Dish Best Served Cold 1161-1165


Chapter 1161

Before Ye Fan left Yanjing in the first place, he had instructed the Xue family's old man, Xue Renyang, to see Xu Lei as he was!

    Therefore, rather than being the head of the Xu family, Xu Lei was more like the co-head of the Xu and Xue clans.

    With Ye Fan's reputation sheltering her externally and the Xue family's clan taking care of her internally, the energy Xu Lei held nowadays was undoubtedly terrifying.

    Relying on Xu Fengliang alone, how easy would it be to wrest control of the Xu family from Xu Lei alone?

    Presumably, after tonight's battering by Xu Lei, Xu Fengliang would be much more honest and peaceful in the future.

    With Xu Lei's departure, the entire Xu family mansion was undoubtedly completely restored to calm.

    The Xu family's clansmen also all went back to their rooms to rest.

    The entire Yanjing City fell silent after a day of bustle.

    However, the same night, far away from the capital city of the Sun Country, Winter Capital City, was by no means calm.

    Winter capital city suburbs, a military base.

    There are heavily stationed troops, a variety of infrared detectors sweeping the base periphery moment by moment.

    Outside, there are more than a thousand warning signs standing, it says, military heavy land, forbidden to enter.


    At this time, a roar came, a military green off-road vehicle, from outside Xu Xu driving in.

    The car door opened, a middle-aged man, but walked down.

    The surrounding guards, after seeing the man in front of them, saluted in thousands and called out Commander Sato in unison.

    "Hmm."Sato nodded his head, while asking, "Is the base, still calm today?Any outsiders breaking in?"

    "Back to the commander, everything is as it should be, nothing different."In front of him, one of his men respectfully returned.

    Sato nodded, but the scruples and doubts between his eyebrows didn't completely fade away, but continued, "Well, it's good that nothing is different.Still, there's no slacking off, though."

    "The last time the military area was nearly breached, I don't want to experience it a second time."

    "Pass on my orders, with immediate effect, night patrol manpower, double."

    "Patrol range, expand to one kilometer outside the military district."

    "Timely detection, timely warning, and timely response."

    Sato said three timely words in a row, low words that rang in everyone's ears.

    However, those few subordinates of his were a bit confused.

    "Commander, this patrol has already increased several times more than two months ago, there's no need to add more, right?"

    "It's not like we're in a state of war, I think..."

    "Huh?"Sato's eyebrows furrowed and an old face whirled cold with a displeased expression, "Are you questioning me?"

    The subordinates were terrified at the news and quickly bowed their heads, "Subordinates don't dare."

    "If you don't dare, then do it immediately!"

    "And double the number of guards around me, too."

    "Do it tonight!"

    After saying that, Sato then left and went into the tent to rest.

    After Sato left, those men, however, were still discussing.

    "What do you guys think is going on with the commander?"

    "In the past, Commander Sato, in our army, was known for his bravery and toughness.But now, why are you so cautious?Gives you a sense of greed?"

    This is not the first time, during this period of time, Sato not only increased the number of patrols, but also mobilized heavy troops stationed around his own tent, and even the accompanying guards, also expanded by several times, and each of them are good fighters in the army.

    This kind of abnormal behavior naturally caused the crowd's confusion and bewilderment.

    "I guess the commander was shocked, right?"

    "I heard that before that, a man single-handedly stormed into the barracks and almost slaughtered the commander."

    "Since then, the commander has moved his home directly into the barracks, and almost never leaves the barracks day or night unless it's important."


    "And, a few days ago, the Commander even moved to live in an underground bomb shelter in the middle of the military area."

    "When you sleep, you have to stand by the bed as well."

    "I also heard that the commander has now started burning incense and worshipping Buddha~"

    "It looks like it was really scared."


    "I go, really?"

    "Is it true that someone, single-handedly, rushed into an army of ten thousand to kill the commander?"

    Outside the tent, many soldiers were discussing in low voices.

    Some of these people had just returned from the field exercises, while others were soldiers who had just enlisted in.

    So, naturally, many of them were unclear about the events of the previous day.

    Just like that, while these people were discussing, they also followed Sato's orders and went on a mission.

    Sato, on the other hand, entered the air-raid shelter located underground.

    This air raid shelter was the highest security level among this base.

    Not only could it protect against air raids, but it could also stop nuclear explosions.

    It was not an exaggeration to say that it was an underground fortress.

    Ordinarily, a building like this would only be activated in the event of an unstoppable crisis such as a nuclear leak or a nuclear weapon explosion.

    But Sato couldn't care less about that.

    Earlier, he had almost died at the hands of a cleric, so he had to live here in order to save himself.

    After all, the Three Gods Pavilion side didn't offer him shelter at all, and as for the Chu Family, it had withdrawn the personnel used to protect Sato on the grounds that the crisis had been averted.

    Without the protection of a strong martial artist anymore, Sato could only hope that these strong fortifications would keep him alive.

    "Yamamoto, go out and ask the patrol if they've found anything."

    "I don't know what's wrong today, but my eyelids keep jumping and I'm having panic attacks."

    Sato lay down on the bed and had trouble sleeping for a long time.

    I don't know what's going on today, but he's always upset.

    "Commander, you're just overworked."

    "Didn't that crazy maniac from before take care of everything already?"

    "The Chu family has also said that after finishing off that madman, the commander will be able to rest easy and not have to worry about anyone seeking revenge again."

    Sato's henchman, Yamamoto Kumoichi, comforted from the side.

    Although the reasoning was like that, Sato was always at ease.

    As the saying goes, once bitten by a snake for ten years, he was afraid of the well rope.

    Because he had killed Chu Tian Fan, he had suffered retaliation several times before and had nearly lost his life several times.

    Although the Chu family said that the crisis had been completely averted, but how could Sato be relieved?

    What if that maniac doesn't die and comes back?

    At Sato's request, Yamamoto had to go out to inquire about the situation.

    However, Yamamoto left for a long time and didn't come back.


    "This Yamamoto, why don't you come back?"

    "Okada, go out and hurry it up!"

    Sato frowned and sent out one person again.

    However, still, the second person went out and was nowhere to be found.

    Phone contact was also delayed.

    In desperation, Sato sent out the third and fourth person again...

    In the end, only four of the ten personal guards by Sato's side were left.

    The remaining six, after being sent out by Sato, did not return.

    At this time, the underground bomb shelter was dead silent, not even the sound of wind, only the dim light, silently spilling out.

    Outside, the night was silent, and the darkness that reached out was like a giant mouth opened by an evil ghost, devouring everything.




    Outside, a cold wind rolled through.

    The gloomy cold wind, like the devil's roar, echoed through the world.

    In the underground fortress, Sato had obviously noticed something strange.

    Outside, something must have happened.

    Otherwise, why would the guards he sent out to investigate the situation be like a stone sunk in the sea with no news?

    "Commander, what...What to do?"

    "How about I.... we'll go out again and see what's going on?"

    The only four guards left in this underground fortress were also in a bit of a panic.

    After all, this was too bizarre, the people sent out were stone dead, and all the people outside couldn't be contacted.

    The people here had to be terrified and curious.

    Outside, what was going on?

    "Well, go check it out."

    "You four, go out together."

    "And do a lookout."

    Sato's eyebrows were heavy and he ordered again.

    Those four, even if they were terrified in their hearts, they only had to agree.

    However, just as the four of them were about to leave together, Sato called out to them once again.

    "Wait, I'll go out with you as well."

    "I'd like to see what's going on outside."

    Sato's words were harsh, but he was naturally terrified inside.

    He was already a bit restless today, and now that something like this had happened, his fear was naturally even stronger.

    Therefore, Sato felt that instead of staying alone in this underground fortress, he would rather go out with them and explore the situation.

    If there were really thieves invading, they could also command on the spot and deal with them personally.

    It was better than being a headless fly and being bored here like now.

    "Commander, the situation outside is unclear, it's better for you not to go out and stay here for the time being."

    "Otherwise, I'm worried that you will encounter danger."

    Several subordinates, however, did their best to dissuade them.

    Sato, however, waved his big hand and said calmly, "What's there to be afraid of, my First Division is the Japanese king's division, even if there really are thieves coming to kill me, can't my First Division's 8,000-plus men stop a few rogue bandits?"

    "Come on, let's all go out with me and find out what's going on!"

    As the words fell, Sato immediately led the few subordinates behind him out of this deep underground, war fortress.

    Outside, the dark night was heavy.

    The sky was gloomy, but not a single starlight could be seen.

    Everywhere one could see, there was iron-like condensation of darkness.

    There were only a few street lamps around, flickering with a faint light.



    "Where are the people all?"


    After going out, Sato and the others didn't even see the slightest trace of anyone.

    It was as if this large camp had become an empty camp.

    Only the cold wind, as if ghostly, was blowing.

    Just as Sato and the others, terrified and speechless, suddenly beside them, someone called out, "Commander, is there a fire ahead?"

    "Guess, everyone went over there, huh?"

    Sure enough, when Sato followed his men's gaze, he saw a trail of fire, swaying in the depths of the dark night.

    Faintly, a few silhouettes could be seen.

    Only then did Sato and his men let out a sigh of relief and hurried forward.

    However, the further they went, the more Sato and the others felt that something was wrong.

    "Strange, what a fishy smell, huh?"

    "And the ground is damp, too, so could it have just rained?"

    One of these five people said doubtfully.

    The mud on their feet as well as the puddles of water only made them feel as if it had just rained here.

    In the middle of the conversation, someone gave an ouch, the bottom of the foot slipped, actually fell to the ground, the whole person, just a butt crouched behind the puddle.

    In the dark night, the splash of water stains, but fell all over that person.

    Sato and the others, were about to help, but when they saw the water stains on that person, Sato and the others, trembled, a pair of old eyes, suddenly stared huge!

    "Commander, what's wrong?"

    "Didn't I just fall down, why do you guys look like you saw a ghost?"

    This fallen man was still laughing.

    In between laughing, he got up from the ground, while lowering his head to pat the dirt on his body.

    However, as soon as this person lowered his head, his entire body also whirled around and became confused.

    Because, he discovered that at some point, his body, hands, and clothes were all covered in a red liquid.

    Moreover, there was also a strong fishy smell that lingered around this world.

    "This...This is..."

    "Fresh blood!!!"


    "On me, how...Why is there so much blood?"

    This person was filled with panic, losing his voice and shouting, and in his words, there was trepidation and even more confusion.

    However, in the midst of the panic, this person seemed to realize something, whirled around and took out his cell phone, leaning on the faint bright light of the cell phone screen, and shone down on the ground.

    Only to see, the muddy road beneath his feet, where was the rain, but, blood!

    Yes, it was all red blood.

    It's like a trickle of blood, flowing for thousands of meters.

    What do you mean by blood flowing down a river?

    That's blood in the streets!


    At that time, that person was completely scared to piss, the whole person was nearly soul scattered, and finally the soles of his feet were soft, squatting on the ground again, pale face, not daring to say a word.

    Sato and the others, naturally, had already seen this scene, and their hearts were even more horrified, and there were waves of shock and madness that swept over them.

    "Someone come, someone come!"




    "Come on people!"

    "Protect this Commander!"

    "Bunch of losers, where are the people?"

    As if he had gone mad, Sato shouted in horror and panic when he realized that blood was flowing at his feet.

    But no one responded.

    There was only the cold, gloomy wind that swept incessantly.

    Until, after a long time, a cold and majestic voice quietly sounded in the depths of the dark night.

    "You are, the Commander-in-Chief of the 1st Division, Sato?"

    The voice was low and heavy, and it rang out abruptly under the silent night.

    After hearing the sound, Sato and the others trembled, and then they turned their heads, looking towards the source of the sound.

    In front of them, in the midst of the bright and fading firelight, there was a dark figure standing with a negative hand.

    Under the reflection of the firelight, the figure appeared illusory and eerie, just like a night-time ghost, a ghost that demands life.

    Looking at it from afar, it gave people, the creeps!

    "You ...."

    "Who are you?"

    "How dare...How dare you trespass on military property?"

    "Someone, kill him, kill him!"

    "Shoot him on the spot~"

    Sato shouted in panic and hysteria, the way he looked as if he had seen a death-defying ghost.

    However, the figure didn't panic again in any way as a result of this, instead it also walked towards him, moving closer towards Sato step by step, and the ghostly voice, continued to echo.

    "There's no need to shout, they won't be able to hear if you shout again."

    "Because, this camp, the only people still alive, are you guys."

    The faint laughter carried a bone chilling sound.

    Amidst the swaying firelight, that figure, walked with a negative hand.

    Only then did Sato and the others see that there were corpses all over the back of this figure.


At his feet, there is blood flowing.

    Behind him, there were bodies everywhere.

    In the darkness of the night, the figure in front of him was like a ghost, slowly approaching in the direction of Sato and the others.

    Sato and the others were so thoroughly scared by then that they couldn't even walk.

    These people, their feet softened, and they were just so full of fear, watching death, step by step, approaching.

    No one could understand how Sato and the others felt at that time.

    The fear and trembling that almost deeply strangled their throats.

    The feeling of suffocation and depression, but it was nearly impossible for them to breathe.

    It was only at this moment that they understood why the barracks was already empty.

    And why, above the ground, there was a river of blood.

    It turned out that more than eight thousand of their First Division's men had been killed by this person!

    Sato didn't even dare to imagine how powerful one person had to be to be able to annihilate an army of ten thousand with one person's strength!

    "You...Who the hell are you?"

    "My First Division has no grudge against you. Why are you, against...Why did you kill us all?"

    The figure, now in front of him, had arrived, and the death knell of death was already ringing in Sato's ears and others.

    Sato was in despair.

    He knew he was going to die.

    But, he couldn't figure out why this person in front of him wanted to kill him.And why, to destroy their first division?

    Who did he offend, Sato?

    Sato asked with red eyes, resigned.

    In his mouth, he let out a low growl and roar.

    This time, in the face of Sato's confusion, the man in front of him did not remain silent.

    Instead, he raised his head, and his cold voice, quietly sounded.

    "If you want to blame, blame you, you shouldn't have colluded with the Chu Family to harm the Dragon Lord!"

    "My Dragon Lord, how can you offend and blaspheme?"

    This majestic voice was only like a thunderbolt exploding.

    Hearing it, Sato trembled, and a pair of eyes, suddenly stared huge.

    "Colluding with the Chu...Chu Family?For...To harm the Dragon Lord?"

    "Could it be that the Dragon...Dragon Lord, is that...That Chu Tianfan?"

    Sato lost his voice and asked.

    The figure in front of him was expressionless, but in the face of Sato's horror, he only returned two words, "Exactly!"


    Hearing this, Sato's body, when he heard this, trembled a few times.

    His face paled, the entire person, blood spread out again on the ground.

    It was Chu Tianfan again!

    It's that boy again.

    Last time, there was someone, who almost slaughtered the Japanese army in order to avenge Chu Tianfan's death.

    Sato originally thought that after that Chu Zhenghong was set right, no one would be able to stand up for Ye Fan anymore.

    However, Chu Tian Fan had never thought that he was wrong, big mistake!

    Without Chu Zhenghong, there's someone else to take revenge on Ye Fan!

    Who the hell is this Ye Fan?

    Why, indeed, were there so many scary people to stand up for him?

    "Chujia, you've harmed me, you've harmed me~"

    "Chu Zhengliang you son of a bitch, you've harmed me, you've harmed my first division, you've harmed my entire Japanese country ah~"

    In desperation, Sato cursed miserably, the low roar full of resentment and regret, but the echoes of the whole world.

    Before, Sato had asked the Chu family several times if Chu Tianfan had a background, if he had a backing, and if he could face trouble after killing him.

    At that time, Chu Zhengliang assured that Chu Tianfan was just a lowly man from a countryside, with no background, and if he killed him, no one would stand up for him in the future.

    But now, the waves of people who took revenge for Ye Fan, one after another.

    And each and every one of them, was so powerful, far beyond his ability to counteract!

    Now, he, Sato, is even more dead.

    The 8,000 men of the 1st Division are all dead.

    Thinking of this, Sato felt remorse and anger in his heart.

    If he had known that, he would have never dared to provoke Ye Fan even to death, let alone join the Chu family in making trouble with Ye Fan!

    However, it had come to this, and even if Sato felt remorse in his heart, it would be to no avail.He could only vent his resentment, which was full of hatred, in words.

    In the barracks, Sato's miserable voice was still echoing.

    Under the darkness of the night, the shadow was but merciless.

    He looked at Sato and the others in front of him and waved his sleeve.


    Suddenly, a gale swept past.

    Immediately afterwards, a cluster of flames rose from under Sato's feet.

    Amidst the miserable screams, Sato, the commander-in-chief of the Japanese military, who was in charge of the Ace Division, was directly burnt to ashes in the flames!

    That night, along with the 8,000 men of the First Division lost their lives.

    The next day.The news spread, but it shook the entire Japanese nation!



    The Winter Capital was already in a frenzy.

    In just one night, all sorts of rumors were already rampant.

    Some said that it was the First Division that had angered the gods, and eventually the gods descended their wrath in the dark of night and took their lives.

    Others said that Sato and the others had suffered a curse and died in one night.

    In short, all the different sectors in Japan were talking about this matter.

    At the same time, the Japanese military district also sent a task force of one hundred people into the camp to investigate.

    The Abe Family.

    As soon as the head of the family, Abe Nakanami, was informed of this matter, he immediately summoned Hiroichi Nakai, while holding back his subordinates to talk in secret.

    "Hiromichi-san, have you heard?"

    "Sato is dead, the entire First Division, over eight thousand men, all died overnight."

    "It's said that in the camp, blood flowed in rivers and corpses were strewn all over the place, as if it was hell on earth, it was horrible."

    "The commander of the first division regiment, Sato, was even burned to ashes, not a single scrap left!"

    Abe Nakanami turned pale and told Nakai Hiroichi about the incident.

    Hiroichi Nakai, also by no means pale, returned in a deep voice, "Well, I heard about it."

    "Then what do you think, who could have done it?"Abe Nakanami asked anxiously.

    Koichi Nakai shook his head, "It's hard to say, but it's silent to be able to slaughter so many people in one night."

    "Then, there is only one possibility, the other party, is a strong martial artist!"

    "At least, the level of a sealed clan master!"

    "In that world, there is only a title clan master who can slaughter so many people in one night without a word."

    "It's just that, what I find a bit strange is that this Sato is just a soldier, not a martial artist, and has even less interaction with the martial world, yet why, all of a sudden, did he incur such a killing?"

    Hiroichi Nakai said doubtfully.

    But Abe Nakanami whispered, "No, Hiroichi-san, don't forget that Sato was the one who caused that man's death!"


    Abe Nakanami's words were only as good as a head-butt.

    Hiroshi Nakai immediately shuddered, "You mean, it's...It's him...He, has come for revenge?"

    Thinking of this, Hiroichi Nakai's face was white as a sheet.

    "No, Nakanami, we have to go!"


    "Leave the Winter Capital first."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid you and I will have to get killed as well!"

    Nakai Hiroshi was completely panicked.

    After all, if it was really Ye Fan who had come for revenge, as they had expected, the two of them, they were afraid that they would be in mortal danger!

    It must be known that the information about the cruise ship that Ye Fan was on when he went out to sea to return home was leaked to Sato by the two of them.

    Now that Sato is dead and the First Division has been annihilated, it's very likely that Ye Fan's next target will be the two of them!


"Should...Shouldn't it?"

    "The two of us have only revealed a little of our whereabouts, so we shouldn't be guilty of anything, right?"

    "No need to, just abandon your home and run away, right?"

    Abe Nakanami was undoubtedly shocked by Nakai Hiroshi's words as well.

    He had summoned Hiroichi Nakai over today, mainly to give him a heads up.

    Tell him that the person who avenged Ye Fan's death might have arrived.

    Tell him to be careful in the future, that's all.

    However, Abe Nakanami never expected that just a mere guess, Nakai Hongichi's reaction would be so great that he would just let him run away.

    "Guilty as charged?"


    "I ask you, Sato ordered the attack to kill that Chu Tianfan, perhaps he deserved to die.That First Division's eight thousand generals, they were merely following orders, and even if they were guilty, the crime could have been death?"

    "But what about the results?"

    "And the thousands of lives that are still dead?"

    "They even dared to kill 8,000 soldiers, do you think, they would still spare you and me?"

    "Don't forget, if we hadn't revealed Chu Tian Fan's whereabouts, that day Chu Tian Fan, and also Duan Ran wouldn't have perished in the Pacific Ocean!"

    "Since the other party has come for Chu Tianfan's revenge, but any involvement will surely lead to extermination."

    "If we don't leave at this time, we will surely suffer great misfortune in the future!"

    "Even your entire family will die for it, ah."

    Nakai Hiroshi spoke urgently, his words burning, unable to stop saying.

    But Abe Nakanami, listening to these words, his spine was growing colder and colder, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes and boots.

    In the eyes and eyebrows, there was fear and panic pervading.

    Abe Zhongnan had never thought that the few words that he had said would bring a terrible disaster to the entire family.

    They hadn't even thought that after this Chu Tianfan's death, his revenge would be so terrifying as well.

    However, even now, Abe Nakanami was still flustered as he asked, "Hiroshi .Hiroshi, this...There are very few people who know about this matter, and the other party should...Shouldn't be able to find out about us."

    After all, they were the only ones with Chu Zhengliang and Sato in the hotel that day.

    Even if the truth was indeed that they had revealed Ye Fan's whereabouts to Sato, the people who knew about this were none other than them.

    Abe Nakanami felt that even if the other party was really here to take revenge on Ye Fan this time, it should not be traced to them.

    However, Hiroichi Nakai shook his head, "Just because the two of us didn't say anything, doesn't mean, that Sato didn't say anything."

    "Maybe, before Sato died, he had already denounced you and me.Told the other side that it was the two of us, who exposed Chu Tianfan's whereabouts."

    "In short, Zhongnan, even as a precaution, this place can no longer stay for long."

    "Listen to me, immediately leave Winter Capital and lurk in the countryside to avoid trouble."

    "After three to five years, when the wind has cleared, it will not be too late to return to the Winter Capital."

    Nakai Hiroshi was always cautious, even if everything they had now was just speculation.

    However, they didn't dare to take the risk.

    After all, if the prediction came true, then the two of them would really be in danger of losing their lives.

    Perhaps, Koichi Nakai had the power of a clan master.

    However, even if he was confident in his normal life, he would definitely not dare to contend with someone who could kill ten thousand soldiers.

    Therefore, the most prudent solution was to walk.

    In the end, Abe Nakanami also bit his teeth and made a painful decision, "Fine, tomorrow, we will leave."

    "Not tomorrow, we'll leave tonight!"Hiroshi Nakai said in a low, anxious tone that undoubtedly made Abe Nakanami's heart even more frightened.

    "Okay...Good, just...Just tonight, I'm going to prepare."

    Abe Nakanami was clearly terrified as well, for so many years, ever since he had sat as the head of the Abe family, he had not suffered any more life-threatening situations since he had become so powerful in the Japanese Kingdom.

    Now, he is suddenly faced with a life-and-death situation, and Abe Nakanami naturally finds it difficult to remain calm.

    In a moment of panic, Abe Chunan had his things packed up and then prepared to drive away and flee overnight.

    At this time, the moonlight was like water, and the dark night was heavy.

    There were a number of luxury cars parked outside the magnificent mansion.

    Some of Abe Zhongnan's family members and friends were also getting into the cars one after another.

    "My lord, the madam and young masters are all on board and ready to go."

    "Good, depart!"

    When Abe Nakanami gave the order, the vast convoy of vehicles spun and lit fires, preparing to leave this Winter Capital City.

    However, just as they were about to depart, in front of them, there were suddenly two figures, one in front of the other, facing the night, slowly walking towards this place.

    The one in the front was dressed in black, the dark night obscuring his face.

    The one at the back, on the other hand, was dressed in a military uniform, with tiger eyes.

    The two of them were like this, slowly walking on, the street outside of Abe's manor, blocking their way.

    "What people?"

    "You won't let me open the door if you don't have eyes?"

    "You dare to block the car of the owner of the Zhongnan family?"

    Looking at the two people walking in the middle of the road, the driver cursed angrily.

    However, these two people, unmoved, were still walking towards the road.

    Until the end, a sneer, but quietly sounded, "Zhongnan Family Master, where is this going at this late hour?"

    "We've come a long way, won't you invite us, to your home, to sit down and have a cup of tea?"

    That cold voice was only like the devil's roar.

    Abe Nakanami and Nakai Hiroshi were shocked and terrified at the sound of it.



    "Drive over him and crush him~"

    "Come on~"

    Abe Nakanami panicked then, and couldn't care less, and ordered the driver to press over on these two.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as the vehicle started, the crowd only saw, in the dark night, a blade of light lit up.

    The air blade was like a knife, but directly, splitting the luxury vehicle in front of them from the middle.

    The vehicle grazed the ground, sliding a few tens of meters, as for the two of them, Abe Nakanami and Nakai Hiroshi, naturally they were also thrown out of the vehicle, from the car.

    "My lord, are you alright?"

    The handlers hurried forward to support their condolences, but this question undoubtedly exposed, Abe Nakanami's identity.

    Sure enough, the eyes of the two men in front of him had fallen over.

    "You are, Abe Nakanami, right?"

    The cold voice carried a bone-chilling majesty and chill.

    It was as if, standing in front of him was not a person, but a Shura that was stained with endless blood.

    The killing momentum emanating from his body made even Nakai Hiroshi shudder.

    "You...You, to...Who the hell are you?"

    "Wanna...Wanna what?"

    Koichi Nakai and Abe Nakanami, both of them, looked at the shadow in front of them and asked a lustful question.

    In response to their questions, there was only icy cold killing intent in response.

    "I am the Dragon God, and today, on the order of Dragon Lord Chu Tianfan, I have come to claim my life!"

    "At first, the two of you offended the Dragon Lord, and the Dragon Lord was merciful and forgave you."

    "But you, you did not know that you were grateful for the kindness of the Dragon Lord and revealed the whereabouts of the Dragon Lord's return."

    "The crime is unforgivable, and you should be put to death!"



    The words in my ears were like the echo of muffled thunder.

    The words were like swords.

    After hearing them, Abe Nakanami and Miyamoto Hiroshi were even more trembling.

    Their old faces were pale, and their entire bodies were trembling.

    "Dragon...Dragon Lord?"

    "Chu Tian Fan's...The Order?"

    "Could it be that Chu Tian Fan...He's... not...Not dead?"

    Hearing these words, Abe Zhongnan only felt a thunderbolt explode from his heart, and within his heart, even more so, a monstrous wave was created.

    Previously, he had thought that it was Chu Tianfan's master or his father's clan relatives, who had personally gone to the Sun Country to avenge his death.

    But now, it seemed that he had thought wrong.

    He was greatly mistaken.

    Where was this Chu Tianfan's relatives avenging him, but rather that Chu Tianfan himself sending his subordinates, taking revenge himself ah!

    What was even more terrifying to both Abe Nakanami and Nakai Hongichi was that not only was this Chu Tianfan's own strength astounding and unparalleled, but even his men were powerful enough to fight against three armies and one against ten thousand.

    Nakai Hiromichi and the others no longer dared to imagine what kind of monstrous power this Chu Tianfan had behind him?

    "The Dragon Lord has the ability to rebuke the dragon and the tiger!"

    "Even your Sun Country's Supreme God, Snow Shine, has no ability to kill my Dragon Lord."

    "Just a few planes, a few artillery pieces, a few pigs and dogs and mole crickets, and you want to kill my Dragon Lord?"

    "It can only be said that you are blind and unaware of the might of my Dragon Lord."

    "That Sato and the First Division have been reduced to ashes.Now, it is also your turn."

    In the dark night, the shadow shook its head and said, sneering, but the awe-inspiring killing intent was growing stronger.

    Abe Nakanami and the others were undoubtedly even more terrified, and in horror, they immediately knelt down and begged for mercy.

    "Your Excellency, spare...Spare your life~"

    "What happened in the first place, we were forced to do it."

    "It was that Sato and Truman who forced us, ah."

    "If we didn't tell them, they would have killed us."

    "In desperation, we were forced to tell Mr. Truman's whereabouts~"

    "We really don't have any intention of harming Mr. Chu."


    "Yes, Mr. Chu has the ability to cover the world, it's the legend of the world!"

    "If we hadn't been forced by someone, forced by others, we would have never dared to voluntarily reveal Mr. Chu's whereabouts even if we were killed~"

    The two of them, Nakai Hiroshi, knelt down and worshipped incessantly.

    After learning that the 8,000 or so people of that first division were really killed by the two people in front of them, Nakai Hiroshi and the others were immediately scared out of their wits.

    The entire people, were almost scared out of their wits!

    The terrified and fearful appearance was only like that of a pig or dog.

    However, in the face of their terrified pleas for mercy, the figure in front of them was unmoved.

    The cold voice continued to ring out.

    "You are only afraid that if you don't speak, the Chu Gate's people will kill you, aren't you afraid that after you speak, the Dragon Lord will kill you?"

    "I... I...I,..."

    These few words, but only asked Nakai Hiroshi and the two of them were dumb, full of fear, with their mouths wide open, but couldn't say a word in half a day?

    "Alright, that's it."

    "Long Chuan, these two, I'll leave them to you."

    Under the dark night, that figure, beckoned.

    Then, Long Bachuan, the King of Long Chuan, who had been standing respectfully behind him, nodded his head.

    Swiftly, with a cold eyebrow, and with the same finger, he cut down furiously!


    Two lines of red blood, when the blood splashed in the sky!

    The two of them, Hiroichi Nakai and Zhongnan Miyamoto, were not even able to scream before Long Baichuan sealed their throats with a single finger.

    However, after all, Nakai Hiromichi is also comparable to a clan master, even if a finger of Long Baichuan sealed the wait, he did not die immediately.

    Instead, he covered his throat and struggled there.

    The black-clothed figure saw the situation and stepped up.

    Amidst the sound of crushing tendons and bones, the person in front of him actually directly stepped on Nakai Hiroshi's chest, the entirety of it.

    After finishing off Abe Nakanami and Nakai Hiroshi, Ryu Bakugawa and the others, they also turned around and left.

    Soon, they disappeared into the night.

    It came abruptly and left abruptly.

    Only a silent silence was left behind them.

    The next day, the matter of Abe's master Yu being murdered before the family gate swept through the entire Winter Capital like a hurricane.

    The matter of Abe Nakanami's loss of life, the shock caused to the entire Winter Capital, not at all necessary for the entire First Division to be annihilated, weak in the slightest.

    After all, the Abe family was the premier big family in the entire Japanese country.

    Even Commander Sato, who usually met Abe Nakanami, that would have to treat him with courtesy.

    What's more, Abe Nakanami has been in business for many years, and his declarations have spread far and wide, and in the secular world of Japan, Abe Nakanami's popularity is far greater than Sato's.

    Now, it is such a lofty big shot, a figure who stands on top of the Japanese power, but he is strangely killed.

    What is even more terrifying is that the place where Abe Chunan died was his own doorstep.

    In front of his door, he openly committed murder.

    This also shows the arrogance of the mob.

    Within just a few days, such a big case happened one after another in the military and secular circles of the Japanese State, which could be said to have caused a great sensation in the country.

    The Japanese lord thundered furiously, ordered in the fastest time to investigate the matter thoroughly, be sure to bring the thug to justice as soon as possible.

    In addition, the same day, the port of departure was blocked, and the use of multiple forces to track down the culprit.

    For a time, the Japanese state was in a state of panic.

    Of course, this incident not only made huge waves in the secular world, but also the martial arts community of Japan noticed.

    In particular, the overnight annihilation of the First Division's entire army had attracted even more attention from the martial arts people of the Japanese Kingdom.

    Sword God Palace.

    In the main hall, there were several people seated.

    The person who was seated at the top was the one who had some connection with Ye Fan before, the Sword God of the Japanese Kingdom, Moonwatching River.

    The man beside Wang Yuehe, with only one arm left, was sitting there peacefully, with a bit of authority between his brows and eyes.

    This man was the second head of the Sword God Palace, the one whose arm was cut off by Ye Fan back then, Ryuichi Shiano.

    In addition to these two, there were also several highly respected old men in the martial world of the Japanese country gathered in the Sword God Palace.

    At this time, these people were all talking about the tragic destruction of the First Division and the death of Abe Nakanami.


    "Being able to quietly mutilate eight thousand soldiers in just one night."

    "There is no one other than the strongest of the title clansmen!"

    "And besides the tragic extermination of the First Division, it's highly likely that the death of the Abe family's lord was also the work of a kunoichi."

    "After all, his righteous brother, Koichi Nakai.As far as I know, he is also a strong martial artist, at least at the level of a clan master."

    "However, it was such a strong man who was killed by a sword that sealed his throat."

    "It also shows that the person who killed Abe Nakanami was also a strong martial artist."

    "And, most likely, it is the same person as the murderer who annihilated the First Division."

    "Sword God, I suggest that we immediately use the martial power of our Japanese country to thoroughly investigate this matter and hunt down the true culprit."

    "Focus on lining up the people from other countries who entered our Japanese country in the short term."

    "Also, it would be best to inform the Three Gods Pavilion and seek the help of the Moon Reading Heavenly God and others."


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