Super Son-in-law 491-500


Chapter 491

Inside the villa of the Gu family, Shen Xiyan sat dazedly in her room, Yue Gu was quietly accompanying her on the side, Shen Xiyan looked dazed, her eyes were still dull.

Yue Gu took a deep breath and barely smiled opening her mouth, "Xi Yan, the extermination of the Gong family is actually a good thing, yesterday you fell asleep, you don't know, at more than seven o'clock last night, the Gong family had already announced to the public that they were going to let you marry into the Gong family this morning, I even heard that they had even prepared the wedding site, yesterday they also sent people to the Gu family to arrest them, if they hadn't perished last night, then by now you should have fallen into the fire pit..."

Shen Shi Yan nodded, "Well, it's a good thing, so I don't have to marry into the Gong Family ah..."

Yue Gu also looked complicated and nodded, "Well, right is good, so think about it, okay?I know Lin Hao very well, he loves you so much, even if you ask him for a divorce, he won't blame you, you two will eventually get back together, right?Don't overthink it, okay?"

Shen Shi Yan shook her head, "It's not that simple, even though the two people who love each other the most, there are some things that can't be said.And we're already divorced, the Leng family has already given us a divorce certificate ah, Yue Yue you're not married yet, when you get married, you'll know that once you're divorced, it's not that simple to remarry, to this day Lin Hao hasn't given me a single call, has he?Maybe he loves me in his heart, but I've hurt him deeply, haven't I?"

Yue Gu looked complex and bit her lips, took a deep breath and said to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, it's not what you think, do you know Lin Hao until now, why you were so humiliated in the Leng family yesterday, why the Gong family announced last night that they wanted you to marry over this morning, but Lin Hao has never appeared?Do you know why?"

"Well?Yue Yue, you?"Shen Shi Yan looked at Yue Gu in confusion.

Cracking her eyes, a tear flowed directly from the corner of Yue Gu's eyes, she knew everything about Lin Hao and Shen Suyan, but it was because she knew that it made it even harder to feel bad for the pair of rocky lovers.

Yue Gu looked at Shen Xi Yan with hazy tears and shook her head, "Xi Yan, Lin Hao he... he..."

When Shen Suyan looked at Yue Gu with such an expression, she suddenly became anxious and quickly grabbed Yue Gu's hand and asked, "Yue Yue, tell me, what's wrong with Lin Hao?What happened to him?"

Yue Gu took a deep breath and opened her mouth, "Lin Hao went to Yanjing this time and was seriously injured, he went into a complete coma after meeting with you and still hasn't woken up, that's why he hasn't shown up in the past few days..." The first website

Buzz... Shen Xiyan's heart trembled hard, tears snapped, he took out his phone instinctively to call Lin Hao, but suddenly thought that Lin Hao was still unconscious, and for a moment he froze again.

"Yue Yue, he shaded land Yi Yi steak whisk closed... he... I want to see him, where is he?Where is he?"Shen Xiyan was anxious, this moment was completely anxious.

But Yue Gu shook her head deeply, "Sorry Xi Yan, I don't know, I really don't know.Lin Hao's story was all told to me by Night One, Night One, the one Lin Hao sent to protect you..."

"What about Night One?Where's Yoruichi?You must take me to Night One!"Shen Siyan stood up and pulled Yue Gu and ran outside.

Yue Gu hurriedly pulled Shen Siyan, "Siyan, don't be anxious, don't be anxious, I'm going to call Night One and ask him where he is, don't be anxious ah..."

Yue Gu said that she would call Night One, but this time there was no call through, and after she dialed it, the tone that it was an empty number came straight out there....

Shen Xiyan also heard it, and Shen Xiyan was anxious and called Lin Hao again, thinking that even if Lin Hao was unconscious, then the people around Lin Hao would be able to see it.It was just that Lin Hao's side was showing an off state.

Shen Xi Yan sat on her bed, she suddenly thought of Jiang Shao Ming again and called Jiang Shao Ming over.It was just that Jiang Shao Ming didn't know where Lin Hao was right now, and Jiang Shao Ming was still in Nanjiang.Jiang Shao Ming could only tell her that when he contacted Lin Hao, he would call Shen Xi Yan back at the first opportunity.

"Xi Yan..." just as Shen Xi Yan was anxious, suddenly Leng Qiu Ya, who was covered in blood, pushed the door and walked in.


"Mom?"Shen Siyan looked up at Leng Qiu Ya who was covered in blood, her eyes were red with tears streaming down her face towards Leng Qiu Ya who subconsciously screamed, she had forgiven Leng Qiu Ya when Leng Qiu Ya did the surgery, and the encounter she had in the Leng family in the past few days also made her completely understand, understand that Leng Qiu Ya would never have intentionally left her behind in the first place.Rather, the Leng family's persecution was too much, and Leng Qiu Ya had left her behind solely to protect her, while Leng Qiu Ya had been alone in Tian Hai all these years, and was also suffering, suffering, and not having a good time... So right now, when Shen Xi Yan saw Leng Qiu Ya, she directly called out that mother.

Leng Qiu Ya looked at Shen Xi Yan, whose eyes were red and tears kept flowing, at the heartbroken daughter in front of her.Ears were listening to Shen Xiyan call that mom to her, and Leng Qiu Ya's tears snapped down.

"Hey, good daughter, my poor daughter ah... "Leng Qiu Ya hurriedly ran to Shen Siyan and hugged Shen Siyan in her arms, holding her tightly in her arms, tears couldn't stop flowing down.

Leng Qiu Ya held Shen Xi Yan in her arms and gently touched Shen Xi Yan's head: "daughter don't be afraid don't be afraid, mom just went to the Leng family, has completely cut off all relations with the Leng family, cut off all relations!You'll never have to carry so much on you again.It's all Mom's fault..."

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And the following, Shen Xiyan and Leng Qiu Ya both naturally went to the hospital, after all, Leng Qiu Ya previously went to the Leng family, the body's wounds were torn again, bleeding a lot of blood, the injury was not good and thorough, this time made the body even weaker.

Late at night, Shen Xi Yan walked to the hospital entrance alone, looking for a quiet place to daze, standing at the place where she had met Lin Hao a few days ago, where she had told Lin Hao about her divorce.

Her entire body was in deep despair a few days ago, Leng Qiu Ya almost didn't survive, and then she faced the persecution of the Leng family and the threat of the Gong family all by herself.At that time she felt like her entire life had lost the meaning of living.So she chose to fight all of this on her own, even if she fell into the abyss herself, she wanted to make the people around her well.Well, that's what she thought at the time.

But she never expected that in just three short days, everything would be turned upside down, and that the Gong Family, the top-tier, top-tier family in Tianhai City that was so powerful, would be annihilated in a single night.And the first thing Leng Qiu Ya did after waking up was to go straight to the Leng family and cut ties with them completely!

And Shen Siyan is inwardly supportive of the fact that Leng Qiu Ya has completely severed ties with the Leng family, and it can be said that the Leng family has ruined Leng Qiu Ya's life!Such a profit-oriented, not a bit of affection for the family of Lucius Sandifer, Leng Qiu Ya continue to stay to no meaning.......

So after Leng Qiu Ya also broke off ties with the Leng Family, Shen Xi Yan suddenly realized that the pressure on her was now gone.Whether it was the Gong family or the Leng family, the despair given to her had disappeared when she woke up today... Remember the website

Only instead, her heart hurt even more because she had lost Lin Hao, who was still unconscious and badly injured.And yet she didn't even know where Lin Hao was by now.

"That day, when I told you about the divorce here, you must have felt bad... I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." mumbled Shen Xiyan as she stood in front of the hospital, all by herself.

She didn't know how she was going to see Lin Hao now, and what she was going to say to Lin Hao when he got better?There were some things you couldn't say, especially the word divorce, and this was the second time she had divorced him .Each time she had hurt Lin Hao very, very deeply....

"Will you still forgive me, Lin Hao?"Shen Caiyan bit her lips, her heart feeling lonely....


Tianhai City, an extremely prosperous international metropolis, it was too huge and had too long a history.So even the destruction of the Gong Family didn't cause too much of a fluctuation to it, it was as if it had the ability to repair itself, and after a short burst of pain, it returned to its former prosperity....

Three days later, Lin Hao stood in front of the windows of the top floor office of the Tianhai Group, looking at the front of this prosperous city standing still and silent, these three days, his body's injuries have been completely healed, Shen Xiyan's side of the mood has also stabilized, Leng Qiu Ya also moved into the Gu family, Gu family villa naturally has a doctor to take care of her.Leng Qiu Ya spent more time in the Gu family to accompany Shen Xi Yan and her daughter.

Everything seemed to be so peaceful, except that in these three days, Lin Hao didn't go in contact with Shen Suyan and didn't see her, and after such a big event, both of them now needed a few days of peace.

Jiang Shao Ming walked in from outside the office and stood respectfully behind Lin Hao, who had rushed over from Nanjiang City to see Lin Hao today.

"Brother, I'm really sorry, this time when the Leng family went to the Heavenly Sea, I didn't receive any news at all, that's why my sister-in-law's side encountered such a big problem, I'm really sorry...", Jiang Shao Ming lowered his head deeply, his eyes had a deep sense of self-recrimination.

He knew that Lin Hao's trip north to Yanjing was dangerous, and later on, according to Night One, Lin Hao's trip north to Yanjing was completely nine deaths and dangerous to the extreme.And just when Lin Hao was in such great danger, he, Jiang Shao Ming, as the person who stayed behind to watch over Lin Hao's family, let Shen Shi Yan encounter such great danger that at the moment, Jiang Shao Ming himself wanted to kill himself.Fortunately, in the end, Shen Siyan was fine, and fortunately, Lin Hao had woken up from his coma at the last minute, otherwise this consequence would have been truly unthinkable!

If something really happened to Shen Xiyan in the end in Tianhai, then he, Jiang Shao Ming, would really be playing dead hard to blame.Jiang Shao Ming bowed his head deeply, his self-reproach growing in his heart.

Lin Hao shook his head: "Alright, the past is the past, there is no such thing as perfection in this world.And now that Tianhai is under our control, although I had some misunderstandings with Xiyan, but it's not a big deal, and I already owe her a big wedding ah, I was already struggling with the inappropriateness of holding a wedding for Xiyan in that small place in Nanjiang, it's just that now that everyone is here in Tianhai, then let's do it in Tianhai City...."

Jiang Shao Ming looked up at Lin Hao's back to say something, standing in front of him as if he sensed that Jiang Shao Ming had something to say, so he said, "What is it?"

Jiang Shao Ming took a deep breath, seeing that Lin Hao asked him so he spoke, "Brother, in the past three days, sister-in-law has called me several times a day to ask about your news.And today when I came over, sister-in-law even said that she wanted to leave Tianhai with her mother Leng Qiu Ya and Wang Shufen, and return home to Nanjiang City.It's all over now..."

Lin Hao bowed his head, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and slowly said, "It's all over?Oh, who says it's over?My Lin Hao's wife, who was described as a jinx in Tianhai City, and now even more so outside, is the one who was kicked out of the Leng family!How could I let her go back with such a big insult on her back?Going back with the insulting curses of the entire Tian Hai City?" One second to remember to read the book

Jiang Shao Ming asked in confusion, "What are you going to do then, brother?Aren't you going to meet with your sister-in-law yet?"

Lin Hao laughed and then fell silent, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.Deep in the eyes there is a west whisked closed Yi Lu service love a trace of inexplicable emotions, some angry taste, the next moment Lin Hao slowly raised his head, deeply looked at the direction where the Gu villa is, now Shen Xi Yan is in that direction.

Lin Hao's deep eyes murmured, "Why am I going to meet with her now?How am I supposed to meet her now?For whatever reason, this is the second time that girl has divorced me.I'm telling you, I'm angry too. What does that woman think I am?You want to divorce me because you think it's for my own good?She doesn't trust her man at all!I'm going to teach her a lesson this time!Let her never dare to leave me again!"The corner of Lin Hao's mouth lifted in a strange curve.

Jiang Shao Ming asked in confusion, "Then big brother, what are you planning to do?"


Lin Hao's eyes were deep, "Simple, you'll go see Xi Yan later and tell her that I'm dead, I died yesterday, and I'm buried in Tian Hai's mausoleum..."

"What?Brother, this...this?"Jiang Shao Ming opened his mouth in extreme shock and looked at Lin Hao incredulously.

Lin Hao took a deep breath and nodded, "Well, you heard me right, that's it, this time I have to teach this woman a lesson lest she give me such a hard time again when I face the Lin family in the future, after all, the Lin family is much bigger and more dangerous than her Leng family.Two divorces are enough, I don't want to go through a third one ah..."

"But brother, will sister-in-law be able to survive this?If we lie to her and say that you're dead, sister-in-law will definitely be heartbroken ah..." asked Jiang Shao Ming worriedly.

Lin Hao's eyes were also heavy, and he was silent for a while before he said, "This is the only way, because as I become more and more aware of my identity, the pressure she will have to face will increase.And after experiencing the Leng family and Gong family's incident these days, her heart is stronger than before, so she should be able to pull through.The second is that the Kyushu Group will move to Tianhai, and all the profits of the group will be used to establish a fund to help orphans...."

Jiang Shao Ming thought about it and continued to ask, "Then big brother, after I told my sister-in-law about your death, when will you go back to her and tell her all about it?"

Lin Hao said, "January 1st, there's still more than half a month to go, after you go back today, you'll move the Kyushu Group to Tianhai.That place in Nanjiang is too small, in the future we'll build our foundation here in Tianhai!"

Jiang Shao Ming nodded, "Good, then I'll go back and prepare for the group's relocation..."

Lin Hao nodded his head and didn't go to explain anything to Jiang Shao Ming anymore.Instead, he stood in front of the window by himself and continued to look at the direction where Shen Xi Yan was.

"Xi Yan, you are my exuberant red face, you must accompany me to the end.My identity, this time in the Heavenly Sea, I will reveal it all to you and no longer do the slightest bit of hiding with you.And this identity is too terrifying, you have to be mentally prepared, because in the future we will have to face those people in Yanjing, those people are much more powerful and dangerous than the Leng family you were born into.You must accompany me to the end, and from now on, you must trust me, no matter how much suffering and danger there is outside, I will carry it for you and give you the strongest protection..." murmured Lin Hao in his heart.

He was going to tell a lie to Shen Xiyan this time, and that lie was his own death.On the one hand, it was to teach Shen Xiyan a lesson, to make her understand that she was angry, really angry.On the other hand, it was also to hold a grand wedding for Shen Suyan at the end of the month, in Tianhai City!That day directly washed away all the insults and curses that Shen Shyan was carrying.In front of the entire Tianhai City, give Shen Shyan a proper name! First web site

"Tianji, come here..." after making a decision in his heart, Lin Hao called Mo Tianji.

Ten minutes later, a handsome and dashing Mo Tianji, dressed in a black suit, walked up behind Lin Hao, "Young Master..."

"Mhm" Lin Hao nodded, "Tianji, give me momentum in the Heavenly Sea next!The stronger the better, I want to make the entire elite class of Tianhai City tremble before me!"

Mo Tianji asked in confusion, "Young Master, didn't your previous orders say not to reveal your identity?"

Lin Hao's mouth er Xi Wu closed Shan whisked closed love corner hooked up a weird arc: "Lin Hao's identity is naturally not exposed, then appear as Lin Tian, as for the face this thing, easy to disguise under...."


At eleven o'clock in the morning, Jiang Shao Ming, with a heavy face, red eyes, and an air of sadness permeating his entire body, arrived at the gate of the Gu family villa, he didn't go in, but was waiting for Shen Shi Yan here, Jiang Shao Ming still had a black scarf tied around his arm.

Three minutes later, Shen Xiyan, who had received a call from Jiang Shao Ming, rushed out. Shen Xiyan had been calling Jiang Shao Ming for the past few days to inquire about Lin Hao, but Jiang Shao Ming didn't know how Lin Hao was doing.And Jiang Shao Ming told Shen Siyan that once he had news about Lin Hao, he would be the first to inform Shen Siyan.So this time after hearing Jiang Shao Ming arrive, Shen Suyan hurriedly ran out.

Just when Shen Siyan saw the expression on Jiang Shao Ming's face, she panicked, because Jiang Shao Ming's eyes were red and an air of sadness permeated his body.

"Jiang, Jiang, have you heard from Lin Hao?"Shen Siyan asked carefully to Jiang Shao Ming.After she saw that black band on Jiang Shao Ming's arm, an uneasy thought arose in her heart.

Jiang Shao Ming took a deep breath, his reddened eyes looked at Shen Siyan, and his voice was hoarse as he said, "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry, I don't know if I should tell you this news, big brother he... big brother he..." as Jiang Shao Ming said, tears fell.

Shen Siyan became even more anxious and directly grabbed Jiang Shao Ming's arm and urged, "What's wrong with him, Lin Hao?Is something wrong?Why don't you tell me?Where's Lin Hao?"

Jiang Shao Ming's tears flowed straight down, lowering his head in silence for a long time before slowly saying, "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry I'm late, big brother he... his injuries are very, very serious, he didn't pull through, he left this world the day before yesterday..."

"What?What...what did you say?"Shen Siyan was incredulous, her mouth wide open as she looked at Jiang Shao Ming.

"Big brother he... is dead... died late night the day before yesterday..." said Jiang Shao Ming to Shen Xiyan with his head lowered.

Boom... Shen Siyan intuitively blacked out before her eyes, and her entire body went straight into unconsciousness....

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Shen Siyan, dressed in black, stared blankly at Lin Hao's tombstone in front of her, and after just one glance, her body completely softened, and her entire body collapsed in front of the tombstone, crying loudly, tearing her heart out and breaking her heart....

Shen Suyan was crying loudly in front of the tombstone. Behind her, in addition to Yei Yi and Jiang Shaoming, there was Leng Qiuya, Wang Shufen, and Gu Yue.Leng Qiu Ya and Wang Shufen were also in tears, and they couldn't believe that Lin Hao had died so suddenly....

Yue Gu was also good friends with Lin Hao, and right now her eyes were red as she looked at Night One and asked, "Didn't you... didn't you say that Lin Hao was still in a coma?How come you've been dead since the day before yesterday?"


Yei Yi took a deep breath, with endless sadness in his eyes, and shook his head at Yue Gu and said, "It was Big Brother who ordered me to do this, his injuries from this trip to Yanjing were really, really heavy, and he used to have a lot of secret wounds, but this time, the old and new injuries erupted together, and in the end, he didn't make it through.Big brother commanded me before he died, to guard Miss Shen's side for the rest of my life..."

"You're lying to me, aren't you?You're lying to me, aren't you?Lin Hao is still alive, right?How could someone as powerful as Lin Hao die just like that?"Yue Gu held onto Night One's collar with a death grip and questioned Night One with red eyes streaming with tears.

Night One, however, allowed Yue Gu to tear at him like crazy, but he didn't say a word.Just with an affirmative look, he told Yue Gu that this was the truth, the truth was that Lin Hao was already dead, and had died the night before.

Jiang Shao Ming looked at Yue Gu going crazy and couldn't help but say, "Miss Gu, in fact, big brother has been holding on these days, hanging on to his last breath until he heard that the Gong family had been annihilated, that Auntie Leng was fine, and that his sister-in-law had someone to take care of her, then he was relieved to leave this world..."

"Lin Hao... husband... "Shen Shi Yan, who was sprawled out in front of the tombstone, heard Jiang Shao Ming's words and burst into tears like a dike flood, unable to stop the wild flow of tears....

"He, he was so badly injured, I should have understood long ago, I should have understood long ago, that day when he came back from Yanjing to see me, his face was so pale when he came back, his mouth was still bleeding, I should have thought of it long ago, I should have thought of it long ago ah....But at that time, not only did I not think of it, not only did I not say a word of concern to him, but I also divorced him and said something so hurtful to him... I, I..." said Shen Xiyan as she cried and repented.

"How much he should have needed me to be with him at that time, how much he should have needed me to be with him to take care of him, but me, but me?Woo..." cried Shen Xiyan, who was out of breath.There was infinite regret in her heart.

In the next moment Shen Xiyan fiercely took out a dagger and stabbed it at her heart, "Honey, I'm sorry, I'm here with you this time..."

Bang... Night One saw Shen Xiyan trying to commit suicide and just knocked Shen Xiyan's dagger out of the sky.

"Let me die, let me die!I'm going to be with him. I'm going to be with him!Why are you still stopping me, why?"When Shen Xi Yan saw Night One knock her dagger away, she turned around and cried and complained to Night One.

"Xi Yan, Xi Yan you calm down, you calm down, you must calm down, don't do anything stupid ah, don't do anything stupid ah, do you want to let Lin Hao watch you die?Lin Hao is already there, so don't do anything stupid, huh?"Wang Shufen threw herself at Shen Xiyan's side and held her in a death hug, she knew that Shen Xiyan was feeling very, very bad.But she went couldn't let Shen Xiyan go down like this. One second to remember to read the book

Leng Qiu Ya also cried and pulled Shen Xi Yan's hand and said: "Xi Yan, don't be like this, mom please, okay?You're doing this, Lin Hao knows in the spring, he loves you so much, he doesn't want to see you like this ah, please, don't do anything stupid, okay?"

Yue Gu also hurriedly jumped to Shen Xi Yan's side, constantly comforting her, "Xi Yan, this isn't blaming you for this.No one wants this to happen, no one wants ah, and you died like this, Lin Hao doesn't want to see you like this ah..."

Wow... Shen Siyan saw three people holding her in a death hug, she simply couldn't break free, couldn't commit suicide, so she could only look up at the sky above her and cry loudly....

"No, no, if I hadn't sent him that WeChat that day, he would have landed on the ground zero yi侍扒意 not to rush back, he would have gone to the hospital in the first place, he would have lived ah.It's all me, it's all me, he didn't even go to the hospital in order to come back to see me, so strong hold on, strong hold on.... "Shen Xiyan said while tears were falling....

Ah... Shen Xiyan suddenly yelled out, and then her entire body passed out again because she was overly sad....


When Shen Shi Yan woke up for the second time, it was already the morning of the second day, Shen Shi Yan woke up and found that Wang Shufen, Yue Gu, and Leng Qiu Ya were all in the room with him.Each of them had an intense worry on their faces.

"Xi Yan, are you alright?Don't be too sad ah, if you go on like this, I'm sure if Lin Hao is still here, he wouldn't want to see you like this ah..." said Yue Gu, holding Shen Shi Yan's hand, very worried.

"Everyone in Tianhai City is saying that I'm a jinx, a heaven-defying lone star, whoever is with me will have bad luck, Mom, Yue Yue, do you think I'm really what they say I am?My presence will always bring even more difficulty to those around me?"Shen Xiyan said in a stunned voice.

After she finished speaking, the three women in the room were all silent.Perhaps it was still a coincidence, indeed people who were with Shen Xi Yan would encounter great difficulties.

Leng Qiu Ya took a deep breath, hugged Shen Xi Yan to her bosom and said: "Xi Yan is not your fault, this is my fault, it's all because of me, dye shade Wu Shan service shade Pa Pa zero hey, this is a debt I owe ah.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list of the most important things you need to know.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.The world is still a beautiful place, you must stop doing stupid things, okay?"Leng Qiu Ya's tears fell as she said that, but she was afraid of causing Shen Xi Yan's sadness, then she quickly wiped them away.

Wang Shufen also walked over to Shen Xi Yan and said to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, Qiu Ya is right, many things are not your fault.Neither is it Qiu Ya's fault, it can only be said that it's the fault of that era.In that era, the family is very particular about being right in front of the door, and in that era, when Qiu Ya was with your father, it was as if she violated a taboo.That was the sadness of that era.Now that it's happened, death is a relief, but surviving is even more courageous, Xi Yan has many people by your side, okay?The darkness will always pass and the light will always come, so don't depress yourself too much, okay?"Wang Shufen took a deep breath, she had become stronger after all that she had gone through.

That's how people are, sometimes they themselves don't even know how much pressure their hearts can withstand.But after enduring it, one would gain growth, new life, and go higher!

"Yue Yue, Mom you all go out, I want to be alone for a while, I also want to go in front of Lin Hao and stay with him for a while, but don't worry, I won't do anything stupid anymore because I've also figured out that my husband is down there, he's still watching over me, he's left this world, but I'll live with his share in the future!"Shen Xi Yan took a deep breath and said slowly.

Although Wang Shufen Leng Qiu Ya and Yue Gu were still worried about Shen Xiyan and worried that Shen Xiyan would still do something stupid, but now looking at Shen Xiyan's expression and listening to her words, it seemed like Shen Xiyan had really thought about it some.So she also nodded and retreated.

Shen Xiyan was alone in her room in silence, she thought about many, many things, Wang Shufen was right, dying was easy, but continuing to live in this world was what required even more courage!It wasn't that Shen Siyan didn't want to die now, but she felt that if she died again, then Lin Hao, who was an orphan, might not even have someone to visit his grave in the future....

An hour later, Shen Xiyan, dressed in black with a black scarf on her arm, took a taxi to Lin Hao's grave by herself.Shen Xiyan bought a bouquet of flowers and placed them in front of Lin Hao's tombstone, looking at Lin Hao's grave, her eyes red, but this time she forcefully stopped the tears. First URL

She had passed out from crying twice yesterday and was now extremely weak, but somehow she was slowly growing stronger....

"Honey, I was wrong, I owe you an apology, you know what, I really want to really want to just go down there with you.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it..

And then she just stood there alone, staring at Lin Hao's tombstone....


"Sister-in-law, please save your breath, big brother told me before his death that you should never do anything stupid, and live well, in fact, I had already arrived at Tianhai the day before yesterday, but according to big brother at that time, he was already almost unable to hold on, he didn't want you to see him like that at that time, he wanted to put in your heart, remembering always his handsome side..." said Jiang Shao Ming quietly appeared behind Shen Xiyan, speaking softly.

"Mm... "Shen Siyan nodded heavily, "Don't worry, I'll try my best to live, I'll try my best to live because I want to live to be with him, the two of us haven't had our wedding anniversary yet ah!....... "A mist of water rose in Shen Siyan's reddened eyes, a gust of wind blew, and tears almost fell, but she was able to hold them back deeply.Pain, all the time pain, this kind of pain was only clear in her own heart, outsiders might never be able to feel, to appreciate how much she really loved Lin Hao in her heart....

Jiang Shao Ming behind Shen Siyan slowly nodded his head and said, "Sister-in-law, if you think so, I believe that big brother will also be pleased under the nine springs, you must be good, you must marry a better man in the future, this is also what big brother said before he died... you must not be widowed for him, he doesn't want to see that..."

Shen, however, laughed and shook her head, "A better man than him?Oh, what else is there in this world?I will get married, but the only one I want to marry is him, Shao Ming, there will be an opportunity in the future, I want to do a wedding with Lin Hao, a grand wedding, I dressed up beautifully, wearing a white wedding dress, carrying him into the church, after the intention to dye steak Sisi Iwuwu you help me do a good one?"

Jiang Shao Ming looked up at the sky and tried not to let his tears fall, after a long, long time, Jiang Shao Ming nodded his head heavily, "I'm sorry sister-in-law, forgive me for not being able to agree to this request of yours, we'll talk about things later.If in the future you really meet a man that is as good as big brother and loves you, then you should marry, this is after all big brother's dying wish..."

Shen Xi Yan stood in front of Lin Hao's tombstone and shook her head, but she didn't say anything else, but looked silently at the photo on top of Lin Hao's tombstone, which showed Lin Hao smiling so handsomely and charmingly....

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes were incomparably complex as he looked at Shen Xiyan's back, as if he had suddenly thought of something, he said to Shen Xiyan, "Right sister-in-law, there's one more thing I want to tell you, and that's this big brother's trip to the north, when he was in Yanjing, he really really didn't know that something had happened to you in Tianhai, and that guy, Night One, didn't tell him at all.And those few days, he was really, really dangerous in Yanjing, going through a life and death crisis every day!So please don't ever blame him in your heart, he really doesn't know..."

Shen Jiyan nodded, a sad smile rising on her face, "Well, I know, and I'm the one who didn't let Night One tell him.And how could I blame him?He's already doing well ah, even after being so badly injured, he didn't even go to the hospital, and when he saw the text I sent, he rushed back to Tian Hai to find me, so how can I blame him?"

Shen Xi Yan paused, the sadness on her face even thicker, slowly saying, "And if I really want to blame, I should also blame myself ah... I clearly saw the injuries on him that day, but I still said such heavy words of divorce to him, he must be very sad and painful in his heart, he should blame me ah, blame me ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming sighed deeply, his eyes incomparably complex in the depths, looking at Shen Shi Yan slowly said, "Sister-in-law, don't be too sad, after all, big brother has already gone, if you continue like this, he will definitely not be willing if he knows down there.I have been with Big Brother for so many years, I deeply know how important you are in his heart.Big brother's biggest wish before he died was that you can live happily in the future, this last wish of his, can you promise him?"

Shen Xiyan froze, a cold cold wind blew, blowing her long hair fluttering with the wind, in front of the tombstone Shen Xiyan, at this moment there is a kind of sad beauty... Remember the website

After a long, long silence, Shen Xi Yan smiled at the picture on Lin Hao's tombstone, and Wei Wei smiled, "Well, husband I promise you, I will live and take your share with me... live well..."


In front of Lin Hao's tombstone Shen Shi Yan was more often than not silent, while Jiang Shao Ming was silently accompanying her behind her.The cemetery was remote, and the entire cemetery was deserted, with only Jiang Shao Ming and Shen Shi Yan in it.

It wasn't until three or four o'clock in the afternoon that Shen Siyan spoke to Jiang Shao Ming, "Does he have anything else to say to me?"

Jiang Shao Ming nodded, "Well, what sister-in-law has, I was going to tell you, but I was afraid that your emotions hadn't slowed down.So do you want to hear it now?"

Shen Xiyan nodded, "Well, whatever else he has to say, you can say it all, I'll listen.Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid now, I want to stay alive to accompany him, the two of us haven't even held a wedding yet..."

Jiang Shao Ming looked up at Shen Xi Yan's back with a hmmm and said, "Sister-in-law, big brother said he wants you to stay in Tian Hai, you're an excellent designer, he wants you to fulfill your own dreams, so he spent 100 million to register a design company for you in Tian Hai, he wants you to succeed in making an international brand after three years, to realize your own dreams, to stand on top of the world in your favorite field, to see the higher scenery...."

Shen Siyan nodded her head after hearing the words and remained silent for a long, long time, she was silent thinking about things, Jiang Shao Ming naturally wouldn't push her any further.A full ten minutes later, Shen Siyan nodded towards Lin Hao's tombstone, "Well, I promise you that after three years, I will go to the top of this world, to see the higher scenery, to take your share with me..."

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you're not going to do anything stupid, and that you're not going to do anything wrong.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and then you can see that it's all about the company's products.The director's seat, and all the future profits of the Kyushu Group are unconditionally donated to the society, and big brother has established a foundation to help those orphans who have lost their loved ones since childhood.And this foundation is also entrusted to you to manage..."

When Jiang Shao Ming saw that Shen Shi Yan was silent, he continued, "Sister-in-law, the establishment of this foundation will also make many people outside who are staring at the Kyushu Group give up, because in the future, the Kyushu Group will no longer be a commercial organization, but a charitable organization.I will always help you manage this organization.Big brother is an orphan, and you are also considered an orphan, so big brother doesn't want the tragedy that happened to the two of you when you were young to happen again in this world, so sister-in-law, this second wish of big brother, can you help him fulfill it?"

Shen Shi Yan's body trembled lightly, bit her lips and nodded heavily at Lin Hao's tombstone, "Well, I will, don't worry husband, your last wish, as long as I'm still alive, I'll help you keep going!No matter how much suffering there is in the future, I will help you accomplish it!"

Jiang Shao Ming was now completely relieved, after all, he was really afraid that Shen Xi Yan would do something stupid after hearing the news of Lin Hao's death.Then he would never be able to explain to Lin Hao for the rest of his life.After all, the real situation was that Lin Hao wasn't dead at all. One second to remember to read the book

Jiang Shao Ming nodded his head to Shen Shi Yan and said, "Well, then sister-in-law I'm going back to Nanjiang, according to big brother's will, I'll start preparing tonight to plan and start moving the relocation of the Kyushu Group to Tianhai.Sister-in-law don't leave Tianhai, only in this city will you and big brother's goals be realized!"

Shen Shi Yan nodded seriously, "Well, I know, don't worry, I definitely won't run away this time, no matter what the people of Tian Hai City think of me and how they scold me behind my back, I won't run away anymore!I will definitely fulfill his wish.Shao Ming you go..."

"Hey... good, sister-in-law you pay attention to your body, Night One is left to you by big brother, you can feel free to use it, Night One is loyal to big brother for the rest of his life..." sighed Jiang Shao Ming, his eyes incomparably complex, after nodding to Shen Xiyan, he turned around and left...

After Jiang Shao Ming left, Night One, also dressed in black, appeared behind Shen Xiyan, silently accompanying Shen Xiyan without saying a word....


As for Shen Shi Yan, she stood in silence in front of Lin Hao's tombstone, until night fell, until the cold wind outside became heavier and heavier, until Shen Shi Yan's body fell straight backwards, only then did Night One suddenly realize that at some point, Shen Shi Yan had completely passed out, grieving to the extreme....

Shen Siyan mouth promised Yue Gu, promised Wang Shufen, promised Leng Qiu Ya, and even promised Jiang Shao Ming.All of them told them that they were fine, that they would definitely not do anything stupid, and that they would live well, but no one could really understand how much she loved Lin Hao in her heart!!!

As Shen Xiyan stood in front of Lin Hao's tombstone in the afternoon, all she could think about was the bits and pieces of her and Lin Hao from the time she met him until now.

When she first met Lin Hao in high school, the shy, shy boy used to follow her and look at her from afar, but whenever she turned around to look, Lin Hao would hide away or pretend to crouch on the ground to tie his shoelaces.

When her father first died two years ago, Lin Hao came to Nanjiang as a door-to-door son-in-law who came for money.Every day, he endured the insults and looks from those people from Wang Shufen and the Shen family, but at that time, Lin Hao was always smiling and laughing....

In Tian Hai City, when Lin Hao saw her with another man, Lin Hao was furious and very domineering and rushed to her, pulling her hand to make her return to him....

After returning to Nanjiang City from Tianhai last month, Lin Hao's handsome figure appeared downstairs in Shen Xiyan's company, and those female colleagues in Shen Xiyan's office were envious and jealous to death, while Lin Hao was like a prince who only accompanied her....

The other day at the inauguration ceremony of the president of the Kyushu Group, Lin Hao appeared on stage as the president of the Kyushu Group and proposed to her....

And the other day after she remarried to Lin Hao, the first time they held hands, the first time they hugged, the first time they kissed in the Linjiang Park in Nanjiang City, she was so shy at that time, and when she was seen, she burrowed deeply into Lin Hao's bosom, just like a little bird, and Lin Hao held her domineeringly....

"At that time, how happy, husband, I realized how relieved I was to have you in my life, how happy I was to be living my life.Honey, I miss you so much, I really really miss you..."

"But why did you just walk away without saying anything?You still have promises you owe me. Didn't you say you'd give me a big wedding?So you're going to cheat now, are you?Hubby ah, you haven't seen me in a wedding dress that beautiful look yet, not my narcissism ah, if I put on a wedding dress, well dressed up, I'm absolutely beautiful ah, you haven't seen it yet, you haven't seen me at my most beautiful yet, you left...." first website

"Honey, I was wrong, I shouldn't have told you about the divorce, until you left, I only knew how much I really miss you, dyeing steak land zero love steak the future road there are still so many difficulties, but after that I will only have one person to go.Your cherished face, she will only be able to carry it alone......."

"Hubby, I... miss you so much, I really miss you so much..." she was being carried by Night One to her home, she was already unconscious, but she had a dream, in which she, Shen Shi Yan, was dressed up in a wedding dress of her own design, dressed up beautifully, incomparably happy, walking towards Lin Hao... towards the man she loved the most in her life....


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