His True Colors Chapter 459-460


His True Colors Chapter 459

"Ying Xia, are you blind, the evidence is in front of you, do you still want to help him defend himself?" Jiang Lan said angrily, she really couldn't understand what kind of poison Su Yingxia had been poisoned by and why she was so dead set on Han Qianqian, didn't she know what kind of crisis Han Qianqian would bring to the Su family?

        And now that it's a fact that he's cheating on her, it's not enough for Su Ying Xia to break up with him?

        "This is Yiyun, Yiyun is my best friend, there's no way she would have sex with 3000." Su Yingxia said.

        Hearing the word Yi Yun, Jiang Lan was stunned, she had seen the woman in the photo more than once, how could it be Chi Yi Yun.

        "When did your eyes get so bad, that girl Yiyun, she's ordinary looking, how could she be the one in the photo." Jiang Lan said.

        The Qi Yiyun with glasses on was indeed very ordinary, but Su Yingxia knew very well what the Qi Yiyun was like after taking off her glasses, how could she be mistaken.

        "Mom, this is indeed Yi Yun, the two of them, maybe they were just having a meal together." Su Yingxia said.

        Jiang Lan bit her teeth, this was a hard time waiting for an opportunity to slam Han Qianqian, even if it was Chi Yi Yun, so what, couldn't the two of them have an affair?

        "Fireproofing your best friend, that's a really good one, and now that your husband, who's been hooked up with his best friend, has run off, do you think a man and a woman together are really just simply eating?" Lan Jiang said.

        It was indeed a bit inappropriate for Han 3000 to meet up with Chi Yi Yun in private, but Su Ying Xia was willing to trust Han 3000, after all, Su Ying Xia, who had experienced this relationship for over three years, didn't believe Han 3000 would do such a thing.

        "Mom, I believe the two of them, if there's nothing else, I'll go back to my room and rest first." Su Yingxia put down her phone and walked directly towards her room.

        Jiang Lan gritted her teeth in displeasure, thinking that this photo was enough to make Su Yingxia recognize Han Qianli's true face, but she was still so confused.

        "This daughter of yours is really brain-dead, the facts are already in front of her, but she still believes that loser." Jiang Lan angrily said to Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao said, "Maybe they really were just eating together?"

        Jiang Lan's eyes glared fiercely at Su Guoyao and said, "Even if it's just dinner, I'm going to let something happen to them, I won't let Han Qianqian, the trash, take another step into my Su family."

        Su Guoyao sighed, although the head of the hillside villa was Su Yingxia, the villa's Han 3000 bought it, this was a fact that could not be denied, but Jiang Lan completely disregarded this point.

        "You can make as much noise as you want, you will only be willing to do so when this family is completely destroyed." Su Guoyao said helplessly.

        Jiang Lan grabbed Su Guoyao's ear, very hard, hating to pull it off.

        "I'm doing this for the good of this family, do you think I'm you, who doesn't care about anything but eating and drinking and waiting for death?" Jiang Lan snapped coldly.

        If it was before, Su Guoyao would have been in pain and begged for mercy, but today, Su Guoyao looked at Jiang Lan without changing his face.

        "I've been patient enough with you, Jiang Lan, I'm warning you one last time, don't do anything to me, I'm also a man with dignity, if you think I'm useless, you can divorce me." Su Guoyao had never had such a tough attitude in his life.

        Jiang Lan didn't dare to look at Su Guoyao incredulously, this wimp of a man dared to talk to her like this!

        "Fine, divorce it is, tomorrow, if you dare to say it, don't come begging like a softy." Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

        Su Guoyao smiled sadly, in the past, Jiang Lan often threatened him with divorce, and every time, Su Guoyao admitted his mistake and compromised, as if she already took it for granted.

        But this time, Su Guoyao would never compromise again, he didn't care how low his status was in the family, but Jiang Lan was now more and more in control, he couldn't stand this kind of life anymore.

        "Wake up early tomorrow, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau." Su Guoyao said indifferently, not returning to his room on the second floor, but going to the utility room where Han Qianqian used to live.

        Jiang Lan smirked, she didn't believe that Su Guoyao really dared to do that and she was sure that Su Guoyao would come begging for mercy.

        Of course, Jiang Lan was also unwilling to divorce, at her age, divorce would definitely be sneered at, and she didn't want to become the laughingstock of others.

        Back to her room on the second floor, as a little bit of time passed, Jiang Lan lay on the bed more and more uneasy.

        It was almost twelve o'clock and Su Guoyao hadn't even appeared yet, did this waste man really dare to divorce her?

        How is that possible!

        Where did the soft guy get the nerve to divorce like that, he would have nothing left.

        Jiang Lan stayed up until two o'clock, Su Guoyao still didn't show up, but inside she still thought Su Guoyao would beg for mercy, only this time it was longer than before.

        "Trying to make me afraid? Su Guoyao, you're a trash who doesn't have the qualifications yet." After saying these words to herself, Jiang Lan slept at ease, she could be sure that after opening her eyes tomorrow morning, Su Guoyao would honestly give her breakfast to apologize for her sins.

        Su Guoyao was in the utility room, his heart was so determined that it didn't waver, and for the word divorce, he no longer felt fear, but rather a sense of relief, as if only through divorce could he get his life back.

        Even if he really has nothing, but he can at least get back his dignity as a man.

        This time, Su Guoyao had been a man, straightened his back, upright and upright!

        The next morning, when Jiang Lan woke up and didn't see breakfast, let alone Su Guoyao, she was suddenly furious.

        Rushing to the living room, Su Guoyao was eating at the dining table, Jiang Lan immediately broke into a rage: "Su Guoyao, you didn't even bring me breakfast upstairs, want me to forgive you, no way."

        Su Guoyao calmly turned his head, looked at Jiang Lan and said: "When do I want you to forgive me, did I do something wrong? Don't think that everything you do is right, it's always someone else who's wrong, always make someone else apologize to you, this time, I won't, and I won't ever again."

        "Su Guoyao, what's the use of pretending in front of me, don't I know your habits as a loser?" Jiang Lan said with a cold smile.

        Su Guoyao's current state, it felt like life was relieved, everything was relieved, laughed and said: "I am a waste of habits, you do know very well, but this time, you think wrong, hurry up and eat, eat and go to divorce."

        Jiang Lan took two steps in three steps, walked to Su Guoyao, a heavy slap on Su Guoyao's face, and said, "Still want to play with me? Su Guoyao, kneel down and apologize to me right now, or else I won't spare you."

        Su Guoyao stood up, stretched out his right hand, stared at it carefully, and then said to Jiang Lan, "You haven't tasted what my slap feels like yet."

        The words fell, Su Guoyao slapped Jiang Lan's face, and the sound of the slap resounded throughout the living room.

        Jiang Lan was blinded by this slap and looked at Su Guoyao in disbelief.

        "You ...... you dare to hit me?" Lan Jiang said.

        "What's wrong with beating you for harming the peace of my Su family!" Su Guoyao said in a cold voice.

        Jiang Lan's expression gradually became fierce and said, "I want to divorce you, I want you to get out of the Su family."

        Su Guoyao smiled faintly and asked Jiang Lan, "Can it be called the Su family without my home? After the divorce, you're also the one who got out of the Su family, have you forgotten your last name?"

        As long as Su Guoyao was willing to fight for it, Jiang Lan was in no position to let him net out, instead, Jiang Lan had the possibility of leaving the hillside villa.

        Of course, it all depended on Su Yingxia's attitude, the real head of the household, after all, was her!

        Jiang Lan sneered and said, "Rubbish, do you have the guts to divorce me? Without me, the Su family will be finished sooner or later."

        "Jiang Lan, you take yourself too seriously, for so many years, you have made a fool of yourself thinking that you have held up the Su family, but what have you ever contributed to this family? Did you ever earn a penny for your family? You're just taking the credit of Yingxia to put gold on your face, I, Su Guoyao, am indeed useless, but you, Jiang Lan, are also a loser!" Su Guoyao said flatly, then sat down to continue eating and said, "Hurry up and eat, after that, we'll go get a divorce."

His True Colors Chapter 460

Su Guoyao's performance was different from normal, but Jiang Lan still had a sneering expression, until now, she still didn't think Su Guoyao had the guts to divorce her.

        For more than twenty years, Su Guoyao's performance in front of Jiang Lan had never been a wimp who couldn't fight back or scold back, his waist, how could he be hardened.

        "Su Guoyao, no matter how much you beg Old Mother today, Old Mother will never forgive you." Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

        After breakfast, Su Guoyao waited at the door, Jiang Lan changed his clothes and went to the door to say in a high and mighty voice, "Go, do you really think I will be afraid of you?"

        Su Guoyao drove, all the way towards the Civil Affairs Bureau, and Jiang Lan said many more sarcastic and ridiculing words on the way, because in her heart, she didn't have the slightest feeling that Su Guoyao would divorce her.

        Even if he was able to act until the last moment, Jiang Lan believed that he would eventually beg for his forgiveness.

        After arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, a very strange phenomenon was placed in front of Su Guoyao, the number of divorced people was surprisingly much higher than the number of married people.

        "It seems the trend of divorce is popular now, I didn't expect that I can still catch up with the trend when I'm getting old." Su Guoyao said with a smile, his heart at the moment had a kind of relaxation that he had never experienced in decades, it was like all the pressure had disappeared in a moment.

        Thinking that he would no longer have to carefully look at Jiang Lan's face as a human being, thinking that he would not be scolded as a waste at every turn, Su Guoyao was glad that he was able to wake up at this age, and could at least enjoy freedom for a few more years.

        "Su Guoyao, you really won't stop until you do something humiliating ah, if you don't kneel down to me today, this marriage will be divorced." Jiang Lan said to Su Guoyao.

        "Yes, it's divorced, do you think I will still compromise with you? Jiang Lan, don't be delusional, after putting up with you for more than twenty years, I've already put up with enough." Su Guoyao said with a smile, a smile that carried a hint of aspirations for the future life.

        Until the divorce certificate was in her hand, Jiang Lan was still in disbelief inside.

        Was Su Guoyao crazy? How dare you divorce her!

        Why did he have such guts and qualifications.

        It was only when she saw Su Guoyao drive away, leaving herself alone, that Jiang Lan felt as if she had lost something.

        But for her, the stronger feeling was anger, anger that, for so many years, Su Guoyao followed her will in everything, never dared to disobey, Jiang Lan took bullying him for granted, never thought he dared to disobey himself.

        And now, with the divorce certificate in hand, Su Guoyao actually dared to do such a thing!

        An angry Jiang Lan took a taxi back to the Genting Mountain villa area.

        Su Guoyao had already arrived home early and was sitting in the living room with two suitcases of luggage in front of him.

        "Su Guoyao, you still have some self-awareness ah, know that you should get lost, you are ready to go eat shit on the street, divorce me Jiang Lan, I want you to live worse than a dog." Jiang Lan gritted her teeth as she roared at Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao's face was calm as he stood up and said indifferently, "It's not me who has to roll, but you."

        "Me?" Jiang Lan laughed and said, "What qualifications do you have to tell me to get out, this is my home."

        Su Guoyao shook his head and said, "This is the Su family, it has nothing to do with you Jiang Lan, now that you have divorced me, you should naturally get out of the Su family."

        Su Guoyao took his luggage and walked to the door and directly threw it out.

        Jiang Lan angrily went forward and grabbed Su Guoyao's hair, coldly saying, "You are really getting arrogant, Su Guoyao, I won't beat you, you don't know how powerful I am!"

        Su Guoyao backhanded a punch, directly on Jiang Lan's abdomen, although men do not fight with women, hitting a woman is a shameful thing.

        But Su Guoyao had been bullied and wronged for so many years, so what was a beating on Jiang Lan?

        Jiang Lan was so painfully pale that she couldn't stop trembling.

        "Su Guoyao, you actually ......"

        I've been humiliated by you for so many years, it's time for me to be a real man, Jiang Lan, you married me because of gold worship, you disliked my lack of status in the Su family, you disliked my lack of money, so you beat and scolded me for so many years, do you know what kind of humiliation I've endured as a man? "

        "Today, you and I have divorced, from now on, you have no right to tell me what to do anymore, you are just a smelly woman that my Su family doesn't want."

        "I will tell Ying Xia all the things you have done, even if it is Ying Xia, she will not allow you to continue in this house."

        "Let me net out, Jiang Lan, Jiang Lan, you are really dreaming."

        After saying that, Su Guoyao withdrew Jiang Lan from the house, at this moment, Su Guoyao finally felt like a man, a real man.

        "Su Guoyao, I will make you regret and let you know the consequences of treating me like this, I want you and that trash Han Giang to die together!" Jiang Lan's hysterical roar came from the doorway, but Su Guoyao wasn't the least bit moved, he knew that Jiang Lan would definitely be unhappy and would definitely do many vindictive acts, but so what? For him to continue to accept living with this woman, he might as well be dead.

        "He Ting, bring me a glass of ice water." Su Guoyao returned to the living room and said.

        Regarding the Su family's affairs, He Ting was now pretending not to see them, not to talk too much, not to ask too many questions, and even less to express her opinions.

        In He Ting's eyes, sooner or later, Jiang Lan would have the time to play with fire and burn herself, although the time came earlier than she thought, but it would not be a surprise, a woman who tried to die by all means, how could she end up in a good way?

        "Are you going to inform Welcome Summer?" After carrying a cup of water to Su Guoyao's side, He Ting asked a nosy question.

        "I'll go to her company later to avoid Jiang Lan going to the company to cause trouble." Su Guoyao said.

        He Ting nodded her head and said no more.

        After Su Guoyao rested for a while, he drove to Su's company, but to his surprise, Jiang Lan didn't even show up here, which didn't fit this woman's personality.

        In Su Guoyao's mind, she should have come to the company to make a big fuss and get Su Yingxia to help her out and kick herself out of the Su family.

        "Dad, what are you doing here?" When Su Yingxia saw Su Guoyao walk into the office, she asked with a shocked face, ever since she used to be the head of the west side of the city project, Su Guoyao could not come to the office anymore.

        "I divorced your mother." Su Guoyao said.

        Su Yingxia looked shocked and incredulous, although Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan often fought with each other, but she never thought that they would divorce, although the relationship was more often than not maintained because of Su Guoyao's hidden patience, but it had been endured for so many years, how could he explode at this time?

        "Dad, did you mess with Mom? Come to me today and ask me to put in a good word for you?" Su Yingxia asked.

        Su Guoyao shook his head and said, "The divorce was initiated by me, and I have now driven her out of the mountainside villa."

        These words made Su Yingxia even more startled, Su Guoyao had initiated the divorce, and he had also kicked Jiang Lan out of the Hillside Villa!

        Wouldn't Jiang Lan be homeless in her current situation?

        "Dad, what are you doing, you're kicking Mom out, aren't you afraid she won't have a place to live? For good reason, why do you want a divorce." Su Yingxia said with a grumbling face, looking at Su Guoyao.

        "Is it, do you also think that I should continue to endure until the day I die?" Su Guoyao said with a bitter smile on his face.

        What kind of treatment Su Guoyao was receiving at home, Su Yingxia could see it in her eyes, and really being able to force him to initiate a divorce showed that his patience had reached its limit.

        As a daughter, Su Yingxia was clear that she shouldn't be biased in favor of Jiang Lan alone.

        "Dad, I know you've been wronged a lot, but you kicked Mom out, where does she live?" Su Yingxia said helplessly.

        "If she doesn't leave, sooner or later there will be a bigger problem at home, do you know what she's been doing lately?" Su Guoyao said.

        "What?" Su Yingxia asked curiously.

        Su Guoyao took a deep breath and said, "She tried to find someone to kill Han 3000, but she didn't succeed, she wants to destroy the relationship between you and Han 3000 and will never stop until she succeeds, do you still think it was wrong of me to drive her away?"


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