Dish Best Served Cold 1166-1170


Chapter 1166

In the great hall, the crowd was talking.

    The one speaking at this time was the martial leader of Kyoto City, Toyotomi Kawayoshi.

    Hearing Toyotomi Kawayoshi's words, the crowd couldn't help but be confused.

    "Brother Toyotomi, why did you say that you would focus on checking out foreigners?"

    "Do you think that these things were done by people of a foreign martial path?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi nodded, "As I said, the person who committed this murder is most likely a title clan master."

    "And the title clerics within our country of Japan, apart from the Sword God and the Shino Palace Master, are the two masters of the Three Gods Pavilion."

    "Obviously, there is no way that a title master of our Sun Country could do something so morbid."

    "So, most likely, it was a title master from a different country who secretly sneaked into the Sun Country."


    "An exotic title?"

    Toyotomi Chuanji's words were only like thunderstorms exploding, but when the crowd heard them, they changed dramatically, and their old eyes even tightened abruptly.

    In the various countries of the world, the title clerics were all strategic level powerhouses.

    Any one of the title clerics entering another country was no different than an army entering.

    After all, a single title clan master could stand against ten thousand armies.

    If a title clan master were to kill indiscriminately within a country, the destruction that would be caused would be unimaginable.

    Therefore, it was out of the scruples of the might of a title clan master that an unwritten rule was established between the world martial world.

    That was, a title clan master was strictly forbidden to enter the territory of another country at will, and even if he did, he had to report in advance and get permission to enter.

    Otherwise, it could be regarded as a martial invasion.

    That was why, after learning that there might be an exotic title clan master entering the country of Japan, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others reacted so strongly.

    After all, the last time an other country's title master entered the Japanese Kingdom, he directly exterminated half of the Japanese martial arts.

    The bitter lesson was right in front of their eyes, and this time, they [New PEN] would naturally have to react even more solemnly.

    Sword God Looking Moon River also nodded heavily, "Well, Kawayoshi's speculation is very reasonable."

    "I also suspect that the death of those eight thousand soldiers of the First Division was killed by a foreign title."

    "Only, I don't know, which country's title clan was it."

    "How dare they go so rampant, killing on a large scale in our country of Japan, are they really not afraid of, triggering a martial national war?"

    The Moonwatching River whispered in a deep voice, and the condensation in the words grew thicker and thicker.

    After all, if everything was really as they expected, then the matter would have to rise to the national level.

    However, no matter how much was said now, it would only be speculation.

    It was still imperative to find out the person who had started it all first.

    So, after the meeting ended, Moonwatching River immediately ordered to use the country's martial power to assist the secular world in finding the culprit.

    Just like this, the search continued for two days.

    On the outskirts of Winter Capital, in a remote tavern, there were two people, but sitting quietly.

    One of them, dressed in a black robe, had a flame pattern embroidered on his long robe.

    At this time, this black-robed man, but comfortable drinking tea, majestic face above, calm as usual.

    The man opposite him, however, was slightly anxious, looking outside from time to time as if he was a wanted and scurrying prisoner.

    "Dragon God, what should we do now?"

    "All the major ports are blocked, we're trapped in the Japanese Kingdom."

    Long Baichuan said anxiously with worry in his eyebrows.

    It had been two days, and since they had exterminated Sato as well as Abe Nakanami and the others, they were trapped in the country of Japan and were slow to return.

    However, in the face of Long Baichuan's anxiety, the man in black in front of him was still calm.

    Not only did he not show any signs of panic, but he also picked up the teapot and filled himself with a cup of tea.

    That faintly pretentious appearance was simply in line with Ye Fan.

    Worthy of being Ye Fan's subordinate, this pretending was all of one flavor.

    Seeing this scene, Long Baichuan's entire body was about to cry.

    "Dragon God, say something?"

    "Both of us are strong clerics, and you are still a title cleric.Once our massacre of the Japanese people is revealed, the fact that you and I are in deep danger is a small matter, causing martial strife between the two countries is a big matter."

    Long Baichuan said anxiously.

    After all, he, Long Baichuan, had a special identity, not only being a powerful Chinese cleric, but also a member of the military.

    Once the Japanese martial dao learned that he was involved in the massacre of eight thousand soldiers of the first division, it was very likely that it would lead to a war of words between the two countries, eventually leading to a martial dao national war.

    This was by no means what Long Baichuan wished to see.

    Before, he had thought that after killing these people, he would immediately return home.

    Everything was unknown, and even if the Japanese country was furious at home, there was nowhere to vent their anger because there was no way to find the murderer.

    However, Long Baichuan never expected that the Japanese high command would act so quickly and accurately, directly sealing the entry and exit ports.

    In this situation, Long Baichuan felt that it was only a matter of time before the two of them were exposed.

    After all, there were also top strongmen existing within the Japanese Kingdom.

    The fact that ordinary people couldn't find them in no way meant that the strong clansmen of the Japanese Kingdom couldn't find them as well.

    "What are you afraid of?"

    "Just wait at ease."

    "At worst, fight them."The man in black laughed breezily.


    At that time, the corner of Long Baichuan's eyes snapped shut, only to feel that he was overly arrogant.

    "Dragon God, now is not the time to act arrogant."

    "Yes, you are highly powerful, but don't forget that the Three Gods Pavilion and the Sword God Palace of the Sun Country are not vegetarians."

    "In particular, the Supreme God of the Sun Country, the Moon Reading Heavenly God, has just awakened and returned, and her strength is unfathomable."

    "If you and I take on her, I'm afraid we'll die without a funeral."

    Long Baichuan was getting anxious, speaking like this black-clothed man about the grim situation before him.

    However, this black-clothed man remained unmoved, taking a sip from his tea cup in a leisurely manner, and continued, "Long Bachuan, do you believe in the Dragon Lord?"

    "Well?"Long Baichuan was stunned, not knowing why the Dragon God suddenly asked this, however, Long Baichuan nodded, "The Dragon Lord has been kind enough to support me, so I naturally trust the Dragon Lord unconditionally."

    The man in black whirled around and smiled, "In that case, then wait at ease.The Dragon Lord has said that within three days, the Three Gods Pavilion Master, will send us back to the country in peace."


    "The Three Gods Court Master?"

    "Is there a mistake?"

    "You and I have killed so many people and stirred up chaos in the Sun Country.That Three Gods Pavilion Master, as the martial leader of the Japanese Kingdom, couldn't even kill us in time, so how could he still send us back?You're afraid you've heard wrong, aren't you?"

    When Long Baichuan heard this, he stared in shock at that time, not believing it at all, only thinking that this Dragon God was talking nonsense.

    However, Long Baichuan's words had just fallen.


    Suddenly, there was a gale sweeping in the distance.

    Immediately afterwards, there were two figures at the end of the line of sight, quietly appearing.

    One of them was carrying a long sword of green wood and was dressed in white.

    The other, although he only had one arm left, he was still monstrous and powerful.

    These two people, one in front of the other, walked slowly like this, until their eyes fell on each other.

    Until their eyes landed on Long Baichuan and the man in black.

    A low voice, with endless coldness, swirled.

    "Dare I ask your Excellency, is this the Huaxia Grandmaster, Long Baichuan?"


Outside the restaurant, the wind swept up the falling leaves.The sound of rustling was incessant.

    Inside the restaurant, however, the low voice echoed unceasingly.

    The coldness contained within it was chilling.

    The moment he heard it, Long Baichuan's appearance changed drastically.

    "You guys are?"

    Long Baichuan frowned and asked in a deep voice.

    The eyes that looked at them were also filled with scruples.

    It was because, the might emanating from the two people in front of them actually made Long Baichuan feel chilled.

    In other words, these two in front of them were, both, Sealed Masters!

    How could Long Baichuan, be surprised by this?

    Did his fears come after all?

    "Sword God Palace Palace Master, Moonwatching River."

    "Second Palace Master of the Sword God Palace, Ryuichi Ishino."

    In response to Long Baichuan's question, these two didn't conceal anything, but directly gave their names.

    "You...You are the Sword God of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River?"

    Long Baichuan's old face was undoubtedly even paler as he heard the words.

    The Japanese Sword God had personally come, and I'm afraid that this matter was going to be troublesome.

    Sure enough, after finding Long Baichuan, Moonwatcher River directly opened the door and asked, "First Division Commander Sato, as well as those 8,000 soldiers, should have been killed by Your Excellency, right?"

    "And the head of the Abe family, Abe Nakanami, also died at the hands of His Excellency, I suppose?"

    "What Sato, who is Abe Nakanami, I don't recognize ...."Long Baek Chuan was planning to die and not admit it, after all, this kind of thing was not trivial, if he admitted it, things would be big.

    However, what Long Baichuan did not expect was that before he had finished his side of the conversation, the man in black, who had been calmly drinking tea, suddenly raised his head and smiled, "Oh, investigating quite quickly?"

    "I didn't expect to find us so quickly."

    "It seems that the Japanese martial arts world is not all mediocrity."

    "So, you're admitting it?The eight thousand soldiers of my Japanese nation, and Commander Sato and others, were all killed by you?"Shino Ryuichi's eyebrows whirled cold, and his gaze towards the two in front of him was only like a sword.

    "No, no..."Long Baichuan was still trying to save it.

    But Nai Nai that man in black laughed lightly and continued, "What's the acknowledgement or not, they plotted against the Dragon Lord, their crime is unforgivable and they deserve to die, we are just coming over to take the lives of a few damned people."

    Hearing the black-clothed man's words, at that time, Long Baichuan cried.

    "Sub-O, Dragon Lord, what are you doing~"

    "You don't want to live, but I do?"

    Long Baichuan had never expected that this Dragon God would just admit it.

    This was not knowing how to live?Or is it that a superior artist is so bold that he is not afraid of the retaliation of the Japanese martial arts?

    However, no one paid attention to Long Bachuan's complaint.

    The gazes of Sword God Looking Moon River and Shi No Long Yi also passed over Long Bachuan and directly landed on the man in black.

    Previously, they had investigated and found out the entry message of the Huaxia Grandmaster Long Bachuan.

    Therefore, Moonwatching River and the others thought that Long Bachuan was responsible for these two killings.

    But now, it seemed that they thought wrongly, the real culprit was the man in black in front of them, and Long Bachuan was merely an auxiliary role.

    In the midst of hearing the black-clothed man's words, Moonwatching River and Shi Ye Long Yi were all furious.

    The words became more and more ice-cold filled.

    "What an unforgivable crime, what a deserving death!"

    "Just Your Excellency, you killed my Japanese people and violated my Japanese martial arts, can your actions be unforgivable, and can you deserve to die?"

    "Rampaging and killing wantonly in my country of Japan, are you seriously not afraid of, angering my country of Japan's martial dao and causing a martial dao national war, and then being strong in my country of Japan and beheaded in a foreign land?"

    Looking Moon River's eyebrows and eyes were icy cold, and he was furiously angry.

    The monstrous rage was only like a thunderstorm sweeping through, shaking the heavens and earth here.

    "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding~"

    "Sword God, this is all a misunderstanding..."

    As soon as he heard about the Martial Kingdom War, Long Bachuan became frightened and pale, and even advised against it.

    But the man in black who was traveling with him did not care about that.

    He was still smiling and proudly returned, "What?Are you two planning to kill me to avenge those Gryphons?"

    At this point, the man in black shook his head and sneered.

    "A word of advice to you two, don't seek your own death."

    "If you want to kill me, you should let the Three Gods Pavilion Master do it."

    "As for the two of you, you're not worthy yet!"

    "Arrogant!"The Sword God was furious.

    "Looking for death!"Ryuichi Shiano was equally furious, his eyebrows and eyes red, his face as gruesome as it was.

    In anger, a battle was on the verge of breaking out.

    These two Sword God Palace Palace masters then attacked the man in black, en masse.


    In a split second, the sword light was so strong that it filled the sky.

    Moonwatching Moon River wielded a sharp sword, and it cut right into the man in black.

    Shi No Long clenched his fist and palm and smashed down.

    In the face of the monstrous attack that suddenly erupted from these two, the man dressed in black, however, stepped on the ground and leapt up.

    In the void, he dodged sideways, and the sword light of the Moonwatching River immediately fell into the void.

    At the same time, the black-clothed man punched out, following Ryuichi Shiano, who was attacking from the rear, with a direct punch.


    There was a loud boom, and Ryuichi Shiano was actually shaken right out of the air, retreating a hundred meters in a row with his feet on the ground.


    "This man, what strength!"

    After the short encounter, Moonwatching River and the others were suddenly frightened, and the weight in their brows was undoubtedly even greater.

    "Bastard, come again!"

    While Moonwatching River was secretly frightened, Shi No Ryuichi steadied himself, but he rushed up again.

    With his strength sweeping away, Shi No Ryuichi's monstrous attack was like a violent storm, battling with the man in black.

    Wang Yuehe did not show weakness either, dancing his sword with his hand, sword light repeatedly.

    The Qingmu Sword Technique weaved into a heaven-covering sword net in the air.

    Under the vast attack of the two, the man in black was like a candle in the wind, seemingly going out at any moment.

    However, it was always long lasting.

    Eventually, under the combined attack of the two, the man in black dodged left and right with more than enough ease, not losing any ground at all.

    And, catching the moment, he was able to issue an effective counterattack, causing Moonwatching River and the others, instead, to be extremely embarrassed.

    Long Baichuan, who was far away, looked at such a scene and his entire body was shocked.

    "Is this the power of a Sealed Master?"

    "Is this the majesty of the Dragon God?"

    "Actually horrifying as hell!"

    Long Baichuan's own strength was only that of a clan master.

    In his eyes, any title clan master was an insurmountable existence.

    But now, the strong Dragon God was able to fight one against two, and he was not even close to being defeated.

    This had to make Long Baichuan tremble.

    Being able to deter such a strong person, how strong should Ye Fan, who was the Lord of the Dragon God, be?

    Long Baichuan can't even imagine it anymore.


    "Heavenly Fire Three Xuan Transformation!"

    "Green Dragon Transformation!"

    After a long battle, the man in black suddenly made an outburst.

    In a majestic roar, a fire dragon formed by the strength of his energy actually swept out from under his palm.


    Sensing this person's sudden outburst of power, Moonwatching River's appearance changed immediately and shouted in alarm.

    "Not good, Long Yi, retreat quickly!"



    "Can you back out?"

    The black-clothed man sneered, between the surge of the fierce wind, but the attack in his hand was once again several points thicker.


    And then, under the roar of the dragon and tiger, only the fire dragon was seen, then it swept across the sky, sweeping away from Moonwatching River and Shi No Long Yi.


    The two of them gave a muffled grunt, and then, like kites with broken strings, they fell from the sky.

    The fierce qi energy wrapped around their bodies, grazing the earth and retreating unceasingly.

    With every step back, their feet would leave an eventful crater on the ground.

    Just like this, the two of them retreated dozens of steps before they stabilized their bodies.

    However, although their bodies were stable, the qi and blood in their chests surged, and the last mouthful of blood was spat right out.


    "This strong?"

    The Dragon Bacchuan beside him was already dumbfounded, he had never thought that the Dragon Lord, with his own strength, had defeated the two Great Seal Masters alive.

    Knowing that this was only one Dragon God among several, Long Baichuan already didn't even dare to imagine that if the Dragon Gods were gathered together, how strong would the power that Dragon Lord Chu Tianfan possessed be?

    Although, Long Baichuan had already worshipped under the Dragon God Temple more than a decade ago.

    But over all these years, his understanding of the Dragon God Temple was just the tip of the iceberg.

    He only knew that under the Dragon Lord's banner, there were four Dragon Kings, and under the Dragon Kings, there were various secret subordinates.

    But the power above the Dragon King, Long Bachuan didn't understand at all.

    So only now did Long Baichuan Fang realize how terrifying the power that Ye Fan held was?

    Not only Long Baichuan, Sword God Moonwatching River and Shi No Long Yi were also trembling in their hearts.

    Obviously, they hadn't expected that behind this Chu Tianfan, there was a powerful person of this level standing behind him.

    Moreover, what made Moonwatching River and the others even more puzzled was, what was the identity of this person in front of them?

    Why, they had never seen it before.

    "Could it be that, just like Chu Tianfan, he is also a newly promoted title master?"

    "Or is it some hidden powerhouse?"

    When he thought of this, the trembling in Moonwatching River's heart undoubtedly intensified.

    He suddenly had the feeling that there was an extremely mysterious power hidden behind the fallen Chu Tianfan.

    At the very least, this force was unknown to the current world.


    "Still coming?"

    "I told you, if you want to kill me, you two are not worthy."

    "I'd rather invite the strongest person of your Sun Country."

    After heavily injuring the Moonwatching River two with a single move, that Dragon God strong man, however, stood proudly, under the void, with a negative hand.

    A pair of eyes looked down on them with such indifference.

    The contempt and defiance in his words was so thick.



    The black-clothed man's words once again stimulated the Moonwatching River two.

    They were livid with anger, then spat out the blood in their mouths, and picked up their long swords to kill again.

    However, at this moment, an invisible majesty suddenly swept through the world.

    The storm, which had been fierce and violent, suddenly stopped.

    The wind stopped blowing, and the grass and trees stopped swaying.

    It was as if, time stopped here.

    This heaven and earth became extremely oppressive.

    Long Baichuan, who was in the middle of it, only felt like he was being strangled by someone's throat, and even breathing was so difficult.


    "What's going on here?"

    "What happened?"

    Long Baichuan turned pale, his old face pale, and fear and trepidation flickered in his eyebrows.

    In his entire life, he had never experienced the scene in front of him.

    The oppressive feeling was close to suffocating him.

    Even when facing Ye Fan, it had never made him feel this depressing.

    "Finally, is it here?"

    Not only Long Baichuan, the black-clothed man who had previously arrogantly pretended in front of the Moonwatching River and the other two, the calmness and laughter on his face swirled away, replaced by an extremely dense weight and scruple.

    He didn't pay any more attention to the Moonwatching River and Shi Ye Long Yi, but raised his head and looked towards the end of the Heavenly River.There was a lingering gravity in those cold eyes.

    And at this time, Moonwatching River and the two of them also felt the might, so they could no longer care about fighting the man in black in front of them, whirling around and standing by the roadside, while greeting, with the most respectful posture and the most devout gaze, the arrival of the Heavenly God!

    Sure enough, as the pressure grew stronger, a holy and majestic figure at the end of the celestial river quietly emerged.

    It was a peerless woman, a white dress floating, three thousand green threads like snow.

    Looking from afar, it was just like a generation of heavenly gods coming to earth, misty and majestic, out of the ordinary.

    At the first sight of him, Long Baichuan was deeply shocked, and his heart was not only shocked, but also terrified.

    He could not help but wail in his heart.

    In this world, how could there be such a stunningly majestic woman?

    Is she really an immortal?

    At that moment, Long Baichuan's entire brain was blank, startled in place, unable to say a word.

    He didn't have enough strength and heart after all.

    In front of a truly strong person, but was unable to even control his own emotions.

    However, one couldn't entirely blame Long Baichuan for his lack of strength, after all, the other party's aura and might was indeed too strong, even the man in black, who was one of the Dragon Gods, actually had a trace of cold sweat spilling out on his forehead.

    Apparently, even he did not expect that the other party's might was so strong?

    "See Luna!"


    While Long Baichuan and the others were horrified, Moonwatching River and Shiye Ryuichi and the others, however, hurried forward to pay their respects.

    Moon Reader ignored them, and ever since she appeared, her pair of cold eyes always landed on the black-clothed man and never moved away.

    And, as she got closer, the killing intent in Moon Reading's eyebrows and eyes became more and more intense.

    "Who are you?"

    "How dare you trespass into the land of my Sun Country and go on a killing spree within our borders."

    "Do you really think that there is no one in my Sun Country's martial arts?"


    As the words fell, the monstrous might also exploded.

    The sky, which had been silent, swirled with winds and flying sand!

    Under the majesty of the moon reading, Long Baichuan's face was pale, and in the end, he even spat out a mouthful of blood right out.

    As for that strong Dragon God, he was actually forced back a few steps by this might.

    With just a single drink, it was so mighty.

    The Sun Country's Moon Reading Heavenly God was actually as terrifying as this!

    At that time, Long Baichuan was in despair.

    Thinking that this time, it was completely over!

    The Supreme God of the Sun Country had descended, and the two of them were afraid that they would die in the Sun Country and fold their arms here.

    The black-clothed man, his face was also extremely ugly.

    Under the powerful pressure of the Moon Reading Celestial God, the man in black endured the oppression and raised his head to ask the other party, "Dare I ask your Excellency, is it the Three Gods Pavilion Master, Moon Reading, the Celestial God of the Sun Country?"

    "My Dragon Lord, has a message for me, to convey on his behalf."

    The man in black said in a deep voice, his tone slightly terrified.

    Clearly, he was also a little unsure in his heart.


This moon reading was menacing and boiling with killing intent.

    He also didn't know if the words that the Dragon Lord had asked him to convey would be able to bring them back from the dead or not.

    However, Moon Read simply ignored this man in black's words, and his stunning face, still as cold as ice, had endless anger rising between his brows.

    After all, the other party's act of invasion and killing had severely trampled on the bottom line of the Japanese martial dao.

    For a strong foreigner to enter the Sun Country without permission was inherently a violation of the Martial Dao's taboo.

    Now, even more so, he had gone on a killing spree, slaughtering the military and political giants within the Japanese Kingdom, causing life and blood to flow.

    Such actions were undoubtedly a trample on the national dignity of the Sun Country, a blasphemy to the martial world of the Sun Country, and even more so, a great contempt for her, the strongest person in the Sun Country.

    If it were to be spread out, wouldn't their Japanese Martial Dao be a laughing stock for the world?

    So, upon learning of this, Moon Reader, thundering with rage, decided to personally take action and slay this group of maniacs who had invaded the Japanese Kingdom, in order to preserve the divine power of the Japanese martial arts and serve as a warning to others!

    Therefore, without even being explained by the man in black, the Moon Reading Heavenly God, who was under anger, had raised his arm.

    Yuan Power gathered, and vigor swept through.

    A terrifying attack began to brew underneath its slender jade fingers.

    By the looks of it, Moon Reading was preparing to behead the two of them, Long Baichuan, on the spot!

    Feeling the terrifying divine power of the moon reading, Long Baichuan was filled with despair and trembled with fear.Even the man in black was livid, as if he was walking on thin ice in the abyss.

    The only ones who could laugh were Moonwatching Moon River and Shi Nuo Long, one or two of them.

    "Something that doesn't know how to live."

    "My Sun Country's Martial Dao is guarded by the Moon Reading Heavenly God, how can you make a mistake?"

    "However, it is enough for you to be proud to die under the Moon Reading Heavenly God of my Sun Country."

    In between sneers, Shiye Ryuichi, however, added fuel to the fire, paying homage to Moon Reading once again, saying in a deep voice, "Please, Moon Reading Heavenly God, slay this madman on the spot, as a tribute to the eight thousand souls that have died in my Sun Country!"


    Shi No Ryuichi's words were like a boulder falling into the sea, creating a monstrous wave.

    The moment his words fell, the void in front of him exploded with sound.

    Then, Long Baichuan and the others saw the Moon Reading Heavenly God slap down with a palm.

    A huge and majestic Heaven-Shattering palm seal then smashed down towards Long Baichuan and the black-clothed man.

    No one doubted that after this palm fell, Long Baichuan and the others, even if they didn't die, would be stripped to fart!

    "It's over, it's completely over~"

    Before he died, the desperate Long Baichuan wailed.

    He had never thought that this first mission to the country of Japan would become the last.

    It was a pity that until his death, he had never been able to see the day of the Dragon Lord, the beacon of prairie fire!

    However, as Long Baichuan despaired of dying, the man in black beside him gritted his teeth and shouted, "In the East Sea's sky, the jade fan hangs upside down."

    "Under the sunrise, Fuji white snow."


    What the hell is this?

    You're dying and you're still reciting poetry?

    Hey, Lord Dragon, can we please stop this?

    As the man in black shouted, Long Baichuan beside him was almost crying.

    He had thought that at the moment of desperation, this hallowed Dragon God would have to fight for his life, fight to the death.

    But Long Baichuan never expected that this Lord Dragon God would not have any intention to resist and fight, but instead, he was reading poetry here.

    What did he want?

    Do you want to chant poetry to kill the Moon Reading God?

    Long Baichuan was tearless.

    However, the black-clothed man's words were still echoing.

    "Dare I ask the Moon Reading Pavilion Master, do you still remember the time when my Dragon Lord laid down his life to protect me at the summit of Mount Fuji?"

    "And can you remember the watchful companionship of my dragon lord on that day in the sky tree?"

    "Have, the Moon Reading Pavilion Master, seriously forgotten about Chu Tianfan, who was at Jingzhou City?"


    The words were like thunder, rolling through this Heavenly River.

    In the instant the words fell, the peerless figure in front of it abruptly stagnated.

    It was so powerful that it actually dissipated in an instant.

    Especially when she heard the three words of Chu Tianfan, the woman in front of her was like being struck by lightning.

    Her delicate body trembled and her pupils crinkled.

    A pair of beautiful eyes quietly widened.

    In her heart, even more shocking waves were stirred up.

    The original majestic and outgoing temperament suddenly dissipated by several points.

    If the previous Three Gods Pavilion Master was the high and cold and holy Moon Reading Heavenly God.

    Then nowadays, she was like a young girl suffering from love affair.

    She scattered all her might, a pair of beautiful eyes looking forward, and asked anxiously, "How did you know my master's name?"

    "You know my master?"

    "Or was it the master who sent you and he's not dead?"

    The woman in front of me asked anxiously, and there was surprise, anticipation, and even a trifle of trepidation in her words.

    In the beginning, after Moon Reading awakened, the previous Rangong Ying Yue ceased to be, and this body was no longer under Rangong Ying Yue's control.

    However, for some unknown reason, although Moon Reading's consciousness had awakened, Rangongong Ying Yue's consciousness hadn't dissipated.

    So now, in this body, there were two people's souls and consciousnesses residing.

    One was Moon Reader, and the other, Rangong Ying Yue!

    Now, after hearing the news of her master, the consciousness that had been hidden in this body and belonged to Rangong Ying Yue immediately emerged.

    She anxiously asked Long Baichuan and the others, her words filled with thoughts and joy.

    Ever since the news of Ye Fan's fall was released, Rangong Ying Yue was undoubtedly extremely sad.

    During this period of time, she had personally gone to the sea where the incident occurred.

    She even wanted to kill Sato and the others to avenge her master.

    However, this body didn't entirely belong to her after all.

    So, even if she wanted to avenge Ye Fan again, she couldn't do it with Moon Reading stopping her.

    It had been so long since Ye Fan's accident, and Rangong Ying Yue had almost accepted the reality of her master's fall.

    But now that she suddenly heard the news of her master again, Rangong Ying Yue was naturally delighted and terrified.

    While Rangong Ying Yue was anxiously asking questions, the man in black, however, let out a long sigh of relief, "Saved~"

    Long Baichuan was also in a state of shock.

    However, in celebration, Long Baichuan couldn't help but tremble, "Master?"

    "Could it be that the supreme god of this Sun Country is also a subordinate of the Dragon Lord?"

    Long Baichuan's heart was trembling with fear and confusion.

    The man in black, on the other hand, replied honestly at this point, "The master you are talking about should be the Dragon Lord, right?"

    "This time, we are indeed here by order of the Dragon Lord."

    "The Dragon Lord said that if I see the Moon Reading Court Master, I will greet you on his behalf."

    "Is there more?Did the Lord say anything else?"The woman in front of me asked anxiously, the anticipation as if she were a girl alone in her chamber, expecting a reply from her lover.


"The Dragon Lord also said that he has a lot of business right now and can't get away.When there is time in the future, he will come back to visit you in the Sun Country."

    When the man in black saw the Moon Reading God looking like this, he knew that there was a show, so he hurriedly relayed Ye Fan's words to her again.

    But on the pretty face of Rangong Ying Yue, who heard this, it was hard to hide her joy and pleasure.

    Firstly, it was happy that Ye Fan was still alive, and secondly, it was because, the original master, was still thinking about her?

    Especially after hearing that Ye Fan was planning to come visit her in the future, Rangong Ying Yue was even more touched, and between the smiles on her lips, her beautiful eyes had turned red.

    Since childhood, Rangong Yingyue had always suffered from the coldness and neglect of her relatives and clan members.

    It could be said that she had never felt the care of her relatives, let alone the care of others.

    But now, her master, even though he was thousands of miles away, still missed her and cared for her.

    This naturally made Rangong Ying Yue extremely touched, and in her heart, she only felt a warm current that slowly flowed through her.

    Was this what it felt like to be cared for and cared for?

    Really, it's delightful ah.

    Rangong Ying Yue was filled with joy, and then actually asked again with great anticipation, "Is there more?"

    "My master, is there anything else to say?"

    Ryouga Ying Yue didn't seem to have heard enough, but asked again.


    The black-clothed man hesitated slightly, and then his appearance turned, and he whirled around to smile, "There is, there is also a poem that the Dragon Lord asked me to send to you, Moon God."

    "What poem?You speak quickly."

    Once he heard that Ye Fan had a poem to send to himself, Liang Gong Ying Yue was undoubtedly even happier, but he couldn't wait to ask.

    The black-clothed man cleared his throat and whirled around, "Then Moon God, please listen carefully."

    After a moment's pause, the black-clothed man whirled around and recited in a tone full of endless emotion.

    "Slender clouds make skillful, flying stars spread hatred~"

    "It's a long, dark journey."


    In just the first sentence, Rangong Ying Yue was startled.

    The two people on the side, Moonwatching River and Shi No Long Yi, were also astonished with their eyebrows.

    They only felt that a beautiful mood unfolded in front of their eyes with this moving poem.

    "This...This is such a beautiful poem~"

    Moonwatching River whispered in his heart.

    At this time, there was suddenly a refreshing breeze.

    It was like a lover's comfort, blowing green leaves and rustling.

    The distant blue-wave lake also made ripples.

    At the end of the sky, there was a pair of swallow sparrows flying over.

    It was also at this time that the man in black suddenly raised his head, his deep eyes, landing on the stunning beauty in front of him, and his deep and touching words continued to ring out.

    "As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, it will win, the countless on earth."


    At that moment, Ranggong Ying Yue only seemed as if she had been struck by something, her pretty face whirled into panic, and her eyebrows were even more overflowing with inexplicable feelings and emotions.

    In her heart, there was even a touch of unspeakable joy that was slowly brewing.

    However, it wasn't over yet.

    The poem continued.

    "Tenderness is like water, good times are like dreams, endure the magpie bridge home road."

    "If two loves are long-lasting, how can they be, morning and evening!"


    It was as if struck by thunder.

    At the moment this poem was chanted, Rangong Ying Yue was completely disoriented.

    The entire person, was struck by this poem, fiercely.

    Her petite body trembled slightly, her eyebrows and eyes were red, and her heart was filled with intense touch and joy.

    Long Baichuan and the others could vaguely see the touching crystals shining in the brows and eyes of the beauty in front of them.

    It was too beautiful!

    Rangong Ying Yue had never heard such a touching poem before.

    Although there were only a few lines, it was like a thousand words.

    Even though they were ten thousand miles apart, Rangong Ying Yue could still feel that young man's guardianship and affection for her through this poem.

    "As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, .... win.... countless in the human world~"


    Ranggong Ying Yue couldn't stop repeating it over and over again, her words filled with joy.

    "Master, thank you~"

    "Thank you for the poem you gave to Yue'er, and also thank you, for this love for Yue'er..."

    Under the Heavenly River, Ranggong Ying Yue smiled tearfully.

    Although, this poem was an ancient poem from Huaxia.

    However, by using the poem to convey love, how could Rangong Ying Yue not hear the intense love that was contained in this poem.

    At that moment, Rangong Ying Yue's heart was both joyful and terrified.

    The joy was the master's deep affection for her.

    I was terrified because, how could she, Liang Gong Ying Yue, be able to accept this love from her master?

    "Moon God Pavilion Master, this is what the Dragon Lord asked me to convey to you before I came here."

    "If it weren't for the fact that the Dragon Lord had something to do, I think the Dragon Lord would have come to the Sun Country to see you personally."

    While Ranggong Ying Yue was deeply touched, the man in black struck while the iron was hot, but he continued, "That's all, if the Moon God doesn't order us again, we'll take our leave and return to the country to return to the Dragon Lord."

    "No!"Moonwatching Moon River and the others were shocked and said, "Moon God, you must not let them leave like this."

    "These two have trespassed into my Sun Country's martial path without permission.And went on a killing spree within our borders, staining the Winter Capital with blood."

    "They have committed such a heinous crime, they deserve death!"

    "Please, Moon God, slay these two thugs and avenge the souls of the dead souls of my country of Japan."

    Looking at Moon River and Shi No Ryuichi, they begged one after another.

    They were afraid that the Moon God, would let Long Baichuan and the others return in peace.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as Moonwatching Moon River and the others said this, Rangong Ying Yue instantly raged, "Shut up!"

    "With me here, I'll see which of you dare touch them in the slightest."

    "My master's subordinates are the honored guests of my country of Japan."

    "The two of you, how dare you insult?"

    Rangong Ying Yue was furiously angry.

    Ye Fan had the grace of protection and shelter for her.

    It could be said that in the world today, Rangong Ying Yue undoubtedly treated Ye Fan as her closest relative.

    Now that Ye Fan sent people to the Sun Country, she would provide them with shelter even if it was for her master's sake.

    "But...But Moon God, he...They have killed so many people, are we, like, just going to let them leave so easily?"

    "If word gets out, won't the people of the world, laugh at the fact that there is no one in the martial arts of my country of Japan, and that we are at the mercy of invasion and slaughter?"

    "Moon God, you have to pay attention to your identity and position ah."

    "You are the Moon God of my Sun Country, not the Moon God of their Huaxia ah, much less that Chu Tianfan's Moon God, you have to shelter our Sun Country people ah."Looking at the Moon River, the two of them continued to advise bitterly, and their entire bodies were on the verge of tears.

    They had never expected that the Moon God, who had previously vowed with murderous intent to uphold the majesty of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, would have a 180-degree reversal in his attitude upon hearing the three words Chu Tianfan.

    Now, he even turned his elbow outward to defend the people of other countries.

    However, where did Ranggong Ying Yue listen to all this.

    Her pretty face was cold, and she returned in a cold voice, "It was them who murdered others in the first place, and in the martial world, it is an unchanging iron law to kill to pay for one's life."

    "From the time they murdered my master, they should have thought of today's ending!"

    "These people, deserving of death, are not worthy of mercy, much less shelter."


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