Super Son-in-law 481-490


Chapter 481

After Lin Hao left the Gong family, he returned to the Tian Hai Group, inside the president's office on the top floor of the Tian Hai Group.Lin Hao had returned after a small half year.Mo Tianji stood respectfully behind him.

"Young Master, I'm afraid that the news of the destruction of the Gong Family will spread throughout the entire Tian Hai before tomorrow, do you want to bring Miss Shen back now?"Mo Tianji stood behind Lin Hao and asked respectfully.

Lin Hao stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, overlooking half of Tianhai City.He suddenly felt that the scene in front of him was very familiar.At that time in Nanjiang City, he had also hidden his identity in order to surprise Shen Xiyan, and only at the end did he officially reveal his identity during the inauguration ceremony of the president of the Kyushu Group.

And before Lin Hao announced his identity, he had endured a lot during that time.In fact, this time, when he came to Tian Hai, Lin Hao had planned to tell Shen Xi Yan his true identity.To give Shen Shyan a lifetime of glory, to take Shen Shyan back to Yanjing to the Lin Clan's ancestral home, to see his grandmother.But now, during the time he was away, something had happened with the Leng family and the Gong family....

In fact, Lin Hao's character was also very reclusive, he was also thinking of slowly annihilating the Gong Family, but the Gong Family was actually going to let Shen Xiyan marry into the Gong Family tomorrow morning ahead of time, so Lin Hao couldn't tolerate this and just went ahead and annihilated the entire Gong Family overnight!

And now facing Mo Tianji's words, Lin Hao was silent.Bringing Shen Shi Yan back now?Lin Hao also wanted to take Shen Xiyan back now, but he was worried that Shen Xiyan's mind wouldn't be able to adjust for a while.If he were to reveal his identity to Shen Xiyan right now, Shen Xiyan would probably break down.

And because Lin Hao had gone to Yanjing to deal with Lin's affairs in the past few days, it had led to the near death of Shen Siyan's own mother, Leng Qiu Ya, who had been shot, and he hadn't been by Shen Siyan's side when she needed him the most.If Shen Siyan now suddenly knew that Lin Hao was the strongest person in Tianhai City, would Shen Siyan resent herself in her heart?This was something Lin Hao himself didn't know.

And the truth was that it was such a coincidence that something had happened to Shen Xiyan while Lin Hao was away!And Lin Hao couldn't explain to Shen Xiyan exactly how dangerous his trip to the north was, if he told Shen Xiyan all the truth, Shen Xiyan would be scared of him again in her heart.

Many, many thoughts flashed through Lin Hao's mind, but finally he shook his head and said, "Wait a little longer, Xi Yan's emotions are very unstable right now, let's wait a little longer, I'll also think about how to explain to Xi Yan in these few days.And until I've thought it through, it's still you who will be in charge of the Tianhai Group, my identity shouldn't be exposed... "Lin Hao frowned deeply, this was very difficult to deal with, and the matter of Shen Xiyan mentioning divorce to him was very complicated, he couldn't say that he had a grudge against Shen Xiyan, but it was also very, very hard to bear........

He obviously could have given everything for Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan didn't choose to trust him and went to carry it herself.Although Shen Xiyan's heart was good and she was doing all of this for Lin Hao, but as a man, the woman he loved so much didn't believe in himself and went to do something stupid, no matter how happy he thought about it....

"Yes, Shao Er Dye Zero Land Servant Landlord, don't worry I won't let anyone know your true identity, before you try to come to the front desk..." nodded Mo Tianji. One second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao shook his head: "There's no need for that, there's still a month and a half to go before the Chinese New Year, and half a month later it will be the Chinese New Year, I don't intend to stay behind the scenes like the time in Tianhai, January 1st, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, I want to give a grand and unprecedented wedding to Xi Yan in Tianhai City, she and I, we haven't held a wedding yet....And all the grievances she's suffering now in the Heavenly Sea, I'm going to give her that day to wash it all away!"Lin Hao's eyes became incomparably deeper.

"Xi Yan, Xi Yan, if you don't trust your husband so much, then your husband will let you see if your husband can protect you or not, if he can give you a lifetime of glory or not!"Lin Hao murmured complexly in his heart.


This night throughout Tianhai City, countless people were so frightened that they couldn't sleep, the third ranked first-class family in Tianhai City, the Gong Family, had actually been wiped out in one night.The Gong Family that was very vocal in all walks of life in Tian Hai City, and even had industries in hundreds of countries around the world, was actually wiped out completely and cleanly in one night....

It was so fast that no one reacted, leaving no one to return to their senses.This was especially true for those who were with the Gong family tonight, those dignitaries in Tianhai City, who were admiring the Gong family's talk and laughter one second, but the next second, the Gong family's powerful figures were dying directly in front of them....

In the past few days, apart from Mo Tianji, who was inaugurated as the leader of the Tianhai Group, the most famous one is the Gong family.The Gong family announced one after another in the past two days, and the Leng family turned a dry war into jade, the Leng family's eldest daughter married to the Gong family, the Gong family and the Leng family reached a strategic alliance to advance and retreat together, and around eight o'clock tonight, the Gong family announced that tomorrow morning, the wedding will be held in the Gong family....

The Gong Family, as the third-ranked first-class family in Tianhai City, any news about them was capable of creating huge waves in Tianhai City.But the night before the Gong Family was about to reach its peak, the entire family was instantly exterminated by mysterious forces!

The Gong family had completely fallen from heaven, into hell in an instant!This made all the elites from all walks of life in Tianhai City tremble in their hearts, wondering if it was their family next time?


One had to know that it was the Gong Family, the third ranked first-class family in Tianhai City, and the Gong Family that was able to challenge even the Xiao Family after joining forces with the Leng Family, but now it was wiped out....

This night, all the people from all walks of life in Tianhai City who should have been celebrating, were all laid to rest under the news of the Gong Family's destruction, no one dared to come out anymore, and they all nestled at home in fear.

It can be said that this night, all the top figures in Tianhai City, a layer of haze in their hearts, every family heart filled with a deep fear, can not be waved away, even the most foolish people, know that all parties in Tianhai City, this time to reshuffle the cards.

After all, the Gong Family had been operating in Tianhai City for too long, not to mention the business world, even the various power departments in Tianhai City, the Gong Family had very hard relations.Trying to wipe out a big family like the Gong Family in a short period of time would have a great impact on the entire Tian Hai City, even the various industries in Tian Hai City.So according to common sense, even if the Gong Family was about to die by itself, the authorities at all levels in Tianhai City would give the Gong Family the green light to go, as a way to ensure that the economic development of Tianhai City would not be impacted!

So it was because of this that the current major powers and families in Tianhai City were the more fearful in their hearts.Because when that mysterious power annihilated the Gong family, it was the same as after the Gong family was annihilated.The various powers in Tianhai City, from the beginning to the end, none of them actually came forward!!!

And not only did they not show up, but in the power sector, the people who were very close to the Gong family and had ties to the Gong family, the people in high places, even lost contact overnight!What does losing contact mean, everyone is not an idiot, so naturally they understand that those big names will be kicked out even if they don't die....

But the crux of the matter is that no one knows exactly what the Gong family has done, and that's why it has attracted such a powerful hostile service closed Wu Yi Ai zero people, so that a first-class family as strong as the Gong family is actually completely killed without even the strength to resist!An unknown enemy was the most terrifying.

Of course this matter of the destruction of the Gong Family tonight, it wasn't like there weren't people thinking about Shen Xiyan, but after those people investigated all of Shen Xiyan's background information, none of them would believe that the Gong Family's destruction was because of Shen Xiyan!

Who is Shen Xiyan's biggest background?It was the Leng family ah, but her true identity was that of an outcast of the Leng family!Or even a person who has been in exile for years and is not even recognized by the Leng family, but to say it's because of that husband of Shen Xiyan?It's also impossible, although that husband of Shen Siyan is a person, but he's just a talent in that small place in Nanjiang City, he's nothing at all in Tianhai, let alone influencing the power sector in Tianhai City....


Late at night, in the secret room of the Ye family, the number one ranked first-class family in Tianhai City, Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang, the young master of the Ye family, both of them looked incomparably grave, the two of them had predicted the demise of the Gong family before, but how could they have never expected that as soon as they had made their judgement in the morning, the Gong family would be directly annihilated in the evening, the speed of annihilation was far beyond their reaction! First web site

"Dad, what are we going to do next?Although the Gong family is nowhere near as good as our Ye family, it's still a famous family ranked in the top three in Tianhai, but it was all hanged within just a few hours, dad, what should we do next?"Ye Wushuang, who had always been calm and collected in the Heavenly Sea, was now experiencing deep fear after hearing the news of the Gong Family's annihilation .After all, even if his Ye family was stronger than the Gong family, but to destroy the Gong family, it was simply impossible to think about it without three to five years, and even if they could destroy the Gong family after three to five years, then they themselves would still have to suffer a major injury....

Ye Feiye's face was also heavy to the extreme as he slowly said, "Shuang'er, calm down, my Ye family must calm down!The more this time the more we can't mess up on our own, and the fate of the Gong family, we've already predicted it, and now it's just a little earlier than we expected, let's do nothing now, if I'm expecting it right, the people over there should be coming to the Ye family in the next two days..."

Ye Feiye paused and suddenly his eyes became incomparably firm as he said, "There is news from the Yanjing main vein that although the Lin Clan's current young lord is very much at odds with the Lin Clan, they have given an assessment that the Lin Clan's current young lord has a peerless posture!We don't care about the internal struggle within the Lin Clan, but our Ye Family will stand by the Lin Clan, the young lord, with all our might in the future!Do you remember that?"Ye Feiye's face was incomparably heavy and said.

"Wushuang will remember father's teachings!"Ye Wushuang nodded his head heavily.

At the same time, within the secret room of the second-ranked first-rate family in Tianhai City, the Xiao Family, the owner of the Xiao Family, Xiao Nuo, was also speaking the same words to his son, the next-generation heir of the Xiao Family, Xiao Cold Night.On the other side, within the Bai Family, the contemporary head of the Bai Family, Bai Hang, was also speaking the same words to the heir of the Bai Family, Bai Jiaqi....

This night, the three remaining families in Tianhai, the Ye family, the Xiao family, and the Bai family, had all made the same decision without discussion, but they, being the top family in Tianhai City, were aware of that forbidden family.And other than them, there was basically no one in Tian Hai City who knew what to choose next....

Even the head of the Leng family, Leng Changjiang, had only vaguely heard Gong Haiyang mention this afternoon when he parted from Gong Haiyang that he had received so little information that he had no idea who had overthrown the Gong family... He had put more speculation in his heart on the Xiao family and the Bai family as well as the Ye family, especially the Ye family!Because at this morning's banquet, Ye Wushuang came and had a very strange attitude....


The next morning, the sun was shining brightly, and the weather, which had been gloomy for several days, finally cleared up, although it was still cold outside, but the air was so fresh, with an earthy fragrance, such a rainy weather, makes one's whole mood a lot more relaxed....

In the villa, in Yue Gu's room, Shen Shi Yan opened her eyes, she had slept from two or three o'clock yesterday afternoon until now.With the help of the medication, she had slept a lot this sleep, and Shen Shi Yan who opened her eyes, felt that the physical fatigue of the past few days had dissipated quite a bit.Only in the next moment, she recalled the events of yesterday, and her heart became heavy again....

No one was in the room, so Shen Suyan heard the sound of Yue Gu talking to Wang Shufen and Gu Shengnan outside, so she got out of bed and dressed and walked out.After going out, Shen Suyan saw smiles on the faces of several people, her heart became heavier again.And the few people in the living room also put away their smiles after seeing her come out.

"Xi Yan... "Yue Gu looked at Shen Xi Yan with a complex face, she looked at Shen Xi Yan's heavy heart, and her heart that was still relatively happy sank.

"Well, Yue Yue, I'm fine... "Shen Xi Yan forced a smile at Yue Gu, but it was as forced as it needed to be, it was very far-fetched.

"Xi Yan, there's something I want to tell you, you need to be mentally prepared, okay?"Yue Gu said carefully to Shen Xi Yan, after all, Shen Xi Yan was in a bad state of mind right now, it was not possible that it would collapse in the next moment.

"Is... is the Gong family forcing their way over?Yue Yue I can do it, and uncle don't help me anymore, I'm fine, this is my own choice, this is my own fate fine Yue Yue... "Shen Xi Yan smiled down at Yue Gu.

Yue Gu's heart was incomparably pained when she looked at Shen Xi Yan who looked like this, her eyes were incomparably complicated, she opened her mouth but didn't know what to say.

Yes, just like what she had told Shen Xiyan before, wait a little longer, and then insist on persevering, things might not be able to turn around.And that was in fact how it was, the unstoppable Gong family didn't know who they had messed with, and it had all been wiped out overnight.With the Gong Family ceasing to exist overnight, then the Gong Family's persecution of Shen Xiyan would naturally be gone, right?

But it was just a day ago that Shen Siyan and Lin Hao had already filed for divorce, and the Leng family had even given the two divorce papers.It was just a day away, just a day away!What if Shen Xiyan had held on for one more day?Then now she and Lin Hao wouldn't have to work so hard.Also, Yue Gu heard Night One say yesterday that Lin Hao was in a coma now, so on one hand, he was too injured, and on the other hand, he was probably also exhausted....

"Hey... I don't know what to tell you, Xiyan you must definitely hold on... "Yue Gu tightly pulled Shen Xiyan's hand, she sighed deeply, she was afraid, afraid of Shen XiyanYan will not be able to hold on after hearing the news of the destruction of the Palace family. Remember the URL

But Shen Shi Yan smiled and nodded to Yue Gu, "Well, Yue Yue Yue, you tell me, I'm fine, things have been closed ground Shan Ai closed Wu Fushan like this, how bad can it be?"

Yue Gu shook her head at Shen Xi Yan incomparably complicated, "Xi Yan, it's not what you think.The Gong Family didn't come to force us, but the Gong Family disappeared..."

"What?The Gong family has disappeared?"Shen Siyan was shocked and asked to Yue Gu.

Yue Gu nodded heavily, "Well, the Gong family didn't know who they had messed with, in yesterday night, the entire clan was wiped out, the entire villa area of the Gong family was also burned down by a fire, Gong Haiyang, Gong Wei, and the one they forced you to marry, Gong Zhao, all of them are dead, finished dead..." said Yue Gu, taking out her phone and bringing up a news page, handing it to Shen Suyan to read....

Shen Xiyan frostily received Yue Gu's phone and checked it, the entire living room was completely quiet as Shen Xiyan watched the news.

Ten minutes later, Shen Xi Yan finished reading it and mumbled, "Oh... the Gong family is gone, gone ah..." said Shen Xi Yan, but tears fell down her eyes.

Yes, she wasn't happy in her heart, she wasn't going to have to marry into the Gong family, but she and Lin Hao were already divorced, and she still said such cruel words to Lin Hao herself the day before yesterday when he was seriously injured.

"The Gong family is gone ah..." mumbled Shen Xi Yan, her mouth kept repeating this sentence, and suddenly she just felt a blackness before her eyes, and her whole body fell backwards....


"Xi Yan, Xi Yan... "Yue Gu hurriedly helped Shen Xi Yan, and Wang Shufen also ran over and helped Yue Gu together.

Wang Shufen was incomparably worried as she looked at Shen Xiyan and said to Yue Gu, "Yue Gu, now that the Gong family is gone, is it possible for Xiyan to reconcile with Lin Hao?Don't you think so?Lin Hao loves Ji Yan so much, and Ji Yan loves Lin Hao so much, the two of them will definitely reconcile, right?Right?"Wang Shufen looked at Yue Gu with an anxious face.

Yue Gu, however, shook her head with a complex face, "I'm sorry Aunt Wang, I don't know, I really don't know.Xi Yan has already told Lin Hao about her divorce the day before yesterday, and Lin Hao is still in a coma, so I don't know when he will wake up.So Aunt Wang, I really don't know, I'm going to find Lin Hao, I'm going to find him..."

Wang Shufen hurriedly nodded her head: "Mmhmm, Yue Yue you quickly go to find Yi Chia Lu'er Xi closed ground Wu Lin Hao, tell him that the Gong Family is gone, Xi Yan's heart still loves him ah, let him hurry back ah......."

Yue Gu nodded and went out of the room, while Wang Shufen helped Shen Shiyan back to the bedroom.Gu Shengnan, who was alone in the hall, frowned, but he was still guessing who the presence that overthrew the Gong family last night was.

Gu Nan Sheng is different from other second-rate family owners, he is very, very strong, you know a few years ago, he directly led the Gu family out of that small place in Nanjiang and came here to Tianhai, and since in a short period of time, he made the Gu family based in Tianhai City and grew to the size of a second-rate family, only because after his wife's accidental death, he was struck by a blow and didn't want to fight anymore, if his wife hadn't died, then the current Gu family might be several times stronger....

So Gu Shengnan was definitely a character, he felt that what happened last night was not like the work of several other big families in Tianhai City, it was more like the work of a hidden power in Tianhai City!And he had also been clear over the past few years that there was definitely a huge thing lurking in the background behind Tianhai City.Although he, Gu Shengnan, had never come into contact with that power, he was incomparably certain of the existence of that contraption!

"Could it have been the force that did it?Just why did they go against the Palace family?"Gu Shengnan frowned deeply.

And looking at Yue Gu who ran out to find Lin Hao, he suddenly thought to himself, "To say that the person who has the most hatred with the Gong Family right now is definitely Lin Hao, could it be that Lin Hao did it?"Gu Shengnan's name suddenly surfaced in his heart at this moment, but he wasn't sure, because he had already checked Lin Hao's identity, and although Lin Hao was strong, he was far from being able to go and overthrow the Gong Family....

Besides, on Yue Gu's side, after she left the Gu family, she found Yubi first.Yubi didn't want to see him, but Yue Gu told Yubi that Shen Xiyan had fainted again, so Yubi could only come out to meet with Yue Gu.

In a forest not far from the Gu villa, Yue Gu asked to Yei Yi, "Yei Yi, where is Lin Hao?The Gong family is gone, there's no more hindrance between him and Xi Yan, so let's get him to stay with Xi Yan, shall we?" One second to remember to read the book

Yei Yi faced Gu Yue's anxious words, but he didn't speak and remained silent.Yue Gu became anxious when she saw that Night One didn't speak, and continued, "Speak up, now that Xi Yan has fainted, she is very unstable, why don't you hurry up and get Lin Hao over here ah?"

Night One looked deeply at Yue Gu and slowly said, "Big brother didn't wake up, he's still in a coma, I told you yesterday, he went to Yanjing this time, he's very, very seriously injured..." night One spoke in a very heavy tone.

"What?"Yue Gu's heart was ruthlessly shaken, yes, she was just thinking about Shen Shiyan and didn't think about Lin Hao's condition for a moment, this time when she heard Night Yi say that Lin Hao was seriously injured and was still in a coma, Yue Gu's heart was incomparably complicated.She had to know that before Lin Hao was unconscious, but Shen Xiyan had said such cruel words to him, and the two of them had even divorced....

Once again, Night One nodded in affirmation, "Well, big brother is hurt very badly, and I don't know when he will wake up, he came back this time Ben was badly hurt, but in order to see Miss Shen at the first time, so he didn't go to the hospital, and after talking to Miss Shen, he fell unconscious..."

"He... he..." what did Yue Gu want to say, but nothing could come out, Yue Gu didn't know what else to say to Ye Yi, so he turned around and walked away.

And after Yue Gu's figure disappeared, Lin Hao's figure suddenly appeared behind Night One, and he quietly looked at the direction of the Gu villa with a deep complexity in his heart....


Lin Hao came here early this morning, he wanted to see Shen Xiyan, but he didn't show up just now when Yue Gu said that Shen Xiyan was in a coma, he was at the entrance of the Gu villa, and he had heard that Shen Xiyan was in such a bad condition, but he still didn't show up....

"Big Brother, Miss Shen fainted Wu Xi Yi Xi Er Dye Er Dye steak fanatic, you really don't want to see her now?"Forgiving a cold-blooded killer like Night One, this moment was a bit unbearable in his heart.

Lin Hao looked at the direction of the Gu villa in silence, after a long, long time, Lin Hao shook his head, "No, she's very unstable right now, she needs time to calm down, and I need time to calm down as well.By the way you shouldn't meet with Gu Yue again either, just secretly protect Xi Yan..."

After Lin Hao said that, he turned around and walked away, he was obviously already so close to Shen Xi Yan, but he didn't choose to meet with her, his heart was very painful and complicated....

Besides, in Tianhai City today, all the major news had already published early in the morning that the top first-class family of Tianhai City, the Gong Family, had been annihilated overnight by a mysterious force!What kind of existence has the Gong Family offended?

"The eldest Miss Shen Siyan, who just returned to the Leng family a few days ago and was supposed to marry into the Gong family this morning, is she a heavenly lone star?A jinx?"........

Suddenly such a news spread all over Tianhai City.The first one was the destruction of the Gong family in Tianhai City, and the other one was related to Shen Suyan.

After all, Shen Siyan is marrying into the Gong family today, so maybe those in the upper echelons of Tianhai City know what's going on, but the vast majority of the general public in Tianhai City don't know.Their very dark speculations spread that Shen Shyan was a heaven-defying lone star who hadn't even married into the Gong family yet, and had just killed the Gong family....

For a time, Shen Suyan's reputation could be described as bizarre to the extreme, and almost everyone was discussing Shen Suyan's matter in the streets and lanes of Tianhai City.

They said that Shen Suyan's destiny is too hard, strong as the Gong family can't even bear, and that they will have to hide away from Shen Suyan in the future, that Shen Suyan is a jinx or something, and that she was just about to marry into the Gong family, and the Gong family was exterminated, etc., etc....

The rumors about Shen Xiyan are very much on the rise, and similarly, in just a day or two, Shen Xiyan's name has already been known by all the people in the entire Tianhai City. The first website

At noon, in the Tianhai Group's president's office, Mo Tianji was reporting to Lin Hao, reporting on the reactions of the various parties in Tianhai City today, as well as the rumors and gossip about Shen Xiyan.

"Young Master, do you want me to suppress the media?Make them delete all negative comments about Miss Shen?If it takes five minutes, the entire internet won't see any more talk about Miss Shen..." said Mo Tianji to Lin Hao for instructions.

Lin Hao shook his head, "No need, these rumors are nothing, they will soon break without a trace, and how much heavier is the weight of what she has endured today, and how much more glory can the same other day..."

Lin Hao pondered, standing up and saying to Mo Tianji, "Alright, let's leave it at that, what has happened to her in the past few days has been a growth and a good exercise for her as well.Then it's time to get down to business, it's time to visit the three first-class families in Tianhai City..."

"Yes, young master..." nodded Mo Tianji.

An hour later, in the number one ranked Ye family in Tianhai City, Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang were standing nervously in the living room, waiting for Mo Tianji's arrival.An hour ago, Ye Feiye received a call from Mo Tianji, saying that he would be arriving at the Ye house later, and the same Mo Tianji also made a subtle mention of Lin Hao, so the first time Ye Feiye dismissed everyone in the Ye villa, only he and Ye Wushuang were left.


As Ye Feiye was nervously waiting, Lin Hao, who was wearing a long black trench coat, and Mo Tianji, who was also dressed in a black trench coat, walked in.Lin Hao was in front, while Mo Tianji was silently following behind Lin Hao.

Ye Feiyue's eye holes shrank when he saw Lin Hao, he felt an innate kingly aura from Lin Hao, it was oppressive, and others didn't know and guessed that it was his Ye family that had laid a hand on the Gong family, but he was incomparably sure that it was this forbidden existence in front of him that had just arrived at the Heavenly Sea and had single-handedly annihilated the Gong family last night.

And Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang were the ones who had seen the photos of Lin Hao's marriage proposal to Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City.Right now when they saw Lin Hao's face, their hearts were still deeply shaken, their guesses were correct, Shen Siyan's husband was really the Taboo of the Heavenly Sea City!!!!

Thinking of this, both Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang's hearts rose with a hint of celebration, glad that yesterday morning, their Ye family gave Shen Xiyan a small favor at the Leng family banquet.

Lin Hao went to the main seat in the living room and sat down directly, looking up at Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang, "Heh, your Ye family is very interesting, helping my wife at the Leng family banquet yesterday, Lin Hao would like to thank the two of you again..."

Ye Feiye hurriedly bowed his head and respectfully said, "Sir is serious, that should have been the Ye family's part of the matter, but without Sir's permission, the Ye family's independent claim, please don't take offense, our Ye family will be only Sir's horse's head in the future!"

Ye Feiye's words were worthy of speculation, he was saying that only Lin Hao was at the forefront, not the Lin family!This was very interesting, Lin Hao looked deeply at Ye Feiye and said, "Master Ye, you... are very interesting!It's also smart, yes, and I like to work with smart people, so let's have more interaction between our two families from now on..."

Ye Feiye was overjoyed at the news, and quickly bowed and said, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, if Mr. Ye has anything to say in the future, the Ye family will be happy to oblige!Then may I ask Mr. Lin what should be done about the Leng family?Anything you need my Ye family to do, Mr. Lin can just tell you directly..."

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Don't interfere in the Leng family's affairs, I'll deal with them myself, and regarding my identity, please don't reveal it to the outside world..." and Lin Hao gave Ye Feiye a deep glance.

Ye Feiye felt as if he was being stared at by death, and for a moment, he felt a chill down his back.Hastily nodding his head, "Yes, Ye Jia understands, never reveal Mr. Lin's true identity to the outside world!"

"Well... "Lin Hao nodded Lu Wu pick zero pick Wu closed intention: "In the future, the specific cooperation matters, you have any ideas, talk to the sky can be.The sky's decision is my decision..." Remember the website

After saying that Lin Hao got up and was about to leave, he came to the Ye family today just to say hello to Ye Feiye, Ye Feiye was smart enough to guess Lin Hao's identity before Lin Hao arrived.Lin Hao nodded to Ye Wushuang as he walked past him, "First Prince of the Heavenly Sea, well, you're not bad either, the Ye family has a successor..."

"Mister is fallacious, Wushuang will be at Mister's head from now on!"Ye Wushuang hurriedly bowed and bowed deeply in front of Lin Hao.He was the first son of the Heavenly Sea, and his abilities were also extremely strong, but because of that, he was able to admire Lin Hao even more in his heart after understanding what he had done, Lin Hao was almost the same age as him, but what Lin Hao had done was a hundred times stronger than him.And that kingly aura of Lin Hao's body just crushed him to death by nature.

Lin Hao didn't say anything more to Ye Wushuang, but left with Mo Tianji, and next Lin Hao went to the Xiao family and met with Xiao Nuo, as well as the young master of the Xiao family, Xiao Cold Night.After going to the Xiao family, he went to the Bai family and met with Bai Hang, the Bai family's head, and Bai Jiaqi, the young master of the Bai family.

The three remaining first-class families in Tianhai were all respectful in front of Lin Hao, and didn't dare to go overboard in the slightest, Lin Hao returned to the Tianhai Group after visiting the three big families.This was also the first time he came to Tianhai and met the top people of Tianhai City.

"Tianji, Tianhai's younger generation, other than Gong Wei, who was killed by us, Ye Wu Shuang of the Ye family, Xiao Cold Night of the Xiao family, and Bai Jiaqi of the Bai family, are all very good... It's true that Tianhai's top families are all very deep, and are able to cultivate such excellent juniors... This time you came back to the country, you won't be lonely afterwards..." said Lin Hao with a faint smile, his eyes still looking at half of Tianhai City.

Mo Tianji, who was behind Lin Hao, but his face was somewhat complicated as he shook his head and said, "Young Master's fallacious praise, we are too far behind you, Tianji doesn't want anything else, this time back in the country he just wants to accompany Young Master and follow him to conquer the world!"

The last four words of Mo Tianji said very, very heavily....


At three o'clock in the afternoon, in a VIP ward of the First People's Hospital of Tianhai City, Leng Qiu Ya on the bed slowly opened her eyes, she stared at the ceiling with her eyes open, and only after a long time did a trace of consciousness return in her eyes.

Her consciousness was still stuck on the night of the surgery, she had felt like she was already dead, but just as her consciousness was about to disappear completely, she heard Shen Xiyan's call in her ears, her daughter didn't want her to die!She remembered that her daughter was very, very dangerous right now, so she couldn't die, and so she forced herself to run back from the gate of hell by a stubborn will.

"My... daughter..." mumbled Leng Qiu Ya's mouth, and tears fell.She looked around the ward, but found that Shen Xiyan wasn't here, neither was Wang Shufen, and she was the only one inside the entire ward.Leng Qiu Ya instinctively felt a hint of something wrong, even if Shen Suyan is not here, Wang Shufen should still be here to accompany her ah?But now neither of them are in....

"Leng Shan Er Xi land steak Wu zero Auntie you wake up?You wait a moment, I'll quickly go and call Dr. Wang..." at this time a small nurse walked into the ward, she was going to change Leng Qiu Ya's medicine, but found that Leng Qiu Ya, who had been unconscious for several days, had actually woken up, she was about to go outside to call the doctor in great joy.

"Wait a minute..." the nurse was just about to turn around and go out when she was stopped by Leng Qiu Ya.

Leng Qiu Ya looked at the nurse and said, "Nurse, isn't my daughter in the hospital?My daughter Shen Siyan..." asked Leng Qiu Ya to the nurse with some concern.

That little nurse's body couldn't help but tremble when she heard Shen Siyan's name, which was known to almost the entire Tianhai City these days.Shen Xi Yan was forced by the Leng family to marry the Gong family.Outsiders thought that Shen Suyan was a jinx, but this nurse was aware of how bitter Shen Suyan was, a poor girl.

So at this moment after thinking of what happened to Shen Suyan, the nurse's eyes were red, didn't reply to Leng Qiu Ya's words, but turned around and walked outside, while walking also said: "Auntie Leng, you first rest for a while, I'll call the doctor, Miss Shen is not in the hospital, you are now awakened, but your injuries are still not well, you will have to recuperate in the hospital for a few more days, don't worry Miss Shen is fine....".

It's just that although this little nurse was well-intentioned, she was too young, and the words she said Leng Qiu Ya didn't feel right as soon as she heard them.When the little nurse left the ward door, Leng Qiu Ya saw her bag, took out her phone from her bag, and instinctively checked the recent news about the Leng family and the Gong family....

Just Leng Qiu Ya looked at it, suddenly her face changed greatly, she saw on the news that Shen Xi Yan was going to marry into the Gong family, saw yesterday morning Shen Xi Yan at the Leng family banquet, a hundred humiliations... After seeing this one, Leng Qiu Ya couldn't care less about anything else, she didn't even change her clothes, took her phone and ran out of the hospital.

"Master, go to the Leng family!"After running to the hospital gate Leng Qiu Ya stopped a taxi and rushed to the Leng family.All along the way Leng Qiu Ya was very anxious because the news she had just read said that in two days her daughter was going to marry into the Gong family, and to a strangely ugly looking loser!How does that make her feel?She simply couldn't stand it!That was her own daughter, and her daughter was already married to Lin Hao!How can this, how can this still be married to the Palace family? One second to remember to read the book

The more Leng Qiu Ya thought about it, the more anxious she became, the more scared she became, her daughter was too bitter, she hadn't had her own mother by her side since she was a child, she hadn't been there, originally Leng Qiu Ya was even prepared for Shen Xi Yan to disown her in this life, after all, she owed Shen Xi Yan too much.But her poor daughter was just too good and too kind ah, Leng Qiu Ya knew that Shen Si Yan was willing to go and marry into the Gong family, there must be a reason to pay off her debt for her!


Leng Qiu Ya's tears continued to flow down, heartache, incomparable heartache, she never expected that when she opened her eyes, what she would see would be this, if so she would rather die than get her daughter involved!

"Master trouble you to drive faster, drive faster again... "Leng Qiu Ya could not help but urge.

The driver nodded, then suddenly said to Leng Qiu Ya, "Madam you have to go to the Leng family ah, by the way Leng family recently happened a lot of important events have you heard?It seems like one of their Leng family's eldest misses returned to the family and then had to marry into the Gong family, but that woman is a jinx ah, originally this morning that Shen Xiyan was supposed to marry into the Gong family, but suddenly the Gong family was destroyed last night, ah, do you think this woman is a jinx?"

"You shut up!Don't you dare curse my daughter one more time."Suddenly Leng Qiu Ya snapped at the driver, her heart furious to the extreme.This person actually dared to curse her own daughter right in front of her!How could she tolerate that?

"Uh, sorry, sorry, it's just that's what they say on the news, sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were Shen's mother, I'm sorry..." the driver apologized one after the other, how could he have never thought that the passenger behind him was Shen's mother!If he knew, to death he wouldn't dare to say ah, after all Leng Wuyi loves the Western Servant Er Dye Qiu Ya but he is a member of the Leng family!The big family!This little driver of his was far too much to mess with.

Leng Qiu Ya snorted heavily, but the next moment she looked up sharply, her eyes staring at the driver and asked, "What did you just say?The Gong family was wiped out last night?"

The driver had cold sweat running down his face, and he was tempted to not talk to Leng Qiu Ya, but he didn't dare.He could only carefully say, "Well yes, this news, it's all over the news... You can read it yourself"

When Leng Qiu Ya saw that the driver was scared by himself, she stopped asking him, but quickly took out her phone and went to search for news about the Gong family, she had just checked some news about the Leng family when she was in the hospital, but she didn't check the Gong family.

It was just that when she looked at it now, her heart was fiercely relieved!The palace family that was forcing her daughter was actually exterminated overnight.

"Haha, good, good, good!Gong Haeyang, you've had your day!You're forcing my daughter!You die well, very well!"Leng Qiu Ya said with a heavy tone of relief!!!!As Leng Qiu Ya spoke loudly in the back, the driver sat in front without saying a word and drove honestly.For these top big families in Tianhai City, he wouldn't dare to mess with them.

Leng Qiu Ya sat in the back and stopped speaking.Instead, she began to check the news from the beginning to the end after she fell unconscious.Half an hour later, when she finished reading all the recent news, her heart still sank to the bottom, as she saw a news that said that Shen Xiyan had divorced her ex-husband... First URL

Leng Qiu Ya's heart was hard to bear after seeing this scene of news.A few days ago in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao proposed to Shen Xiyan in front of representatives from all walks of life in Nanjiang City, how romantic was that scene, how happy was it?Leng Qiu Ya could naturally see how much her daughter loved Lin Hao.But now it was because of her that Shen Xiyan chose to divorce Lin Hao....

"Xi Yan, daughter, mom is sorry, mom has never done a single thing for you in her life, mom is sorry... "Leng Qiu Ya's tears popped and fell.

Slowly, Leng Qiu Ya was getting closer and closer to the Leng family, and her heart was slowly becoming more and more determined....

"Sissy, it's all Mom's fault, this should never have been your responsibility, so let Mom do something for you next!Daughter, from now on, Mom vows to never let you suffer again, never again!"

"There are things that have been pressed for over twenty years, my life has been ruined, you're young, your life can't be ruined by them again, there are things that should be done by now!"A hint of determination flashed in Leng Qiu Ya's eyes.


Ten minutes later, the taxi Leng Qiu Ya took stopped at the entrance of the Leng family villa, and after Leng Qiu Ya got off, she walked in with a determined face, from the moment Leng Qiu Ya entered the gate of the Leng family, the hostility in her body became thicker and thicker.

"Greetings, Eldest Miss..." some of the servants greeted Leng Qiu Ya.It was just that Leng Qiu Ya closed her mind erwu shade groundwu didn't even pay any attention to it, and went straight to the villa of the Leng family's master, her own father Leng Changjiang!

At this moment, inside Leng Changjiang's villa, Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng were talking about some matters, their faces were both very unpleasant, and at this moment, these two people with the highest power in the Leng family were incomparably gloomy.

"Grandpa, the Gong family's matter, I guess it must be the Ye family's doing, these years the Gong family has developed too fast, and that man Gong Haiyang's ambition is extremely great, and before the Gong family united with us, in many areas of Tianhai City, they have implicitly touched the Ye family's interests!That's why the Ye family absolutely cannot sit back and watch the Gong family join forces with our Leng family, and combined with yesterday morning, the attitude of the Xiao family and the Bai family, grandpa, do you think it will be the three of them that join hands and annihilate the Gong family?"Leng Feng frowned at Leng Changjiang's analysis.

Leng Changjiang's face was also gloomy, originally the marriage between the Leng family and the Gong family had almost become a fact!Even though the Gu family had jumped out against it yesterday, in his Leng Changjiang's eyes, the Gu family was troublesome but not enough to worry about.The momentum of the Leng family joining forces with the Gong family would not be blocked.

And once the Leng family united with the Gong family, the Gong family's power in the Heavenly Sea would naturally be greater.But it was their Leng Family that gained the most, even leaping straight to become the fifth top-tier family in Tianhai City!Everything was fine, but last night, the Gong Family was directly annihilated, and even a group of their Leng Family was lost!

Leng Changjiang's face was gloomy to the extreme, his heart was incomparably angry, suddenly he fiercely punched the table and smashed it, saying, "What a heavenly not helping my Leng family!We had already resolved our feud with the Gong Family and formed an alliance, but now this is what has happened!"

"Grandpa, now is not the time to be angry, since the other party has the strength to destroy the Gong Family overnight, what should we do about the Leng Family?"There was a hint of worry in Leng Feng's eyes.

Leng Changjiang nodded heavily and said, "Well good, the Gong family is much stronger than our Leng family, but they were all annihilated.Don't act rashly now, wait until I find out who did this to the Leng Family!"

Leng Feng was puzzled on the spot and frowned at Leng Changjiang, "Grandpa, in Tianhai City, other than the Ye family, Xiao family, and Bai family, who else is capable of annihilating the Gong family overnight?Do we even have to think about that?"

Just in response to Leng Feng's words, Leng Changjiang suddenly fell silent, with more than a trace of fear in his eyes, and his face instantly became incomparably heavy.Only after a long time did Leng Changjiang speak to Leng Feng, "No, in Tianhai City, there is still a family, a family that is even more powerful than the Ye family, possessing the power to annihilate the Gong family, it's just that I'm not at all clear about the existence of that family, that family's existence has only been contacted by those four first-class families in Tianhai City.... know some hidden secrets about that family!" Remember the URL

Leng Feng was directly shocked, "What?There existed a family in Tianhai City that was even more powerful than the Ye family?Grandpa, how is this possible?How come I've never heard of it?"

Leng Changjiang nodded with a heavy face, "Well, that's right, there is indeed such a hidden giant crocodile behind Tianhai City, perhaps they are too low-profile, or perhaps people simply don't see us.That's why we didn't know they existed, this matter was revealed to me by Gong Haiyang yesterday afternoon.I've joined forces with Gong Haiyang yesterday, Gong Haiyang won't lie to me on this matter, so his words are trustworthy, so we can't act rashly now, the Leng Family must not have any more trouble lately, if we are targeted by that forbidden existence, then the current Gong Family is the future of our Leng Family..."

"Mm, Sun Er remembers..." nodded Leng Feng heavily.

Bang... Just as Leng Changjiang was about to continue speaking, the living room door was suddenly kicked open from the outside.Then Leng Qiu Ya, who was full of hostility, walked in from the outside.The moment Leng Changjiang saw Leng Qiu Ya, there was an extra haze in his eyes, staring at Leng Qiu Ya with a deadly stare.


When Leng Feng saw Leng Qiu Ya, who was clearly furious and with a very wrong complexion, his heart flashed with panic, and he lowered his head to Leng Qiu Ya and respectfully called out to her aunt....

"Get out!I don't have a nephew like you!"Pa... Leng Qiu Ya cursed at Leng Feng before fiercely smacking Leng Feng's face with a large mouth.

Leng Feng lowered his head, a resentment welling up in the depths of his eyes, but he also knew exactly how furious Leng Qiu Ya was at the moment, and Leng Qiu Ya was still nominally his aunt.So despite his resentment, he didn't dare to Wu Ai Wu Dye Er Yi Zero Ai now to contradict Leng Qiu Ya a fraction.

"Aunt appease your anger..." said Leng Feng as he continued to lower his head, his posture so low that if one didn't know Leng Feng, they would probably think of him as a good person!

"Leng Qiu Ya, are you crazy?Can't you see I'm still here?"When Leng Changjiang, who was sitting on the throne, saw Leng Qiu Ya come in, he slapped Leng Feng, who was already in an unhappy mood, and snapped out at Leng Qiu Ya!

"Oh?Who are you?What do I have to do with you?Do you know me?"Leng Qiu Ya turned her head and sneered at Leng Chang Jiang, facing this man who was obviously his own father, but did things like his enemy, Leng Qiu Ya's tone didn't carry a hint of emotion....

"You!Fuck!Don't you recognize me as your father?Either that or get the hell out of the Leng family!"Leng Changjiang soared to his feet, and his eyes were about to spew fire.He felt that today's Leng Qiu Ya had gone crazy, completely crazy.When did Leng Qiu Ya dare to talk to him like this before?When did you see him and not behave yourself?When have you ever dared to stand up to him?And this time, Leng Qiu Ya was no longer just contradicting him, it was completely sarcastic.

Buzz... Leng Feng also looked up fiercely at this moment, his eyes staring incredulously at Leng Qiu Ya.

Leng Qiu Ya slowly walked over towards Leng Changjiang and walked directly in front of him, her eyes not backing down from Leng Changjiang in the slightest: "Oh... do I recognize you as my father?When did you ever acknowledge me as your daughter?Aren't I just a marriage tool in your mind?Have you ever had half a family in your heart other than the Cold Family?"

Leng Changjiang backhandedly smacked Leng Qiu Ya's face, the force was so fierce that it was as if Leng Qiu Ya was his life and death enemy, Leng Changjiang didn't hold back at all.

Leng Qiu Ya was directly smacked by Leng Changjiang, and a mouthful of blood sprayed on the blue and white hospital gown, and at this moment the wound where Leng Qiu Ya was shot in the back was also torn, and the blood instantly turned red on the hospital gown! One second to remember to read the book

"Grandpa don't... Aunt's injuries haven't healed yet..." shouted Leng Feng, seeing that the lower half of Leng Qiu Ya's body was instantly stained red with blood, quickly shouting at Leng Changjiang.

"Shut up!You're no good either!We'll settle the score later on for how you bullied Xi Yan!"Leng Qiu Ya fiercely turned her head to Leng Feng with a shout.

Leng Feng was suddenly stunned, his eyes dodged, not daring to look at the furious Leng Qiu Ya, who was spewing blood from her mouth, and most of the upper part of her uniform was dyed red with blood, as if she was a devil crawling out of hell.

The next moment Leng Qiu Ya wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, slowly stood up and stared at Leng Changjiang: "This slap, you and I father-daughter love, until the end of this life!From now on, I have nothing to do with your Leng family!From now on, you'll be you and I'll be me!"Leng Qiu Ya said, regardless of the exasperated Leng Changjiang, and turned around afterwards.

"Stop!Just because you say it's over?Who do you think you are?I've raised you all these years and you want to leave without returning it?And your assets. You want to leave without giving them back?Dream on!"Leng Changjiang gloomy face towards Leng Qiu Ya's back shouted.

Leng Qiu Ya nodded, turned around and looked deeply at Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng, "Oh yes, if you don't say I really forgot, I have about one or two hundred million assets in my name, sorry, before I came, those two hundred million I have entrusted to the international black market!From now on, if you Leng family dare to bully Xi'an again, the $200 million will be a bounty on your head!Including you Leng Changjiang, and including you Leng Feng!"

Leng Qiu Ya paused, her body violently erupted with monstrous hostility, like a fierce ghost crawling out of hell, and shouted at Leng Changjiang, "You're very powerful, Leng Family Master, the giant predator of Tianhai City, but I'd like to see how many people you Leng Changjiang can protect in front of the thousands of assassins in the international black market?"

Leng Qiu Ya suddenly reached out her hand and pointed at Leng Feng, narrowing her eyes at Leng Changjiang, "Can you keep him?The best nephew I've ever had, your best grandson, the future heir of the Leng family!"

Thud... Leng Changjiang couldn't help but take a step back at this moment, he never would have thought that Leng Qiu Ya would actually dare to do this, actually using 200 million assets to offer a bounty on his own family!

" "Leng Changjiang's finger pointed at Leng Qiu Ya, his entire body was trembling with anger, and he couldn't say a word.

Leng Qiu Ya looked deeply at Leng Changjiang and said, "Don't be afraid, my commission is a bounty on you because of your Leng Family's action against Xi Yan.And if you stop bullying Xi Yan in the future, then everyone will naturally be at peace with each other!If you guys dare to persecute Pity Face again, then we'll all die together!!!"

Leng Changjiang's body once again took a few wild steps backwards, because at this moment he knew that Leng Qiu Ya had gone insane because of their Leng Family's persecution of Shen Xi Yan.At this moment Leng Feng's heart also rose with a trace of fear.Hastily, he said to Leng Qiu Ya, "Aunt, I, Leng Feng, swear to the heavens that if I dare to do anything against Xiyan, then I will not die a good death!Please don't worry, no matter what, Xi Yan is still my sister..."

"Get out!"Leng Qiu Ya fiercely cursed at Leng Feng.Then she looked deeply at Leng Changjiang, turned around and left.

And by the time Leng Qiu Ya reached the main gate of the Leng family villa, the place was already surrounded by hundreds of reporters and media, and when Leng Qiu Ya, who was covered in blood, came out, countless flashbulbs started taking crazy pictures of Leng Qiu Ya....

Leng Qiu Ya took a deep breath, faced all the cameras in front of her, and said loudly, "I, Leng Qiu Ya, am taking my daughter Shen Xi Yan with me today, to completely break up with the Leng family, once and for all!From now on, I, Leng Qiu Ya, and my daughter Shen Shi Yan, will have nothing to do with the Leng family in this life!All media friends today, witness together!!!"


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