Dish Best Served Cold 1041-1045


Chapter 1041

"What did you say?"

    "The Mufan Group has been trampled to extinction?"

    When Ye Fan heard this, his entire body was shocked.

    Immediately raising his head, he harshly questioned the two of them, Jin Bao and Yin Bao.

    "What about Mu Orange?"

    "How's my wife, Autumn Mu Orange, now?"

    To Ye Fan, the Lord of Jiangdong and the multi-billion dollar industry were all just external objects.

    He didn't care, if he lost it now, he would find it again later.

    However, when he heard that Mu Fan Group was also trampled to death, Ye Fan was no longer calm after all.

    The Mu Fan Group had been handed over to Qiu Mu Orange to manage.

    Now that Mu Fan Group was in trouble, Ye Fan had to worry about what would happen to Qiu Mu Orange, who was the group's president.

    "Mr. Chu, Miss Chou, she...She..."

    Hearing Ye Fan mentioning Autumn Mu Orange, Jinbao and Yinbao, lowered their heads, wanting to speak again and again.


    "What the hell is going on?"

    Ye Fan drank once again.

    Only then did Jin Bao said bitterly, "Mr. Chu, the second master has worked very hard to protect Miss Qiu again."

    "But, it's a shame that the other party's forces are too big."

    "The Second Master was unable to protect Miss Autumn after all."

    "Just a few days ago, Lu Mingfeng and his two men drove Miss Qiu out of Genting Mountain Villa."

    "Moreover, those two were beastly and tried to do harm to Miss Qiu."

    "Fortunately, in the end, General Manager Xu arrived in time and picked up Miss Qiu."

    "However, one of the assistants beside Miss Qiu, in order to protect Miss Qiu, but he fell from Genting Mountain and was seriously injured, so I'm afraid that he won't survive."


    Jin Bao was still speaking there, but as soon as he finished speaking, only a loud boom was heard.

    The gas exploded and a ferocious wave of air swept over.

    A few seconds ago, Ye Fan, who was calmly drinking tea in front of him, the instant he heard Jin Bao's words, his entire body directly rushed out like lightning .

    The speed was so fast that it all brought up a gust of wind in the room.

    Jinbao and the others were directly shaken by this gust of wind and crouched on the floor.

    When they looked again, they found that Ye Fan's figure was already a hundred meters away.

    "I'm away for a few days."

    "On the days you're not here, Green Dragon Battle Team, follow the plan I've set for you and continue training!"

    "No slacking~"

    At the end of the sky, there was Ye Fan's muddy voice rolling.

    It was a deafening sound, but it shook Li Ziyang and the others' eardrums and buzzed.


    Looking at the long lost Ye Fan, in the room, Li Ziyang and the others were suddenly filled with bitterness and twitching at the corners of their eyes.

    I thought to myself, Instructor Chu, what a damn good man from Huaxia!

    As soon as he heard that his wife was in trouble, the words didn't even wait for people to finish speaking, and the aftermath didn't even account for the greetings, he didn't even play with the military side, he just left with a whoosh.

    "Mr. Chu, you go back to Jiangdong first, save the second master ah~"

    "Mr. Chu~"

    Only after Ye Fan had gone far away did the two Jinbao brothers square up.

    They hurriedly chased after him, shouting with bitterness in their eyes.

    "Okay, stop shouting, they've all gone far away."

    "Besides, compared to my father, in Instructor Chu's heart, definitely the wife is the most important."

    Li Ziyang shook his head and said.

    Now, they could only hope that Ye Fan would return to Jiangdong as soon as possible after visiting his wife.




    Just a few days ago, the two of them, Lu Mingfeng, drove Miss Qiu out of the Genting Mountain Villa."


    "However, one of the assistants beside Miss Qiu, in order to protect Miss Qiu, but he fell from Genting Mountain and was so badly injured that he was afraid that he wouldn't survive."



    The wind was chilling and the wheels were racing.

    The trees on both sides of the road, as if they were crazy, were retreating madly in Ye Fan's line of sight.

    At this time, Ye Fan was driving an army green off-road vehicle, full speed on the highway to Yanjing.

    In his ears, was the sound of explosions produced by the high-speed impact of the air currents and car windows.

    However, for today's Ye Fan, I'm afraid that everything in the world is difficult to attract his attention.

    His mind was filled with Jinbao's words just now.

    He didn't expect that things would develop to this point.

    He had thought that the Jiangdong land, with Li Er and the others, could completely stabilize the situation.

    After all, the forces within Jiangdong that had second thoughts about Ye Fan were all eradicated by him.

    It could be said that nowadays, Jiangdong was already Ye Fan's backyard, a block of iron.

    As long as Li Er and the others blocked the news of his fall, there would be no chaos in Jiangdong and the Mu Fan Group would not fall.

    However, he still underestimated the Chu family's tactics.

    In order to deal with him, the Chu family had even allowed other forces to enter Jiangdong.

    Of course, it would have been fine if these people's goal was just to destroy the forces they had established.

    But how could Ye Fan have never imagined that they would do it to his own family members!

    Even the Genting Mountain Villa was occupied by them.

    And Mu Orange was swept away by them?

    What made it even harder for Ye Fan to calm down was that Qing Tan, most likely, was in danger of dying.

    Yes, the moment Ye Fan heard Jin Bao's words, he knew that the so-called assistant he was talking about was Qing Tan, who was ordered by him to protect Qiu Mu Orange.

    Like Copper Mountain, Qing Tan had been with Ye Fan for ten years.

    Back then, when Ye Fan met her sister, Qing Tan was only seven years old.

    After that, she joined the Dragon God Temple along with her sister.

    It could be said that in these ten years, Ye Fan had grown up watching her.

    Now that something had happened to Qing Tan, Ye Fan was naturally worried.

    What's more, if Qing Tan really died here, how would Ye Fan explain to her sister?

    "Lu Mingfeng?"

    "I advise you to pray that Qing Tan will be alright, otherwise, I, Chu Tian Fan, will execute your nine clans!"

    Ye Fan clenched his palms, and in his eyebrows, there was endless anger rising.




    The First People's Hospital.

    Outside the operating room, two gorgeous women, guarding the outside.

    In the corridor, pedestrians passing by would unconsciously look over their shoulders.

    After all, wherever a beautiful woman went, it was an eye-catching presence.

    What's more, it was already extremely rare to see a stunningly beautiful girl like the one in front of you on a normal day.

    Now that two of them appeared at once, the crowd naturally felt extremely amazed.

    Many of them were filled with yearning and admiration.

    Some, moreover, were filled with feelings of envy.


    "I don't know which two lucky guys will end up being cheap for this beautiful pair in front of me."


    Neither Qiu Mu Orange nor Nan Chen cared about these admiring gazes around them.

    Perhaps, after all these years, they had gotten used to this kind of gaze from passersby.

    "Sister Autumn, you've been here all night, you should go back and rest for a while."

    After a brief period of silence, Nan Chen, however, looked at the pale Qiu Mu Orange and softly advised.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, "No, I'm not leaving."

    "Qing Tan is trying to save me, that's why she's fallen into this situation."

    "If she can't be saved, I'll never forgive myself in my life."

    "I'm going to wait for her to come out alive~"

    Between Qiu Mu Orange's words, tears flowed out unconsciously.

    The desolate and haggard appearance was quite pitiful.


Too many things had really happened during this time.

    Qiu Mu Orange only felt that all the things that she had done in her life before didn't add up to as much as this period of time.

    Once upon a time, when Ye Fan was still around, Autumn Mu Orange just felt that she couldn't leave that guy emotionally.

    That was all.

    As for the rest, Qiu Mu Orange didn't feel that Ye Fan was that important to her.

    After all, since childhood, Qiu Mu Orange was a strong and independent woman.

    Just like the three years when Ye Fan joined the Qiu family, she was the one who worked at home and outside the house.

    She was the one who held up the crumbling home before.

    It was because of this experience that Fang Mu Orange had this illusion.

    She had always felt that Ye Fan's importance to her was only reflected in her emotional companionship.

    She also always believed that she was the kind of independent and strong woman of the new era.

    She relies on herself in her career and can be independent in life.

    What Ye Fan gives her is more of a spiritual and emotional comfort and companionship.

    However, it wasn't until after Ye Fan's accident that Qiu Mu Orange truly realized how important that man was to her.

    Not only the emotional companionship, but also her career and personal safety were under the protection of that man.

    All the glory and status she once had was also thanks to Ye Fan.

    Without Ye Fan, she, Qiu Mu Orange, actually has nothing.

    Just like now, without Ye Fan's protection, she couldn't even defend her own home, let alone go and defend the Mu Fan Group.

    Only when she lost someone, did she really know what important role that person played in her life.

    Just like this, outside the operating room, Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red and her mood was very low.

    Ye Fan's accident and the destruction of the Mu Fan Group, and now even Qing Tan, who accompanies her day and night, is hanging by a thread.

    One by one, these things descended upon Qiu Mu Orange one after another.

    These things, even for a weather-beaten old man, I'm afraid it would be difficult for him to remain calm and collected.

    What's more, what about Qiu Mu Orange?

    There had never been a moment that made Autumn Mucheng Orange feel that life was actually this bleak and gloomy.

    Looking at Autumn Mu Orange's downcast appearance, Nan Chen, who was on the side, had a pretty face that was also dimmed.

    Tears, then, rolled around in her eyes and brows.

    Since returning home, Nan Chen told Qiu Mu Orange about Ye Fan's accident.

    Shortly after that, Chen Ao sent Nan Chen back to Yanjing so that she could continue her schooling in Yanjing.

    Now after learning that Qiu Mu Orange had arrived in Yanjing, she naturally rushed over immediately.

    "Sister Qiu, I'm sorry~"

    "If it weren't for me, brother Fanny might not have died."

    "And you guys, you wouldn't have suffered such a calamity."

    "Sister Qing Tan, much less send in for rescue~"

    When she remembered the scene of that day, Nan Chen was filled with guilt.

    She would rather that it was herself who disappeared into the fire that day.

    In that case, there wouldn't be so many people, suffering.

    Faced with Nan Chen's words, it was as if Autumn Mu Orange had not heard them, she did not speak and just leaned against the wall, standing there.

    The dim light shone over, but it fell all over the desolate ground.

    Just like this, outside the operating room, the two women stopped talking, a silent silence.

    Only the cold night wind outside, slowly blowing past.

    However, the calmness here did not last long.

    Soon, only a creaking sound was heard, and the door of the corridor was suddenly pushed open.

    Immediately afterwards, a thin figure, just like this, walked in.

    "Mu Orange, Nan Nan, I'm back."

    The faint voice carried a strong sense of guilt and longing.

    The low and slow words were even like light passing through the ages.

    Hearing this unfamiliar and familiar voice, Qiu Mu Orange and Nan Nan, their delicate bodies trembled and turned around openly.

    The moment they saw the visitor, Qiu Mu Orange and Nan Chen only felt that the world was so unreal and unreal.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"Autumn Mu Orange's beautiful eyes reddened, startled in place.

    "Little...Little Brother Fan?"Nan Chen's pretty face was tearful and she stared at it.



    Half an hour later.

    Qing Tan had been pushed out of the operating room and sent to the intensive care unit.

    Beside the bed, Ye Fan looked at the dying girl in front of him and felt a burst of self-recrimination and intolerance.

    Perhaps, it was because she felt Ye Fan's arrival.

    Qing Tan quickly opened her eyes.

    The moment she saw Ye Fan, tears flowed out uncontrollably.

    "Brother Xiaofan, Qing...Qingtan knew that you wouldn't die that easily."

    "Only...It's just that, Qingtan is useless and failed to protect Sister Qiu, please...Please punish the Dragon Lord~"

    Qing Tan's low, inaudible voice slowly rang out.

    Ye Fan looked at it and only felt intolerable.

    He stepped forward and held Qing Tan's palm.

    "Qing Tan, take care of your injuries."

    "Don't worry, the pain you've suffered, brother Little Fan will give you back a hundredfold!"

    After saying that, Ye Fan turned around openly and left the place.

    He came to Yanjing to visit Qiu Mu orange and the others, and to worry about Qing Tan.

    Now that Qing Tan is out of danger, the biggest stone in Ye Fan's heart has fallen to the ground.

    Next, Ye Fan also returned to Jiangdong to deal with the matter of Jiangdong.

    Outside the ward, Qiu Mu Orange was still waiting there.

    When she saw Ye Fan come out, Qiu Mu Orange got into Ye Fan's arms again with red eyes.

    She didn't say anything, just hugged Ye Fan, feeling his breathing, his heartbeat, and the warmth of his chest.

    Although, when she saw Ye Fan just now, she had hugged him for almost half an hour.But now, she still couldn't control the emotions in her heart, and wanted to just keep holding him like this for the rest of her life.

    "Alright, how old are you, I'm back alive, aren't I?"

    "Like a little girl, if you hug again, Nan Nan will laugh at you."

    Ye Fan said softly, with a bit of teasing, he wanted to use this to ease the panic in Autumn Mu Orange's heart.

    "Right, Mu Orange.I haven't asked you yet, where's Xu Lei?"

    "Didn't she bring you back?"

    Ye Fan came back for half a day and didn't see Xu Lei, so he was confused.

    Hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange was shocked and seemed to have remembered something.

    "Ye Fan, quickly, let's go back to Jiangdong, our mother might be in danger."

    "She received a call from Xu and then returned to Jiangdong, she should have gone to pick up our mother."


    As soon as Ye Fan heard this, his entire face changed.

    Before coming here, he thought that Xu Lei would take back Qiu Mu Orange again and at the same time take back his mother, Ye Ximei.

    But now it seemed that it didn't!

    His own mother, still in Jiangdong.

    Moreover, it looks like Lu Mingfei and the others, also made a move on his mother.

    In anxiety, Ye Fan couldn't care less about catching up with Qiu Mu Orange, he just arrived in Yanjing for a moment, and then he went to Jiangdong again in the night.

    In the hospital room, Qiu Mu orange stood in front of the window, watching Ye Fan's back as he left, her heart filled with worry and prayers.


And when Ye Fan was rushing towards Jiangdong.

    In downtown Jingzhou, a luxurious villa was brightly lit.

    Outside was a dark and condensed night, but here was bright as day with the lights.

    This villa was gifted by Lei Laosan when Ye Fan returned to his hometown for the New Year before.

    After Ye Fan left, this villa has been occupied by Ye Ximei.

    Ye Ximei managed Mufan Group's affairs in Jingzhou during the day, and would rest here at night.

    Later on, perhaps Ye Ximei alone felt lonely, so he took over Master Ye.

    Then later, when Ye Tian and the others learned of Ye Ximei's residence, they also came to apologize, wanting to ease the relationship with Ye Fan's mother and son.

    After all, ever since that day on the first day of the new year, Ye Fan had been at loggerheads with the Ye family.

    Moreover, because of offending Ye Fan, Ye Tian was also found a reason by the city to dismiss and investigate.As for Ye Ya, it was even worse, and he was directly shut down completely by the Jingzhou business community.

    He was a town enterprise, which was not big, but later on, because of offending Ye Fan, he was jointly blocked by the business community, and within a few days, he also went bankrupt and sold that food factory.

    Before that, Ye Ya was thinking of going to Jianghai and joining his second brother-in-law.

    But after going there, he realized that the end of his second sister's family was not much better than them.

    His second brother-in-law Jiang Qian, after returning home after the New Year, he was directly fired from the company he had worked for decades.

    The reason was that he had caused immeasurable losses to the company.

    But wasn't it?

    Jiang Qian is an executive at the vice president level, offending someone like Ye Fan.

    Naturally, they were afraid that Ye Fan would be angry with the company for this, and also fired Jiang Qian directly.

    In short, it wasn't until then that Ye Tian and the others realized that by offending someone like Ye Fan, it would be impossible for them to move an inch in Jiangdong.

    In the end, helplessly, the Ye family went together to find Ye Ximei.

    On that day, Ye Tian and the others almost knelt down at Ye Ximei's feet, asking for her forgiveness.

    After all, they were siblings, and broken bones were still connected to tendons, and seeing that they sincerely repented, Ye Ximei's relationship with them was eased.

    And, they were allowed to enter the Mu Fan Group and help her manage the Mu Fan Group's property in Jingzhou together.

    But with the news of Ye Fan's fall spreading out, the life of the Ye family, naturally, is not easy.

    Tonight, Ye Xie Mei even summoned them all night and told them to leave Jingzhou during the night.

    "Let's all go."

    "When you reach the outskirts of Jingzhou, Little Lei's people will be there to meet you."

    "She will take you back to Yanjing."

    "Once there, you will be safe."

    "As for the future life, Little Lei will also arrange it for you, so you don't have to worry."

    In front of the villa, Ye Xi Mei's pretty face was pale, and no sound could be seen on her delicate face.

    Ye Fan's departure, the blow to her was undoubtedly huge as well.

    In this world, the greatest pain is undoubtedly the white hair to the black hair.

    She and Ye Fan had relied on each other for so many years, but now, her son, had gone before him.

    No one knew how Ye Ximei had been through this time.

    "Aunt, what about you?"

    "Aren't you coming with us?"

    Hearing Ye Xie Mei's words, Ye Jian and the others, however, felt something wrong and were confused.

    Ye Xie Mei shook her head and smiled weakly, "No, I'll stay here and wait for Little Fan to come back."

    "I don't want my son to come home and not find a single relative."

    "Sister, don't be silly.Little Fan is already dead.If you stay here, aren't you throwing yourself into the net?Come with us quickly, if you don't leave, the people from the Fenghua Group will be here."When Ye Tian heard this, he became anxious.

    Without saying a word, he just forcefully pulled Ye Ximei onto the road before driving outside of Jingzhou City.

    An hour ago, Lei Laosan had called them and told them to leave Jingzhou quickly.Lu Mingfeng had already sent someone over.

    From the looks of it, Lu Mingfeng was preparing to completely eradicate Ye Fan's power in Jiangdong, not only Ye Fan's followers, but also his friends and relatives.

    They were going to wipe out all of Ye Fan's friends and relatives in Jiangdong!

    In desperation, Ye Ximei could only choose, first, to have the Ye family retreat to Yanjing and seek Xu Lei's refuge.

    "Madame Ye, where are you going at this time of night?"

    "Do you need a ride, I'll give you a ride?"

    However, just as Ye Tian and the others had just gotten into the car, before they drove out of the villa, outside the villa door, the people from the Fenghua Group had already arrived.

    Dozens of big men in suits were seen, blocking the entrance as much as possible.

    The leading old man, with a smile on his lips and his hands behind his back, slowly walked in..

    If Qiu Mu Orange were here, he would definitely recognize the old man in front of him as the same Wei Lao who had slapped Qing Tan down Genting Mountain, Wei Wuyou.

    "You are, people from the Fenghua Group?"

    "What are you doing?"

    "Are you going to kill us in broad daylight?"

    "Is there still a king's law in your eyes?"

    Looking at these uninvited guests before them, the hearts of the Ye family members went cold.

    They did not expect the other party to come so quickly.

    "Madam Ye, don't misunderstand."

    "Our young master just wants to invite the Ye family, to Yunzhou as guests and have a meal together, nothing more."

    "Moreover, our young master has also said that if you resist, you will have to go down to accompany Mr. Chu."

    Wei Wuyou smiled coldly, and his energetic words were full of chill and threat.

    "Invite us as guests?"

    "Do you really think we're idiots?"

    "I'm afraid that if we go to Yunzhou with you, we won't be able to come back."

    Ye Xi Mei said in a cold voice.

    Wei Wuyou shook his head at the words and said with regret, "It seems that several of you are not prepared to cooperate."

    "If that's the case, then don't blame us for being merciless."

    This old man's eyebrows were cold, and he immediately waved his hand at the men behind him and gave an order, "Let's do it!"

    "None left~"

    The old man said with an expressionless face, no pity in his cold eyes.

    The struggle for power and position was inherently so cruel!

    If Lu Mingfeng wanted to secure the position of Jiangdong's master, then all of Ye Fan's forces had to be cut down and eliminated forever.

    However, at the moment of crisis, a purple light suddenly lit up at the end of the sky.

    At first, the spot of light was faint and inaudible.

    But soon, it grew stronger and stronger.

    In the end, only a buzzing sound was heard, and the purple light actually fell from the sky as if it was lightning.

    With a piercing sound, it cleaved a gulf in the earth.


    "This is..."

    Wei Wuyou's face changed drastically, as a martial dao crowd, he was naturally exceptionally sensitive to power.

    Let's just say that if that strike had landed on him, Wei Wuyou wouldn't have been able to guarantee that he would have survived.

    The sudden change caused the entire hall to panic.

    Everyone, all of them turned around and looked up.

    Only to see a magnificent silhouette in the depths of the dark night, stepping on the void, quietly appearing.

    What kind of face was that.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    An unparalleled beauty that almost made heaven and earth lose their color.

    She was in a purple dress, three thousand green silk whipped, her long black hair pulled up high and tied with a noble phoenix hair ornament.

    Her graceful and noble appearance was just like a generation of queens, reigning over the world!




    "What a beautiful girl?"

    "It's as if it's a picture."

    In the split second that this woman appeared, all the people here were flabbergasted in place.

    As the saying goes, all people have a love of beauty.

    Both men and women, young and old, were undoubtedly all trembled by the stunning beauty of the woman in front of them.

    There was boundless astonishment in her eyes and brows!

    Even the middle-aged men like Ye Tian and Ye Ya were undoubtedly deeply shocked by the noble and stunning color before them.

    What kind of face was it that almost made heaven and earth lose their color.

    And what kind of magnificence was that, almost making the crowd worship.

    Even Ye Xi Mei, could not help but feel deeply ashamed of herself.

    It was only felt that this kind of woman should only exist in a heirloom painting.

    But how could they have ever imagined that such a strange woman actually existed in reality!

    The ethereal majesty, the out-of-the-ordinary temperament, all make people have an illusory and unreal feeling.

    Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang, these bloodthirsty young men, were even more deeply obsessed already, and in their hearts, apart from shock, was boundless admiration.

    "My God!"

    "Is this a fairy?"

    "If my girlfriend, also has this kind of face, this kind of temperament, I, Ye Jian, would be willing to live ten years less."Ye Jian's eyes were straight, he swore he had never seen such a graceful and noble woman in his life.

    "Only ten years?If she were my girlfriend, I would be willing to live fifty years less, even if I were Jiang Yulang!"

    Jiang Yulang was equally astonished, once he thought that the school flower of their university was already pretty enough.

    However, compared to this girl in front of him, that so-called school flower was a piece of shit.

    No, shit was worse than shit.

    However, ordinary people only saw her stunning face and noble temperament, while Wei Wuyou, as a martial artist, still valued this woman more for the momentum and majesty she exuded.

    The oppression brought by the woman in front of him was more than several times stronger than what his teacher had given him.

    One had to know that Wei Wuyou was already a martial arts master.

    And his teacher was even one of the six Pillar God Generals of Huaxia, the existence of a title grandmaster.

    But this person in front of him, just overflowing with power, was already stronger than his teacher by more than several points.

    "This woman, what is her origin?"

    "Is it friend or foe?"

    Wei Wuyou had no bottom in his heart at that time.

    The feeling was like a mole cricket looking up at a high mountain, but there was a feeling in his heart that he was walking on thin ice like an abyss.

    There was only one thought in his mind right now, that was who was this person?

    "Could it be, one of the Six Pillars, Phoenix Queen?"

    In Wei Wu Ya's perception, there was only one female title master in all of Huaxia.

    That was one of the Pillar God Generals who was named "Phoenix Queen".

    If that was the case, then things would be easy.

    At this time, the woman in the purple dress had already arrived in front of everyone.

    When Wei Wuyou saw this, he hurriedly walked over and cupped his fists and said, "Are you senior Phoenix Queen?".

    "Senior Wei Wuyou, ranked ninth in the Huaxia Master Rankings."

    "Senior master should know him, the title "Ice Emperor", just like senior, he is also one of the six pillars of Huaxia."

    Wei Wuyou said respectfully, his posture very low.

    Even in front of her, he, an old man, even referred to himself as a senior.

    From this, it was also evident that Wei Wu-Ya was so scrupulous and fearful of the woman in front of him.

    However, in the face of Wei Wuyou's words, the woman was silent.

    Wei Wuyou was not angry at the sight of her.

    Most of the strong ones were high and cold and cherished words.

    Even his teachers, when guiding him in the martial dao back then, were all silent and cold and majestic.

    Therefore, it was normal for the woman in front of him to ignore him.

    Therefore, Wei Wuyou then continued, "I have heard of the name of Empress Feng for a long time, and today, senior is really fortunate to see her."

    "I will personally host a banquet for senior after I deal with the troubles in front of me later.I don't know if Senior Phoenix Queen, may I be honored?"

    Wei Wuyou said respectfully.

    And when Ye Ximei and the other Ye family members heard this, their hearts were even more completely cold.

    Before this, they thought that this girl was sent by Xu Lei to save them.

    Now it seemed that they had thought too much.

    This woman before them was obviously acquainted with Wei Wuyou.

    In other words, she was in cahoots with Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    However, just as Ye Xie Mei and the others were filled with despair, a cold voice, however, quietly sounded.

    "You are, however, Ye Fan's relatives?"

    "Well?You are...You are..."Hearing this, Ye Ximei and the rest of the Ye family all trembled, and Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers' mouths were even more drawn.

    Good girl, why would this girl suddenly ask this?

    Could it be that the woman in front of him knows Fanny?

    Thinking of this, Ye Xi Mei even asked, "Girl, you and our Little Fan, are friends?"

    When Ye Ximei asked this, everyone in the Ye family looked over.

    Obviously, they were all waiting for her answer.

    But after waiting for a long time, the woman, still none of them responded.

    In fact, even she, herself, didn't know what kind of relationship she had with Ye Fan, exactly.

    Was it a friend?

    But they had only met by chance and had only known each other for a month or so.

    Even in this month or so, she had tried to kill him more than once.

    Is that a friend?

    Apparently not.

    What's more, she's a lonely, solitary woman who only has subordinates who respect her, not friends.

    But why would he go out of his way to help his loved ones if he wasn't a friend?And why did you really wait for him for ten days in Jiangdong because of his words?

    Yes, after leaving the Chu family's old house in the first place, Yu Yun had wanted to return to the clan immediately.

    But for some reason, in her heart, she kept remembering Ye Fan's ten day appointment.

    It was really nagging at her, so much so that she was thinking about this ten day appointment when she was cultivating.

    In the end, she still returned to Jiangdong.

    Wanting to see what exactly Ye Fan was going to send her.

    Of course, during this time, Yu Yun was not idle.

    She had been investigating Ye Fan's identity.

    What connection did this young man surnamed Ye have with the Chu family?

    Why, the old lady of the Chu family actually spoiled him so much.

    Like the ancestral land of the Chu family under the old mansion, they all let a person with a foreign surname come and go as he pleased.

    As a result, Yu Yun investigated and found the Ye family in Jingzhou.

    When she saw the Ye family in danger, Yu Yun also helped save them.

    But in fact, even Yu Yun herself doesn't know what the relationship between herself and Ye Fan is.

    Since she is not considered a friend, why did she subconsciously want to take shelter when she saw his family in danger?

    Eventually she shook her head and said coldly, "Not really a friend."

    "At most, I owe him some favors."


    "Senior Phoenix Queen, are you going to save them?"

    "These people are nothing more than countryside lowlifes and insects, how are they qualified to be saved by their predecessors?"

    The more Wei Wuyou listened, the more he felt that something was wrong, and in the end, he didn't hold back and immediately spoke out to persuade her.

    However, as soon as he finished speaking, he only saw the woman in front of him wave her sleeve robe.


    A blue light flashed, tearing through the canopy.

    With a bang, it struck Wei Wuyoung's chest.


    The ribs were broken and blood flew everywhere.

    Wei Wuyou's entire body, then like a cannonball, he was directly blown away.


"Senior, I...I don't understand?"

    "You and I have no grudge, so why did you strike and hurt me?"

    "Aren't you afraid, of offending my teacher, the Ice King?"

    "Yes, your status is noble and high above the rest."

    "But my teacher, the Ice Emperor, is not the least bit weaker than you."

    "He is also ranked in the Martial God Temple, and he is one of the Six Pillars."

    "I am a disciple of the Ice Emperor, yet you are insulting me like this, are you really not afraid of my teacher, the Ice Emperor's revenge?"

    Wei Wuyou gritted his teeth and climbed up from the ground.

    His mouth full of blood, he endured the burst of pain from above his chest and threatened harshly at the woman in front of him.

    In that low tone of voice, there was an endless amount of suppressed resentment and anger.

    He, Wei Wuyou, from the Martial Temple Pillar Powerful, was ranked ninth on the Huaxia Clan's list.

    He was also a highly respected existence in the Huaxia Martial World.

    Even the head of the deep-rooted Xu Family treated him with courtesy.

    It could be said that ever since he had stepped into the Ancestor rank, everywhere he went, everyone he met was fearful and respectful of him, and he had never been humiliated in the slightest?

    But now, this woman in front of him, indiscriminately, struck out at him, hitting him hard.

    Even a mudblood had three degrees of anger, let alone the well-bred Wei Wuyou.

    If he hadn't been inferior to her, Wei Wu-Ya would have stood up and fought with her long ago.

    But even though he was inferior, Wei Wu-Ya still couldn't swallow his anger and used his teacher's prestige to oppress her.

    Yu Yun heard the sound and did not move.

    Her delicate body was like jade, standing there like that, looking down on the old man in front of her condescendingly.

    Hearing the end, contemptuously returned, "Retaliate against me?"

    "A mere Ice King, the Huaxia Martial Shrine can't even rank in the top three, and you're bringing it to threaten me?"

    "Even your teacher, Ice Emperor, wouldn't dare to say that."

    Yu Yun shook her head, her words icy cold with endless pride and coldness.

    Between the words, Yu Yun's seven-foot long sword in her hand, slowly raised.


    In a split second, this heaven and earth, the wind was blowing.

    The crowd was naturally even more frightened at the sight of it.

    Ye Tian and the others were even howling in their hearts.

    Raising their hands and feet was able to cause the heavens and earth to change.

    "Heavens, who is this woman, exactly?"

    While the crowd was terrified, Wei Wuyou undoubtedly felt a threat of death.

    Thus, from Yu Yun's words, he actually detected some killing intent?

    "You...What do you want?"

    Wei Wuyou was in complete panic, his old face pale, and his steps couldn't stop retreating.

    And Yu Yun didn't pay any attention to him, just holding her long sword, her lotus steps lightly moved towards Wei Wuyou's direction, slowly approaching.

    With every step she took, the killing intent on her body intensified by a few points.

    In the end, the world around Yu Yun's body was already riddled with killing intent.

    "You...You can't kill me."

    "I'm a Huaxia Master, I'm a citizen of the Martial Temple, and my teacher is the same pillar powerhouse as you."

    "If you kill me, my teacher, the Ice Emperor, will definitely not let you go."

    Wei Wuyou shouted in fear.

    Yu Yun remained expressionless and returned coldly, "Not to mention the Ice Emperor, even if you are the disciple of the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian, today, I will still kill you."

    "To threaten me with him, I can only say that you, have the wrong idea."

    Hearing this, Wei Wuyou Fang woke up.

    "You...You're not the Phoenix Queen?"

    "Who are you?"

    "Who the hell are you?"

    Wei Wuyou's old face was pale and filled with fear, staring at the approaching woman in front of him with dead eyes and shouting in terror.

    "Phoenix Queen?"

    "Compared to me, she's not even worthy of lifting a shoe."

    The icy voice was as if it was a perpetual stone on an iceberg.

    After these words fell, there was only a flash of sword light between the Tianhe.


    The cold longsword reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

    And then, the crowd only saw that the long sword in Yu Yun's hand was suddenly flying out.

    Like electricity and light!

    Wei Wuyou was shocked and desperate, fleeing madly.

    However, no matter how fast he was, how could he be faster than a sword?


    Just like this, the desperate roar of despair, the ice-cold long sword immediately ran through.

    The majestic sword qi, wrapped around Wei Wuyou's hundred pounds body, swept away.

    In the end, only a "clang" sound was heard.

    Wei Wuya's corpse was nailed to the villa's high wall by Yu Yun's sword.

    Red blood rushed out through Wei Wuya's pierced throat.

    Before dying, however, Wei Wuya used the last of his strength to stare at the graceful and stunning woman in front of him with his dead eyes, and asked huskily, "For...Why?"

    Yu Yun walked over and coldly returned, "You shouldn't, touch his family members."

    The words were morbid, and carried an endless chill.

    After saying that, Yu Yun stretched out her arm and pulled off her sword.


    Wei Wuyou's corpse fell in response to the sound, and the once unstoppable Ancestor List powerhouse collapsed in a pool of blood like this.

    His eyes were open, and he could not rest in peace.

    On his old face, there was only remorse and fear.

    The fear was that he didn't expect that Ye Fan, a dead man, would still be sheltered by such an unparalleled strong man.

    Before coming here, Lu Mingfei and Xu Shaohua had assured him that the person they were dealing with this time had no background, and was just a poorly-born hick who had entered the woman's wimp son-in-law.The living relatives and friends were also some despicable country bumpkins.

    That's why Wei Wu Ya was relieved to follow Xu Shao Hua and the others to Jiangdong to help them eradicate the dissidents.

    But now it seemed that he had been deceived.

    He had been deceived by the two bastards, Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua.

    How could this Ye Fan, who could allow such powerful people to shelter his relatives, be just a wimp and a mere child of poverty, as they said?

    If I had known earlier, Wei Wuyou would never have waded through this muddle with them even if he had been killed.

    But now, it's too late to regret!

    Wei Wuyou has been in the world for a long time, but in the end, he was lost in a foreign land.

    Once Wei Wuya died, the rest of the people were naturally scared out of their wits and fled like crazy.

    Here, only a horrified and silent Ye family remained.

    After Yu Yun retrieved her sword, she didn't linger and turned around to leave.

    "Aunt...Miss, can you leave your name?"

    "You saved us, we Ye family members, we will repay you when we have the chance in the future."

    Seeing that Yu Yun was about to leave, Ye Xie Mei hurriedly spoke out and asked.

    "Repayment won't be necessary."

    "When Ye Fan returns, you only need to help me tell him that I will not go for the ten day appointment, so that he does not have to wait for me."

    As she said this, Yu Yun turned her back on the Ye family's crowd from start to finish.

    With this kind of cold and clear nature, it was as if she couldn't take an interest in anyone or anything in the world.

    Just like today, if it wasn't for Ye Fan's sake, even if the entire Ye family was exterminated, she probably wouldn't have paid the slightest attention to it, let alone minding her own business.

    In her eyes, these ordinary people were no different from insects and weeds.

    Whether they were dead or alive, much less would they raise any waves in her heart.

    But Ye Fan, however, became an exception in her life.


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