Dish Best Served Cold 1141-1145


Chapter 1141

"You're Mr. Chu, aren't you?"

    "Killing my grandson for the misfortune of the world."

    "Now, you actually force a thousand troops to kneel and worship."

    "Worthy of being Mr. Chu, how majestic, huh?"

    Although, today was the first time Lu Cang Dome saw Ye Fan.

    However, there are some people, even if they have never seen them before, but by looking at their words and actions, and their temperament, they can guess a lot.

    Just like now, to be able to stand so peacefully like that teenager, to be able to have this kind of boldness and majesty, who else could there be but that Mr. Chu who dared to kill his grandson?

    So, just by seeing Ye Fan for the first time, Lu Cang Qiong had already concluded that the person in front of him was that Mr. Chu, the one who was so powerful!


    "It was you?"

    After hearing these words from Lu Cang Dome, He Lanshan's brows furrowed, and then he also raised his head to look at Ye Fan in front of him.

    Although, He Lanshan and Ye Fan had never met before, but He Lanshan undoubtedly had heard of this worldly world's elected co-owner.

    He Lanshan had even sent someone to give Ye Fan a cup of wine at the Sea and Sky Feast that Ye Fan had held here before.

    "I originally thought that by accepting my wine, you would be able to be at peace and not cause trouble for my Jiangdong."

    "But now it seems that I have overestimated you."

    "A gangster is a gangster after all, and even if he is given status and power, it will be difficult to restrain those evil habits."

    He Lanshan looked at Ye Fan coldly, shaking his head and saying, but his low words contained an endless chill.

    "Of course, if you commit some minor offenses, it's just fine."

    "We, the Jiangdong Officials, will also give you, the esteem of Jiangdong, some face and turn a blind eye."

    "But nay, you didn't know how to die, and provoked the Yanjing gentry, and killed Lu Lao's grandson, mercilessly."

    "How can I spare you for such a heinous and disgusting act?"

    "If you want to blame, blame you for being arrogant and domineering, not knowing how to restrain yourself."

    He Lanshan said in an angry voice, while looking at Han Dongmin and shouting in a deep voice, "Han Dongmin, what are you waiting for?"

    "Hurry up and mobilize all the police forces in Yunzhou and give me the right to punish this thug on the spot!"

    "My Jiangdong land is never a place for this group of rogue thugs to spread their wildness."

    He Lanshan's majestic angry voice rang out immediately.

    After learning that Ye Fan was the murderer, He Lanshan made a quick decision and then assigned Han Dongmin to wipe out Ye Fan and the others.

    However, in the face of Helan Shan's order, Han Dongmin was old and pale, full of bitterness, and hesitant to act.


    "Why aren't you acting yet?"

    "Didn't you hear my orders?"

    He Lanshan asked in a deep voice, his words filled with impatience.

    "He Province, that, Mr. Chu he is a general, we have no right to control the military."

    "Even if you really want to arrest them, it's better to let someone from the military district arrest them."

    Han Dongmin tried to find an excuse.

    Anyway, he didn't dare to make a move against Ye Fan.

    Han Dongmin had dealt with Ye Fan many times to account for him, and knew that Ye Fan was terrifying.

    The man in front of him, his background and energy, was far from being as simple as it seemed.

    In short, Han Dongmin did not dare to provoke Ye Fan.

    Otherwise, he was afraid that he wouldn't even know how he would die in the future.

    Therefore, even though He Lanshan personally gave the order, Han Dongmin still tried to find a reason to excuse himself.



    "He, you say, is a military general?"

    He Lanshan was obviously shocked, he found it hard to believe that there would be such a young general in today's Yan Xia?

    "Where did you learn that?"

    "Why have I never heard of it?"He Lanshan pursued the question again.

    Han Dongmin replied, "Just now, Mr. Chu himself said that.And, looking at the way those soldiers were respectful to him you, it should be true."

    Hearing this, He Lanshan was hesitant as well.

    The military district was independent of the world, and there were special military tribunals to try soldiers who broke discipline, and they, indeed, did not have the authority to deal with a soldier.

    "He's a bullshit general!"

    "This Ye Fan, he's only in his early twenties at the time of his death."

    "Even in times of war, there are few people at this age who can be crowned a general."

    "Nowadays in times of peace, it's naturally even more unlikely."

    "In my opinion, this Young General Qing Long's identity is completely a bunch of nonsense from that Ye Fan, used to confuse people.We don't even need to pay attention to it, just send someone to catch it."

    "Moreover, even if he really is a general, if the military district pursues him in the future, we'll just say we didn't know about it.In the worst case, we'll hand him over to a court martial later."

    Wu Weitao once again schemed.

    He Lanshan nodded in deep agreement, "Good, let's do it.Han Dongmin, whether he's a real general or a fake, send someone to arrest him first."

    "But..."Han Dongmin was still reluctant to arrest someone and continued, "But He Province, I think, it's better not to make too much noise for now, the matter hasn't been investigated yet, and it's still debatable who is right or wrong."

    "As far as I know, it was the two young masters, Lu and Xu, who first attacked Mr. Chu.Mr. Chu couldn't stand it any longer and killed the two young masters out of self-preservation."

    "From this perspective, perhaps Mr. Chu did nothing wrong?"

    "If we act rashly like this, if we catch the wrong one, it'll be difficult to handle later."

    Han Dongmin endured for a long time and finally said what was truly in his heart.

    Another reason why he didn't want to take action against Ye Fan, apart from fearing Ye Fan's skills, was that he was actually on Ye Fan's side in his heart.

    Feeling that what Ye Fan did was not wrong.

    According to the investigation in the past few days, Han Dongmin found that Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua not only used all kinds of illegal means to illegally occupy other people's property, but also broke into people's houses in a vain attempt to kidnap Mr. Chu's relatives and family members and restrict their personal freedom.

    What made Han Dongmin feel even more miserable was that the big explosion on Genting Mountain that day was the work of Lu Mingfeng and the other two.

    These two, relying on their backgrounds, used heavy weapons to bombard Mr. Chu's living quarters.

    Such a horrific act, it would not be too much of a stretch to shoot them ten times.

    Mr. Chu's killing of them, from an individual's point of view, was self-defense.To the society and the state, it was a way of removing harm from the people.

    Therefore, Han Dongmin once felt that Mr. Chu had done the right thing and killed them well.

    But these words, in front of Master Lu, Han Dongmin didn't dare to say them before.

    Now, he was forced to do so, so he could only persuade He Lanshan to think carefully before making a decision through this method.


    "From what you're saying, it's my grandson who deserved to die, and deserved to die?"

    As expected, Old Master Lu, who had been silent before, looked immediately cold and asked in an angry voice.


"Lu, you've misunderstood."

    "I...I didn't mean that."

    Hearing Lu Lao's words, at that time, Han Dongmin's heart trembled and was filled with fear, so he hurriedly explained.

    Although he didn't know much about the details of this Lu CangDong, but to have He LanShan personally come to Yunzhou to welcome him, this alone, Han DongMin knew that this old man in front of him must be an existence he couldn't afford to provoke.


    "If that's not what it means, then what does it mean?"

    Lu Cang Dome seemed to have run out of patience for Han Dongmin's explanation..

    He had already heard that this Han Dongmin seemed to have been speaking for Ye Fan and the others, and had no intention of avenging their Lu family.

    With gloomy eyebrows and eyes, Lu Cang Dome looked to the side at He Lanshan and immediately said in anger.

    "Lansan, is this your Jiangdong parent official?Is this the good subordinate you've taught?"

    "I think this ass is already crooked."

    "Not to mention seeking justice for the people of Yunzhou, but now you're speaking for these maniacal villains."

    "How can the people of Yunzhou be at ease when Yunzhou is handed over to these people?Can your Jiangdong Provincial Government rest assured?Can I be at ease in great numbers?"

    "If such assholes are not eradicated from the ranks, will this land of Yunzhou turn against the heavens in the future?"

    Lu Cang Dome drank harshly, and here even more mundane sounds rolled.

    The words were very heavy, a huge hat was directly pinned on Han Dongmin.

    In the face of Lu Cang Dome's reprimand, an old face of He Lan Shan was also a bit unable to hang on.

    With his old face flushed red, he apologized to Lu Cang Dome incessantly.

    "Old Lu, don't be angry."

    "I will definitely handle this matter properly and will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation."

    After saying that, He Lanshan glared at Han Dongmin and said with an iron-faced fury, "Han Dongmin, I'll ask you once again, are you going to arrest someone or not?"

    "He Province, you gods fight, don't make it hard for me~" Han Dongmin was about to cry, with He Lanshan on top and Ye Fan on the bottom he couldn't afford to provoke, he was caught between two sides, he was undoubtedly in a dilemma.

    "Good, good, very good."

    "Seeing you like this, you are planning to disobey orders."

    He Lanshan three good words in a row, an old face furious to the extreme, chest even more furious, stern voice, "You are unkind and unrighteous as an official, and even more so as a subordinate, you are not obeying the pit order."

    "No discipline, no leadership, no organization, no discipline, no principles."

    "Now you are even complicit with the madman and disobedient to your superiors."

    "Today, in the name of the Lord of Jiangdong Province, I will announce that I will immediately remove all of Han Dongmin's positions in Yunzhou, and he will not be allowed to be promoted or transferred for the rest of his life."

    "After tomorrow, you will move out of the Yunzhou residence and go to the countryside to help the poor."

    He Lanshan was truly angry.

    Originally, when something like this had happened to them in Jiangdong, it had already made He Lanshan extremely embarrassed in front of Lu Lao.

    But now, in front of everyone, this Han Dongmin even disobeyed his order, this was not a public slap on his face, how could He Lanshan not be angry.

    Thus, with a direct thunderbolt, he directly jerked [Book Interest Pavilion] Han Dongmin from his high position, and, to the end.

    Directly from the position of the head of a city, he was demoted to the remote countryside to help the poor.

    These few short words undoubtedly completely cut off Han Dongmin's future and future.

    At that moment, Han Dongmin's face was pale, his body trembled, and his entire body was nearly spread out on the ground.

    There was despair in his eyes and brows.

    Once upon a time, he was just like Ye Fan, from the countryside, his parents and even his ancestors had been farmers for generations.

    In the end, relying on his parents' frugality, he finished his university education and successfully stepped into the career path.

    Over the years, he has worked his way up from an insignificant employee to where he is today.

    It was because his achievements today were not easy to come by.

    That's why Han Dongmin treasured them so much.

    To work, meticulous.

    For decades, he has been in the front line of seeking welfare for the people.

    He promoted many livelihood projects, but also to improve the happiness of farmers as his lifelong pursuit.

    To this end, he has made many achievements, and has been honored many times.

    His promising future is even brighter than Wu Weitao.

    He asked himself, not to fail the people, not to fail the people, and not to fail his own position.

    However, Han Dongmin had never imagined that the cause he had fought for his entire life would be gone today!

    No matter how great the achievement, no matter how much the public loved it, it was inferior to a single accusation from the land vault, inferior to a few slanders from Wu Weitao.


    The great irony.

    He was full of ambition, the cause of his life, finally today, destroyed.

    At this time, Han Dongmin stood there dumbfounded and desperate, as if he had been instantly, drained of all his strength.

    "Haha, Han Dongmin, you're still young to fight me."

    Now that Han Dongmin had been jerked to the end, the happiest person was undoubtedly Wu Weitao.

    At this time, he was on the side, sneering in his heart.

    All this time in Yunzhou, Wu Weitao had regarded Han Dongmin as a great danger to his heart.

    It was only because Han Dongmin's prestige in the hearts of the people of Yunzhou was so great that it was even higher than his.

    More importantly, Han Dongmin's personal abilities were also above him.

    Therefore, Wu Weitao was always worried that one day, his position would be taken by Han Dongmin.

    And that was exactly what happened, after Wu Weitao was suspended, Han Dongmin immediately took over all his rights.

    Now that Helanshan had jerked Han Dongmin off, he was undoubtedly helping Wu Weitao remove a big problem in his heart.

    After announcing his disposition of Han Dongmin, He Lanshan didn't pay any attention to him anymore.

    Instead, he looked towards Wu Weitao and said in a deep voice, "Wu Weitao, I am now restoring all your previous powers."

    "What's next, you should know what to do, right?"

    Wu Weitao was overjoyed and whirled around to vote, "Don't worry, He Province, leave the rest to me."

    "This Ye Fan rampages across the east of the river, relying on his power, bullying men and women and causing misfortune."

    "My land of Yunzhou has been suffering from him for a long time."

    "Even without this matter of Lu Lao, I would have wanted to deal with him long ago."

    "Today is a good day to punish him for several crimes."

    "He Province, Lu Lao, just wait and see."

    "I'm going to mobilize all the police forces in Yunzhou and make sure to bring these maniacs to justice and kill them all!"

    "To Yunzhou, to Jiangdong, and to Master Lu, an explanation."

    Wu Weitao was in high spirits, patting his chest and assuring Helanshan and the others.

    Then, Wu Weitao issued an order, recruiting all the armed police brigades and squads of Yunzhou's jurisdiction, totaling nearly a thousand people, to gather at the Haiyuan Pavilion to close in on Ye Fan.

    After this order was issued, the entire Yunzhou, but like boiling water, exploded again.

    Hundreds of police cars, flashing with ear-piercing sirens, along the streets of the city, as if they were tidal waves, kept pouring towards this place.

    "Mr. Chu, now...What now?"

    "It looks like the official is going down as well."

    Li Er and the others were on tenterhooks, their old faces as pale as they were.


"What to do?"

    "What else can I do?"

    "The other side is bullying us to our doorstep, so is it hard for us to retreat and run?"

    Among the Green Dragon Battle Team, Li Ziyang, however, retorted with a cold voice.

    "Yes, I, the Green Dragon Battle Team, am not afraid of anyone.How can we be deserters?"

    "Mr. Chu, fight!"

    One of the Green Dragon members, Tai Shan, waved his huge fist and requested to Ye Fan.

    The remaining three members, including Ma Mingbo and Ye Yuyan, also came out, looked at Ye Fan, and asked for battle in a deep voice.

    The Green Dragon Battle Team was established by Ye Fan.

    Their current strength was also given by Ye Fan.

    Now that their instructor was in danger, they naturally took the initiative to ask for battle.

    "Fight you sister, fight~"

    "You brat, you learned some brute strength and you're a bull, right?"

    "Do you know what you're talking about?"

    "What stands before you now is the Lord of Cloud State, and the feudal lord."

    "They represent the country."

    "Today, if you, if you confront them, you are harming Mr. Chu and your instructor."

    "It would be the same as pushing you instructors, to the antagonism of the country."

    "Even if you people, you can really kill out today."

    "What about after that?"

    "If you offend the country, in the future, one by one, you will be sinners of the country and wanted by the whole country."

    "At that time, there will be no place for you in the great Yan Xia!"

    Hearing Qinglong's words from these people, Li Er was scared to death at that time.

    Scared and angry, he reprimanded Li Ziyang and the others.

    Chen Ao and the others also nodded their heads, that is, they agreed with Li Er's words.

    It seems that they also do not agree with Ye Fan and Wu Weitao and their hard anal.

    This time, it could be different from the previous siege of three thousand soldiers and horses.

    Before, it was Xu Junlin taking personal revenge.Plus, Ye Fan was a general again, so even if Ye Fan forced the three armies to kneel, there wasn't much of a crime.

    But now, He Lanshan and the others personally ordered the arrest of Ye Fan.

    If Ye Fan resisted arrest, he would undoubtedly be fighting against the authority of the state apparatus.

    The consequences would be unimaginable!

    However, in the face of Li Er and the others' advice, Li Ziyang and the others were not afraid at all.

    "How about offending the country?"

    "So what if you're wanted nationwide?"

    "They're the ones who wanted to make a move against Instructor Chu first, there's no way to blame us."

    "What's more, the other side is bullying at their doorstep, why aren't they afraid of offending Instructor Chu when they act like this?"

    "Instructor Chu is loyal to his country and has even given up his free time in order to help the country train special war teams."

    "Moreover, Mr. Chu created the Green Dragon Body Tempering Determination and the Medicine Bath Quenching Method, there is no telling how useful it will be to the country in the future."

    "With such contributions and achievements, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Mr. Chu is a contributor to Yan Xia."

    "But what about them?"

    "Is that how you treat a meritor?"

    Li Ziyang's eyebrows and eyes were red, unable to stop roaring, only for Ye Fan to feel unworthy and wronged.

    "Well said!"

    "Instructor Chu is not the one who has failed Yan Xia, it is Yan Xia who has failed Instructor Chu."

    "Even if today, Instructor Chu made this Yunzhou bleed to death, the fault lies with them, not with Instructor Chu."

    "It was them who were heartless beforehand, how can we blame Mr. Chu for being unjust?"

    "As for the so-called nationwide manhunt, fear not!"

    "At worst, after today's massacre, we and Mr. Chu will leave Yan Xia."

    "Mr. Chu's majesty is world-renowned, to which country he goes, Mo is not a sitting guest."

    "The world is so big, is there no place for us to stay?"

    Ma Mingbo and the others were also filled with righteous indignation and anger.

    They were young and energetic, and they were naturally angry that Mr. Chu, whom they respected and respected, was going to be liquidated by the state.

    Thinking before, how hard and dedicated Mr. Chu had trained for the country.

    But as a result, he was forced to kill his donkey and ended up in a situation like this, where the military and government are under siege.

    Ma Mingbo and the others naturally felt for Ye Fan.

    They all advised Ye Fan to have a hearty battle and swing away the injustice in their hearts.

    "You...You guys..."

    "What kind of dog talk are you guys talking?!"

    "It's simply treasonable~"

    When Li Er and the others heard these words from these juniors, the whole of them were so scared that they were almost numb claws.

    After persuading them for half a day, Li Er saw that he couldn't persuade these members of the Green Dragon at all, so he had to look at Long Baichuan in front of Ye Fan.

    "General Long, say something."

    "Quickly persuade Mr. Chu, don't do anything stupid."

    "Never, don't be an enemy of the country~"

    Li Er and the others said almost beggingly.

    Of course, apart from worrying about Ye Fan's safety, they were also thinking for themselves at the same time.

    After all, once Ye Fan became an enemy of the state, then they were afraid that they would have to be labeled as conspirators as well.

    Therefore, they naturally didn't want, Ye Fan to take this road of no return.

    Eventually, under Li Er and the others' entreaties, Long Baichuan, who had been silent, finally raised his head, looked at Ye Fan and said respectfully.

    "Mr. Chu, if you want to fight, then go ahead and fight!"


    "General Long, you...How did you also...?"

    Li Er and the others were directly confused at the sound.

    Li Ziyang and the others were young and energetic, and saying such treacherous words just now was just fine.

    However, Li Er did not expect that even Long Baichuan, nowadays, would say such words.

    Didn't he know that if Ye Fan really moved to kill today, he would be the enemy of the entire Yan Xia?

    However, Long Baichuan didn't care.

    He looked at Ye Fan, cupped his hands, and his low and respectful words rang out immediately.

    "Today, no matter what choice Mr. Chu makes."

    "I, Long Baichuan, will swear to follow and obey only my orders!"

    With Long Bachuan's statement, Li Ziyang and the others, surprisingly, also walked out.

    Qing Long and the others, cupped their hands and worshipped Ye Fan, all together!

    "Mr. Chu, fight!"

    "Regardless of future success or failure, where Mr. Chu is, is where my Green Dragon is!"


    The rushing sound, gathering into a stream, impacted the entire world and deeply shook the crowd here as well.

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, the Jiangdong crowd only felt deafening!

    "It's over~"

    "It's completely over!"

    "This time, I'm afraid things are really going to go bad~"

    Li Er's old face was terrified, Teacher Lei sighed in terror, and Chen Ao and the others were howling in despair.

    However, the Ye Fan under the Heavenly River was still standing quietly.

    His body was straight, standing with his hands in the negative, the whole person stood there, as if a mountain was standing horizontally.

    The sunlight like water sprinkled down, shining on his body, but sprinkled a colorful ground.

    In the face of thousands of people, in the face of the Green Dragon's advice, he was expressionless, his clear and beautiful face, no joy or sadness.

    No one knew what was going on in the mind of this young man at this time.

    Even more, no one knew what choice Ye Fan would make in the face of He Lanshan, Wu Weitao and the others' persuasion.



    The cold wind was biting, blowing endlessly falling leaves.

    The water of the Cloud Mist Lake also rippled endlessly under that cold wind.

    Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, as time passed, more and more people converged here.

    The manpower recruited by Wu Weitao was also like a hundred rivers converging on the sea, gathering wildly towards this place.

    "Mr. Chu, your days of making a fool of yourself have come to an end!"

    "No man is good for a thousand days, no flower is red for a hundred days."

    "After sitting as an earthly emperor for so long, you should be content."

    "Today, is the day you, Ye Fan, will completely fall!"

    Wu Weitao's eyebrows and eyes contained power, but the cold and energetic words echoed here on top of the clouds.

    And then, Wu Weitao raised his hand and gave an order to the group of armed policemen behind him.

    "Everyone, listen to my orders."

    "Kill Ye Fan and his group of cohorts in one net!"

    "If you resist, shoot him on the spot!"


    With Wu Weitao's words, thousands of people, fully armed, rushed towards the direction where Ye Fan and the others were, like a tidal wave.

    As Wu Weitao officially made his move, Ye Fan's brows and eyes gradually became colder.

    Until finally, it was as cold as ice!

    It was as if the great swordsman before he drew his sword would be, in the next second, out of the sword and dead!

    However, just when everyone thought that a massacre was coming.

    Who would have thought that, in the distance, the sound of cars was once again heard.

    It was seen that at the end of the river, a number of red-flagged cars with Beijing license plates came galloping in, unafraid of all the obstacles and no-go signs.

    The speed was so fast that it was like a sword, cutting through the void and traversing the earth.

    The low roar was even more like the low roar of a wild beast.

    Trembling this half of the sky!


    "What's going on?"

    "What kind of person has the nerve to trespass on a controlled road."

    "Don't want to live no..."

    This sudden roaring sound was extremely annoying to Wu Weitao.

    However, just as he cursed in anger and was about to have his men arrest all of these trespassers, when he turned his head, he saw the license plate of the lead vehicle.

    Jing A0002!


    As if thunder struck down, the moment he looked at the license plate, Wu Weitao's entire body became confused and a pair of eyes nearly stared out.

    "This...This...Is this..."


    Wu Weitao's eyebrows jumped, and he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

    Soon, tens of seconds later, these vehicles had arrived under the Haiyuan Pavilion and parked outside the crowd.

    Then, the doors of the vehicles opened, and a line of several people swirled into view of the crowd.

    The person leading the group was a middle-aged man.

    The tip of his hair was slightly white, and he had powerful tiger eyes.

    He walked with a dragon and a tiger, but he exuded an unearthly power that was above all others.

    How strong was that kind of supremacy?

    Even Lu Cang Dong was three points inferior compared to it.Not to mention, He Lanshan who was trembling in front of Lu Lao.

    Therefore, after seeing this person, everyone present was trembling with fear.

    He Lanshan, Wu Weitao and the others were even more horrified as their pupils crinkled.Because of the trembling, a pair of eyeballs, close to bursting out of their eyeballs, burst out.

    Even Lu CangDong himself, his old face, which was originally majestic and supreme, suddenly trembled at this moment.

    Not because of what?

    Just because, the person in front of him is the one at the top of the extreme Yan Xia hub, under one person, under billions of people, the number two person in the country today, Li Hongze!

    Who doesn't know about such a person at the top of the pinnacle of power and influence in the entire Yan Xia?

    Thus, at the first glance of seeing him, almost everyone recognized him at once.

    He Lanshan and Wu Weitao were even more trembling in their hearts.

    Even as majestic as they were, after seeing this person, they could no longer remain calm.

    In their hearts, there were frightening waves that swept wildly.

    Even when Lu CangDong descended just now, it didn't make them so disoriented.

    This was normal!

    After all, no matter how powerful Lu Cang Qiong was, that was all the glory that was once there.

    The current Lu Cang Qiong has retired, and has no real power in his hands, leaving only his prestige.

    But Li Hongze was different. He was at the height of his power, and his words could decide the future of Helanshan and the others, and make the whole country tremble.

    How could they not be shocked when such a giant descends from the sky to Yunzhou?How can I be disrespectful?

    So, almost instantly, Helan Shan and Wu Weitao, both of them, hurriedly ran up.After that, they welcomed Li Hongze with the most respectful tone and humble posture.

    However, as soon as they walked up, before they could say anything, who would have thought that Li Hongze would just push them aside with a slap as if he hadn't seen them.

    Wu Weitao stumbled and tripped over the steps, squatting directly on the ground with his butt.

    Wu Weitao and He Lanshan were confused.

    Thinking what the fuck is going on?

    This is not even a word, but it's just pushed aside like a dog?

    The others were surprised to see the scene in front of them, and they were completely confused.

    According to reason, if the higher-ups inspected, it was logical for Wu Weitao and Helanshan and the others to come forward to greet them.

    But who would have thought that they would ignore them and push them away?

    Just as everyone was trying to figure out Li Hongze's intentions, Lu Cangjiao, who had been silent, came over and smiled pleasantly, "Hongze, why are you here?"

    "Could it be that it's also for my grandson..."

    The status of the person in front of him was far above their Lu family, so naturally Lu Cang Vault didn't dare to put his stand too high, smiling with friendly eyes.

    However, in the face of Lu Cang Qiong, that Li Hongze's group of people, still as if they didn't see it, actually pulled the old man Lu Cang Qiong to the side, and then walked straight towards the place in front.

    In the end, this line of people arrived in front of Ye Fan!

    Li Hongze raised his head, his face expressionless, and asked to Ye Fan in a deep voice, "You are Ye Fan?That esteemed man of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?"

    If it were an ordinary person, hearing Li Hongze speak in such a tone, he would probably have been so frightened that he couldn't even stand still.

    But Ye Fan remained calm, with no waves in his brows and eyes.It was as if there was no difference between these people standing in front of him at this time and those multitudes of people who were watching from afar.

    After a moment of silence, Ye Fan calmly returned, "It's me."

    Li Hongze heard the words, but nodded, "Well, worthy of being the one the War God sees, with a thunderous chest but a flat face, it is you who can worship the General with this kind of heart!"

    Li Hongze lightly laughed, while his complexion suddenly became sullen and serious.

    In the next moment, the majestic man in front of him took out a red-headed document and read it out in front of everyone.

    The majestic voice was like a flood of thunder, sweeping the heavens and earth.

    "Today, there is State Scholar Ye Fan, who has the power of a pillar, despite his youthful age."

    "Even though he is from an ordinary background, he has the might of the world!"

    "Such a young hero is the seat of Yan Xia's luck."

    "It is hereby granted to Ye Fan as the seventh Pillar God of Yan Xia, ranked in the Hall of Martial Gods."

    "The title, Peerless!"

    "Presenting words on this day:"

    "The unparalleled heavenly pride is forever, the infinite blue moon is everlasting."

    "Mr. Chu, the sky is proud and incomparable!"


"The unparalleled heavenly pride is everlasting, and the infinite blue moon is everlasting."

    "Mr. Chu, the sky is proud and incomparable!"


    "The unparalleled heavenly pride is everlasting, and the infinite blue moon is everlasting."

    "Mr. Chu, the heavenly pride is incomparable!"


    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    At this moment, the heavens and the earth are silent, the grass and trees are silent, even the distant clouds and lakes seem to be still at this moment.

    The grass and trees no longer swayed, and the breeze no longer blew.

    Only Li Hongze's majestic voice, like thunder rolling, reverberated unceasingly in the heavens and earth.

    At this moment, everyone had been dumbfounded.

    Wu Weitao was muddled in place, and He Lanshan was horrified.

    Li Er and Chen Ao's generation also all stared with dead eyes, the terrified and horrified look, one by one, as if they were dumb geese.

    Li Hongze's words, even more so, over and over again, echoed endlessly in the minds of the crowd.

    State Scholar Ye Fan?

    The power of a pillar?

    Where's the luck?

    What do you say to me today, that the sky is the limit?

    Holy shit!

    Fuck me, right?

    Wu Weitao and the others were close to peeing in fear.

    In this, any evaluation was almost a thousand pounds ah.

    Not to mention Wu Weitao and He Lanshan, even the Yan Xia Army God Long Bachuan, or even the respected old man Lu Cang Dome in front of him, probably couldn't afford any of these evaluations.

    But Ye Fan alone is receiving such a lofty appraisal.

    What is a Pillar State?

    The pillars of the country are the pillars of the country.

    People like Li Er, Chen Ao, He Lanshan, in Yunzhou, in Jianghai, in Jiangdong land, may be somewhat capable, but for the entire Yanxia, it is at most a few bricks of the socialist building.

    As for Xu Junlin and Lu Cangqiong, these old Yanxia officials, they may have a higher status, but to hold out for death, they are only a few steel bars of the national building.

    There are many bricks and tiles, and many steel bars, but the pillars of the country, but only seven.

    From this, it could be seen that the Yan Xia top brass, how much importance did they attach to Ye Fan?

    How much more so for him?

    The identity of the Pillar God General alone had already elevated Ye Fan, to a high place where few people were.

    As for the rating of Peerless Heavenly Pride, it was even higher!

    In history, there are only two people who can afford such an assessment.

    One was the shaper of the Mongol Empire, one of the great men of the East in the history of the world, the pride of a generation, Genghis Khan!

    The other one is Han Xin, the God of War, who was hailed as a peerless warrior by Han's first emperor Liu Bang.

    One of these two men created a mighty empire that spanned the Eurasian continent.The other, on the other hand, had single-handedly supported Liu Bang to ascend the throne and inaugurated the most prosperous and flourishing dynasty in history.

    All in all, any of the evaluations that faced Ye Fan here could be said to have the weight of Taishan.Every single one of them was equal to giving Ye Fan supreme honor.

    Even the two of them, Lu Cangding and Xu Junlin, were afraid that they didn't deserve any of the evaluations here?

    This was why, after hearing these words, Lu Cang Vault and the others were so horrified and frightened.

    It was just that Lu CangDong and the others couldn't figure out how this Ye Fan, who was just a nameless teenager, was qualified and deserving of such an evaluation.

    And now, to have someone like Li Hongze personally descend on Yunzhou for him and give him a title?


    "What is this, exactly...Is why?"

    Lu Cang Dome's old face was terrified and his mouth was trembling, but it was simply hard to believe the scene before him.

    Even he, let alone Wu Weitao and He Lanshan.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"

    "Pillar...Pillar Gods?"

    "It's...This...How is this possible?"

    Wu Weitao's eyebrows trembled tremendously and shouted in disbelief.

    Until now, it was hard for him to accept the scene in front of him.

    The feeling was as if it was an illusion, everything was so unreal.

    After all, a gangster leader from the countryside, before this, was still just a humiliated person.A wimpy son-in-law who went against the grain.

    Wu Weitao simply found it hard to believe that it was such a person, and now he was letting the head of a country, personally issue a document, allowing the number two person in Yan Xia to seal his title.

    The feeling was like a beggar on the roadside suddenly receiving an imperial decree one day and being crowned a king.

    This kind of astonishing flip, naturally, made people feel too disillusioned.

    Even He Lanshan, pale and pale, asked in a low voice, "Could...Could it be, that it's the wrong person?"

    Apparently, Helan Shan also found it hard to believe that a bullying leader had turned into a peerless scholar who was respected by the lord of the country and was to be called Mr. Chu?

    "What mistaken identity?"

    "Is there a second Ye Fan in your Jiangdong?The second Mr. Chu, the esteemed gentleman of Jiangdong?"

    Li Hongze glared at him and retorted harshly.

    He Lanshan was so frightened that he trembled, his old face paled and lost color, and whirled around to shut his mouth.

    As for Lu CangDong's question, Li Hongze acted as if he hadn't heard it, and even more so, he ignored it.

    After the reading was finished, Li Hongze stepped forward and with admiration and respect, he smiled at Ye Fan, "Haha~"

    "When it's a real hero!"

    "When I first heard about it, I didn't believe that Mr. Chu, the famous Jiangdong, was just a young man."

    "Today, it seems that he really is very young."

    "There is no limit to his future prospects."

    "It is indeed a fortunate thing for my Yan Xia to produce such a young hero."

    "Before, I was worried that after a few decades, if the War God and the others are old and decrepit, who else can I trust in my great Yan Xia?"

    "Now it seems that there's already a candidate."

    "As stated today, with Mr. Chu here, it is certain that my Yan Xia will be safe and secure for a hundred years!"


    Li Hongze's words were just like a stone shattering the sky.

    It made Wu Weitao and the others, who were already trembling with fear and trembling, add insult to injury again.

    One person to protect the country's security for a hundred years?

    Oh my God!

    What kind of comment is that?

    That's a fucking ungodly comment!

    It was simply hard for the crowd to imagine how powerful one person had to be to deserve such an evaluation, to be able to shelter the country for a hundred years with one person's strength.

    It was because this evaluation was so high that Wu Weitao and the others, all felt that it was a bit outrageous.

    Feeling that blowing up Ye Fan was too much.

    Even though Ye Fan could defeat a thousand with one man, but so what?

    Nowadays, war was all about thousands of troops and all kinds of solid ships and cannons.

    How long could Ye Fan, a fleshly mortal, resist against a few people by the strength of his fists and feet?

    However, Wu Weitao and the others were just frogs at the bottom of a well with shallow insight after all.

    They didn't know the might of the martial arts, let alone the might of a title clan master.

    They simply didn't know that to a title grandmaster, what was a thousand or ten thousand men, and what was a strong ship and sharp artillery?

    To Ye Fan, it was not even a match for the might of his punch.

    Therefore, this evaluation, to Ye Fan, was not overrated in the slightest, and was even a bit low.

    After all, like the War God Ye Qingtian, it was enough to shelter Yan Xia for a hundred years without any worries.And Ye Fan's talent potential was still above Ye Qingtian.

    In the future, if Ye Fan could ascend to the top of the Martial Dao, he would step down the entire Chu Clan with his own strength.

    By that time, not to mention a hundred years.The name Ye Fan alone would be enough to shelter Yan Xia for two hundred years, three hundred years, or even a hundred years after his death!


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