Dish Best Served Cold 1031-1035


Chapter 1031

But alas, Shen Jiuyi and the others, didn't even enter the door, let alone find Li Er and question him face to face.

    "Damn it!"

    "This Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua are really bullying people."

    "Riding roughshod over Jiangdong just because they have some background."

    "And now they're even making a vain claim that they want to acquire Mu Fan Group?"

    "What are we going to do now, things have gotten completely out of control."

    "When tomorrow comes, I'm afraid it will be even more difficult to manage."

    While the entire Jiangdong was in a tumult, Li Er and Chen Ao, the three of them, however, were secretly meeting each other in a certain hotel in Yunzhou.

    In fact, as early as a month ago, Lu Mingfeng and the others had already made contact with Li Er and the three men.

    These people were not Jiangdong people, but had a Yanjing background.

    The first thing they said when they met with Li Er and the others was to make Chen Ao three submissive and use them!

    Li Er-San naturally refused.

    Mr. Chu had treated them well, and now that Ye Fan had just fallen, how could they turn to serve his master and cross the river to break the bridge?

    At that time, Li Er and the others had thought that after they refused, this Lu Mingfeng duo would know better and would not think of getting involved in Jiangdong again.

    But later, Li Er found out that they were wrong.

    Big mistake!

    In the following month, Lu Mingfeng and the others used their powerful backgrounds and their monstrous connections to conquer cities and territories in the middle of Jiangdong.

    The place where their spearheads were directed was, of course, the Mu Fan Group, founded by Ye Fan!

    At that time, Li Er-San realized the wolfish ambitions of Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua.

    What they were after was definitely not about money benefits.

    Rather, to be the co-owner of this Jiangdong and replace Ye Fan with him!

    During this month, Li Er and the others tried all sorts of ways to fight against it.

    But as a result, it was still difficult to salvage the situation.

    Today's Mu Fan Group, all the industries have almost fallen into the hands of the Fenghua Group.

    Now, they have even launched a takeover of the Mu Fan Group, vainly trying to completely trample down the Mu Fan Group!

    Originally, Li Er and the others had planned to use Mr. Chu's name to unite multiple forces to counteract the Fenghua Group.

    But now, with Lu Mingfeng's public outburst of Ye Fan's fall, the last path for Li Er and the others was undoubtedly blocked.

    Seeing that the Mu Fan Group was gone, Li Er and the three of them were naturally troubled in their hearts.

    At this time, they gathered here to discuss countermeasures.

    "How about we get Miss Chu to make a statement."

    "Say that Mr. Chu is still alive and sue the Fenghua Group for spreading rumors?"Li Er suggested.

    But Chen Ao shook his head: "It's useless.This kind of thing, the more explanation, the more people suspect, the only way is Mr. Chu shows up to see, a lot of suspicions naturally will not be broken."

    "But obviously, that's impossible."

    "Hey~" Lei Laosan sighed, "So, you can only sit back and watch the two of them, Lu Mingfeng, completely annex the Mu Fan Group?"

    "You have to know that once the Mufan Group falls, the next thing they have to deal with is us."

    As the saying goes, one dynasty's son is another dynasty's minister.

    The three of them were Ye Fan's close confidantes, and they had even rejected Lu Mingfeng's olive branch to his face in the first place.

    In the future, if Lu Mingfeng really claimed Jiangdong, the three of them would not be happy about what would happen to them.

    However, just when the three of them were almost in despair, a phone call suddenly came in.

    Li Er took a look at the number, and then answered it.

    A moment later, Li Er's appearance changed abruptly: "What did you say?"

    "They did it to Genting Mountain Villa?"

    "Fuck, can't these bastards even get away with women?"

    "Pass my orders to immediately send more men to Genting Mountain Villa!"

    Li Er's old face was sunken, and he said in an angry voice.

    "Li Er, what's wrong?"

    "What's happened?"

    Lei laosan and Chen Ao, both of them were also shocked and asked in confusion.

    But Li Er said with a dark face, "Something happened, Mr. Chu's relatives, I'm afraid that they are in danger."


    "You mean, they're taking people, to Genting Mountain Villa?"


    "No, we have to go over there."

    "Mr. Chu has treated us well, we didn't get to keep his business, but we have to protect his loved ones, right?"

    Lei laosan face also immediately one side, whirling was about to go out, to go to Genting mountain villa.

    However, Chen Ao stopped them.

    "The other party is menacing, since they have decided to make a move, they must have prepared everything."

    "Even if the three of us go over there, I'm afraid it won't be of any use."

    "Moreover, the three of us may have some fame in Jiangdong, but in the eyes of Lu Mingfeng and the others, we are probably nothing."

    "And don't forget, that Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua are still surrounded by martial powerhouses to help them."

    "Do you think that the three of us can block a punch from that martial dao powerhouse?"

    Chen Ao said in a deep voice.

    It was as if a pot of cold water was poured down.

    The two of them, Li Er and Lei Lao San, also stopped in their tracks.

    Obviously, the two of them also realized that what Chen Ao said was reasonable.

    Even if they rushed over, it wouldn't serve any purpose.

    That Lu Mingfeng didn't even care about Mr. Chu, let alone the three of them.

    "Is it just that we're going to watch Mr. Chu's loved ones be in danger and not care?"Lei Laosan was filled with bitterness and said with a sigh.

    Chen Ao continued back, "It is definitely necessary to be in charge, just that we should think of some other ways."

    "Lu Mingfeng and the others are menacing and have a monstrous background, this situation is no longer something that we civil forces can deal with."

    "I remember, Li Er you said before that Mr. Chu has some friendships with Wu City."

    "Look, can you contact Wu Weitao?"

    "For now, we can only use the official power to shelter Mr. Chu's family members."

    Chen Ao said in a deep voice.

    After hearing that, Li Er felt reasonable: "Okay, I'll try to contact them."

    Soon, the call was connected.

    "Mr. Li, is there anything?"

    In the middle of the phone call, came Wu Weitao's voice.

    Li Er first said a few words of courtesy, while then he explained his intention.

    "Wu City, the matter is urgent, please arrange some people to go to Genting Mountain Villa first to stabilize the situation ah."

    "I know, this request is a bit abrupt."

    "But please, Wu City, for the sake of your friendship with Mr. Chu, order shelter."

    Li Er said anxiously.

    However, on the other end of the phone, there was Wu Weitao's nonchalant laughter.


    "Before that, I did want to climb up with that Mr. Chu."

    "But unfortunately, Mr. Chu has his eyes above his head and doesn't want to pay attention to me, Wu."

    "So, this friendship between me and Mr. Chu has been lost."

    "Wu Shi, let's talk about these words later, and please send someone to Genting Mountain Villa first ah."Li Er, however, was not interested in listening to him talk about these old things, but just couldn't stop urging.

    However, in the face of Li Er's request, Wu Weitao didn't respond directly, but said indifferently, "Mr. Li, it's time for this Jiangdong sky to change, isn't it?"


At this time, Lu Mingfeng and the others had yet to arrive.

    In the Genting Mountain villa, it was still as calm as ever.

    However, before the villa, there was a white BMW parked.

    It was Su Xi's car.

    Apparently, she had also learned about the fall of Ye Fan from Lu Mingfeng's speech.

    And when she thought about how depressed and down Autumn Mu Orange was during this period of time, Suzy also had to doubt the truth of this matter.

    "Mu Orange, you tell me."

    "In the end [Dragon Novel Network] is it not true?"

    "Ye Fan he, really has been in trouble?"

    In the villa, the lights were on.

    The Noble Villa was as bright as day.

    It was just that the Genting Mountain villa, which represented status and power in front of him, no longer had the glory and vitality it had before, and what was left was only desolate and lonely.

    In the face of Suzy's follow-up questions, Autumn Mu Orange did not answer.

    At this time, she was wearing an apron, cooking in the middle of the kitchen.

    The dining table was filled with delicacies.

    If Ye Fan's mother, Ye Ximei, was here, she would definitely find that the food on the table was exactly the same as the day she had learned of Ye Fan's death.

    Ever since the news of Ye Fan's death came, Autumn Mu Orange had been like this.

    Every night, she would prepare the same dishes as the day of Ye Xie Mei's birthday banquet, set up two sets of cutlery, and then sit at the table, waiting for Ye Fan to return.


    "Mu Orange, how long are you going to keep this from me?"

    "Are you telling me that Evan is not already dead?"

    "Did he die a month or so ago?"

    Seeing Qiu Mu Orange's lost soul, Suzy's heart also couldn't bear it.

    Although, she already had the answer in her heart.

    But at this point, she finally asked it herself.

    It wasn't that she wanted to confirm anything, but rather, she wanted Qiu Mu Orange to accept reality.

    Otherwise, this woman, I'm afraid, would spend her entire life, never coming out of the shadow of this matter.

    Just like now, sitting on the same meal every day, waiting for someone who was not destined to come.

    The food was cold and hot.

    Susie couldn't bear to look at it.

    In the end, Suzy couldn't look at it anymore, and even though she knew it would sting Autumn Mu Orange, Suzy still said the words straight out.

    As expected, upon hearing the middle of Suzy's words, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been silent all this time, roared at Suzy as if she was a fried kitten, "No, you're talking nonsense!"

    "Evan will not die."

    "He said he would come back to eat with me, to have children with me, to protect me for the rest of my life."

    "He hasn't done a single thing yet, how could he die."

    "You're all lying to me, you're all lying to me."

    "I would never believe it~"

    Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop shaking her head, and as she said that, tears flowed down.

    Even though, it had been more than a month since she had learned of Ye Fan's death.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange still hadn't accepted this reality to this day.

    To this day, Qiu Mu Orange did not want to believe that Ye Fan was really dead, that that brazen bastard had really left him forever.

    "Mu Orange, I know that this matter is difficult for you to accept."

    "But, you can't just keep running away from it."

    "The company family and friends, they don't care."

    "Every day, you smother yourself in the villa."

    "You know, what's become of the company now?"

    "Did you know that Evan's career in life has been a mess?"

    "Even though Ye Fan is gone, you should pull yourself together, show your authority as the Empress of Jiangdong and help him hold on to his foundation in Jiangdong."

    "Instead of hiding here, deceiving yourself and being negative and avoiding the world."

    Suzy hatefully advised Qiu Mu-Orange.

    However, Qiu Mu-Orange no longer had the heart to care about this.

    All her efforts in the beginning were to be able to have a happy future with Ye Fan.

    And now, with Ye Fan gone, there was no point in her trying any harder.

    It could be said that from the moment she learned of Ye Fan's fall, her heart had already died.

    But actually, even if Qiu Mu Orange did come out to preside over the situation, she was simply powerless to do so.

    After all, the reason why the Mufan Group could radiate the province in such a short period of time and grow into the number one group in Jiangdong, it wasn't because of Qiu Mu Orange's personal ability, most of it was because of Ye Fan's authority.

    It could be said that the entire Mufan Group was supported by Ye Fan alone!

    Previously, when Ye Fan was still around, the various powers feared Ye Fan's might, so they all gave the Mu Fan Group a few points of face.

    But now, the matter of Ye Fan's fall had spread.

    Just like the monarch's death, that so-called Jiangdong Empress would naturally exist in name only.

    Without Ye Fan, who would care about Qiu Mu Orange, a weak woman?

    Therefore, even if Qiu Mu Orange did come out to preside over the company's affairs according to what Suzy had said, it wouldn't help at all.


    As the two girlfriends were talking, only a loud bang was heard, and the villa's door was actually kicked open.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models, the newest ones, and the newest ones.

    The orange light, like a sword, sliced open the canopy here.

    Under the light, the scene in the courtyard was also exceptionally clear.

    "What people?"

    "How dare you!"

    "How dare you trespass on Mr. Chu's mansion?"

    This sudden change of heart caused all of Suzy and the others to be shocked.

    And then, Suzy pushed open the door and walked out, shouting harshly at the people under the stage.

    At this time, the car door opened, only to see two tall and handsome youths, but from the car walked down.

    The two, one wearing a black stiff suit, the bow tie on the forehead, but also give a kind of aristocratic temperament.

    Yes, this person was the one who had previously threatened to acquire Mufan Group, Lu Mingfeng!

    But the person behind him was a white tracksuit with his hands in his pockets, his mouth filled with a wicked smile, and he was looking at Su Xi in front of him with a teasing look.

    This person is the one who came to Jiangdong along with Lu Mingfeng, Xu Shaohua!

    However, in the face of Suzy's roar, these two did not pay attention.

    Instead, they looked around at their surroundings, while nodding their heads in satisfaction.

    "It's worthy of being the best location in Cloud State, whether it's the view or the environment, it's great."

    "I like it a lot."

    "Shao Hua, how about you?"Lu Mingfeng smiled and asked.

    Xu Shaohua also nodded his head in satisfaction, "Mm, I also think it's good."

    "In the future, if we have a champagne reception with pretty girls here, it will definitely be lively."

    These two were saying it as if they were surveying their own courtyard.

    Suzy was close to dying of anger.

    "This is the home of Mr. Chu and Mu Orange, you are not welcome here, please leave!"Suzy roared again.

    Lu Mingfeng sniffed, but smiled contemptuously.

    "Not from now on."

    "Go in and tell that so-called Empress of Jiangdong that from now on, Jiangdong changes hands!"

    "This Genting Mountain villa belongs to the two of us brothers."

    "I'll give her half an hour to pack her things and get out of Genting Mountain!"

    "This is not a place she's entitled to live anymore."


The cold laughter was filled with contempt and arrogance.

    It was as if, in his eyes, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were just fish and meat on his chopping block, left to be slaughtered.

    But the truth, in fact, was exactly like that!

    Without Ye Fan's protection, the so-called Mu Fan Group would just be fat meat in their mouths.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange's so-called Empress of Jiangdong, she would naturally become a joke!

    As the saying goes, a woman is precious to her husband.

    When Ye Fan was around, Qiu Mu Orange was majestic and noble, the Empress of Jiangdong and the First Lady of Jiangdong.

    Now that Ye Fan was dead, those so-called names of Qiu Mu Orange were naturally gone.

    The current Qiu Mu Orange, in the eyes of Lu Mingfeng and the others, was just a despicable woman from a third-rate family.

    Their Lu family and Xu family were the premier noble family in Yanjing, even if Ye Fan was here, they were all joyfully unafraid, let alone a weak woman with no hands.

    "You're dreaming!"

    "This Genting Mountain villa was bought by Mu Orange's husband at a heavy price, even if Ye Fan dies and dies, that house should rightfully belong to Mu Orange."

    "It's the private property of Mu Orange's family."

    "You villains, how are you qualified to let Mu Orange leave?"

    "I guess it's you guys who should leave."

    Suzy was full of anger.

    It was the first time she had seen such an arrogant person since she had grown up.

    It was just as well to trespass into their private residence, but now they even wanted to dove into the nest and make the mistress of the house leave.

    Simply absurd!

    Even Suzy, an outsider, felt that they were bullying people too much.

    However, Suzy's words seemed to have infuriated Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    Lu Mingfeng's appearance was immediately gloomy.

    "I don't want to repeat the same words a second time."

    "As I said, this place is no longer something that you are qualified to live in."

    "If you're sensible, consciously leave."

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

    "A word of caution, these men of mine can be from the Three Religions, if they were to make a move to drive you away.When the time comes, I can't guarantee your personal safety.".

    Lu Mingfeng's cold words rang out, and his tone was full of threats.

    The moment his words fell, only four or five bodyguards behind him could be seen, and they had already gathered around.

    Looking at the stance, it seemed that if Suzy and the others didn't get out of here, they were going to come hard.


    Just as these big men were about to make a move against Suzy, a cold voice, then came out from the villa.

    Only Qiu Mu Orange, in a long dress, with her beautiful eyes still a little red and swollen, walked out with a blank expression.

    "Mu Orange, these bastards, they want to drive you away."

    "They want to take over this Genting Mountain Villa."

    Seeing Autumn Mu Orange come out, Suzy even ran over and gritted her teeth.

    "Well, I know."

    "Leave the rest to me."

    Qiu Mu Orange said in a low voice, this was her matter with Ye Fan, she didn't want to involve Suzy in it.

    "You should be Miss Autumn Mu Orange, Mr. Chu's married wife?"

    "I've long heard that Mr. Chu's women are incredibly talented, but before that, Shao Hua and I were sneering at them, but now it seems that it's true!"

    "I, Lu Mingfeng, have read countless people myself, but if it's just based on temperament and looks, Miss Qiu is among the top three."

    "It's a pity that such a good girl is already married."

    "If I could have met Miss Qiu a few years earlier, I would have made you my Lu family's daughter-in-law."

    Lu Mingfeng did not mince words of praise for Qiu Mu Orange.

    After all, the woman in front of him was one of the best in a million miles, whether it was her figure or her posture.

    But unfortunately, Lu Mingfeng had a virgin complex.

    Naturally, he didn't dare to be interested in a woman like Qiu Mu Orange who was already married to someone else.

    Qiu Mu Orange ignored Lu Mingfeng's words, she looked at them and coldly said, "Genting Mountain Villa is the private property of our couple."

    "You have trespassed into a private residence and tried to encroach on someone else's property.You have already violated the criminal law."

    "I've already made a call to Wu City, and the authorities will send someone over soon."

    "A word of advice, if you don't want to go to jail, quickly retreat."

    "Otherwise, I, Qiu Mu Orange, will definitely use my legal weapon to take you to the public court!"

    Autumn Mu Orange's cold, clear words were unmistakable.

    "The law?"

    However, when they heard Qiu Mu Orange's words, Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua all laughed.

    It was as if they had heard the world's funniest joke.

    The words were filled with ridicule and sneers.

    "Miss Qiu, it's a pity that you were once the woman of the Lord of Jiangdong."

    "Don't you know that the rules and laws are only used to bind the weak."

    "For the strong, the rules, they are meant to be broken."

    "Is that so?"Faced with Lu Mingfeng's arrogant words, Qiu Mu Orange was not afraid and returned in a deep voice, "In that case, let's wait and see."

    "Good, since Miss Autumn is elegant, then Shao Hua and I, we'll play along with you."Lu Mingfeng smiled lightly, his words light and full of confidence.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't have any worries about this.

    Right and wrong was right in front of her, she didn't believe that the police would still be able to favor Lu Mingfeng and the others when they came?

    What's more, she was specifically calling Wu Weitao this time.

    They also have some friendship with Wu Weitao, and before Wu Weitao even showed Ye Fan all kinds of goodwill.

    Even on the basis of their past friendship, Wu Weitao would definitely be inclined towards them.

    As expected, in a short while, a large number of police officers appeared outside the Genting Mountain Villa.

    Among them, the leader was the Yunzhou City Lord, Wu Weitao.

    Seeing Wu Weitao, Suzy was overjoyed, as if a man overboard had grasped the last straw, and shouted, "Wu City, you're just in time."

    "This group of villains are bullying people, trespassing on people's houses, and even taking over Mu Orange's house."

    "Please Wu Shi, give us justice, too."

    Suzy said loudly.

    No matter what, Mu Fan Group was also the most taxed enterprise in Yunzhou City, and Suzy felt that this Wu Weitao was even more stupid, that would definitely be on the side of Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Wu Shi, I'm really sorry for disturbing you so late."

    "It's just that these people are really bullying people."

    "Ye Fan is not here, I can only turn to you for help."

    Seeing that Wu Weitao had arrived, Qiu Mu Orange was thankful.

    Walking forward, she was about to thank Wu Weitao.

    However, who would have thought that facing Qiu Mu Orange, who had come to thank her, Wu Weitao pushed her aside with one hand, and his cold and majestic voice, then sounded.

    "I have received a report that the owner of the house, Ye Fan, is suspected of various crimes such as illegal fundraising and huge amounts of property of unknown origin."

    "Now, after the decision of the relevant authorities, all properties, cars, stocks and other valuable assets under the couple Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange are immediately seized."


    "Wu Shi, you...You...?"

    Suzy stared at her then, and Autumn Mu Orange was even more pale and flabbergasted.

    I thought that what came was a timely rain.But what Qiu Mu Orange had never expected was that what they were waiting for was a life-saving talisman!


"Mr. Qiu, I'm offended, I'm in a position to do official business."

    At the summit of Cloud Peak, Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were still in shock and hadn't returned to their senses.

    But Wu Weitao had his hands behind his back and smiled coldly.

    And then, a command was given: "Sealing!"

    Under Wu Weitao's order, a few staff members went forward and put a seal on the villa's door.

    Sealing the Genting Mountain Villa, completely!


    "How about it, Miss Autumn?"

    "I've long said that rules are only used to bind the weak."

    "And I, Lu Mingfeng, have the ability to overstep the rules."

    "After tonight, the matter of you being expelled from Genting Mountain Villa will spread all over Jiangdong."

    "At that time, everyone will believe that the Mu Fan Group, the great trend has gone."

    "The era belonging to Mr. Chu is also completely over!"

    "After tonight, there will only be one voice left in the entire Jiangdong."

    "That is me, the voice of Lu Mingfeng!"


    Unbridled laughter, bringing up a gusty low roar.

    At the top of the cloud-top mountain, three thousand falling leaves, rustling.

    Faced with Lu Mingfeng's complacent words, but Autumn Mu Orange's face was pale.

    He turned his head, looked at Lu Mingfeng as well as Wu Weitao and the others, and whispered.

    "You guys, are you in cahoots?"

    If by now, Qiu Mu Orange still couldn't see the situation in front of her, it would be in vain.

    Faced with Qiu Mu Orange's question, Wu Weitao didn't answer directly and only smiled faintly.

    "Miss Autumn, Mr. Chu is already dead."

    "The era that belonged to him is over."


    The faint words, however, carried an inexplicable smile and wantonness.

    Obviously, Wu Weitao still remembered the time when he hot-faced Ye Fan's cold ass.

    At that time, Wu Weitao had shown Ye Fan a hundred favors and even disregarded his status and paid a visit to him.

    But what was the result?

    Ye Fan's loving response to him had disgraced him.

    Now, the wheel of fortune changes.

    Ye Fan is gone, so Wu Weitao will naturally take advantage of the situation and take this opportunity to avenge the humiliation of Ye Fan's disregard for him.

    As the saying goes, the wall falls down and everyone pushes it.

    Perhaps, this is the scene in front of you.

    Even Wu Weitao had fallen to Lu Mingfeng and the others, so it could be said that nowadays, Qiu Mu Orange had no one to turn to for help.

    Looking at the Genting Mountain villa that had already been seized behind her, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face paled as she stumbled, actually nearly sprawled out on the ground again.

    "Mu-Orange, are you alright?"

    "You don't scare me."

    "Mu orange~"

    Seeing Autumn Mu Orange's miserably pretty face, Suzy was undoubtedly terrified.

    She hurriedly ran over to assist.

    As the saying goes, there's no greater sorrow than dying in the heart.

    With this succession of blows, Suzy was naturally worried that Autumn Mu Orange wouldn't be able to bear it.

    "Come on, Mu Orange, I'll take you away."

    "If you keep the green hills, you won't be afraid of no wood."

    "Tomorrow, we'll sue them."

    "If the city doesn't work, we'll go to the province."

    "But only if you take care of yourself~"

    Suzy knew that this house, they were doomed to never come back.

    In desperation, Suzy prepared to take Qiu Mu Orange away from here first.

    However, just as they were about to leave, Xu Shaohua, who had been silent all this time, suddenly blocked their path, stopping Qiu Mu Orange and the two of them.

    "The house has been given to you, aren't you still satisfied?"

    "Get out of the way!"

    Suzy roared harshly at Xu Shaohua.

    Xu Shaohua ignored her and instead looked at the pretty pale face of Qiu Mu Orange and smiled softly, "I'm as familiar with Miss Qiu as I was at first sight."

    "Taking advantage of tonight's beautiful night, I wonder if Miss Autumn would be so kind as to stay and share a few drinks with me under the moon?"

    Xu Shaohua smiled wantonly as he looked at Qiu Mu Orange.

    There was covetousness in his eyes.


    "Shao Hua, it's rare."

    "In all these years, but this is the first time I've seen you take the initiative to invite a girl to drink."

    Not waiting for Qiu Mu Orange to reply, but Lu Mingfeng was then shocked, as if he had seen the sun appear from the west.

    One had to know that in Lu Mingfeng's impression, Xu Shaohua was rarely interested in a certain girl.

    There was a champagne reception where Lu Mingfeng, in order to relieve his brother's boredom, specially invited ten net-red beauties from a live broadcast platform to accompany Xu Shaohua, but his brother didn't care.

    But now, Xu Shaohua had taken the initiative to invite Qiu Mu Orange to spend a good night together, which was undoubtedly unprecedented.


    "Miss Qiu, to win my brother's favor, that's a blessing you've cultivated in several lifetimes."

    "Take advantage of it."

    "This brother of mine, however, is the prince of the Yanjing Xu family, the future heir to the Xu family's throne."

    "This chance, if you grasp it, you might be a noblewoman in the future."

    Lu Mingfeng set it up from the side.


    "A bunch of shameless people."

    "And you want Mu Orange to drink with you, in your dreams?"

    When Suzy heard such revealing words, she cursed in righteous indignation.

    However, as soon as Susie's words fell, Lu Mingfeng's face went cold.

    He waved his hand, and one of his strong men immediately stepped forward and smacked Suzy to the ground.

    Suzy screamed, and blood flowed out at the corners of her mouth.

    "If you continue to be noisy, don't blame me for throwing you down from here."

    Lu Mingfeng said in a cold voice, and his energetic words carried an endless coldness.

    Su Xi was so frightened then that she shut her mouth, her pretty face tearful, not daring to speak again.

    "Miss Autumn, please?"

    Lu Mingfeng looked at Qiu Mu Orange again and smiled coldly.

    The words were hard and carried an unquestionable authority.

    However, how could Qiu Mu Orange agree?

    She ignored Lu Mingfeng's words, but picked up Suzy and was about to head down the mountain.

    "Why bother?"

    "A toast that has to be taken?"

    "My brother has spoken, you have to give this face or not."

    "But it's not up to you!"

    Lu Mingfeng shook his head.

    As the words fell, immediately afterwards, a few of his men walked towards Qiu Mu Orange's direction.

    From the looks of it, they were ready to forcibly take Qiu Mu Orange away directly.


    "You guys let go of me."

    "Let go of me!"

    Autumn Mu Orange struggled violently.

    However, it was to no avail.

    How could she, a weak woman, struggle away from the hands of a few big men?

    However, just as Lu Mingfeng's men were preparing to forcibly take Qiu Mu Orange away, a cold, clear voice was heard.

    "Let her go!"

    "How can the Dragon Lord's woman be insulted by an insect like you?"


    The split second the words rang out, the doors and windows behind them abruptly exploded.

    The door that had just been sealed was seen to split apart in an instant.

    Between the wood chips flying, Qing Tan's figure then appeared in front of everyone's eyes.


    "There's even someone in the room?"

    "How dare you break the seal that I sealed?"

    "Someone, take her down!"

    Wu Weitao's eyebrows furrowed as he ordered in a cold voice.

    However, before a few of Wu Weitao's men could get close enough, Qing Tan had already kicked them out.

    One had even just pulled out his gun and fired, and with an arrow step, Qing Tan leapt straight up, turned around, and kicked him in the ribs.

    Hundreds of pounds of body flew straight backwards and ended up smashing into Wu Weitao's body.

    A mouthful of blood actually vomited all over Wu Weitao's face!



"Guns all dodged?"

    "That was fast!"

    "Is this fucking human?"

    Wu Weitao was scared to death and his entire body was directly confused.

    He simply couldn't believe that this seemingly tiny girl in front of him could explode with such strength on her weak and delicate body.

    Within a few breaths, she had put down all of his men.

    Moreover, her speed was even more astonishing.It was even faster than the speed of a person pulling out a gun?

    How could Wu Weitao have never thought that even though this Ye Fan was dead, he had left such a back up for his wife?

    Wu Weitao suddenly realized that he had, perhaps, somewhat underestimated Ye Fan.

    "A martial artist?"

    Just as Wu Weitao was frightened, Lu Mingfeng, who was on the side, looked heavy.

    However, it was just a mere condensation, he wasn't too surprised or frightened.

    Long before coming to Jiangdong, they had already grasped quite a few details about Ye Fan from Chu Qitian's mouth.

    They knew that Ye Fan was a martial dao practitioner, and even, an extremely powerful Zongshi powerhouse.

    How could a martial dao master not have a few martial artists following around him.

    Therefore, from the very beginning, Lu Mingfeng had anticipated this situation.

    "Shao Hua, this martial artist can only be left to you to deal with."

    Lu Mingfeng looked towards Xu Shaohua and said in a deep voice.

    Xu Shaohua nodded, "Don't worry, a weak woman who isn't even a grandmaster is just that."

    "Wei Lao defeated her, only like a defeated dog!"

    Xu Shaohua sneered.

    As his words trailed off, he instantly turned around and shouted in a deep voice into the darkness behind him, "Wei Lao, please!"


    Xu Shaohua's words echoed, bringing up boundless wind and waves in the middle of the night.

    The originally silent heavens and earth, but at this moment, a cold wind gust was blowing.

    Immediately afterwards, a low wind-breaking sound quietly rang out in the ears of the crowd.

    From far to near, from slow to fast.

    It was as if, something terrifying was rapidly approaching at a terrifying speed..

    "It's...This is..."

    Wu Weitao and the others were all shocked, and when they followed the sound, they only saw an old figure in the depths of the night, at some point.

    This old man, first called out respectfully to Young Master Xu Shaohua, and then his gloomy cold gaze landed on Qing Tan.

    At that moment, Qing Tan's small face, too, went white.

    "Sister Qiu, you guys go first."

    "Leave Yunzhou!"

    "Go to Yanjing and look for Xu Lei, the head of the Xu family."

    "The Dragon Lord has already arranged a retreat for you."

    "When you reach Yanjing, House Master Xu Lei will be able to protect you."

    Qing Tan clearly felt the powerful oppression from the old man as well.

    This man, was strong!

    At the very least, the realm was above Qing Tan.

    Even if it wasn't a clan master powerhouse, it was still a half-clan powerhouse with half a foot in the clan.

    Before this, Qing Tan had thought that this trouble was just an ordinary business competition.

    But now it seemed that it was by no means that simple.

    The other side, had clearly come prepared!

    In other words, the purpose of Lu Mingfeng and the others coming to Jiangdong was to, overwhelm all of Ye Fan's forces in Jiangdong.

    "Qing Tan, what about you?"Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face paled and asked in panic.

    "Sister Autumn, leave me alone."


    "Go to Yanjing and find Miss Xu Lei Xu."

    "And, Sister Qiu, at no time should you give up."

    "Like you, I will never believe that Brother Fan has fallen like this."

    "You have to live well, help you, and help me, and keep waiting."

    "Believe me, Little Brother Fan, he will come back alive."

    Qing Tan's words were decisive, and an inexplicable light flickered in her beautiful eyes.

    "Qingtan, what are you doing?"

    "Don't you do anything stupid."

    Hearing Qing Tan's almost last words, Autumn Mu Orange's eyes turned red at that time.

    "Sister Qiu, leave me alone, go~"

    After saying that, Qing Tan pushed Qiu Mu Orange away.Turning around and that old man, they fought together.

    "Mu-Orange, while we're at it, let's go!"

    Suzy had already crawled up from the ground at this time, and she pulled Autumn Mu Orange and ran towards the mountain.

    "Stop them!"

    Lu Mingfeng had already noticed Qiu Mu Orange and the others' movements, and when he saw that they were leaving, he gave an order.

    A dozen or so of his men behind him swarmed to chase after Su Xi in the direction where they had fled.

    As they watched Qiu Mu-Orange and the two of them were trapped in a deep and desperate situation, a large number of people rushed up from the bottom of Genting Mountain.

    "Miss Autumn, I Jin Bao~"

    "I, Yinbao, have come to rescue you by order of the Second Master!"

    At the bottom of the hill, the two brothers Jin Bao and Yin Bao were in the lead, and behind them were the Li family's bodyguards that Li Er had sent to fetch Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Miss Qiu, you guys go quickly."

    "Here, we're in the way~"

    Soon, the two parties had become one.

    And Suzy also took the opportunity to pull Qiu Mu Orange to continue running down the mountain.


    "This damned Old Man Li."

    "After stepping on the destruction of Mu Fan Group, I'll deal with him next."

    Seeing the duck to the mouth just fly away, Lu Mingfeng was furious and gritted his teeth in anger.

    But Xu Shaohua wasn't angry at all.

    "Mingfeng, why do you need to get angry?"

    "Don't worry, with Wei Lao here, they won't be able to escape."

    Xu Shaohua smiled faintly.


    At this time, a loud explosion sounded.

    Qing Tan and the old man surnamed Wei violently clashed with each other, and without any stalemate at all, Qing Tan's entire body was directly shaken out.

    Old Man Wei stepped on the ground and multiplied his victory.

    A light palm, like picking leaves through flowers, quietly probed out.

    Qing Tan was shocked and dodged sideways.

    "Trying to dodge?"

    "Can you avoid it?"

    Wei Lao sneered, when he changed his palm into a fist and swept it away.


    Another muffled sound was heard, and Qing Tan immediately suffered a heavy blow, spitting blood and falling straight to the ground.

    "Wei Lao, fight quickly and don't tangle with her!"

    "Yes, young master!"Old Man Wei respectfully responded.

    Immediately after, he pounced on the already injured Qing Tan again.

    "Little girl, it's over."

    The old man smiled coldly and struck out with a palm.

    Qing Tan couldn't retreat now, and behind him was a hundred-meter ravine.

    In a desperate situation, Qing Tan gritted her teeth and slapped the old man with a palm.


    Qing Tan muffled a grunt, and between the pouring of blood, his entire body was directly struck by this old man, from the summit of Cloud Peak Mountain.

    A skinny body, like a falling leaf, like a shock, fell from the summit of the mountain!

    "Green Sandalwood~"

    Not far away, after hearing Qing Tan's painful moans, Qiu Mu Orange then turned around and looked, and saw that the girl who had accompanied her for months, who had closely guarded her side, just like this, fell down from the top of the cloud top mountain.

    Tears, suddenly came to her eyes.

    She wept, she cried out, and she recklessly ran towards the direction where Qing Tan had fallen.

    "Miss Autumn, I've told you long ago."

    "Mr. Chu's era is over."

    "Now the two of us brothers are the masters of this Jiangdong!"

    "Let you struggle, it won't help at all."

    "If you know what's good for you, just behave and arrest."

    Looking at the desperate weeping woman, at the summit of Cloud Top Mountain, the two of them, Lu Mingfeng, stood with their hands negative, full of cold smiles.

    That high and mighty tone was all defiance and arrogance.


    However, just as that Lu Mingfeng was arrogant and reckless, a roar suddenly sounded underneath Genting Mountain.

    It was like the low roar of a wild beast or the howl of a fierce tiger.

    The orange light was like a sword, tearing apart the darkness.

    Beneath the Heavenly River, only a number of luxury cars could be seen, as if they were phantom ghosts, crashing through the heavens and piercing the void, leaping and galloping towards the Genting Mountain Villa.

    "This...This is..."


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