Dish Best Served Cold 1279-1280

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1279

And at this time, Ye Fan's attacks were already gathering.

        The cold wind was blowing and the falling leaves were fluttering wildly.

        As Ye Fan's might erupted, the power of the heavens and earth here, as if summoned, poured in under Ye Fan's palm.

        At the same time, a muddled sound, as if from the floods of ages, but in this heaven and earth, quietly sounded.

        "The heart of the heavens is directed, and all ghosts and gods avoid it!"

        "Infernal Finger, now!"


        Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan was left standing.

        And then, a thick finger, directed at the old man in front of him, fiercely pressed down.

        What kind of finger was that, nearly hooking the heavens and earth, shaking the stars and rivers.

        In a split second, monstrous Yuan Power curled, and endless falling leaves flew.

        Just like this, in the midst of everyone's trembling gaze, that thick giant finger leaped the Heavenly River and swept away.

        "This... This. This guy~"

        "To master such a powerful secret technique?"

        "At least this might, then it cannot be underestimated!"

        At this time, many people were all trembling. Kong Ming also stared far away, the more he felt that this Ye Fan was not an ordinary person.

        Even Lu Yanxi, at this time, also changed his view on Ye Fan, in the absence of the slightest underestimation.

        Apparently, all of them had never thought that this Ye Fan had left his cards intact, but he could also explode with such a vast and majestic might.

        "Hmph, a golden jade is just a defeat."

        "A hit-and-miss attack like this one, what use is it?"

        "Minute by minute, they'll be exterminated!"

        Lu Hua, however, said unpleasantly.

        Although his words were a little harder to hear, Kong Ming nodded his head.

        Apparently, in the eyes of the crowd, even if Ye Fan had used such an imposing secret technique, no one thought that Ye Fan would be able to survive under a clan master.

        After all, a grandmaster was a grandmaster.

        A clan master was like a dragon, how could it be countered by some staged tricks?

        Just like this, between everyone shaking their heads in regret, Ye Fan's giant finger and the Seventh Elder's Void of the Sky Wolf, finally matched up.

        At that moment, the heavens and earth trembled tremendously.

        It was as if a bomb had exploded in this place.

        Endless waves of qi were like a mighty river, sweeping in all directions.

        Mountains and rocks shattered, grass and trees crumbled.

        Even the Hanging Spring Waterfall not far away was actually reversed against the flow under the impact of the waves.

        "My God!"

        "Is this the power of the clan?"

        "Actually terrifying as hell~"

        Looking at this strange statue, countless people sighed in awe.

        However, the trembling was only a tremor, and until the end, the crowd's gaze remained at the storm without taking their eyes off it.

        The two majestic attacks clashed against each other with the momentum of needle point to needle point.

        Just when everyone thought that this clash would stalemate for a while before Ye Fan would be defeated. However, who would have thought that in the mere moment of the clash, the majestic giant finger would sweep the four directions with a destructive force!

        The monstrous might was only like boiling oil melting away the remaining snow, or like an autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves.

        Yes, there was no hindrance at all.

        With a single finger, Ye Fan directly punctured the Heavenly Wolf Void.

        The attack was instantly broken, and the Seventh Elder's face turned pale and directly vomited blood.

        In fear, the seven elders even retreated madly.

        However, how could Ye Fan let him have his way?

        Under the Heavenly River, the crowd could only see that the thick giant finger, after exploding the Seventh Elder's attack, remained unabated, and with an unrivaled momentum, fiercely pointed at the Seventh Elder's waist and abdomen.


        A dull roar sounded, and after that, everyone only saw one of the Seventh Elder's right legs, and the entire thing exploded in the air.

        Blood splattered everywhere, flesh and blood flying.

        Shattered tendons and bones flew into the sky.

        This valley only seemed as if a rain of blood had fallen.

        Flesh and bones mixed with blood, dashing down the rain, dripping that Mike . Jones all over his face.

        Dead silence, all dead silence!

        At this moment, it was as if the entire world had pressed the pause button, the wind was no longer howling, the grass was no longer swaying, and the world was silent.

        All of us were flabbergasted, and because of the tremors, we had almost forgotten to breathe.

        Before this, no one had thought that it would end like this.

        One finger, yes, just one finger.

        Straight away, it had blown up this unstoppable Chu Gate Elder!

        What do you mean, crush?

        That's fucking crushing!

        What do you mean, "complete abuse"?

        It's called fucking torture!

        Just a single look, an encounter, and only three seconds before and after, the battle ended.

        The young man in front of him directly swept away all enemies in front of him with a destructive force.

        What martial arts master?

        What Truman elder?

        In front of this teenager, he was only like a pig and dog, vulnerable.

        Ye Fan's strength was undoubtedly deeply beyond all expectations.

        Everyone was just as if they had been struck by lightning, dumbfounded and flabbergasted.

        Watching the rain of blood, dashing down.


        "My leg, my leg!"

        After a finger fell, the Seventh Elder was not dead, though he had a leg blown off.

        He just landed on the ground, holding his wound and howling miserably.

        That voice, tearing his heart out.

        It could be imagined what kind of pain he was experiencing nowadays.

        However, this Seventh Elder was worthy of being a Sect Master, and with such injuries, if it were an ordinary strong man, he would have been dead long ago.

        However, this old man still had the strength to scream and struggle again.

        As the saying goes, it's easy to defeat a clan master, but hard to kill one, and the scene in front of him was undoubtedly the best proof.

        However, Ye Fan clearly didn't have the intention to stop here.

        Some things, once they started, they had to be done to death.

        Ye Fan always didn't like to leave any consequences.

        Therefore, after one finger severely injured the Seventh Elder, Ye Fan lifted his footsteps and walked towards his direction again.

        "You... What do you want?"

        "I .... I'm a Truman Elder, you can't kill me, how dare you kill me?"

        "Could it be that you really want to make an enemy of Truman?"

        Seemingly sensing the majestic killing intent on Ye Fan, that seventh elder endured the pain and roared through gritted teeth.

        Ye Fan smiled coldly, "Truman Elder?"

        "I'm so sorry, I just killed one a few days ago, but now I don't mind killing another."

        "As for making an enemy of Truman?"

        "To be honest, the reason I stepped into the path of martial arts back then was to make an enemy of the Chu Gate."

        Ye Fan's words were all ice cold, and they quietly rang out in this world.

        Ye Fan's words were not false.

        The three families of the Chu Gate, the Chu Family, the Tang Family, and the Jones Family, the three major forces, were in total control of the Chu Gate, helping each other, attacking and defending one another.

        What's more, all along, the Chu family was the strongest of the three families of the Chu Gate.

        In fact, Ye Fan was very clear that to be an enemy of one of them was to be an enemy of the entire Chu Gate.

        Therefore, Ye Fan had also long expected that the day he kissed the Chu family would be the day he would be the enemy of the Chu Gate.

        There were some contradictions that were simply irreconcilable!

        From the moment the Chu family drove Ye Fan and his son out of the house, from the moment he swore to avenge his mother's humiliation, Ye Fan knew that he and the Chu family, and the Chu clan, would have a final battle!

        Since we are already enemies, why should we leave any room for maneuver?

        What's more, it was this Seventh Elder who first provoked himself. Even if he had fallen here, it was his own fault!

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1280

This is Ye Fan, he cultivates his body and martial arts, and all he wants is to be free and happy, isn't it?

        So, naturally, he couldn't hold back his fear because he was afraid of the might of the Chu Gate.

        Plus, there was already an irreconcilable conflict between Ye Fan and the Chu family, and the Chu Gate.

        Some enemies, even if they weren't beheaded today, they would eventually encounter them in the future!

        Solving a few of them at this time would also just give Ye Fan less resistance when he ascended to the Truman Mountain in the near future.

        Just like this, as Ye Fan's figure got closer and closer, the temperature here also got colder and colder.

        Until finally, Ye Fan's five fingers curled up, and a majestic fist was brewing, and then it smashed down on the seven elders of Chu Gate.


        Sound exploded to crack the heavens and the earth, and the strength of his fist swept the four directions.

        Ye Fan's fist, wrapped with incomparable power, swept towards the already dying Seventh Elder just like this.


        "You can't kill me!"


        At the last moment, this Chu Gate Seventh Elder cried out in despair.

        The miserable howls echoed throughout the entire world.

        Before he died, this old man was filled with remorse.

        Had he known this, he shouldn't have provoked Ye Fan and shouldn't have fought with him in the first place.

        Thinking of this, a boundless hatred swept out of the Seventh Elder's heart.

        "Mike . Jones~"

        "I fuck you!"

        "It's all you, it's all you son of a bitch."

        "You're the one who got me into this~"

        "You're the one who got me into this~"

        The Seven Elders wailed in anger and wretched tears.

        At this time, the Seven Elders could not wait to cut that Michael . Jones to a thousand cuts.

        After all, long ago, the Seven Elders had already felt Ye Fan's weirdness and retreated.

        However, it was all because of that Mike . Jones, who had forced himself to fight.

        If it was him, how would he have folded his arms and sunk here?

        How could he die in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign land?

        The more the Seventh Elder thought about it, the more he hated it.

        Just like this, with endless resentment, the Seventh Elder's eyes were red, and his old face became eventful and horrifying.

        At the last moment of his life, he didn't know where he got the strength to stand up on his one leg, and then rushed forward like a madman towards Michael . Jones.

        "Mike . Jones, you son of a bitch~"

        "You're the one who harmed me."

        "Today, even if I die, I'll take you with me."

        Mike. Jones growled low and howled.

        Like a wolf on the verge of death, or a wild dog gone mad, he waved his claws and clawed right at Mac. Jones's neck.

        It looked like he was really going to take Mike .Jones before he died. Jones now.

        "Save me~"

        "Quick, help me!"

        "Someone, someone~"

        By this time, Mike . Jones' entire body had undoubtedly peed in fear.

        Looking at the seven elders who were covered in blood and rushing towards him like a demon, Mike . Jones shouted in fear, full of panic.

        Eventually, the entire person was directly spread out on the ground in fear, stomping backwards while not stopping to call for help.

        "You've harmed me~"

        "Go to hell!"

        "Go to hell~"

        Those who were about to die were undoubtedly insane.

        Just like today's Seven Elders, there was no longer the grace and majesty of the previous, let alone any regard for the upper and lower esteem.

        Covered in blood and shaggy, like an insane madman, he used his last strength to take revenge on Michael . Jones.

        Soon, the seven elders who came galloping in, ruthlessly strangled Mike Jones' throat. Jones's throat.

        "Er~ Save... Save me..."

        At this moment, Mike . At this moment, Mike Jones was struggling violently.

        Because of the pain, an old face had turned red, and the veins on his forehead were even more veins, like a man struggling for his life in water.

        However, looking at this Mike. Jones was about to be strangled to death by the seven elders, until this time, Mike. It was only when those men of Mac. Jones reacted, then they all struck out together, one of them slapping the Seventh Elder, which saved Mac. Jones was saved.

        And near the same time, Ye Fan's attack had also arrived.


        With a loud sound, the broken body of the Seventh Elder was like a leaf in the wind, directly blown away by Ye Fan's fist, and then smashed into the earth.

        Before dying, the Seventh Elder's face was eventful, gritting his teeth and still shouting.

        "Mike . Jones, you've harmed me, harmed me~"

        "Even if I die, I'll turn into a fierce ghost to find you."

        "I'll let you die, I'll let you die~"



        The earth trembled and the rocks cracked.

        Ye Fan's fist strength, wrapped around the old man's body, then smashed open the hard earth in front of him.

        Rubble mixed with blood splattered across the sky.

        The vicious curses of the seven elders also came to an abrupt end at this point.

        When the crowd looked again, the earth in front of them was an eventful and huge ravine.

        Yes, with a single punch, Ye Fan had actually smashed the Seven Elders into the ground below.

        Not even the whole body could be found.

        "This time, it should be dead."

        After it was over, Ye Fan clapped his hands and laughed lightly.

        Calm and indifferent, it was as if he had just picked up his child from school.

        If the crowd hadn't seen it with their own eyes, no one would have thought that Ye Fan had just beheaded a Chu Gate Elder, a powerful martial arts master, right?


        Under the Heavenly River, there was a gentle breeze whispering and three thousand fallen leaves rustling.

        And Ye Fan, standing with a negative hand, smiling proudly.

        Behind him, there was the Heavenly River standing horizontally.

        Underfoot, there were ravines!

        Looking at the young man here, the crowd here was silent.

        The powerful people of all the countries were all struck in place like thunder, and for a long time, none of them dared to speak.

        At this time, all that remained in their hearts was endless trepidation and boundless shock!

        That's strong!

        The strength of the young man in front of him was undoubtedly beyond everyone's expectation.

        Even a few minutes ago, there was not a single person in the audience who thought that Ye Fan would survive.

        But the fact in front of him undoubtedly struck so hard in the face.

        Laughing at the end, it wasn't the Chu Gate Elder, it was him, it was this teenager!

        With one finger and one fist, he swept across the four directions, killing the clansmen.

        The monstrous might undoubtedly shook everyone.

        So the contempt was all gone, so the contempt was gone.

        At this moment, the eyes of the crowd looking at Ye Fan were only thick with fear and shock.

        "How... How could this happen?"

        Under the shade of the tree, Lu Hua was flabbergasted there, his brain blank.

        It was hard for him to believe that Ye Fan had, in fact, decapitated a clan master.

        Wouldn't that mean that Ye Fan himself, also had the power of a clan master?

        "Patriarch, he's a Patriarch!"

        "My God, a twenty-year-old cleric?"

        "Demon, he's the demon of my Yan Xia Martial Dao, ah!"

        After a long period of trembling, Kong Ming finally called out as well.

        He was filled with trepidation and roared incessantly, and in his words, there was trembling, joy, and even endless remorse.

        "No wonder, no wonder the Martial God Hall sent him to fight for the Origin Spirit Fruit."

        "It's also no wonder that he defied me, Kong Ming, your Lu Family, and everyone else."

        "So, he's a clan master."

        "He's a clan master~"

        Kong Ming cried and laughed at the same time, his feelings complicated.

        It wasn't until now that he realized what kind of existence the young man in front of him was, who had been followed and neglected all the way.


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