Secret Identity 1411-1420


Chapter 1411

It was true that Ye Chen was very disgusted with Yamamoto Kazuki, but one way or the other, he had a good impression of Ito Nachiko.

    Although Ito Nai-chan had been practicing martial arts for many years, she was still able to see the tenderness in her bones and was considered a rare and sensible girl.

    When Shi Tianqi heard his words, he immediately said, "I know Master Ye, don't worry, if she comes over again next time, I will also do my due diligence in hospitality."

    "Well, that's enough."Ye Chen said "Okay Elder Shi, I'm almost home, so I'll leave you alone."

    "Okay Master Ye."

    After hanging up Shi Tianqi's phone, Ye Chen drove the car into the Townsend One villa area.

    When he saw that he was about to arrive at his doorstep, Ye Chen gradually slowed down his car.

    At this time, a silhouette suddenly flashed out from one side and blocked his car.

    Ye Chen stopped the car with a kick of the brakes and looked up to find that the person blocking in front of his car was Ito Nana-chan!

    He couldn't help but wonder.

    Why was this Japanese woman here?

    Itachi's strength was indeed very impressive among ordinary people, so it was no surprise that she was able to get into Tomoichi.

    However, what Ye Chen was curious about was what this Japanese woman wanted to do with herself.

    At this time, Ito Naija, who was blocking the front of Ye Chen's BMW, did not speak, but bowed deeply to him with a humble face.

    Ye Chen had no choice but to push the door and get out of the car, came in front of her and asked "Miss Ito, what are you doing here?"

    Itoh Cabbage looked up with a somewhat nervous expression, and after taking a sip and hesitating for a moment, she suddenly bent her legs, knelt in front of him, and begged, "Mr. Ye, I beg you to save my master!"

    "Save him?"Ye Chen asked in amusement "What makes you think I can save him when his entire body is broken?"

    Ito Nana-chan said with conviction "I trust my own judgment, I believe you will be able to save my master, he is certainly wrong, but not that wrong!"

    Ye Chen sneered "Isn't that wrong?You should know that what he has insulted today is not just me, but all the sons and daughters of China, what makes you think that he is not so wrong?I won't even mention how many injuries and scars Japan left on the Chinese people back then, but just the four words "East Asian sick man" alone are completely unforgivable!"

    Ito Nanae was ashamed and said, "You are right, I know those four words are inappropriate, but my master is already in his twilight years, and now you want to make him an invalid for the rest of his life because of these four words, this is really a little too cruel, isn't it?Moreover, your men have carved those four words on his forehead, and he has already undergone inhuman torture and humiliation, so please be merciful and let him go."

    Ye Chen indifferently said "Miss Ito, let me give you a piece of advice."

    Ito Cauldron didn't understand why Ye Chen suddenly wanted to give himself a piece of advice, so he hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, please say it, I'm listening!"

    Ye Chen said "A woman of your character should go back to Japan and find a good man to marry, and from now on, marry and teach your children, don't try to practice martial arts anymore, and don't even dream of being able to make a breakthrough in the way of martial arts."

    Ito Naija looked at him and asked unconvinced "Mr. Ye, are you looking down on my strength?I'm not worth a damn to you, but I've at least won two World University Championships, so I'm doing better than most, right?"

    Ye Chen laughed and said, "Your strength is really considered very good among your peers, but your mentality is not suitable for the martial path."


Itachi frowned and said "And please express Mr. Ye!"

    Ye Chen said "First of all, the path of martial arts should be cultivated first in the mind, then in the body, and then in the arts."

    "In other words, the importance of the mind is greater than the physical qualities, greater than the type of martial art."

    "It doesn't really matter whether you practice combat or scramble, or whether you practice intercepting boxing or karate as well as Wing Chun or Tai Chi, what's important is your heart!"

    Itachi asked puzzled, "My heart?What's going on inside of me?"

    Ye Chen snorted and condescendingly snapped, "Your heart is full of women's benevolence, full of gambling, no open-mindedness, no frankness, and no wolfishness!"

    "Wolfish?!"Itachi's expression tightened and she exclaimed, "What do you mean?What is wolfishness?"

    Ye Chen Dao "The so-called wolf nature is that toughness and ruthlessness, if a wolf's companion is caught by a hunter, the wolf will only try to save it, not try to beg the hunter to spare its life!"

    "If a wolf's mate is wounded, it will not lie down beside its mate and whimper, it will show its fangs to avenge its mate, and if it can fight, it will fight, but if it can't, it will lie down and find the right opportunity to fight again!"

    "But a worthy wolf would never, under any circumstances, wag his tail in the presence of an enemy!If it's just a husky, it won't be a match for a wolf, even if it's big and strong,"

    "So, you're not even a qualified martial artist!"

    Itoh Nana-chan angrily questioned "What makes you think I'm not qualified?"

    Ye Chen said in a cold voice "Saying you're not qualified is because you're wrong three times!"

    "Wrong one!You lack the willingness to gamble!"

    "Your master made a fair bet with me, win or lose, you bear the consequences yourself, even your master himself was willing to accept defeat and accept the consequences of defeat, but you as his disciple could not accept it, and you came to beg me, try to ask, if you yourself had lost the bet, would you also cheat and refuse to admit defeat?"

    Ito Naozi was red in the face from his reprimand and didn't know what to do for a moment.

    Ye Chen continued, "Wrong two!As a martial artist, your body is strong but your heart is weak, this proves that you are not worthy of being a martial artist from your bones!In my eyes, a martial artist is a wolf who dares to fight and is not afraid to die, but you, although you have the physique and fangs of a wolf, but in your bones, you are a poor teddy dog!"

    When Itoh Cabbage heard this, tears instantly came to her eyes.

    And Ye Chen was still going on.

    "Wrong three!On the battlefield, heads can be broken, blood can be shed, and integrity cannot be lost!And what about you?How dare you come to wag your tail and beg for mercy from me, do you also kneel and beg for mercy from the enemy in a real battlefield?Do you also beg the other side to show mercy and let you off the hook?"

    "A warrior who would kneel down to the enemy and beg for mercy is never a qualified warrior, so have I wronged you half as much by saying you're not a qualified warrior?!"

    "What you're doing now is simply tarnishing the word martial artist!Therefore, I advise you to stop learning martial arts, you don't deserve it!"

    "Since you are such a womanizer, go back to your husband and children and be a proper and good wife, mother, and woman, I am sure you will perform better in these roles than as a martial artist!"

    After being reprimanded so unmercifully by Ye Chen, Itachi's emotions instantly collapsed and she cried out all at once.


Ye Chen's words made Itoh Cabbage understand that he had never been a qualified martial arts practitioner.

    Even though she had won a world championship, even though she had been one of the top young experts in the world, she still didn't understand where the soul of the martial arts was.

    Seeing her crying pear-shaped tears and her entire body almost collapsing, Ye Chen couldn't help but sigh lightly and say, "Sorry, my words were a bit heavy just now, but I was hoping that you would understand what the true soul of the martial arts is!"

    Ito Cabbage looked up, red big eyes gold stared at Ye Chen, legs bent on the ground on her knees, tears, "Cabbage also please Mr. Ye express, begging Mr. Ye on demand!"

    Ye Chen didn't reach out to help her, but said with a serious face, "The soul of martial arts is not in the strength, but in the strength of the heart!"

    "Being strong at heart, even if you're an invalid, you still live up to the spirit of martial arts, just like your master, who, although he's arrogant and arrogant, he can at least bear the consequences of failure, and from that point of view, he's really much stronger than you!"

    Itachi Nashiko said with glum eyes "Master even tried biting his tongue today, I'm sure he would have chosen hara-kiri if his hands were still working"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "Then this proves that although his strength is poor, he is still strong at heart, and from the inside, he has lived up to his identity as a martial artist, and you"

    Ye Chen said here, up and down sweeping a glance at Itachi Naozi, serious "For now, you are really not suitable for practicing martial arts, I'll give you a piece of advice, after this competition, go back to Japan, go to your university, and after graduating from university, you can take a graduate school to continue your studies, or get married and have children as soon as possible, and live a normal life."

    With red eyes, Itachi said seriously, "But but but I really don't want to give up martial arts!"

    Ye Chen said indifferently "Since you don't want to give up, you have to find a way to become stronger inside yourself."

    Ito Nanako asked after "Mr. Ye, how do I become stronger inside?"

    Ye Chen said "very simple, the first step is to start with this matter of your master, first accepting his fate for him is the first step of inner strength; aspiring to avenge his death is the second step of inner strength."

    Ito Naija hurriedly waved her hand "Mr. Ye, I have never thought of avenging my master's death Naija knows that she is far from being your opponent, and also knows that you are not to blame for the outcome of my master's death today."

    "Mm."Ye Chen nodded approvingly and said seriously, "Since you know that I'm not to blame for this matter, it proves that you've made a little progress and this matter is completely your master's fault.So I advise you not to put too much psychological pressure on yourself.If you feel sorry for him, just take good care of him after you return to Japan."

    Ito Naija nodded repeatedly "Master Ye, Naija understands!"

    Ye Chen said "Well, it's good that you understand, okay, it's getting late, you'd better go back early."

    Ito Naija was busy "Mr. Ye, Naija has one more question to ask you"

    Ye Chen "You say."

    Ito Cabbage pursued "Mr. Ye, is it possible for you, to take Cabbage as your disciple?"

    Ye Chen cut to the chase and said "No way."

    "Why?"Itachi asked him hastily "Is it because I'm not qualified, or because I'm Japanese?"

    The main reason is because you are a Japanese, for thousands of years, the Chinese have taught the Japanese too many things, but the Japanese don't know how to be grateful, and have even repeatedly made enemies of China and even harmed the Chinese people in these two or three hundred years of modern times, as the saying goes, a moat is a wisdom.So I will also never pass on the martial arts of the Chinese to a Japanese woman."

    Itachi was instantly lost inside.

    For the first time, she felt ashamed for being a Japanese.


So, she hurriedly put her hands on the ground and bowed her head and kowtowed, "Mr. Ye, Cai Cai Zi apologizes to you and the Chinese people on behalf of all the Japanese people who have hurt the Chinese people, I'm sorry!Cabbage will do her best to pay off Japan's debt for the rest of her life!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand "Okay, this debt may never be settled, I'm glad that you have this heart."

    After saying that, he reached out his hand to help Ito Cai Cai Zi up and said, "You still have two matches to play next, quickly go back to the good preparation, I as Qin Ao Xue's coach, still very much looking forward to seeing the two of you meet in the final.As the coach of Qin Aoxue, I still look forward to seeing the two of you meet in the finals. So in the next match, you must play well.Succeed in the finals before you can meet Qin Ao Xue in the finals."

    Ito Cabbage said unwaveringly "Mr. Ye please rest assured, Cabbage will do her best to meet Qin Ao Xue in the finals!"

    "Good."Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction "See you in the final then."

    Saying that, Ye Chen turned back to the BMW and drove the BMW into his family's Townsend I villa.

    Itoh Naija looked in the direction of the back of the car for a long time, until Ye Chen disappeared, she was still standing in the same place for about ten minutes.

    At this moment, deep inside her heart, a strong admiration for Ye Chen suddenly emerged.

    It turned out that a man like Ye Chen was a true martial arts master.

    Deep inside her heart, she made a comparison between the two.

    In comparison, although her own master was tough enough at heart, his strength and personality were far inferior to Ye Chen's.

    In particular, her master's previous untamed and blind confidence, thinking that he was already a top expert, and taking the initiative to provoke Ye Chen, it could be seen from this that his mentality had lost more than a hundred thousand miles compared to Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen was unimaginably strong, but before he actually took action, there was no way to see any arrogance or pride in this person.

    Looking at it objectively, the mentor who had put the four words East Asian sick man on his lips at that time was simply like a jumping clown.

    And Ye Chen's words were not wrong at all, the reason why his master had ended up like this was to seek the hammer.

    In this instant, her worship and admiration for Ye Chen was like a nuclear bomb that exploded in an instant, and in a matter of seconds, it had an extremely powerful effect on her heart.

    So much so that she was filled with Ye Chen's figure and couldn't shake it off.

    What filled her ears was also Ye Chen's resounding reprimand, which was like a real enlightenment to her.

    Kobayashi Jiro waited for a long time outside the door of Tomochin I before he saw the disoriented Itachi slowly approaching.

    He hurriedly got out of the car to chase after her and asked "Miss Cabbage, have you seen Yatsuo?"

    Itachi nodded and whispered somewhat distractedly "I see."

    Kobayashi Jiro was busy asking another question "And did he agree to do something to save Yamamoto-san?"

    Itachi shook her head and muttered softly to herself as if to herself "I was wrong and overthinking this matter, I shouldn't have given up the soul of a martial artist and come to beg Mr. Ye to save his master, he is a qualified martial artist, a qualified martial artist should have the courage to face his fate"

    "And since I want to be a competent martial artist, I must also have the courage to face the fate of others."


This night, Itoh Naija stayed up all night.

    She had been thinking back to what Ye Chen had said to her, and somehow, after thinking about it more, she suddenly felt that she must not give up on the martial arts!

    Even, one must redouble one's efforts, work hard, and make sure to impress Ye Chen!

    Perhaps Ye Chen would never be willing to accept himself as a disciple, but he must tell him with his actions that he would become a qualified martial artist!

    Kobayashi Jiro, who has always wanted to pursue Ito Naboko, has also been unable to sleep for a long time.

    While he can't wait to take Ito's hand, he is also looking forward to the next advertising campaign of Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion in China.

    Since Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion was the title sponsor of the final segment, now was a good opportunity for Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion to make a big promotion.

    And, to Kobayashi Jiro's surprise, the Chinese athlete, Qin Aoxue, became the dark horse of the competition!

    For him, because he wants to open the Chinese market, he really wants the Chinese athletes to do well in this race.

    Because, the more this happens, the more the Chinese audience will pay attention to this race as well.

    It would be best if the Chinese athlete could win this match, then the influence of this match would definitely become very great in China, and then Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion would be able to take this opportunity to flourish in China as well.

    However, before he didn't dare to expect a Chinese player to win the championship, after all, there were no Chinese players among the top five seeded players of this competition.

    However, now it seems that Qin Aoxue has the momentum to win the title against all odds, which is definitely an unexpectedly good result for himself.

    As for Itachi Nashiko, Kobayashi Jiro actually didn't want her to win.

    For one thing, if the winner of this match is a Japanese player, sponsored by, again, a Japanese company, it is likely to cause a certain degree of boycott by the Chinese audience.

    Secondly, Jiro Kobayashi was trying to marry Ito Nanae after she graduated from college, and if she won this match, then she would definitely prepare for the next Olympics next while she was at the top of her game.

    In this way, the matter of marriage must have become insignificant in Itoh's eyes.

    Therefore, if Ito Naija-chan loses this match and then gives up martial arts and the Olympics, willingly marries herself, and then marries and teaches her children, that would be the best result for herself.

    If Qin Ao Xue can win this match and trigger the attention and pride of the whole China, then Kobayashi Stomach San will be able to successfully fire all over China with this match.

    That way, it would bring at least tens of billions of dollars of profit to Xiaolin Pharmaceutical every year, allowing Xiaolin Pharmaceutical to recover quickly and reach a new peak!

    That's what Kobayashi Jiro wanted most!

    The next day.

    Gu Qiuyi was in the studio of a film and television base in Jinling, starting to shoot an advertisement for Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion.

    While filming the commercial, Ye Chen came to the film and television base to visit her.

    Actually, he originally didn't want to come at all.

    However, because his wife Xiao Churan really wanted to see the whole process of Gu Qiuyi's commercial with her own eyes, so she pestered him to bring her over.

    Although Gu Qiu Yi was quite dissatisfied with Ye Chen's behavior of bringing his wife to visit her, but overall, Ye Chen's appearance here still made her feel very happy in her heart.

    The advertisement shoot was relatively simple, and after shooting a day's worth of material, the shoot was basically done.


Xiao Churan couldn't stay at the film and television base because she had to work, so she went to her studio first halfway through the shoot, leaving Ye Chen and Wei Liang on the scene.

    After the advertisement was finished, the staff of the advertising company immediately brought the material back to do the post-production, while Ye Chen and Wei Liang, once again, hosted a banquet in Shangri-La to entertain Gu Qiu Yi and Chen Duo Duo.

    After all, Gu Qiu Yi was one of the top stars in China, so her work schedule was still very busy, as she was invited to the Spring Festival Gala this year and had a solo piece to perform, so she had to rush back to Yanjing for the first official rehearsal of the Gala.

    The stars who could be on the Spring Festival Gala were all top stars in China, and because the attention was so high, many big stars were cutting their heads to get in.

    Many big stars are even willing to make a small cameo appearance in a small program, and some singers are willing to sing a song with several people in order to be on the Spring Festival Gala.

    The reason for this self-surrender is that the Spring Festival Gala is just too sought after.

    In fact, in the Spring Festival Gala, those who can sing a song by themselves are too few and far between, and those who can have this kind of treatment are usually the Kings and Queens of Heaven.

    When you want to pay for Wang Tianzhu, it's your own solo song "Legend", the song was sung by her one night after the fire all over the north and south of the Yangtze River, but also so that the diva can perfect high-profile comeback, big gold.

    This, is enough to see the influence of the Spring Festival Gala.

    Gu Qiu Yi, as a film star who is mainly engaged in filming, was able to have a solo performance at the Spring Festival Gala, which can be said to be a super-high specification treatment, and fans all over the country were also very concerned about her performance at the Gala.

    But Gu Qiuyi herself, was reluctant to leave Jinling so soon.

    It was not easy for her to meet, the brother Ye Chen whom she had been searching for more than ten years, she naturally wished to stay with him for a few more days.

    However, as the Spring Festival Gala was a gala that was of great concern to the entire country, Gu Qiuyi didn't dare to take it lightly, so she could only decide to fly back tomorrow morning and spend the rest of her time focusing on preparing for the gala.

    At the dinner table, Gu Qiuyi once again asked Ye Chen "Brother Ye Chen, I'm leaving tomorrow, I can't stay with you, are you sure you'll come to Yanjing next week to see me and dad right?"

    "Right."Ye Chen nodded and promised seriously, "When I finish dealing with the matter at hand, I'll definitely go next week."

    Gu Qiuyi smiled happily and said "Then I'll go back first tomorrow and wait for you in Yanjing!"

    Ye Chen smiled "Then we'll see you in Yanjing."

    "Brother Ye Chen, then can you come to the airport tomorrow to see me off?"


    "Then it's a deal!"

    It just so happens that the International Collegiate Scrimmage Tournament, which will begin tomorrow, will be a four-team tournament.

    Qin Ao Xue will be competing against an Australian player, while Ito, will be competing against an American player.

    If Qin Ao Xue wins, then she will meet and compete with the winner of the other match in the final for the title.

    Ye Chen was very confident in Qin Ao Xue, with her current strength, he believed that she would be able to win a championship.

    However, Ye Chen also hoped very much that Itoh Cabbage would be able to beat that American player in tomorrow's match and then compete with Qin Aoxue for the title in the final.

    In fact, this competition was not fair to Itoh Cabbage.

    Originally, she could definitely win this competition, but, she used her aura and divine medicine to help Qin Ao Xue improve her health dramatically, and all of a sudden, she was able to get rid of her body, which was equivalent to trying to forcefully snatch the championship medal from Ito Cabbage's hands.

    Since he had a good impression of Ito Naija, he hoped in his heart that Ito Naija would get a silver medal.

    After all, this Japanese girl was very obsessed with martial arts and trained very hard, and had been practicing hard since she was very young, so even if she couldn't win the championship, she should at least win a runner-up medal.

    Ye Chen Xiao Choran.


The next day.

    Gu Qiuyi's plane was to take off at eight-thirty in the morning.

    And the top four matches of the scrimmage tournament was at ten o'clock in the morning.

    So, Ye Chen planned to drop off Gu Qiuyi first and then go to the gym to watch Qin Ao Xue's match.

    In the morning, Ye Chen looked for his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, and said to him, "Dad, are you going to use the car in the morning?Lend me a drive if you don't need to, I have something to do in the morning."

    Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "I'm going to give a lecture on antique and cultural appraisal in the morning on behalf of our painting association over at the University of the Aged."

    Saying that, Xiao Changkun also cast a look at Ye Chen, which meant "you know".

    Ye Chen instantly realized.

    It must be that the last time the Senior University and the Painting Association were doing activities, the old father-in-law met with Han Meiqing, and it just so happened that his own mother-in-law didn't suspect him, so the old father-in-law wanted to take this opportunity to increase some contact with Han Meiqing.

    This time, he went to the Senior University for a lecture, so he could guess without saying that he must be going for Han Meiqing.

    At this time, Ma Lan just happened to walk down the stairs, and when she heard this, she left her mouth in a despicable way "Mixing that painting society all day long, what's the point of it?".

    Xiao Changkun said in a huff, "You know nothing!I'm now the executive director of the Painting Association, but President Pei has said that the next time the association is renewed, I will be recommended to be the vice president, and by that time, I, Xiao Changkun, will be a prominent figure in the antique and cultural play circle in Jinling."

    Ma Lan snorted, "Don't fix those useless things.Before you joined the art association, you used to make some money by selling antiques and other things.Are you hiding private money behind my back?"

    Xiao Changkun said in exasperation "Ma Lan, don't forget, we are now separated, and after you lost all the money last time, we agreed that I would manage the money in this house from now on, so you have no right to control me at all."

    Ma Lan gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, Mr. Xiao, you've grown, haven't you?You really think I can't do anything about your separation from me?Do you believe that I will stop doing anything today and go to your painting society and make a scene with you in front of all of you?I'd like to see what kind of face you'll still have when the time comes to remain in the Painting Association!"


    Xiao Changkun peed all of a sudden.

    He knew Ma Lan's temper, if she said that, she would definitely do it.

    Now that he had managed to get a certain status in the Painting Association, and had a few more contacts with Han Meiqing through the name of the Painting Association, how could he let Ma Lan go and ruin things like that?

    This shrew was originally shrewish, and now her front teeth have fallen out of two, it looks like that's really how much to kowtow and how much to kowtow, he said no matter what can't let her go to the painting association to lose his face!

    What's more, if she stares at the Painting Association, and then follows it up by discovering that Han Meiqing has returned to China, and that she still has more contact with Han Meiqing, then she will definitely make a mess of both the Painting Association and the Senior Citizens University!


So he hastily conceded and said to Ma Lan, "You, don't try to solve everything by making a scene, okay?"

    Ma Lan said in a cold voice "You've said that you are the master of this family and I am not qualified to control it, then if I don't make a scene, how can I establish my position in this family?"

    Xiao Changkun voluntarily surrendered and said, "I said the wrong thing, you are qualified to control, that's always okay, right?"

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.Did you go behind my back and make money peddling antiques without telling me?"

    Xiao Changkun said with a sad face, "I don't make any money at all!I'll be honest with you, I'm now fart no money, the painting association also can't make any money at all, before the dumping of antiques, can still make some money, but now not so good opportunity, I recently received a few cheap calligraphy and painting, all hit the eye, a painting are a few thousand dollars clothes to buy, it turns out that all of them are not even a hundred dollars worth of craft."

    He said, Xiao Changkun said with a long sigh, regretfully strangling his wrists, "That Zhang Ermo has gone nowhere lately, in the past, he was always able to help me sell things at a good price, but now if I want to look for him, I can't find him at all, it's as if he has disappeared from the earth."

    Ye Chen felt funny as he listened.

    That Zhang Ermo had previously spent a lot of money to collect a few pieces of junk from his father-in-law in order to please himself, but the money was pure compensation.

    If he kept accompanying him like this, the billions of family fortune wouldn't be enough for his father-in-law to pit.

    So he naturally tried to avoid the old father-in-law.

    It would definitely be difficult for the old father-in-law to find him now.

    Ma Lan didn't believe his words and said coldly "Come, open all your mobile banking, Alipay and WeChat wallets and let me see the balance!"

    Xiao Changkun said in exasperation, "Why are you still checking my accounts?When you lost all your family's money in the first place, I asked you to show me the balance and you were dead set against it, so why would you ask me to show you the balance now?"

    Ma Lan said in annoyance, "Okay, you don't want to see it, right?If you don't let me see it, I'll go to your painting society with my crutches and scold you!I, Marashi, do what I say!"

    Xiao Changkun was afraid and hurriedly said "Fine, fine, I'll show you!"

    Afterwards, he opened his bank account, Alipay account and WeChat wallet account one by one and showed them to Ma Lan.

    After reading it, Ma Lan was disappointed "Xiao Changkun, how do you get around?Bank card paypal WeChat combined, only 10,000 yuan, you a fifty years old man, poor as this, are you ashamed?"

    Xiao Changkun's face was red and white, and he angrily said, "You still have the fucking nerve to say it?All of my life's savings have been fucking lost to you, otherwise, how could I be so poor!"

    Ma Lan's expression flashed with embarrassment, but she quickly became tough again "It's your duty as a man to go out and earn money, since we have no money left, you should go out and find a way to earn it.That's all it takes to hang around a bullshit painting society and make two or three thousand dollars!"

    Xiao Changkun was furious and said, "Ma Lan, I'm at least the executive director of the Jinling Painting Association!You're asking me, an executive board member, to serve the plates?"

    "What the fuck is an executive director?Not making money is bullshit!"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.



    Xiao Changkun's eyes were red with anger.

    He had no half-measures at all against the tactics of this shrew Ma Lan.

    Therefore, he had a great feeling in his heart that Xiu Cai met a soldier and couldn't explain the reasoning.

    Ye Chen opened his mouth at this time and said "Alright, alright, you two should stop fighting early in the morning."

    As soon as Ma Lan saw Ye Chen speak, she wilted down.

    If in the past, when she scolded Xiao Changkun, Ye Chen dared to interrupt, then she would have pointed at Ye Chen's nose and scolded him bloody.

    But now it's not like it used to be, the wheel of feng shui has changed, and now that his own family has no money, and this villa was gotten by Ye Chen, so Ye Chen is instead the most significant in this family.

    In order not to be kicked out by Ye Chen, she could only do her best to please Ye Chen and not let him be angry.

    So, she then glared at Xiao Changkun viciously and said angrily, "If it wasn't for the good son-in-law speaking for you, I would definitely be done with you today!For the sake of your good son-in-law, I'll spare you once!"

    Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen with a smile and asked, "Good son-in-law, do you want mom to cook a meal for you this morning?"

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked "You know how to cook?"

    Ma Lan hurriedly said "Look at what you're saying, before you came into our house, I was the one cooking at our house, so I'll give you one of my famous tomato noodles, and I'll go to our garden to pick fresh tomatoes later."

    Since the last time Ye Chen had gotten a vegetable garden at home.And had the entire vegetable garden made into a sunroom with double glass.

    It also had heating equipment installed inside, so that even if it was now winter, the vegetable garden was still warm as spring.

    This effect was even better than a real vegetable greenhouse, and the growth of many fruits and vegetables was extremely good.

    Ye Chen had been married to Xiao Churan for almost 4 years and he had never had a meal cooked by his mother-in-law.

    As soon as he saw his mother-in-law volunteering to make tomato haloumi, he was also happy to relax, nodding his head and saying "Since mom wants to cook, then I won't interfere, but I have something to go out in the morning, and if it's slow, it may be too late."

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

    After saying that, he immediately went out and went to the vegetable garden to pick tomatoes.

    After picking the tomatoes, Ma Lan hurriedly got into the kitchen and started cooking.

    When Xiao Churan finished washing up, she came down to find that it was her mother cooking in the kitchen, and was stunned with surprise.

    It's been several years since she has seen her mother in the kitchen, and today is the first time since she got married to Ye Chen.

    The first time I've ever been to a place like this is since I got married to Ye Chen.


The first thing you need to do is to ask Ye Chen, "What's wrong with Mom?Why is she down in the kitchen cooking?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Mom said she wanted me to try her cooking, she said she wanted to make tomato haloumi."

    Xiao Churan lamented "my mother, my mother actually took the initiative to cook, this is really the sun coming out in the west, it seems that she is lost."

    The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of it.

    So he guessed that his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, must have asked for something, otherwise, with her character, she would never have taken the initiative to cook.

    Sure enough, when he arrived at the dinner table, Ma Lan personally served noodles for Ye Chen while smiling and said to him "Good son-in-law, there is one more thing I want to ask you, I wonder if you can agree?"

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.It's not just a matter of time, but it's also a matter of time before you'll be able to see what's going on in your eyes.The years are really unforgiving!"

    After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen smilingly "Mom recently heard ah, this foreign country has an anti-aging make-up made from high-end caviar, it is said that its anti-aging effect is particularly good, many famous stars use it to prevent aging, Mom wants to beg you to buy a set for Mom."

    Xiao Churan heard this and exclaimed out of shock, "Mom!That make-up set you're talking about costs over a hundred thousand dollars!What kind of condition does our family have that you let Ye Chen buy you such expensive make-up?Wasn't the thousands of dollars a set of Estee Lauder that I bought you earlier enough?"

    The actual actuality is that you're going to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you're going to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

    Xiaochu Ran was furious "Mom!Estee Lauder is good enough, I can't bring myself to use it!You go to our bathroom and see what I use, it's all domestic brands and ordinary imports, I don't even bother to use big brands like Estee Lauder."

    Ma Lan huffed "You're young!It's okay for a young man to use nothing, but I'm old!If you don't take care of yourself, you're going to be a yellow lady!Look at your father, he's already starting to dislike me and separate from me now, and he's even talking about divorcing me, if I don't pay attention, how will any man want me in the future if your father abandons me?"

    Xiao Churan couldn't say anything at once.

    She was angry in her heart, but also felt that there was really nothing to say to her mother, and she couldn't reason with her, so she said to Ye Chen, "Don't listen to my mother, and don't ever buy for her!"

    Ma Lan cried out in frustration all of a sudden "Your father treats me badly, your grandmother and the others treat me even worse, but I never dreamed that even you, my own daughter, would treat me badly!"

    Xiao Churan blurted out, "Mom, how can you say that?Not buying you a hundred thousand sets of makeup is bad for you?Where is the sense in that?"

    Ma Lan sobbed "I don't care, I just want to be younger and not age so fast, I'm already so miserable, I really can't watch myself looking more and more like a yellow face!"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest version of the newest version of the oldest version.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you are wearing.Know me best!"

    It just so happens that I have a friend who is in the make-up import business, so I'll ask him about it later, and it just so happens that he also wants me to look at the feng shui for his new storefront, and I'll let him take two sets of make-up to me then, to offset the cost of the feng shui."

    When Ma Lan heard this, she said excitedly "Really?Oh my good son-in-law, you're such a good son-in-law to Mom!Mom really didn't expect that Mom had gone through the cold and warmth of the world, and finally realized that her son-in-law was the most dependable, and that all the other in-laws, brothers and sisters-in-law, husbands and even daughters would fall out at critical times!"


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