Dish Best Served Cold 1136-1140


Chapter 1136

Thousands of troops kneeled their heads, war wolves fell, and Long Hundred Chuan bowed down.

    All the methods that the Xu family used to deal with Ye Fan, but now, they were all trampled under the feet of this man in front of them.

    "You...You...Who, exactly, are you?"

    Xu Junlin's old face trembled unceasingly, full of fear, as he looked at the man in front of him.

    Before this, Xu Junlin had never dreamed that this ballistic land of Jiangdong would still harbor such a true dragon.

    That even the Yanxia Army God, Long Bachuan, was just one of his subordinates .

    Xu Junlin didn't even dare to imagine that the person in front of him, who was known as Mr. Chu, had a background and what kind of monstrous power he had.

    Before coming here, Xu Junlin had thought that this so-called Mr. Chu was just a lowly and despicable arrogant offspring who had relied on his brute strength to sit on the top position of Jiangdong.

    The Xu family, the world's most powerful family with a military background, would crush him to death in a matter of minutes.

    But the truth, however, hit him hard in the face.

    Underneath this Ye Fan's seemingly ordinary appearance, there was an incomparably terrifying amount of energy.

    The might that made Long Baichuan bow down to him alone had surpassed countless others.

    This might was something that even their Xu family could not match!

    While his old face was pale, Xu Junlin was filled with puzzlement and doubt, asking to Ye Fan's true identity.

    However, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    "Old Master, do you think that, right now, you are still qualified to stand and talk to me?"

    Ye Fan smiled coldly, while his eyebrows chilled and he shouted angrily!

    "Kneel down!"


    The sound was like muffled thunder, but Ye Fan's mighty body exploded in an instant.

    In a split second, a wild wind swept.

    At that moment, Xu Junlin only felt that a heavy pressure as if it was like Mount Tai, suddenly descended.


    "How can a junior like you be worthy of having me kneel?"

    Xu Junlin gritted his teeth and roared lowly, struggling hard.

    In front of him, Ye Fan was still standing proudly.

    With his hands behind his back, his eyebrows and eyes were majestic, just like a god.

    His thin body, standing there, was like a ten thousand high mountain standing across.

    That kind of oppression and might, even if it made Long Baichuan feel his heart tremble.

    "Is this the majesty of the Dragon Lord?"

    "With a single drink, it can be so powerful."

    "How terrifying should the Dragon Lord's true strength be?"

    Long Baichuan looked at Ye Fan respectfully from the side, feeling under the might of Ye Fan's body, Long Baichuan only felt frightened.

    Long Baichuan originally thought that as the Long Chuan King who had mastered power, after these ten years of hard training, even though his strength was not as strong as the Dragon Lord, it must be similar.

    But now, he realized that he was too naive.

    Even though he was extremely Yan Xia Military God and ranked on the list of Yan Xia Martial Dao Masters, facing the Dragon Lord still gave him a feeling like he was walking on thin ice in the abyss.

    The last time Long Baichuan had this kind of feeling was when the strongest person in Yan Xia received him.

    In other words, the current Dragon Lord was afraid that he had, ah, the energy to break wrists with the number one strongest person in Yan Xia.

    "Still not kneeling?!"

    At this time, there was another boom.

    This time, that Xu Junlin could no longer bear the pressure on his body, and with a bang, his knees bent and he kneeled down.

    In the midst of Xu Junlin's unwilling and furious roar, this old master of the Xu family, the highly respected old general of Yanxia, but also by Ye Fan, forced to kneel.

    "Son of a bitch~"

    "How dare you force me to kneel?"


    "You deserve to die~"

    "You're a million deaths~"

    Xu Junlin's eyes were crimson red, his entire body was like a madman, facing Ye Fan, hissing and shouting.

    Xu Junlin considered himself an important minister of the country and highly respected, even the Lord of Yan Xia was not qualified to make him kneel.

    But now, he was forced to kneel by a descendant, this was undoubtedly a strange shame for Xu Junlin, a serious blasphemy to his dignity, even worse than killing him.

    However, in the face of Xu Junlin's miserable roar of rage, Ye Fan was expressionless, and his pair of deep eyes looked down on Xu Junlin with such indifference, just like a monarch, looking down on a mole.

    "Xu Junlin, from the moment you decided to treat me, Ye Fan, you should have thought that today would come!"

    "How can my majesty be offended by an ant like you, a tiny piece of dust?"

    "That's what I've said before.You don't believe me."

    "Now, what else do you have to say?"

    Ye Fan said coldly, and there was an endless chill in his morose tone.

    After Xu Junlin heard it, he suddenly laughed.

    That laugh was miserable, with self-deprecation, with loss, and moreover, the sadness of a hero's defeat.



    "I, Xu Junlin, have been majestic and warlike all my life, and even though I am now retired, I have endless majesty in this Yan Xia."

    "It's just that, yet I never thought that today, I would lose in your hands."


    "Mr. Chu, good one Mr. Chu, you win."

    "It's me, Xu Junlin, who has underestimated you."

    "But, asshole, don't think, you can step down on our Xu family and rest easy."

    "My Xu family is defeated, and there's still the Lu family!"

    "Old Master Lu Cangdome Lu, his prestige and seniority are still above me."

    "The power held by the Lu family is even more beyond the reach of my Xu family."

    "Not to mention that you are a Green Dragon Major General, even if you are a military commander, if you kill the descendants of the Lu family, you will still have to be buried with them as well!"

    "So, wait, our revenge, it's not over yet?"

    "Even if you kill me today, I believe that you will soon come to bury me with me."

    "Not only you, your entire family, and all those who follow you in the entire Jiangdong, will all have to die~"

    "All must die!"

    Xu Junlin's eyes were blood red as he laughed and roared eventfully.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, just shook his head.

    "By now, you still haven't given up, and you're still here making such unrealistic fantasies."

    "You only know [51 Novel] that the Lu family holds power to look down upon Yan Xia, but you don't know that I, Ye Fan, hold power to not be afraid of anyone."

    "I, Ye Fan, have the power to make you kneel, so naturally I have the ability to make the Lu family bow down."

    "It's just that it's a waste of words to say anything more to a stupid old dog like you."

    "Wait and see."

    "Let's see who it is and laugh at the end!"


    Ye Fan laughed arrogantly, but it created boundless waves in this world.

    In the sky, clouds moved in all directions.

    In the distance, the sea of clouds tossed.

    In this heaven and earth, Ye Fan stood proudly with his hands in the air, and his domineering voice echoed all around.

    Everyone's ears were filled with Ye Fan's reverberations!

    However, although Ye Fan was confident, but Li Er and the others, after hearing that, their old faces were much more sunken.

    Ye Fan had the identity of Young General Qing Long, and could not fear the Xu family or the army.

    But what about the Lu family?

    Would General Ye Fan's identity be feared by the Lu family?

    In particular, the Lu family's old man, Lu Cang Qiong, was highly respected, the country's patriarch and important minister, even the Yan Xia lord had to politely and politely call out to the old man when he saw him.

    What's more, Lu Cangxiong's son, Lu He, was one of the most powerful few people in Yan Xia, in the center, a real powerhouse!

    These red giants, to a certain extent, represented the country.

    Did Ye Fan, really have the energy to make the Lu Family, bow down?


Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, a thousand troops knelt down and all the beings bowed down.

    In front of the crowd, that thin figure, but standing proudly.

    The majestic and domineering voice, with endless pride, echoed the four directions.

    This was the confidence of the strong, this was the majesty of Ye Fan.

    In his eyes, what was a thousand soldiers and horses, and what was a powerful background?

    Even this multitude of beings was not worth mentioning in his eyes.

    Therefore, no matter whether it was the Lu family or the Xu family, no matter how terrifying power they had behind them, until the very beginning, Ye Fan never really cared.

    Once vicissitudes of the sea were water, except that Mount Witch was not a cloud.

    Since his childhood, Ye Fan has made it his goal in life to destroy the Chu family.

    For a man who aspires to be the enemy of the world's number one giants, what is there in this world that is worthy of his fear?

    Therefore, Xu Junlin's threat just now was nothing more than a joke to Ye Fan.

    He didn't care how powerful the Lu family was, nor did he care how highly respected Lu Cangxiong was.

    Ye Fan only recognized one thing, and that was, the one who insulted him would die, and the one who offended him would die!

    If that Lu family raises their clan to attack him, I'll slaughter his entire family!

    If he uses the power of the state to humiliate him, that side will step down on Yan Xia!

    For today's Ye Fan, there weren't many forces that could threaten him in today's Yan Xia.

    War God Ye Qingtian was one, and Yan Xia's nuclear arsenal was also one.

    However, Ye Fan did not feel that the Lu Family had the ability to use both powers.

    Therefore, Ye Fan was naturally fearless.

    However, Li Er and the others were not as calm as Ye Fan.

    They were more and more worried that things would get out of hand.

    "I only hope that the Lu family, who can be reasonable and debate right and wrong, won't communicated their personal revenge and openly deal with Mr. Chu~"

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Er and the others were praying in their hearts.

    Actually, reasonably speaking, it was not wrong for Ye Fan to kill Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua.

    It was these two people who repeatedly challenged Ye Fan's bottom line again and again, and Ye Fan couldn't endure it any longer and finally cut them both down.

    From this point of view, Ye Fan was just defending himself.

    Legally speaking, Ye Fan was not wrong.

    Therefore, if the Lu family head was reasonable and could distinguish between right and wrong, he wouldn't have blamed Ye Fan, it's just that the Lu family had failed to teach their son well and ate their own evil consequences.

    But now, they were afraid that among the Lu family, there were people like Xu Junlin who protected their calves.

    This kind of people couldn't care less about reason and law, and in their eyes, they probably only knew how to kill Mr. Chu to avenge their own descendants.

    As the crowd was praying and worrying, there were suddenly a number of black Audi cars in Yunzhou city, speeding over.


    The low engine sound, like the low roar of a wild beast, echoed through this world.

    The number of luxurious cars, came galloping past at a speed so fast that it startled the birds in the distance.

    Looking at it from afar, it was as if a black whirlwind was sweeping through this place.

    What was even more shocking was that these vehicles ignored the red lights, the ban on traffic, and even the traffic signals of the traffic police.

    Even the ambulances and fire trucks, which are rescue vehicles, gave way and backed away.

    In short, everywhere these Audi vehicles passed, they were all unimpeded, as if they were in a deserted place.

    "Hungry to mow the grass~"

    "These cars, what are they from?"

    "In front of the traffic police, they ignored the traffic rules."

    "Key those traffic cops didn't even dare to give a fart when they saw it, let alone go up and intercept it?"

    "Motherfucking chicken, by what?"

    "I ran a red light to break a few rules, and those traffic cops chased after me like rabid dogs, fining and criticizing and educating me.Why should they be able to ignore the rules and go unimpeded?"

    "What about the promise of equality for all?"

    Pedestrians on the sidewalk looked at it all and felt angry and confused.

    It was only unimaginable!

    They were curious about the background and origin of the owners of these cars.

    After all, to be able to have this kind of ability to ignore the rules, one could guess with their toes that the people in this car must each have strong backgrounds and energies, right?

    "Young man, don't shout."

    "This kind of crap about everyone being equal is just a book written to deceive people."

    "You don't really believe that, do you?"

    "In this world, there is poverty and there is wealth, and there is nobility and there is lowliness."

    "The so-called equality of all beings is just muddying the child's bullshit."

    At this time, among the crowd, there was a gray-robed old man, but he shook his head and said.

    "As for those cars, why do they have such privileges."

    "You can tell by looking at their license plates."

    This old man, slowly said.

    As soon as his words fell, everyone's eyes all looked towards the license plates of those cars in front of them.

    It didn't matter if they didn't look, this time, the people on the entire street were almost instantly confused.

    The last number was 1,2,3,4....

    "Jiang A00001..."

    "Jiang A00002~"


    "Could this be...Yes, the car of the Jiangdong Provincial Committee?"

    In a split second, the crowd stared at each other, trembling tremendously.

    Some, even more difficult to help themselves, horrified, the whole person directly screamed out.

    As we all know, the cars of the municipal governments all over the world, are basically starting with 0000.

    But Jiang A00001, is actually, Jiangdong Province No. 1 person's special car.

    In other words, this was, the Lord of Jiangdong Province had arrived!

    Of course, not only the Jiangdong Provincial Lord, but also the leaders of the Jiangdong Provincial Committee at all levels, could be said to be pouring out their nests.

    "Holy shit~"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "[Pencil Fiction] the entire provincial committee is out in force?"

    "What the fuck is going on here?"

    "Could it be that the King of Heaven, the old man, is descending?"

    After learning what kind of dignitaries are sitting in these cars, the crowd on the roadside almost exploded.

    Especially the traffic police, who had been on duty by the roadside, were even more trembling.

    Earlier, hundreds of military trucks had just driven into Jiangdong, and there were even two generals among them.

    But now, the entire Jiangdong Provincial Committee, had gathered in Yunzhou again.

    Today's Jiangdong could be described as a gathering of big shots.

    The entire Jiangdong so powerful giants, all gathered together.

    It could be, today's Yunzhou City, just like the center of the entire Jiangdong.

    Only, everyone's heart had to tremble with curiosity.

    What did these people want when they descended on Yunzhou at this time?

    Are you going to sit on the spot and personally command the army and arrest people?


    "Lively, lively!"

    "Even the cars from the provincial party committee are here, this scene is getting bigger and bigger."

    "The military and government are gathered, the gentry are gathered, it's fucking like watching a blockbuster~"

    The nearby crowds were already completely boiling.

    Today's Such a scene was simply too shocking.

    Three thousand soldiers and horses marched into the city, two generals descended on Yunzhou, and now even the most pinnacle group of people among the Jiangdong official system had come.

    If it was said that the Yunzhou before was just a clear spring, ancient well and no waves.

    Then this time, Yunzhou is undoubtedly a pot of boiling water, completely exploded.


At this time, Wu Weitao, who had been sitting in the distance watching the tigers, undoubtedly also noticed the movement in the distance.

    In particular, after seeing the lead Audi No. 00001, Wu Weitao was so frightened that he directly jumped up from his seat.

    "Wu Shi, isn't that the Provincial Lord's car?"

    "Why is he here?"

    "Could it be that you're here for Evan's sake as well?"

    Beside him, there were also voices of his men trembling in fear.

    After all, that was the lord of a province.

    In ancient times, that was a feudal lord!

    In other words, this entire Jiangdong, all obey his orders.

    One word from him, even Wu Weitao would have to take off his luggage and roll out.

    Wu Weitao and the others naturally trembled with fear.

    "Don't ask so many questions yet, quickly, hurry up and come with me to welcome the Provincial Master."

    Although Wu Weitao was also confused about the other party's intentions, now was not the time to think about it.

    After discovering that He Lanshan and the others had descended among the clouds, Wu Weitao hurried downstairs and went out to greet them.

    Now Wu Weitao was suspended, but nominally, he was still the Lord of Yunzhou.

    Now that the top boss had descended on Yunzhou, as the host, he naturally had to go up to greet them.

    "He Shuji, why didn't you tell us beforehand that you were coming?"

    "You see you have come suddenly, and I am not much prepared."

    "Slacking off on you, I feel uneasy."

    Soon, these cars stopped near the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    The car doors opened, and a group of people led by He Lanshan, dressed in stiff suits, had heavy brows and eyes, and exuded an air of nonchalance.

    After all, it was a group of people at the top of the Jiangdong power, and after they got off the car, the huge aura made nearby passersby feel only depressed.

    There was a sense of awe as if they were walking on thin ice in the abyss.


    "Is this the majesty of a feudal official?"

    "Is this the strength of a province?"

    The vast majority of the people present were obviously seeing the group of people holding endless power in front of them so closely for the first time, and were suddenly excited and uncertain, gazing from afar, with awe and admiration in their brows and eyes.

    Who in the world doesn't yearn for that supreme power!

    These people, when they go there, are also destined to be revered and respected existences.

    Even Wu Weitao, who was in charge of the city, couldn't put up any kind of appearance in front of He Lanshan and the others, with a humble and lowly appearance, as if he was a subordinate working for someone.

    However, regarding Wu Weitao's words, He Lanshan was unhappy with his eyebrows and coldly snorted, "Hmph, the Yunzhou matter will be dealt with later!"

    After saying that, Helan Shan looked down at his watch, while to his colleagues behind him to: "No time, all come with me to meet the old man."

    He Lanshan shouted, while pushing Wu Weitao aside.

    He didn't pay any more attention to Wu Weitao and even ignored Ye Fan, even the Xu family members such as Xu Junlin, He Lanshan also ignored them.

    They, all of them, got off the bus and went straight to a nearby open field and waited there.

    Just when everyone, was wondering what exactly He Lanshan and the others were doing.



    A loud sound, as if a sonic boom exploded.

    Immediately afterwards, the gale rose.

    The gusts of cold wind, like a storm, swept up the falling leaves and sand, and also the Lake of Clouds and Mist, the ripples of the ripples.

    In the midst of the storm, deafening sounds also echoed unceasingly in the heavens and earth here.

    "This...This.What is this sound?"

    While everyone was confused and terrified, the next moment, a black shadow was seen at the end of the sky, quietly appearing.

    At first, the shadow was so small that it was like a dot of light.

    But as the sound gradually approached, the crowd was able to see it clearly.

    "The plane!"

    "It's a plane~"

    "My God, it's a helicopter."

    "Herself, you're not expecting this plane, are you?"


    "My God, to have the Lord of Jiangdong Province himself come to greet us, up here, who is it that's sitting here?"

    "Could it be that the old king of heaven has descended?"

    Seeing this, the crowd had completely exploded.

    There was trepidation, trepidation, but more than that, it was shock and horror.

    Like Li Er and the others, who had lived most of their lives, the most awesome appearance they had seen was only at the foot of Mount Tai back then, when Wu He Rong leapt down from the top of the firmament.

    But now, they found that Wu He Rong was simply scum compared to the appearance before them.

    The Provincial Lord greeted, and the plane descended from the sky.

    "Holy shit~"

    "What's going on in Yunzhou today?"

    "It's like the gods are all gathered here~"

    Some people were close to crying in fear, pale faces shouting repeatedly.

    Just like that, amidst the horrified and frightened eyes of the crowd, the helicopter slowly descended, its huge propellers bringing up gusts of wind and blowing up sand and rocks.

    The wind blew ripples, and the sand mesmerized people's eyes.

    Li Er, Chen Ao and others have squinted their eyes, the deafening roar, shocking people's bone membranes ached and

    Until, the plane came to a complete stop, and a gray-haired old man, assisted by people, slowly walked out.

    At the same time, He Lanshan led all the dignitaries of Jiangdong, and after seeing this person, they bowed down and worshipped the old man in front of them with the most humble and respectful words, "I, He Lanshan, on behalf of the Jiangdong fathers and elders, welcome Master Lu, to Jiangdong!"

    As Helan Shan bowed his head and worshipped, the other leaders of Jiangdong Province's government also honored and worshipped.

    "Welcome Old Master Lu, to Jiangdong!"


    "Welcome, Master Lu, to Jiangdong~"

    Helan Shan and several others, worshipped in unison.

    That voice of reverence resounded unceasingly in this world.

    However, these words, when they fell on the ears of the crowd, were only like five thunderbolts.

    "Lu...Old Master Lu?"

    "Could it be, the head of the Lu Family, the highest seniors of today's Yan Xia generation, Lu Cang Dome?"

    Oh, shit.

    Fuck me, right?

    Li Er had been completely scared to piss, Chen Ao's face was white, and Lei Laosan was even more trembling, nearly sprawled on the ground.

    As for Wang Jiexi, also confused in place, staring at the eyes, the whole person is scared numb claws.


    The land vault is here?

    Could it be that the Lu and Xu families will not stop until they kill Fan Ye and his family?

    The Jiangdong crowd has been nearly scared to death.

    These usually all-powerful, majestic and domineering bigwigs of the cities, but now when faced with such a monstrous figure as Lu Cang Dome, but one by one like a frosty eggplant, all of them are in fear of silence, their heads shrunk back.

    After all, these people, although they have no major fault, but the country really want to deal with them, there are plenty of reasons.

    So, they were naturally terrified, afraid that this Lu Cangding would wipe them out!

    However, some people were happy and some were sad.

    While Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were terrified and silent, the Xu family was a great joy and Wu Weitao was also pleasantly surprised.


    "I didn't expect ah, Old Master Lu is here."

    "This time, Ye Fan will definitely be in trouble."

    Wu Weitao laughed sardonically in his heart.

    To be able to have Helan Shan lead his team to pay homage in person, these powerful people couldn't get a small Ye Fan?


"Fei, before it's too late, you go first."

    While the crowd was terrified, the people under the Haiyuan Pavilion were already arranging a way out for themselves.

    Shen Jiuyi and Master Xia, both secretly urged Shen Fei and Xia Xue to leave here first while the chaos lasted.

    After all, with the arrival of Lu Cang Dome, the situation in front of them had become more and more unfavorable for them in Jiangdong.

    "Dad, what are you afraid of?"

    "There's Mr. Chu."

    "Mr. Chu can make a thousand armies kneel down and make the military gods submit.That Lu Cang Dome is just an old thing, as powerful as he was in his youth, he's retired now."

    "A figure with no real power, what's the point of being afraid of him?"

    "What's more, this Lu Cang Dome was not necessarily more powerful than Mr. Chu when he was younger."

    Shen Fei, however, was confident.

    After knowing Ye Fan for so long, in Shen Fei's impression, in terms of pretending, he, Brother Fan, had never lost.

    Back then, the Taishan Martial Association was, the Mid-Autumn Night Auction was also, and the battle at Dongchang Lake was even more so.

    Even if the Xu family came out from their nest now, they still hadn't folded up in front of Mr. Chu.

    In short, follow Brother Fan's lead and pretend to be a pusher!

    "Yeah, Grandpa."

    "I think brother Shen Fei is right."

    "Mr. Chu is so powerful, and this Lu Cang Dome is just an old man who has been retired for years, so he can't change the situation at all, right?"

    "It's not like he has any real power~"

    Xia Xue was also in agreement.

    Neither Shen Fei nor Xia Xue felt that the arrival of Lu Cang Dome would turn the situation around.

    After all, Mr. Chu was majestic, making a thousand armies kowtow and military gods kneel.

    That Lu family, could it be that they really have a monstrous ability to forcefully turn things around?

    "You two kids, you know nothing!"

    "Yes, this Lu Cangding has retreated, but his prestige is still there."

    "What's more, their Lu family's power alone is already terrifying."

    "In particular, Lu Cangdome's eldest son, Lu He, is at the top of Yan Xia's power."

    "It is one of the most powerful few giants in the Yan Xia official system, near the center of the pivot.This Lu He, however, is an absolute real power figure."


    "You...You said that Lu...Lu Ho, is.... is his son?"

    When he heard the name Lu He, even Shen Fei was confused, his entire body was so scared that he was numb.

    This name, he did not know how many times he had heard this name on the TV news broadcast.

    But Shen Fei had never thought that that Lu He, who was at the top of the extreme power, was actually the son of Lu Cang Qiong.

    No wonder, when an old man came to Yunzhou, feudal officials such as He Lanshan came to welcome him personally.

    A large part of the reason was probably because of his son, Lu He.

    "Or else what?"

    "The Lu family is ranked as one of the four most powerful families in Yanjing, and it relies on its power!"

    "The family's sons and daughters are all over Yan Xia, and there are giants all over."

    "Moreover, this Lu Cang Dome himself is also a Yan Xia patriarch, highly respected, an existence who carried a gun with the Great Ancestor back then."

    "Part of the reason why the descendants of the Lu Clan are able to achieve what they have today is because of Lu Cang Dome's shade."

    "This old man, don't look old and decrepit, but his prestige is still there!"

    "His words, even Helan Shan, probably wouldn't dare to disobey."

    "Now, do you still think that this Master Lu is not enough to be feared?"

    Shen Jiuyi paled and said to his son in a deep voice.,.

    Shen Fei and Xia Xue were already scared to death, their legs were weak and their bodies were trembling.

    It was only now that they understood why their father, grandfather and the others were so afraid of the Lu and Xu families.

    As expected, the powerful heritage and accumulation of the Yanjing gentry really couldn't be contested by individuals.

    "This time, Brother Fan is afraid that he has really pierced the sky~"

    Terrified, Shen Fei looked up at the thin back in front of him, his heart filled with worry.

    While the crowd was horrified, He Lanshan, who was in front, was enthusiastically talking to Old Man Lu.

    "Old Man Lu, as soon as I got the news that you were coming, I brought someone here early in the morning."

    "Fortunately, I made it in time, otherwise, I'm really afraid that I might have slowed down your old man."

    "But Lu Lao, what happened and why did you suddenly descend on this small city of Yunzhou?If you want to come, you should also go to Jianghai ah, it's a good environment there, and it's convenient for me to entertain you."

    Helan Shan smiled respectfully as he asked in confusion.

    This morning, he got the news that Lu He's old father, Lu Cang Qiong, was coming to Yunzhou.

    Naturally, He Lanshan didn't dare to slow down, not to mention the fact that this Lu Cang firmament was highly respected in Yanxia, but for his son Lu He alone, He Lanshan had to come over to greet him.

    However, in the face of He Lanshan's inquiry, Lu Cangdome snorted coldly and said in a deep voice, "He Lanshan, do you seriously not know my intention to come?"

    "Or do you know what you're doing?!"

    This serious tone from Lu Cangdome caused He Lanshan to shiver and quickly said, "Old Lu, I went to the south for a conference the other day and just came back yesterday, there might be some things that I haven't understood yet."

    "Good, haven't understood it right, then I'll personally let you understand."

    "A few days ago, just a few days ago, in your Jiangdong, there was a tragic murder case."

    "Two young men lost their lives and died. 

    "One of them was the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangbei, Xu Haisheng's only son, Xu Shaohua."

    "The other, is my Lu Family's eldest grandson, Lu Mingfeng!"


    Lu Cang Dong's words were like a head-butt to He Lan Shan.

    At that time, He Lanshan's face went white and his pupils crumpled.

    "Actually...There's actually this?"

    Helan Shan had to be shocked, although, people were dying every day in Jiangdong, but now that Master Lu's grandson was dead, or murdered in Jiangdong, he had to be trembling with fear as the Lord of Jiangdong.

    "What is this all about?"

    "What has happened in the days I've been away?"

    After the tremor, He Lanshan turned his head and asked one of his subordinates who was in charge of security in Jiangdong.

    That person had a bitter face and bowed his head in fear, "He Province, I was about to report to you this morning, but before I could say anything, you came to Yunzhou."

    "It was just a few days ago, this side of Yunzhou..."

    "Okay, nonsense I don't want to hear, I just want you to say, where is the murderer, can he be caught?"He Lanshan harshly lectured.

    The man became even more terrified, "This, the working group has been stationed in Yunzhou to assist the Yunzhou side of the investigation.The specifics will have to be asked of the person in charge of the Yunzhou side."

    When He Lanshan heard this, he immediately called Wu Weitao over.

    "Still not over here?"

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "How did you become this Lord of Yunzhou."

    "Why don't you know how to protect Lu's grandson when he visits Yunzhou?"

    "What should you be guilty of now that such a big thing has happened?"

    Faced with Wu Weitao in front of him, Helanshan was sternly angry.

    Wu Weitao was so terrified that he was about to explain.

    "Hmph, you don't have to explain to me either~"

    "Master Lu is right here, if you have anything to say to Lu, you can talk to him."

    "You'd better pray that he'll forgive you, or else I'll never forgive you!"

    He Lanshan said coldly, but directly interrupted Wu Weitao's explanation.


Wu Weitao was full of bitterness, and finally looked at Master Lu, "Master, I'm really sorry about Young Master Lu's matter."

    "Only hate that I, Wu Weitao, am limited in my abilities, if I had three thousand soldiers and horses, I would have surrounded the Yulong Hotel that day, saved Young Master Lu and Young Master Xu, and brought that villain Ye Fan to justice."

    "However, I only hate that I, Wu Weitao, am incompetent~"

    "And the usual security matters are in the hands of Vice Mayor Han Dongmin."

    "By the time I found out from Han Dongmin and rushed over, it was too late."

    Wu Weitao said guiltily, full of grief, not knowing, probably thought that something had happened to his son?

    Moreover, Wu Weitao's words just now were very chicken thief.

    It cleverly removed the fault in himself and also successfully dumped the pot on Han Dongmin.

    Although he and Han Dongmin were old partners for many years, so what?

    In the face of profit, Wu Weitao naturally acted according to the guideline of dead Daoist friends not dead poor Daoists.

    "Well, you must be Xiao Wu."

    "Jun Lin told me about you before, it's thanks to your help that you were able to surround that madman so quickly this time."

    "You get up, I don't blame you."

    "Just like you said, you're not in charge of security matters.If you want to blame, blame that Deputy City Han Dongmin's corpse."

    "But these days, you should have investigated this matter thoroughly."

    "Have you found all the evidence of those maniacs' crimes?"

    Lu Cang Dong looked at Wu Weitao in a deep voice.

    This time, he was going to use official forces to deal with Ye Fan, so naturally, he wanted to divide and occupy the law.

    Therefore, before taking action, it was best to get hold of evidence of Ye Fan's crime.

    In that case, their action today would naturally be more logical.

    "This..."Wu Weitao was silent.

    "Eh?Haven't you investigated this to the fullest?Wu Weitao, I think you really don't want to do it anymore, huh?"

    Before Lu CangDong could speak, He LanShan was the first to scold.

    Wu Weitao had a hard time saying, "He Province, I'm really not to blame for this ah, because of this, I'm all suspended now.Nowadays, all of Yunzhou's affairs are under Han Dongmin's control."

    Han Dongmin was the second-in-command of Yunzhou, and now that Wu Weitao had been tragically suspended, he was naturally acting as Yunzhou's agent.


    "What about the Han Dongmin?"

    "Why don't I see him?"

    He Lanshan said in a deep voice, suppressing displeasure and anger in his words.

    With such a big thing happening here, and yet he hadn't seen this Yunzhou family member in the slightest, He Lanshan was naturally unhappy.

    "Coming here, He Province, I'm here?"

    Here Helan Shan was about to ask his subordinates to call him over, but who would have thought that a few calls would come from not far away right afterwards.

    Everyone followed the sound and saw that among the crowd, Han Dongmin ran over with anxious face.

    In fact, Han Dongmin had already arrived.

    The commotion here was so great that Han Dongmin was now in charge of First City affairs, so how could he not be aware of it.

    However, like Wu Weitao, he had been watching from afar.

    Of course, the difference between him and Wu Weitao was that Wu Weitao wanted to see how Ye Fan would fall, while he, only out of self-preservation, was hesitant to show his face.

    After all, whether it was Ye Fan or the two giants Lu and Xu, he, Han Dongmin, couldn't afford to provoke them.

    There was nothing he could do, since he couldn't afford to provoke them, he could only hide.

    Try to stay out of the fight between these two sides!

    But now, with the arrival of Helan Shan, even if Han Dongmin wanted to hide, he couldn't.

    After all, that old son of a bitch, Wu Weitao, had already brought misfortune upon him.

    He Lanshan had called him by name.

    There was nothing he could do, in this situation, Han Dongmin could only force his way.

    "Hmph, so you're here?"

    "For those who don't know, they thought, this land of Yunzhou is a place no one cares about anymore."

    "I'm asking you, do you know that Master Lu's grandson died in Yunzhou?"

    Helan Shan asked in a stern voice.

    Han Dongmin nodded in fear, "I know."

    "If you know, why don't you go to Jianghai and report the details?"

    "If Master Lu hadn't told me today, would you have tried to keep it from me?"


    Han Dongmin was about to explain, but Helan Shan interrupted him again, "I'll ask you again, it has been many days since the incident, can the person who committed the crime be brought to justice?"

    "Evidence, witnesses, all collected?"

    "Old Master Lu can be here, his grandson died in Jiangdong, we, Jiangdong, must give an explanation to the old master."

    Hearing He Lanshan's words, Han Dongmin's old face became more and more bitter.

    "He Province, this...We are carrying out all of this work.Everything is still in the investigation stage, so the murderer hasn't been ambushed yet~"


    "Still investigating?"

    "What have you been doing these days?"

    When He Lanshan heard this, he finally became furious.

    Originally, it was humiliating enough for He Lanshan to feel humiliated when something like this happened within their Jiangdong territory.

    But now, after so many days, Han Dongmin still hadn't even caught the murderer, which undoubtedly made He Lanshan lose even more face in front of Old Master Lu, and he was naturally furious.

    "This...This case is a bit complicated, so progress is a bit slow .However, we'll do our best and will definitely give Old Master Lu a fair and just result."Han Dongmin explained evenly.

    However, Wu Weitao asked with a pretense of doubt, "Dongmin, the facts of this case are clear, the reasons are traceable, the circumstances are clear, and the people involved are well documented."

    "I think that it shouldn't be very complicated."

    "You just need to go and arrest the people."

    Hearing Wu Weitao's words, at that time, Han Dongmin's face turned green and he was so angry that he cursed Wu Weitao's son of a bitch ah, this is fucking screwing him.

    As expected, He Lanshan's eyebrows sank as he heard this.He looked towards Han Dongmin and coldly said, "Han Dongmin, is all of what he said true?"

    Han Dongmin smiled bitterly, "This...This, still lacks some evidence, so..."

    "So what the hell!Bring me the people first."He Lanshan roared.

    Han Dongmin could only nod, "Alright, I'll have someone go and find out the murderer's whereabouts."

    In fact, Han Dongmin knew that Ye Fan was just ahead, but in order not to offend Ye Fan, he could only use a delaying tactic to stall for time, pretending that he didn't know the murderer's whereabouts and letting his men go check it out first.


    "Dongmin, you're afraid you're not going to play dumb again, are you?"

    "Isn't the murderer just up ahead?"

    "Do we still have to check?"

    Wu Wei Tao said with a seeming smile.


    Han Dongmin was itching to kick Wu Weitao to death, the son of a bitch was clearly looking over his shoulder.


    "Just ahead?"

    "Who has the audacity to kill even Lu's grandson?"

    Helan Shan immediately raised his head and looked forward.

    For the first time after descending to Yunzhou, Lu Cangding also looked up and down towards the distant Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Only to see there, a thousand troops kneeling in worship.

    Xu He was down in the ruins, life and death unknown.

    Xu Jun Lin kneeled on the ground and let out a low roar of displeasure.

    In front of them, only a young man stood proudly.

    His brows and eyes were mighty, and he was full of sneers.

    The misty gaze, however, had a majesty that defied the world.


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