Dish Best Served Cold 1046-1050


Chapter 1046

"The ten-day appointment?"

    Ye Xi Mei and the others were stunned at the sound of the news.

    They couldn't understand Yu Yun's meaning, what ten day appointment, hadn't his son, Little Fan, already fallen for more than a month, how could he still have a ten day appointment with the next person, with a ten day appointment.

    Could it be that Little Fan wasn't dead?

    Under suspicion, Ye Xie Mei was about to ask something again.

    But the woman in the purple dress, however, had already fluttered away.

    What was left for the crowd was only that stunning silhouette, which soon completely disappeared at the end of the crowd's sight.

    Here, there was a long silence.

    Obviously, the crowd was still in the shock brought to them by the aftermath, and was silent for a long time.

    Finally, it was Ye Ya who stepped forward and asked Ye Xie Mei somewhat unbelievably, "Sister, this...This, could it be that this is also.... is also Xiaofan's confidante?"

    "F*ck, this nephew of mine isn't a bit too oxymoronic."

    "It's just as well to be married to a country-colored wife, but there are so many stunningly beautiful and beautiful women around him."

    "There was Miss Chen Nan of the Chen family, and Grand President Xu Lei Xu who is all-powerful in Yanjing, and now there's another one?"

    "Motherfucker, it's really a drought and a waterlogged death."

    The corner of Ye Ya's mouth twitched with a burst of emotion.

    Angrily, he kicked at his own son Ye Jian.

    "Dad, why are you kicking me?"

    Ye Jian was so aggrieved, he thought to himself that you can praise Ye Fan just fine, it's none of my business.

    "The kick is you!"

    "You worthless thing, your career isn't as good as your cousin, your fighting isn't as good as your cousin's, and now even women aren't as good as your cousin's."

    "Look at the girls next to people's Xiaofan, and then look at you!"

    "It's either a bar escort lady, a network manager you know from an internet cafe, or a jokester who sings in a nightclub."

    "Your father's old face is fucking disgraced by you!"

    Ye Jian was so angry that he wanted to kick this useless son of his to death.

    In the past, when Ye Fan and the others were still young, Ye Jian was still proud that his son crushed Ye Fan in every aspect.

    Now it seems that the two of them, brothers, can't compare at all ah.

    "Dad, don't just talk about me either, isn't my cousin Yulang the same?"Ye Jian muttered in a low voice.

    Upon hearing this, Jiang Yulang's face, undoubtedly, was also hard to look at.

    Even though Jiang Yulang was reluctant to admit it, it was true.

    Once upon a time, Jiang Yulang had thought that the girlfriend he had made in college would be the best daughter-in-law in the Ye family in the future.

    However, the reality was a blow to Jiang Yulang's body.

    Whether it was Chen Nan, or Qiu Mu orange, or the woman who looks like a fairy now, all of them are existences that Jiang Yulang looks up to.

    Even when he stood on his tiptoes, he couldn't touch their toes.

    But Ye Fan did.

    From the woman's words just now, Jiang Yulang clearly sensed that Yu Yun had that inexplicable emotion for Ye Fan.

    But why?

    Jiang Yulang really couldn't figure it out.

    Which point was he inferior to Ye Fan?

    He was a top science scholar, a Jiangdong genius, and a highly talented student of Yanjing University.

    Then, Ye Fan, his background is not as good as himself, his family is not as good as himself, and his education is not as good as his looks.

    But why is it that there are so many gorgeous girls who are in love with Ye Fan but don't care about him.

    Even now that Ye Fan is dead, these girls are still deeply in love with Ye Fan.

    Xu Lei was, and now this mysterious woman, even more so!

    Jiang Yulang clenched his palms, the sense of superiority he had felt for so many years was undoubtedly gone.

    In the past, when Ye Fan was alive, the position of Jiangdong's supremacy had dulled their Ye Family's descendants.

    Now that Ye Fan was dead, the Mu Fan Group was wiped out, and the position of Jiangdong's esteem had changed hands.

    All the light that that man had in his life was gone.

    Jiang Yulang had thought that from now on, he, Jiang Yulang, would become the most dazzling existence of the new generation of this family.

    But now it seemed that he was wrong, very wrong.

    Some people, even though they weren't here anymore, were still existences that were beyond the reach of those who came after them!

    He was like a high mountain that could never be surmounted, forever laying across the hearts of the Ye family.

    Even though Ye Fan had fallen, his Yu Ze was still sheltering the Ye family and his friends and relatives.

    After the crisis was averted, the Ye family was worried that the Fenghua Group would not let up, so they continued to head outside the city to meet up with Xu Lei who was waiting outside the city.

    But as soon as Ye Ximei and the others drove out of their home, they met up with Xu Lei, who had come to meet them.

    The moment she saw Ye Xie Mei, Xu Lei didn't hold back, and the sadness that she had been suppressing for many days was also immediately vented.

    "Aunt Mei~"


    She ran over and threw herself into Ye Xie Mei's arms.

    She didn't speak, just sobbed.

    Even Xu Lei was convinced that her little brother Fan wasn't going to die that easily, but they all knew very well that the chances of Ye Fan being alive were very slim.

    It was just that none of them were willing to accept this fact, stubbornly longing for a miracle to happen.

    However, after waiting so long without any delusion, even Xu Lei's sorrow and pain in her heart had already been thickened to the extreme.

    Before, she was just crying silently by herself in the dead of night.

    After all, she helped Ye Fan rule the Yanjing forces, how could she reveal her weak side in front of outsiders, only to show off her high and cold majesty!

    Now that she saw Ye Fan's mother, who she considered her family, the sadness in her heart naturally could no longer be suppressed, and tears rushed out.

    Like a little girl who had lost her love, she wailed.

    Ye Xie Mei's eyes, which were also red, only patted the girl in front of her gently on the shoulder.

    "Alright, Aunt Eyebrow, let's get out of here."

    "Brother Fan asked me to be stationed in Yanjing, just to worry that one day, Jiangdong will meet with disaster, so that you can have a way out."

    "I originally thought that day would never come."

    "I never thought that brother Xiaofan's fears would become reality."

    After a long cry, Xu Lei wiped away her tears and became strong and sane once again.

    Her Little Brother Fan was gone, and she had to shoulder the responsibility of helping her Little Brother Fan and guarding his loved ones.

    Back then, Ye Fan had single-handedly pushed her to the top of Yanjing's power and influence, preparing for this moment.

    In fact, Ye Fan himself also knew that the land of Jiangdong seemed to be ironclad.Mu Fan Group, it seemed like a big family.

    But in fact, all of this glory and power was only supported by him alone.

    If he fell, neither Qiu Mu Orange nor his own mother, Ye Xi Mei, would be able to support such a big stall.

    At that time, once someone had a bad heart, the business empire belonging to the Mu Fan Group would surely collapse.

    Therefore, Ye Fan helped Xu Lei establish her own power in Yanjing, in order to find a way out for Qiu Mu Orange, and her own mother.

    "It's really hard for Little Fan~"

    Hearing that Ye Fan turned out to have been planning ahead long ago, Ye Tian and other Ye family members only felt tremors.

    Such meticulous planning, such an old-fashioned heart, even Ye Tian and Ye Ya, who had experienced the vicissitudes of the human world, were ashamed of themselves.


However, just as Xu Lei and the others were preparing to leave Jiangdong and take refuge in Yanjing.

    Suddenly, in the darkness of the night ahead, an army green off-road vehicle came speeding up.

    The low buzzing sound, like the roar of a wild beast, trembled the heavens and earth.

    The two orange lights in front of the car were even sharper like swords, splitting the night sky.In the direction of the Ye family villa, it came whistling straight away.

    The moment they saw the car, the Ye family's faces paled like birds from a frightened bow.

    Ye Tian and the others were even more terrified as they asked Xu Lei, "Boss Xu, this...Is this the person you sent here?"

    Xu Lei shook her head, "No, this seems to be a military vehicle."

    "It should be, someone sent by Xu Shaohua."

    For the Xu family, which was also one of the four great families of Yanjing, Xu Lei naturally understood the details of their background.

    This Xu family, was started by the military.

    In the military world, it could be said to be one handed.

    One family with two generals was even a good story in today's Huaxia military world.

    Therefore, the moment she saw the military green SUV, Xu Lei concluded that it was someone sent by Xu Shaohua and the others.


    "Hsu Shaohua's people?"

    "These damn bastards are never ending."

    "They didn't manage to get rid of us just now, and they're still not giving up."

    Ye Ya and the other Ye family members burst into a rage at the sound of the news.

    "Dad, let's not talk about this."

    "Let's get out of here before it's too late to catch up."

    Ye Jian, however, had been scared silly, and the feeling of walking through the gate of ghosts was really bad.

    Just now, Wei Wuyou's group had already scared Ye Jian a lot.

    Now that the people from the Fenghua Group are found to be back again, Ye Jian is naturally terrified.

    But that immortal sister has already left, if this time it falls into the hands of Lu Mingfeng and the others, it will be really finished.

    Not only Ye Jian thought so, Xu Lei also felt that it was best to go with the thirty-six strategies.

    It was better not to confront them head on.

    After all, Xu Lei had come in a hurry this time, and the manpower she had brought wasn't enough.

    If Lu Mingfeng wanted to be tough, even Xu Lei could do nothing about it.


    The next moment, there was only a roar.

    After Xu Lei gave the order, the number of luxury cars roared, and between their wheels sped, they drove towards the dark depths of the night.

    "It's over, they're coming after us~"

    "Dad, come on, faster!"

    Looking at the approaching SUV behind, Ye Jian was so scared that his soul almost screamed out.

    As they had guessed, this car was clearly coming for their Ye family.

    In the dark night, the fierce off-road vehicle then whirled like a wild beast, chasing after Xu Lei and the others.


    "All sit tight~"

    Ye Ya and the others were also forced to be anxious.

    I don't care about the speed limit of 40 in the city, the vehicle was switched to the sport mode, and the foot of the accelerator directly to the bottom.

    The 2.0T engine directly erupted with an extreme roar.

    Less than eight seconds for a hundred kilometers of acceleration!

    The tremendous pushback was almost insane.

    Ye Ya swore he'd never driven a car so hard in his life.

    But it couldn't be helped.

    Before the desperate situation of life and death, who could care so much?

    "Fly" is right!

    Just a whoosh!

    The Mercedes Benz E300L that Ye Ya was driving was like the wind, whistling past Xu Lei.

    This time the Ye family evacuated Jiangdong with their family and drove a total of five cars.

    Ye Ya's family sat in one, Ye Tian's family sat in one, Ye Qingzhu's family drove one, and as for Ye Ximei and Ye's old man, they sat in the car Xu Lei had prepared for them.

    As for Xu Lei, she was driving one by herself alone.

    At this time, Xu Lei had undoubtedly noticed that the buggy was chasing after them.

    And, the distance to them was rapidly closing.

    Xu Lei bit her teeth and slammed a slowdown, quickly falling behind.

    Ye Xie Mei was shocked at the sight, and called Xu Lei, "Little Lei, why did you slow down, the car broke down?"

    "Aunt Mei, you don't need to worry about me, you guys go first."

    Xu Lei replied back, and immediately hung up the phone.

    And then, she continued to slow down, and with this fast and slow, the distance between her and that army green SUV, rapidly drew closer.

    However, just as that SUV was preparing to overtake, Xu Lei's steering wheel hit, directly blocking his path.

    It looked like Xu Lei was planning to block the car herself to prevent it from catching up.

    Just like this, the two cars were in a standoff for several minutes.

    Xu Lei's ears could vaguely hear the grasping roar of the vehicle behind him.

    "Hmph, it's not that easy to harm my little brother Fan's family?"

    "Let's get through this first Miss Ben!"

    Xu Lei was relieved when she saw that the SUV had been towed by her.

    She reckoned that Aunt Mei and the others had already gone far away.


    The wheels sped, and Xu Lei drove the vehicle into the dark night.

    The SUV behind him was still looking for a chance to overtake, but how would Xu Lei give him the chance to do so, blocking its way every time.

    However, while Xu Lei was focusing on the SUV behind him, he didn't even notice that it had entered a curve in front of him.

    "Watch out!"

    Outside the car window, I don't know who shouted.

    But how could Xu Lei, whose car window was closed, have heard it clearly.

    However, at this time, Xu Lei also seemed to have noticed the curve ahead.

    In great alarm, a sudden sharp braking, the steering wheel was busy to the left sharply.

    But in the end, it was still too late.

    The huge centrifugal force wrapped around the BMW, and it rushed out from the road.

    Amidst the deafening crash, the car was seen rolling over several times before coming to a stop.


    "This silly ninny~"

    Ye Fan was furious and angry.

    He fucking shouted as he chased after her, asking Xu Lei to stop.

    But that silly girl's doors and windows were closed, and the two of them were so fast that they couldn't hear Ye Fan's shouting.

    Finally, Ye Fan was helpless, so he thought to come closer.

    But Xu Lei misinterprets this as Ye Fan's attempt to overtake.

    All in all, it was due to various coincidences and misunderstandings that this black dragon incident happened.

    After Xu Lei's accident, Ye Fan rushes over to rescue her.

    In the field, Xu Lei's car was lying on all fours.

    The orange flashing lights flashed endlessly, the wipers brushed back and forth over and over again, and the ground was leaking oil all over the place.



    Ye Fan was so anxious that he yanked open the car door.

    Only inside the car, the airbag had burst open and Xu Lei was squeezed inside, with blood flowing down from her forehead.Looking at that look, she was already unconscious.

    Ye Fan was even more worried when he saw this.

    He hurriedly carried Xu Lei out of the car.

    Fortunately, the car's airbag opened in time, plus Xu Lei's speed when she entered the bend was not very fast, and the surrounding area was also a field with soft soil, so Xu Lei's body, except for some scratches, was not a big problem.

    Ye Fan was relieved to see this.

    "Lei'er, wake up~"

    "Wake up~"

    Ye Fan hugged her and called out softly.

    Soon Xu Lei also woke up, she opened her eyes, and when she saw Ye Fan, at one point she thought she was hallucinating.

    She blinked her eyes over and over again, as if she was confirming if she was seeing things.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he laughed, and reached out his hand above Xu Lei's jasper nose and lightly cut it.

    "Silly girl, don't look."

    "It's me, I'm not dead, I came back alive."


Ye Fan laughed softly.

    That genial and warm smile was only like a June spring breeze, quietly brushing across Xu Lei's heart.

    Xu Lei was stunned.

    She was stupefied in place, just like this, looking at the man in front of her.

    Tears, uncontrollably flowed down.

    In the next moment, she threw herself over and hugged Ye Fan's neck hard, bawling her eyes out.


    "Brother Fanny, I thought I'd never see you again~"


    "Where have you been for the past month or so, you bastard?"

    "Why? Why didn't you contact us?"

    "Do you have any idea how worried Rae is about you~"


    Tears were falling like rain.

    Xu Lei's miserable cry, but it was heartbreaking.

    It was as if the grievances and sufferings of these days, the thoughts and heartbreak, were all being vented out at this time.

    No one knew how much pressure Xu Lei was carrying these days.

    Not only did she have to help Ye Fan take charge of Yanjing, but she also had to shelter his wife and take care of his relatives, as well as face the endless pressure from the Xu and Lu families, what was even more unbearable for Xu Lei was the pain and sorrow of Ye Fan's fall.

    How strong must a weak woman be to maintain her sanity and calm in the midst of so many setbacks and grief.

    But fortunately, her strength was not without reward.

    The young man she had been waiting for, had finally returned.


    In this world, Xu Lei's cries were still echoing.

    Faced with Xu Lei's outburst and questioning, Ye Fan did not answer.

    He just hugged her hard, feeling her grief, feeling her crying, feeling her hissing.

    He knew that what a woman needed at a time like this wasn't an explanation, much less a proper reason.

    Rather, it was a strong hug, a warm chest, a solid leaning.

    That was all.

    Sure enough, after a long time of crying, perhaps because she was tired, the crying finally stopped.

    Seeing this, Ye Fan took pity on her as he rubbed the bruises on her face and asked, "Does it hurt?"


    "Brother Fanny, you're too damned!"

    "It's all your fault."

    "If it wasn't for you, how would Rae have flipped over?"

    "Why didn't you say it was you."

    "I was made to think that it was the bad guys sent by Lu Mingfeng and the others?"

    When she remembered what had just happened, Xu Lei was so angry that her nose was crooked.

    Her beautiful eyes stared fiercely at Ye Fan and said angrily.

    The words were filled with resentment.

    It wasn't that she was afraid of pain, let alone almost losing her life.

    As long as she could protect her little brother Fan's loved ones, she wasn't afraid of dying.

    However, the main this car accident was too lame, too stupid.

    It totally shouldn't have happened.

    The feeling was like two armies fighting and killing each other for half a day, only to stare at each other and find that it was all their own people.

    Can it not be suffocating?

    "You silly girl, and you're talking about me?"

    "I was screaming at the back of my throat, but you didn't even take care of me, and don't even want my car."

    "Fortunately, I was afraid something would happen to you, and I slowed down early."

    "Otherwise, even if you all save a life, but this little face, I'm afraid you'll have to break your face."

    "In the future, surely no man will want you~"

    In between teasing, Ye Fan had a fraction of Xu Lei's lovely nose before he carried her to the car.

    "Hmph, no need for you to carry."

    "Anyway, I'm a woman that no man wants, so I won't force you."

    I don't know where Ye Fan had offended her again, but Xu Lei, with an angry little face, directly pushed Ye Fan away and walked onto the car herself.

    Ye Fan watched and laughed helplessly for a while.

    "As the ancients say, only a villain and a woman are difficult to raise."

    "The ancients sincerely did not deceive me~"

    Ye Fan laughed softly and then hurried to chase after his mother.

    Now that Ye Fan had returned to Jiangdong, there was naturally no need for his mother to flee from her hometown.



    Soon, Ye Fan caught up with his mother and the others.

    Seeing that his son was still alive, Ye Ximei was naturally surprised and happy.

    The Ye family's crowd was also relieved in addition to happy.

    The feeling, as if the Ye family's main backbone, back.

    Yes, after experiencing this change, to the Ye family's crowd, there was no doubt that they also truly experienced the importance of the man in front of them.

    With him here, the Ye Family is here!

    If Ye Fan did not survive, then the Ye family would also not survive.

    "Mom, you guys go back and rest first."

    "These days, I've made you suffer."

    "The next thing will be left to my child."

    "I promise, the pain and suffering you have suffered these days, my son will definitely return it for you a hundred times!"

    After the conversation just now, Ye Fan only knew how dangerous tonight was.

    If Xu Lei hadn't arrived in time, I'm afraid that he, Ye Fan, really wouldn't have been able to see his mother.

    In his life, Ye Fan felt most sorry for his mother.

    Ever since he was a child, his mother had been following him to suffer.

    Later, when he joined the Qiu family, he didn't even visit his mother for three years.

    Now, he has become the head of Jiangdong, and he hasn't let his mother enjoy a few good days, but instead, he let her encounter such a great disaster because of himself.

    In Ye Fan's heart, he only felt extremely guilty.

    Of course, at this time, as much guilt as Ye Fan had in his heart, the anger towards Lu Mingfeng and the others was as thick as it was.

    He couldn't wait a moment longer, and was now ready to head to Yunzhou to see who these two people were who dared to set foot in his Jiangdong land?

    "Little Fan, don't leave yet, I still have something to ask you."

    "Tell me honestly, this past month or so, you haven't heard from anyone, have you been keeping a woman outside behind Mu Orange's back?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan was leaving, but Ye Xie Mei pulled Ye Fan over and asked in a low voice with a straight face.

    Ye Fan's face darkened at that time: "Mom, what are you talking nonsense?"

    "Is your son the kind of man I am?"

    "I told you, I was recovering from an injury earlier."

    "Still trying to lie to me?People are coming to the door."Ye Xie Mei then told Ye Fan about the incident just now when Wei Wuyou surrounded the Ye family and Yu Yun arrived at the last moment to kill Wei Wuyou with a single sword.


    "And this?"

    Ye Fan was in shock.

    And then he immediately returned to the Ye family villa and saw that Wei Wuyou, who had fallen in a pool of blood.

    "This is, a Martial Dao Master?"

    Ancestor Qi and blood was like a dragon, and the first time Ye Fan looked over, he could see that the person in front of him was a strong Ancestor.

    Ye Fan never expected that in order to cut him Ye Fan down to the bone, this Lu Mingfeng and the others would go so far as to send out Zongshi powerhouses to deal with his mother, who was an ordinary person with no hands.

    At that moment, Ye Fan's palm clenched, and the chill in his eyebrows immediately grew a bit more.

    "Mom, tell me more carefully, that woman, what does she look like?"After viewing Wei Wuyou's corpse, Ye Fan turned to his mother and asked.

    Ye Xi Mei thought, "It's not easy to describe, anyway, that girl is very pretty, a purple dress, noble and elegant, she is from a rich and famous family at a glance."


"So you can ask her name?"

    Ye Fan pursued the question again.

    Ye Xie Mei nodded, "I asked, but she didn't say."

    "Only, before leaving, instead, she asked me to relay a message to you."

    "What word?"Evan was confused.

    "Say the ten day appointment, she won't be there so you don't have to wait for him."Ye Xi Mei replied.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's face, which was originally filled with doubt, was suddenly relieved.

    He smiled lightly, "So it was her."

    Even though she didn't inform the name, with just this sentence, Ye Fan had already judged her identity.

    It was undoubtedly the Yu Yun who had healed his injuries with him in the Chu family's old house.

    It was just that Ye Fan did not expect that she would appear here and also happen to save his mother.

    Was it a coincidence?

    Or was the woman always in the dark, watching out for herself?

    Of course, whether it was a coincidence or not, it was probably just Yu Yun himself who knew.

    "Laugh your ass off!"

    "Be honest with me, what is your relationship?"

    "I'm warning you, if you go behind Mu Orange's back and keep a woman outside, I'll be the first one to spare you."

    "Do you know that these days, Mu Orange is losing her soul all day because of you."

    "Every day, she cooks a table full of food and waits for you to come back to eat it together."

    "Mu Orange is a good girl and is devoted to you, you can't let her down."

    "As for the girl who saved us, although she has been kind to us, you can repay the kindness, but you can't sell yourself, do you hear me?"

    "Moreover, that girl is stunningly talented and noble, she's not vulgar at first glance."

    "This kind of woman is not something you can handle."

    "You're not worthy of someone."

    Ye Fan: "........"

    Hearing his own mother's words, Ye Fan's face turned black then.

    Was this fucking his own mother?

    Do you think so little of your own son?

    I'm not good enough for her?

    What part of me is not good enough for that crazy woman?

    Ye Fan was almost dying of anger at his own old mother's words.

    However, Ye Fan didn't bother arguing with his own old mother about this, business was important.

    "Mom, just leave it alone."

    "Don't worry, I have nothing to do with her."

    "That crazy woman, it's too late to kill me?"

    "Okay, I'll leave now."

    "Remember, when it's morning, take Rae to the hospital for a checkup."

    "Especially the head, focus on checking to see if it's broken."

    Ye Fan said as he prepared to leave.

    When Xu Lei at the side heard this, she got angry and said, "Hmph, your brain is the one that touched bad!"

    "Brother Fanny is so bad, he just knows how to tease me~"

    Xu Lei's jade feet stomped lightly, her beautiful eyes staring at the direction of Ye Fan's departure, full of complaints.

    But as she said that, Xu Lei ended up puffing out a laugh.

    As if years and years of tears, quietly turned around, Xu Lei seems to see again, they were once a child's appearance.

    The Ye Fan of that time, wasn't also like this, always teasing her.

    Thinking about it, the dimple on Xu Lei's pretty face became brighter and brighter.

    It was like a lotus flower in full bloom under the moonlight, light and dark, with a dimple like a flower!

    That intoxicating smile, beautiful and thrilling.

    The two brothers, Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang, looked straight at that time with both eyes, only feeling amazed.

    In their hearts, they were both yearning and envious.

    Ye Ya couldn't stand it, and kicked his son's buttocks again.

    At that time, Ye Jian's entire body was lost, annoyed, "Dad, why are you kicking me again?"

    "Sub-O, the kick is you!"

    "Learn more from your cousin Evan."

    "Look at how people provoke girls."

    "And look at you?"

    "Look at you!"

    Ye Ya looked like he hated iron and cursed at his indisputable son.

    At this time, however, Ye Fan had already driven and left the city of Jingzhou.

    Towards the land of Yunzhou, he sped away.

    Of course, before leaving, Ye Fan also took care of Wei Wuyou's corpse, by the way.

    At this time, it was already early morning.

    In the distant east, a streak of fish belly white had appeared.

    Soon, the first glow of dawn.

    The fiery red sun wheel, also in the sky, revealed its silhouette.

    A new day had descended!



    Yunzhou City.

    On the shore of Yunwu Lake, an ancient pavilion towered high.

    It was as if a giant was standing on the bank of this river, keeping watch over this ancient city.

    And before this building, three vermillion red characters, but a dragon flying and a phoenix dancing!

    Exactly, the first restaurant in Jiangdong, Haiyuan Pavilion.

    It is said that this Haiyuan Pavilion has a history of three hundred years.

    At that time, to celebrate the birth of the first Scholar of Yunzhou, Haiyuan Pavilion was built on the shore of Yunwu Lake.

    On the day the Scholar Lang returned home, a feast was held at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    It can be said that this Haiyuan Pavilion has gone through a hundred years of trials and tribulations, vicissitudes of the world, witnessing the birth of countless heroes and heroines, and of course, the fall of countless magnates.

    At this time, the dawn was just dawn, but the entire Haiyuan Pavilion was already bustling.

    Hundreds of staff inside and out began to work, all the banquet supplies, all straightened, several thousand meters of red carpet from the entrance all the way to the road.

    From the nearby hotels, carefully selected Miss Manners, also all began to change clothes and makeup.

    Within a short while, dozens of elegantly dressed women in cheongsams, with enchanting steps, stood on both sides of the red carpet.

    Brilliant flowers were also placed all over the restaurant.

    Today's Haiyuan Pavilion was completely in a festive mood.

    After all, today, the Chairman of the Fenghua Group was going to banquet all the big men of Jiangdong in the Haiyuan Pavilion, convening a heroic feast and formally proclaiming to the world his status as the esteem of Jiangdong.

    Therefore, today's banquet was equivalent to the new emperor's ascension to the throne, so the restaurant's old man naturally did not dare to slack off.

    What's more, the Fenghua Group is now in the limelight, having just destroyed all of Mr. Chu's forces, and its fierce reputation is unparalleled in Jiangdong, who dares to provoke it?

    It was out of trepidation that the Haiyuan Pavilion's old man naturally made even better arrangements, fearing that he might attract a hint of dissatisfaction from Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    As the sky grew brighter and brighter, the number of people gathered under the Haiyuan Pavilion undoubtedly increased.

    Hundreds and thousands of bodyguards began to station here, taking over the restaurant's security completely.

    The cordon was also pulled up.

    A hundred-meter radius was strictly forbidden for any idle people to enter.

    But people always had a rebellious mind.

    The bigger the battle, the longer the cordon was drawn, naturally the more passersby were attracted to watch.

    In the end, the sides of the road would be filled with people who had come to watch the fun.


    "What a big battle."

    "The last time it was this lively was when Mr. Chu was having a sea and sky feast here."

    "This time, what is it again?"

    "Who's feasting here again?"

    The passersby were talking without a word from you.

    However, among the crowd, there were a few men and women, full of contempt, who said with disdain.

    "Hmph, a bunch of turtles, how do you know that today, a new king will be born in Jiangdong?"

    Qiu Mu Ying smiled coldly, but in her words, there was a bit of gloom and doom.

    On the side, Qiu Mukki was similarly cold-eyed and smiling, his handsome face carrying a bit of wantonness and complacency.


"Who can be spared by the good wheels of heaven?"

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, you also have today."

    "What a heavenly sight~"

    The matter of the Mufan Group's demise was spreading throughout Jiangdong.

    Qiu Mu Qi, Qiu Mu Ying and the other Qiu family members, naturally knew about it.

    After learning of this news, no one knew how smooth and relieved Qiu Mu Ying and the others were.

    Thinking back, their Qiu family was one of the few high families in Yunzhou City.

    Even if it wasn't considered a first-rate power, it was still a second-rate family that could barely be ranked.

    At its peak, the Qiu family even got a fifty million investment from the Red Flag Group and signed a strategic cooperation project.

    At that time, the Qiu family was in its prime, how dazzling it was.

    However, because of Ye Fan and his wife's deliberate targeting, the Qiu family was completely ruined in just a year's time.

    Qiushui Logistics went bankrupt and was auctioned off, and even the bank deposits of Qiu Muqi, Qiu Muying and others were frozen, and their properties were also repossessed by the court and auctioned off to repay the bank loans.

    Nowadays, the Qiu family's life can be described as extremely miserable.

    A well-bred lady like Autumn Muying has been reduced to working in a restaurant.

    Qiu Mu Qi even ran away to make money delivering takeaways.

    According to reason, with their education and business experience, even if the company went bankrupt, they would have no problem applying for a position in another company.

    But unfortunately, everyone in the Jiangdong business community knew that the Qiu family had offended Mr. Chu.

    So, even if they applied for a job, no one dared to take them.

    They could only do hard labor to supplement the family income.

    At first, Qiu Mukki thought of using Miss Mo's background and status to go to Yanjing to make a comeback.

    At that time, the Qiu family really thought that they were going to change their luck.

    But as it turned out, it was again because of Ye Fan and his wife that they had lost the effort.

    Not to mention returning to Yanjing with that Miss Mo, on that day, the head of the Mo family was in a thunderous rage and directly beat up Miss Mo and made her cut off all contact with the Qiu family.

    To this day, Qiu Mu Qi has not contacted her.

    The last bit of hope was once again destroyed in the hands of Ye Fan and his wife.

    It could be imagined how much Qiu Mu Qi and the others, hated Ye Fan and his wife to the bone.

    They were constantly thinking of taking revenge on Ye Fan and the Mu Fan Group.

    But unfortunately, their ability was shallow and they were unable to shake such a huge thing like Mu Fan Group.

    But now, retribution was coming.


    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, you died well."

    "Die well~"

    "It's all fucking retribution, it's all retribution."

    "I came here today to see with my own eyes how everything you once possessed was taken away from you."

    Among the crowd, the Qiu Mu Ying and Qiu Mu Qi siblings laughed wantonly, their faces all eventful and proud.

    From Ye Fan's entry into the Qiu family, to Qiu Mu Orange being swept away, to the establishment of Mu Fan's real estate, and finally, Ye Fan rebuilt the East River.

    The Qiu family has witnessed the whole process of Ye Fan and his wife's rise to power.

    They have seen the wretchedness of Ye Fan and the helplessness of Qiu Mu Orange.

    They have also witnessed the glory of the Mufan Group.

    One was a party lord and the other was the Empress of Jiangdong.

    They, the Qiu family, had witnessed with their own eyes how that couple, step by step, had risen to the top of Jiangdong's power.

    But now, they also had to witness their demise with their own eyes.

    "Seeing him raise a tall building, seeing him feast on guests, seeing him, the building collapsed~"


    Qiu Mu Qi and Qiu Mu Ying were laughing wantonly in the crowd like a fury.

    Seeing their former siblings, who had now come to such a miserable end.

    They showed no pity, but instead gloated over the misfortune.

    Perhaps, this was human nature.

    In the midst of the wanton laughter of Qiu Muqi and the others, the bigwigs from all sides also entered one after another.

    Master Lei San from Jingzhou, Chen Ao from Jianghai, Li Er from Yunzhou, Wang Jiexi from Haoshu, but all the influential and respectable figures in Jiangdong, all stepped into the Haiyuan Pavilion today.

    The last time they descended to the Haiyuan Pavilion was when Mr. Chu held the Sea and Sky Feast here.

    Now it was only half a year ago, but the times have changed.

    Jiangdong, once again, was about to usher in a new master.

    However, this time, there wasn't much expectation in the hearts of the crowd.

    The atmosphere in the arena was even a bit dull.

    Li Er and the others were even more expressionless, stepping into the restaurant between the gazes of the crowd.

    Not long after, all parties were gathered.

    The entire Haiyuan Pavilion was then completely sealed off.

    It was strictly forbidden for anyone to enter or leave.

    Outside the wine restaurant, a whiff of bad foreboding appeared in the hearts of the crowd when they saw this situation.

    "This hosting a banquet is just a banquet, right?"

    "Why do you still have all the doors and windows closed?"

    "And it's weird, isn't it?"

    Among the crowd, someone was confused.

    It only felt that the atmosphere in front of them was a bit delicate.


    "Do you still need to see it?"

    "Today's banquet is clearly a Hongmen banquet."

    "After this banquet, the Jiangdong pattern is bound to be rewritten."

    An old man lamented grudgingly.

    The young man beside him was shocked when he heard it.

    "Are you saying that this banquet is going to see blood?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "It's full of powerful big shots who rebuke a prefecture-level city."

    "That Feng Hua Group's CEO is really so bold that he dares to take action against them?"

    The old man shook his head and continued, "A dynasty is a dynasty, ah."

    "If this Fenghua Group wants complete control of Jiangdong, it must sweep away the remnants of Mr. Chu's forces."

    "In particular, the Li family from Yunzhou, the Lei family from Jingzhou, and the Chen family from Jianghai."

    "These three families, who were once Mr. Chu's henchmen, are the three strongest forces in Jiangdong today."

    "Do you think, when the new king of Jiangdong ascends to the throne, he will still allow the old retainers from Mr. Chu's era to exist?"

    "At today's banquet, our Yunzhou's Second Prince Li is only afraid of his misfortune~"

    "Since ancient times, the struggle for power and profit has inherently been stained with blood and life."

    Among the crowd, the old man lamented at length.

    When Qiu Mu Ying heard it, she sneered.

    "That is also deserved!"

    "If you want to blame it, blame the second master for choosing the wrong person and standing on the wrong team."

    "What the hell is that Mr. Chu, a despicable hillbilly, wimpy door-to-door son-in-law."

    "Don't look so dignified before, but it's actually just golden jade."

    "How about now?"

    "Then once Mr. Chu dies, the Mufan Group is then finished."

    "If he's really capable, how could he have fallen so fast?"

    "The second prince's choice to be loyal to these people can only be said to be blind."

    "Now that you've been purged, you have no one else to blame."

    Qiu Mu Ying and the others said coldly.

    However, just as the crowd was discussing one thing at a time.

    Unexpectedly, a thousand meters away, an army green buggy was parked in front of a shop.

    The door of the vehicle opened and a thin man stepped out.

    The icy gaze swept over and landed on the carpenter at the door, and a low, deep voice, quietly sounded, "Within ten minutes, make a coffin."


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