Dish Best Served Cold 1146-1150

Chapter 1146


    "I, Ye Fan, am but a mere commoner, and I'm afraid I can't afford such a comment, let alone this title."

    Ye Fan said indifferently, his face expressionless, his words hinting at some coldness.

    "I'll go!"

    "Mr. Chu, careful what you say, huh?"

    "This person standing before you is no ordinary person~"

    Hearing this somewhat disrespectful tone from Ye Fan, Li Er and the others were nearly all scared to death.

    I thought to myself, "What's wrong with Mr. Chu?

    Is it that he really doesn't know this Li Hongze.

    Or is Mr. Chu really crazy?

    You don't even care about Yan Xia's number two?

    In a split second, Li Er and the others were trembling with fear, and only felt that they were becoming more and more unable to understand Mr. Chu.

    After all, if it was an outsider, who had been granted a national title, and a giant like Li Hongze had personally announced it, he would probably have been so excited and thankful that he would have found it hard to help himself.

    But Ye Fan didn't.

    Instead, he showed such a cold attitude.

    This had to be unbelievable.

    However, how would Li Er and the others know that these supreme honors in the eyes of outsiders were just some disposable fame in the eyes of Ye Fan.

    For just the truly strong, what could be done with or without a title?

    Anyway, Ye Fan's strength was right here on display!

    Even if Yan Xia didn't grant him the title, he still had the battle power of a Sealed Master.

    In other words, this title was of little use to Ye Fan.

    But to the country, it was of great significance.

    From this point of view, it could be said that the country was begging Ye Fan to accept this title.

    Therefore, after hearing such a cold tone from Ye Fan, not only did Li Hongze not have the slightest bit of anger, but he was also anxious, thinking that could it be that they hadn't done enough somewhere to provoke this Mr. Chu?

    In the past few years, the United States of America and other Western countries have been eyeing Yan Xia and have been repeatedly suppressing it.

    Under such circumstances, Yan Xia undoubtedly desperately needed pillar powerhouses like Ye Fan to shelter the country.

    Therefore, each and every title clan master was undoubtedly a strategic deterrent to Yan Xia.

    Now that Ye Fan was showing such a fearless interest, this had to make Li Hongze's heart anxious.

    He even smiled: "Mr. Chu is humble."

    "The War God holds you in high esteem, and the Haotian Clan Master also appreciates you."

    "From this, it can be seen that Mr. Chu deserves to receive this title, how can he say that he cannot afford it?"

    "Of course, if you're doing this because you dislike the rather haphazard granting of the title, then you've truly misunderstood."

    "Originally, the plan was to prepare for the title ceremony, on Yan Mountain, where you will be personally crowned by the present Emperor."

    "However, due to the fact that a few days ago, a strong man from my Yan Xia fell in the Sun Country, similar in age to Mr. Chu.The War God and others suspected that it was the forces of other countries that joined forces to assassinate Qi in order to suppress my Yan Xia martial path."

    "Therefore, out of the protection of Mr. Chu, the God of War decided to keep you under a secret registry from the public."

    "After Mr. Chu's wings are full and he has truly grown into a gnarled tree, he will hold a supplemental sealing ceremony for you."

    "At that time, the Lord of Yanxia will also definitely come in person to congratulate Mr. Chu."

    Li Hongze's words were kind and cordial, but in front of Ye Fan, this man with an honorable status did not put up any pretense, and even spoke in an unusually polite tone.

    However, Li Hongze's words were once again a trifle shocking to the hearts of the crowd.

    This damn it.

    Even the Yan Xia sovereign was coming to congratulate him personally?

    At that time Shen Fei was shocked, a direct cry of lying.

    Straight out of Van's bull fried ah!

    "Fuck, who else?"

    "Dare I ask Edo, who the fuck else is here?"


    Shen Fei was not very educated, and after shouting a fuck, he laughed there.

    Shen Jiuyi was so scared that he slapped her!

    "Bastard, do you have any say in this?"

    "Don't want to live, huh?"

    "Shut your doggy mouth!"

    Shen Jiuyi was almost mad at his own bastard son.

    This damn immortal fight, they these scum good choice is to stay honestly, less talk, less head.

    After all, misfortune comes out of the mouth.

    In case the sentence is wrong, it might be the sin of killing the head.

    So, hearing Shen Fei's sudden laughter at this time, Shen Jiuyi was naturally terrified and drank to stop.

    However, even though Li Hongze's words had reached this point, Ye Fan still didn't have the slightest intention to receive this title, even though Li Hongze handed over the documents, Ye Fan ignored them.

    "As I said, I, Ye Fan, am nothing more than a mere commoner who is at the mercy of others."

    "All of Sanzi's former homes were destroyed, and his parents and relatives were almost killed."

    "Now, a few old things, as well as a couple of jumping clowns, have dared to act in front of me, calling me a madman scum, saying that I am a troublemaker, and even threatening to shoot me."

    "How am I, a Jiangdong sinner, qualified to be judged in such a manner?Even less able to bear this peerless title."

    Ye Fan said coldly, and within that energetic laugh, there was ridicule and playfulness.

    But the two on the side, Wu Weitao and He Lanshan, listening to these words, their hearts were inch cold, and behind their spines, there was actually a cold sweat.

    In their hearts, there was even a howl of woe and despair!

    Obviously, Ye Fan's words were aimed at them.

    This bastard, is trying to force them into an army!

    Wu Weitao was filled with bitterness.

    As expected, Li Hongze quickly sensed the meaning in Ye Fan's words.


    "To be rubbed?"

    "The destruction of the former home?A loved one in danger?"

    "And shoot you?"

    "Mr. Chu, what's going on, why can't I understand some of this."

    "Could it be that someone has messed with Mr. Chu?"

    Li Hongze had his doubts.

    Only then did Li Hongze Fang notice the hundred police cars around him, as well as the three thousand soldiers and horses kneeling on the ground.

    But Li Hongze was suddenly shocked and his eyebrows whirled up, "This...These, could it be that they're here to deal with you, Mr. Chu?"

    "Or what?"At this time, Li Ziyang, who was among the Green Dragon Battle Team, but gave a cold laugh.

    "Wanting to have my instructor sheltered, but now you're still heavily armed and vainly trying to put my instructor Chu to death?"

    "Seriously, I really can't understand what you Yanxia officials are doing."

    Li Ziyang mocked.

    "Ziyang, shut up, no disrespect to sir!"Li Ziyang's words startled Li Er and quickly snapped.

    "Why do you need to stop?"

    "If I don't say it, doesn't it exist?"Li Ziyang snorted coldly, his heart only daring Ye Fan to move injustice.

    Li Hongze was not an ordinary person and quickly realized the key.

    He turned his head, looked behind him at his colleagues who had arrived with him, and said in a deep voice: "Find the contact details of the person in charge of Yunzhou City and call him over.Also, call over the head of Jiangdong Province."

    "Let them, within half an hour, they must arrive here."

    "Just say that I, Li Hongze, am waiting for them here."

    "I have to personally ask them what this is all about."

    "Who has the guts to touch Mr. Chu with such a big dog?"

    Li Hongze's words were calm and low, but those who knew him well knew that the more calm he was, the more intense the anger in his heart.


Li Hongze's voice was not small, and many people around heard it.

    Wu Weitao and He Lanshan were naturally no exception.

    At that time, these two were confused and their faces quickly went white at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    That look was as ugly as it was going to get.

    So much so that, because of their inner panic, they were too stunned to come forward and admit that they were the person in charge of Yunzhou and Jiangdong.

    But soon, the people below Li Hongze had already made the call.

    Wu Weitao and He Lanshan's cell phones rang at almost the same time.

    The "cheerful" ringing sounded so abruptly in the silent world.


    The moment the bell rang, the eyes of everyone here turned over in unison.

    Countless pairs of eyes all landed on He Lanshan and Wu Weitao who were in a daze.


    That's it?

    The two of He Lanshan's hearts shook and wailed.

    Sure enough, at first glance, Li Hongze recognized He Lanshan and said in a stern voice, "Hm?"

    "Helan Shan, why are you here?"

    "When did you get here?"


    Fuck me, right?

    At that time, He Lanshan's entire body was about to cry.

    I dared to lick my face to greet him just now, but he didn't even look at himself, this was directly ignored.

    However, this grievance of He Lanshan's only dared to shout in his heart.

    After being noticed by Li Hongze, He Lanshan hurriedly piled on a smile and walked over full of respect, returning in the most humble and terrified tone, "I just .Just arrived."


    "In that case, you're just in time, I was just about to find you."

    "I ask you, what's this in front of you?"

    "Mr. Chu's wedding, but why is there a heavy military siege outside."

    "And what about those police forces?"

    "Including what Mr. Chu said earlier, what about the destruction of his former home and the danger to his loved ones?"

    "If you still want to keep this hat on your head, you'd better explain it to me, once and for all!"

    Li Hongze drank in a deep voice, each sentence, like a golden stone falling to the ground, resounding.

    A number of questions in a row, but even more asked He Lanshan terrified to the extreme, old face pale, head down, but scared to say a word, all without the arrogance just ordered to besiege Ye Fan.

    "That...That, I...I..."

    "I've just arrived, yes, I've just arrived, and I don't know the situation yet.Perhaps, the person in charge of Yunzhou knows."

    He Lanshan couldn't care less, and with a thick old face, he threw the pot directly at Wu Weitao.

    Wu Weitao's face turned green then and cursed in his heart.

    My day Nima!

    But He Lanshan couldn't care less about that, he didn't care about Wu Weitao's hate-filled gaze, in the spirit of the idea that a dead Daoist doesn't die a poor Daoist, He Lanshan turned to glare at Wu Weitao and said angrily, "Wu Weitao, why are you still hiding here?"

    "Why don't you come over here and report and ask for forgiveness?"

    "A good Yunzhou, look what you've done to it!"

    Helan Shan snapped at him in an angry voice.


    Wu Weitao had a hard time saying it, as hard as eating a fly, but there was no doubt in his mind that he had already greeted Helan Shan's eighteen generations of ancestors.


    "Speak up yet!"

    Li Hongze had little patience left and coldly whispered.

    But Wu Weitao fidgeted and puffed for half a day, unable to say anything.

    Because, it was impossible to say.

    Could he, say that he had mobilized all these people to surround and annihilate Ye Fan and wanted to put Ye Fan to death?

    Wu Weitao could guarantee that if he said this, he was afraid that his life would be over.

    After all, Ye Fan's current status was not what it used to be.

    Yan Xia's second-in-command had personally pronounced it, and the current lord of the country was exuberantly hailed as a heavenly pride without equal.

    What weight was this?

    That's a lot of weight!

    Even these old things like Lu Cang Dome were just scraps compared to the current Ye Fan.

    If Li Hongze knew that they just wanted to put Ye Fan to death, Li Hongze wouldn't be able to skin them alive.

    So Wu Weitao had already decided not to say anything to death.

    "What? Don't even dare to say it?"

    "Wu City and He Province, weren't the two of them awesome just now?"

    "Especially in He Province, just because Han Dongmin helped me say a few words, you dismissed Han Dongmin from all positions without investigation for the crime of complicity, and also sent him to the countryside to help the poor."

    "This power, few people and ah."

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, his words carrying an inexplicable chill and ridicule.

    When Li Hongze heard this, his eyebrows became icy cold and glared at He Lanshan: "He Lanshan, what's going on, don't give me an honest answer yet!"

    "I...I..."Helan Shan's old face drew back in fear, "It's a misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding."


    "If this is a misunderstanding, then calling me a madman scum is also a misunderstanding?"

    "Is it also a misunderstanding that you joined forces with Wu Weitao, stirred up my wedding banquet, messed up my wedding, mobilized a thousand troops, and wanted to put me to death?"

    Ye Fan reprimanded one after another, a low voice, suppressing endless anger and complete chill, sweeping the four directions.

    Ye Fan asked several questions in a row, only as if gold and stones fell to the ground.

    Under Ye Fan's rebuke, He Lanshan and Wu Weitao's old faces turned red and they were speechless, unable to say a single word.

    Li Hongze, who was next to them, was also shocked and angry after hearing this.

    "You two, what a big dog's guts!

    "Mr. Chu, the pillar of the country, the pillar of the nation, an existence that is now hailed as a heavenly pride and peerless, how can you two bastards be able to blaspheme?"

    "It's just as well to disturb Mr. Chu's wedding banquet, but you still want to put Mr. Chu to death."

    "I think it's the two of you who want to die!"

    Li Hongze was completely furious by now.

    No wonder, Ye Fan was so cold to him before?

    So that's why Mr. Chu doesn't get the title?

    It turns out that it was because these two bold things had offended Mr. Chu by using public weapons for personal use!

    "If this causes me to lose a Pillar God in Yan Xia, the two of you, even if you were to be cut by a thousand cuts, it would be difficult to make up for it!"


    Li Hongze's last drink was too heavy.

    He Lanshan and Wu Weitao were nearly scared out of their wits.


    "We also had no intention of offending Mr. Chu."

    "It's all because of that Lu Cang Dome, it's all because of that old dog Lu Cang Dome, he's the one who harmed us, he's the one who encouraged us, to do death to Mr. Chu."

    "Please, the country is clear, it's really none of our business ah`"

    He Lanshan and Wu Weitao, their guts were now completely broken.

    Nearly wailing, they pleaded with Li Hongze.

    At the same time, they threw all the pots to Lu Cang Dome.

    "You...You guys~"

    He Lanshan's sudden dumping of the pot clearly caught Lu Cangdome off guard.

    His old face was livid, and with trembling fingers, he pointed at He Lanshan and the others.

    "You...You guys dare to curse my old dog, how dare you!"

    The land vault roared in anger.


Lu CangDong was simply going to be furious.

    Just now He Lanshan and Wu Weitao had respected him like a father and a teacher.But who would have thought that it was only a short while ago that these two would start calling him an old dog.

    Lu CangDong has lived for so many years, except for Ye Fan, a treacherous and lawless person, there has never been anyone who has insulted him with such contempt.

    But now, even the two of them, He Lanshan, dared to insult him like this.

    However, the two of them didn't even pay attention to Lu CangDong's anger, but He LanShan didn't even bother.

    However, although the two of them didn't say anything on their lips, but in their hearts, they had already greeted the eighteen generations of Lu Cangdome's ancestors.

    Not to mention scolding him, He Lanshan kicked this Lu Cang firmament to death.

    This old son of a bitch, are half a body into the ground, not good at home in bed waiting to die, but came to Yunzhou to pretend.

    Of course, it would be fine if this old thing bullied some powerless people.

    But damn it, this old dog has even provoked an immortal like Ye Fan?

    They are still a gentry of Yanjing and still highly respected.

    Now it seemed that it was just two old dogs with eyes and no pearls.


    "Don't hurt us if you want to die, huh?"

    Helan Shan wailed in his heart, and his entire body was close to peeing.

    In his heart, he greeted the eighteenth generation of his ancestors of Lu Cangding over and over again.

    Originally, he, He Lanshan, had no grudge against Ye Fan, it could be said that the well water did not offend the river water.Even before, He Lanshan had sent Ye Fan a cup of wine, and from this perspective, the two of them, Ye Fan and He Lanshan .

    There were no grudges, and it could even be said that there was some friendship.

    But now well, just because this old man Lu CangDong wanted to screw Ye Fan, he ended up screwing him in too.


    "This is going to be a trap for this old dog~"

    Helan Shan couldn't stop howling in his heart from wanting to cry.


    "Land Crest?"

    "Which land vault?"

    "Also the leader of your Jiangdong?"

    Li Hongze frowned after hearing this name, but he clearly didn't know this person.

    To think about it, although the Lu family is a red gentry, but the peak of the Lu Cang firmament is just a clerical secretary next to some big brother.The reason for the high esteem was solely because of living long enough and having a big enough generation, although there was no merit, it was still some hard work.

    Therefore, if it wasn't a matter of principle, many people would have let this old man have his way.

    Even He Lanshan, the reason why he personally came over to greet him was not because of the prestige of Lu Cang firmament himself, but more for his son's face.

    Therefore, the name Lu Cangding alone, Li Hongze hadn't really thought of it for a while.

    "No, he's the old father of the Yanjing Lu family, Lu He."

    At this time, the subordinates who followed Li Hongze to Yunzhou along with him seemed like someone had heard of Lu Cangxiong, and whirled around to explain to Li Hongze.


    "Lu Ho's father?"

    "The Yanjing Lu family?"

    "So, then Lu He, he's involved in this?"

    "He's so brave!"

    "Mr. Chu is the pillar of the nation, the Pillar God, a rare and unprecedented talent for our Yan Xia for a hundred years."

    "If this forces Mr. Chu to be the enemy of our Yan Xia, then Lu He is a hundred heads, which is not enough to cut off."

    "Some of these people, when their position is made high, they can easily drift away."

    "Now, immediately call Lu He."

    "It takes an hour and a half by plane from Yanjing to here."

    "I'll give him two and a half hours to immediately rush to Jiangdong and apologize to Mr. Chu on his knees!"

    Hearing that this matter was still related to Lu He, Li Hongze became furious.

    After all, people in their deep position, who conduct themselves in the world, to a large extent, represent the country.

    In other words, this outburst against Ye Fan in front of him would most likely cause Ye Fan to misunderstand that it was the Guo family that wanted to put Ye Fan to death.It would undoubtedly be tantamount to, pushing Ye Fan, to the antithesis of the state.

    It was no small matter to have a life-and-death feud with a title clan master.

    Li Hongze could know that back then, a certain country in Africa was almost wiped out by that title grandmaster just because he had offended a title grandmaster.

    In the end, it was only after seeking help from the World Martial Union and getting support from the martial power of the international community that the country was not slaughtered by that title clan master.

    One can imagine how much weight a title master holds for a country!

    But now, there was someone using a public weapon for personal use and taking the liberty of laying a death sentence on the title clan master, how could Li Hongze not be thunderstruck and furious when he learned of this.

    "But before we came here, Lu He he was receiving foreign guests, I think we should not let him come back tomorrow?"The subordinates advised.

    "Not to mention receiving foreign guests, even if he's making a man on Mars right now, he has to get the hell to Yunzhou right now!"

    "If he can't make it here in time, let him die for his crime!"


    Li Hongze's words were so harsh that even He Lanshan and the others were so scared that their faces were white.

    Lu Cang Vault himself was even more frightened and trembling with his old face.

    His feet staggered and almost spread out on the ground.

    It was only after a long time that Lu Cang Dome squared up with a trembling body and came out, using the most feeble tone, saying to Li Hongze, "Don't...Don't call out to him."

    "This...This matter has nothing to do with Little He, I took it upon myself to run out on my own."

    "What...I'll take all the responsibility alone."

    "It's not...With Little He, it has nothing to do with..."

    Lu CangDong's words trembled, a few short words, but it was as if they drained his entire body.

    The Lu Cang Vault who had previously descended from the sky in a plane, boasting of his high moral standing and majesty, was now, however, dispersing all of his sharpness and majesty.

    With a pale face, he faced Li Hongze and trembled.

    Li Hongze looked at the old man in front of him, his face expressionless, and in his eyebrows, there was anger contained.

    "You're just Lu Lao, right?"

    "I didn't remember just now, I remember now."

    "I remember, you should be considered an extremely senior minister of Yan Xia's generation."

    "But Lu, since you're already old, you should stay at home honestly and rest in peace."

    "Instead of coming out to lean on the old and add to the chaos of the country!"

    Li Hongze spoke in a deep voice, his words low and calm, but every word, every sentence, contained a thousand pounds.

    "Do you think that because you have a high seniority, great prestige, and heavy background, you can use your power to overpower others and be fearless?"

    "To tell you the truth, Old Lu, the ones you're proud of are nothing compared to Mr. Chu."

    "Not to mention you alone, the combined weight of your entire Lu family is less than the weight of Mr. Chu's hairs!"

    "I advise you better pray that Mr. Chu does not resent Yan Xia for your confusion."

    "Otherwise, if our country loses such a pillar of talent because of your foolish actions, I, Yan Xia, will surely take your entire Lu family as a sacrifice!"


Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Hongze roared in anger.

    The sentences were like swords, the words put to death.

    Especially the last sentence, it was like thunder exploding, and Lu Cang Dome's entire body, at that time, was muddled.

    His old face was pale, his body was trembling, his feet were soft, and his entire body was even directly spread out on the ground.

    "How...How...Would.Will this happen?"

    "How...How can...What's going on?"

    The current Lu Cang Dome was like a dog, squatting on the ground.

    In the old eyes, terrified and godless.

    Over and over again, there was a miserable whisper.

    Lu Cang Vault had never dreamed that it would end up like this.

    It was even harder for him to believe that a small Ye Fan had such a weight.

    It wasn't even enough for his entire Lu family to sacrifice!

    It wasn't until this moment that Lu Cang Vault realized who it was that he had provoked today?

    Seeing that this old thing was already sprawled out on the ground in fear, Li Hongze didn't embarrass him anymore.

    After all, a man who was halfway into the ground, Li Hongze was afraid that if he said a few more words to him, he would not come up with a breath and just die here.

    This was not the result Li Hongze wanted to see after all.

    So, after this speech, Li Hongze didn't pay any more attention to the old thing, Lu CangDong.

    Instead, he turned to glare at He Lanshan and Wu Weitao and harshly reprimanded, "And you two, what are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you get over there and apologize to Mr. Chu?"

    "Eyeless bastards, you two don't even know that a true dragon has come out of Jiangdong, but instead you want to put it to death?"

    "Not knowing the real person and not inspecting talents, with your abilities and eyesight, you are also worthy of commanding Jiangdong and governing Yunzhou?"

    Li Hongze drank furiously.

    That monstrous voice was like a rolling thunderstorm sweeping, and every sentence said made the faces of He Lanshan and the others pale a fraction.

    At the end of the sentence, the two of He Lanshan were even closer to being frightened out of their wits, and then all of them turned their old faces in fear, like frosty eggplants, and ran to apologize to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, yes...I'm sorry."

    "It's us who have eyes but no pearls, we offended you."

    "If you want to blame it, blame us for being compelled by demons and listening to slanderous words ah."

    "If it weren't for that Lu Cangding's insistence on waging war against you, we would never have laid a finger on Mr. Chu even if we were dead."

    "Not to mention the soldiers besieging Yunzhou and disturbing Mr. Chu's wedding festivities."

    He Lanshan bowed and bent low, paying homage to Ye Fan incessantly, his old face so bitter that he almost cried out.

    Even he was like that, let alone Wu Weitao.

    This was not the first time that Wu Weitao had offended Ye Fan, at this time he, filled with despair and fear and trepidation in his heart, could not wait to kneel on the ground and beg Ye Fan's forgiveness.

    The two people who were still powerful and commanding before, but now they are all in front of Ye Fan, terrified as a mouse, humble as dust, respecting Ye Fan as if he were a god, completely without the previous half of the authority.

    Looking at the dramatic scene in front of him, Li Er and the others were all confused.

    Not only Li Er, but also the Jiangdong people under the Haiyuan Pavilion, including Chen Ao and the others who thought that Ye Fan was doomed to die this time, were also as dumb as geese.

    Dead eyes, dumbfounded as a wooden chicken.

    Because of the tremors, they almost forgot to breathe.

    After all, a few minutes ago, Ye Fan was in deep trouble and had nine lives to live.

    But who would have thought that in just a few minutes, the situation here had undergone a monstrous reversal.

    The Xu family kneeled down and negative handed, the old man Lu Cang firmament spread softly again, wretched as a dog.

    Wu Weitao and He Lanshan even begged for mercy and apologized in fear in front of Ye Fan.

    A shocking reversal of the life and death situation!

    Who would have thought that Mr. Chu, who was originally poor in the hearts of the crowd, would instead be laughing at the end.

    "Heaven's pride is peerless, Pillar God?"

    "Good one Ye Fan, good one Mr. Chu!"

    "No wonder, you were fearless in the face of my Lu and Xu families before."

    "No wonder, in the face of a thousand armies, you were cloudless."

    "So, this is your leaning, this is your leaning~"

    "I underestimated you, all of us, all of us!"

    With the fall of Lu Cang Dome, the last hope and leaning in Xu Jun Lin's heart was undoubtedly shattered and vanished in an instant!

    Previously, Xu Junlin had thought that Young General Qing Long, the Lord of Long Chuan, was Ye Fan's greatest source of reliance.

    But now it seemed that he was wrong, he was very wrong.

    In the end, he had underestimated Ye Fan!

    This is the greatest dependence of Ye Fan.

    With this reliance and bottom line, Ye Fan also really, did not need to be afraid of anyone.

    After all, in the land of Yan Xia, there was no one whose power could be greater than that of the State Lord.And whose power could be stronger than the country.

    All along, Lu and Xu had believed that the country was the backbone of their two families.

    But in the end, they only discovered that Ye Fan's patron was today's Yan Xia!

    Xu Junlin was very clear that after today, this Ye Fan, would be on par with the country.

    In this great summer, no one will dare to provoke, Mr. Chu's majesty!

    Thinking of this, Xu Junlin was heartbroken, depressed and angry, but a mouthful of blood, directly pouring out.

    With a bang, he collapsed under this long sunset!

    Xu Junlin came here for his grandson's revenge, but who would have thought that his revenge was not avenged, but instead his life was taken in the land of Jiangdong.

    The magnificent Haiyuan Pavilion has become the old general's burial place.

    However, Xu Junlin didn't see Ye Fan's majesty until his death.

    He thought that Ye Fan's patronage was the country.

    Little did he know, in Li Hongze's eyes, Ye Fan was the patron that this country relied on.

    In other words, people in Ye Fan's position didn't need a patron, because they themselves were the most majestic and mighty mountain!

    Xu Junlin's fall didn't stir up much of a storm here.

    After all, an old man who relied on the old to betray the old, even though he had made great achievements in the early years, the country had already given them the honor and treatment they deserved.

    Now that they had made a big mistake and died here, they were to blame and could not blame anyone else.

    So, Li Hongze didn't even look at that Xu Junlin, but walked towards Ye Fan and said with a heart full of apologies, "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry.It's all because we were imperially incompetent and offended you, Mr. Chu."

    "But Mr. Chu, don't worry, I definitely won't end this matter just like that."

    "When I return, I'll have He Lanshan investigate the matter thoroughly."

    "He almost caused a major disaster, after learning this lesson, he will definitely not dare to have any ill intentions, and will definitely do his best to investigate this matter thoroughly and give Mr. Chu an explanation."

    "I wonder if Mr. Chu, can you be satisfied?"

    Li Hongze was full of smiles, and his words were polite and respectful as he asked Ye Fan.


"Grand Provincial Lord He is majestic and distinguished, how am I, Ye Fan, a nobody, worthy of bothering Provincial Lord He about this small matter of mine?"

    Ye Fan's words sent a shiver through He Lanshan's heart.

    The face that was already terrified, but it paled a little bit again.

    And Li Hongze naturally heard the meaning of Ye Fan's words, it was obvious that Ye Fan didn't treat this He Lanshan well and still had a grudge against him, so Li Hongze turned to ask: "If Mr. Chu feels that He Lanshan can't be relied on, then let Wu Weitao dispose of this matter with a guilty conscience, what does Mr. Chu think?"

    "There's no need, if I let him investigate, he wouldn't be able to find out the crime of putting nine clans to death for me.Let Han Dongmin handle this matter."

    "Han Shi is devoted to the people and is upright.Letting him handle the matter of Jiangdong, I think it's most appropriate."

    Ye Fan said slowly, but he directly recommended Han Dongmin to Li Hongze.

    Moreover, Ye Fan's words had inexplicable connotations contained within them.

    In particular, the words "Jiangdong Affairs", tomorrow was intentionally recommending Han Dongmin to replace Helanshan's position.


    "Han Dongmin?"

    "I wonder if this person is...?"

    Li Hongze was located in the center of Yanjing, so he naturally didn't know about some of the people in a small town like Yunzhou.

    The leaders of the entire Jiangdong province, the only ones he knew were the ones from the Jiangdong provincial government.

    "This person is the second-in-command of Yunzhou, and his ranking in Yunzhou City is just below Wu Weitao."

    Behind him, someone introduced to Li Hongze in a low voice.


    "Then hurry up and call him over."

    "To be appreciated by Mr. Chu, this person must be not badly talented, I'd really like to meet this person."

    Li Hongze was delighted at the sound of his voice and whirled around to have Han Dongmin summoned.

    "No need, I'm here."

    However, as soon as Li Hongze's words fell, Han Dongmin, who had been staying at the side, cowered and stretched out his hand, as Li Hongze indicated that he was Han Dongmin.


    "You are Dongmin ah."

    "The greatest achievement of a politician is not a tall building or a bridge or a road, but the heart of the people."

    "And you, being able to win Mr. Chu's heart, is enough to show that you are a good leader who is loved by all."

    "Since Mr. Chu has recommended me, I see that next, it will be you, who will temporarily take over Wu Weitao's position of authority and dispose of the aftermath of this Yunzhou chaos."


    When Wu Weitao heard this, he undoubtedly became even more desperate.

    These words of Li Hongze were undoubtedly equivalent to, guaranteeing Han Dongmin as the Lord of this Yunzhou, replacing him.

    In the future, there would probably be no place for him, Wu Weitao, in this Yunzhou.

    Thinking of this, Wu Weitao was filled with despair.

    However, as desperate and remorseful as he was, what could he do?

    Now that he had made a big mistake, it was still unclear whether he could live or not, so naturally he was even less qualified to fight for power.

    However, I thought that Han Dongmin would be grateful to Li Hongze after hearing this order, but who would have thought that Han Dongmin was the one who excused himself.

    "It's not that I disobeyed the order."

    "The main reason is that I, Han Dongmin, have been dismissed from He Province and will be going to the countryside tonight to help the poor."

    "How can I, a resident village cadre, handle such a big case."

    Han Dongmin shook his head and said in a low voice.

    As soon as He Lanshan heard this, his face went white then, and his entire body was about to cry.

    In his heart, he secretly cursed this Han Dongmin, this is fucking will he army ah!

    As expected, after learning that Han Dongmin had given He Lanshan an unwarranted dismissal, Li Hongze became even more furious.

    "Good you He Lanshan, what a majestic authority!"

    "In one word, without respecting the investigation, you demoted a deputy persimmon to the countryside."

    "Using power for personal gain and suppressing dissent, thanks to me being so optimistic about you before, it seems that I was wrong about you."

    "I see, it's you who should be dismissed, and it's you who should go to the countryside to help the poor!"

    "No, Old Li, listen to my explanation, it's all a misunderstanding~"Helan Shan finally started to panic and was about to explain in a bitter voice.

    However, Li Hongzhi had completely run out of patience and directly announced his decision.

    He Lanshan was removed from his post and sent to the countryside to help the poor.As for Wu Weitao, he was to be removed from all positions, have his personal freedom restricted, under review, and await final disposition based on specific crimes.

    "Dongmin, as the saying goes, those who can do more work.I see, you have temporarily taken over He Lanshan's position."

    "Of course, it's only a temporary replacement for He Lanshan for now."

    "Later, when I return to Yanjing, after deliberation, I will issue a formal document to reappoint you."

    "It is an honor for you to be appreciated by Mr. Chu."

    "Do well, you are someone that Mr. Chu looks upon favorably, and in the future, you will also have a bright future."


    Li Hongze patted Han Dongmin's shoulder and laughed, and his words were all encouragement and appreciation for Han Dongmin.

    However, everyone could see that the reason why Li Hongze was so appreciative of Han Dongmin was solely because of Ye Fan.

    If it wasn't for Ye Fan's kind words just now, it was estimated that Han Dongmin would have never appeared before Li Hongze in his entire life, not to mention being appreciated and promoted by him.

    Hearing this, Wu Weitao and He Lanshan, however, their bodies trembled, both sprawled out on the ground again.

    He Lanshan never thought that he would end up in the hands of a young man after a lifetime of shrewdness.

    Of course, if one was most remorseful, it was Wu Weitao.

    Seeing his former subordinate, now stepping up to the top, he even crossed several levels in a single leap to the pinnacle of power in Jiangdong, becoming the provincial head of Jiangdong Province.

    No one knew how sorrowful Wu Weitao's heart was!

    During this period of time, the reason why Wu Weitao sided with the Lu and Xu families and made enemies of Ye Fan in every way, wasn't it just to be able to ask for the position of Jiangdong Province Master in the future?

    But who would have thought that the power that he, Wu Weitao, had worked so hard for and sought so hard for would be obtained by Han Dongmin, so easily.

    All of this was because Ye Fan gave him a few good words.

    If he had known earlier, Wu Weitao wouldn't have been able to get along with Ye Fan even if he was killed.

    Thinking of this, Wu Weitao was filled with remorse.

    If life was a chessboard.

    And Wu Weitao, just because of one wrong move, ended up, losing the whole game!

    "The making of the world, the making of the world~"

    "I, Wu Wei-Tao, hate~"

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Wu Weitao was filled with wretchedness, looking up to the sky in tears.

    In his heart, he was filled with endless remorse.

    Before he thought, his relationship with Ye Fan was also how good.

    The opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, Wu Weitao personally attended the ceremony, and even personally nominated and sent congratulatory alliances.

    He clearly had a hundred chances to gain Ye Fan's trust and appreciation.

    But in the end, he had buried this great opportunity in vain.

    In the end, it was a bargain for Han Dongmin.

    After finishing these chores, Li Hongze looked at Ye Fan once again and smiled respectfully, "Mr. Chu, now this title, you should be able to accept it, right?"


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