Dish Best Served Cold 1026-1030

Chapter 1026

In her ears, the old lady's words slowly echoed.

    And the cold woman who was originally preparing to leave, her forward steps, came to a halt.

    "Yun'er, listen to Grandma, eat before you leave."

    "Never waste a piece of Little Fan's hard work."

    "These days you've been closed, that brat has been cooking every meal for three people, and he even asked me to save it for you after eating it."

    "I was afraid that you'd suddenly leave the pass and starve."

    "This brat doesn't even care that much about me~"

    Old Taijun shook his head and said, and after that, he sighed, while turning to the kitchen and went to heat her meal.

    The woman in the purple dress in front of her, however, was startled in place and remained silent for a long time.

    Those words of the old taijun undoubtedly caused its already cold heart to once again ripple.

    At that moment, it seemed that the scene of these days, healing in the Chu family's old mansion, had once again surfaced before her eyes.

    That calendar, that scene, was actually like a slide show that hurriedly flashed in front of her.

    Thinking of Ye Fan, her heart was undoubtedly complicated.

    At the time of the initial encounter, she would have hated to cut that shameless man to death by a thousand cuts.

    However, the many days of being together had undoubtedly dissipated the killing intent in her heart towards Ye Fan.

    There were even a few points of gratitude.

    After all, if it wasn't for Ye Fan, she would never have been able to cultivate the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique so quickly, much less master the Yin Yang Dragon Body.

    As for what happened that night, she also knew that she couldn't blame Ye Fan.

    She was the one who had caused the trouble, and Ye Fan was also innocently implicated.

    Eventually, if Ye Fan hadn't kept his true heart in the end, she and Ye Fan would have made a big mistake that night.

    After hesitating for a long time, the woman in the purple dress finally turned around and went back to her room, pushing open the room where Ye Fan was.

    At this time, Ye Fan was still sleeping.

    The clear and beautiful face was calm and serene.

    His chest was gently rising and falling as he breathed.

    She didn't wake up Ye Fan, just looked at him from afar.

    The knife-like face was sharply angular.

    The long eyelashes gently waved in the breeze.

    It was the first time she had observed a member of the opposite sex in such detail, and she had never thought that a man's eyelashes could be so long.

    After she stopped here for a long time, her noble jade face, at the moment, actually a little more lonely and depressed.

    In the heart, there are thousands of thoughts floating around.

    In fact, at that moment she really had the urge to take the young man in front of her with her.

    She gave him power, status, and endless glory in order to keep him by her side.

    But in the end, she shook her head and sighed.

    They were too far apart after all.

    Even if she did bring Ye Fan back, she would surely suffer endless resistance from her family and clan.

    Perhaps, it would even harm him as a result.

    The difference in status and status was destined that there would be no end to his fate with her.

    Since that was the case, why force it?

    In the end, she still chose to leave without saying goodbye.

    However, before she left, the woman in the purple dress carefully took off the ice-blue jade pendant that was worn between her snow-white neck.

    This Blue Spirit Jade Pendant was a protective amulet left to her by her mother before her death.

    She had been wearing it since she was a child, but today, she left this Blue Spirit Jade to Ye Fan.

    Other than that, she also left behind the Cloud Smoke Sword Secrets.

    This Cloud Smoke Sword Technique was an unheralded technique of their Tang Family.

    However, she felt that perhaps Ye Fan, was more suitable to cultivate it.

    After taking off the jade pendant from her chest, the woman in the purple dress in front of her was ready to leave.

    Before she left, she took one last look at Ye Fan.

    That noble and graceful pretty face was now filled with a touch of inexplicable emotion.

    "For so many years, I have been cultivating alone and being alone.I never expected that I would end up being broken by a teenager~"

    She shook her head and laughed, while no longer lingering, her jade feet lifted and took a step out of the room.

    However, just as she was about to leave without saying goodbye, a faint voice, but from behind her, quietly came out.


    The instant she heard this, her petite body, trembled violently.

    She didn't expect that Ye Fan was awake.

    Or rather, this guy, who had been pretending to be asleep the entire time?

    But she didn't reply, as if she hadn't heard Ye Fan's words.

    With a clear and cold face, majestic temperament, the whole person, was like that noble and detached snow lotus on the heavenly mountain.

    It gave people a sense of distance that was high above them, making them unreachable.

    Just like that, he stepped into the air and left.

    All that was left to Ye Fan was that magnificent, peerless backdrop.

    "Yu Yun, after ten days, go to Yunzhou City's Genting Mountain Villa and look for me, I have something for you."

    Looking at Yu Yun's departing back, Ye Fan shouted loudly.

    No one responded, leaving only the noise of the wind.

    Yu Yun, after all, had left.

    Ye Fan didn't know if she heard or didn't hear his last words.

    But in the end, it was just a duckweed encounter.

    Even if it didn't come, Ye Fan wouldn't force it.

    "It's just that I'm afraid I'll always be in debt for this favor."

    Looking at the ice blue jade pendant that was placed on the bed, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    He walked over and took the jade pendant into his hands.

    He saw that the blue spiritual jade was transparent and round, and hidden within it, there was also spiritual energy contained within it.

    At a glance, it was something extraordinary.

    When Ye Fan touched it, he found that there was still residual warmth on the jade, and he could faintly smell the intoxicating body fragrance that belonged to Yu Yun.

    It seems that this jade pendant must be something that Yu Yun wears close to her body.

    Ye Fan was not polite and accepted all the gifts that Yu Yun gave before her trip.

    Meanwhile, on this day, the Old Taijun's prescription was finally ready.

    After Ye Fan got it, he also left the Chu family's old house and headed to the military area.

    "Grandma, take care of yourself."

    "Sun has time to come see you again."

    Ye Fan waved his hand and after saying goodbye to the old grandmother, he immediately rushed to the Jiangdong Military District.

    With the two of them staying with Ye Fan, the originally lively and noisy courtyard was suddenly much more desolate and quiet, with much less vitality.

    "Hey~ In the future, this wife of mine will have to be alone as a companion again."

    During the time that Ye Fan and the two of them were here, the old lady only felt that the old mansion was all a bit more vibrant.

    But now, with the two of them gone, the old woman's heart was a bit empty.

    When she was young, she liked to be quiet.

    This person is old, but she likes to be lively again.



    That afternoon, Ye Fan returned to the Jiangdong military area.

    According to the recipe given by the old taijun, Ye Fan immediately sent people to procure medicinal herbs, and also ordered carpenters to build five giant wooden barrels one person high.

    However, as soon as these matters were finished, Lu Tianhe, who had returned to the Jiangdong Military Area, approached Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, come with me, someone wants to see you."Lu Tianhe was a bit excited.

    But Ye Fan was not interested and directly refused, "Tell him, I'm not free."

    Lu Tianhe's old face smiled and said oddly, "Mr. Chu, you can't see other people, but you can't not see this person."

    "He's our Huaxia's, military god of war, Ye Qingtian!"




    "The war god of the army, Ye Qingtian?"

    After hearing this, Ye Fan's appearance, abruptly changed.

    The original profound eyes were also rippling at this moment.

    If one person was to represent the Huaxia Martial Dao, then that person was undoubtedly none other than Ye Qingtian!

    Ye Qingtian's name was known like thunder in the global martial arts world, not to mention in the Chinese martial arts world.

    Back then, during the Chu Gate Change, if Ye Qingtian hadn't unveiled and led the six pillar powers to resist the Chu Men outside the gates of the country.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid that today's Huaxia Martial Dao would already be the world of the Chu Gate.

    It must be known that in today's world, the martial dao of many countries are controlled by the Truman.

    Like the Australian country in the southern hemisphere, and Huaxia's close neighbor, the Cold Country, the entire martial dao of these countries back then were pierced through by Truman.In the end, they only had to bow down to Truman!

    Nowadays, there were still branches of the Chu Gate stationed in Australia, Cold Country and other countries, beautifully called to maintain the security of the local martial dao, but in reality, it was just to master the country's martial power.

    It was precisely because of War God Ye Qingtian's great achievements that he had forged his supreme majesty in the Huaxia Martial Dao World.

    The six pillar powers were all headed by him.

    Ye Fan had already heard of this person's name when he first entered the martial dao.

    Even now, Ye Fan didn't dare to guarantee that in his prime, he could be Ye Qingtian's opponent!

    Moreover, now that Ye Fan's injuries hadn't yet healed, this strength naturally couldn't be compared to Ye Qingtian's.

    "But, for goodness sake, what is this Ye Qingtian looking for me for?"

    "Is it, my identity, exposed?"

    All this time, Ye Fan had been intentionally hiding his true identity as Chu Tian Fan.

    Now that the Chu family was searching for him all over the world, Ye Fan naturally wouldn't be too high-profile to show his face as Chu Tianfan before his strength was completely restored.

    Therefore, if his identity was really exposed, Ye Fan would have to prepare early.

    In the end, Ye Fan followed Lu Tianhe over.

    Firstly, he was curious about this Ye Qintian's intentions, and secondly, Ye Fan had also long wanted to meet this Huaxia's patron saint.

    He had always been curious as to what this legendary Ye Qingtian was really like.

    Soon, Lu Tianhe brought Ye Fan to an empty field that was deserted everywhere.

    In the middle of the field, a man dressed in white stood proudly with a negative hand.

    If some people stood there, they were as small as a stone.

    But this man stood there, but he was thick and majestic, as if he was a mountain!

    This was the momentum.

    There was no need to deliberately reveal it, a truly strong man, just standing there, would be enough to deter the party.

    Almost instantly, Ye Fan judged that the white-clothed man in front of him was the Chinese War God, Ye Qingtian!

    "General Ye, I've brought Mr. Chu to you."

    Seeing this man, Lu Tianhe bowed in respect from afar.

    The white-clothed man did not speak for a long time, but only returned a good word.

    However, the moment his words fell.

    Suddenly, the four directions of heaven and earth, a wild wind rose.

    Immediately after, a majestic pressure was released.

    In the next moment, only a boom was heard.

    The man in front, smashed out with a punch.

    The terrifying fist brought forth a monstrous force.

    It was as if a boulder had entered the sea, and the entire world instantly boiled up.

    At the sight of Lu Tianhe, he was shocked, and his old eyes were huge.


    "Is this the might of the God of War?"

    "Just one punch and the wind changes dramatically?"

    As the saying goes, having seen the vastness of the sea, one only knows how small one is.

    Now, after seeing the power of the truly strong, only then did Lu Tianhe realize how insignificant he was compared to them.


    While Lu Tianhe was trembling in surprise, Ye Fan, who was on the side, was frowning, his eyebrows instantly overflowing with hostility.

    Because, this punch of Ye Qingtian was clearly directed towards him.

    At that moment, Ye Fan's face was full of concentration.

    He couldn't care about anything else, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination in his body surged wildly, and majestic power immediately gathered towards his arms.

    And then, his five fingers curled up, and a fierce fist, also immediately struck out.

    There was no retreat, no fear, facing the attack of the strongest man in Huaxia, Ye Fan directly fought head-on with the most violent stance and the most primitive means!


    Only a roar could be heard, and the two fist strengths, immediately clashed.

    In the deafening roar, a fierce wind, like waves, swept wildly in all directions from the center of the collision.

    Boulders exploded and grass and trees flew.

    The entire training ground seemed to be lifted up alive.

    Lu Tianhe was being, even more so, directly shaken far away.

    Finally, the fist strength dissipated.

    The storm here also dissipated in smoke and clouds.

    Under the Heavenly River, the majestic man stood proudly with his hands in the negative, his white clothes floating.

    It was like a generation of chivalrous men, elegant and graceful, not moving in the slightest.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was naturally not as relaxed.

    Boom boom boom~.

    Only a low burst of explosions sounded.

    Ye Fan's feet stepped on the ground and exploded back repeatedly.

    With every step back, a ravine exploded beneath his feet.

    Between the splashes of gravel, Ye Fan retreated ten steps in a row before he unloaded his fist strength and stabilized his body.


    "Fine fine."

    "This punch of mine, even if I were to let Boxing King Mo Kuo Cheng take it, I would have to retreat at least three steps."

    "And you, a martial dao descendant, a young junior, can actually block my punch and only retreat ten steps."

    "Right now, even if you are not as strong as a title clan master, you are still comparable to Yan Bu Ping, the number one ranked clan master in Huaxia!"

    After the brief clash, there was instant laughter between heaven and earth.

    I saw the man in white, looking at Ye Fan, nodding his head and tsking in admiration.

    The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with joy and appreciation.

    "I never thought that my Huaxia would actually produce a rare martial genius ah."

    "The next generation is truly fearsome."

    Ye Qingtian's cheerful laughter couldn't help but reverberate.

    Yes, that punch just now, Ye Qingtian had no hostile intent, it was purely a test for Ye Fan.

    As early as a few months ago, Ye had heard that in the battle of Dongchang Lake, there was a Junior Clan Master who had defeated the Japanese Sword God Wang Yuehe.

    At that time, Ye Qingtian was a bit suspicious, but now after trying, he found out that this Ye Fan was even more evil than he had imagined.

    He originally thought that even if this Ye Fan really had the strength of a clan master, he must be able to compare with the ninth and tenth ranked people on the clan master list.But after clashing against each other just now, Ye found out that Ye Fan's strength was only one step away from the realm of a Sealed Grandmaster.

    Of course, apart from testing Ye Fan's emptiness, another purpose was to test if this Ye Fan was the Chu Tian Fan who had shaken the world earlier.

    Obviously, this Ye Fan was not the Chu Tian Fan!

    After all, Chu Tianfan was able to defeat the Sun Country with his own strength, he must be in the realm of a title clan master.

    This young man in front of him, however, was only at the Sect Master's realm of strength.

    Therefore, the gap above the realm made Ye Qingtian completely dispel that doubt he had before.

    "So it seems that Chu Tianfan, has truly fallen by the side of the Sun Country~"

    Ye couldn't help but feel sorry for him and sighed long and hard.


With a regretful voice, Ye Qingtian then moved towards Ye Fan's direction and extended his hand.

    "Ye Fan, right?"

    "I am Ye Qingtian."

    "Just now, I didn't mean any harm with that punch, but I just wanted to test the true strength of our Chinese Junior Ancestor."

    "Now it seems that you do have the power of a clan master."

    "For my land of Huaxia to have a junior talent like you, the Huaxia Martial Dao can be considered a successor."

    Ye Qingtian laughed with a frank smile.The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were also filled with comfort and appreciation, without any animosity.

    Ye Fan was also not a small-minded person, and after learning that Ye Qingtian did not have any malice, he also readily probed his arm and shook Ye Qingtian's hand.

    "The War God has overstayed his welcome."

    "My achievements today are all a fluke."Ye Fan humbly said.


    "How can you call it a fluke?"

    "That punch that I, Ye Qingtian, just threw was definitely not something that could be caught by luck."

    The War God laughed.

    The War God then invited Ye Fan to his room for a chat.

    "Brother Ye, you have such a cultivation at such a young age."

    "To be able to teach such a descendant disciple like you, I'm sure my master must be a prominent figure in the martial world, right?"

    "I don't know Brother Ye, can you tell me the name of your master?"

    In the room, the War God made tea.

    In front of it, the tea fragrance was dense, and the soaring heat carried an enticing tea fragrance that lingered in the nose.

    As they drank the tea, they talked.

    Ye Fan, however, shook his head and smiled, "My master is but a countryside villager, with no name, not enough to mention."

    Naturally, Ye Fan couldn't tell Ye Qingtian the details of his background.

    Not to mention whether this Ye Qingtian was trustworthy or not, even if he was, Ye Fan would not reveal his background to him.

    After all, it was pointless.

    It was nothing more than a few more words of comfort and emotion.

    Moreover, Ye Fan's goal was too terrifying and ambitious.

    Ye Fan was sure that if Ye Qingtian knew that his goal was to trample down the Chu family and make them bow down to ten thousand people, he would definitely be shocked beyond measure.

    He would even feel that he was out of his depth and was seeking his own death.

    Therefore, since he was a child, Ye Fan's life and career had never been told to any person.

    His path could only be walked by him.

    There was no need to, let others know.

    Naturally, Ye could see that Ye Fan didn't seem to want to reveal his teacher's identity, so he didn't ask any more questions.

    Instead, he diverged from the topic and instead asked Ye Fan if he was married and other words like that.

    After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Ye finally stepped into the main topic.

    "Little brother Ye Fan, the Huaxia Martial God Temple, you should know about it, right?"

    Ye Fan nodded, "Mm."

    "The Martial God Hall is your highest authority to rule the Martial Dao of Huaxia."

    "People of the Martial Dao, naturally they know."

    The War God smiled and continued to ask, "How about it, are you interested in joining the Martial God Temple?"

    "Although for so many years, only title clerics can enter the Martial God Hall."

    "However, I can make an exception for you."

    The rules were made by people.

    Perhaps, in Ye's opinion, the current Ye Fan wasn't a title clan master, but the value of a Junior Clan Master was far more than a title.

    What's more, with Ye Fan's talent, it was only a matter of time before he stepped into the rank of a title clan master.

    Therefore, in order to bring Ye Fan under the Martial God Temple's banner ahead of time, Ye Qingyan naturally couldn't care about any rules or regulations and directly made an exception to recruit him.

    Before Ye Fan even spoke, Lu Tianhe, who was next to him, was instantly shocked.

    "A strong Ancestor is admitted to the Martial God Hall?"

    This was something unprecedented.

    Lu Tianhe really didn't expect that this Ye Qingtian would be so appreciative of Ye Fan.

    For him, he was even willing to make an exception?

    When Lu Tianhe was surprised, Ye Fan also laughed at the sound.


    "It looks like you've agreed."

    "In that case, come to Yanjing in three days."

    "At that time, I will gather the six Pillar God Generals of Huaxia and host a banquet for you at the summit of Yan Mountain."

    "To welcome, the birth of my seventh Pillar Kingdom God General of Huaxia."

    Seeing Ye Fan's happy and joyful appearance, Ye Fan thought that he had promised to do so and began to arrange the rest.

    Yea, entering the Martial God Hall, this was a good thing to glorify the ancestors and make the world famous, Ye Optimus couldn't think of any reason for Ye Fan, to refuse.

    However, just when Ye Optimus had started to prepare for the congratulatory banquet on the day Ye Fan entered the Martial God Temple, who would have thought that Ye Fan would shake his head and smile, "War God, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you."

    "Right now, I don't want to join any organization."

    "I'm a person who's used to freedom."

    "Born free and unrestrained, I don't like restrictions."

    "And I am always spontaneous in my daily life, if I join the Martial God Temple, I am afraid that one day, I will discredit you guys."

    "So, I can only thank you for your kindness."


    Ye Fan's words were still echoing in the room.

    But at that time, both Lu Tianhe and Ye Qingtian were stunned.

    Actually...He had refused?

    The opportunity to shine as an ancestor, to enter the Martial God Hall, to ascend to the top of martial power, and you turned it down?

    "Holy shit!"

    "Evan, are you crazy?"

    "Or is it stupid?"

    "This is an opportunity that martial artists of my generation seek, and you refuse?"

    "You just can't refuse even if your head has been kicked by a donkey."

    Ye Fan's side hadn't said anything yet, but Lu Tianhe was suddenly anxious.

    Ye Fan could be said to have been discovered and recommended by him, Lu Tianhe.

    At first, he was the one who had pushed Ye Fan to join the military district and become the chief instructor of the three armies.

    It was also him, who described Ye Fan's amazing talent to the God of War.

    Therefore, he certainly hoped that the person he recommended would be able to stand in a higher position and enjoy greater power.

    It was just like a teacher who expected the disciple he had trained to become a [PEN] dragon.

    Therefore, Lu Tianhe, who was in a hurry, hurriedly said to Ye, "War God, he's a child, don't listen to his nonsense."

    "He agrees, a hundred percent."

    "You let him enter the Martial God Hall."

    Lu Tianhe was still talking there, and Ye Fanton laughed.

    He wasn't angry at Lu Tianhe for meddling in his affairs, and he knew that Lu Tianhe was also doing it for his own good.

    "However, General Lu, right now, I really don't want to join any organization."


    "Ye Fan, do you know what the Martial Temple represents?"

    "That's the highest hall of the Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "The six giants of the Martial God Hall can influence everything in the Huaxia Martial Dao.And there is the world, don't black and white determine the six dignitaries."

    "In the martial dao world, the Martial God Hall is the palace, and those six giants are the six sovereigns."

    "Their decisions are the laws that no one in the Martial World dares to disobey."

    "Now, an opportunity to make you a State Lord is in front of you, and you want to refuse it?"

    "Don't be stupid,"

    Lu Tianhe advised hatefully.


But Ye Fan's mind was made up, so how could he change it just because of a few words of dissuasion from Lu Tianhe?

    Perhaps, joining the Martial God Hall was an unattainable and great opportunity for Lu Tianhe.

    But, to Ye Fan, what was this so-called once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

    Just like that year's college entrance exam, Ye Fan remembered that their high school had produced a top student in the science department of Jiangdong Province.

    After the results were announced, the admissions representatives of Yanjing University, Tsinghua University and other top schools in China immediately approached him, inviting him to study at their school and offering him all kinds of generous conditions such as free tuition for four years and high scholarships.

    But at that time, that science scholar refused, and Fatty cursed that science scholar's fury when he found out.

    "That's Yan University, huh?"

    "The top school in Warsaw!"

    "He can't say no even if he's been kicked in the head, can he?"

    At that time, many people didn't understand the decision of that science scholar, they only thought that he had missed a great opportunity and would regret it for the rest of his life.

    But what happened in the end?

    People entered the world's top universities to further their studies.

    The treatment and resources they enjoyed were far from what Yanjing University and other prestigious Chinese schools could compare to.

    Therefore, people with different patterns naturally have different horizons.

    Resources that are unattainable in your eyes.But in the eyes of another person, it might just be an optional choice.

    Just like the current Ye Fan, he was already the Dragon God Hall Master, and joining the Martial God Hall was not much of a help to him, but rather a bit more restrictive.

    Thus, Ye Fan was naturally not in high spirits.

    "Alright then."

    "Since you don't want to join yet, I won't force you."

    "However, if you don't join the Martial God Temple, you have to accept the title given to you by Huaxia, right?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan's mind was already made up, Ye didn't force it anymore.Instead, he asked about Ye Fan's title.

    Ancestral Master's title, Monarch Heavenly Grant!

    Since ancient times, the title of Patriarch was bestowed by the monarch for all those who were in the Chinese Martial Dao.

    Of course, with the establishment of the Martial Hall, the martial world and the secular world were basically separated and ruled without interfering with each other.

    However, the title of Patriarch still continued with some of the past habits, nominated by the Martial God Palace, and eventually handed over to the Chinese sovereign to be sealed and sealed by a red-headed document.

    Of course, the real decision on the title clan master candidates still rested with the Martial God Temple.

    The rest was just a formality.

    It was reasonable to say that such a matter of registering a seal did not require the person's consent.

    As long as one's strength was attained, one could nominate a seal.

    Unless, the other party didn't recognize his or her identity as a Huaxia.

    After all, a clan title could only be nominated to its own nationals.

    Therefore, if this title matter was not accepted even by Ye Fan, it would undoubtedly mean that Ye Fan had denied his own Huaxia identity.

    "The War God is joking."

    "To register a title is an honor that any martial daoist dreams of."

    "I, Ye Fan, naturally also seek it."

    "However, I'm just afraid that my current strength is not worthy of being granted the "seal"."

    Ye Fan shook his head and said.

    The War God burst out laughing after hearing that.


    "It's good that you're willing to take my title of Sahara."

    "As for the rest, you don't need to worry."

    "With your talent and seniority, stepping into the title of the seal is just a matter of two days sooner or later."

    "Just wait at ease."

    "This time, when I return to the Martial God Hall, I will first immediately proceed to nominate you as the seventh title grandmaster of my Huaxia."

    "As for the title ceremony, it will be held for you after you have completely stepped into the realm of a title clan master."

    The War God laughed.

    In fact, according to the normal procedure, Ye Fan was still not qualified enough to nominate for the title of a title.

    But it didn't matter, the War God appreciated him, and that was enough.

    With the War God's energy and prestige, he could have nominated Ye Fan first.

    What's the big deal, the title ceremony will be held after Ye Fan has completely stepped into the title realm.

    It was just like getting married, just get the certificate first and then hold the wedding.

    The other purpose of Ye Qingtian doing this, apart from admiring Ye Fan, was to show goodwill to Ye Fan on behalf of the Martial God Temple.

    In that case, even if Ye Fan didn't join the Martial God Temple in the future, it would bring him closer to the Martial God Temple.

    Perhaps, in the future, the Martial God Temple would still have a need for him?

    Just like this, Ye Fan and Ye Qingtian were laughing and talking with each other.

    "Well, you still have to train your squad, so I won't bother you."

    "The mountains don't turn the water, I'll see you later."

    A few hours later, Ye Qingtian was ready to leave as well.

    The main reason he came to Jiangdong this time was to see Ye Fan.

    After this matter, he would naturally return to Yanjing to deal with other matters as well.

    However, before leaving, Ye Qingtian looked at Ye Fan, but he let out a long sigh.

    "War God, what's wrong?"

    "Why do you sigh?"Evan was confused.


    "It's just a pity to feel that."

    "If it wasn't for the accident that happened, this time, our Huaxia could have given birth to two Sealed Masters."

    "But alas, the heavens are jealous."

    "Chu Tianfan's fall is the biggest loss in the hundred years of our Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "Although I've never seen him before, I've heard that, like you, he was in his early twenties."

    "However, his strength now, far surpasses yours."

    "He single-handedly, by himself, blew up the entire Japanese martial art."

    "He did, what we in the Huaxia Martial Dao have wanted to do for a hundred years but didn't dare to do."

    "His achievements, even I, Ye Qingtian, am somewhat ashamed of myself."

    "I originally thought that my Huaxia Martial Dao would be succeeded by someone else, and that our divine Land would have another leader-like powerful figure.A hundred years from now, I, Ye Qingtian, will also have someone to replace me and continue to lead the Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "But who would have thought..."

    At the end of the sentence, Ye Qingtian could not help but feel a great deal of regret.

    "Hey, all I can say is that the heavens are jealous of you~"

    Ye Qingtian was still feeling that ghostly emotion.

    But Ye Fan was stunned with an inexplicable touch in his heart.

    He and Ye Qingtian, had met each other in duckwater.Even before this, it could be said that they had never met before.

    But he didn't expect that the man in front of him would be so concerned and sorry for himself.

    As they say, a great man has a great heart!

    Previously, Ye Fan didn't believe this, but now, he believed it.

    Because, the Huaxia War God in front of him, Ye Qingtian, was this kind of person.

    His concern for the country and the people, at least Ye Fan felt that he, was less than that.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, it was the safety of himself and his family and friends.

    Whereas in Ye Qingtian's eyes, it was the country and the nation.

    Some people were destined to be born leaders.

    Ye Fan's first encounter with the strongest man in Huaxia ended.

    However, I guess Ye Qingtian would never dream that the Ye Fan in front of him was the one he trembled and felt sorry for, Chu Tianfan!

    After Ye Qingtian left, Ye Fan continued to stay in the military area, training the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    During the day, he trained feverishly according to the Green Dragon Body Tempering Resolutions, and at night, he bathed in medicinal liquids to consolidate his strength.

    At the same time, in terms of diet, Ye Fan also provided them with all kinds of expensive ingredients to greatly replenish their physical strength.

    Of course, apart from training the Green Dragon Battle Team, Ye Fan spent more time on the Dragon God Body cultivation.

    And his injuries were being healed at a frightening speed with the repair of the Dragon God Body.

    The day he returned to his peak would be the day he would reappear in Jiangdong!


While Ye Fan was deep in healing, Jiangdong nowadays was by no means calm.

    In the streets and alleys, the news about the fall of Mr. Chu was clamoring.

    At first, when this news came out, no one cared.

    After all, without solid evidence, who would believe such a whistle-blowing thing?

    What's more, people Mufan Group is like the sky, with record high market value.

    Under the management of Chen Ao and others, the industries that belong to Mr. Chu are expanding all the time.

    Ever since the first battle at Dongchang Lake, the name of Mr. Chu in Jiangdong has become even more unparalleled!

    This was the time when Ye Fan was at his most glorious in the Jiangdong community, and no one believed that Ye Fan would fall at such a time.

    However, with the gradual passage of time.

    The news of Mr. Chu's fall, however, became more and more fierce.

    Moreover, during the same period, the previously flourishing Mu Fan Group was hit one after another.

    The company has a history of being a major player in the financial, building materials, logistics, and retail industries, all of which have suffered at the same time.

    Some of them suddenly broke their contracts, some were punished by the authorities, and some were even looted and destroyed by local criminals.

    In the end, Mufan Group's Yunzhou headquarters had no choice but to shrink the group's size.

    They withdrew the top management of their branches in Maple Sea, Haoshou, Jianghai and other major cities, and a large number of bottom-level employees were laid off and dismissed.

    In addition, the careful citizens of some cities have also discovered that the Mufan Department Store, which was originally located in the city center, has unwittingly been auctioned off and replaced with another brand.

    All these signs are undoubtedly conveying the same message to the surrounding citizens.

    That is, the Mufan Group, which was in the limelight a few months ago, must have undergone a major internal change.

    Otherwise, how could it be possible for such a bizarre strategic contraction to take place.

    It must be known that before, many people believed that the Mufan Group, relying on Mr. Chu's reputation, would definitely develop and expand into a unmatched unicorn enterprise in Jiangdong within the group's time.

    But who would have thought that the wind would become so fast.

    However, all of this was happening extremely obscurely though, and Mu Fan Group was deliberately blocking the news, trying not to let these things make too big waves in Jiangdong.

    However, those with a discerning eye could still see that behind this seemingly calm situation in Jiangdong, there was definitely a pair of hands that were secretly stirring the situation in Jiangdong.

    Finally, until one day, in the land of Jiangdong, the Fenghua Group was born.

    This group, which was established overnight, directly announced to the outside world that it would fully acquire the Mu Fan Group once it appeared.

    "The Mu Fan Group's growth is all thanks to Mr. Chu's monstrous ability."

    "It can be said that Mr. Chu is the foundation of Mu Fan Group's foothold in Jiangdong!"

    "But unfortunately, more than a month ago, Mr. Chu had already fallen in an accident."

    "The Mu Fan Group's foundation is no longer there, so naturally it has no value for existence."

    "After tonight, the Fenghua Group, which I, Lu Mingfeng, and Xu Shaohua have jointly established, will make a full acquisition of the Mufan Group."

    "I will prove to everyone with facts that the era belonging to the Mu Fan Group is over."

    "In the future, there will only be one voice left in Jiangdong."

    "That is, the voice of my Fenghua Group!"

    This was the evening of June 6, Lu Mingfeng, Chairman of Fenghua Group, made a public speech at the Jianghai Entrepreneurs Forum.

    As soon as the words spread, they undoubtedly created a huge stir in the entire Jiangdong region.

    The Jiangdong business, political and even martial worlds were boiling in an instant.


    "Mr. Chu is dead?"

    "Could it be that all the rumors from before were true?"

    "But...But...How is this possible?"

    Yunzhou Xia Family, Master Xia was pale with an old face after learning about the Feng Hua Group's public speech, and his heart undoubtedly set off monstrous waves.

    It must be known that ever since the Haitian feast, Master Xia wanted to rely on the friendship between his granddaughter Xia Xue and Ye Fan to get closer to him.

    Therefore, during this time, Master Xia was undoubtedly betting heavily on the Mu Fan Group.

    The Xia family was heavily involved in many of the industries of the Mu Fan Group.

    Previously, the Xia family, even more so, freely served hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jade to Ye Fan.

    What was the purpose of him going to such great lengths to curry favor with Ye Fan and please Mu Fan Group?

    It was not yet expected that in the future, after the Mufan Group claimed Jiangdong, they would be able to share a mouthful of soup to their Xia Family.

    But now, with the fall of Ye Fan, the once glamorous Mu Fan Group would even be acquired for a price, which was undoubtedly a fatal blow to the Xia Family.

    It could be said that if that Lu Mingfeng's words were true, the Xia Family's previous efforts would undoubtedly go down the drain.

    "Grandpa, it shouldn't be."

    "Mr. Chu is a heavenly figure, it's impossible for him to fall so easily."

    Xia Xue's pretty face paled and said in fear.

    However, Old Master Xia shook his head.

    "Before this, I also thought so."

    "But now, I'm only afraid that Mr. Chu, has truly fallen."

    Master Xia's face was full of gravity, and his low words were filled with endless worries.

    Before this, the news of Ye Fan's unexpected death had already spread all over the city.

    But with no roots or evidence, not many people believed it.

    But now, this Lu Mingfeng had made this directly public.

    "If he didn't have full confidence, it would be impossible for him to speak out about Mr. Chu's fall in such a high profile manner."

    "Even more impossible, threatening to acquire the Mu Fan Group."

    "Because, by acting like this, he is directly challenging, Mr. Chu's supreme position in Jiangdong."

    "Even more so, in overturning the pattern of power formed in Jiangdong after the Hai Tian Feast!"

    Master Xia said in a deep voice, but the surrounding Xia family elders, but all of them were terrified, their hands and feet were cold.

    Xia Xue was even more terrified.

    "Is it possible that Jiangdong is really going to change?"

    This night, similar scenes appeared all over Jiangdong.

    "Dad, is this real?"

    "My Van is dead?"

    "Is it possible?"

    After Shen Fei was informed of this, he couldn't care less about playing with the girl who had just come out of the bath, he lifted his pants and rushed back to the family, asking Shen Jiuyi in person.

    Shen Jiuyi's face was also by no means good, he did not reply to Shen Fei's words, but instead put on his shoes and ordered people to drive to the Li Manor.

    "If you want to know the answer, come with me."

    Shen Jiuyi's face was heavy, and he pulled on his son Shen Fei and went straight to find Li's second master.

    After all, the survival of Ye Fan's life and death involved too much, and by no means affected not only Ye Fan's relatives, but also the various family forces that had previously submitted to Ye Fan's banner.

    Therefore, this night was definitely a sleepless night for the masters of all the great families in Jiangdong.

    Li Er, Chen Ao, and Lei Lao San's phone calls were all bursting, and there was even a steady stream of people visiting their homes.

    After all, Li Two and Three were Ye Fan's henchmen.

    If something really happened to Ye Fan, Li Er San, it was impossible not to know!


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