Super Son-in-law 501-510


Chapter 501

After Jiang Shao Ming separated from Shen Siyan, he didn't return to Nanjiang, but went directly to the Tianhai Group to look for Lin Hao.

He opened his mouth several times to report to Lin Hao, but somehow, as soon as he opened his mouth, he thought of Shen Suyan's sad smile.That sad to the extreme face, he just couldn't really open his mouth.

Lin Hao, who was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window looking in the direction of the Gu family, was silent for a long, long time, and Jiang Shao Ming had been standing quietly behind him since he returned in the afternoon, and he didn't speak.

Lin Hao was naturally able to feel the complex thoughts on Jiang Shao Ming's body, and he didn't know whether he was right or wrong for doing so.Whether it was right or wrong for him to deceive Shen Xiyan like this, he just had to do it.

He wanted to teach Shen Suyan a lesson, which was, to be frank, a joke.And the real reason is that Shen Caiyan must also be strong, here refers to the Shen Caiyan closed service to cover the Wu Wu pick love closed whisk inner strength.

Because this time Lin Hao went north, although on the surface it was a glorious achievement, taking over all of the Lin Clan's heritage in the entire Heavenly Sea.But the same also sowed too big a hidden danger.

He had, to be blunt this time, caught the Lin Clan branch off guard and caught Lin Yan by surprise.Because no one thought that Mo Lao was still alive and firmly on his Lin Hao's side.And no one from those people in Yanjing thought that Lin Hao had secretly pulled together such a powerful force over the years.So those people were unprepared and the result was that Lin Hao won.

But this time when he went north, all of Lin Hao's cards were also exposed, and he no longer had any cards left.All of his strength was now out in the open, his grandmother, Mo Lao, and Lin Qingcheng were all exposed.It was easy to imagine how terrifying the Lin Clan branch that wouldn't give up as well as Lin Yan would be the next time he would make a move against him.

And if Shen Xiyan wasn't mentally prepared at that time, it would be difficult for her and Lin Hao to reach the end.Shen Siyan had to be strong, so strong that she could trust Lin Hao without any doubt even in the face of any pressure.Only then would the two of them eventually be able to go on and go further and further.

Lin Hao took a deep breath and said with deep eyes, "Shao Ming, you don't need to say anything, the decision has already been made.I know that if I deceive Xi Yan this time, Xi Yan will be in pain and will suffer a lot, but it's just a maximum of ten days, and I'll give her an explanation.Then you go back to Nanjiang first, relocate the Kyushu Group to Tianhai, we can't disperse our forces any further..."

"It's Big Brother!"Jiang Shao Ming no longer said anything, what Lin Hao had decided, he had no right to ask, and it had already been done, he had already successfully deceived Shen Xi Yan with his superb acting skills.Now, including Shen Xiyan, everyone around her already thought that Lin Hao was dead.Including Yue Gu, Wang Shufen, Leng Qiu Ya, etc... Remember the website

Inside the villa, when Yue Gu saw that Night One was carrying the unconscious Shen Siyan, she became anxious, and hurriedly helped to help Shen Siyan to the room, and then called the doctor to give Shen Siyan an infusion, and when she finished her busy work, it was already ten o'clock at night.

In the late night, Yue Gu walked to the villa courtyard alone, quietly dazed, her heart is now a mess, not knowing what will happen next.Things around Shen Xiyan had erupted one after another in the past few days, making her all a bit unable to regain her senses, and she couldn't help but feel even more sad when she thought about Shen Xiyan's affair with Lin Hao.And she was very empathetic to what had happened to Shen Xiyan, after all, the man she liked the most three years ago was like this, quietly leaving her and leaving the world....

And it had taken her a full three years to slow down, so how long did it take Shen to get over it?Could it be that you will never love another man in this life, like yourself?Is the world full of despair?Yue Gu shook her head, she didn't know, and she didn't dare to think about it, because if Shen Xiyan really couldn't come out, then her life would be almost ruined, and even if she was still alive in the future, it would just be a pretty walking corpse....

"Still thinking about the pity party?"Just as Yue Gu was dazed, Gu Shengnan quietly walked behind her at some point, reached out and touched Yue Gu's head, and said with an incomparably emotional tone.This world has the ultimate pain, the loss of the one you love the most, never to be seen again....

He, Gu Shengnan, too, had lost Yue Gu's mother, his beloved wife, forever in his earlier years....

Gu Shengnan sighed and sat next to Gu Yue.

"Well, Dad, Xi Yan is too bitter, I don't dare to imagine what she's been through these past few days, if it were me, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to hold on, Dad I'm really afraid that Xi Yan will do something stupid and kill herself again..." said Yue Gu incomparably worried to Gu Nan Sheng.

Gu Nan Sheng shook his head, his eyes deep in thought, "No, I feel that Xi Yan won't.She looks weak on the outside, but her heart is strong and resilient, she will survive, and take Lin Hao's share with her.Don't worry too much, just spend more time with her these days..."


Yue Gu nodded heavily, "Well, I'll stay with her for the next few days, hey, it's just that Lin Hao is so good, she and Lin Hao are too bitter, married twice, divorced twice, dad you don't know, Xi Yan and Lin Hao and the two of them have gone through too much hardship before finally getting together, and a few days ago at the banquet where the president of the South River Kyushu Group took office, Lin Hao was proposing to Xi Yan in front of all the upper class people in South River City, how shocking and romantic was that scene, but Lin Hao died just like that, suddenly... "Yue Gu's heart was incomparably complex, with deep emotions.

Gu Shengnan slowly frowned, for some reason, he instinctively felt that Lin Hao hadn't died!He didn't have any evidence, he was just relying on his instincts.Although he hadn't personally met Lin Hao, that kind of covered figure, but after he watched Lin Hao's videos and listened to what Yue Gu had told him about Lin Hao, he instinctively felt that something wasn't right about it....

Only men know men best, and Gu Shengnan himself is a desperate and ruthless man who brought the Gu family from that small place in Nanjiang City to Tianhai with his own strength, and in just a few years he has become one of the second-rate families in Tianhai City!

Gu Shengnan's strength was not insignificant, so in his perception, how could a man with such potential as Lin Hao die so easily?

And there was always that one look that flashed in his mind these past few days, the leader of the powerful hidden force that came to the Gu villa to help them out on the night the Gong family was destroyed.He had felt that look familiar to him before, but he just couldn't recall it.

Until just now, when Night One carried Shen Shi Yan back through the living room, he locked eyes with Gu Shengnan.This sent Gu Shengnan's heart into a frenzy, the person who had helped his Gu family out that night was Night One!!!!

That was a force of thousands of numbers, and with Night One leading those thousands of men and horses and wiping out the Gong family within a minute, how powerful was the battle force?

And from what Yue Gu said, Night One was Lin Hao's subordinate.And in Gu Shengnan's speculation, the hidden and powerful force that had overthrown the Gong family that night was that forbidden family from Tianhai City!So if Lin Hao was from that family, how could he have died so easily?

So Gu Shengnan had a deep suspicion in his heart that he didn't believe Lin Hao was dead now.But he didn't dare to tell Yue Gu about his suspicions, because if Lin Hao wasn't dead, then Lin Hao must have his own intentions in deceiving Shen Xiyan like that.So if he, Gu Shengnan, didn't want to die, he'd better keep his mouth shut!

Thinking of this, Gu Shengnan looked deeply at Yue Gu and said, "Yue Yue, I'm afraid that in the future, when Xi Yan is in Tian Hai, she won't have a good time, although the Gong Family has been destroyed and your Aunt Qiu Ya has severed her ties with Leng Changjiang.But Xi Yan is now carrying a lot of curses, she is already fragile now, you must accompany her no matter what difficulties she encounters, okay?"

Gu Shengnan said to Yue Gu incomparably serious. A second to remember to read the book.

Yue Gu frowned, she felt that there was something in Gu Shengnan's words, she felt that it was a bit strange for her father to suddenly say this to her.But she didn't think too much about it, so she nodded, "Well, I know dad, I will if you don't tell me, Xi Yan is my best best friend..."

Gu Shengnan nodded his head, and his eyes became even deeper.If Lin Hao was from that forbidden family, if Lin Hao was still alive, then in the future, even if he died, then his own daughter would have a life free of worries because of her relationship with Shen Xiyan....


Late at night, in the Tianhai Group's CEO's office, Mo Tianji walked up behind Lin Hao and reported respectfully, "Young Master, all the arrangements must have been made, I've notified all the forces in Tianhai City, all the big families, all the celebrities, to hold a banquet tomorrow night at the Half Moon Bay Hotel..."

Lin Hao hmmm nodded and said, "Good, don't call Lu Yi Wu Yi Wu Xi Zhai Closed Young Master anymore, just call him brother like Shao Ming..."

"Yes, brother!"There was a strong excitement in Mo Tianji's eyes, it meant that Lin Hao had recognized him, these past few days as he followed Lin Hao for a longer period of time, as he got to know Lin Hao better, the more he felt Lin Hao's terror, in Mo Tianji's heart, those people from the Lin Clan in Yanjing would never be able to suppress Lin Hao, the Gestapo!Lin Hao will kill Yanjing sooner or later!And he, Mo Tianji, would vow to follow Lin Hao to his death!

Lin Hao looked out the window at the bustling night scene of Tianhai City, and slowly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the city that was incomparably brilliant even in the middle of the night, "Xi Yan, wait a few more days, the humiliation that the people of this city have inflicted on you, I'll make them return it one by one!All those who have insulted you, no matter what family they belong to, I will make them ashes!Wait for me, we'll have the biggest wedding in this most prosperous city on January 1st!"


The next morning, a piece of news that stirred the entire upper circles of Tianhai City, spread from the hands of the Tianhai er Dye Land Dye Zhaxi Dye Group Mo Tianji, Mo Tianji invited the elites from all walks of life in Tianhai City, celebrities from all families, families of prestige, to hold a party tonight at the Half Moon Bay Hotel!

When this news came out, the entire upper circles of Tianhai City were sensational.After Mo Tianji was inaugurated as the president of the Tianhai Group a few days ago, he was silent in the past few days, and even Mo Tianji's silence made everyone in Tianhai City almost forget about his existence, after all, the Leng family and the Gong family were the ones who were getting the most attention in Tianhai City these days.

And until today when Mo Tianji spoke, the crowd was suddenly awakened, it turns out that there is such a big thing in the Tianhai City, Tianhai Group as ranked in the top hundred of the world's top 500 enterprises, his family's assets alone is comparable to a slightly weaker first-class family, and to know that last week the Tianhai Group also annexed, the size of the equally not small Tian Yao Group!What does this mean?It meant that a top-tier, first-class family would soon rise again in Tianhai City ah.

The elite class of Tianhai City had thought that after the destruction of the Gong Family, there would only be three big families in Tianhai City from now on, but only now did they discover to their horror that the fourth huge power in Tianhai City had quietly risen, and the speed of its rise was far beyond their imagination.

So for a moment, when the crowd reacted, there was a slight shock in their hearts.It was just that Mo Tianji's surname was Mo, and the people in Tianhai City didn't know that there was still a Mo Family in Tianhai City.Was the Mo Family a hidden family in Tian Hai City?Now it's going to be born?

And with the release of Mo Tianji's news, those elites in Tianhai City began to research about Mo Tianji and the Tianhai Group, only as the research progressed, as one by one, companies and projects that were held by the Tianhai Group behind the scenes surfaced.The people were horrified to discover that the Heavenly Sea Group was much more powerful than they had imagined in their hearts.

And the words of Xiao Nuo, the head of the first-class family in Tianhai City, even more horrified the crowd to the extreme, Xiao Nuo himself admitted that the Xiao family was far inferior to the Tianhai Group and that the Xiao family looked forward to deep cooperation with the Tianhai Group in the future!

And then another first-class family in Tianhai City, the Bai family, Bai Hang, the head of the Bai family also announced at the first time, the Bai family thanked General Manager Mo for the sincere invitation, and in the future, the Bai family was looking forward to a more in-depth cooperation with the Tianhai Group!

And just when the crowd didn't react, the largest family in Tianhai City, the Ye family, the head of the Ye family Ye Feiye is in public, personally admitted that the Ye family will never have any confrontation with the Tianhai Group exists, only more in-depth cooperation in the future, the Ye family hopes that the Tianhai Group in the future, more support for the Ye family!Ye Feiye was very patronizing and directly and implicitly admitted that the Ye family couldn't compare to the Tianhai Group either!

Boom... As the three top-tier families in Tianhai City spoke out, suddenly the crowd was deeply aware of the terror of the Tianhai Group.For a time, everyone was investigating who was behind the Heavenly Sea Group, but it was clear that their investigation was simply not going to yield results.It was just a deep fear in their hearts that Tianhai City, without a word, had risen an existence even more terrifying than the Ye family!Who is behind the Skysea Group?For a time everyone was incomparably curious, and of course curious but also feeling deep fear....

And as the crowd felt the terror of the power behind the Tianhai Group, they suddenly associated it in their hearts with the Gong Family that had been wiped out overnight four days ago!At this moment, the elite of Tianhai City suddenly thought, was the destruction of the Gong Family the work of the forces behind the Tianhai Group?After all, although the Gong family is not as good as the Ye family over the years, but if the Ye family wants to wipe out the Gong family overnight, it's not that possible... The suspicion in everyone's heart intensified when they thought about the respectful attitude of the three big families towards Mo Tianji today... First URL

So a group of top existences in Tianhai City began to secretly track down, and to know if the Gong Family was wiped out by the Tianhai Group was simple, just check from those properties of the Gong Family, and see in whose hands they are now after the Gong Family was wiped out....

Well, then the elites of the top tier of Tian Hai checked and suddenly discovered that the vast majority of the Gong family's projects in Tian Hai, the company, had been quietly transferred to the Tian Hai Group!

Boom... For a time, all the classes in Tianhai City, especially the topmost class, were horrified, feeling deep fear that the power behind the Tianhai Group had completely annihilated the Gong Family in a single night! terrifying a force should this be?


At this moment, within the Leng family, within the hall of Leng Changjiang's villa, Leng Feng and Leng Changjiang were sitting together with heavy faces.Leng Feng's cold sweat flowed down his face, and he swallowed with difficulty and said to Leng Changjiang, "Grandpa, your guess was right, as expected, there is an incomparably terrifying family hidden in Tianhai City, I just checked the ownership of the Gong family's properties, and found that all of them are now under the name of the Tianhai Group.Will that terrifying force behind the Heavenly Sea Group make a move on our Leng Family?"

Leng Feng's heart was incomparably afraid, knowing that the Ye family, which he used to fear the most in his heart, was now bowing before that terrifying force, as well as the Xiao family and the Bai family.Originally, after the destruction of the Gong Family, their Leng Family would reasonably have automatically made up for it and become the new fourth family in Tianhai City, but now not only did Leng Feng not dare to think about that, but he was even more afraid in his heart, after all, just a few days ago, their Leng Family and the Gong Family had just reached a strategic alliance.

Although that alliance had died because of the Gong family's sudden annihilation, their Leng family's attitude had been plainly shown to that terrifying force behind the Tianhai Group.Since the other side possessed the power to completely annex the Gong Family in one night, what about their Leng Family?It's safe to say that if they tried to do something to them, they'd be defenseless!

Leng Changjiang's face was incomparably heavy, his fingers tapped the armrest of the chair one after another, Leng Changjiang was silent for half a day before taking a deep breath, "It's useless for Feng'er to think so much now, tonight we'll go to Half Moon Bay to meet Mo Tianji and see what kind of attitude he has towards our Leng family, then we'll do something about it...."

"Well, that's all there is to it... "Leng Feng nodded heavily.

At the same time, at the Gu family villa, Gu Shengnan also looked heavy and frowned deeply, "Is it the Tianhai Group?Mo Tianji?"

Gu Shengnan, as the head of the top second-rate family in Tianhai City, naturally also received an invitation from Mo Tianji, he has not seen Mo Tianji, but from the attitude of the Ye family and the Xiao family as well as the Bai family, Lu Lu Lu Ai Lu Fushan closed will be able to know that the power behind this Mo Tianji and Mo Tianji is absolutely terrifying to the extreme, that power is definitely that taboo existence hidden behind the curtain in Tianhai City!

Gu Shengnan had the intention of taking Gu Yue to see the world with him, after all, tonight, the top existences of the entire Tianhai City would be gathered together, if Gu Yue went there and showed his face up there, it would definitely have great benefits for Gu Yue to take charge of the Gu Family in the future.It was just that now that he saw that Yue Gu was still at ease accompanying Shen Shi Yan, he gave up on the idea.Gu Shengnan was just going to go there tonight himself to see if the terrifying existence hidden behind Tianhai City was what he had in mind....

Time in the sky sea city all walks of life top existence heart shock fear slowly passing, seven o'clock in the evening, half moon bay hotel door, constantly have a car worth millions of top luxury car to drive, from the car down any one figure, in the whole sky sea city is a dignified person, usually which outside is not high on the?

But tonight, the attitude of these people is cautious, afraid that a slip-up will leave a bad impression on the host of today's banquet, after all, even the top-ranking first-class family, the other party said to exterminate ah....

Those who were able to qualify to come to the banquet tonight, at least behind them were third-rate families with hundreds of millions of dollars, representatives of dozens of third-rate families, the heads of ten or so second-rate families, and the heads of the three first-rate families in Tianhai City, all rushed here tonight, and tonight's party was definitely the most shocking in scale in the history of Tianhai City! Remember the URL

At eight o'clock in the evening, in a private room on the top floor of Half Moon Bay Hotel, Lin Hao, who seemed to have changed his face, was sitting alone and eating there, when Mo Tianji walked in from outside.

"Is everyone here?"Lin Hao opened his mouth to Mo Tianji and asked.

"Well, big brother's people are all here, all the representatives of the forces in Tianhai City, all the family heads are all here, but sister-in-law and Miss Gu didn't come..." said Mo Tianji respectfully to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao nodded and stood up, "Well, since they're here, it's time for us to make an appearance, let's go, let's go together and meet these elites of Tianhai City..."

The moment Lin Hao stood up, a cold, stern kingly aura rose up from his body, and Mo Tianji followed him respectfully, not saying a word...


Inside the banquet scene on the third floor of the Half Moon Bay Hotel, there were more than a hundred people gathered here at the moment, life was boiling and very lively, and the heads of the various families were chatting with each other.

"Mr. Lin Tian as well as the president of the Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji, Mr. Mo has arrived..." with a high-pitched shout from the master of ceremonies at the entrance, suddenly the entire inside of the venue instantly quieted down, and the crowd that was originally hot and bustling, no one else spoke at this moment.And the original seated crowd, at this moment all of them stood up with a bang, one by one, incomparably nervous.

And the next moment, the crowd inside the venue, except for the three big family heads, were all incomparably confused, because the master of ceremonies had just shouted a Mr. Lin Tian, and it was still ranked before the president of Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji!!!!The name Lin Tian was already deeply remembered by the crowd.

Without waiting for them to wonder, at the entrance of the banquet hall, Lin Hao and Mo Tianji slowly walked in, Lin Hao was in the front, exuding an air of a king, while Mo Tianji was quietly following behind Lin Hao, walking towards the interior of the venue.

When Ye Wushuang saw Lin Hao's face, a trace of doubt flashed through his heart, and when he looked at his father, Ye Feiye frowned and nodded his head at him.Then Ye Wushuang buried his doubts deep in his heart.What he was just confused about was that it wasn't like Lin Hao's face wasn't the one he remembered, but Lin Hao's natural kingly aura was rightly whisked away to cover the service yi.And Lin Hao had even changed his name, Ye Wushuang couldn't figure it out in his heart, but then he didn't think about it anymore, after all, whether it was Lin Hao or Lin Tian, he just needed to treat it respectfully....

At this moment, when the people inside the venue, except for the three big families, saw that Mo Tianji was following behind Lin Hao like a subordinate, they were all shocked to the extreme, knowing that Mo Tianji was the president of the Tianhai Group, such a person was actually just a follower by someone's side, so who was the person walking in front?

The hearts of the crowd were incomparably shocked, but none of them dared to speak at the moment.As Lin Hao walked to the middle of the venue with Mo Tianji, he nodded to Mo Tianji and said, "You preside, today is also the first time we've met with a group of forces from the Heavenly Sea.Get on good terms with everyone..."

"Yes, brother!"Mo Tianqi nodded respectfully and curtsied.

After Lin Hao mmmed and nodded to Mo Tianqi, he turned towards Ye Feiye and walked over to the table in front of Ye Feiye and sat down, Lin Hao waved at Ye Feiye and Ye Wushuang before they sat down warily, and at this table, there was also the head of the Xiao family, Xiao Nuo, and the head of the Bai family, Bai Hang, as well as the heirs of the two families, Xiao Cold Night and Bai Jiaqi.

And at this moment the entire audience, after seeing Mo Tianji bending down towards Lin Hao, even the dumbest people understood that Mo Tianji was just one of that mysterious Mr. Lin's men, and just now behind Lin Hao sitting down, Ye Feiye and Xiao Nuo and Bai Hang, the heads of the three big families in Tianhai City, didn't even dare to sit down when Lin Hao didn't nod his head!And now even when they sat down, everyone was sitting upright, and that attitude was careful to the extreme....

Boom... Suddenly all those third-rate and second-rate families in Tianhai City were both shocked and frightened in their hearts, because they knew that the sky in Tianhai City was about to change... One Second Remember to Read the

Tianhai City is an extremely prosperous city, paper and sound, in this city you just have to go to the streets of the city center, you can see luxury cars worth more than a million dollars everywhere.This was a rich man's paradise, the top crowd of Tianhai City, enjoying life unbridled in this city.

It's just that tonight at this banquet, those big figures with hundreds of millions of dollars, but here they don't dare to let out a single fart, can't you see that the head of the largest family in Tianhai City, the one world's most powerful man, Ye Feiye, doesn't even dare to breathe loudly in front of that Mr. Lin?The whole man sat upright....

This was probably the most bizarre banquet in Tianhai City in the past few years, and Lin Hao's momentum alone was overpowering the entire arena.Anyone who came to this banquet today could feel a great pressure in their hearts.

But as the banquet progressed, slowly some of the beautifully dressed and sexy women in the venue, such as the top debutantes, young ladies, and ladies of Tianhai City all peeked over at Lin Hao from time to time.

Lin Hao sat in the corner, rarely spoke, and there was not even a hint of a smile on his face, but at his table, those who could sit with him were basically the top few big names in Tianhai City, and when Lin Hao didn't move his chopsticks, no one at his table dared to move his chopsticks.

In the eyes of those top women of Tianhai City, Lin Hao is simply the perfect man in their hearts, powerful, cold and domineering, and with a kingly temperament, plus a pair of deep, sad eyes.So at this moment, Lin Hao's killing power over those women was simply indescribable with words.

A tall, long-haired beauty wearing a black, deep V, strapless dress and fair skin, stepped on black heels and walked towards Lin Hao's table, she was drunk, her body was a little wobbly when she walked, her fair face was a little red, but drunk, she was even more incomparably charming and sexy.

This woman's name is Huo Yan, the eldest daughter of the second-rate family Huo family, the top debutante of Tianhai City's aristocratic circle, and she also has a nickname, called Scourge of the Red Face, there are only wrong names in this world, and no wrong nicknames.Huo Yan's nickname was enough to show how beautiful she looked.

Huo Yan walked up to Lin Hao and smiled at Lin Hao through the wine, revealing a gorgeous smile, "Mr. Lin, you're very handsome, may I have the honor of having a drink with you?"


When Huo Yan said these words to Lin Hao, the entire banquet quieted down, and not far away, a middle-aged man with a national face, Huo Xinhai, the head of the Huo family, turned pale, brushing his face white....

Lin Hao looked up at Huo Yan with a cold glance that was endlessly icy!Huo Yan's entire body trembled when she came into contact with Lin Hao's eyes, and in an instant she felt a chill from her soul, and by Lin Hao's glance, the wine sobered up....

Huo Xinhai hurriedly ran to Lin Hao and pulled Huo Yan behind him, apologizing to Lin Hao in a strong voice, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Mr. Lin, little girl is drunk, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Huo Yan was a woman, and probably in her heart, Lin Hao was just a male brother who was more powerful than Ye Wushuang.So she even had in her heart the thought of taking Lin Hao under her skirt, but Huo Xinhai, as a second-rate family owner who had fought for decades in the Heavenly Sea, understood Lin Hao's terror!How could an existence that could make a baron like Ye Feiye not dare to take a breath of air be a dude?

"It's fine, just sorry, I don't drink with women I don't know well..." said Lin Hao indifferently, then raised his glass to Huo Xinhai and had a drink with him.

"Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you, Mr. Lin, you drink, you drink..." when Huo Xinhai saw that Lin Hao had taken the initiative to drink with him, he was flattered and hurriedly bent over and retreated after having a drink with Lin Hao.

On the other hand, Mo Tianji, who saw Huo Xinhai trying to toast Lin Hao, flashed a cold smile in his heart.Heh...really the young master's heart, how could he possibly look at any other woman besides Shen Xiyan?

After Huo Xinhai pulled Huo Yan away, Lin Hao continued to drink with Ye Feiye and Xiao Nuo, one after the other, while Huo Xinhai returned to his table and sat down, his entire body already drenched in cold sweat.

"Brother Huo, are you alright?"Sitting beside Huo Xinhai, Gu Shengnan handed Huo Xinhai a wet paper towel over.

"Thank you, it's fine, it's fine... "Huo Xinhai subconsciously resulted Gu Shengnan handed over the wet wipes, wiping the cold sweat from his face, not caring about his image at all, while only he himself could hear his heartbeat getting faster and faster.

Leng Changjiang, who was also sitting at this table, looked at Huo Xinhai and then smiled coldly at Gu Shengnan: "Heh, sitting and talking doesn't hurt, can't you see that the owner of the Ye family and the owner of the Xiao family are there respectfully accompanying Mr. Lin, aren't you powerful, Gu Shengnan, what, don't you dare to go and toast Mr. Lin with a glass of wine?" First web site

Gu Shengnan narrowed his eyes at the news, and Gu Shengnan stared at Leng Changjiang.The atmosphere between the two of them was heavy, and the rest of the second-rate family heads sitting at their table were aware of the two of them, the other day when Gu Shengnan made a scene at the Leng family banquet, everyone knew that Gu Shengnan had severely swept Leng Changjiang off his face that day....

Gu Shengnan and Leng Changjiang were up against each other at their table, neither of them could see each other very well.And right now Lin Hao, who was whisked on the other table in a service-love-closed manner, took a look over at Gu Shengnan.

According to Night One's report, Lin Hao knew that this Gu Shengnan, Gu Yue's biological father!The head of this second-rate family from Nanjiang was a character, a cross-river dragon, and in just a few years, as an outsider, he had gained a foothold in Tianhai City, and had even brought the Gu family into the ranks of second-rate families!

Most importantly, when Lin Hao was unconscious, this Gu Shengnan was actually able to ignore the Gu family's future, risk completely offending the Leng and Gong families, and at the Leng family's banquet, directly bail out Shen Xiyan without letting her suffer any more humiliation!This was a personal favor, and he, Lin Hao... had to return it!

Thinking of this, Lin Hao gave a wink to Mo Tianji, who was not far away, and after nodding, he walked behind Lin Hao, who also stood up, took a deep breath, and walked over to Gu Shengnan....

Leng Changjiang's table, just as Leng Changjiang wanted to open his mouth again to sarcastically mock Gu Shengnan, suddenly he saw that forbidden figure in Tianhai City, that terrifying Mr. Lin, actually walked over to their table, Leng Changjiang soared and hurriedly stood up, Lin Hao came over he didn't dare to sit down at all, and in addition to Leng Changjiang, Huo Xinhai and the rest of the several second-rate family heads, at this moment also stood up....

Lin Hao, on the other hand, walked straight up to Gu Shengnan, took a deep look at Gu Shengnan, nodded to him, and extended his hand, "I've heard of Mr. Gu's name for a long time, Mr. Gu came to Tianhai a few years ago as an outsider, and in just a few years he pushed the Gu family into the ranks of second-rate families in Tianhai, Mr. Gu is great, can we have a drink together?"

Lin Hao smiled faintly at Gu Shengnan, then raised his glass at her....

Boom... when Lin Hao took the initiative to raise his glass to Gu Shengnan and went to toast Gu Shengnan's wine.The entire venue was completely quiet once again, knowing that Lin Hao's identity was too terrifying ah, even if it was Ye Feiye, Lin Hao had never toasted a wine, but now Lin Hao took the initiative to toast Gu Shengnan?

The one who was most shocked was Leng Changjiang who was also sitting at this table. He was just mocking Gu Shengnan and didn't dare to toast Lin Hao.But he never expected that, in less than a minute, Lin Hao would actually take the initiative to come over and try to get to know Gu Shengnan.

Leng Changjiang's heart was shocked to the core....

Whether it was Leng Changjiang or the rest of the people in the venue, they were all shocked by Lin Hao's actions.But only Lin Hao knew that he had to go toast this cup of wine!Because the man in front of him had helped his wife when he was in a coma, at great risk....


At this moment, the entire venue could be heard on a pin drop, because everyone present tonight knew that this was Mr. Lin's home turf, and who was Mr. Lin?That was a forbidden person that Ye Feiye didn't even dare to talk nonsense.That was the desperate and ruthless man who had annihilated the Palace Family in one night a few days ago!

The hearts of others in the meeting hall were shocked to the core, and Gu Shengnan, who was the party, was even more shocked to the core.But after the brief shock, Gu Shengnan suddenly raised his head and looked deeply at Lin Hao, and with this glance, he read gratitude in Lin Hao's eyes.

"There's gratitude in his eyes?His last name is Lin too?He was also the one who suddenly appeared in the sky and sea...why was he grateful to me?And there was a sickly pallor to his face, as if he had just recovered from a serious illness...who are you he?He...he was Lin Hao!Yes, this person in front of you is definitely Lin Hao!"Gu Shengnan was frantically talking to himself in his heart, these days after he started to doubt, he watched the video of Lin Hao proposing to Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang, hundreds of times, Lin Hao's eyes he remembered very clearly!

And the man whose eyes, a taboo-like existence, was exactly like Lin Hao!Exactly the same!!!!Gu Shengnan's heart was shocked and turned upside down, he had been thinking of meeting with Lin Hao before.But there had been no chance to do so, but now there was a chance!

It turned out that the guess in his heart was not wrong, how could Lin Hao allow his wife to be humiliated?And with Lin Hao having such an identity, it made sense that the Palace family had been wiped out overnight, and it was Lin Hao who had done it!The Gong family completely annoyed Lin Hao, so they were wiped out overnight by Lin Hao!

The shock in Gu Shengnan's heart had been immeasurable when he thought of this, Lin Hao really was a world class figure!At this moment Gu Shengnan, who had figured out Lin Hao's identity in his heart, was completely relieved.In the future, he, Gu Shengnan, would finally be able to make his way without any worries, because even if he failed and died, then his daughter, Gu Yue, would still be taken care of!Someone's protecting you!

But Gu Shengnan wasn't sure now, wasn't sure why Lin Hao actually wanted to fake his death to trick Shen Xiyan.I don't know what Lin Hao wants to do.It could be that Lin Hao still had an enemy.But no matter what Lin Hao's reason was, since Lin Hao had chosen to hide it, he, Gu Shengnan, couldn't let anyone doubt Lin Hao's identity.

So at this moment, Gu Shengnan pretended to be sincerely terrified in front of Lin Hao, completely flattered, and stammered and said to Lin Hao, "Mr. Lin... Mr. Lin, I... I respect you... I respect you..."

After Lin Hao clinked a glass with Gu Shengnan, he drank it all in one go.Lin Hao looked at Gu Shengnan, who was pretending to be incredibly nervous in front of him, and said in his heart, "This Gu Shengnan is really a person, he just came over to have a drink with him, and he actually guessed his true identity.

Lin Hao nodded at Gu Shengnan and then had another drink with the service closed Lu Dye lovingly with the rest of the people at this table, including Leng Changjiang!It was just that Leng Changjiang and these people were really scared and nervous in front of Lin Hao....

After Lin Hao finished drinking at this table with Gu Shengnan, he returned to his seat.After Lin Hao took his seat, the atmosphere of the venue rose again, and Lin Hao was also chatting with Ye Feiye, Xiao Nuo, and Bai Hang.It was just that while chatting with a few people, Lin Hao's eyes looked towards a woman with heavy makeup at the back of the venue, and when Lin Hao saw this woman, a hint of cold killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes! Remember the URL

This woman was the one who had cursed the hardest at the Leng family's banquet, basically cursing out every swear word, and at that time, because of the Leng family's and Gong family's persecution, Shen could only endure silently, not daring to resist!Lin Hao hadn't had time to take care of this evil woman these past few days, but since he had encountered her tonight, it was her death sentence.Lin Hao had sentenced this vicious woman to death in his heart!

The party continued, and after an hour, the basic banquet came to an end, except that if Lin Hao didn't leave, no one in this venue dared to move, and even those who wanted to go to the bathroom had to hold back!

When Lin Hao saw that it was almost time, he got up with Mo Tianji and walked towards the door, and naturally no one dared to stop Lin Hao wherever he passed, but for some reason, when Lin Hao walked past the evil woman who had scolded Shen Shiyan, that evil woman's hand shook, and half a glass of red wine in her hand directly spilled over Lin Hao.

Buzz... Lin Hao paused, and a cold killing intent fiercely flashed across his body.And at this moment the entire venue was completely stupid, someone actually dared to throw wine on Lin Hao?Do you really not know how to write a dead letter?

Feeling the hostility in Lin Hao's body getting stronger and stronger, the wicked woman who had splashed Lin Hao's red wine was so frightened that her legs softened and her face instantly went pale, stammering and explaining to Lin Hao, "Mr. Lin... Lin, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry..."

"Where is she from?"Lin Hao squinted at Mo Tianqi behind him and asked.

"This woman's name is Sun Yun, she married into a third-rate family and sells futures at a profit..." said Mo Tianqi respectfully to Lin Hao.

"Well, erase it..." said Lin Hao indifferently, then without looking at the frightened Sun Yun, he lifted his foot and walked out.

Bang... But Lin Hao hadn't even walked out when suddenly a balding man with a big belly came running from a nearby table and thumped his knees at Lin Hao, then he kowtowed and apologized, "Mr. Lin I'm sorry I'm sorry, it's all my fault for being lax in discipline!I'm sorry..."

Heh... Lin Hao sneered, taking no notice of this man, who should be that Sun Yun's husband.This kind of woman is incomparably malicious, doing whatever she wants just because her husband has a bit of money, she doesn't know how thick the sky is!This Sun Yun dared to insult Shen Xi Yan, she definitely wouldn't survive the night, and that husband of hers's family was just incidental!

Lin Hao followed Mo Tianji and left, and Sun Yun, that husband, was still kowtowing vigorously to Lin Hao's back, trying to get Lin Hao to net him, but he didn't think about the fact that that top-tier, first-class family of the Gong family, Lin Hao was just going to exterminate it, let alone this third-rate family of his.Do you really think Lin Hao has a good temper?Heh....

Only after Lin Hao walked away did Sun Yun's husband completely despair, his head was knocking out blood, but he didn't even think of rubbing it, his entire body was completely desperate, it was an existence that could annihilate the Gong family with the flip of a switch, let alone him.To beat him to death he wouldn't dare to offend Lin Hao ah....


Only after Lin Hao walked away did Sun Yun's husband completely despair, his head was knocking out blood, but he didn't even think of rubbing it, his entire body was completely desperate, it was an existence that could annihilate the Gong family with the flip of a switch, let alone him.To beat him to death he wouldn't dare to offend Lin Hao ah....

"Hey, Brother Zhang, I've long advised you to take care of that bitch of yours, but you didn't listen, now you know how silly it is, right?Hehe... what a self-inflicted ah..." a third-rate family owner walked up to Sun Yun's husband and sneered.

"Heh... the wife of the Zhang family master is really a bull, I've heard that Mrs. Zhang is a ruthless person, that mouth is a famous existence in the circle ah, heh, what a bull, the Ye family master doesn't even dare to speak loudly in front of Mr. Lin, she actually dares to pour wine on Mr. Lin, what a bull, when I've really seen it ah, the Zhang family master, I advise you to buy a coffin early, it will be too late..." another third-rate family master mocked Sun Yun's husband, he had long been displeased with that wicked woman Sun Yun, spouting feces all day long!

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the best use of their time and money.

"Fuck me!The more Sun Yun's husband listens, the angrier he gets, and today his family is directly about to suffer doom because of Sun Yun.He was in a rage!Jumping straight up from the floor, he took a bottle from the table next to him and slammed it into Sun Yun's face, followed by a big slap followed by a hard smack....

"Ahhhh... Honey I'm wrong, don't hit me, I'm wrong, I really didn't mean it ah, I really didn't mean it ah... Honey I'm wrong... "Sun Yun was beaten by her husband, her face was bruised and her head was bleeding, that exposed body was stained with blood....

"Leave you alone?You've ruined my fucking family!Who the hell gave you the courage to throw alcohol on Mr. Lin?I'll fuck you up... If I don't kill you today, I'll follow your last name!"Sun Yun's husband was completely red-eyed at this point, chasing after Sun Yun and constantly beating him up, and using all of his strength with each stroke....

The entire party, all smiling at the scene in front of them, not a single person went up to persuade to follow the fight.Even Sun Yun's usual best friends, this also hurriedly ran to the side, ran to her husband's side.Just the next moment they were also silly, their husbands directly mentioned divorce to them without saying a word!And do it tomorrow morning!And these women really have nothing left when they get divorced, after all, they only married into the mansion in the first place by virtue of their posture, and they all signed prenuptial agreements!

These scheming women who have been with Sun Yun all day long, at this moment they are all begging their husbands bitterly, just no use, their husbands, now they are shunned by them, today it is good that Sun Yun is dying, what if their wives die one day?That end....

While the whole crowd was watching indifferently, Gu Shengnan understood everything in his heart.He had just been staring at Lin Hao when he went out, and that woman Sun Yun did have wine in her hand at the time, but it seemed like someone had pushed her and the wine in her hand had been spilled on Lin Hao....

Gu Shengnan thought about it and finally remembered the scene at the Leng family banquet, when it was this Sun Yun in front of her, blocking Shen Xiyan's face, cleaving all sorts of insulting words to her, so she was finished, Gu Shengnan was more than willing to believe that Lin Hao had just deliberately let Sun Yun pour red wine on him, because Lin Hao was completely looking for a reason to exterminate Sun Yun, and then exterminate the family that Sun Yun was part of.And it's still leaving Sun Yun in deep fear, waiting to die... one second to remember to read the book...

And for all this, the evil woman Sun Yun naturally does not know, this will be when she was kicked out of the door by his husband, Sun Yun quickly seized an opportunity, crawling to escape outside.......

The family she doesn't care anymore, she wants to live right now, and she still has a few foreign bank cards on her, she has to run, because the only thing left waiting for her is death, this will scare her to the extreme, in her heart that man surnamed Lin, even the Gong family has been exterminated, let alone her a woman, so she has to run, she has to leave Tianhai overnight....

Sun Yun had just run to the front door of the hotel when she saw two men in black rushing up to her and carrying her directly into a car with a foul-smelling sock stuffed in her mouth, before the car started up and drove off into the vast night....

Half an hour later, inside a dark basement chamber, Sun Yun opened her eyes and saw Lin Hao, who was sitting in front of her, radiating cold killing intent, and behind Lin Hao were two men with daggers standing.

When Sun Yun saw the scene in front of her, her entire body was truly scared to urinate.She swallowed hard and said to Lin Hao, "Mr. Lin, I was wrong, I'm sorry I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it ah, I really didn't mean to throw wine Wu Di Er Lu Ai Lu Zero Wu on you ah..."

Mo Tianji walked behind Lin Hao in a somewhat complicated manner, looking at Lin Hao's lonely back as he stood by the window, he also felt some emotion in his heart, a man who could be called a forbidden existence in the entire Tianhai City, yet he endured great loneliness every day."Sun Yun looked at Lin Hao with incomparable despair, in fact, she had no hope left in her heart, after all, this man in front of her was too terrifying....

Just what she didn't expect in the next moment was that Lin Hao actually nodded at her, "Well, I believe, I know that someone pushed you..."

When Sun Yun saw that Lin Hao actually believed in it, her face was overjoyed and she quickly said excitedly to Lin Hao, "Mmhmm, thank you, Mr. Lin..."

Hehe... just the next moment Lin Hao sneered and said disdainfully, "I think you're a little too happy, don't you want to know who pushed you?"

In the next moment, Sun Yun opened her mouth wide and subconsciously followed Lin Hao's words by asking, "Who is it?"

In the dim underground chamber, the corner of Lin Hao's mouth raised a chilling smile as he leaned forward towards Sun Yun, "It was me, I was the one who found someone to push you, I was just looking for a reason to kill you in front of everyone ah..."

Lin Hao said after a pause, in Sun Yun's horrified and inexplicable eyes, his voice was endlessly cold, "That day at the Leng family banquet, you scolded my wife, did you enjoy it?Hmm?"

Bang... Sun Yun was so frightened at the news that her guts broke, her mouth was open, her eyeballs were about to protrude out of her eyes, she was scared to death, but she couldn't say a word....


"'re that bastard, no no no, you're that Miss Shen's husband?"Sun Yun was utterly terrified and said in utter terror.

"Well yeah, so do you think I'll be able to spare you if you curse my wife like that?"Lin Hao spoke back in an icy tone.

"No, no, no, Mr. Lin I don't want to die ah, I really don't want to die ah, please let me go, please let me go, I'm going to apologize to your wife, yes, I'm going to kowtow to her and apologize, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ah... "Sun Yun desperately kowtowed to Lin Hao, she really didn't want to die ah....

Just how could Lin Hao have spared her?Lin Hao waved his hand, and suddenly one of the combat sequences standing behind him, walked up to Sun Yun, put the dagger directly into her mouth, and with a backhanded stir, Sun Yun's tongue was cut off.Sun Yun's tongue was cut out, and then it was broken Wu whisked relying on West Wu whisk to pick up her limbs....

"Brother, this person is already useless, and will have to live in this world to survive, and even if she is still alive, she will have to go through endless pain every moment, and kill her?"The combat sequence that was torturing Sun Yun, indifferently asked Lin Hao for instructions, in his heart, Shen Xi Yan was his sister-in-law, this evil woman dared to insult her sister-in-law like that, and their group of brothers would never let her go.

Lin Hao sucked in his breath and shook his head, "Kill her, even if she endures pain every moment she is alive from now on, isn't she still breathing the air of this world, isn't she still able to hear the sounds of this world?Isn't it still possible to see the world?So ah, just kill it, just kill it, this kind of person who lives even one second longer is a trample on this world...wasting the resources of this world..."

"No... don't..." although Sun Yun's tongue was cut out, she still didn't want to die and still wanted to live, and right now when she heard that Lin Hao was going to kill her, she was still desperately shaking her head, justLin Hao didn't give her that chance again, and directly kicked her throat, and Sun Yun died with endless reluctance in her heart.Just like Lin Hao said, he didn't even want this woman to live in this world for even a second longer.

Right after Lin Hao finished off Sun Yun, Mo Tianji walked into the secret room and reported respectfully to Lin Hao, "Brother, the family that Sun Yun is in has been wiped out..."

Lin Hao nodded his head, the hostility in his heart had only slowed down a bit after he had exterminated two families in a row in the past few days.Whether it was the Gong family or this Sun Yun, they had all touched his bottom line.

"Brother, your emotions..." said Mo Tianji to Lin Hao with a frown.Because in his senses, the outward hostility of Lin Hao's body these past few days was all very, very heavy, and this was not a good thing, it would affect Lin Hao's state of mind and personality over time....

Lin Hao waved his hand and took a deep breath, "Well, I know, I'll take control of it in the next few days..." The first website


Within the next few days, those top bigwigs in Tianhai City had toned down their arrogant and domineering behavior, and those people were even more deeply jealous of the man behind the Tianhai Group.The people who had gone to the banquet at Half Moon Bay Hotel that night had later received news that Sun Yun had died that night, and the family in which Sun Yun was from had also been exterminated.

The two words Tianhai Group Lin Tian were like a knife suspended in front of everyone in Tianhai City, overbearing and cold and ruthless.In just a few days, Lin Hao's name was already deeply scorned and feared by all the big bosses in Tianhai City.The same side effect was that those top celebrities in Tianhai City actually imagined Lin Hao as a dream lover.Regardless of whether it was good or bad, the overall conclusion was that Lin Hao's name had already resounded throughout Tianhai in the short span of a few days....

And the same few days, apart from not going to the cemetery for a while, Shen Xiyan accompanied Leng Qiuya and Wang Shufen.With the passage of time, Shen Xiyan's emotions also gradually stabilized, only a trace of sadness could still be seen in the depths of her eyes.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao habitually stood in front of the window of the Tianhai Group's president's office, overlooking the entire Tianhai City below.With the recuperation and treatment he had received over the past few days, his injuries had completely healed and he was back to his peak physical condition, but Lin Hao was still wearing a human skin mask on his face and was still using the name Lin Tian on the outside.

Mo Tianji walked behind Lin Hao in a somewhat complicated manner, looking at Lin Hao's lonely back as he stood by the window, he also felt some emotion in his heart, a man who could be called a forbidden existence in the entire Tianhai City, yet he endured great loneliness every day.Mo Tianji had been coming to report to Lin Hao every night at this time for the past few days, mainly to report on Shen Xiyan's movements throughout the day.


Mo Tianji walked behind Lin Hao in a somewhat complicated manner, looking at Lin Hao's lonely back as he stood by the window... a man who could be called a taboo existence in the entire Tianhai City, yet he endured great loneliness every day.Mo Tianji had been coming to report to Lin Hao every night at this time for the past few days, mainly to report on Shen Xiyan's movements for the day.

"Tianji, here you are, tell me, what has she been doing today?How's the mood?Still drinking?"Lin Hao didn't turn back, but he knew it was Mo Tianji coming just from the sound of footsteps.

Yes always not drinking Shen Siyan, recently started drinking, and drinking alone, alone drinking.Of course with Night One's protection, Yue Gu and the others were at ease with Shen Xiyan.And they are also willing to let Shen Siyan drink some wine, the hard feeling in her heart when she is drunk will be less, at least when she is drunk she will be able to sleep well....

Mo Tianji, standing behind Lin Hao, nodded with complicated eyes, "Well, yes, sister-in-law is still drinking, but she hasn't cried anymore in the past few days, she just often stays alone and goes drinking alone..."

Lin Hao nodded and asked, "Well, what about that design company of hers?"Lin Hao remembered that he had asked Jiang Shao Ming to speak to Shen Xiyan before, saying that he had pitched her a design company, so that Shen Xiyan could make her own brand within three years to realize her own dreams.Lin Hao's original setting was to prevent Shen Xiyan from being impulsive, so having a goal to strive forward....

Mo Tianji nodded and said, "Back to big brother, sister-in-law's company opens for business tomorrow, it will be officially cut tomorrow, so should I send someone to congratulate her?"

Lin Hao was silent, thinking about Mo Tianji's proposal, and he was silent for a while before he raised his head and said to Mo Tianji, "Well, tomorrow you come with me to see Wu Fei'er whisking Er Shandi, but just don't show up..."

"Yes big brother" Mo Tianji nodded and sighed in his heart as he saw that Lin Hao didn't mean to continue talking and walked out.But as soon as he took two steps, he was called out again by Lin Hao's opening, "Right, where is Xi Yan drinking?Send me the address and I'll go check it out..."

At ten o'clock at night, in a very secluded and downtrodden bar in Tianhai City, under the dim light, Shen Siyan in a black sweater sat alone in the corner with a pile of foreign wine in front of her.There are very few people in this bar, and Shen Xiyan is sitting in the corner again, with a sad and lonely mood spreading around her.Even if there was the occasional man who wanted to see Shen Xiyan's pretty face and come over to accost her, he was scared away by Night One.

Gulp... Shen Siyan picked up a glass of foreign wine on the table and drank it down in one gulp.Her eyes were still red, she had rarely cried in front of outsiders these days, only when she came to this small bar and sat alone in the corner would she occasionally cry, and tonight she was already drunk.

"Lin Hao, oh, I still miss you, still miss you, they all told me to forget about you, but how can I do that?I really really can't do it, every night as soon as I close my eyes, all that appears in my head is you, all your shadow, how much I want to see you again, even if you scold me, you beat me, I'm willing, I'm willing to accompany you, never ever leave your side....... "Shen XiYan once again lifted a glass of wine and shook it, her vision revealing the hazy wine, as if she saw Lin Hao's shadow once again... Remember the URL

Shen Siyan was in the corner alone sadly drinking wine, just like what Yue Gu said, now Shen Siyan has buried all her thoughts deeply into her heart, not revealing the slightest bit to outsiders, outside although Shen Siyan is still alive, living like a walking corpse.......

It was just that Shen Shi Yan who was in the middle of drinking at the moment didn't know how sad Shen Shi Yan's eyes were as there was a man watching her not far away from her.This man was Lin Hao with a human skin mask on his face, except that the current Lin Hao was called Lin Tian outside....

"Xi Yan... "Lin Hao looked at Shen Xi Yan who was not far away, who was grieving to the extreme, so he opened his mouth and called out in a small voice.He also missed Shen Xiyan in his heart these days, but there was still a big misunderstanding between them, and also because of various reasons, he had cheated on Shen Xiyan.

Seeing such a sad Shen Shi Yan now, Lin Hao's heart was also very distressed.Shen Suyan was just a silly woman, thinking of him to carry everything, all the pressure, by himself when he wasn't there!With her weak little shoulders to carry it all down, while Leng Qiu Ya's matter, Shen Xi Yan but wait for him for another day or two, and when Lin Hao returns, she and Lin Hao won't all have to suffer so much....

Shen Siyan, who was about to drink from her wine glass at this moment, suddenly trembled, she suddenly felt someone looking at her, she looked up and then saw Lin Hao's back.

In the next moment Shen Siyan stood up with a start and shouted at Lin Hao's back, "Lin Hao!"

Lin Hao had turned around and wanted to leave, but after hearing Shen Xiyan's cry at this moment, he suddenly stopped, his body trembling wildly, tears almost flowing down....


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