Dish Best Served Cold 1131-1135


Chapter 1131


    It was as if a thunderstorm had exploded here.

    All the people here were trembling.

    Li Er and the others looked at Ye Fan with doubts, no one knew what was the Green Dragon that Ye Fan was talking about.

    "Could it be that Mr. Chu has a card to play as well?"

    Lei's brow furrowed and he lost his voice.

    "Dad, look, what's that?"

    Just as the crowd was wondering about Ye Fan's words, in the middle of the crowd, Shen Fei suddenly shouted.

    He pointed at the distant heavens and earth and shouted loudly under the Sea Source Pavilion.

    This sudden shout startled the crowd.

    Just as Shen Jiuyi was about to angrily rebuke his son for making a fuss, the crowd clamored.

    "I'm going!"

    "What's going on?"

    "Is that a meteor?"

    More and more people lost their voices shouting, and in the end, the eyes of Chen Ao and the others were all drawn over.

    Only to see the depths of the Heavenly River, after the appearance of the three special battle teams such as the war wolf, several black manes appeared at first.

    At first, those black manes were as if they were points of light.

    They were extremely fast, just like streams of light slicing through them, and they came at a terrifying speed.

    But as the black dots got closer and closer, they were finally finally clearly visible.


    "That's not a point of light, it's a person!"

    "It's five people~"

    "They're flying!"


    "Oh my God!"

    "Is it a flying man, then?"

    Amongst the five flying silhouettes, the crowd's already terrified hearts trembled once again.

    Li Er's eyes stared at it, Lei Lao San's pupils crinkled.

    Shen Fei and the others, even more like seeing ghosts, the fact looking at the five figures that came in as fast as light.

    However, only later, when the distance drew closer again, did the crowd see clearly that those people were not flying anymore, but like the previous members of the special battle teams such as the War Wolf and Flying Tiger, they were flying through the eaves and leaping between tall buildings.

    Only, they were faster, jumping farther, and their body speed was even more agile.

    If the previous three squads were like flying swallows.

    Then these five now, were the eagles!

    They streaked across the sky, they were swift as light.

    The majesty they revealed far surpassed those three battle teams from before.

    After they appeared, they approached the members of the special battle squads in front of them, such as the War Wolf and Flying Tiger, at a terrifying speed.

    "Father, is this also the special battle squad you trained?"

    "What a powerful force!"

    "Called what?"

    "Why don't I know that in the slightest?"

    Xu He saw this latest appearance of five people, thinking that it was his father's hidden cards, delighted, but curiously asked.

    However, Xu Junlin's old face was gloomy, and there was an inexplicable condensation contained within his eyebrows.

    Because, he himself did not understand the situation.

    Not knowing where these five people had come from, let alone what their intentions were, whether they were friends or foes.

    "However, looking at the clothes, they should all be people from the army."

    "Could it be, that Hai Sheng sent them to support me?"

    After seeing the five people all dressed in military uniforms, the worry in Xu Junlin's heart dissipated by several points, and the majesty and pride on his face became even more intense.


    "Bastard, your time to die has come."

    "I've already told you that offending my Xu family will be the biggest mistake you'll ever make in your life!"

    Xu He, on the side, laughed sarcastically.

    The words were filled with a monstrous hatred for Ye Fan.

    After laughing, looking at the War Wolf and other kinds of special members who had immediately arrived here, Xu He said in a deep voice.

    "War Wolf, Flying Tiger, Black Panther, quickly, help this general kill him!"


    Xu He roared indiscriminately.

    However, the scene he was expecting did not appear.

    From his ears, instead, came, a miserable scream.


    "What's going on?"

    As Xu He looked back, Xu Jun Lin also looked forward.

    It was clear that, at some point, the last five figures that had appeared had caught up to them.

    After they caught up to the three battle teams of War Wolf, Flying Tiger, and Black Panther, they immediately attacked.

    Bang bang bang~

    Either fist or palm, chop or slash.

    These five figures were thunderous when they struck.

    They were like the most vicious hunters in the dense forest, crazily besieging the prey in front of them.

    In just a few breaths of time, those members in the distance who claimed to be the strongest special battle team in Yan Xia were all kicked down from the sky.

    What war wolves, what flying tigers, what black panthers, now all become useless dogs.

    Many of them were kicked down from the top of a building dozens of meters high, and finally smashed into the concrete road below, falling to pieces and losing their lives on the spot.

    Just like that, from the appearance of these special fighters to the total annihilation of the army, it was only a few tens of seconds.

    However, the tremors brought to Xu Junlin in these few tens of seconds were more than this lifetime combined.

    Never in his wildest dreams had Xu Junlin imagined that the blade of his country, which he was so proud of, would be directly blown up before it was even sheathed.

    That feeling was like a soldier that he had worked so hard to train for many years, and before he even took to the battlefield, he crashed to his death on the south wall.

    That feeling of being suffocated and wretched made Xu Jun Lin nearly go mad.

    "Damn it~"

    "Those people, where did they come from, anyway?"

    Xu Junlin gritted his teeth and roared lowly.

    Just as Xu Junlin was about to have someone investigate the path of those five people, who would have thought that those five figures, with their feet on the ground, would all leap to this place.

    As they landed on the ground, they also threw all the members of the special battle teams that they had just hunted, such as the War Wolf and Flying Tiger, onto the ground like dogs.

    In the next moment, these five people walked towards Ye Fan and bowed in unison, "Instructor Chu~"

    "The captain of the Green Dragon Battle Team, Ye Yuyan..."

    "Team member Li Ziyang~"

    "Team member Mammy Bo..."


    "Come report!"

    The five figures worshipped together.

    The voices of reverence, however, gathered into a stream, trembling this heaven and earth.

    "Green...Green Dragon?"

    "Chu...Instructor Chu?"

    "What the fuck is going on here?"

    The sounds of Ye Yuyan and the others worshiping directly shocked everyone here.

    Jun Lin Xu, in particular, was even more horrified.

    He stared at the scene in front of him with his dead eyes, nearing Jairus' eyes.It was simply hard for him to believe that these five strong military men in front of him were worshipping Ye Fan as an instructor and treating him with such respect.

    "You...Who, exactly, are you guys?"

    "If you are a soldier, you should also worship this General, not this bumbling leader."

    "If not, then what is your crime for trading in military uniforms and pretending to be a soldier?"

    Xu Junlin was livid and questioned Ye Yuyan and the others in a stern voice.

    Ye Yuyan and the others did not reply, only Ye Fan's laughter echoed.

    "Old Master, how is it?"

    "The best Special Forces team you've ever talked about, now, is a dead dog on the ground."


Ye Fan's words were too harsh, it wasn't a punch in the face at all, it was a raw kick in the face.

    These three great teams were Xu Junlin's greatest achievement in his life, and also his proudest achievement.

    It could be said that how highly respected Xu Junlin could be in Yan Xia was largely due to the three powerful special battle teams he had formed.

    But now, with his pride being so badly spoken of by Ye Fan, how could Xu Junlin's old face hang on!

    Green as a piece of shit.

    Eventually, Xu Junlin became annoyed and cursed at Ye Fan in a fit of rage.

    "Shut up!"

    "You yellow-mouthed little child, how dare you insult my Yan Xia's strongest squad?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    Xu Junlin cursed harshly with his red eyes.

    However, Ye Fan shook his head, the corners of his mouth curving up in an inexplicable way.

    "Old Master, I told you, they are the strongest special battle team in Yan Xia, the Green Dragon!"

    "And I, am the military district's registrar, Major General Green Dragon."


    These words, these words, only sounded like thunderstorms exploding.

    The crowd here all trembled.


    "Green...Major General Green Dragon?"

    "Could it be that Mr. Chu, too, is a general?"

    Behind him, in the Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Er and the others had completely exploded.

    All along, they had thought that Ye Fan's greatest reliance was just the Jiangdong's esteem that they, the commoners, had named.

    This kind of status might have some weight normally.

    But after all, it was a civilian title with no official recognition, so to put it bluntly, Ye Fan was at most a gangster leader.

    But if, Ye Fan was still a Major General in the army, then everything would be different.

    At least, the identity of a general was officially legitimate and backed by the military district and the state.

    That status and position would undoubtedly go up a step.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "You say you're a Green Dragon Major General and you're also a General?"Xu Junlin was obviously deeply shaken by Ye Fan's words.

    Originally, I thought that this so-called Mr. Jiang Dong Chu was just a bum who couldn't get on the stage.

    But now, he actually said that he was the instructor of Yan Xia's strongest battle team, Major General Qing Long?

    "What a load of crap!"

    "I, Xu Junlin, have been in the military for dozens of years, and the sharp edges of the three great nations of Yan Xia are all trained by me."

    "I know exactly what kind of battle squads are in the military district."

    "There's no such thing as a Green Dragon battle squad!"

    "You bastard, how dare you dog dare to pretend to be a Major General in the army and talk nonsense here?"

    Xu Junlin did not believe in Ye Fan's words at all and said sternly.

    Ye Fan wasn't angry at all, facing Xu Junlin's accusations, instead he smiled with a light cloud, "Master Xu, it's no longer thirty years ago, when you were in power."

    "The whole world has changed, do you think the military district, is still unchanged?"

    "What's more, you've been retired for years, are you going to let any plans and the establishment of a squad among the military go through your old man's approval?"

    "I won't hide anything from you."

    "This Green Dragon Squad is a martial warrior squad jointly raised by the Yanjing Military Region and the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "Every single one of them is a martial artist who is well versed in the martial arts, how can they be rivaled by those pigs and dogs under you?"

    Ye Fan smiled coldly, his eyebrows filled with contempt and pride.

    A few days ago, Ye Fan had already contacted Ye Yuyan and the others.

    Let them leave the military area and head to Yunzhou to carry out their mission.

    Of course, even if Ye Yuyan and the others didn't come, those three battle teams Ye Fan could easily take care of.

    But Ye Fan still mobilized them over, all for the sake of testing the results of their training.

    Now it seemed that the results were still good.

    It was still less than a month, but like Li Ziyang, Ma Mingbo's and their body quality, but significantly improved, the progress was extremely obvious.

    Of course, apart from their own hard training, the bigger reason was the Green Dragon Body Tempering Resolve given to them by Ye Fan, as well as the medicinal bath formula Ye Fan got from Grandma's side.

    Without these two things, it would have been impossible for Ye Yuyan and the others to have progressed so much in just half a month.

    "Haha, Instructor Chu, the results of our training aren't bad, right?"

    "No shame for you?"


    "But seriously, that medicinal bath you got us for, Instructor Chu, is amazing."

    "All I have to do is soak in it at night, and the fatigue of the day then disappears."

    "I just feel full of strength."


    "And that Green Dragon Body Refining Determination is even more amazing."

    "I feel like I can now, in one punch, break a cow~"

    Even though the Xu family was right in front of them, and even though Xu Jun Lin was in the rank of general, the five people from the Green Dragon Battle Team ignored the generals as if they hadn't seen them.

    There was only one person in their eyes, Ye Fan!

    "By the way, Instructor Chu, who are these scum?"

    "Judging from this dress, he should be from the military district as well."

    "Could it be that there are ungrateful fools among our military district who want to deal with you?"

    After reporting the results of this period of training to Ye Fan again, Li Ziyang looked at the war wolves and other squad members who were already like dead dogs at their feet and became curious.


    "You, a corporal, also dare to insult my father."

    "My father is an army general, you corporal, don't quickly kneel down and pay your respects."

    "Or else, I will report to the military district and punish you for disrespecting the officer~"


    Hearing the words of Li Ziyang and the others, Xu He became furious.

    However, before he could finish his words, Li Ziyang smacked him straight away.

    Hearing only a bang, Xu He screamed as his entire body was directly smacked out as if he was a dead dog by Li Ziyang.

    "Where's the idiot?"

    "I'm talking to the instructor, do you have any business interrupting?"

    Li Ziyang scolded contemptuously, but he didn't put the Xu family father and son in his eyes at all.

    What Yanjing gentry, what military general, in the eyes of Qinglong and others, there was only one person, Ye Fan.

    Listening to Li Ziyang's pretentious words, Shen Fei, however, was stunned.

    "Motherfucker, this pushy act of Brother Yang is a trifle similar to Mr. Chu~"

    Shen Fei secretly gave a thumbs up.

    Li Er and the others at the side naturally trembled as well.

    In particular, Lei laosan looked at Li Er with inexplicable eyes, "Old Two, your son, sh...Since when is he so awesome?"

    You know, the son of Li Er used to be a famous second son.

    Apart from eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, he was good at nothing.

    Completely useless, social scum.

    But now, who would have thought that such a dude and trash would be wearing a military uniform and have such skills?

    Flying across the eaves, with a strength of a hundred pounds.

    Even the most expensive bodyguard in their Lei family didn't have the ability to do that, right?

    "I...I don't know ah~"

    Li Er was in a complicated mood, full of amazement.

    He only knew that his son had entered the army, but didn't know that Ye Fan had let him into the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    Now that he saw his formerly untalented son with this kind of progress, he was naturally trembling.


Of course, not only Li Er, but the tremor in Chen Ao's heart was not half less than Li Er.

    Chen Ao had never thought that Ye Fan still had such cards.

    Major General Qing Long, mastering the most elite special forces of Yan Xia.

    With this kind of card, Ye Fan also did have the ability to break wrists with the Yanjing Xu family.


    "What a good Green Dragon Major General."

    "I never thought that you, a junior descendant, would have such achievements at such a young age?"

    "It's just as well to be the esteem of Jiangdong, but you're still a major general in the military?"

    "It seems that I underestimated you."

    After a long period of trembling, but Xu Junlin suddenly laughed.

    That laugh carried an inexplicable emotion.

    It was as if the defeated general was carrying a bit of self-deprecation and ridicule.

    However, at the end of the laugh, Xu Junlin was a change of words, and his gloomy cold gaze, once again looked at Ye Fan, "But, Mr. Chu, do you seriously think that you have won?"

    "Do you seriously think that my Xu family has lost, lost to a nameless junior like you?"

    "Or, do you seriously believe that these three special war teams are the last thing I, Xu Shi, will rely on?"

    Xu Junlin's gloomy laughter was extraordinarily hoarse, like the sound of crushed stone cracking.

    The original gloomy old face, also at this time, with a coldness emerged.

    The atmosphere in this room, however, was once again condensed.

    Li Er and the others who originally thought that this calamity has already passed, the string in their hearts also immediately tensed up.

    Chen Ao and the others, their hearts were even heavier.

    Could it be that this Xu Junlin, still has a secret card?

    While the crowd was in awe, Xu Junlin's deep and cold voice, however, continued to ring out.

    "Since I, Xu Junlin, have decided to personally visit Yunzhou, I will naturally make two-handed preparations."

    "I originally thought that this second hand preparation of mine would not be put to use."

    "But now, it seems that I was too presumptuous!"

    "Yea, how can a man who can kill Wei Lao be an ordinary man?"

    "But that's the end of it."

    "What you will face next will surely be the most terrifying nightmare of your life!"

    "However, you're proud enough to die under his command."

    Xu Junlin's eyebrows and eyes were icy cold as he laughed coldly.

    That wanton laughter was like the howl of a vicious wolf before devouring its prey, chilling and trembling the heart.

    In a split second, the faces of Li Er and the others all went white.

    Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes were also filled with worry.

    Everyone, filled with trepidation, looked at Xu Junlin.

    The unknown was the most frightening.

    Just like now, no one knew what the biggest card that Xu Junlin was talking about was.

    And when Xu He heard it, his eyebrows trembled, as if he had guessed something, and his whole body went wild with joy, "Father, is it Uncle Long?"


    "If it's really Uncle Long, that brat is dead!"

    Xu He was overjoyed and shouted excitedly.

    "Oh, yeah?"

    Faced with Xu Junlin's words, Ye Fan lightly smiled and didn't feel the slightest bit alarmed, still standing there calmly.

    He really wanted to see what was this terrifying nightmare that Xu Junlin was talking about?

    However, this Ye Fan's calm and pretentious appearance, as well as his contemptuous and disdainful tone, undoubtedly made the father and son of Xu Junlin extremely unhappy.

    Xu Junlin was still able to calm down, but Xu He was the one who directly cursed out.

    "Bastard, you can damn well pretend to be something else?"

    "Dead on arrival and still playing it cool!"

    "Wait a moment, when Uncle Long descends, I'll damn well see if you can still come out calmly."

    Xu He endured the pain and climbed up from the ground, viciously cursing at Ye Fan.

    The most annoying thing about Xu He was this kind of arrogant guy.

    "Stinky brat, don't think that you can be lawless and do whatever you want just because you can deter thousands of troops and suppress war wolves."

    "I've long said that our military area is as strong as clouds."

    "If you want to exterminate you, War Wolf can't, then there's someone else."

    "My Xu family's energy is never something you can compete with."

    "Sub-O, you're so fucking bullshit!"Xu He was still cursing viciously there, but Li Ziyang kicked over again.

    This time, Li Ziyang used even more force, directly kicking Xu He a hundred meters away.

    "Something that remembers eating but not beating, it seems that the lesson you just gave wasn't enough.How can I, Instructor Chu, be something you can insult?"

    Li Ziyang cursed, this unexpected kick, but Xu He was caught off guard.

    By the time Xu Junlin reacted, his own son had actually flown out far away.

    "You...You thugs."

    "How dare you!"

    "How dare you commit murder like that in front of me."

    "Very well, I'll make you people regret it."

    Xu Junlin roared angrily in a low voice with an iron blue old face.

    After saying that, Xu Junlin instantly turned around, turned to the distant sky, and sang in a deep voice, "Bacchuan, come out."

    "Next, please!"



    "Could it be, today's Yan Xia Military God, Chief Instructor of the Three Armies, Long...Long Baichuan?"

    After hearing Xu Junlin's words, and then thinking of the Dragon Uncle that Xu He had just addressed, Chen Ao's body was immediately in awe, and a pair of old eyes, immediately stared huge.

    The entire face, then went white.

    "Chen Ao, what's wrong?"

    "This Long Baichuan, is it powerful?"

    "Is it, even more than these Special Forces members with the best skills?"

    Li Er and the others didn't understand this, and were confused.

    However, after seeing Chen Ao's face, they also realized in their hearts that this Long Baichuan was afraid that this Long Baichuan was also a terrifying existence.


    "Long Baichuan, is the chief instructor of the three armies."

    "He is known as the Yan Xia Military God."

    "His power alone can stand up to the entire Xu family."

    "The instructors of the major armies are all under his control."

    "The training plans of the entire army are all made by him alone."

    "This person has an unrivaled authority in the army!"

    "In front of him, even the commander of the Jiangdong Military Region would not dare to make a faux pas."

    "What's more, his status was never piled up by relationships and military age, but rather by a piece of horrifying military achievement."

    "Back then in the Yan Xia Special Forces Competition, he shocked the entire arena with one person, forcefully regretting the three armies."

    "I didn't expect ah, this Xu Junlin, he even invited such immortals."

    "It's over, this is the complete end for Mr. Chu~"

    Chen Ao was howling, filled with despair.

    This kind of person who stands out among millions of generals and soldiers, must have monstrous abilities.

    A Generation Military God, this name alone was enough to scare countless people to death.

    How could such a strong person be able to fight against Ye Fan?

    "Military...Military God?"

    "Oh my god~"

    "Is this.... this strong?"

    When Li Er and the others heard this, they were also completely scared to death.

    Originally, they thought that Ye Fan Qinglong's identity as Major General would completely lock the game.

    But who would have thought that the peak would be turned around and the Xu family would still have a card to play.

    Moreover, it was still so terrifying!


As the crowd trembled, Xu He, who had originally been kicked by Li Ziyang, didn't land on the ground, but was caught after flying a few dozen meters.

    It was a middle-aged man, wearing a grey-green military uniform.

    The rigid face did not contain much majesty or ferocity above it.

    Even, whether it was his looks or temperament, the entire man seemed so ordinary and unimpressive.

    This kind of person, walking on the street, was probably the kind of character that would be overlooked.

    However, it was such a seemingly ordinary person, but with a single hand, he caught Xu He who was kicked flying.

    And then, just like that, he held Xu He, and with his feet on the ground, he walked towards the front.

    His face was expressionless, and no one knew what kind of majestic power was contained within his thick body.

    However, what was even more trembling was that where this person's feet stepped on the ground, gravel crumbled and the earth caved in.

    The hard concrete ground, surprisingly, had countless eventful gullies under his feet.

    Behind him was the Heavenly River standing horizontally, and in front of him was a thousand troops kneeling in worship.

    Amidst the deafening footsteps, he stepped on the ground, his domineering spirit radiating everywhere.

    The rushing blood, the monstrous majesty, but it was close to chilling everyone.


    "Could this be..."

    "Yan Xia Military God, Long Baichuan!!!"

    The instant they saw this person, however, Li Er and the others trembled in horror and roared in disbelief.

    For some reason, even when they were just facing Xu Junlin, Li Er and the others were not as terrified as they were now.

    The feeling was as if what appeared at this moment was not a person, but a mountain ten thousand feet high.

    "A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well, how can they know the true majesty of Hundred Sichuan?"

    Seeing that Long Baichuan had frightened Li Er and the others into such a state with just one appearance, Xu Junlin could not help but sneer and laugh, full of disdain and contempt.

    He only felt that Li Er and the others were after all from a small place, acting like they had never seen the world.

    After sneering, Xu Junlin looked at Ye Fan again, his eyes full of pity as if he was looking at a corpse.

    Yes, in Jun Lin Xu's eyes, the current Ye Fan was no different from a corpse.

    Long Baichuan was the military god of Yanxia back then, his status in the army was second to none, and his personal strength was even more powerful.

    In Xu Junlin's opinion, even if this Ye Fan had three heads and six arms, he would never be Long Bechuan's enemy.

    After all, Long Baichuan was the best person he had carefully selected out of the millions of generals back then, how could it be comparable to a brat like Ye Fan?

    "Junior, this is the end."

    "Farce, it's time for it to end!"

    Xu Junlin sneered, while looking towards Long Baichuan, who had already approached, and said in a deep voice, "Baichuan, the rest, please."

    "Help me kill this madman, on the spot!"

    Xu Junlin's gloomy words rang out immediately.

    And Xu He, who was being held in Long Baichuan's arms, similarly said, "Uncle Long, you've finally arrived."

    "It's him, it's this jerk who insulted my father and defied my Xu family, my nephew Shao Hua, also lost his life in his hands."

    "Next, I'd like to ask Uncle Long to take action and exterminate him!"

    The cold voice of resentment resounded.

    The voices of Xu He and his son, which were full of killing intent, echoed for a long time under the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    At this time, Long Bacchuan had already held up Xu He and arrived in front of Ye Fan.

    However, just when everyone thought that Long Hundred Chuan would put down Xu He and then thunder on Ye Fan, the next moment, something unexpected happened suddenly.

    Under the Heavenly River, everyone could only see that the middle-aged man in front of them, who had pinned his hopes on Xu Jun Lin and his sons, actually raised the Xu He in his hands above his head, and then smashed it under his feet in front of everyone's shocked and violent eyes.


    The earth trembled and the rubble crumbled.

    Long Baichuan smashed this, and even the earth beneath his feet smashed out an eventful ravine.

    As for Xu He himself, his bones and muscles were even more shattered, blood flying everywhere, and miserable howls echoed under the Ocean Source Pavilion.

    Xu He passed out on the spot, lying in a pool of blood, unable to move.

    "Baek Chuan, what are you doing?"

    At that moment, Xu Junlin's entire body was befuddled, one old eye staring at him so huge that his eyeballs almost burst open.

    He had never thought that the person he had hired to help him with his fist would actually smash his son and turn him into a crippled dog.

    Was this Long Baichuan stupid, or crazy?

    However, in the face of Xu Junlin's questioning, Long Baichuan did not even pay attention.

    He was expressionless, stepped on Xu He's corpse and took a few steps closer towards Ye Fan again.

    Then, everyone only saw that the mighty Yan Xia military god in front of him was bowing and kneeling to Ye Fan.

    With the most reverent words and the most humble posture, he performed the largest kneeling salute in the human world to Ye Fan.

    "Ten years of honor and shame, a thousand days of drinking ice."

    "Servant Long Chuan, pay my respects to the Dragon Lord!"


    The majestic words were like golden stones falling to the ground, but they were sonorous and powerful.

    Suddenly, this heaven and earth, there was a sudden, rustling wind.

    It rolled up the endless falling leaves and also blew up Ye Fan's robe, hunting and resounding.

    At that moment, it was as if time stood still.

    Upon seeing Long Baichuan kneel down, everyone, was already confused.

    "This...This...What the hell is this?"

    Li Er stared at his eyes in death, horrified and lost his voice.

    Lei Lao San was trembling tremendously, almost forgetting to breathe.

    As for Chen Ao, his entire body was even more like a headshot, his entire body was directly blinded, and his eyes were about to fall out.

    The rest of them, because of the tremor, were also dying with their mouths open, as if they were roosters being strangled.

    Before this, who would have thought that Xu Junlin's greatest reliance, once he appeared, would directly smash silly Xu Junlin's son, Xu He, and now he was still worshiping and bowing down to Ye Fan?

    "My God, is the world too crazy?"

    Shen Fei shouted in alarm.

    Autumn Mu Orange's beautiful eyes trembled.

    Xia Xue was also full of surprises, because of the tremor, her chest could not stop rising and falling.

    Even Wu Weitao, who had been sitting on the mountain watching the tigers from afar, was so frightened that one of the coffee cups in his hands didn't hold steady and fell to the ground and shattered.

    "This...What's going on here?"

    "That Long Baichuan, is it a fury?"

    "He's a generation of military gods, why is he kneeling to a punk kid!"

    "If you want to pay your respects, you should pay them to Master Xu Junlin."

    Wu Weitao's old face was gloomy, and after scurrying from his seat, he roared with rage, his entire body irritable.

    Long Baichuan's reputation, Wu Weitao had naturally heard of it.

    This time, the reason why he was steadfastly on the side of the Xu and Lu families was largely because of this Long Baichuan.

    After all, Long Baichuan was brave and good at fighting, and his skills were unparalleled in the three armies, and he was also recommended by Xu Junlin back then, and had a deep relationship with the Xu family.

    Wu Weitao only thought that no matter how powerful that Ye Fan was, he would never be Long Bachuan's opponent.

    But now, Wu Weitao had never dreamed that it would end up like this.


The greatest dependency that the Xu family had painstakingly hired was kneeling down to Ye Fan?

    It's fucking mind-boggling to think about!

    However, after the tremor, Wu Weitao soon calmed down as well.

    His eyebrows and eyes were gloomy, and he looked at the young man standing proudly with a negative hand from afar, but the scruples and doubts in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, on your body, how many secrets are buried, exactly?"

    Wu Weitao felt that he, more and more, couldn't see through Ye Fan.

    Originally, Wu Weitao thought that he, already knew Ye Fan well enough.

    However, only now did Wu Weitao realize that he actually knew nothing at all about Ye Fan's background.

    While Wu Weitao's heart was confused, under the Sea Source Pavilion, it was still silent.

    Everyone was silent, the scene that had just happened had too much of an impact on the crowd.

    So much so, that the crowd simply didn't know what to say, nor did they dare to say anything.

    Of course, if it was the one who was impacted the most, it was still Xu Junlin.

    His own son was nearly smashed into a meat pie not to mention that Long Bachuan, who he considered to be a dependable person, was instead bowing down to Ye Fan.

    The feeling is just like when Sun Monkey made a scene in the Heavenly Palace and the desperate Jade Emperor sent people to the West to seek help.

    In the end, the Buddha invited Rulai Buddha, not to mention helping him, came up and slapped the Jade Emperor's wife, Queen Mother, to death without saying a word, and then knelt down on the ground and called out to Monkey's father.

    What kind of bloody plot is this?

    At this time, this old man was so depressed that he was about to cry.

    The entire man was stupefied and unable to move.

    An old face, pale as a sheet.

    Everything that had just happened, to Xu Junlin, was undoubtedly as if he had been struck by lightning.

    Until now, he was unable to accept the reality in front of him.

    "Long Baichuan, you...What the hell are you doing?"

    "Are you out of your mind?"

    "How can you bow down to him when you are the Yan Xia Military God, the Lord of Ten Thousand Armies, and the Chief Instructor of the three armies of shock and awe?"

    "Even if you have to kneel, kneel to me!"

    "I'm the one who is your leader, I'm the one who is your uncle."

    "Without my Xu family's promotion, how would you, Long Baichuan, be here today?"


    "Get your ass up!"

    "I command you to kill this yellow-tongued boy~"

    "Kill him on the spot~"

    Xu Junlin's inner defense was completely defeated when Long Baichuan knelt down and bowed down to Ye Fan.

    Like a madman, he rushed at Long Baichuan, screaming hysterically.

    However, Long Baichuan paid no attention to him and with a backhanded slap, he directly shook Xu Junlin out of the room.

    Of course, Long Bachuan had only used 10% of his strength with this slap.

    Otherwise, that old thing wouldn't have been directly slapped apart by him?

    After shaking off Jun Lin Xu, Long Baichuan faced Ye Fan and continued to speak respectfully.

    "After getting Han's orders last night, my subordinates raced through the night to Yunzhou."

    "But I didn't expect that I would still be a step behind the Xu family."

    "I'm late in protecting my blessings, so please forgive me, Dragon Lord!"

    Long Baichuan kowtowed and bowed again, filled with guilt.

    "Get up."

    "You have come late, but you have been sheltered."

    "This time, I will not punish you for your sins."

    "But if there is a next time, severe punishment will be meted out!"

    "I don't wish that the four Dragon Kings raised by this Dragon God are all unpunctual trash."

    Ye Fan's words were low, but they had an undeniable majesty.

    Under Ye Fan's authority, the generation of military gods in front of him, who was a champion of the three armies, kneeled in fear and didn't dare to say a word.

    Yes, this person in front of him was one of the four Dragon Kings of the Dragon God Temple, King Long Chuan!

    The Four Dragon Kings, who hold power, wealth, strength, life and death.

    King Xue Renyang of Longyang, sitting in the capital of Yan, wielding power.

    The Dragon King, Iwai Chan, reigns over the Japanese kingdom, ruling endless wealth!

    And in front of him, King Long Bachuan, the mighty King of Long Chuan, is in charge of the power of the world!

    In fact, long before the future of the Xu family, Ye Fan had asked Han Lao to contact Long Baichuan and ask him to pick a day to go to Yunzhou to protect the Lord.

    Only, the drama was that the Xu family had also asked Long Baichuan to come out at the same time to help sit in the fist.

    Therefore, due to these coincidences, there was a dramatic scene just now.

    Of course, even if Long Baichuan didn't come, the Xu family couldn't do anything to Ye Fan, it was just more killing and more trouble.

    Now that there was a simple solution, why wouldn't Ye Fan enjoy it.

    What's more, the next step of Ye Fan's prairie prairie plan also needs Long Baichuan's help.

    So, after much consideration, Ye Fan decided to activate this secret chess placed in the Yan Xia military.

    "For...Why, tell me why?"

    "Long Baichuan, my Xu family has treated you well, and I, Xu Junlin, have treated you as my own."

    "Back then, it was me who pushed you to the position of Chief Instructor of the Three Armies."

    "I know the kindness to you again, but you, why did you betray me, why did you serve him as your master?"


    "Is my Xu family, not good enough for you?"

    "Or is it old man, treating you badly?"

    While Ye Fan was lecturing Long Baichuan, behind him was the sound of Xu Junlin's unwilling roar once again.

    He couldn't figure it out!

    He really couldn't figure it out.

    Things, why had it come to this point.

    Who would have thought that a hand-to-hand victory would end up being his, Xu Junlin, defeat in the end!

    He was a magnificent family in Yanjing, a founding minister, and now he was being abused by a junior teenager, and his body was intact.

    The three great teams he was proud of were beaten to death by Ye Fan's Green Dragon Battle Team, and were still lying motionless on the ground.

    And now, even Long Baichuan, who he considered his last reliance, betrayed him and bowed down to Ye Fan.

    "Why is this happening?"


    Xu Junlin's eyes were bloodshot red, nearing a corner of his eyes.

    However, in the face of Xu Jun Lin's questioning, Long Baichuan was expressionless and coldly returned, "You're right, you do have a favor to me for bringing me up."

    "But for so many years, the benefits I've fought for your Xu Family are already enough to repay you for your kindness of promoting me back then."

    "What's more, even without your promotion of Xu Junlin back then, there would have been Zhang Junlin and Wang Junlin."

    "At that time, I had already mastered power, and my achievements were already unmatched."

    "Even without your promotion, there would have been others who would have recommended me, and I would still be able to stand in the position I am in today."

    "So, to me, there are many "Xu Junlings", but only one Dragon Lord!"

    "The Dragon Lord has recreated a kindness for me, if it wasn't for the Dragon Lord, I would be nothing more than a farmer plowing the farmland today."

    "It was the Dragon Lord who gave me the strength and the capital to reach the top of the pinnacle!"

    "I, Long Bachuan, will spend my entire life, guarding the safety and security of the Dragon Lord, not allowing anyone to desecrate and offend, including you."

    Long Baichuan's words were resounding, and the words were like swords.

    Every single word plunged straight into Xu Junlin's heart.

    Hearing the end, Xu Junlin was even more directly desperate.

    He knew that he had lost this war with Ye Fan, their Xu family, completely lost.

    A defeat, a total defeat!


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