Dish Best Served Cold 1151-1155


Chapter 1151

This time, Ye Fan did not make any excuses anymore.

    Although, to Ye Fan, this title was just an optional fictitious name, it didn't have much substantive use, and instead, it made the burden on Ye Fan's body, a little heavier.

    After all, honor was always directly proportional to responsibility.

    The reason why Yan Xia granted Ye Fan the title was not just to acknowledge his strength and status, but more importantly, the main purpose was to hope that when Yan Xia was in danger in the future, Ye Fan would be able to help out.

    When Ye Fan accepted this title, he naturally had the obligation to shelter Yan Xia.

    Ye Fan was free and unrestrained by nature, and what he did hate was for others to set rules and obligations for him.

    So, for this title, Ye Fan was originally not very positive about accepting it.

    Of course, it wasn't that Ye Fan was unpatriotic, but mainly he hated this kind of moral kidnapping.

    Even if Yan Xia really encountered extinction when the time came, Ye Fan wished to take action to save it, not because of obligation, but because of his own will.

    Together with this time, Lu CangDong and the others were making trouble and making things difficult for themselves, under these various reasons, the Ye Fan of a few minutes ago could be said to be truly iron-hearted and refused to accept this enthronement.

    However, Li Hongze's sincerity finally made Ye Fan change his mind.

    He resulted in the sealed document from Li Hongze's hand, while nodding his head and saying indifferently, "Well, I accept this title."

    "However, I have to tell you beforehand, I, Ye Fan, am used to freedom, and I hate to be controlled by others."

    "So, what I don't want to do, I won't do even if I suffer this title."

    "And the things I want to do, no rules can bind me."

    "You understand what I mean, don't you?"

    Ye Fan looked at Li Hongze, but he had conveyed his meaning to him in advance.

    Li Hongze wasn't surprised by this.

    After all, it wasn't the first time he had dealt with this kind of seal powerhouse, not only Ye Fan, but people like the War God Ye Qingtian as well as the Fist Emperor Mo Liao Cheng also had a sense of pride in them.

    This was normal!

    A person without pride can hardly become a great person.

    It was for this reason that for the martial world, Yan Xia officials didn't have jurisdiction over it, but allowed martial practitioners to manage the martial world themselves.

    This was true for ordinary martial artists, and naturally, strong people like Ye Fan, who stood at the top of the martial dao, were even freer.


    "Mr. Chu, don't worry, we won't force you to do anything, and we don't have the ability to force you."

    "Our only expectation is that in the future, when our country is in danger, Mr. Chu will step forward and contribute to sheltering Yan Xia."

    Li Hongze looked towards Ye Fan and slowly said, his words carrying a few requests and expectations.


    Ye Fan nodded, "That's natural,"

    "Jiangdong is my mulberry hometown, and Yanxia is my homeland."

    "I, Ye Fan, will not allow outsiders to desecrate my mulberry homeland, and naturally, I will not allow people from foreign countries to trample on the dignity of my homeland."

    "When my country is in danger, I will not sit idly by.I will only shelter Yan Xia and provide long-lasting peace."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    Although the words were calm, one could still make out the resounding power contained within them.

    After Li Hongze heard it, he was both relieved and delighted.


    "As the ancients say, to establish a heart for the heavens and the earth, to establish a life for the people, to succeed the saints, and to open up peace for all ages."

    "Mr. Chu can have this national righteousness in his heart and keep the safety of the country in his heart."

    "Why should I Yan Xia worry that I cannot revive it again?"

    "Why worry about the future, not being able to stand proudly in the forest of the world's nations?"

    Li Hongze's words were bold and full of joy.

    It was rejoicing for the country, rejoicing for the people.

    It was only because, they Yan Xia, had another, pillar of the nation talent!

    For many years, ever since the Truman Catastrophe back then, when Yan Xia and Life and Death were on the verge of survival, there hadn't been a birth of such a strong person since the emergence of the six title grandmasters.

    Today, the title is conferred again, and the seventh pillar is reborn, this is an epoch-making event for both the martial world and the entire country.

    According to common sense, the title ceremony should be held and the whole country should celebrate.

    However, Ye Qingtian decided to postpone the ceremony for the sake of protecting Ye Fan.

    After all, a tree is more beautiful than a forest and the wind will destroy it.

    Chu Tianfan, who had fallen on the sea with the Sun Country, was a lesson from the past.

    This world seemed to be peaceful and stable.

    However, beneath that calm exterior, there were treacherous clouds.

    Conspiracies and assassinations filled every era.

    Wherever there were people, there would be killing.

    Finally, with Ye Fan's acceptance of the state's sealing documents, today's drama came to a slow end.

    Wu Weitao was taken away by law enforcement officers, forcibly, to be examined.

    As for Helan Shan, he fell from the top of the mountain and was relegated to the countryside to enter the village to help the poor.

    The police officers who had previously arrived from all over Yunzhou to surround and annihilate Ye Fan were also ordered to evacuate under Han Dongmin's command, like a tidal wave.

    As for the three thousand soldiers of the Jiangdong Military District, they were also all gray-headed and fled hurriedly under Wang Dongsheng's leadership, as if they were street rats.

    The previously dazzling Xu family father and son, however, were lying on the ground like two dead dogs.

    What was even more miserable was that none of the many people present paid any attention to these two, let alone sending them to the hospital for treatment.

    Even Wang Dongsheng and the others, who had followed Xu He and rushed here before, didn't even look at the two generals of the Xu family and turned their heads and ran away.

    Having almost been killed by Xu He and his son today, how could Wang Dongsheng and the other Jiangdong soldiers, who had the heart to kill this pair of bastards and their son, save them?

    In the end, it was Han Dongmin who took pity on him and had his men carry the two things to the hospital for treatment.

    Lu Cangdome, on the other hand, was also taken away from Yunzhou by Li Hongze's men.

    The crowd dispersed, and a farce, finally ended.

    However, although the farce in Yunzhou had ended, the subsequent effects caused by this matter had only just begun.

    Not to mention Jiangdong, how Han Dongmin would deal with Wu Weitao's and others.On Yanjing's side alone, there would definitely be a shaking.

    After all, the misfortune that Lu and Xu had caused this time was too great, and the impact was extremely serious, and they had even used the army privately.

    What's more, the mere act of offending Ye Fan was enough for the state to deal with them in a strict and severe manner.

    Of course, these were all things to come later.

    Now, with the crowd dispersing, it was calm again under the Sea Source Pavilion.

    However, although the heavens and the earth were calm, the mood of Li Er and the other Jiangdong crowd was not calm for a long time.

    It was like a wave, rising and falling.

    Even if Li Hongze and the others left for a long time, there was still silence under the Sea Source Pavilion.

    Everyone was silent, almost forgetting to even breathe.

    Under the Heavenly River, only Ye Fan was smiling faintly.

    He stretched out his hand and took the beautiful woman beside him into his arms.

    He stood with a negative hand, he was full of cold smiles.

    Only if a generation of emperors, the empress in his arms, ruled the world!

1152In front of you, there is a crowd bowing down.

    Behind you, there are clouds moving in eight directions.

    With a beautiful woman at hand, I dare ask the world, who is the hero?


    The winds were bitterly cold, rolling up the sand.

    Ye Fan's gaze swept across the heavenly river, the earth, the clouds and lakes, and the people of this Jiangdong crowd.

    Although, at this time, Ye Fan didn't say a word, but the people of the four directions had already bowed to Ye Fan's majesty.

    All of them, looking at Ye Fan, only had endless respect and reverence left.

    In Ye Fan's bosom, looking at his man's majestic and domineering figure, there was a charming smile on his pretty face, quietly blossoming.

    In her heart, she was all love and satisfaction for Ye Fan.

    Is this her man?

    This is her Autumn Mu Orange husband!

    There had never been a moment that made Autumn Mu Orange feel so happy.

    In the past, she had suffered countless injustices in the Qiu family.

    He had once complained about the injustice of the heavens.

    But now, all that was left in Qiu Mu Orange's heart towards the heavens was sentimentality.

    She thanked fate, thanked life, for allowing her to meet, this excellent young man, for allowing her to become, his woman!

    However, on top of the joy and excitement, the wisp of loss in Qiu Mu Orange's heart was quietly growing.

    Moreover, the more excellent Ye Fan's performance was, the more that wisp of loss in Qiu Mu Orange's heart grew stronger.

    In the past, when Ye Fan was still the door-to-door son-in-law of their Qiu family, they might have suffered a lot of grievances, but the Ye Fan at that time was exceptionally real.

    But now, when Ye Fan had become the esteem of Jiangdong and the supreme powerhouse that even the country had to fear three times, especially when he saw that even people like Li Hongze, who stood at the peak of power, were so respectful to him, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly realized that, inadvertently, her man had stood so high.

    In the past, Qiu Mu Orange, who painstakingly ran the Mu Fan Group, didn't really want to make money, but wanted to prove herself and use her best efforts to catch up with Ye Fan.

    But now, she finally discovered that Ye Fan was too dazzling, so dazzling that she couldn't reach his world even if she stood on her tiptoes.

    The more she felt that she was not good enough for him, the more she couldn't keep up with Ye Fan's footsteps.

    Qiu Mu Orange, who had always been strong, always believed that love that was evenly matched was the most long-lasting.

    But now, Autumn Mu Orange knew very well that the huge difference in ability between herself and Ye Fan would eventually reduce her to a vase by Ye Fan's side in the future.

    However, these thoughts of Qiu Mu Orange were only hidden in her heart, she didn't bare them.

    And if Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, Ye Fan naturally didn't know either.

    His current gaze, after sweeping over the crowd, eventually landed on Xu Ao's body.

    The cold laughter, with bone-chilling and majestic pride, exploded under the Haiyuan Pavilion, "How about it, Chen Ao?"

    "Now, you should know whether it's me, Ye Fan, who's impoverished, or that Lu and Xu families, who are bowing down?"


    The low and deep voice was only like thunder from the nine heavens, and it exploded.

    The first thing that Ye Fan did after Lu Cang Dome and the others left was to drink Chen Ao.

    Previously, Chen Ao betrayed him, but Ye Fan didn't immediately take his life, but kept him alive.

    And, gave him a promise.

    That is, let Chen Ao see with his own eyes, to see the war between him and Lu and Xu families, who can laugh to the end, and who is at the end of the road?

    And now, the answer had been revealed.

    Naturally, Ye Fan questioned again!

    In the face of Ye Fan's thunderous rage, Chen Ao's old face was pale and trembling, and finally the soles of his feet were soft, and this magnificent big man who was entrenched in one side, the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, just like this, also under Ye Fan's authority, directly spread out on the ground.

    He was full of fear, but for a long time, did not say a word.

    Finally, but Chen Ao laughed.

    Full of desolate eyes, that look, as if a dying old minister.

    He climbed up, leaned against the corner, and laughed at himself.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu, you won."

    "The one who laughed at the end, was you."

    "You have proved with the fact that it is I, Chen Ao, who has eyes but no pearls, and it is I, Chen Ao, who is foolish and ignorant, who underestimated Mr. Chu ah."

    Chen Ao laughed, desolate laughter, but it made Li Er and the others to listen, they were all moved.

    However, after laughing, Chen Ao also frankly went to his death: "Mr. Chu, do it."

    "To die under Mr. Chu's hand, I, Chen Ao, have died a fitting death."

    "Moreover, having once done something under the generation of heavenly pride, I, Chen Ao, can die without regret~"

    Not too many pleas for mercy, not to mention the terrified cry, in front of life and death, but Chen Ao was extremely calm.

    Because, he had already expected this scene.

    Ye Fan is the most merciful, and those who are merciful hate betrayal the most.

    Therefore, Chen Ao didn't come without thinking that Ye Fan would forgive him.

    Now, it was just that the time for him to forgive had arrived.


    "Chen Ao, I've let you live for so long more, it's time to send you on your way."

    Ye Fan sneered, without the slightest hesitation, his arm was raised and a hand blade was about to strike down on Chen Ao.

    However, it was at this time that Li Er and the others, but they pounced on him and directly hugged Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, don't~"

    "Please, for the sake of Chen Ao who was also loyal to you before, spare his life."

    Li Er couldn't bear to see his old friend from the past, perishing at the hands of Ye Fan like this, but he begged to Ye Fan.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "Chen Ao he was momentarily confused ah."

    "He also thought that you were dead, and only then did he betray you."

    "When you were alive, wasn't Chen Ao also loyal to you with no second thoughts at all?"

    "What's more, this time, when the Lu family led the army to close the siege, Chen Ao's heart was so concerned about Mr. Chu's safety that he came from Jianghai, not far from a hundred miles in the night, just to send a letter to Mr. Chu and let you leave."

    "This alone is also a clear indication of Chen Ao's, red-blooded loyalty to you?"

    Lei laosan also persuaded from the side.

    Soon, Wang Jiexi, as well as many other Jiangdong dignitaries, begged to Ye Fan, "Please Mr. Chu, let him go and spare Chen Ao's life."


    "Please Mr. Chu, spare Chen Ao's life with a net~"


    In a split second, everyone here, surprisingly, pleaded for Chen Ao's mercy.

    Over the years, although Chen Ao was a little bit more domineering, but he did things in a methodical manner and was considered benevolent.

    Moreover, before Ye Fan had made his fortune, Jiangdong was dominated by Chen Ao, and his prestige was not small in the hearts of the people.

    Now that Chen Ao was in danger, many people followed Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others to plead for Chen Ao's mercy.

    "Betrayal is betrayal."

    "Even though he has a thousand reasons, ten thousand reasons, that still can't change the mistakes he committed."

    "Today, even if all of you want to stop me, this Chen Ao, I still want to kill him!"

    Ye Fan's low, angry voice couldn't stop echoing.

    But Li Er and the others, still persuaded.

    "Mr. Chu, be merciful, ah."

    "When Mr. Chu is in charge of Jiangdong, he should be benevolent and righteous, ah?"



    Ye Fan laughed at once.

    Within the cold and gloomy laugh, but it was suppressed with an erect rage.

    "Li Er, are you using the word benevolence to threaten me?"

    "At first, when Chen Ao betrayed me, why didn't you ask him if he was benevolent and righteous?"

    "When my loved ones were in distress, my wife was in danger, and the Mufan Group collapsed, why didn't you ask Chen Ao if he was benevolent and righteous?"

    Ye Fan questioned repeatedly.

    Each voice, each word, was like thunderstorms exploding.

    The thunderous voice of anger was only like gold and stones falling to the ground, echoing in all directions.

    It wasn't that Ye Fan was cold-blooded and ruthless, but the fault Chen Ao had committed was too heavy.

    If he, Ye Fan, hadn't come back in time that day, he wouldn't have dared to imagine what would have been the end of his mother, and what would have been the end of their wife, Qiu Mu Orange.

    Just because of Chen Ao's betrayal, it almost led to such bad consequences.

    Precisely because of this, how could Ye Fan forgive him?

    Eventually, under Ye Fan's furious questioning, Li Er and the others were laid to rest, their old faces reddened, but they were actually dumbfounded by Ye Fan, unable to say a word for a long time.

    As for Chen Ao, he also knew that the sin was unforgivable, and tearfully looked at Li Er and the others: "Everyone, there is no need to persuade."

    "Mr. Chu is right, I, Chen Ao, am guilty of an unforgivable sin."

    "All this, I deserve to die for my crime."

    "I, Chen Ao, don't deserve everyone, to be so loved."

    Chen Ao choked on his words, full of guilt, and between his words, his entire body almost burst into old tears.

    After saying that, Chen Ao kneeled at the feet of Ye Fan, and frankly said, "Please Mr. Chu, grant death!"


    Chen Ao grabbed the ground with his head, and the miserable sound immediately resounded throughout the room.

    "Good, as you wish!"

    Evan gave a sneer while slapping his palm.


    Li Er and the others were filled with intolerance, and many of them directly closed their eyes, hardly able to bear to look at it.

    They knew that this Chen Ao, they were afraid that he was dead.

    After all, under this slap of Mr. Chu, even a bronze head and iron arm would definitely be beaten to pieces, not to mention Chen Ao's flesh mortal body.


    "This Chen Ao, is also really confused."

    "In the first place, why did you suddenly betray Mr. Chu for good reason?"

    Li Er and the others were helpless and angry.

    However, just when everyone thought that Ye Fan would definitely die, who would have thought that just at this time, outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, there was the sound of a car.

    Soon, a clear woman, carrying a long skirt, rushed in recklessly.


    That miserable cry, but shocked the crowd here.

    Chen Ao, who was desperate to die, was even more shocked and trembled, his pupils suddenly tightened: "Nan Nan, you...How did you come here?"

    "You need to get back!"

    "Who asked you to come?"

    "You dead girl, get the hell back to Yanjing!"

    "How dare you disobey what I told you in the first place, that you were not allowed to return to Jiangdong without my orders?"

    Seeing his daughter, Chen Ao, who was originally brave and fearless, actually panicked a bit.

    He was afraid that Ye Fan would be angry with his daughter and would also let his daughter be buried with him.

    In panic, Chen Ao then frantically pushed Nan Chen to get her out of here, out of Jiangdong, and never come back.


    "I don't."

    "Daddy, I won't leave you, and I won't let you die."

    "Nan Nan let you live, let you live~"


    Nan Chen's tears were like rain, and the sound of miserable bitterness could not stop ringing out.

    The bean-sized tears, unconsciously, had soaked into her clothes.


    "Go away."

    "How can a man's business be something you, a yellow-haired girl, can get involved in?"

    "Get out of here!"

    Chen Ao couldn't help but push his daughter, but since Chen Nan decided to come back, how could she leave.

    As early as last night, Chen Nan learned from her own mother about her father's betrayal of Ye Fan.

    Fearing that Ye Fan would have his father executed, Chen Nan came running from Yanjing in the night.

    After seeing that Chen Ao was still alive, Chen Nan was relieved in his heart and at the same time, he also turned to Ye Fan with tears in his eyes and begged, "Brother Fan, please, please let my father go."

    "It's all because of me, my father did something stupid to protect me, and betrayed you."

    "It was that Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, who took my life as blackmail to force my father to comply."

    "Brother Xiaofan, my father is loyal to you and has no intention of betraying you."

    "He's all because of me, I'm the one who hurt him."

    "Nan Nan is willing to forgive with his own life, I only ask Brother Fan to bypass my dad~"


    Chen Nan tears like rain, the mournful and grief-stricken voice, but in the room, echoing for a long time.

    It made the listener's heart mournful, making the hearer weep.

    It turns out that before, Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, in order to bring down Mu Fan Group in the shortest possible time and destroy Ye Fan's painstakingly managed Jiangdong power, they thought of turning Chen Ao against him.

    However, Chen Ao has been following Ye Fan for many years. Ye Fan is very kind to him, so he would not betray Chen Ao.

    However, after many attempts of coercion and enticement to no avail, Lu Mingfeng found out Chen Ao's weakness.

    That was his precious daughter, Chen Nan!

    So, at that time, Lu Mingfei sent someone to follow Chen Nan in Yanjing, so he secretly took photos and videos of following Chen Nan, so as to threaten Chen Ao.

    If he didn't comply, he would take his daughter as a sacrifice!

    Chen Ao dotes on his daughter and naturally doesn't allow her to be hurt in any way.

    Unfortunately, Chen Ao had no choice but to comply and cooperate with Lu Mingfeng and the two of them to bring down Mu Fan Group.

    It was only after hearing this that Li Er and the others came to a sudden realization.

    It was only now that they understood the reason for Chen Ao's betrayal.

    "Chen Ao, your daughter was threatened, why didn't you say so earlier?"

    "We can figure it out together."

    "It's also better than carrying it all by yourself~"

    Li Er and the others were angry at his misfortune and hated him, but they bitterly blamed Chen Ao.

    Chen Ao shook his head: "It's useless to tell you."

    "Mr. Chu is not here, the Lu and Xu families are powerful, even if I tell you, what can I do?"

    "To be frank, it's still me, Chen Ao, who is incompetent and incapable of protecting my daughter, the only way to keep Nan Nan alive is through this method~"

    Chen Ao said mockingly to himself, and in his eyebrows, there was helplessness and despair.

    "Brother Xiaofan, please, please forgive my dad."

    "Nan Nan is willing to, forgive my dad for my dad's sins~"


    Chen Nan couldn't stop crying, in her words, there was guilt and self-recrimination.

    She did not blame Ye Fan, she only hated herself useless, so big, not only can not help his father in the slightest, but now become a burden to his father, will kill his own father.

    Li Er and the others also looked at Ye Fan, they wanted to speak out to persuade again, but in the end they still shut their mouths, not daring to say a word, they could only look at the young man in front of them with pleading eyes.

    Amongst the audience, the only one who still dared to persuade Ye Fan was Qiu Mu Orange, right?

    Finally, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been silent all this time, but in her heart, pulled the corner of Ye Fan's coat: "Ye Fan..."



    Qiu Mu Orange tilted her head and looked towards Ye Fan, looking like she wanted to say something.

    Obviously, Qiu Mu Orange also wanted to plead for Chen Ao and his father and daughter.

    Ye Fan, however, waved his hand and looked expressionless: "Alright, Mu Orange, you don't need to say anything."

    "What you want to say, I know."

    After saying that, Ye Fan then looked at Chen Ao who was kneeling on the ground, Chen Nan who was already full of tears, after a long time, Ye Fan finally sighed, and the killing intent in his heart also faded away a lot right away.

    "Just, Chen Ao, for the sake of Nan Nan, I'll spare your life."

    "But the death penalty can be forgiven, and the living crime can't be undone."

    "From now on, just leave Jiangdong."

    "In the future, don't enter, Jiangdong one step!"

    Ye Fan's cold voice, quietly sounded.

    But it was announced, the final disposition of the most Chen Ao.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also took Qiu Mu Orange and turned around to leave.

    What was left for the crowd was left, Ye Fan's thin back."Kneel down and thank you, Mr. Chu~"

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu, for not killing me~"

    .....Behind him, Chen Ao kneels with tears on his head and knocks his forehead heavily on the ground.

    This several dozen years old man, but just because of Mr. Chu's words, the old tears.

    To Ye Fan, Chen Ao was guilty and grateful from the bottom of his heart.

    He never thought that he, Chen Ao, would survive.

    Although, Ye Fan let him leave Jiangdong in the future, but at least, it preserved his, a life.


    "You don't have to die, Brother Fanny has spared you."


    Hearing Ye Fan's final decision, Nan Chen was undoubtedly filled with joy as well.

    She turned around and directly jumped into her own father's arms, letting her tears pour down.

    "Mm, it's okay."

    "Everything's over~"

    Chen Ao hugged his own daughter, gently patted Nan Chen's shoulder and softly comforted her, the words, also seemed to be comforting himself.

    No one knew how Chen Ao had survived these days.

    It was as if it was the last few days of a condemned prisoner, the desperate feeling of waiting for death was undoubtedly close to devastating.

    No one can truly remain calm before life or death.

    Even an all-powerful baron like Chen Ao, who reigned over the East River, would naturally find it difficult to do so.

    But fortunately, it was all over at this point.

    The terrified and desperate life before was finally over!

    He, Chen Ao, survived.

    The rest of us undoubtedly laughed when we saw this ending..

    Li Er even stepped forward and helped Chen Ao's father and daughter up from the ground, lamenting, "Chen Ao, you have raised a good daughter."

    "This time if it wasn't for Chen Nan, you old thing, I'm afraid you would have really died."

    Lei Laosan and the others also came up and comforted to Chen Ao.

    However, after laughing, a trace of loss appeared in the eyebrows of Li Er and the others.

    After all, Chen Ao had been driven out of Jiangdong after all.

    In the future, this iron triangle of their Jiangdong might not be able to get together anymore.


    "Chen Ao, don't hate Mr. Chu."

    "Mr. Chu is in charge of Jiangdong, and many times, he has no choice."

    "You made such a big mistake, if he doesn't punish you, it will be hard to convince the public."

    Li Er and the others sighed and said from the side.

    Chen Ao returned, "I know that I, Chen Ao, don't hate anyone, and I am to blame for today's ending."

    "I'm already extremely satisfied if I can survive."

    "Mm."Lei Lao San and the others nodded, "It's best if you can think like that."

    "By the way, what are your plans for leaving Jiangdong in the future?""If there's anything I can do to help, just say ."

    "With your ability, even if you leave Jiangdong in the future, you won't worry about breaking into a new world."

    Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others all looked at Chen Ao.

    For so many years, the few of them had fought, scolded, laughed, and had already had a deep friendship with each other.

    Now that Chen Ao is leaving, they are naturally a little sad in their hearts.

    Chen Ao shook his head: "No more breaking in, I'm old and tired."

    "In the future, find a place, plant flowers, tease birds, spend time with your family, this life will be like this."

    Chen Ao smiled faintly, that kind of look, as if a weather-beaten old man, who had seen through this red dust and secluded into the empty door.

    Yes, this lesson was undoubtedly too heavy for Chen Ao.

    In his whole life, the combined lessons he had learned were probably not as profound as this one.

    It was because of this that the party made Chen Ao have the thought of retreating.

    "Let's go, Nan Nan, let's go home."

    After saying goodbye to Li Er and the others, Chen Ao was also supported by his own daughter, limping, and left the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    His legs were numb from kneeling for a long time, and blood was still spilling out on his forehead, which showed how much strength Chen Ao used to kowtow.

    In this way, under the eyes of Li Er and others, Chen Ao, who was once all-powerful, went far away.

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    After today, the Jianghai Chen family will become history.

    Once, the one who assisted Mr. Chu with them and took charge of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, may not be able to see each other anymore.

    On the Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Er, Lei Lao San, and Wang Jiexi, however, were sitting on top of the restaurant, looking out at the flat lake and mountains, cup after cup, drinking mulled wine.

    "To think that back then, when I first met Chen Ao, I was still just a street vendor."

    "At that time, Chen Ao was on Cloud Mist Lake, chatting with a group of big shots in a boat."

    "At that time, I vowed that one day, I would catch up with him and be able to be his equal, canoeing on that Cloud Mist Lake."

    "As years and ten years have passed, who would have thought that the former kingpin, Chen Ao, would be driven out of Yunzhou."

    Wang Jiexi was filled with emotion.

    In the hearts of Li Er and Lei Laosan, they were also sobbing.

    "Yeah, I never thought that one day Chen Ao, like a dog that lost his family, will also leave this world."

    "This world affairs, it's really unpredictable."

    In between the words, Li Er took a cup of wine and drank it all.

    Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much wine, Li Er's cheeks were slightly red, and he turned his head to look at Lei Laosan as well as Wang Jiexi beside him: "And you two, you also have to remember that at all times, we have to be loyal to Mr. Chu."

    "Otherwise, what happens to Chen Ao might be the end of us in the future."

    Hoo~ The cold wind was bitterly cold, wrapping around the voices of these three old men, but they drifted far, far away.

    On the other side, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange had returned to the western suburban villa.

    "Ye Fan, do you really want to drive Chen Ao away?"

    "Perhaps you should give him a chance."

    "After all, he didn't mean to betray you, but to protect Nan Nan."

    "It's understandable that he loves his daughter."

    "Moreover, you will continue to be in charge of Jiangdong in the future, and Chen Ao can be of great use and can share your worries."


Qiu Mu Orange was also worried that Ye Fan was too tired.

    Chen Ao's presence would undoubtedly greatly help to relieve Ye Fan's worries.

    Moreover, in Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, the mistake Chen Ao had made was also to protect Nan Chen, which was understandable.

    However, Ye Fan shook his head, "Having done something wrong, one should pay the price."

    "Mu Orange, this matter need not be discussed again."

    "Keeping Chen Ao alive is already my greatest mercy."

    Ye Fan's words were low and carried an unquestionable authority.

    When Qiu Mu Orange saw this, she did not say anything else.

    At this point, this incident, which was caused by the Lu and Xu families, had finally settled down in the land of Jiangdong.

    This night, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, both of them, personally cooked and prepared a table full of food and wine to feast on the Green Dragon Battle Team, as well as Long Baichuan and the others.


    "I didn't expect Instructor Chu's cooking to be so good."

    "Outwardly dashing a thousand miles, but at home he can still cook and prepare delicious meals."

    "Instructor Chu this is versatile~"

    "Motherfucker, I'm a grown man who wants to marry Instructor Chu."



    "You want to marry Instructor Chu even with your five big faces?"

    "I can fuck with that, right?"

    "Our Green Dragon Battle Team, even if someone really could marry Instructor Chu, it would be Captain Ye Yuyan, not you, a brown man."

    Tasting the table full of delicious food, Tarzan and the others laughed as you laughed without saying a word.

    "Don't talk nonsense!"


    Ye Yuyan's pretty face blushed slightly as she laughed and scolded at Li Ziyang and the others.

    However, while joking, Ye Yuyan was also secretly checking out Ye Fan who was still in the kitchen, and in her heart, an inexplicable fantasy arose.

    If, back then, she had accepted Ye Fan's confession, perhaps, this excellent young man in front of her belonged to her, Ye Yuyan.

    However, thinking of this, Ye Yuyan eventually shook her head and laughed at herself.

    She knew that she and Ye Fan, in the end, were impossible.

    Even if she, herself, hadn't disliked Ye Fan in the beginning, she and Ye Fan would never have reached the end.

    After all, that bloodline on her body alone had doomed her and her little brother Fan to never be possible!This man in front of her, in the end, could only become Ye Yuyan's late at night, that fantasy only.

    Just, looking at the Ye Fan in front of her, Ye Yuyan couldn't figure out why she was so stupid before.

    Why are you so blind?

    Such an excellent man was right beside her, and she didn't even notice.

    She even spoke ill of him and made things difficult for him.

    Every time she remembered what she had done to Ye Fan, Ye Yuyan felt a burst of remorse and self-loathing.

    If it wasn't for these unpleasant experiences in the past, Ye Yuyan reckoned that her relationship with Ye Fan today would have been like brother and sister.

    And it wouldn't be like this now, a mere superior and superior relationship.

    Yes, even though Ye Fan had absorbed Ye Yuyan into the Green Dragon Battle Team, Ye Fan's attitude towards her hadn't changed at all.

    It was still as cold and distant as it was, with no hint of kinship at all.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, there was no difference between Ye Yuyan and Li Ziyang and the others.

    "Captain, what's wrong?"

    "What are you staring at?"

    "My God, you're not really in love with our instructor Chu, are you?"


    "If so, Captain you are destined to be only unrequited."

    "Who let our Instructor Chu be married already?"

    "Moreover, Instructor Chu is famous in Yunzhou for loving his wife."

    "Although Captain your posture and figure are also one of the most beautiful women in a hundred miles, it's a pity that you met Instructor Chu a little too late."

    "Captain if you had befriended Instructor Chu a few years earlier Miss Early Autumn, I can guarantee that with your charm, you would have been able to take down Instructor Chu."

    "If that's the case, today's General's wife, Empress Jiangdong, would not be Miss Qiu, but you, Miss Ye."

    "Hahaha~" these were all straightforward brown men, and they had no qualms about speaking, but now that they had drunk some wine, they were even more straightforwardly chatting high.

    Ye Yuyan did not speak, allowing the laughter of Li Ziyang and the others to reverberate.

    However, no one saw the increasingly thicker loss in Ye Yuyan's eyebrows.

    Where did Li Ziyang and the others know that in fact, Ye Yuyan and Ye Fan had met each other many years before Qiu Mu Orange.

    Ye Yuyan , was the one who met Ye Fan first, and Qiu Mu Orange was the later one.

    However, even if they were childhood sweethearts, what could they do?

    She had, after all, missed it.

    At that time, they were all still young, and she clearly had countless opportunities to get her little brother Fan's favor.

    But unfortunately, she herself was too snobbish and had eyes to despise Ye Fan.

    In the end, it made her lose, this cousin's affection.

    So much so, that nowadays, they were almost like strangers.

    This dinner was eaten until late at night.

    Afterwards, Ye Fan also arranged rooms for Li Ziyang and the others to sleep in.

    This period of time, the Green Dragon Battle Team's training was also considered hard, and today, it was time to take a vacation.

    However, it was only for one day.

    Ye Fan told them to return to the military area the next day and continue their training.

    Perhaps they had achieved something now, but it was undoubtedly still too far from Ye Fan's goal.

    It was late at night.

    Li Ziyang and the others, had all gone to sleep.

    In the courtyard, but there were still two people, standing quietly.

    One of them, was standing with his hands in the negative.

    The other person, this was with a respectful face, guarding behind him.

    "Dragon Lord, what has happened during this time?"

    "Previously, you issued the Dragon God's Order, and I was all ready in the military district, just waiting for your next order, but why, there was no news about the delay?"

    "I questioned Han, but Han instead told me to remain hidden and standby."

    In the dark night, Long Baichuan asked Ye Fan in confusion.

    "There was indeed an accident."

    "But it's all in the past."

    Ye Fan faintly returned.

    Long Bacchuan nodded, "That's good.As such, I wonder when the Dragon Lord will prepare to implement the prairie plan again."

    As the existence that held power among the four dragon kings, Long Bachuan naturally knew more about Ye Fan's plan than the other dragon kings.

    After all, in Ye Fan's plan, Long Bachuan King, was also the candidate who needed to go to the Chu family with Ye Fan.

    "Let's wait a little longer."

    "When I am done with this aftermath, I will issue the Dragon God Order again."

    "However, before that, I need you to travel to the Sun Country and help me with a mission."

    Ye Fan suddenly said.

    Long Baichuan immediately agreed, "Dragon Lord, just say it, I, Long Chuan, will complete the character even if I am crushed to pieces!"

    Evan nodded, "Well, it's enough to have this heart."

    "However, it is still necessary to complete this mission with your own safety in mind."

    "As for the specific matters, you don't need to know for now."

    "You now, head to the Jianghai International Airport first, and contact this person when you arrive."

    "After meeting up with him, everything will be at his command."


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