Dish Best Served Cold 1036-1040


Chapter 1036

"It's...This is..."

    The sudden roar at the bottom of the mountain caused the crowd to tremble.

    When the crowd followed the sound, the number of luxury cars, however, had already arrived at the bottom of the cloud top mountain.

    Looking at these suddenly appearing luxury cars, it was Lu Mingfeng and the others, their brows also swirled up.

    "Shao Hua, these, are you the ones who brought them as well?"

    Confused, Lu Mingfeng asked Xu Shaohua, who was on the side.

    Xu Shaohua whirled around and shook his head, "No."

    "I only brought one person with me to Jiangdong this time, Wei Lao."

    "That's strange, what exactly is the origin of these people?"Lu Mingfeng's heart was puzzled.

    Because, he discovered that these cars in front of him were all Beijing brand names.

    In other words, these people in front of him were all from Yanjing.

    With their family backgrounds, Lu Mingfeng and the others could run rampant in Jiangdong without fearing anyone.

    However, they would have to treat people from Yanjing solemnly.

    After all, Yanjing was the imperial capital of China, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    Even if they were Yanjing's gentry, they would never dare to act recklessly in Yanjing.

    It was because if they didn't do well, they would bring a lot of trouble to the family.

    So, when he saw the Beijing license plates in front of him, a touch of gravity immediately appeared in Lu Mingfeng's heart.

    Soon, the car door opened.

    A majestic and stunning woman stepped down from the car in front of everyone's eyes.

    Her beige windbreaker was flickering in the night breeze.

    Three thousand green silk casually spread out, black high heels will be her figure, reveal her pavilion.

    The temperament of the entire person, noble and cold.

    In her beautiful eyes, she carried the majesty of a long-suffering person.


    Seeing this cool and majestic woman in front of him, Lu Mingfeng's eyebrows jumped, and more than just why, he always felt that this woman in front of him, looked somewhat familiar.

    Perplexed, Lu Mingfeng stepped forward and asked, his tone also considered polite, "I don't know the girl's name, what is the purpose of coming to my Genting Mountain villa so late?"

    Lu Mingfeng had dignified himself as the owner of Cloud Peak Mountain.

    After all, Qiu Mu Orange had already been blown out.

    After tonight, he would enter the Genting Mountain Villa and become the master of the place.

    "Xu Lei."

    The cold voice contained no emotion of resentment.

    It was cold, as if it was a stubborn stone.

    "Xu Lei?"

    Lu Mingfeng was stunned for a moment after hearing that, and then he was shocked.

    "You are, the Yanjing Xu Family Master, Xu Lei?"

    Like the Lu family, the Xu family was also one of the four great families of Yanjing.

    In the beginning, Xu Lei became the head of the Xu family at a very young age, and took charge of all the Xu family's properties, which made a lot of waves at that time.

    In all circles of Yanjing, the name Xu Lei was almost a household name.

    Even Lu Mingfeng's father often used Xu Lei as a role model for Lu Mingfeng to learn from.

    Therefore, after knowing that the woman in front of him was Xu Lei, Lu Mingfeng was naturally surprised.

    Nearly instantly, the smile on Lu Mingfeng's face became much more intense.

    He stepped forward and politely greeted, "So it's Xu Lei Xu Family Master."

    "Family Master Xu has come a long way to welcome me and Shao Hua, so please forgive me."

    Xu Shaohua also stepped forward and said equally politely, "Haha~"

    "I didn't expect that it would be the Xu Lei family master."

    "Back when I was in Yanjing, I had long heard of Miss Xu's talent and reputation."

    "Today, finally meeting it, it's truly a three lifetimes honor."

    "If Master Xu Lei doesn't mind, come with us to the villa and have a few drinks."

    "It would also allow us to do our duty as landlords."

    Lu Mingfeng and the two of them were as polite as they could be, and in front of Xu Lei, even the two of them couldn't display the slightest bit of arrogance or majesty.

    After all, in Yanjing, Xu Lei was one of the few peers that the two of them admired and respected.

    Although the Xu family was ranked last among the four great families.

    But now, since Xu Lei had taken the throne, in just one year, the Xu family's industry had grown rapidly, and the three new noblemen of Yanjing had all been annexed by it, bowing down to the Xu family.

    Today, the Xu family was in the limelight in Yanjing.

    It could be said that the Xu family was the only king in the Yanjing business world!

    In terms of wealth, the Lu Family and the Xu Family combined would be hard to match.

    However, money was just a form of power.

    It wasn't money that enabled the Lu and Xu families to establish themselves in Yanjing.

    Rather, it was their monstrous connections and power in both the military and political worlds.

    Therefore, if one really wanted to compare their heritage, the Xu family still couldn't be compared to the Lu and Xu families.

    However, the Xu Family was after all one of the four great families, and Xu Lei was the head of the Xu Family, as for Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, they were just two cynical noble sons who didn't have much real power in the family.

    So, when they saw the Xu Family Master, they were naturally polite.

    But Xu Lei ignored them, walking past them with an expressionless face, taking Qiu Mu Orange with her to get into the car.

    But Wei Lao blocked them.


    "You're even going to stop me?"

    "You guys should think carefully, even if the head of the Lu Family, Lu Junlin, is here and wants to stop me, you will have to weigh the consequences."

    The cold words carried an endless majesty.

    They echoed for a long time at the summit of this cloud top mountain.

    "Mingfeng, what should we do?"

    Xu Shaohua's heart was also bottomless, and he suddenly looked at his brother Lu Mingfeng.

    After all, this person in front of him was the head of the Xu Family.

    But if it were anyone else in the Xu Family, Xu Shaohua and the others would not be afraid at all, relying on their background status.

    However, Xu Lei Xu Family's identity as the head of the Xu Family had to make them scrupulous.

    After all, if they provoked this Xu Lei, they might go crazy.

    In case it caused trouble for the family, Lu Mingfeng felt that his old man would not be able to smack himself to death?

    "Forget it, let her go."

    Lu Mingfeng withdrew after all.

    Xu Shaohua also nodded and beckoned Wei Lao to retreat.

    "Master Xu Lei, for your sake this time, I'll spare them."

    "However, I hope you can watch over her."

    "If someday, this Qiu Mu Orange returns to Jiangdong without knowing what's going on and falls into my hands again, don't blame me, Lu Mingfeng, for not giving face to the Xu Family Master."

    Lu Mingfeng seemed to be smiling rather than laughing, and his words carried a bit of a threat.

    Xu Lei also looked back at him and coldly returned, "Let me also remind you of a few things."

    "This Jiangdong land is not something that anyone can get their hands on."

    "If you guys still want to live for a few more years, I advise you to stop early."

    "Otherwise, when he returns, your end will definitely be extraordinarily miserable."

    "Before you came here, you should have checked out my little brother Fan's methods, right?"

    Xu Lei suddenly, dawned a smile.

    That radiant smile, however, contained an endlessly eerie and cold intent.

    Just like this, at the last moment, Xu Lei descended on Jiangdong and took Qiu Mu Orange back to Yanjing.

    Of course, before leaving, Xu Lei also brought Qing Tan, who was severely injured, with her to the car.


Xu Lei had already left, but her words before she left were still lingering and echoing in the ears of Lu Mingfeng and the others.


    "Could it be, that Ye Fan is not dead?"

    Looking at the vehicle that had gone out of existence in the dark night, Lu Mingfeng's brows furrowed and said in a deep voice.

    After all, listening to Xu Lei's meaning just now, she didn't seem to think that Ye Fan was already dead.

    "Who cares if he's dead or not?"

    "The momentum is set anyway!"

    "Nowadays, Jiangdong is already in the hands of our brothers."

    "Even if that so-called Mr. Chu does come back alive, what can he do?"

    "Measure he doesn't have the guts to do it to my brothers and I!"

    Xu Shaohua, however, didn't care, and his faint smile was all contempt.

    For this so-called Mr. Chu, Xu Shaohua had never looked into his eyes.

    An abandoned son of the Chu family, the only identity he could show off was the dignity of Jiangdong.

    However, to noble families like Xu Shaohua and Lu Mingfeng, what was the so-called Respect of Jiangdong?


    "That's right."

    "An outcast is just an outcast, and even if he lives, what can he do?"

    "Unless he really doesn't know how to live or die before he dares to do anything to the two of us."

    Hearing Xu Shaohua's words, Lu Mingfeng also laughed then.

    The two of them were both princes of gentry, and they were used to making a name for themselves by virtue of their status and background.

    In Yanjing, not many people dared to offend them.

    Now that they were here in Jiangdong, they were naturally even more fearless.

    What's more, this time they came to command Jiangdong, it was all authorized by the family hierarchy.

    With the family's support, they were still afraid of nothing!

    Even this Wu Weitao in front of him, when he saw them, wouldn't he come over to flatter and show his affection?

    In the midst of his complacency and arrogance, Lu Mingfeng looked at Wu Weitao beside him and smiled, "Wu Shi, not shocked, right?"

    As he spoke, Lu Mingfeng purposely took out a few tissues and handed them over to Wu Weitao, gesturing for him to wipe the blood from his face.

    "Thank you, Young Master Lu."

    Wu Weitao thanked him with a face, taking the tissues from Lu Mingfeng's hands.


    "Right Wu Shi, if you have time, please give the contact to have this door repaired."

    "From now on, Shao Hua and I will be staying here."

    Lu Mingfeng said with a smile.

    Wu Weitao nodded, "Young Master Lu, don't worry, I'll have someone arrange it when we get back."

    "This Genting Mountain Villa is the place with the best scenery in Yunzhou, and also the most expensive location."

    "It can be said that this place, is the top of Yunzhou."

    "Young Master Lu lives here with Young Master Xu, and he deserves it!"

    "Wait a few days and I'll come back to warm up the pot and wish you guys a happy housewarming."

    Wu Weitao said complimentingly.

    Lu Mingfeng and the others didn't reply, just waved their hands and walked towards this villa.

    After they left, all that was left here was a mess on the ground and a frightened old pale face of Wu Weitao.

    "Little Liu, let's go too."

    "Later, give Old Han a call and ask him to send someone to deal with this side.At the same time, find a renovation team to come over and fix up the house for Young Master Lu and the others."

    On the way back, Wu Weitao arranged in a deep voice.

    The driver, Little Liu, heard it, but was confused.

    "Wu Shi, just two youngsters, is it so much to ask you to take care of them in such a meticulous manner?"

    "You even help them with such a trivial matter as repairing doors."

    Wu Weitao sniffed, but glared, "What do you know?"

    "Do you have any idea what the background of the two who are staying at Genting Mountain Villa at this time?"

    Little Liu was unconcerned and faintly said, "What background?"

    "Could it be that it's a relative of the Jiangdong Province Lord?"

    Wu Weitao was the master of a city, and the one who made him treat him so solemnly would probably be the son of the province.


    "That's all you've got."

    Hearing Little Liu's words, Wu Weitao sneered and laughed.

    He shook his head and continued, "Let me tell you, this Lu Mingfeng, is the only son of the owner of the Yanjing giants Lu Family."

    "And the Lu family, is a red gentry with a deep heritage!"

    "The descendants of the Lu Family are even spread across all walks of life in Huaxia, especially among the authorities, and hold a great deal of power to speak."

    "It's safe to say that in front of the Lu Family's master, even the Jiangdong Provincial Lord can only bow his head in greeting."


    "This...This.. so strong?"

    Driver Little Liu's mouth drew a breath of cold air.

    Even the Lord of Jiangdong Province greeted him respectfully, and Driver Xiao Liu no longer dared to imagine how terrifying this Lu family's background was.

    "What about the Xu family?"

    "I don't think that young master Xu doesn't talk much, so his background shouldn't be very powerful, right?"Little Liu asked again.

    Wu Weitao shook his head and said, "Do you think that someone who can make even the young master of the Lu family call himself a brother would be a mortal?"

    "This Xu family is an existence on par with the Lu family in Yanjing."

    "The Xu family, two generals in one family!"

    "This is all rare in the history of Huaxia."

    "Especially the Xu family's old man, Xu Wanchang, that was an army patriarch who carried a gun with the founding general back then."

    "Highly respected!"

    "Perhaps now long since retired, but this old man's prestige has been counted throughout all of Huaxia, and in terms of seniority, there aren't many higher than him."

    "And, General Tigers!"

    "Several of this old man's sons are also commanding the army and are revered in the military world."

    Wu Weitao said slowly.

    Driver Little Liu, however, had been scared silly, his heart scuffling with cold air.

    Before, he had thought that Lu Mingfei and Xu Shaohua were just juniors and not worth caring about.

    But now, after hearing Wu Weitao's introduction, Driver Xiaoliu only knew what kind of behemoth was now entering Jiangdong.

    "Two juniors, indeed not worthy of my attention."

    "But, where do you know that what I value, is the background behind them."

    "Thinking about that Mr. Chu, how glamorous he was a few months ago?"

    "But the Ten Thousand Palms building collapsed in a matter of days."

    "The reason why his career fell so fast was because, he had no background!"

    "A bottomless man, from the moment he ascended to the top of Jiangdong, I had anticipated his ending today."

    In the Audi, Wu Weitao looked out the window at the towering cloud-top mountains, but smiled proudly and told his driver, slowly, about his philosophy of recognition of life.

    The next day, the first day of the year, the first day of the year.

    The next day, when the first rays of morning light dawned, several pieces of news, then stirred the entire Jiangdong.

    The Mufan Group had been wholly acquired, and all of its industries were included under the Fenghua Group!

    And, the beautiful CEO of Mufan Group, Autumn Mu Orange, moved out of the Genting Mountain Villa.

    Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua stayed at the Genting Mountain Villa that night.

    Thus, the Mufan Group was completely destroyed.

    The era that belonged to Mr. Chu came to an end!

    The moment they learned this news, many people in Jiangdong were pale and filled with trepidation.

    The old man of the Xia family, even more so, trembled, his entire body, directly spread out on the sofa.

    His old eyes were red, his body was trembling, and he sighed long and miserably.

    "Mr. Chu's era, is it over like this?"


"My God, did you guys hear?"

    "The Mufan Group is down?"



    "The Mufan Group?"

    "You mean, the group that Mr. Chu founded?"

    "How is that possible?"


    "Mr. Chu's monstrous ability to turn the tide at the foot of Mount Tai, and the Haiyuan Pavilion has ordered ten thousand states to congratulate him."

    "If Mr. Chu doesn't fall, how could the Mufan Group fall?"


    "Fuck, old king head, did your fucking house just get internet?"

    "It burst out yesterday that Mr. Chu is dead."

    "And, last night, Mr. Chu's wife was blown down from her Genting Mountain villa like a lost dog."

    "Today, the signs of the Mufan Group's headquarters have been replaced."


    All over Jiangdong, there was almost always talk about this matter.

    Many people only felt regret and emotion when they talked about it.

    "No man is good for a thousand days, no flower is good for a hundred."

    "This man, who can have a view for a thousand years?"

    "After all, it's thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

    In the teahouse, someone couldn't help but feel sorry.

    Meanwhile on this day, the Yunzhou Li family.

    Jinbao and Yinbao made people kneel in front of Li Er, begging bitterly.

    "Second Master, Mr. Chu has not treated us badly."

    "Are you, really, going to sit back and watch the Mu Fan Group fall to ruin and do nothing about it?"

    "The Mufan Group, but Mr. Chu's life's work!"

    "Moreover, Lu Mingfeng and the others were so bullying that they didn't even spare Mr. Chu's wife."

    "They went so far as to drive Miss Qiu out of Genting Mountain Villa."

    "Please Second Master take action to teach Lu Mingfeng and the others a lesson~"

    In front of the face, Jinbao and Yinbao couldn't stop begging, the miserable sound echoing in the room for a long time.

    The two brothers, Jinbao and Yinbao, have been with Li Er for so long that they have seen a lot of people.

    However, it was rare to see someone as benevolent and righteous as Mr. Chu.

    Previously, the two brothers, several times, had unkindly provoked Ye Fan, but Ye Fan didn't blame them, and instead, patiently taught them how to behave.

    This kindness, Jin Bao and the others remembered.

    Now even though Ye Fan was dead, they still didn't want to see the people who came after them, just spoiling Mr. Chu's business and bullying Mr. Chu's relatives.

    "All of you, shut the fuck up!"

    However, in the face of the cries of Jinbao and the others, Li Er was the one who directly kicked them over with one foot each.

    "Just you guys know how good Mr. Chu is and I don't?"

    "If it wasn't for Mr. Chu, how would I, Li Er, have the power I have today!"

    "You guys think I don't want to hold on to the Mufan Group?"

    "You take me for not wanting to protect Mr. Chu's widow?"

    "I'd fucking hate to carry a chopper to Genting Mountain to fight those two bastards."

    "But what's the use?"

    "I'm afraid I'll be slaughtered by their men before I can run to them."

    Li Er's old eyes were red and hysterically contained.

    There was anger in his words, but more than that, he was helpless.

    The sentiment for Ye Fan was stronger than anyone else, Li Er.

    If it wasn't for Mr. Chu's kindness of knowing the situation, there wouldn't be his Li Er's today.

    Now seeing Lu Mingfeng and the others destroying Ye Fan's career little by little, how could Li Er's heart not be saddened.

    However, what was the use of anger?

    The backgrounds of the two of them were too strong.

    Relying on his Li Er's strength alone, there was no way to counteract them!

    Or rather, there weren't many people in all of Huaxia who dared to compete head-on with the two giants of Yanjing.

    "However, even if I die, I, Li Er, will have to fight with that Lu Mingfeng."

    Li Er clenched his palms, his old eyes were firm.

    In front of him, there was a, black-backed, gold-printed invitation.

    It was sent by Lu Mingfeng.

    They were to convene a gathering of the powerful at the edge of Cloud Mist Lake, on the Sea Source Pavilion, three days later, to host a banquet for the Jiangdong dignitaries!

    But everyone with a discerning eye knew that Lu Mingfeng wanted to use the banquet to establish his position as the Lord of Jiangdong in one fell swoop.

    Jingzhou, Lei Family.

    Lei Ao Ting had just returned from a trip abroad, and after learning about the changes in Jiangdong on the way, he rushed home without stopping.

    "Dad, Fan...Brother Fan he, is really dead?"

    "The Mufan Group, too, has fallen?"

    "I heard that Brother Fan's wife has also been blown out of her home."

    "Jiangdong, is the sky really changing?"

    Lei Ao Ting was full of fear and couldn't stop asking questions.

    In front of him, Lei Laosan did not speak, just kept pouring himself wine, and finally, the party sighed: "Hey~"

    "The heavens are jealous."

    "The heavens are jealous~"

    Lei laosan sighed incessantly.

    Lei Ao Ting was stunned then, one pair of eyebrows, staring at huge.

    "This...So, it's all true?"

    "But...But how is that possible?"

    "A few months ago, Van was drinking with me at the restaurant?"

    "How did this suddenly go away~"

    Lei Ao Ting couldn't believe it, only feeling that it was too sudden and unreal.

    Think a few months ago, Ye Fan returned home for the New Year.

    He, Lei Ao Ting, was still pretending and playing with Ye Fan together.

    This who would have thought that a few months ago, the yin and yang had been separated.

    "Ao Ting, you don't care about these things."

    "Listen to me, and leave Jiangdong tonight."

    "I've already arranged for you to go to the south, I've got a piece of land for you over there.Also, there's a billion dollars in this card."

    "You go over there and make your own way."

    "Ao Ting, Dad used to beat you and scold you, I know you resent me in your heart."

    "But you have to understand, Dad just wants to make you better."

    "They say that a gentleman's zest is cut off in five lifetimes!"

    "My Lei family has flourished until your generation, which happens to be the fifth generation."

    "But I really don't want, the foundation of my Lei family to be lost in the hands of my third son Lei."

    "In the past, I thought that the days were still long and that I could teach you many things slowly."

    "But now, I'm afraid it's impossible."

    "In the future, you may need to walk on your own."

    Lei Laosan said slowly, like an old man who was dying to give an account of the aftermath.

    Lei Ao Ting panicked then, "Dad, what's wrong with you?"

    "Why are you giving me that?"

    "Is it, you are in danger?"

    Lei laosan didn't reply, just gave an invitation to Lei Ao Ting.

    "This is sent by Lu Mingfeng."

    "They are trying to follow Mr. Chu's example and hold another sea and sky feast."

    "Moreover, at this banquet, it is highly likely that Lu Mingfeng will completely sweep away the remnants of Mr. Chu's power in Jiangdong and unify it."

    "I, your Uncle Li, and your Uncle Chen, will naturally bear the brunt of it!"

    "So, I don't know if I'll be able to come back alive from the Haiyuan Pavilion feast three days later."

    "Before that, naturally make all preparations."

    Lei Laosan said in a deep voice, in his low words, there was no panic, no fear, there was only endless calmness.

    As Lei Ao Ting listened, one pair of eyebrows immediately turned red.

    From his childhood, he felt that his father was the most powerful person in the world.There was no storm that could destroy him.

    He had never thought that one day he would lose his father, would lose his twenty-five years of reliance on him.

    "Ao Ting, I'm telling you this to make you learn to be strong!"

    "Mr. Chu is already famous at twenty, and you're twenty-five, so it's time for you to go it alone."

    "Let's go."

    Lei Laosan waved his hand, and then he turned his head and looked out the window, leaving Lei Ao Ting with only a vicarious back.


On this day, not only the Li Family and the Lei Family, but also the leading magnates of the eighteen major cities in Jiangdong had all received invitations issued by Lu Mingfeng.

    The banquet invited all the big names in Jiangdong to gather at the Haiyuan Pavilion in Yunzhou City three days later.

    And, Lu Mingfeng also arrogantly threatened that if they didn't come, the Mu Fan Group would end up as their final destination.

    And while the Jiangdong land was in turmoil, the military district was still calm.

    After all, the Jiangdong Military Region was isolated from the world and never interfered in these worldly disputes.

    Plus, Ye Fan had been busy with his cultivation, so naturally, he didn't know anything about what was happening outside.

    On this day, Ye Fan had just woken up from his cultivation state.

    In the room, Ye Fan stretched his muscles and bones, followed by a crackling sound coming from his body.

    "This Dragon God Body is worthy of being the supreme body refining mastery of the martial world."

    "The hidden disease that even Imperial Grandmother's Birth Creation Soup could hardly dispel, relying on this Dragon God's power, it has been repaired in just a few days."

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel pleased with himself.

    Since mastering the Yin Dragon Body, the overall might of Ye Fan's Dragon God Body had undoubtedly gone one step further.

    In particular, the self-healing effect of the Yin Dragon Body was extremely remarkable.

    Ye Fan had a sudden feeling that his previous sacrifices had not been in vain.

    Of course, Ye Fan's Yin Dragon Body could only be considered a small success, and the self-healing effect was much worse than Yu Yun's.

    But what could Ye Fan do?

    This Dragon God Body was a double cultivation technique, and even if Ye Fan wanted to improve the abilities of the Yin Dragon Body, he wouldn't be able to cultivate it on his own.

    "However, I'm already satisfied that this Yin Dragon Body can be a small success."

    Ye Fan smiled to himself.

    Now that Ye Fan's injuries were completely healed and his strength was back at its peak, this feeling of being healed from a long illness naturally made Ye Fan feel good.

    That feeling of mastering power again was undoubtedly extraordinarily intoxicating!

    Even Ye Fan's footsteps were unconsciously much lighter.

    After returning to his peak, Ye Fan didn't have a moment's delay, immediately picking up the phone and dialing a number that he hadn't contacted for a long time.

    The phone rang for a long time before it was connected.

    "You are?"

    On the other end of the phone, an old man's deep, wary voice came out.

    "Old Man Han, it's me."

    Ye Fan said back in a deep voice.

    "You...You are?"

    The voice on the other end of the phone was clearly shaking.

    However, it still carried a bit of caution and suspicion.

    "You, this guy, have been so cautious all your life."

    In response, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, while continuing, "Starfire prairie heaven and earth change, Chuxiao dragon chanting my Tian Fan."

    "Now, you should know who I am, right?"

    Ye Fan's faint laughter carried an endless amount of dominance and arrogance.

    At the split second Ye Fan's words rang out, the air in this room was nearly stagnant.

    A long time of speechlessness.

    Finally, it was only after an unknown amount of time that Han's trembling voice rang out among the phones.

    "Little...Little Lord?"

    "Is that you?"

    "Is that really you?"


    "Little Lord, is it really you?"

    "I knew it, you didn't die."

    "The Little Lord's Chosen Son will never die so easily~"


    "Little Lord, do you know how long the old slave has been waiting for this call?"


    "These days, I can't think about it day or night.No longer waiting for your call all the time."


    "Little Lord, it's so hard for Old Slave to wait~"

    Old Man Han's words trembled, his entire body appearing excited and terrified.At this point, this old man was actually happy as a child!

    Even through the phone, Ye Fan seemed to still be able to imagine the appearance of Old Man Han's old tears.

    Ye Fan didn't speak, just like that, quietly listening to Han Lao's words, allowing this ancient and rare old man to vent his emotions.

    It was only after a long time that Old Man Han calmed down.

    "Little Lord, I'm sorry, I lost my temper."

    "I'm just too happy."

    "But, Little Lord, where exactly have you been these days?"

    "Why, you didn't contact me until now."

    "Do you know that we've searched so hard for you."

    During the time that Ye Fan disappeared, naturally, Han Lao was not idle.

    He had also tried to use the power of the Dragon God Temple to find Ye Fan, and had also gone to the sea where the incident occurred to look for Ye Fan's corpse.

    However, the power that Old Han could use was very limited.

    After all, Old Han was only a butler, and without Ye Fan's personal authorization, he couldn't mobilize the strongest Dragon Kings of the Dragon God Temple.

    Especially those "Dragon Gods", they were all untamed, arrogant and domineering.

    In the Dragon God Temple, only Ye Fan was able to suppress them.

    Except for Ye Fan, those people didn't care about anyone.

    Even Old Man Han couldn't order them at all.

    "Old Man Han, I'm sorry for making you worry."

    "Mainly, the enemy we faced this time is too strong."

    "I was heavily injured earlier, and I didn't dare to contact you for fear of exposing my position."Ye Fan felt a little guilty.

    In fact, during this time, how did Ye Fan not want to get in touch with Han Lao and the others, and even Ye Fan once wanted to go to Cloud State to visit Qiu Mu Orange as well as his mother.

    However, Ye Fan didn't dare to take the risk.

    The Chu family's power was too terrifying, and if his own whereabouts were exposed due to it, then Ye Fan would undoubtedly suffer a catastrophe.

    Therefore, until he didn't have enough self-preservation, Ye Fan could only choose to hide himself.


    "Are you injured, little lord?"

    "How's the body now?"

    "Do you need me to contact Ziva and have her come over to heal you?"

    Hearing that Ye Fan was injured, Han Lao's entire body tensed up.

    After following Ye Fan for so long, Old Han had already put Ye Fan's safety in the highest position.

    Now that he learned that Ye Fan was seriously injured, he was naturally nervous.

    "It's almost healed."

    "Strength has returned to its peak state."

    "Otherwise, I wouldn't have contacted you."Ye Fan returned in a deep voice.


    "Little Lord, you did the right thing."

    "During this period of time, Chu Zhengliang and his sons were searching like mad for your whereabouts."

    "Just the other day, they not only used the Chu family to walk the globe, but they also used the Chu Gate's intelligence network to search for you."Han Lao said in a low voice.

    Ye Fan's appearance changed slightly when he heard it.

    "Can use global family forces?"

    "Presumably, this will have to be approved by that Chu family head, right?"

    Ye Fan laughed coldly with a bit of self-deprecation and ridicule.

    As they say, a tiger's poison does not eat its own children.

    But Ye Fan did not expect that man to be involved in the siege of himself.

    After so many years, it really hasn't changed at all ah, still as desperate as back then.


Seemingly understanding the emotion in Ye Fan's words, Han Lao hurriedly explained, "Little Lord, you misunderstood the Family Master."

    "In his heart, the family master has you."

    "You don't know that after learning of your accident, the homeowner he..."

    "That's enough, I've told you, I don't want to hear any more about him."Han Lao's words were interrupted by Ye Fan as soon as he was halfway through his sentence.

    Ye Fan didn't want to know about that man's matter, nor did he want to know.

    He didn't have that much energy and time to waste on him.

    From the time their mother and son were swept away by the Chu family back then, Ye Fan already had nothing to do with him, anymore.

    Perhaps, just like what Han Lao said, he had a bitter reason.

    Or perhaps, he still remembered their mother and son in his heart now.

    But, so what?

    Ye Fan couldn't think of any hardship that could be more important than his wife and children?

    "Over the past month or so, nothing has happened over at the Dragon Temple, right?"

    After interrupting Old Man Han, Ye Fan turned to ask about other matters.

    Old Man Han returned, "No."

    "Ever since your accident, young master, I have had the Dragon God Temple's crowd of strong men conceal themselves in the dark."

    "It didn't attract the Chu family's attention."

    "But Little Lord, over there in Jiangdong, it would be best for you to take a look."

    "As far as I know, Chu Zhengliang and the others are secretly sending people to wade into Jiangdong."

    "I'm worried that they'll make a move on Little Lord's family and friends."

    "He dares?"The instant he heard these words, Ye Fan's appearance immediately went cold.

    Morbid as ice!

    The air in the room was close to condensing into frost.

    Everywhere you looked, there was Ye Fan's killing intent.

    Even though they are ten thousand miles apart, the old man on the other side of the phone can still feel the rage in Ye Fan's words.

    As the saying goes, a dragon has the scales of rebellion, and is angry when touched.

    And Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Ximei and the others were undoubtedly the biggest negative scales on Ye Fan's body.

    "Little...Little Lord, don't get angry yet."

    "I'm just guessing."

    "Their target is you, the possibility of them making a move on Miss Autumn and the others should not be high."Han Lao was afraid that Ye Fan would be too worried and quickly turned to him.

    "It's best if that's the case."

    "Otherwise, but if they let me know that they dare to touch Mu Orange and the others by half a hair, I, Chu Tianfan, will let them die without a burial place."

    The words were low and frosty cold.

    As if they were ten thousand-year-old stubborn stones on an iceberg, there was no emotion contained within them.

    What there was, was only endless coldness and mortification.

    Even as Han Lao listened, he unconsciously felt a trembling sensation in his heart.

    It was hard for him to imagine what kind of anger could have caused the young lord to have such emotions.

    "Alright, if there's nothing else, let's call it a day."

    "As for the prairie prairie plan, wait for me to make arrangements."

    Soon, Ye Fan also hung up the phone with Han Lao.

    Instead, he dialed Qiu Mu Orange's phone.

    However, after calling for half a day, Ye Fan didn't get through, and the other party was always off.


    "What's going on?"

    "Good grief, why would Mu Orange turn off her phone?"

    "Did, indeed, something happen?"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed at once, and he had a bad feeling.

    "No, I have to go back and take a look."

    With worry in his heart, Ye Fan made a quick decision and prepared to leave the military area and return to Yunzhou.

    However, as soon as Ye Fan walked out of the room, he was met by Li Ziyang leading two people over.

    Seeing Ye Fan, the two little fatties beside Li Ziyang were stunned.


    "You...Are you really Mr. Chu?"

    Jin Bao and Yin Bao stared at the man in front of them with dead eyes, like looking at a ghost.

    During this period of time, the matter of Ye Fan's fall could be said to be spreading throughout the Jiangdong business community.

    Even Jinbao, Yinbao and the others believed that Ye Fan was really dead.

    However, they never thought that the Mr. Chu, who had fallen in the hearts of everyone, was now standing in front of them alive.

    Ye Fan looked at them, "You are, Li Er's people, Jin Bao and Yin Bao?"

    Looking at the two little fatties in front of him, Ye Fan asked in a low voice.

    Ye Fan still had some impression of these two living treasures, and quickly recognized them.

    Hearing this, the suspicion in the hearts of Jinbao and Yinbao undoubtedly vanished in an instant.

    Pouncing on them, they immediately knelt at Ye Fan's feet and hugged Ye Fan's thighs and cried out right there.

    "Mr. Chu, it's really Mr. Chu~"

    "Mr. Chu, it's really great that you're not dead."

    "Do you know that we, along with Second Master, thought that you had really fallen."

    "You even more don't know, these days, without you here, what kind of chaos Jiangdong is in~"

    Jinbao and Yinbao didn't know whether to cry or laugh, and their entire excited speech was tremulous.

    "Come on, look at you two's useless appearance."

    "If you don't know, you think your son saw dad like that?"

    "Don't get up yet, you've soiled Instructor Chu's clothes."

    When Li Ziyang saw this, he only felt humiliated.

    This mother fucker, why did his old man accept these two worthless things?

    After crying for a long time, the brothers Jinbao and Yinbao calmed down.

    "Tell me, what are you guys doing here?"

    Ye Fan brought them into the room and sat down.

    It just so happened that Ye Fan also had something to ask them.

    "Mr. Chu, it's Second Master who sent us here."

    It turned out that this Li Er was also like Lei Lao San, who sent Jin Bao and Yin Bao brothers to send a letter to Li Ziyang, asking him not to return to Yunzhou during this time.

    At the same time, they also asked Jinbao and Yinbao to give hundreds of keys to Li Ziyang.

    And explained to Li Ziyang, if in the future, the Li family really met with misfortune, let him take these keys to the south.

    He had bought hundreds of houses there.

    If he can't make it in the military district, he will go to the south as a rent collector.

    With these hundreds of houses, even if you're lying at home all day, you can still make tens of millions a year.

    At that time Li Ziyang heard, scared to death.

    This mother fucker, the old man is explaining the funeral ah!

    Li Ziyang, who was worried, pursued Jinbao to ask what had happened.

    During this time, Li Ziyang had been undergoing closed training, so naturally, he had no idea of what was going on in the outside world.

    With this inquiry, Li Ziyang was even more shocked.

    It turned out that the outside world thought that Ye Fan was dead ah.

    At that time, Li Ziyang then said that Mr. Chu wasn't dead, he was still alive and in the military area, and then he led the two brothers Jin Bao to see Ye Fan.

    After saying their intentions, the two Jinbao brothers also gave a brief account of the recent chaos in Jiangdong to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, that Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, with their strong backgrounds, are running rampant in Jiangdong."

    "A few days ago, even the Mu Fan Group, which you established with your own hands, was trampled down by them.All of your industries were pocketed by them."

    "And tomorrow, they're going to hold a heroic feast at the Haiyuan Pavilion."

    "Judging from this gesture, they are trying to become the Lord of Jiangdong."

    "Second Master and the others also want to resist, wanting to preserve the Mu Fan Group, but they are shallow and powerless to return to heaven."


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