~"

        Lu Hua was so angry that he gritted his teeth and wanted to cry.

Chapter 1275

Not only Lu Hua, after Ye Fan said this, Kong Ming on the side was directly confused.

        His old eyes stared at Ye Fan in disbelief.

        Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that, with his extreme efforts to persuade him, not only did Ye Fan not listen, but he even intensified his words and was here to speak out.

        At that time, Kong Ming's entire body was close to exploding with anger at Ye Fan.

        "Good you Ye Fan, something that doesn't know any good or bad."

        "Good and bad words don't discriminate, right?"

        "If that's the case, I don't care about you."

        "If you want to die, then let you die!"

        "And someone that the Chu Men can't even mess with?"

        "Who do you think you are?"

        "Top of the sky list?"

        "The world's strongest man?"

        "You're not even a fucking clan master, a bratty punk kid, and you dare to spout nonsense here, not knowing what's going on?"

        "Simply foolish and incorrigible!"

        Kong Ming was really pissed off at Ye Fan and was trembling all over.

        It felt like he had just advised him bitterly for half a day, but this brat had taken it all as farting and didn't listen to a word of it.

        Since that was the case, why would this idiot need to be saved?

        Therefore, in the spirit of strong determination, after scolding Ye Fan, Kong Ming directly addressed Mike . Jones cupped his fist and worshiped, "Young Master Jones, this son is stupid and arrogant, and his crime deserves death."

        "How to deal with it, it is up to Young Master Jones to deal with it!"

        "However, I hope Young Master Jones knows that what this person did was just a personal act, and has nothing to do with us, nor does it have anything to do with our Yan Xia Martial Dao."

        "I hope Young Master Jones is clear!"

        It had to be said that this Kong Ming was worthy of being an old man.

        He knew that Ye Fan had already made a big mess, so before Mike . Jones and the others were angry, he was the first to make a cut with Ye Fan.

        Leaving himself clean with Ye Fan, afraid that they would be implicated by Ye Fan.

        "You're quite good at this."

        Faced with Kong Ming's words, Mike . Jones sneered, then said, "If you don't want to die, then fuck off."

        Hearing Mike . Jones' words, Kong Ming was overjoyed, as if he had been pardoned.

        It was obvious that his own words just now had taken effect, and that Mike . Jones did not intend to calamity them.

        "Many thanks, Young Master Jones~"

        Kong Ming thanked him repeatedly, then turned his head and pulled Lu Hua far away, afraid that Mike Jones would change his mind. He was afraid that Mike Jones would change his mind.

        Of course, Kong Ming and the others did not leave, but hid in the distance and watched in secret.

        After all, the Primordial Fruit Tree had yet to be revealed to the world, so they naturally wouldn't leave just yet.

        After Kong Ming and the others left, Mike . Jones was left standing there alone in front of Ye Fan.

        The other onlookers also looked at Ye Fan with compassion, all of them felt that this young man was afraid that his fate was in jeopardy.

        "Kid, what you just said, do you dare to say it again to this young master?"

        Finally, Mike . Jones's gaze fell on Ye Fan once again, and there was majesty and coldness in his sensible words.

        Ye Fan shook his head and laughed at the words.

        "You know, the last person who acted like this with me is now seven feet tall in his grave."


        "Bastard, do you seriously want to die?!"

        Mike. Jones snapped in anger, his words icy cold, and here and there the heavens and earth immediately set off a three-foot gale, his hands clutching and crackling.

        "I'm going!"

        "This teenager is awesome, huh?"

        "That's a hard anal with Truman, huh?"

        In a split second, the heavens and earth here once again stirred up quite a storm here.

        After all, Ye Fan's words just now were too crazy.

        It was close to explicitly saying that he wanted to kill this Michael . Jones.

        Even a normal person wouldn't calm down when they heard that. Not to mention a young master from a noble family like this.

        As the crowd watched, that Mike. Jones was already on the verge of going berserk.

        However, Ye Fan remained calm.

        There was no fear on his clear face.

        He smiled back and said, "Haha~"

        "It's just a joke to liven things up, don't take it seriously."

        "Alright, no more bullshit, I'll take this girl with me."

        Ye Fan laughed and was about to go up to claim Lu Yanxi between words.

        However, Mike . Jones would not be so easy to let go.

        He clenched his teeth and glared viciously at Ye Fan, "Bastard, do you know, who are you messing with nowadays?"

        "Or did your parents never tell you about Truman's majesty and status in the world?"

        Mike . Jones said coldly, ice-cold words, but suppressed endless anger.

        It seemed that the next moment would explode!

        "Truman?" Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Of course I've heard of it, I've heard it's the strongest martial power in the world."

        "Oh, right, I just remembered, I just fought with an old man."

        "He said he's also a member of the Chu Gate, he seems to be an elder of the Chu Gate, what's his name Ki? What thoughts?"

        "Well? You've met Elder Keith?" Hearing Ye Fan's words, Mike . Jones and the others' pupils shrank, while then asked, "Quickly, where is Elder Keith now? If you don't want to die, take us to him immediately!"

        Mike. Jones asked anxiously.

        Originally, according to the plan, they should have met up with Elder Keith here and then fought together for this last Genuine Fruit.

        However, Elder Keith didn't show up late, and now to hear about Keith's whereabouts from this young man, Mike. Jones naturally trembled.

        Ye Fan shook his head at the news, "It's impossible to bring, but I can send you to meet him."

        "Huh? What do you mean?" Mike. Jones and the others were puzzled.

        Evan paused for a moment, then waned and smiled, "Because he, just got killed by a few slaps from me."


        Evan's words caused the crowd to be shocked.

        Mike . Jones was even more furious then, his face changed dramatically, and he cursed at Ye Fan with red eyes.

        "Bullshit bullshit!"

        "It's just full of crap!"

        "Elder Keith is a martial arts master and is powerful, how can you brat be able to kill him?"

        "You arrogant little child, first you offend me, and now you speak of killing my Chu Gate Elder."

        "Deserving of ten thousand deaths!"

        "Someone, kill him for me and cut him into pieces!"

        Mike. Jones was no longer patient, and then gave an order for his men to slaughter Evan.

        The big battle was on the verge of starting.

        The surrounding people saw the situation and retreated, fearing that they would be inflicted.

        From afar, Lu Hua, who had been watching the situation here, even more sardonically laughed.

        "The Truman's men have struck."

        "It looks like this idiot's time to die has come!"

        "I don't know what's going on, but it's time for the farce to end~"

        Just like this, amidst the pitying gazes of the crowd, a full four figures, in the shape of a half moon, surrounded towards Ye Fan's direction.

        "Bastard, even our young master dares to insult us, go to hell!"

        The leader shouted, then these four people all attacked together, majestic attacks swept towards Ye Fan like a storm.

        Facing the incoming attacks from all four directions, Ye Fan still stood with his hands negative, unmoving.


        "Why hasn't this guy done anything yet?"

        "Could it be that you know you're going to die and have given up resisting?"

        Seeing the scene before them, many people ridiculed and laughed.

        Lu Yanxi even shook his head and sighed, as if he didn't want to see the bloody scene of Ye Fan losing his life, then Lu Yanxi closed his eyes and couldn't bear to look at it anymore.

Chapter 1276

"Something that doesn't measure itself."

        "How can the majesty of my Chu Gate be offended by a nameless junior like you?"

        "Today, this young master will teach a bloody lesson."

        Up ahead, the Truman strongmen were already closing in towards Ye Fan.

        At this place, Mike . Jones, however, was standing peacefully, his eyebrows and eyes carrying a sense of gruffness and coldness.

        The gaze towards Ye Fan was only like looking at a dead corpse.

        Yes, in everyone's opinion, when Mike. Jones ordered to take action, Ye Fan's life was over.

        After all, no one thought that a man who had angered Truman would walk out of here alive.

        "This madman."

        "Nothing to mess with Truman for?"

        "Do you really think that if you defeat us, you'll be able to stop fearing Truman?"

        Not far away, but Reno and the others were gritting their teeth in anger, originally according to their plan, Ye Fan would be of great use in helping them to capture the Origin Fruit, so naturally they didn't want Ye Fan to fall like this.

        However, what could they do if they were more angry?

        At this time, the powerful Indians didn't dare to do anything at all except to yell at Ye Fan for his idiotic arrogance .

        Not even Kong Ming and the others dared to offend Mike . Jones, let alone him, Reynolds.

        However, just when everyone thought that this time Ye Fan was doomed.

        Suddenly, there was a gale of wind rising here.

        Between the valleys, three thousand fallen leaves Xuanwu flew.

        At the same time, the young man who had been standing still, finally moved.

        Among the thousands of flying leaves, the young man took several steps in a row.

        The strange body style, just like a ghost, walked through the falling leaves.

        And, before Ye Fan took a single step, a scream was heard.

        In the end, Ye Fan took five steps in a row and launched four palms in a row.

        Boom boom boom~.

        In between the low roar, several silhouettes burst out directly from the falling leaves.

        Soon, the wind had stopped and the leaves had fallen.

        Everything, the clouds have cleared!

        When the crowd looked again, the only thing left in front of the world was thousands of falling leaves and the independence of the young man.

        As for the strong man who had just led the order to surround and kill Ye Fan, but he had already flown out a hundred meters and fell to the ground groaning and seriously injured.


        "This... This..."

        "How the fuck is this possible?"

        In a split second, the entire arena was dead silent.

        Everyone was stunned in place as if they had been slapped in the face.

        After Lu Yanxi opened her eyes and saw the scene in front of her, her beautiful eyes were even more terrified, and her jade hand tightly covered her red lips.

        Even Kong Ming, who had been watching the battle from afar, had a pair of old eyes that were suddenly wide.

        Lu Hua was also as if struck by lightning, stunned and incredulous.

        "Kong... Kong Lao, just... What just happened... What?"

        "That... Those people, did he... He defeated them?"

        Lu Hua's red lips trembled and said in panic.

        Everything just now, happened too fast.

        One second, in the eyes of the crowd, Ye Fan was still in a desperate situation on all sides.

        But who would have thought that in the next second, that teenager directly stormed up and forcefully turned the tide.

        By the time the crowd looked again, the battle was over.

        It was feared that from start to finish, the time was only a few seconds.

        This huge flip caused Lu Hua to almost find it hard to believe his eyes.

        He had never dreamed that Ye Fan would be so strong?

        Confronted with Lu Hua's question, Kong Ming was speechless for a long time.

        A pair of old eyes stared dead ahead, and his heart was almost as if waves of shock had been stirred up, and it was hard to calm down.

        Only in the end did Kong Ming exclaimed in an unimaginable tone, "Xiao Hua, I feel that I... We've made a mistake from the beginning."

        "The Martial God Hall allowed a young man to participate in the characters here, or . Perhaps it wasn't just for him to increase his knowledge, but . Rather, he, truly has an unearthly talent, right?"

        "Bullshit unearthly talent, it must be because these people are too weak to be defeated by this punk." The calm Lu Hua, who had calmed down, immediately scolded.

        "Yes, that must be it."

        "It's that his opponent is too weak."

        "A hairy kid in his early twenties, I don't believe he has any great abilities."

        Lu Hua was full of dissatisfaction and roared through gritted teeth.

        Kong Ming didn't say anything, but the gaze that he looked at Ye Fan was already different from before.

        The battle just now, although it was only in an instant, and Lu Hua might not have seen it clearly, but Kong Ming had undoubtedly seen it clearly.

        Whether it was body speed, strength, or timing, what Ye Fan did was undoubtedly perfect.

        This kind of ability must have been honed from countless life and death fights, and even he, Kong Ming, might not have been able to do it.

        "Ye Fan, where exactly are you from?"

        For the first time, Kong Ming was still solemn to Ye Fan.

        On the other side, Mike . Jones, at the moment, was undoubtedly looking ten thousand times worse.

        Who would have thought that this would be the outcome of a battle that they thought they would win again?

        Four people rounding up a teenager and getting finished?


        "What a bunch of losers!"

        Mike. Jones was furious and cursing, his old face dark and near dripping.

        After a brief outburst, Mike . Jones' gloomy gaze once again fell on Ye Fan.

        "Good boy, indeed he has two brushes, no wonder he dared to provoke this young master here."

        "However, just with these abilities, you want to make this young master fear and yield, you can only say that it's not even close!"

        "How can the majesty of my Chu Gate be imagined by a mere mortal like you?"

        The cold words were like a cold wind, sweeping through here.

        Suddenly, the temperature of this side of the valley plummeted, and everyone was like falling into an ice cellar.

        At that moment, many people were in awe.

        It looked like this Mike . Jones, was about to get real!

        Sure enough, after the words fell, Mike . Jones immediately turned around, cupped his fists and bowed, "Seventh Elder, next, please!"


        An elder?

        "Could it be, Elder Truman?"

        "Oh my God!"

        "At least a martial arts master, then?"

        "This time, the Chu Gate actually sent out a Sect Master?"

        Mike. Jones's words were like a boulder entering the sea, and in a sudden moment here in the heavens and earth, they set off huge waves.

        Numerous people were terrified and shocked, and the clamor resounded in all directions.

        Ancestor like a dragon, in any country, it's a phoenix like existence.

        Yan Xia had over a billion people, and the number of strong clerics was only a mere ten.

        Therefore, for most of the people present, they had never seen a Clan Master in their lives.

        Now that they heard the arrival of the Seven Elders of the Chu Gate, the crowd was naturally horrified!

        It was well known that if one wanted to become a Chu Gate Supplying Elder, they would have to be a Martial Grandmaster at the very worst.

        "It's over!"

        "This kid is finished."

        "All are ants beneath the clan master."

        "The majesty of a Martial Dao Master is in no way able to be countered by anyone else!"

        "Having messed with Truman, this teenager is dead~"

        "He's dead~"

        Many people shouted excitedly.

        The faces of Kong Ming and the others also went white.

        "Ancestors have come out, and it looks like this Ye Fan is really going to fall apart."

        Kong Ming shook his head and said, his tone filled with regret.

        Yes, just like what everyone had said, even the world's strongest Entering Transformation powerhouse was just an ant in front of a clan master.

        After all, the difference between an Entering Transformation and a Grandmaster seemed to be one realm, but it was a qualitative difference like a heavenly rift.


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