The Unknown Heir 944-945


Chapter 944

After a day and night of flying, the four of them, Chen Hao, finally returned to their city.

    The four of them had all slept soundly on the plane.

    It was the most comfortable day and night of sleep they had had in several days.

    As soon as they got off the plane, the four of Chen Hao took a bus to their own Xuan Yang Palace.

    After half an hour, they returned to the Xuan Yang Palace.

    "Yay!Chen, we're finally back!It's kinda nice to be back in the city!"

    Lei Lie tilted his head up for a long sigh, he felt really comfortable coming back, it had really been too much of a burden for him to be out in the wind and sun these past few days.

    "By the way, Lei Lie, you don't have a place to stay yet, do you?"

    Chen Hao then suddenly remembered something and hurriedly asked towards Lei Lie.

    "Right oh, brother Chen, I indeed don't have a place to stay yet, I hurriedly set off with you the last time I was here."

    Reminded by Chen Hao, Lei Lie also immediately responded towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, how about this, you and Lin Zilan just stay with me and your sister Xia, there are still empty rooms on our side anyway, so it's easier to take care of the four of us together."

    Chen Hao also immediately suggested towards Lin Zilan and Lei Lie after hearing this.


    "Brother Chen, I hear you!"

    Lei Lie and Lin Zilan immediately spoke up towards Chen Hao and agreed.

    They had no problem at all with Chen Hao's proposal, as long as they had a place to stay.

    "Alright, let's take you guys to a place to stay for now, have a good day's rest, we have more things to do next!"

    Chen Hao continued again.

    After speaking, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji took Lei Lie and Lin Zilan to their own residence.

    The place where Chen Hao and the two of them lived was still very nice, not far from the Xuan Yang Hall, and it was a very luxurious villa.

    Upon arriving at the villa, Lei Lie and Lin Zilan were suddenly surprised.

    "Wow, brother Chen, I didn't expect you guys to live in such a nice place!"

    Once again, Lei Lie couldn't help but scream out.

    He had never lived in a villa before, he didn't expect that he would be able to live in a villa, he was really too happy.

    The four of them walked in, Chen Hao with Lei Lie and Zhen Ji with Lin Zilan each going to look at their own rooms.

    After looking at the rooms, Lei Lie and Lin Zilan both didn't have any opinions and felt very good about it, they were both incredibly excited and happy.

    "Alright, everyone has worked hard these past few days, have a good rest today, Lei Lie, Lin Zilan, you guys also clean up and tidy up, we'll have something nice to eat together tonight."

    Chen Hao then looked to the three of them and commanded.

    The three of them also nodded their heads for a while and then dispersed to go about their business.

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, returned to his own room.


    At that moment, Chen Hao received an unfamiliar number.

    This number showed a local call, and the number had a very special beginning, so one could tell at a glance that it was not a simple person.

    After hesitating for a few seconds, Chen Hao answered the call.

    "Hello, hello, who is this?"

    Once Chen Hao was connected, he opened his mouth and asked lightly.

    "May I ask if this is Mr. Chen Hao?"

    A man's voice came over the phone only to be heard.

    Chen Hao asked suspiciously, "I am, who are you?"

    "Hello Mr. Chen Hao, I'm the head of the military machine department in Jiangling City, Dragon Country, my name is Li Yuehe, I have a very difficult spiritual case here, I hope I can get your help!"

    Li Yuehe on the other end of the phone just said towards Chen Hao.

    After hearing that, Chen Hao was able to understand that it was someone from the Jiangling City Military Aircraft Department.

    But since it was the head of the military engine department who had personally called him, then of course Chen Hao was going to give face and go help.

    "Okay, I'll go over there tomorrow morning!"

    Chen Hao then promised towards Li Yuehe.

    "Well, thank you Mr. Chen then, I'll wait for your arrival tomorrow!"

    Li Yuehe also responded respectfully towards Chen Hao and then hung up the phone.

    Chen Hao's reputation in the Xuan Yang Hall had already opened up, so many people knew of Chen Hao's abilities.

    Now that they came across a spiritual case, of course the first thing that came to mind was to come to Chen Hao.

    This night was another night that the four of Chen Hao slept most comfortably.

    The next morning, Chen Hao woke up early and called out to Lei Lie to wake up, then he brought Lei Lie along to the Jiangling City Military Intelligence Office.

    "Brother Chen, what are we doing at the military engine office today?"

    Lei Li sat in the car and asked curiously.

    "You'll find out when we go there!"

    Chen Hao also simply responded.

    Lei Lie also did not ask any more questions as he knew that something must be going on.

    Soon, after more than twenty minutes, the two arrived at the Jiangling City Military Intelligence Department.

    They saw that Li Yuehe, the head of the military engine department, was already waiting at the entrance for Chen Hao's arrival.

    When Chen Hao and the two of them got down from the car, Li Yuehe immediately greeted them with a smile.

    "Mr. Chen!"

    Li Yuehe greeted Chen Hao with a smile on her face.

    "Hello, Military Division Li!"

    Chen Hao also responded politely towards Li Yuehe and extended his hand to shake it again.

    "This is my apprentice, named Lei Lie!"

    Chen Hao then introduced Lei Lie, who was standing behind him, towards Li Yuehe.

    Lei Lie also hurriedly reacted to greeting towards Li Yuehe, "Hello Li Jun Division, I am Lei Lie."

    "Hello hello!"

    Li Yuehe also responded with a smile.

    Seeing the arrival of Chen Hao's disciples and teachers instantly made Li Yuehe's heart relax.

    "Come, come, let's go in and talk!"

    Then Li Yuehe greeted Chen Hao and the two of them walked inside the Military Intelligence Department building.

    Soon, Li Yuehe brought Chen Hao and the two of them inside a large conference room, only to see that there were many subordinates sitting there, and everyone was busy investigating the case.

    Seeing that Li Yuehe brought the two of them in with Chen Hao, all of a sudden everyone quieted down.

    "Come, everyone, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Chen Hao and his apprentice Lei Lie, a grand welcome to everyone, the two of them are here to help us solve this case!"

    Li Yuehe looked at the subordinates below and introduced them loudly.

    "Pop, pop, pop!"

    Hearing Li Yuehe's words, all the subordinates below stood up and applauded.

    Chen Hao's name had already been heard like thunder, and now that they could finally see him in person, of course they were very excited and happy.

    With the goods, Chen Hao and Lei Lie sat down.

    "Alright, let's begin!"

    Li Yuehe also gave orders to the subordinates underneath and began the seminar on the case.

    Only one subordinate came over with the information in his hand and placed it on the table in front of Chen Hao.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, please take a look at the circumstances of this case first."

    Li Yuehe indicated with a smile towards Chen Hao.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao also nodded slightly and then picked up the information in front of him to check it out.


After one glance, Chen Hao's brows furrowed.

    "Brahma God?What's this?"

    Chen Hao lifted his head and looked suspiciously at Li Yuehe and asked.

    "Oh, Brahma God is a new and very famous person recently, he can see through the past and present and project life, many people believe in his ability, haven't you heard of him, Mr. Chen Hao?"

    Li Yuehe immediately explained back towards Chen Hao.

    This Chen Hao really wasn't sure, he had never heard of this Brahma God before.

    "Brother Chen, this Brahma God I find very odd, I've seen many of his videos and messages, and I have a feeling of faking it!"

    Lei Lie then whispered close to Chen Hao's ear.

    "Whether it's a person or a ghost, we'll know when we go there!"

    Chen Hao also responded indifferently.

    It was now impossible to tell anything from this information alone, and only after going to the crime scene could we know.

    "Li Jun Division, could we be allowed to go to the crime scene?"

    After a pause, Chen Hao closed the file and then suggested towards Li Yuehe.

    "Of course!"

    Li Yuehe agreed without hesitation.

    After that, Li Yuehe directly and personally led the two of them to the crime scene with Chen Hao.

    The scene of the crime was a single apartment located in the Huahe District of Jiangling City.

    In this single apartment lived a female around twenty-seven or eighteen years old named Wu Fang.

    Just the night before, Wu Fang went to bed and never woke up, and there were a pair of black handprints on the ceiling above her head.

    Judging by the CCTV footage, no one but Wu Fang entered or left that night, and even the road where the windows of Wu Fang's apartment were aligned was monitored, and again no one was seen.

    So this made people extremely suspicious and strange.

    Li Yuehe has had a full body autopsy done on Wu Fang, but there was nothing found, not poisoned to death, nor any battering wounds on the body, only to say that Wu Fang was inexplicably and strangely killed.

    No, two days without a clue, and helplessly Li Yuehe could only ask for Chen Hao's help.

    He knew that Chen Hao was a great attainments and reputation in the area of spirits and ghosts, so Li Yuehehe felt that Chen Hao could definitely help them solve this case.

    Soon, the group arrived at the Flower Lotus District.

    Under the guidance of Li Yuehe, Chen Hao and the two of them arrived at the single apartment where Wu Fang lived.

    Chen Hao opened the door and slowly walked in, looking extremely heavy all of a sudden, he felt a dense Yin Qi, too much Yin Qi would cause the body to have a huge rejection reaction, as the human body already had a Yang Qi existence.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, did you discover something?"

    Seeing the change in Chen Hao's complexion, Li Yuehe immediately asked towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao shook his head slightly.

    "Not yet, it just feels like this place has too much Yin Qi."

    Chen Hao spoke faintly towards Li Yuehe.

    After saying that, Chen Hao walked over to the side of the bed where Wu Fang was sleeping, and then he just laid down on it, looking up at the black handprint on the ceiling.

    Seeing this action from Chen Hao, Li Yuehe and the others were all surprised.

    At this point, Chen Hao closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again.

    When he opened them again, there was a woman by Chen Hao's side.

    This woman was none other than Wu Fang.

    Wu Fang was similarly lying on the bed with Chen Hao.

    "What did you find?"

    Wu Fang curiously looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao skimmed a glance at Wu Fang.

    "Why do you, a girl, believe in Lord Brahma too?"

    Chen Hao curiously asked a question back at Wu Fang.


    Wu Fang, on the other hand, laughed lightly, and then she directed her gaze towards the pair of black palm prints on the ceiling.

    Chen Hao followed her gaze as well.

    "Brother Chen, brother Chen!"

    At that moment, a shout brought Chen Hao back from his consciousness.

    Chen Hao opened his eyes when he regained consciousness, only to see Lei Lie squatting beside the bed calling out his own name.

    "What's wrong?"

    Chen Hao was surprised and looked at Lei Lie and asked.

    "Brother Chen, you scared us to death, we thought you were possessed, lying here unmoving, and you wouldn't even agree even if we called you!"

    Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao in amazement as he narrated.

    "I've made a major discovery!"

    In the next second, Chen Hao did not respond to Lei Lie's words, but instead popped up out of bed and said loudly.

    "What discovery?"

    Hearing Chen Hao say that, it instantly caught everyone's attention, and Li Yuehe hurriedly came up to stare at Chen Hao and asked.

    "The problem is in this pair of black palm prints!"

    Chen Hao stretched out his finger towards the black handprint on the ceiling and looked at the crowd to firmly preach.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, I don't quite understand, can you be more specific?"

    Li Yuehe was still puzzled as he looked at Chen Hao and asked, not understanding the meaning of Chen Hao's words at all.

    "Li Military Division, please think about this, why did the murderer leave black palm prints in this room?"

    Chen Hao directly asked back at Li Yuehe.

    Li Yuehe's eyebrows furrowed in contemplation.

    It took a while before Li Yuehe responded, "Are you saying that the murderers are deliberately misleading themselves with this?"

    "Yeah, right!"

    Hearing Li Yuehe's words, Chen Hao nodded his head for a moment.

    "You can invite that Brahma God back for questioning, Wu Fang's death is one hundred percent related to Brahma God!"

    Chen Hao then reminded towards Li Yuehe.

    Li Yuehe listened and immediately understood.

    "Go, immediately bring someone to bring back the Brahma God!"

    Li Yuehe ordered towards the few subordinates behind him.

    The few subordinates immediately turned around and walked out after hearing this.

    "Brother Chen, is this going to be too weird?"

    Lei Lie then approached Chen Hao's side and asked.

    "This matter is not man-made, but the work of the spirits, the reason why I want them to go and bring back the Brahma God is to protect the Brahma God!"

    Chen Hao softly explained towards Lei Lie.

    It was only after hearing this that Lei Lie came to a sudden realization.

    "Alright, so it's fine, we can go back to the military machine department!"

    Chen Hao then spoke up.

    After saying that, the group of people took the car back to the military machine office once again.

    On the way, Li Yuehe's phone rang.


    Li Yuehe directly answered the phone.


    "Military Division, it's bad, Lord Brahma is dead!"

    Just the sound of a subordinate's report came from the phone.


    Hearing this news, Li Yuehe directly slammed his foot on the brakes and instantly made a sharp braking sound cut through.


    Li Yuehe fiercely screamed out.

    Seeing Li Yuehe's reaction, Chen Hao's also seemed to have guessed something.

    In the next second, Li Yuehe looked at Chen Hao.

    "Is the Brahma God dead?"

    Without waiting for Li Yuehe to open his mouth, Chen Hao was the first to ask a question towards Li Yuehe.

    Hearing Chen Hao ask, Li Yuehe was even more surprised, he didn't expect how Chen Hao had guessed it.

    Li Yuehe nodded his head.

    "Go over there immediately!"

    Chen Hao only instructed towards Li Yuehe.

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