Lost Young Master 141-145


 Chapter 141

"Let's pretend that's what happened."

Ye Fan thought about it, and it really seemed like that was the case.

In the beginning, Wu Qiushui was the one who teased Han Dong'er, and Ye Fan was only sturdy when he stepped in to save Han Dong'er.Also, Ye Fan didn't know Han Dong'er at that time, so Ye Fan wouldn't have helped if it wasn't for Li Qiuyu's request, so it was really a coincidence to count.

Wu Zhengfeng was again: "Just now Qiushui came in and said that he wanted to be the clan leader, it should be your intention.You should have shown up and told me ah, I would have definitely agreed, not to mention making Qiushui the clan head, even if I were to give the family to you directly, I wouldn't frown a bit."

It was really the same as Bai Qin's statement ah.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, a little sweaty.

Ye Fan was now admiring Charles more and more, how much did he help to make these big clans so deadly to him?

But Ye Fan couldn't just ask for the Wu family, because then he would be identified by Charles as having the family's help, after all, it was Charles' connections that allowed him to harvest these things for nothing.

But if you don't do that, Ye Fan also has a way to do it, with a turn of his eyes, Ye Fan smiled, "Master Wu, at least the Wu family has been run by you for so many years, how about this, you let Wu Qiushui be the family head, after all, he is your own grandson, and we have a good relationship, I quite appreciate Qiushui."

"Qiushui that brat can be appreciated by you, that's really that brat's honor, okay, I'll pass the order to make Qiushui the clan head."Wu Zhengfeng smiled, he was actually a bit reluctant to let him take out his family, but it was fine to give it to his own grandson. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

In his opinion, regardless of whether Wu Qiushui was a talent or a scrap, as long as he was appreciated by Ye Fan, it was definitely not wrong.

Charles was able to cover the sky with just Ye Fan's housekeeper, and Ye Fan must be an even more powerful existence.

Fortunately he didn't say these thoughts, otherwise Ye Fan would have died laughing.Now Ye Fan was actually nothing, just a rich hanger-on, and Charles couldn't step in to help.

"Qiushui, come in!"Don't look at Wu Zhengfeng, who was refined and easy-going, but the bottom line was full, a low drink was like a fierce tiger roaring.

The next thing I heard was the sound of hurried footsteps outside, and then Wu Qiushui stumbled in, somewhat panicked, "Patriarch, what is it?"

"Young Master Ye appreciates you, so I've decided to pass the position of clan head to you, so don't fail to live up to Young Master Ye's expectations, okay?"Wu Zhengfeng went straight to the point.

Wu Qiushui was stunned in place, he could not have imagined that Ye Fan had said anything to move this stubborn old man, but he still quickly knelt down and kowtowed three times to Wu Zhengfeng, "Thank you old patriarch, I, the new patriarch, will definitely lead the Wu family to a better place."

Right after that, Wu Qiushui was about to kowtow to Ye Fan again.

Ye Fan, however, avoided it and did not receive this great gift, he was not in the habit of accepting kowtows from others.

Wu Zhengfeng nodded and said seriously, "Qiushui, you have to remember that this position was given to you by Young Master Ye, not by me.What you have to do is also not to lead the family towards betterment, but to closely follow Young Master Ye's footsteps, got it?"

"Okay, I know."Wu Qiushui's heart was even more shocked, it was unexpected that Wu Zhengfeng thought so highly of Ye Fan, even disregarding the interests of the family itself.

Ye Fan was also very surprised to think that Wu Zhengfeng had such a high opinion of him, but the surface was expressionless, at least it couldn't show cowardice.

Wu Zhengfeng did not think so, he saw Wu Qiushui's doubts, so he directly explained: "In fact, our Wu family is not from the local city of Fengdu, but from the Golden Sand City, Bai Qin is also from the Golden Sand City, we were following Mr. Charles.Bai Qin didn't want to leave when he arrived in Kaiyuan, so he stayed in Kaiyuan, while I followed Charles to Fengdu and became first-class in Fengdu, and then I didn't want to leave either.Now that I think about it, I regret it, there are several other brothers who also came out with us from Golden Sands City, but they insisted on following Mr. Charles, and now although I have no contact with him, I heard a while ago that a brother has become a first-class family in the first city."

"A first-class family in the first city?"Wu Qiushui was horrified.

Ye Fan was also surprised, because the capital city was the capital city of the country, in all senses of the word it was located at the pinnacle, how awesome it would have to be to become a first class family in the capital city.

But spare a thought, it was only after following Charles that he came out.

Wu Zhengfeng sighed, "So Qiushui you must remember, you must follow up on Young Master Ye's footsteps, our Wu Family will definitely flourish in your hands and you will be able to remain in the history of the Wu Family."

"I remember!"Wu Qiushui nodded, this time it was really clear why Wu Zhengfeng was so knee-deep in licking Ye Fan, because the gain was far more than the payout.

Ye Fan patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder and said, "Then you'll do well with me."

Ye Fan had roughly guessed what Charles was thinking, Charles should have gone through a lot of experience to become the steward of the Ye family, so the path that Ye Fan was walking and doing the tasks now was actually what Charles had gone through.

Although the other places were unknown, at least the first city was a trip to be made.

It seemed like the task that Charles had given to Ye Fan was very difficult, but it was actually very simple.Because the cities arranged by Charles all had Charles' former men, as long as Ye Fan could correctly find Charles' original men, the task of mixing with the big brother circle was really easy.

However, Ye Fan also had some other ideas, that is, Charles must know about the fall of the Wu family, at best, it was Charles additional tasks to help these families.If you think badly, could it be that Charles manipulated the Wu family to deliberately and secretly pull them out of power, and then let Ye Fan lead the fortune?

If you think about it that way, Charles would be really hard-hearted.

Ye Fan didn't dare to think too much about it, anyway, Charles was his butler, and being nice to others was for the sake of being an exercise for him.Since it was an exercise, Ye Fan just needed to complete it properly.

After thinking of this, Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "Let's go, Qiushui, let's start our plan!"


Wu Qiushui nodded and followed Ye Fan out.

The first step of the plan was to grasp the Wu family's right to speak and then cooperate with the Zhang family.Now that he had mastered the Wu family's right to speak, the next second step was to find Zhang Bao to cooperate with.

But as soon as he left the room, Ye Fan was calmed down by the scene in front of him.

There was only a big fight going on outside, with Ye Fan's bodyguards and thugs fighting, while his opponents were a group of black-clothed men with electric batons.

"What's going on here?"Ye Fan turned his head and asked Wu Qiushui.

Wu Qiushui frowned and explained, "These are our Wu Family's guards, I originally thought there were only three or five of them, but I never thought there would be so many."

At a cursory glance, there were close to thirty people, and they were all well-trained.If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan's bodyguards and thugs numbered fifty, he wouldn't have been a match for these men in black.

Wu Qiushui signaled for Ye Fan to take it easy and then shouted at the men in black, "All of you, stop!"

He's the patriarch of the Wu family now, and his word is final!


What Wu Qiushui didn't expect was that when he gave the order, not only did these black-clothed men not stop, they fought even more happily.

"Oh, Wu Qiushui, do you really think you're great just because you're a young master, without your parents, you're just an ass."Bai Ping laughed coldly and stood on the outer ring of the fight, her expression filled with pride, where there was still the previous panic.


The wooden stick struck the ground with a powerful sound, causing everyone to be stunned.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw Wu Zhengfeng walking out with his crutches, his face gloomy, "Dare to cause trouble in the Wu family, and still don't take my husband seriously!"

"Clan leader!"

The men in black hurriedly put down their electric batons and bowed together.Bai Ping did the same and stood at the side and bowed.

Only Wu Qiushui didn't bow in the entire Wu family, Bai Ping couldn't help but sneer at the sight, "Old Master, look at what Wu Qiushui looks like, no manners, no rules at all, I think it's better to expel him from the family, but it's a disgrace to our Wu family."

"Is that so?"

With a raised eyebrow, Wu Zhengfeng slowly walked to Bai Ping's body and raised his hand to smack Bai Ping's face. One second to remember to read the book

Bai Pington screamed and fell into the snow, but when she got up, she didn't dare to retort, just lowered her head, not even daring to tidy the messy hair floating on her face.

Wu Zhengfeng coldly snorted, "Now Qiushui is already the head of the Wu family, his words are an absolute order in the Wu family, let you stop you still dare to do it, do not want to live?"

Turning his head to look at Bai Ping, he said again, "You still dare to berate the patriarch, are you living too comfortably?"

"How is it possible that he could become the chief of the clan?"Bai Ping looked incredulous, "Clan head, what virtue is he, Wu Qiushui, didn't you say that you would pass the position of clan head to my husband?"

"Hmm, did I say that?"Wu Zhengfeng coldly snorted, "Now all of you remember, now that Wu Qiushui is the new clan chief, anyone who disagrees can come forward!"

Once this was said, everyone didn't dare to squeak, even those aunts in the chess room got up and bowed to Wu Qiushui, "Meet the new patriarch."

Half an hour later, Ye Fan said goodbye to the Wu family.

Ye Fan was a little worried, "Qiushui, will they listen to you?"

Wu Qiushui nodded, "Don't worry, Ye Shao, they will listen to it.You don't know, my grandfather is a one-handed existence in the family, he says one thing, the others will take care of my grandfather even if they don't take care of me, at least their mouths won't contradict my plan.And if our plan succeeds, they will be truly convinced by then."

"That's right."Ye Fan also rather agreed with Wu Qiushui's statement.

Due to the fierce fight just now, the thugs and bodyguards were all more or less injured, and Ye Fan originally wanted to send these people to the hospital, but Wu Zhengfeng was a hundred percent enthusiastic to leave everyone behind, saying that it was the Wu family's mistake and would definitely treat everyone.

Ye Fan had to agree, so the only ones who went to see Zhang Bao were Ye Fan and Wu Qiushui.

The location of this appointment was not the downtown area, as it was crowded with people, but directly to the Zhang family.

The Zhang family, like the Wu family, was also in the suburbs.

Ye Fan kind of understood why the big families were in the suburbs, because one thing that was very good about the suburbs was that they could build their own mansions after buying the land.Like the Wu family from earlier, and the Zhang family in front of Ye Fan's eyes were both magnificent and grand.

Basically, there wasn't half of a modern atmosphere, it was all ancient and very pleasant.

Zhang Bao stepped out from the gate and arrived in front of Ye Fan with three steps and two steps, smiling hehehe, "The arrival of a distinguished guest, there is a loss of welcome."

"Polite."Ye Fan smiled and said, "We are just two people who came, we won't be blown out again by your family, I can't stand this excitement."

Although I didn't know what Zhang Bao's status was in the family, but Wu Qiushui like this had no status at all in the family, not only being mocked, but also not being allowed in, it was really humiliating.

Wu Qiushui also knew that he was the one who was talking about him, and his face couldn't help but blush a little awkwardly.

But Zhang Bao waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, Ye Shao, you won't be embarrassed."

Saying that, Zhang Bao waved his hand, then the door actually opened automatically, and the Ye Fan in front of him saw that behind the door were two guards who took the initiative to open the door.

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan sort of knew that Zhang Bao was not lying, and really had some words, at least the guards were quite obedient.

Entering the Zhang family mansion, the distribution of buildings with the Wu family was actually similar, and Ye Fan didn't look much.

Zhang Bao was leading the way, along the way, as long as there was someone, whether it was a servant or a master, when they saw Zhang Bao, they all bowed slightly in greeting, Ye Fan could not help but inquire, "Zhang Bao, are you sure that you just have some words?How come it feels like all these people are a bit afraid of you."

Zhang Bao chuckled, "Since we're working together in good faith, I won't hide it, don't look at me as a dude outside, but I'm actually quite decent at home.That's why the old man likes me quite a bit, so he has inwardly decided that I will become the next clan head.This time, as long as our plan succeeds, I will be declared the head of the Zhang Clan."


Ye Fan was slightly surprised, how could he not expect Zhang Bao's status to be so high, it was simply a world apart from Wu Qiushui.

But if you think about it carefully, it suddenly dawned on Ye Fan, if Zhang Bao is really a heartless dude, how to survive in this kind of family, excellent talents must be quite a lot.The head of the family is also on behalf of the family face, like Zhang Bao this five short stature can become the head of the family, then pay more effort I'm afraid.

Perhaps Zhang Bao has long been accustomed to disguise himself, using his ugly appearance as a shield, but in fact, he is extremely sophisticated.

I'm afraid that if it wasn't for this cooperation between the two families, no one would have known Zhang Bao's true strength before he became the clan leader.

But Ye Fan didn't care in the slightest and patted Zhang Bao's shoulder, laughing, "I couldn't tell that you're quite powerful, but it's good, so that our plans are better implemented, we didn't get into trouble in the Wu family just now, it was hard to make Wu Qiushui become the head of the Wu family."

"Wu Qiushui has become the head of the Wu Family?"Zhang Bao was a little surprised, and even looked highly at Ye Fan, but didn't ask much.

This scene made Ye Fan even more sure that Zhang Bao was very cautious and didn't ask a single question that he shouldn't, such a person could achieve great things.

Next, the three of them sat together and began to study the plan, and since there were no family issues, Wu and Zhang quickly established a strategic partnership.

Ye Fan had no doubts about Zhang Bao, who had already sacrificed a lot since he was able to completely expose his identity, and they were now also grasshoppers in the same boat, so if Zhang Bao turned against him, Ye Fan wasn't worried.The worst thing to do was to ask for Charles' help, even if they couldn't complete the mission perfectly, they could still make Zhang Bao pay a painful price.

So Ye Fan didn't have the slightest concern, then he would just trust Zhang Bao, in case Zhang Bao truly cooperated and the plan succeeded, wouldn't that be beautiful!


Drinking tea and talking about plans, Ye Fan felt that life was full.

Zhang Bao pondered for a moment and said, "Our plan is to get the Wang family, but where do we start, what ideas do you guys have, you can talk about it and we can communicate."

"Ideas?No idea, I only came to Fengdu temporarily, how do I know anything about the Wang family, from what you're saying, you do have an idea, so tell me, Qiushui and I'll help you add to it."Ye Fan said with a big grin.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Bao couldn't help but help his forehead, regretting working with Ye Fan somewhat.

Ye Fan was just saying a goal, but not even a specific plan.Fortunately, Zhang Bao had a plan himself, or else he would really be in an awkward situation.

Zhang Bao took out two documents and distributed them to Ye Fan and Wu Qiushui, explaining, "This Wang's restaurant, which belongs to the Wang family, I've been there a few times, and the taste is good, but other patrons said it's very unhygienic, and there's even hair in the soup."

"You mean, they know you go, they specially prepare the food and make it unhygienic in normal times, and want to ruin the reputation of the Wang family from the restaurant?"Wu Qiushui was worthy of being a disciple of a big family and reacted instantly.

Ye Fan also brightened up and said, "This is a good move, not only can it damage a hotel, it can also smash the reputation of the Wang family, not bad."

Ye Fan looked at the information, after the Wang family started out, their main business was the hotel industry.In Fengdu, there were twelve chain stores, at least all of them reached the three-star level, and could be said to have monopolized most of the hotel industry in Fengdu.

If one of them collapses, the reputation becomes worse, other Wang's hotels will also have joint responsibility, from the essence of the Wang's industry through, this is a good way to kill more than one. First URL m.kanshu8.net

But on second thought, Ye Fan spoke out his doubts, "But how is this going to be implemented, if we go, then we will definitely be recognized, and there will be no way to prepare it, and even if it's really bad, even if it's photo forensics, there's no way for others not to believe it ah."

Zhang Bao nodded and said, "It's a problem, but I've already thought about it, we can find a netizen to do a live broadcast to try out the food from Wang's restaurant, and then the live broadcast will make the picture, even if the Wang family clarifies it then, it's useless."

"Live broadcast?Not bad, it's a good idea, and as long as you find a private room, it's all more or less the same, you won't be seen, and when the tasting is done, and then you go out of the restaurant to pop the name of the restaurant, you'll be able to break the reputation in one hit."Wu Qiushui was thoughtful and thought that this plan was really feasible.

Zhang Bao continued, "You guys flip the information to the third page, there are several anchors that I have picked out, all of them are little known in our neighborhood, the influence is not to say that it affects the whole country, at least it is quite useful on our side."

"It's enough to have an influence on this side."Ye Fan smiled, after all, Wang's Hotel is in Fengdu, as long as Fengdu doesn't buy it, the Wang family will fall down sooner or later.

Saying that, Ye Fan flipped to the third page, just a glance at it, Ye Fan was stunned and exclaimed, "Cocoa?"

"Oh?The first thing you need to do is to look at the live feed, which is the most recent fire, and it's sweet and has a lot of fans.But Ye Shao don't bother, I've heard that she never meets fans offline, I'm looking for her to cooperate this time is also in the live platform to send her a private message, but haven't gotten a reply, mostly unreliable.She was originally my first choice, unfortunately."Zhang Bao shook his head, trying to get Ye Fan to give up on Xiao Coco.

Ye Fan laughed at once and said, "Does it seem like Coco is not bad, and doesn't meet fans offline, worthy of being my woman."

"Your woman?"Zhang Bao was a little surprised.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Yes, my woman.And the live-streaming company she's in is also mine, Ye's live-streaming."

"Ye's live streaming?Yeah, I said how come it's called Ye's Live, so it's Ye Shao's property, Ye Shao is amazing, and he's still making a name for himself in entertainment, look at the information, several of the netizens in it are actually picked from your company.It would have been difficult to contact the boss, but I can't believe it's you, that's much simpler."Zhang Bao couldn't help but take a high look at Ye Fan, he didn't know Ye Fan's identity and thought that Ye Fan was just following Wu Qiushui, but he couldn't imagine that he was really somewhat capable himself.

Ye Fan smiled and said, "Okay, then leave the matter of finding the anchor to me, at least it's good to be able to help out a bit."

Zhang Bao nodded his head and continued, "Okay, let's continue on then.The first step is to broadcast the bad reputation of the Wang family, and if the plan is successful there will definitely be a chain reaction, Wang's also has a listed company, if the reputation is affected, the stock will definitely fall, and then we can take advantage of the opportunity to start, collect a large amount of stock, and without any surprises, we will be able to take possession of this company.This listed company is the foundation of the Wang family, as long as we get this listed company, the Wang family will basically declare that it's finished, and then we will distribute the funds of the Wang family according to our work, what do you guys think?"

"Not bad, I think it's pretty good."Ye Fan looked at Zhang Bao approvingly, never thought that Zhang Bao was so reliable and had already made all the plans.

But Wu Qiushui frowned, "It's quite good, but the execution is difficult, first of all, the live broadcast that ring must be successful, if it's not successful, there's no drama behind it.As for the pay-to-play distribution after success, I also feel unreasonable, and no one can say how much effort has been put in.My suggestion is seventy-three open."

"Seventy-three open?What do you mean?"Zhang Bao was a little confused, the three people present, why seventy-three open?

Wu Qiushui faintly spoke, "I don't want all of them, my share to Ye Shao, in fact, I suggest that you give yours as well, the more you put in, the greater the return, of course, you can also not listen to my suggestion."

"What?"Zhang Bao was a bit confused, Wu Qiushui was able to give all the benefits to Ye Fan, which was unreasonable.

But when Zhang Bao thought about it, he found out that there was a hidden secret, Wu Qiushui trusted Ye Fan unconditionally, there must be something special about him.And from just now, Zhang Bao saw that Wu Qiushui was always glancing at Ye Fan with her afterglow, very concerned about Ye Fan's opinion.

"Then how about this, all the proceeds are given to Ye Shao to handle, I only have one request, to ensure that it becomes a first-class family, this is not difficult, right?"Zhang Bao agreed to Wu Qiushui's view without much struggle.

In fact, Zhang Bao's goal was simple, to become a first-rate family.Now that the Zhang family was already at the top of the second-rate, that is, it was just one step short of the threshold, getting 10% of the Wang family's overall revenue would actually make it a first-rate family.

And all that was left was to bet that Ye Fan was really capable.

Although Zhang Bao was strict, he was also a betting dog on key decisions, and he trusted his instincts.This whole journey, if he had been steady, he wouldn't have reached the position of the prospective clan head, it was all spelled out over and over again.


Ye Fan was a little surprised, never thought that Zhang Bao dared to play so big.

Wu Qiushui don't want the interest is understandable, after all, Wu Zhengfeng before all open to Wu Qiushui, but Zhang Bao such a practice is completely betting that Ye Fan can become.

This approach is a little too terrifying, in exchange for Ye Fan would not dare to do so.

But Ye Fan knew that Zhang Bao's approach was the most correct, because so far, as long as the people who were good to Ye Fan had earned, Ye Fan would not treat everyone who trusted him badly.

Previously, it was just a small grudge with Zhang Bao, and he took out his anger after the fight at that time, so now, it was easy for Ye Fan to accept Zhang Bao's good intentions.

"Fine, as long as you believe in me, this matter will definitely be done, in the worst case, I'll let the family take action!"Ye Fan's last reliance was on his family, even if his mission assessment score was low, Ye Fan would not fail those who treated him well.

Zhang Bao was a bit confused, "What family, aren't you just an unimpressive family?"

Wu Qiushui patted Zhang Bao's shoulder and said helplessly, "I don't know if you're lucky, or a pure gambling dog.Anyway, all you need to know is that Ye Shao's family, with just a small move of a finger, can make the Wind Capital reshuffle."

"This..."Zhang Bao swallowed his saliva and was completely speechless.

Wu Qiushui's expression and actions could completely tell how huge the forces behind Ye Fan were. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Zhang Bao was originally thinking of being sneaky and clever, but now he had all but put his mind away.

The three of them just chatted and set the plan down completely.And a trace of the three's estrangement was completely erased unknowingly, and a true partnership was reached, or rather, the operation with Ye Fan as the central axis, began!

Ye Fan drove the Porsche back to Kaiyuan to receive Xiao Coco into the Wu house, in fact, by the way Ye Fan also wanted to see if the bums and bodyguards were healed, after staying overnight, the next day, Ye Fan began to implement the plan.

After leaving the Wu family, Ye Fan brought Xiao Coco to the nearest Wang's Hotel, and when he entered the hotel, Ye Fan directly asked for the worst private room.

Broadcasting live in the lobby definitely wouldn't work, it would be discovered, and in a good compartment, no doubt the hotel thought that the noble guest would deliberately prepare it with great care, so under consideration, he counted on the worst trumpet compartment.

"I'm starting the broadcast now?"Xiao Coco inquired and took out her phone.

It was convenient to broadcast live now, having a cell phone would be fine.

But Ye Fan shook his head and said, "There's no hurry, wait for the food to come up first and see the quality, otherwise it would be too much of a blow to the face if there are no problems."

For some reason, Ye Fan always felt a bad premonition when he entered the restaurant.

Until the food was served, and when he saw that the food was fine, Ye Fan knew where the problem was.

Because it was only two minutes from ordering the food to serving it.

In order for this plan to be foolproof, Ye Fan purposely asked Wu Qiushui to investigate which dishes were the most problematic, so he purposely ordered these dishes, but at this speed, it looked like the dishes were prepared in advance.

"It's over, trapped, let's go."Ye Fan's face sank, no wonder he felt bad, just because from the moment he entered the restaurant, the waiter was overly enthusiastic, plus the dishes came up too fast, he didn't have to think much, he knew that Wang's restaurant guessed the plan to make the best of everything.

Without the mood, Ye Fan didn't want to eat anymore, so he took Xiao Coco back to the Wu family.

As soon as he entered the Wu family, Ye Fan called for Wu Qiushui and questioned, "How are you doing things?"

"What's wrong, Yeh?"Wu Qiushui was a little puzzled, not knowing why Ye Fan was so angry.

Ye Fan then told the hotel everything, and only then did Wu Qiushui learn that it was the plan that was leaked.Because it was impossible for the Wang family to be unpredictable, that is, someone had snitched.

Thinking of this, Wu Qiushui quickly shook his head and said, "No, it wasn't me, how could I leak secrets.It has to be that bastard Zhang Bao, he's a yin and yang violator."

Ye Fan waved his hand, "It's not him, I thought it was him at first, but you're in charge of investigating the dishes, it's impossible for me to know which dish to order.And you know what, the speed of serving the food is just two minutes, at a glance, it was prepared in advance, so it's the leak of the dish link that caused it."

"The dishes are responsible?"Wu Qiushui seemed to have thought of something and paled as she said, "I had the maids check it out, so it looks like our Wu family has a mole in the Wang family!"

Wu Qiushui continued, "Don't worry Ye, I'll go call the user to confront him!"

But Ye Fan shook his head, "No need, there can't be one mole, I know an expert, you tell everyone to gather in the hall in half an hour, I'll have the expert appraise it."

"That's fine, just trouble Ye Shao."Wu Qiushui blushed a bit, very embarrassed.Because the first time he was told to do something, he was screwed up.And also knowing that there was a mole in the Wu family, this was something Wu Qiushui couldn't tolerate.

Half an hour later, Ye Fan brought Wang Musheng to the Wu family's council hall.


As soon as he entered the hall, Ye Fan heard Wu Zhengfeng's thunderous reprimand and holding a ruler, beating every single person.

Wu Qiushui told Wu Zhengfeng what happened after he finished talking to Ye Fan, because with his qualifications, he couldn't make everyone go home and gather yet, only Wu Zhengfeng was so good at it.

But after letting Wu Zhengfeng know that there was a mole in the family, it turned into what it was now.

Ye Fan could understand, after all the hard work of watching the family grow bigger step by step, but there was a traitor who was always there, no one else would be able to endure it.

Seeing Ye Fan come in, only then did Wu Zhengfeng put away his ruler, and his old face blushed and said, "Young Master Ye, the son and grandson are unfilial, so you can see the effect."

Ye Fan smiled and said, "It's fine."

Then he turned his head to look at Wang Musheng and said, "You may begin."

Wang Musheng nodded, revealed a confident smile, and faintly spoke, "Ye Shao, it's already over."

"So soon?"Ye Fan couldn't help but shout in shock as Wang Musheng only came in and saw that it was a bit too divine.

Wang Musheng chuckled, "Ye Shao, before it was a test, there were too many people before it was slow.There are less than forty people here in total, and having been reprimanded by Master Wu, they are all showing their most instinctive expressions now, so you can tell who it is at a glance."

"Who is it?Mr. Wang go ahead, I'll kill him!"Wu Zhengfeng gritted his teeth.

Ye Fan, however, stopped Wang Musheng who was about to open his mouth and whispered, "Old man, don't worry, wouldn't it be a waste to reveal it now, I still have a plan."

"Oh?What is Young Master Ye's opinion?"Wu Zhengfeng still quite respected Ye Fan's opinion.

Ye Fan explained, "Here's the thing, if we uncover the mole now, we won't get anything.But if we deliberately identify Wu Qiushui as the mole, and then release the news that the plan has changed and we are going to expose other hotels, then the mole will definitely tell the Wang family when he gets the news, and then our original plan will remain unchanged, and we will definitely succeed in one strike!"

The more Wu Zhengfeng heard, the more wonderful he felt, and finally slapped his thigh, "Young Master Ye's good idea, we're just going to use this as a countermeasure."


"That's right, that's right."Ye Fan nodded, "And when the time comes that we succeed in our plan, the Wang family will think that it's a traitor plotting a rebellion, so they will take the initiative to punish the traitor and make them suffer for it!"

"Very well!That's a good method, then my husband will act with you in such a scene."Wu Zhengfeng replied in response.

But just in case, Ye Fan said again, "Mr. Wang, can you tell us which one is the mole?You'll then keep an eye out for the mole's micro-expressions, and see if the mole will believe the fake news we tell him.If the mole doesn't believe it, we'll have acted in vain, and we might get it wrong."

Wang Musheng glanced at the crowd, then spoke in a low voice, "The couple in purple fur coats."

"The couple in purple fur coats?It's Wu Hao and Bai Ping, I can't believe it's them.It must be because they didn't pass on their clan headship before, that's why they turned against their bones, what a pity."Wu Zhengfeng sighed, clearly still more optimistic about Wu Hao before.

Ye Fan, however, came lightly, "That's not the way to say it, if they were the mole before, I didn't come.Then Wu Qiushui can't be the clan head, the clan head is Wu Hao's, and Wu Hao, who has been the Wang family's mole, will definitely sell the family for glory, and then the Wu family will even fall into the abyss.Of course, this is just a guess on my part."

"This..."Hearing Ye Fan's words, Wu Zhengfeng looked startled, although Ye Fan was saying it in a bad way, but there was no chance that it was really possible, if he really wanted what Ye Fan said, the consequences were simply unthinkable.

"Looks like I'm getting old, I can't see people anymore."Wu Zhengfeng sighed, and Ye Fan clearly felt that Wu Zhengfeng was even more bent, as if all of them were shorter, a bit like an old man in his old age.

Ye Fan knew that the occasion spoke too heavy, but could not think of anything good to say, on the eyes of Wang Musheng.

Wang Musheng at least received money, it is not good not to help Ye Fan speak, so he coughed: "Master, you also do not feel sad, you see the boy in a black suit standing above, it is quite good, I can see that he is truly for the family, if the master is sincere, you can establish him as Wu Qiushui's right-hand man, to assist Wu Qiushui." One second to remember to read the book

"And people like that?"Wu Zhengfeng came to his senses, but following the look Wang Musheng pointed to, he was stunned and said dumbly, "Qiushui?I can't imagine that he's the most dedicated person for the family, hey, I'm really old, had I known that, I should have cultivated Qiushui in the first place."

Ye Fan was also stunned, obviously not expecting Wang Musheng to be referring to Wu Qiushui.

"I didn't collude with Mr. Wang earlier ah, it seems that Qiushui is really for the family."Ye Fan hurriedly clarified, but he actually knew it in his heart already.Because in the beginning, for the sake of the family, Wu Qiushui had kneeled down to Ye Fan, it was still the first time to meet him, not knowing, it was enough to see, Wu Qiushui's heart for the family.

"But it's good, at least it's good to know that the Wu family still has roots."Wu Zhengfeng relieved, "I like to be sentimental when I'm old, I'm making Young Master Ye laugh, I'll sort out my emotions, then we'll start the show!"

"Yes!"Ye Fan nodded and sent a WeChat to Wu Qiushui, asking Wu Qiushui to cooperate with the act, otherwise it would be bad if Wu Qiushui resisted too much.

And so, the next half an hour was a big drama for the Wu family, Wu Zhengfeng really beat Wu Qiushui violently with a ruler for authenticity, and said that Wu Qiushui should be kicked out of the family.

Ye Fan was also angry and said to cancel the cooperation with the Wu family, until Wang Musheng saw Wu Hao and Bai Ping showing a look of certainty and stopped the farce.

The next day, Ye Fan brought Xiao Coco to the Wang's Hotel again, the same one he came to before.

This time, Ye Fan felt a lot more normal, and Ye Fan found that all those beautiful waiters from last time had disappeared, completely replaced by a bunch of crooked people.

It was only then that Ye Fan knew that the Wang family had even started making swaps from the waiters in order to completely plan Ye Fan's plan, and this time, he came to see the original scene of the Wang's Hotel.

But Ye Fan was also fortunate to have a new batch of waiters, otherwise if the ones he had encountered earlier, the plan would definitely be revealed.

After ordering the food, Ye Fan let Xiao Coco start the live broadcast, Ye Fan was sitting across from Xiao Coco, so Ye Fan was not visible in the live broadcast.And this time, just waiting for the food to be served was a full forty minutes before the food came up late.

Xiao Coco was dissatisfied with the viewers in the live broadcast, "This restaurant is really slow to serve food, a persimmon scrambled egg takes forty minutes, I don't know if it is now going to find a chicken to lay eggs."


Ye Fan forced to hold back a smile, Xiao Coco live talk is interesting, spit all have stems.

Xiao Coco picked up her chopsticks again, "Next I'll taste it, it would be nice if it tasted delicious, it's not a waste of me waiting for 40 minutes."

Saying that, Xiao Coco pointed her phone camera at the dish and then began to chuck the food.

The sharp-eyed viewers in the live studio saw the black spots inside the dish and sent out a pop-up to warn, "Coco, don't eat it, the dish is noisy, black is paste, it's not healthy to eat."

"I didn't even notice that there's still paste, thanks for the reminder ah, but I'll try the taste for the sake of everyone."Xiao Ke said with a smile, followed by the clip to the black spot, but clip it, and the whole place went silent.

Because the black spot wasn't a paste, but a black hair, thick and long.

"Fuck, that's disgusting!"

"I'm going to puke!"

"You're paralyzed, what a shitty hotel, and you have hair!"

The pop-up screen was abusive, making Xiao Coco pop the name of the restaurant.

Xiao Coco teased, "Hair is protein, I think it's a free gift from the shop, but I won't eat it, I'm not a person who likes to eat other people's hair."

The pop-ups all painted a wave of 666, praising Xiao Coco for not even getting angry at such times and being able to joke around.

Ye Fan was watching from the sidelines, and that's how he knew why Xiao Coco had succeeded, not being surprised in every situation, but also improvising and being very funny.

What made Ye Fan happiest was that this time, he really caught the evidence.

Originally, Ye Fan had ordered more than a dozen dishes, just to catch a handle, but he could not imagine that he directly caught the evidence in the first dish, not to mention how happy he was.Before, Ye Fan was afraid of not catching the evidence and thought of coming more often, but Wang's restaurant is still giving power, once and for all!

What followed was very brief, Xiao Coco turned on the live broadcast and walked right out of Wang's Hotel, after quasi-focusing the plaque of Wang's Hotel, she smiled faintly and said, "This taste test is a failure, I don't dare to taste the taste, I'm too fragile, I was defeated by a hair."

The pop-up screen brushed out words of comfort for Xiao Coco, saying that Xiao Coco had done well, and that if it were anyone else, they wouldn't be able to eat food with hair on it.

But the sharp-eyed Ye Fan saw a lot of pop-ups brushing up on having come here to eat, and thinking about how disgusting it was, he didn't want to come back.

Ye Fan opened the word of mouth and saw that the rating of Wang's restaurant started to drop at a visible rate.

Ye Fan knew that the first step of the plan, became a success!


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