Dish Best Served Cold 1020-1025


Chapter 1021

It had to be said that Ye Yuyan was worthy of being Lu Tianhe's closed disciple, and this set of military body punches was exceptionally beautiful.

    Lin Fan's entire body was directly crippled by him.

    The miserable screams almost resounded throughout the entire military area.

    That afternoon, Lin Fan was sent to the military hospital for treatment.

    Lin Qinghe was undoubtedly shocked after learning that his son had been seriously injured.He couldn't care less about the military district meeting and drove straight to visit him.

    After returning to the military district that night, Lin Qinghe directly ordered his men to capture Ye Yuyan.

    On the charge of intentional injury, Ye Yuyan was sent to a military court to await trial.

    Ye Yuyan was certainly aggrieved, but what could she do?

    With Lin Qinghe here, wouldn't it be easy for him to deal with a yellow-haired girl with no background?

    As for Lu Tianhe, Lin Qinghe didn't care at all.

    As the saying goes, a strong dragon doesn't crush a snake in the ground, no matter how prestigious he was in Yanjing, he wouldn't be able to say anything when it came to Jiangdong.

    What's more, Lin Qinghe directly ordered someone to take away Ye Yuyan's cell phone and cut off all her contact with the outside world.

    Even if Ye Yuyan wanted to seek help from Lu Tianhe, there was no way to do so.

    Just like this, the once Heavenly Precious Daughter of the Ye Family ended up in jail.

    All of this had happened too suddenly.

    So much so that it was hard for Ye Yuyan herself to accept it.

    For these things, Ye Fan, who had returned to the Chu family's old house, naturally did not know.

    "Miss Yu, have you missed me?"

    As soon as he returned to the old mansion, Ye Fan saw Yu Yun returning from sword practice, when he immediately teased a joke.

    "Shut your doggy mouth!"

    Yu Yun waited fiercely for her, but if it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't leave him at night for training, Yu Yun would have been so angry that she would have split him.

    "By the way, if you still want to train with me on the Dragon God Body at night, go to the kitchen and cook first."

    Yu Yun's clear and cold voice quietly sounded.

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly at the sound of it.

    "This woman, she dares to treat him as a personal chef?"

    But Ye Fan didn't follow her in general, even if she didn't say anything, Ye Fan would still go to the kitchen to help.

    At this time, Old Taijun was cooking inside.

    After seeing the old taijun, Ye Fan said a few good words, and then immediately thought about the old taijun's Living Creation Soup again.

    This Living Creation Soup not only had the effect of healing wounds, it could also strengthen the body and cultivate the body, which was also good for martial arts cultivation.

    If Ye Fan wanted to cultivate the Green Dragon Battle Team into a talent within a short period of time, this Life Creation Soup would undoubtedly be a big help as well.


    "Are you going to soak my raw creation soup for those hanging children?"After hearing that, the old empress shook her head repeatedly.

    "No no no, you're harming them."

    "The Sound Creation Soup's medicinal power is so strong that only people like you and Yun'er, who cultivate the Dragon God Body, can directly bathe and absorb it."

    "As for those ordinary people, even if I dilute it a hundred times, that medicinal power isn't something they can withstand."

    "The only result would be an overabundance of the medicinal power, and they would bleed to death from the seven apertures."

    "What's more, this medicinal recipe is a Chu Family's unheralded technique, so how could I let you bring it into the military area?"

    Old Taijun directly refused.

    But Ye Fan had already expected this ending, but placated, "Grandma, I didn't say to give you the complete prescription.You just cut it down and make a tailor-made prescription for them."

    "I can't help it, I don't have much time."

    "Before I fully recover from my injuries, I have to train this squad."

    Ye Fan advised from the side.

    As the old emperor listened, he nodded his head in deep thought, "Well, this line of thinking is fine."

    "However, you brat, I didn't expect that you were quite attentive to this matter, I had thought that you would muddle through?"

    Ye Fan smiled back and said, "I'm a man of my word, since I promised people, I will do my best."

    "What's more, if this Green Dragon Battle Team can really be trained, he will be able to use it for me as well!"

    Yes, the reason why Ye Fan was so dedicated, apart from his public intentions, he naturally had private intentions as well.

    He was the founder of the Green Dragon Battle Team, and if the Green Dragon Battle Team could really stand on its own and become a sharp blade of the Huaxia military in the future, it would undoubtedly be a great help to Ye Fan as well.

    At least, his power in Jiangdong would be guarded by someone.

    So, the creation of the Green Dragon Battle Team, but it was helping the military train, but in reality, it was also Ye Fan developing power for himself.

    "Good, the medicine prescription, Grandma will help you with it."

    "These days, I'll try to configure it out."

    "In a few days, I'll give it to you."

    Old Taijun eventually agreed to this.

    "Okay, trouble for the Imperial Grandmother."

    Ye Fan was overjoyed and smiled and thanked her.

    And then, it was a night of cultivation with Yu Yun.

    Just like this, both of Ye Fan's Dragon God bodies were also absorbing the power in each other's bodies subconsciously.

    It was just that neither Ye Fan nor Yu Yun noticed that as they double cultivated more and more times, their speed of absorbing each other's power was getting slower and slower.



    On the following day, Ye Fan returned to the Jiangdong Military District once again.

    And, immediately summoned Li Ziyang and the four of them, and distributed a pamphlet to them.

    "This is..."

    "The Green Dragon Body Refining Duel?"

    Li Ziyang and the others were shocked as they looked at the few big words on the sealskin that flew with the dragon and phoenix.

    They had never been in contact with a martial daoist, so naturally, they didn't know what this Green Dragon Body Refining Duel, represented.

    "Don't ask the unnecessary."

    "In the future, all of you, cultivate according to this Green Dragon Body Refining Duel."

    "Within January, you must practice."

    Yes, this Green Dragon Body Refining Determination was Ye Fan's modified Dragon God Body.

    Of course, the power after the modification was much too weak.

    But it was enough for Li Ziyang and the others to cultivate.

    "Also, for the next few days, your clothing, food, housing and transportation must strictly follow the plan I have set for you."

    "If you disobey, military law will be applied!"

    "In addition, during the special training period, the four of you are not allowed to divulge the slightest bit of training content to outsiders.Nor may you have any contact with the outside world."

    "No why?"

    "If you think you can't hold on, now, you have a chance to give up!"

    Ye Fan's low words quietly rang out.

    The four of them, Li Ziyang, naturally didn't dare to resist and agreed to all of them.

    Just like that, the first day of training, officially began.

    However, while they were resting, Ye Fan received a piece of news.

    It was that Ye Yuyan, had been caught in a military prison.



    In the prison cell, there was no daylight.

    Ye Yuyan, dressed in prisoner's clothes, but full of despair and helplessness, huddled in a dark corner.

    She was leaning against the wall with her legs curled up and her pretty face deeply buried in her knees.

    In the beginning in Ye Yang Town was still a high and mighty heaven's tender daughter, but now has become a desolate and downcast prisoner.

    There had never been a moment that made Ye Yuyan feel that life was actually so dark and desperate.

    She almost no longer dared to imagine what would happen to her if she spent ten years of her youth here?


    Desperate, terrified, frustrated...

    All kinds of emotions, however, filled Ye Yuyan's entire heart.

    Finally, like a child, she sobbed.

    Letting the tears, wetting her entire dress.

    Once, she thought that her future was bright.

    But now, she only felt gray and desperate, unable to see any light.


Ye Yuyan knew very well that from the moment she was imprisoned, all the aura she once had was gone.

    She was no longer the pride of her parents, nor was she the proud daughter of the Ye family.

    From now on, the name Ye Yuyan no longer represented glory, but shame.

    For Ye Yuyan, who had always been a recipient of the stars and was having a good time, today's blow was not a small one.

    However, just when Ye Yuyan was filled with despair, outside the prison, a thin and straight figure, at some point, was already standing there.

    He didn't say anything, just like this, looking condescendingly.

    As if, it was feeling his gaze, Ye Yuyan, who had been huddled in a corner, raised her head.

    Teary eyes, just like this, were aligned with Ye Fan's gaze.

    At that moment, Ye Yuyan's delicate body, trembled violently.

    By Ye Fan, he saw his messy appearance.

    This was a huge blow to Ye Yuyan, who had always been proud.

    In her heart, the only remaining bit of dignity was gone.

    She didn't say anything and didn't know what to say, after seeing Ye Fan, she immediately bowed her head and buried her pretty face in her bosom, not looking at Ye Fan again.

    She knew that Ye Fan came at this time, probably to see her joke.

    Seeing that back then, the person who had mocked him was now a prisoner.

    To get a taste of that, the feeling of being condescending when the victor is on top.

    However, Ye Yuyan does not blame him, nor does she intend to beg Ye Fan.

    Ended up today's ending, everything, is self-blame.

    She couldn't blame anyone!

    Even more so, she could not blame Ye Fan.

    She was the one who had turned away Ye Fan's good intentions back then.

    These days, sometimes Ye Yuyan wondered what would have happened to her if she had said yes when Ye Fan wrote her a love letter back then.

    Perhaps, the one living in the Genting Mountain Villa today, the noble Empress of Jiangdong, is her, Ye Yuyan!

    Instead of being strangers, like now!

    Ye Yuyan was not Ye Tian's biological flesh and blood, but rather the child that Dongmei brought over when she married into the Ye family.So, on this level, there was still a possibility between her and Ye Fan.

    However, a miss is a miss.

    Even if Ye Yuyan regretted it nowadays, it wouldn't help.

    What's more, back then it was clearly a misunderstanding.

    That love letter was written by Fatty, and Ye Fan was just a messenger.

    All along, Ye Fan had actually never thought about his cousin.

    Everything was just Ye Yuyan's wishful thinking.

    In the prison cell, there was a silent silence.

    Ye Yuyan was curled up there, still sobbing quietly.

    However, after a long time, the door of the prison cell actually opened.

    Ye Fan stood outside and extended his hand to her.

    "Let's go."

    "After today, you are the Green Dragon Battle Team, the fifth member."

    Ye Fan's deep voice quietly echoed in the room.

    Ye Yuyan, who was wearing a prison uniform, was stunned.

    She looked up abruptly, and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

    A pair of large, watery eyes looked at Ye Fan just like this.

    No one could understand Ye Yuyan's feelings at this time, she originally thought that Ye Fan just came to see her joke.

    However, she had never thought that Ye Fan's intention was to let her join, the Green Dragon Battle Team!

    "What, don't you agree?"

    "Since that's the case, let's pretend that I never said that."

    Ye Fan's faint words fell away, then he turned around and was about to head out.

    "I'm willing~"

    "Brother Xiaofan...No, Instructor Chu, I'm willing, Ye Yuyan is willing to join the Green Dragon Battle Team!"

    Ye Yuyan instantly shouted out, and her words were full of concealed surprise.

    Originally, Ye Yuyan had already despaired.

    However, who would have thought that it was Ye Fan, who gave her hope again.

    Today's Ye Yuyan was like a person who had fallen into the water and grasped the last straw.

    The tearful pretty face was joy.

    "Then come with me."

    Ye Fan turned his back to her and returned a faint sentence, before continuing to step forward.

    Ye Yuyan, who was behind her, naturally hurried to catch up.

    "Instructor Chu, you can't take her away."

    "Commander Lin has orders that no one is allowed to stay away from Ye Yuyan until the results of the trial are out."

    However, as soon as they reached the door, the two of them, Ye Fan, were stopped by the guards outside.

    Ye Fan was expressionless as he looked up at them and coldly returned, "Get out of the way!"

    "The person I, Ye Fan, want to take away, no one can stop me."

    Ye Fan's words were icy cold, and in a split second, a majestic pressure was immediately released.

    Under Ye Fan's deterrence, the soldiers who were guarding, as if they were walking on thin ice in the abyss, actually didn't dare to move a bit in the end, and just like that, they let Ye Fan take the people away.

    At this point, the five members of the Green Dragon Battle Team were all together.

    "I, Ye Yuyan~"


    "I Li Ziyang~"


    "I, Maminabo~"


    "I Tarzan..."


    "I am tall and strong..."

    "Voluntarily joining the Green Dragon Battle Team, from now on, I will be a member of the Green Dragon Battle Team!"

    "We and the Green Dragon Combat Team, we share life and death, honor and shame."

    "To Instructor Chu, we obey orders!"

    "Respect you as a teacher, and honor you as God!"

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Yuyan and the other five, majestic voices, echoed unceasingly in the training ground.

    In front of them, Ye Fan stood proudly with a negative hand.

    "Very good!"

    "In addition, in the future, the position of captain of the Green Dragon Battle Team will be held by Ye Yuyan."

    "She will oversee leading their training!"

    "For the next period of time, you will have only one mission, and that is to become stronger!"

    "As for the other matters, let me handle them all."

    After Ye Yuyan joined, Ye Fan directly promoted her to captain of the Green Dragon.

    Ye Yuyan had special forces experience and had been a captain before, and she was also the closed disciple of Yanjing Military Region's Chief Instructor Lu Tianhe, making her captain was also deserving of the title.

    To Ye Fan's decision, Li Ziyang and the others naturally didn't dare to disobey.

    Instead, Ye Yuyan, her heart touched, and that night, she even boarded the door to thank Ye Fan.

    "You don't have to thank me."

    "If it wasn't for grandma's face, I wouldn't have saved you."

    Still refusing to be cold, even after helping Ye Yuyan, Ye Fan's attitude towards her still hadn't changed.

    However, the other reason why Ye Fan agreed to let Ye Yuyan join the Green Dragon Battle Team, apart from looking at his grandmother's face, was that Ye Yuyan's martial talent was truly rare.

    Otherwise, Lu Tianhe wouldn't have taken her as his closed disciple and treated her as his own.

    Therefore, in terms of personal ability, Ye Yuyan's entry into the Green Dragon Battle Team was also deserving of her name.

    Of course, Ye Fan fishing Ye Yuyan out of her prison without permission would naturally cause Lin Qinghe's dissatisfaction.

    But Ye Fan didn't care.

    Lin Qinghe was nothing more than an insignificant character to Ye Fan, and had never been in Ye Fan's eyes.

    Ye Fan didn't care about his likes and dislikes.

    Just like this, the training of the Green Dragon Battle Team was officially on track.

    A line of five people, and then a terrifying and swift speed, rapidly becoming stronger.


However, the only thing that was missing was the prescription from the great-grandmother's side.

    Two days later, Ye Fan returned to the Chu family's old house once again, and apart from cultivating the Dragon God Body with Yu Yun, his other purpose was to inquire about the progress of the old grandmother.



    Ye Fan shouted for half a day, but he didn't see anyone respond, so he was confused.

    Could it be that Grandma and the others weren't home?

    Just as Ye Fan was confused, he heard a violent coughing sound, coming from a certain direction.


    "Is that, like, an afterthought?"

    Ye Fan followed the sound and saw that at the kitchen, there was smoke billowing.

    "Sub-O, what is this aunt up to?"

    At that time, Ye Fan's face went black, covering his mouth and nose and rushing in, but he just happened to collide with Yu Yun, who was rushing out from inside.

    "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Why so much smoke?"

    Soft jade and warm fragrance into the bosom, if it were an outsider, I'm afraid he would have been overwhelmed, right?

    However, Ye Fan was unresponsive and instead pushed Yu Yun away, questioning him harshly.

    After all, it wasn't the first time the two of them had been in physical contact, cultivating the Dragon God Body could be done back to back on a normal day.

    Ye Fan was also not surprised to see Yu Yun's body.

    What he cared more about was still the scuffling smoke in the kitchen.

    "That, I thought of cooking for grandma when I saw she wasn't here."

    "But that firewood, I can't even light it, it just smokes."

    Yu Yun seemed to have realized that she had made a mistake, and her tone was all a little weaker than usual.

    The original snow-white and delicate Pretty face, but at this time, it has gotten into a lot of furnace ash.

    The black look was quite comical.

    After seeing Yu Yun like that, Ye Fan didn't hold back and directly laughed out.

    "What are you laughing at?"

    "You still have the heart to laugh, so go and see."

    "If grandma comes back and sees it, she'll say something about me."

    Yu Yun was almost angry at Ye Fan's gloating appearance.

    At Yu Yun's urging, Ye Fan could only go in against the smoke, and soon, Ye Fan got everything done.

    The smoke under the cooker was gone, and it had turned into a roaring fire.

    "How did you do that?"

    "Why can't I even light it?"With that flower cat face on top, Yu Yun asked Ye Fan in shock and suspicion.

    But Ye Fan smiled proudly, "This is fine work, so don't force yourself if you're stupid."


    Yu Yun's pretty face reddened with anger.

    This guy, he actually said that she was stupid again.

    When she was practicing her sword, Ye Fan also laughed at her for being stupid, and now he was saying that to her again.

    If you want her to be a noble person, no one has ever said anything disrespectful to her.

    But just this bastard Ye Fan, making fun of her one after another, does she not want to lose face?

    At that time, she was so angry that Yu Yun was about to swing her sword to cut him.

    Having been together for so long, of course, Ye Fan knew that Yu Yun wielding her sword was just for show so as to maintain her noble self-respect, and would not really hurt him.

    "Well, before slashing me, I advise you to go wash your face first."

    "Look at that black face, it's like a coal."

    "After you wash it, come over and serve the food."

    Ye Fan smiled genially.

    When Yu Yun heard this, she became angry, "You bastard, why didn't you warn me earlier?"

    In shame and anger, Yu Yun hurriedly ran out of the kitchen.

    Looking at Yu Yun's panicked and departing silhouette, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, only to find that silly look inexplicably cute.

    But Ye Fan was also clear that the Yu Yun in front of him was afraid that it wouldn't last long.

    During this period of cultivation, Ye Fan clearly felt that Yu Yun's strength was rapidly climbing.

    She was different from Ye Fan, Yu Yun was carrying the Yin Dragon Body, and her self-healing ability far surpassed Ye Fan's.

    Thus, her injuries would also be healed before Ye Fan's.

    When she regained her power, Ye Fan had no doubt that the once cold and majestic woman would appear again!

    It's unattainable and intimidating.

    And no longer as silly and somewhat cute as it was now.

    In the midst of Ye Fan's feelings, Yu Yun had already changed her clothes and walked back once again.

    Ye Fan had also already stirred up the food and let Yu Yun serve it to the house first.

    "I just tasted it, it might be a bit bland."

    "If you think it's bland too, put some more salt on it."

    "The salt is in the medicine cabinet against the door, in the drawer to the left, and the white bottle is what's in it."

    "Remember, the white bottle, not the red one, don't get it wrong."

    "Not the red bottle~"


    Behind him came Ye Fan's instructions.

    The kitchen had run out of salt, but there was still some in the medicine cabinet, so Ye Fan asked Yu Yun to watch over putting some salt in there.

    There were so many things in that medicine cabinet, many of them were medicines configured by the great grandmother.

    However, the grandmother has placed them in different categories in an orderly manner, and in order to distinguish them, they are also packed in different colored containers.

    So, there was basically no mistaking it.

    "Alright, I hear you."

    Yu Yun angrily returned.

    It was just putting some salt in, so much so that it was a repeated reminder.

    Was she, Yu Yun, really that stupid?

    "This bastard just looks down on me."

    Yu Yun exhaled to herself.

    Soon, the food was placed on the table.

    And, Yu Yun couldn't endure the temptation and even took a few bites with her chopsticks.

    It was still delicious, but it was indeed a bit bland.

    So, Yu Yun started looking for salt.

    "The cupboard by the door, left drawer, white...Red bottle?"


    "Red bottle or white bottle now?"

    Just now, Light Qi Ye Fan underestimated her, and for a moment couldn't even remember whether it was a white bottle or a red bottle.

    However, it's not difficult for Yu Yun.

    Just open it and taste it.

    So, Yu Yun immediately opened the nearest vial, poured it into her hand, and gently licked it with her tongue.

    "Mmm, salty, that's it."

    After trying it once, Yu Yun was sure of it, and then she sprinkled it over the rice and stirred it up.

    After another moment, Yvonne's rice porridge was also ready.

    The rice was completely prepared, but there was no sign of the grandmother yet.

    Yu Yun couldn't wait to eat, and Ye Fan naturally forbade it, literally waiting for the grandmother to return.

    Within a few minutes, only the old grandmother came back carrying herbs in a flurry of fire.

    "Little Fan, you're back?"

    "You guys eat first, don't wait for me."

    "I've just got an idea, I must quickly configure the prescription."

    Old Taijun said a few words and couldn't even bother to eat, so he went back to his room to configure the prescription.

    "Alright then."

    Ye Fan nodded and was about to move his chopsticks to eat, when he realized that Yu Yun had even winded up eating.

    "I go, have you no conscience, eating with just meat?"

    "Save some for me!"

    Ye Fan's face darkened then and quickly picked up his chopsticks to join the fight with Yu Yun.

    For some reason, Ye Fan felt that tonight's food tasted a lot better than before.

    "Could it be that your own cooking skills have improved again?"

    Ye Fan secretly thought.

    After eating, Ye Fan felt hot and dry, so he took a shower, then changed into clean clothes, then went to Yu Yun's room to continue cultivating the Dragon God Body as usual.

    "Strange, why is it hot today?"

    "Yu Yun, you open the window a bit."

    At this time, Ye Fan had already taken off his shirt and sat on the bed with his shoulders bare and blindfolded, with beads of sweat on his forehead.

    And Yu Yun hadn't come up at this time, and had just removed her long skirt.


But letting Yu Yun open the window that was impossible.

    Her double cultivation with Ye Fan was something that she didn't want others to see.

    What's more, there was still toplessness in their cultivation.

    When she let Ye Fan see her body, to Yu Yun, it was already a nightmare that couldn't be shaken off for the rest of her life, and Yu Yun didn't want another person to see her body.

    Therefore, every time she cultivated the Dragon God Body, Yu Yun would lock the doors and windows extra carefully to prevent the light from going out.

    Now Ye Fan had even let her open the window, which was undoubtedly impossible.

    However, what Ye Fan said was also right, and Yu Yun also felt that the weather tonight seemed a bit hot and dry.

    Because even she , her snow white fragrant shoulder, surprisingly, could still see a little bit of glitter.

    But Yu Yun and the others didn't think much about it, and only thought it was the weather.

    After all, it was already June.

    For Huaxia, it was also time for the weather to turn hot.

    Just like that, after Yu Yun faded her long skirt to her waist again, she bare her jade feet and gently moved her lotus steps onto the bed.

    Like before, they turned their backs to each other, and Yu Yun's fragrant shoulders, slowly moved closer to Ye Fan.

    At the same time, they both began to stimulate their Dragon God bodies and calm their minds, preparing to enter cultivation.

    However, what puzzled Yu Yun was that tonight, she didn't know what was wrong, but her heart was slow to calm down.

    The hot and dry feeling that Yu Yun felt made it difficult for him to sit still.

    Even the Dragon God Body that Yu Yun was pushing, the more intermittent it became.

    Even Yu Yun's situation was like this, let alone Ye Fan's?

    At this time, the sweat on Ye Fan's forehead was growing, bean-sized sweat couldn't stop dripping down, and he, who had always been ancient, was actually just as restless as Yu Yun.


    "What the hell is going on?"

    "Why is it that today, you are so restless inside?"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows were furrowed.

    But that hot and dry feeling was still increasing, as if there was something called desire in his body that was gradually climbing.

    Finally, in the split second when Yu Yun's seductive delicate body touched Ye Fan's body.

    Both bodies, as if they were electrocuted together, trembled together.

    At that instant, Ye Fan's brain even more buzzed, instantly blank.

    Even his sanity, he lost control for a moment.


    "It's not the weather."

    At that moment, Ye Fan instantly realized something was wrong, followed by a trembling brow.

    "Could it be..."

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan immediately asked out loud to Yu Yun, "Yu Yun, did you just put salt in, did you take a white bottle, or a red bottle?"



    "Speak up~"

    Ye Fan was all anxious, his words filled with urgency, and he asked repeatedly.

    However, no one responded.

    There were only burning and rapid breathing sounds, softly chanting in Ye Fan's ears.

    Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan only felt two abnormally soft touches behind him, suddenly affixed to his own body.

    At the same time, a pair of slender lotus-root arms held Ye Fan tightly.

    That scaldingly pretty face was even directly pasted onto Ye Fan's back.


    "This is bad~"

    At that time, Ye Fan was in a state of shock and scuffled, quickly jumping off the bed.

    The truth was clear now that things had developed to this point.

    "Damn, this stupid woman."

    "Must have taken the red bottle."

    "That's a fucking aphrodisiac~"

    Ye Fan had peed, and his entire body was close to tears.

    Old Taijun had been living in seclusion in the Chu family's old mansion all these years, and apart from guarding the old mansion in his normal life, his only hobby was to configure all kinds of medicinal recipes.

    This aphrodisiac was one of the ones that Old Taijun had prepared.

    When Ye Fan was young, he had mistakenly consumed the medicine in that red bottle.

    At that time, he was the only one in the old house, no pretty girls, only Big Yellow lying in the yard.

    At that time, the effect of the drug Ye Fan, look at a silly dog can feel clear eyebrows.

    Fortunately, the old Taijun returned in time to stop the "bad karma".

    That's why Ye Fan was so impressed with the red bottle.

    He had told Yu Yun not to take the red bottle, not to take the red bottle.

    But who would have thought that this silly woman wouldn't even mention which pot.

    "What the fuck is this all about?"

    Ye Fan had no tears to cry.

    At this time, Yu Yun had leaned on Ye Fan again.

    Obviously, Yu Yun had eaten the most food tonight and thus had ingested more drugs than Ye Fan.

    Plus, the fact that Ye Fan was still blindfolded also, to a certain extent, suppressed the desire in Ye Fan's heart.

    So much so that, although Ye Fan was tormented, at least there was still sanity left.

    But Yu Yun's situation was not so good.

    Her eyebrows were lost, and her stunningly beautiful face was flushed.

    The whole person has almost lost his mind, she held Ye Fan from behind, unable to crawl towards Ye Fan, and finally the hot and wet red lips, and even directly printed on Ye Fan's lips.

    Yu Yun's slippery little tongue directly pried open the corner of Ye Fan's lips.

    In a split second, the red lips were opposite, and the fragrant tongue tangled.

    Ye Fan fiercely trembled!


    "No way~"


    "Yuhyun, wake up~"


    At this time, the heavens were fighting in Ye Fan's heart, and he was already extremely tormented from suppressing his heart's desires, plus the touch of Yu Yun's skin on him, so much so that Ye Fan almost went crazy.

    "No, I have to get out of here."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll really make a big mistake~"

    The company's first-ever sales and marketing agency, the company's first-ever sales and marketing agency, said it would be the company's first-ever sales and marketing agency.

    However, in the split second when the scarf fell down in front of his eyes, Yu Yun's intoxicating and seductive ketone body was instantly reflected in his eyelids.


    It was like a dry fire, instantly ignited.

    At that moment, even Ye Fan's remaining sanity was swallowed up by the strong drug power.

    He pounced on Yu Yun and took her into his arms, his red lips against each other, and Ye Fan's arm restlessly probed Yu Yun's hot, delicate body.

    Perhaps because Ye Fan touched Yu Yun's sensitive area, Yu Yun's body was in awe, and her eyebrows were lost, but she regained her senses for a moment.

    After seeing the scene in front of her, Yu Yun's pretty face undoubtedly became even more blushing.

    She resisted her heart's desire, biting her red lips with her teeth, and said with a trembling voice, "Ye...Ye Fan, you...If you insult me tonight, I will...I will kill you, and then commit suicide~"

    However, Yu Yun's sanity only lasted for a moment, and when the words fell, Yu Yun's eyebrows were immediately lost, and she actually got into Ye Fan's arms again, her delicate jade hands tightly hugging Ye Fan's neck.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to customers.

    Ye Fan's sanity instantly collapsed under Yu Yun.

    He catered to her, embraced the beauty in his arms, and at the same time reached out to remove Yu Yun's skirt and carried her to the bed.

    However, just as the two of them were getting out of control, a cold touch suddenly landed on Ye Fan's hand.

    She was crying.

    Glistening tears, reflecting the cold light of the moon, cold to the bone .

    Looking at Yu Yun's tearful pretty face, Ye Fan woke up with a start.

    And then, Ye Fan gritted his teeth and endured an unimaginable torment by his stubborn perseverance.

    In the end, he pushed the woman in his arms away and escaped from Yu Yun's boudoir before a big mistake was made.


After leaving Yu Yun's room, Ye Fan ran like a madman to the medicine cabinet, took out a certain drug with a mind-clearing effect, poured half a bottle and took it in one gulp.

    This kind of aphrodisiac prepared by Grandma was for martial artists to use, and there was no specific antidote.

    The drug that Ye Fan was taking today had a mind-clearing effect, but it wasn't an immediate effect, and could only be said to reduce its effectiveness.

    However, it was enough for a person of Ye Fan's strength.

    At least, by relying on his senses, he was now able to completely suppress the desires in his heart.

    "I go, finally relieved."

    Ye Fan let out a long sigh of relief and went to the courtyard to wash his face with the cold well water, instantly refreshing himself.

    The hot and dry feeling from before was also much lessened.

    However, Ye Fan had just rested for a moment when he remembered that the situation on Yu Yun's side hadn't been relieved yet?

    So, Ye Fan couldn't care less about resting and quickly ran back to Yu Yun's room to give Yu Yun the medicine that had a mind-clearing effect.

    A moment later, the flush on Yu Yun's pretty face faded by seven points.

    The beautiful eyes that were originally lost, once again regained their sanity and radiance.

    "Are you alright?"

    At this time, Ye Fan picked up the dress Yu Yun had just faded from the ground and draped it over her from behind, then poured Yu Yun a glass of water.


    However, at this moment, in the room, there was only a flash of cold light.

    An ice-blue sword light, swept away.

    In an instant, the crest of the Morrowind White Sword was already across the neck of Ye Fan.

    "You shameless man, you dang ten thousand deaths!"

    Morbid's words were filled with endless coldness.

    The intense killing intent that could not wait to transform into substance and cut Ye Fan to pieces by a thousand cuts!

    No one could understand how Yu Yun was feeling right now.

    She had guarded her innocence for a lifetime, but tonight, she was buried at the hands of Ye Fan.

    At first, when she was seen naked by Ye Fan, it was already hard for Yu Yun to accept.It took a long time to make Yu Yun let go of her killing intent towards Ye Fan.

    But now, how could Yu Yun have never thought that she and Ye Fan, actually....

    The previous scene, Yu Yun no longer dared to think about it.

    For a woman, the most precious thing is undoubtedly her innocence and reputation.

    Tonight's incident, although it's not Ye Fan's fault.But it was still Ye Fan who had insulted her innocence.

    Therefore, it was understandable that she wanted to kill Ye Fan.

    However, when the sword was in front of her, Yu Yun eventually closed her hand.

    She didn't know why, she who used to kill thousands of people without a second glance, but now she couldn't kill Ye Fan.

    "You go~"

    "I don't want to see you again."

    Yu Yun eventually put away her sword, and there was a faint glint of crystals in her reddened eyes.

    She turned around, not wanting to look at Ye Fan anymore.

    Ye Fan opened his mouth and wanted to say something else, but the words that reached his mouth were eventually swallowed.

    After that, Ye Fan also left.

    In his heart, he carried a kind of hidden guilt.

    After all, if this kind of thing was spread out, it was always the woman who would suffer.

    What's more, Ye Fan was also responsible.

    In the first place, he shouldn't have allowed Yu Yun to put salt in it.

    However, it was already too late to say this now.

    It had already happened!

    But fortunately, at the last moment, Ye Fan held it together and didn't make a big mistake.

    This was undoubtedly, a blessing in disguise.

    After going back, Ye Fan tossed and turned, and simply cultivated the Dragon God Physique by himself in his room as well.

    However, to Ye Fan's surprise, he discovered that his Dragon God Physique had made tremendous growth compared to yesterday.

    The Yin Dragon power in his body was clearly several times thicker.

    What made Ye Fan even more delighted was that his Dragon God Body already possessed the self-healing properties of the Yin Dragon Body.

    As the saying goes, a quantitative change caused a qualitative change.

    Ye Fan and the two of them, after many days of dual cultivation, naturally, their bodies had already absorbed a lot of each other's Dragon God's power.

    And although tonight's incident was somewhat absurd, it was undeniable that when Ye Fan's two red lips were opposite to each other, their Dragon God's power had grown stronger than ever before, and eventually, caused a qualitative change.

    To a certain extent, today's Ye Fan could be said to have mastered the Yin Dragon Body.

    The old injuries within his body were also healing themselves rapidly by subliminally.

    Just like this, the night passed quickly.

    On the following day, Ye Fan did not return to the military area, the old taijun's prescription had yet to be formulated, and Ye Fan planned to return after it was formulated.

    As for the military area, Ye Fan had nothing to worry about.

    He had already taught all the training methods to Ye Yuyan and the others.

    Next, as long as the Green Dragon Battle Team, just follow the methods he had taught them by the book.

    Therefore, even if Ye Fan went back, it wouldn't be of much use.


    This was what Ye Fan was most disdainful of doing.

    A master leads the door, and cultivation depends on the individual.

    If one had to rely on someone to supervise even learning to cultivate, such a person was destined not to become strong.

    Thus, Ye Fan stayed in the Chu family's old house for three days in a row.

    During these three days, he didn't see Yu Yun again.

    Since that night, Yu Yun hadn't come out of her room.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, naturally didn't disturb her.

    However, he was not idle, now that he had mastered the Yin Dragon Body, Ye Fan naturally used all his energy to repair the stubborn old disease in his body.

    Finally, the time came to the fourth day.

    Before the day dawned, the distant east revealed a streak of fish belly white.

    The entire world was still dim.


    But suddenly, in the courtyard, the wind was blowing.

    Immediately afterwards, a majestic might, like the profound sea, wildly overflowed in all directions from a certain room.

    Only after a long time, did it stop.

    A few minutes later, the door of the room that had been closed for several days finally opened.

    Only an extremely magnificent woman walked out.

    She had a purple dress floating, and three thousand green threads moved with the wind.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    Exceptional temperament, just like the Nine Heavens Xuan Maiden, banished to the mortal world, graceful and magnificent!

    The crystal jade pendant hanging around the neck, but also reflecting the blue ember light.

    The noble and beautiful face of the city, actually wins, countless on earth!

    In the split second that she appeared, even the flowers and plants here were ashamed of themselves.

    The four directions of heaven and earth were all dimmed.

    The woman in front of us, with her own temperament and face, showed the world what nobility is.What is beauty?

    "Already, ready to leave?"

    Suddenly, in the darkness ahead, an old man's benevolent voice was heard.

    Only the old man, at some point, walked out.

    The woman in the purple dress nodded, didn't say anything, just gave a hmmm.

    The tone was clear and cold, carrying an indifference and majesty that refused to be heard.

    After saying that, the woman in the purple dress walked out of the courtyard, and she wanted to leave.

    "Let's go after dinner."

    "That brat left it for you last night, saying that he would let me heat it up for you to eat after you leave the gate."

    The old taijun wasn't angry at the cold attitude of the woman in front of him.

    Because Old Taijun knew that this was the true face of the Chu Gate Master, the true face of the Chu Gate!

    When she regained control of her power, the remnants of her earlier experience would be completely gone.


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