Dish Best Served Cold 1156-1160


Chapter 1156

Long Baichuan's heart was slightly shocked when he heard Ye Fan's words.His forehead spiraled up.

    One had to know that he, Long Bachuan, was the head of the Four Dragon Kings.

    Even in the entire Dragon God Temple, the people whose status was above him would never exceed the number of double palms.

    But now, Ye Fan had asked him, to follow someone else's orders.

    This had to make Long Baichuan curious, what was the identity of this person that Ye Fan was talking about?

    "What, I told you to obey someone else's orders, are you not satisfied in your heart?"

    Ye Fan's pair of eyes seemed to see through people's flesh and soul.

    But directly, he spoke out Long Bachuan's heartfelt words.

    Long Bachuan immediately returned, "Long Lord's order, I dare not disobey."

    Ye Fan smiled lightly at the words.

    "It's best if so."

    "What's more, you are not qualified to disobey."

    "This person is not within your reach, no matter his status or power."

    "So, I advise you, in the end, don't show any disobedience during the course of your mission."

    "Otherwise, I can't guarantee that he will leave you intact."

    Ye Fan's faint voice quietly sounded.

    Long Baichuan's eyebrows drew in at the words, and his entire body immediately trembled.

    The status and power were all above him.

    "Could it be that the person the Dragon Lord asked me to assist is...Is the Dragon God?"The words, Long Baichuan almost roared out.

    His face was pale, and his entire body could be described as terrified.

    Just like this, filled with fear, he asked Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't answer, just looked at him, containing a smile, and nodded his head.


    In the split second that Ye Fan nodded, Long Baichuan only felt, like thunder, exploding in his heart.

    He had never dreamed that it was, in fact, really the Dragon God?

    In the Dragon God Temple created by Ye Fan, the one with the most noble status was naturally the Dragon Lord Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was a combination of power, authority, and majesty, and had supreme authority in the entire structure of the Dragon God Temple.

    It could be said that Ye Fan alone was the god and faith in the hearts of all the members of the Dragon God Temple.

    And under Ye Fan was Han Lao.

    All along, Elder Han had been wearing in the Dragon God Temple like a great butler, with the orders of the Dragon Lord from above and the wishes of all the members of the Dragon God Temple from below.

    It could be said that, to a certain extent, Old Man Han represented the authority of the Dragon Lord.

    And further down, there was the pillar of strength in the Dragon God Temple, the Dragon God!

    Long Baichuan didn't know how many Dragon Gods were under Ye Fan.

    In the past, he heard that it was three, then he heard that it was four, and also said that there were five big dragon gods.

    In short, these big strong Dragon Gods were the most elite forces of the Dragon God Temple.

    Each one of them, all of them had extremely powerful strength.

    It was said that each of these great dragon gods was untamed and only obeyed the Dragon Lord alone.

    Without the Dragon Lord's authorization, even Han Lao himself would not be able to mobilize them at all.

    It could be said that these Dragon Gods were the sharpest swords in Ye Fan's hands.

    Even their four great dragon kings, their status in the Dragon God Hall, could not be compared to them at all.

    If this time, the person that Ye Fan was talking about was really one of those great dragon gods, he, Long Baichuan, was the Yanxia Military God, the head of the four great dragon kings, and he was afraid that he would have to obediently follow orders.

    In the end, with a heart full of fear and trepidation, Long Bachuan left Yunzhou like this.In the dark of night, he rushed to Jianghai International Airport.

    When he left, even Long Baichuan himself didn't know what kind of mission Ye Fan had sent him this time.



    And on the same night, Lu Cangding and Xu Junlin and the others had all been brought back to Yanjing.

    Xu He, due to his private transfer of troops, was put in a military court to be tried on a different day.

    As for Xu Junlin, due to ineffective resuscitation, he was sent to the morgue that night and was pronounced dead by the doctors straight away.

    Xu Shaohua's father, Xu Haisheng, was also affected, and was summoned from Jiangbei to Yanjing overnight to ask for punishment.

    Xu Haisheng, in order to save himself, but pretended not to know his brother and his father led the army to Jiangdong, all the blame, all the blame, said he did not know.

    Xu Haisheng this also had no choice.

    After all, their Xu family relied on the two of them and their father, Xu Junlin, to support them.

    Now Xu Junlin was dead, and his younger brother Xu He had also ended up in jail.

    If he, Xu Haisheng, fell again, then their Xu family, I'm afraid, would be truly finished.


    "Xu Haisheng, by now, are you still full of lies?"

    "Do you really think that I, Li Hongze, am so easy to deceive?"

    "Xu Haisheng, I advise you, you'd better confess honestly."

    "This matter has already alarmed Imami."

    "He was thunderstruck when he learned of it, and asked me to investigate the matter thoroughly and deal with the people involved in a strict and severe manner."

    "If you give a frank account, for old times' sake, I can still treat you lightly at my discretion."

    "However, if I find out that you had knowledge of this matter and secretly supported your brother's revenge against Jiang Dong, you should know what the consequences would be?"

    In the room, Li Hongze spoke in a deep voice, his words containing power.

    But Xu Haisheng is the more ugly face, hear the end, legs and feet are unconsciously began to tremble.

    In the end, Xu Haisheng could hardly bear the pressure and fear in his heart that Li Hongze gave him, and gave an honest account of everything.

    "It was...It was me who authorized this."

    "I was the one who told my brother Xu He to go to Jiangdong, and I was also the one who informed the Jiangdong Military District to lend troops to Xu He."

    "I was also momentarily confused and overwhelmed by hatred~"

    Xu Haisheng eventually reconciles everything to the truth.

    Stating that he was seeking revenge for letting his brother go to Jiangdong.


    "Xu Haisheng, Xu Haisheng, don't you know what your own son is like?"

    "All these years, your son Xu Shaohua and that Lu family's Lu Mingfei, relying on their family backgrounds, have been rampaging around the land of Yanjing, bullying men and women and committing numerous crimes, and we don't tell you, do you really think that we don't know?"

    "Before, they were not running into tough people."

    "This time, they ran into a tough guy, and they deserved the blame for dying in Jiangdong."

    "You, Xu Haisheng, have the nerve to avenge his death?"

    "Do you still have right and wrong in your heart?But there are still rules and regulations?"

    Li Hongze angrily scolded, Xu Haisheng's old face reddened and he was speechless.

    He knew he was guilty of a loss, but didn't dare to say a word.

    In the end, Li Hongze announced his treatment of Xu Haisheng, demoting him, the Lieutenant General, two levels in a row, directly to Colonel.

    So far, one of the three generals of the Xu family had died, and the other two, one had ended up in jail and one had been demoted.

    Just because of one Ye Fan, there was no one left from the three Tiger Generals.

    I thought that a gangster leader could be crushed to death at will, but Xu Haisheng never thought that it would end up like this.

    Their magnificent Xu family was all lost in the hands of one person.



    Why, exactly?

    Xu Haisheng couldn't figure it out.

    However, how could Li Hongze pay attention to Xu Haisheng's doubts, and after announcing his decision, he waved his hand, allowing Xu Haisheng to go back to his reflections.


    "Why don't you go?"

    "Could it be that you want to go down two more levels?"

    Seeing this Xu Haisheng in front of him, who did not have the slightest intention of leaving, Li Hongze frowned and whirled around to ask.

    Xu Haisheng raised his head and asked to him, "I just want to know, why?"

    "As far as I know, that Ye Fan is nothing more than a bumbling leader in Jiangdong, with no background or family, and even less contribution and action to Yan Xia."

    "But why, are you guys paying so much attention to him?"

    "To even punish my Xu family like this for him?"

    "I can't figure it out, I really can't."

    "My Xu family has three generals in one family, in terms of merit, could it be that they can't compare to that one bumbling leader?"

    Xu Haisheng's eyes were red, and he let out an unwilling low roar at Li Hongze.

    When Li Hongze heard it, he didn't get angry, just looked at him with a blank expression: "There is no need to know the reason."

    "All you need to know is that this time, your Xu Family, has provoked someone who shouldn't be provoked."

    "Not to mention your Xu family, even the combined weight of the Lu and Xu families is inferior to him alone."

    After saying that, Li Hongze brushed his sleeves and left.

    Only Xu Haisheng was left alone, full of trepidation.

    Idiotically flabbergasted in place, but in his heart, a monstrous wave of horror was set off.

    It was hard for him to imagine what kind of monstrous figure they had provoked this time?



    While the Xu family was in turmoil, the Yanjing Lu family was by no means calm.

    At this time, although it was night, the Lu family was brightly lit.

    Lu Cangxiong was sitting alone in his room with the door closed, not letting anyone in.

    Now, it has been several hours since Lu Cang Qiong returned from Jiangdong.

    After he returned, he did not say a word, and no one knew what had happened on this trip to Jiangdong.

    Knowing that, Lu He, the head of the Lu family, came back from outside his home in a fiery hurry.

    "Old He, you're back."

    "Why don't you go see our father?"

    "Our father doesn't know what's wrong, he hasn't spoken all day, and he won't let us eat, and he won't let us in."

    "And he's so pale and ugly."

    "Could it be that he's sick?"

    When they saw Lu He return, all the Lu family members gathered around.

    Lu He's wife was even more anxious to tell Lu He about the situation.

    But who would have thought that as soon as the woman's words left her mouth, Lu He would slap her directly in the face.

    Lu He's slap was so heavy that the woman covered her face and just fell to the ground, blood still spilling out of the corner of her mouth.

    "Big Brother~"

    "What are you doing?"

    The people around them were shocked at what they saw and rushed forward to stop them.

    "All of you, get out of my way!"

    "Today, I have to whip this fury bitch to death."

    Lu He was furious, and after drinking back the crowd, he stepped forward and kicked the woman, beating her again.

    As he beat her, Lu He also cursed a handful of times.

    "You ignorant fool, how did I, Lu He, become blind in the first place to marry a red-headed misfortune like you?"

    "If I don't smack you to death today, my Lu Clan will fall by your hand in the future!"

    "A woman is mistaken for her country, a woman is mistaken for her country~"


    "What the fuck did I say?"

    "That adversary deserved to die and deserved what he got, and no one is to speak of avenging his death again."

    "But you're a foul-mouthed woman, and you went behind my back to encourage the old man."

    "Do you know how much mischief you have made?"


    "In this world, only a villain and a woman are hard to raise~"


    Lu He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, wishing he could kick the idiot bitch under his feet to death.

    He had previously instructed that no one should act without permission, let alone mention the matter of avenging that traitor's death.

    What's more, it was now a crucial period in his career, so he couldn't afford any slip-ups.

    However, Lu He had failed to guard against this shameless foolish woman after all.

    As early as a moment ago, Li Hongze had already approached him.

    Li Hongze had undoubtedly told him the whole story.

    If Li Hongze hadn't told him, until now, Lu He would probably still be in the dark.

    Still unaware that his old father, behind his back, had gone to Jiangdong!

    After beating up the woman for a while, Lu He also lifted his feet and walked directly towards the room where the old man was.

    "Brother, don't go, father said that no one is allowed to go in."

    At this time, a few of Lu He's younger brothers, rushed over to block them.

    "All of you, get out of my way!"

    One by one, Lu He kicked them straight to the side.

    Lu He, in a rage, naturally dared no one to stop him, and in a sudden moment, everyone was terrified.

    The entire Lu family could only look on in fear as Lu He, in his rage, directly kicked open the door of Old Master Lu's room.

    "He'er, you've come."

    "Sit down, father has been waiting for you for a long time."

    "Whatever you have to say, say it all."

    "Whatever anger you have, let it all out as well."

    Seeing Lu He, Old Master Lu wasn't the least bit frightened.

    Instead, he smiled weakly and said indifferently.

    Only, as he said this, Lu Cang Dome's face looked incomparably vicarious and haggard.

    It was as if it had instantly, aged ten years.

    In the absence of the majesty and solemnity of the past, it was like a candle in the wind, as if at any moment, it would go out.

    "Dad, what do you want me to say about you?"


    "What do you want me to say about that thing you did?"

    "That fury bitch is ignorant and stupid, it's just as well that she doesn't know the importance of things and the consequences, but you've lived your whole life, you're almost eighty years old, how could you..."

    At this point, Lu He was angry and furious, only feeling a kind of rage burning in his heart.

    His eyes were red, and his entire body hated him so much that tears almost fell from his eyes.

    "Dad, how many times have I said before, now is a crucial period for my career advancement and for our Lu family to go further."

    "Be safe and keep a low profile."

    "Never give me a hitch."

    "But what about you guys?"

    "Behind my back, you went so far as to contact the Xu family and use the army for revenge?"

    "And even, leaning on the old man himself in the east of the river?"

    "I've long said that Mr. Chu dared to kill people from the Lu and Xu families, and that he was able to get the Chu family to act as lobbyists themselves and persuade us to go to Jiangdong to deal with them, this person is by no means an ordinary person."

    "We must not act rashly until we have investigated."

    "Even if we were to move him, we can't do it at this time, let alone use it as a reason to take revenge on the descendants of the Lu family."

    "Don't you know that that grandson of yours is an animal.He deserves to die, doesn't he deserve to be avenged by us?"

    "But, you didn't listen, uniting the Xu family is just fine, but you still went behind my back to Jiangdong Jiangdong personally."

    "Do you know how many people you have killed on this trip to Jiangdong?"

    "And how many people are involved?"

    "He Lanshan, the Lord of Jiangdong, was sent to the countryside, Xu He ended up in jail, Xu Haisheng was cut two levels in a row, and Xu Junlin, the master of the Xu family, even lost his life straight away."


"As for your son me, I've been suspended as well.""No promotion for ten years!"

    "Now, are you satisfied?"


    "Is the heart free?"

    Lu He was so furious that his erect rage only resounded like thunder, resounding unceasingly throughout the room.

    Outside the room, all the people of the Lu family were guarding the outside, but no one dared to come near the slightest bit, let alone interrupt.

    However, when the crowd heard those words from Lu He's mouth, the entire Lu family was undoubtedly shocked.

    Even the old man of the Lu Family, Lu Cang Dome, who had experienced the vicissitudes of life, his old face, which was originally pale, trembled once again at this moment.

    "Ah He, you ....What did you say?""You...You're suspended?"

    "How can this be, you had nothing to do with this, you didn't even know about it, why are they punishing you."

    "I'm going to find Li Hongze, I'm going to find him and ask him for clarification."

    "He can do whatever he wants to do with me, so the matter, I, Lu Cang Vault, alone bear the responsibility, how can he suspend you.You are the pillar of our Lu family, you absolutely cannot fall~"

    After hearing that Lu He had been suspended, Lu Cang Dome finally began to panic.

    One had to know that the Lu Family nowadays was almost entirely supported by Lu He alone.

    If he was implicated because of this, then in the future, their Lu Family would have no protection from above, and their future prestige in this Yanjing land would undoubtedly be greatly diminished.

    In other words, if Lu He fell, their Lu Family would almost be finished.

    So, when it was Lu, he stood up and walked out, calling out to Li Hongze to tell them not to punish Lu He, so he would be the one to take the blame for what happened.


    "Aren't you confused enough?"

    "The country's decision, do you think you can change it with that old face of yours?"

    "What's more, do you know who you've offended?"

    "You have made such a great mistake, do you seriously think that you, alone, can bear it?"

    Lu He was furious.

    Originally, this year was the year of his Lu He's promotion.

    As long as he could take his position one step further, then the Lu family would be able to become a few points stronger again.

    But now, it was all messed up.

    Perhaps, Lu He didn't know about this matter, but as the son of a man, Lu Cang Qiong had made a big mistake, how could he, the son, not take responsibility for everything?

    The punishment of suspension was already much lighter compared to the reduction of Lu Haisheng to.

    Hearing Lu He's words, Lu Cang Dome's original forward steps were still quite down after all.

    "Ah He, it's father, for...I'm sorry for you~"

    Lu Cang Dome also felt guilty, he was such a lonely and arrogant person, and now he was apologizing to his son.

    "Dad, it's not just me you're sorry for, it's also the entire Lu family!"

    "Within three days, the higher-ups also asked our Lu family to move out of downtown Yanjing, move out of this ancestral land, and settle down in the wasteland on the outskirts of Yan."


    Lu He's words were like a battering ram to Lu Cang Vault.

    When Lu Cang Dome's old face smacked, his entire body was muddled there.

    A pair of old eyes, even more deadly, were almost staring out.

    "Move...Moving away from the old mansion, this...This...How can this be?"

    This old mansion, is because after the founding of the country, the country because of Lu Cang Qiong's achievements and contributions to the party.

    Allotted to him for him to live in without compensation.

    This old mansion, to Lu Cangxiong, that was his merit, the country's recognition of his achievements.But now, the higher-ups are actually asking the Lu family to move away from this place where they have lived for generations, which is tantamount to taking away all of Lu Cangqing's honor, and also represents that their Lu family will be completely far away from the center of power in Yanjing.

    The first thing you need to know is that you will be able to find a way to get the most out of the situation.

    Lu Cang Vault had even never imagined that the Jiangdong teenager he looked down upon and thought he could crush to death at will, would now become the gravedigger of their Lu family!"I hate it~"

    Thinking of this, Lu CangDong was filled with remorse and sighed up to the heavens.

    Between the miserable words, he had indeed been old and teary.

    Lu He was right, it was he, Lu Cang Vault, who had wronged the Lu family and had single-handedly buried the future of the Lu family.


    The heart of the depression and anger, this is nearly ancient old man, a trembling body, but a mouthful of blood, directly spit out.

    Under the dim light, the sweet red on the ground, but how dazzling.

    And then, a bang.

    Lu Cang Vault also fell to the ground, not knowing if he was dead or alive.

    That night, Lu Cang Qiong was sent to the hospital to save him.

    At the same time, the Lu family also began to pack up their things, and the next day, they began to move away from the Lu family's ancestral land in front of them one after another.

    Even if they were reluctant, even if they were unwilling, but, so what?

    This old mansion was originally allocated to the Lu family by the authorities, and belongs to the state, and the Lu family only has the right to use it.

    Now, the Lu family's behavior has angered the authorities, so they should pay the price for it.

    The war between Ye Fan and the two giants in Yanjing has come to an end with this ending.

    However, not many people in Yanjing knew about this matter.

    The relevant news was deliberately suppressed.

    After all, it was inappropriate to spread the news about Ye Fan's being crowned as a title master.

    Even He Lanshan, Han Dongmin, and the others were given a silencing order, forbidding them from speaking to outsiders.

    As for the Lu and Xu families, naturally, they would not say anything.

    Only an idiot would spread this kind of scandal around.

    However, even so, the changes in the Lu and Xu families still drew a lot of attention in Yanjing.

    In particular, the Lu family's sudden move had caused many people to talk about it.



    "Did you hear that the Land family moved?"

    "Moving to the suburbs."



    "The land family, which land family?"


    "Which one else could it be?Just one of the four great families, the Lu family ah."

    "What do you guys think, why did they suddenly move, it's said that they still moved out overnight."

    "Could it be, did they offend some big shot?"


    "Impossible, the Lu family is big, Master Lu is even more respected , how many people can be feared by the Lu family in the whole of China?"

    "What other big deal can you offend?"

    "I reckon ah, it's probably because Master Lu is getting old and likes quiet, so he moved away from the downtown area and went to live in Yanjiao."


    "Hmmm, it's very likely~"


    Similar arguments were playing out all over Warsaw.

    But everyone didn't think much of it, only thinking that the Lu family had moved voluntarily.

    After all, no one thought anyone would have the energy to make the Lu Family bow down to such a giant like them.

    However, Yanjing was so big, there were eventually some discerning powers that saw some clues.

    After all, not only had the Lu family moved, but the Xu family in Yanjing had also undergone a huge change, with Master Xu passing away and the second head of the Xu family ending up in jail.

    "Is it a coincidence that the Lu and Xu families had a huge change of heart at almost the same time?"

    "Or have these two, really messed with, some terrible person?"


In Yanjing City, there was a lot of noise.

    Almost everywhere, there were discussions about the Lu and Xu families.

    Most people, however, were just some irrelevant speculations, and as for what was actually happening in these two giants, only the parties involved would probably know.

    At this time, the Xu Family, which was also one of the four great giants.

    It was already late at night, the lights in the study of mortal affairs were still on, and a graceful silhouette was still sitting in the study, dealing with family affairs.

    Not long after, a middle-aged man, but anxiously walked in, after seeing Xu Lei, this man respectfully greeted.

    Xu Lei nodded, "Mm, Second Uncle, you're here?"

    "The Lu and Xu families I asked you to pay attention to, have they moved in the past few days?"

    After returning from Jiangdong, Xu Lei has spent most of her time managing the family's various industries.However, Xu Lei did not slacken her attention to the Lu and Xu families.

    After all, based on Xu Lei's understanding of these two families, the fact that her own brother Xiaofan had killed their descendants, these two would definitely not let up and would definitely make a move.

    "Well, as expected of the family master.""In the past few days, the Lu and Xu families have indeed been acting differently."

    "Just last night, the Lu family's old man, Lu Cangding, was seriously ill and was sent to the hospital."

    "And, the Lu family moved out of the Lu Family Estate in the center of Yanjing overnight and instead went to settle outside the Yan suburbs."

    "Oh?The family's moved?It was so sudden?"Xu Lei heard that she was originally looking down at the document, but she immediately raised her head and asked again, "Does Second Uncle know what the reason is?"

    The man shook his head, "I don't know yet.I secretly asked a few of the Lu Clan's children, and they're not sure of the exact reason, but it looks like the news was intentionally blocked.I guess only the core members of the Lu Family will know about it."

    "However, there's still some interesting news that the family should not hear?"Xu Fengliang said with a smile.

    That smile was somewhat gloating no matter how you looked at it.

    Xu Lei also became interested, "What? Something happened to Lu He?"

    "Haha, exactly."

    "As far as I know, this Lu doesn't know what mistake he made and was suddenly suspended."

    "This is a huge blow to the Lu family's might in Jiangdong."

    Xu Fengliang laughed.

    Although the Lu Family seemed to be powerful, it was mainly supported by Lu He alone.

    Now that Lu He had suffered the suppression of the state, this was tantamount to touching the fundamentals of the Xu Family, and if in the future, Lu He was removed from his post and prostrated as a result, then the Lu Family would undoubtedly be fearless.

    This had to be good news for the Xu family.

    After all, although the four great giants of Yanjing seemed to be amiable on the surface, but in private they were fighting openly and secretly, and the competition was fierce?

    In the past, in the competition with the Lu family, due to the Lu family's powerful background, it could be said that the Xu family had been suffering from stifling losses, and often times dared not to speak out in anger.

    In the end, the Lu family's background was much thicker than the Xu family.

    Now that he saw the Lu Family taking a beating, Xu Fengliang was naturally happy.

    "And, Master, you don't know that not only the Lu Family, but even within the Xu Family's family, there has been a huge upheaval."

    "The old master of the Xu Family, Xu Junlin, passed away yesterday."

    "Not even a funeral was held, and he was buried in a hurry."

    "As for Master Xu Junlin's two sons, they were both disciplined at the same time overnight."

    "The second oldest, Xu He, ended up in jail and will soon be subjected to a court martial."

    "The eldest, Xu Haisheng, has been demoted two ranks in a row, and his midshipman will be demoted directly to a major."

    "The Xu family's one family and three generals have been wiped out overnight.""Hahaha~"

    The more Xu Fengliang spoke, the happier he became, and in the end, he actually laughed straight out.

    The Xu family was at the bottom of the rankings of the four great families of Yanjing.

    Now that the Lu and Xu families had suffered a change of heart, it undoubtedly meant that their Xu family was likely to be ranked even further as a result, Xu Fengliang was naturally happy.

    But as Xu Lei listened, her eyebrows, indeed, frowned slightly, "You mean to say that the Lu and Xu families, at nearly the same time, suffered a change of heart?"

    "Mm."Xu Fengliang nodded, "Although the exact reason, I'm not sure.But what is certain is that it should be that these two families have provoked some formidable existence and angered the country's top brass.In the end, the party brought disaster to their own family."

    "I just don't know, this time, these two big families, what kind of people have they provoked?"

    "It's surprising that these two great families have suffered a secret loss."

    "However, what's certain is that having suffered this calamity, I guess Mr. Chu's side, these two great families, don't have the heart or energy to deal with it."

    Xu Fengliang said with a smile.

    Although it had been a day since Ye Fan had been named the Peerless Patriarch, but the two places were still far apart, and within this day, Xu Lei had not contacted Ye Fan, so they naturally didn't know what had happened in Jiangdong.

    The only thing they knew was that Ye Fan had killed the descendants of the two giants of Lu and Xu.

    The reason why Xu Lei was in such a hurry to return to Yanjing was to keep an eye on the Lu and Xu families for her little brother Fan, and to inform Ye Fan as soon as the owners of the two families made a move.

    However, Xu Lei and the others had miscalculated after all.

    On this trip to Jiangdong, neither the Lu family Lu He nor the Xu family's master Xu Haisheng was directly involved.

    Rather, these people, Lu Cangding and Xu Junlin, secretly went to Jiangdong, even if the mobilization of the army was from the Jiangdong Military District.

    It was because the two families were acting in secrecy, so that the people Xu Lei sent out to keep an eye on them were not even aware of it.

    Therefore, now that the two families were in turmoil, Xu Fengliang didn't even think about Ye Fan.

    However, Xu Lei seemed to have sensed something from it and laughed lightly, "Yes?"

    "But don't you think, Uncle Two, that it's all too much of a coincidence?"

    "This Lu and Xu families are preparing to deal with my brother Xiaofan, and right after that, they suffered a crackdown."

    "Is this really, just a coincidence?"

    Xu Fengliang was stunned when he heard, "My master you mean that Mr. Chu has a nobleman to help him?"

    "Fearing that Mr. Chu would be in danger, so that man made an early move against the Lu and Xu families?"

    Xu Fengliang speculated.

    Xu Lei shook her head, "Perhaps, my brother Xiaofan, is this nobleman?"

    Xu Lei smiled inexplicably.

    Xu Fengliang was indeed shocked, "You mean, it was Mr. Chu's might that forced the two families to bow down and retreat?"

    "But how is that possible?"

    "Those are two big giants with a military and political background.As powerful as Mr. Chu is, he's just a commoner, so how could he possibly make these two big giants suffer?"

    "What's more, we've been keeping an eye on ah these days, and we haven't seen Lu He, Xu Haisheng and the others heading to Jiangdong ah?"

    Hearing Xu Lei's words, Xu Fengliang indeed didn't believe it at all.

    Although, he had seen Ye Fan's might.

    But in Xu Fengliang's eyes, those self-appointed identities and backgrounds of Ye Fan were too far from the Lu Xu family.


Xu Fengliang felt that Mr. Chu might not even have the ability to defend himself in front of the two giants of Lu and Xu, and how could he possibly force back the two world giants with his own strength?

    However, in the face of Xu Fengliang's question, Xu Lei did shake her head and lightly laughed.

    "How can you be the one to know about my brother Xiaofan's might?"

    Between her pretty face and smile, Xu Lei immediately took out her cell phone and gave Ye Fan a call.

    She had a feeling that all of this was related to her little brother Fan.

    Although, reason told her that Ye Fan didn't have the qualifications to be able to make these two giants bow down.

    However, many times, emotions were to be above reason.

    However, when she heard Xu Lei's words, Xu Fengliang remained skeptical.

    Until, after the call was connected, Xu Lei asked to Ye Fan.

    "Brother Xiaofan, the change in the Lu and Xu families should be related to you, right?"Without any unnecessary pleasantries or politeness, Xu Lei did get straight to the point when the call came through.

    "What's the change of heart?"Ye Fan, however, was curious, seemingly completely unaware of the situation.

    When Xu Fengliang heard this, he smiled.

    It was as he expected, this matter had nothing to do with Ye Fan at all.

    "Master, I'll say that you're overthinking it, even if that Lu Xu family did offend someone, it would definitely not be Mr. Chu~"

    Xu Fengliang shook his head and laughed.

    But Xu Lei didn't pay any attention to it, but continued to ask Ye Fan.

    "That is, the Lu family moved out of the Lu family's old house, Lu He was suspended, and Xu Haisheng of the Xu family..."

    Xu Lei gave Ye Fan a brief account of the ending of the Lu and Xu families.

    Only after Ye Fan heard this did he faintly smile, "Yes?"

    "These, should be Li Hongze's handiwork."

    "Earlier, Li Hongze said he wanted to give me an explanation, so it seems like this should be the explanation he's going to give me."


    When he heard this, Xu Fengliang, who was on the side, was stunned, and his eyes suddenly widened.

    Could it be that this change in the Lu and Xu families was really related to Mr. Chu?

    But how is that possible?

    Xu Fengliang was filled with trepidation.

    He didn't dare to imagine what kind of power a person had to have to be to make the Lu and Xu families bow down?

    Previously, Xu Fengliang also thought that perhaps this Lu Xu family would become Ye Fan's gravediggers.

    Xu Fengliang even planned that once Ye Fan died, he would regain control of the Xu family and replace Xu Lei with him.

    After all, inheritance from one's father was an ancestral principle that had been in place for thousands of years.

    Xu Lei, a woman, would sooner or later marry and become someone else's daughter-in-law in the future.

    At that time, if Xu Fengliang couldn't take control of the family in his own hands, would the Xu family's generations of foundation not fall into the hands of someone with a foreign name?

    Before, Xu Fengliang didn't dare to touch Xu Lei, mainly because Ye Fan, the sword, was hanging high above the Xu family.

    Many people knew that Xu Lei was close to Ye Fan.

    The position of Xu Lei, the head of the Xu family, was also pushed up by Ye Fan.

    It can be said that without Ye Fan's support, Xu Lei would never be in the position she is today.

    If Ye Fan really fell in the hands of Lu and Xu giants, Xu Fengliang would naturally have nothing to fear.

    But, now it seemed that Xu Fengliang was thinking too much.

    Ye Fan's strength was far beyond Xu Fengliang's expectations.

    "It seems that this young man is afraid that he is hiding an exceptionally terrifying background and power, right?"

    Thinking of this, Xu Fengliang's fear and trepidation towards Ye Fan undoubtedly became even more intense.

    All the previous mischievous thoughts also dissipated in an instant.

    Xu Fengliang was suddenly a little afraid, fortunately, he hadn't made a move against Xu Lei before, otherwise, his fate would definitely not be any better than that of Lu Cangding and Xu Junlin.

    However, these thoughts of Xu Fengliang were only in his heart, never daring to reveal them.

    Obviously, he even praised Mr. Chu's majesty and expressed his admiration and appreciation for Ye Fan.

    At the same time, Xu Fengliang also asked to Xu Lei, "Master, ask Mr. Chu what method he used to make the Lu and Xu families bow down?"

    "In the future, if these two families mess with our Xu family again, we might be able to learn from them?"

    Xu Feng Liang asked curiously.

    However, Xu Lei didn't listen to Xu Feng Liang's words, and after learning that it was the work of her own brother Xiaofan, Xu Lei rejoiced, "I knew it, this matter must be the handiwork of brother Xiaofan."

    "Brother Xiaofan, now that the crisis in Jiangdong has been lifted, when will you come to Yanjing and visit me?"

    Xu Lei was petulant and chatted with Ye Fan for a while longer.

    And then, they also hung up the phone.

    When Xu Fengliang saw this, he hurriedly asked again, "Master, did Mr. Chu say anything?What method did he use to trample down the two giants, Lu and Xu?"

    At first, Xu Lei ignored him.

    Instead, she lowered her head and tidied up the desk in front of her on her own.

    It wasn't until Xu Fengliang asked again that Xu Lei Fang said, "Second Uncle, don't you think, you're asking a bit too much?"

    "I ...."Xu Fengliang's old face smacked, and his entire body was then stunned.

    Xu Lei raised her head, but continued to look at him, "Second Uncle, I advise you, my brother Xiaofan's background is not something you can pry into?"

    "I know that all along, you have always had a grudge against me, against Brother Fan."

    "Feeling that I, Xu Lei, am not worthy of being the head of this Xu family."

    "I also know that you've been plotting to wait until my brother Xiaofan's power is trampled by the Lu and Xu families, and then you'll take it out on me in the family."

    "This...This is nothing~" hearing this, Xu Fengliang panicked, his heart only felt trembling with fear.

    It only felt that he had been completely seen through by this young girl in front of him.

    At this moment, Xu Fengliang felt that he could not see through this niece of his more and more.

    In response to Xu Fengliang's explanation, Xu Lei smiled with a lighthearted smile, "Second Uncle, you need not be terrified."

    "Whether you have this thought or not, I don't care."

    "Because, the current you, you don't pose any threat to me at all."

    "So, it's enough to put yourself in a good position and do your share of the work."

    "There are some thoughts that are better left untouched."

    Xu Lei looked at her second uncle with a genial smile on her exquisite pretty face.

    It was just that this smile, when it fell into Xu Fengliang's eyes, it was a bit chilling no matter how one looked at it.

    For the first time, Xu Fengliang's heart trembled when he was facing a weak woman.

    After Xu Lei said these words, she also left the study and returned to her room to rest.

    However, these words of hers were by no means a bluff to Xu Fengliang.

    How could Xu Lei be unprepared for this second uncle of hers?

    Back when Ye Fan had supported her to become the head of the Xu family, Xu Lei had secretly removed many people in key positions in the Xu family.

    It can be said that those who control the key industries of the family today are already Xu Lei's people.

    Even if Ye Fan really had something bad happen, it would never be that easy for Xu Fengliang to usurp the throne.

    Moreover, in the land of Yanjing, there was still the Xue family taking care of Xu Lei.


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