Dish Best Served Cold 1016-1020


Chapter 1016

Ye Fan's departure caused Wu Yang to feel extremely remorseful.

    Regretting that he had, instead of listening to Lu Tianhe and the others' advice, he had believed Lin Qinghe's bullshit.

    Now it was good that he had lost his wife and his army.

    Not to mention that Wei Qing was crippled, even Ye Fan had been forced away by them.

    "Hmph, now this result, are you satisfied?"

    The more Lu Tianhe thought about it, the angrier he became, and finally, at Wu Yang and Lin Qinghe, he snorted and raged away as well.


    "What's your attitude, Lu Tianhe?"

    ' "How dare you be so rude to the Commander-in-Chief?"Lin Qinghe was still there cursing furiously.

    However, Wu Yang glared at him: "Okay, shut the fuck up!"

    "Isn't it messy enough?"

    "I was just blind enough to believe your bullshit."

    "And the boxer's apprentice?"

    "What the hell ah this is."

    Wuyang cursed and left even with an iron face.

    Now that the chickens were flying, Wuyang was naturally depressed.

    The only way now was to think about how to redeem Ye Fan.

    However, just when Lu Tianhe and the others were about to do the same old trick and let Ye Fan's cousin Ye Yuyan act as a lobbyist and lead Wu Yang to apologize to Ye Fan personally, who would have thought that the next day, Ye Fan would come back by himself.

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu, you...You're not angry anymore?"

    Lu Tianhe and the others were startled and asked in shock.

    One by one, they were flabbergasted and dumbfounded.

    Obviously, this return of Ye Fan had killed them by surprise.

    They had thought that to invite Ye Fan back again, they were afraid that they would have to waste a lot of effort.

    But who would have thought that this Ye Fan would come back by himself.

    "What? Could it be that you guys don't welcome it?"Evan raised his eyebrows and said with no good grace.

    "Huan...Welcome, of course welcome."

    "Quickly, Mr. Chu, inside please."

    "We're going to inform the commander so that he can immediately enthrone you!"

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were nobody happy, this happiness had come too suddenly.

    But where did they know that the reason why Ye Fan had come back was entirely due to the Old Taijun.

    "I, the son of the Chu family, will keep my word!"

    "How can you go back on your word when you say you'll train a squad for people?"

    "People have apologized to you personally from the Commander of the Hall, what more do you want?"

    "Now get your ass back in office right now!"

    These were the Old Taijun's exact words to Ye Fan last night.

    Perhaps Wu Yang and the others were a little rude for their contempt for Ye Fan.

    But it was only human nature, after all, who would think that a teenager who was only twenty years old was so awesome?

    So, the old empress felt that Wu Yang and the others' initial prejudice was understandable.

    And then Wu Yang humbly apologized, so Ye Fan should totally just take a break and stay as that instructor!

    Now that Ye Fan was capricious and slipped straight back, the old taijun was naturally dissatisfied.

    In the end, Ye Fan was still under the authority of the old taijun and gave in.

    Promising that he would go back for a debriefing, but only if he would go back tomorrow morning and sleep in the old mansion for the night first.

    "It's good to spend more time with your old man."

    Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

    The old lady, however, stared at him hard.

    "And keep me company?"

    "I think you're missing someone's rhyme, aren't you?"

    "No good things can wait all night!"

    "Grandma, what are you talking nonsense about?"Hearing the old taijun's words, Yu Yun beside her had a pretty face that blushed crimson.

    The seductive redness, however, extended from the neck to the roots of the ears.

    The old taijun knew that he had let his mouth slip and quickly found an excuse to leave.


    "That, I'm going out to walk the dog.You guys talk."

    Although the old lady was not young, she was still fast enough to run.

    In a short while, she was gone.

    In the room, only Yu Yun, who was full of shame and anger, was left, a pair of beautiful eyes like swords, staring at Ye Fan with a deadly cold, angry voice, as if it was a precursor to murder.

    "Ye Fan, but you told grandmother?"

    "Shit, no, you don't want to spill blood."Ye Fan quickly explained.

    However, how could Yu Yun believe this pale explanation of his?

    "Sub-O, I'd better walk the dog."

    Seeing that the explanation was unclear, Ye Fan quickly made an excuse and slipped away as well.

    However, seriously, Ye Fan did come back tonight to cultivate the Dragon God Body with Yu Yun.

    After all, this was the main matter!

    As for going to the military to become an instructor, it was merely a passing thing.



    With yesterday's lesson, this time Wu Yang and the others, no doubt they would not dare to be lenient with Ye Fan again.

    On that day, it was announced that Ye Fan was appointed as the 16th Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, and had full authority to set up a special battle team, code name, Green Dragon!

    And I'll appoint Ye Fan a Major General!

    The dream that Ye Yuyan had been pursuing all her life, Ye Fan had already reached it at the age of twenty-one.


    "Mr. Chu, after today, you will be the youngest general in the army."

    "In the past, Huo was twenty-one years old and was named Wolf Juxue, and today, Mr. Chu is twenty-one years old and has the title of Worshipful General!"

    "It's daunting for the next generation~"

    Walking on the road to the military area, Lu Tianhe and the others but to Ye Fan's praise, not stinting on their own words of praise.

    But Ye Fan looked down on this, and in the face of appreciation, he coldly returned, "These polite words need not be said in the future."

    "Now, first, give me the list of candidates for the Special Battle Team."

    "Then, inform down, this afternoon, have those people, assemble at the training ground!"

    Ye Fan thundered, his time was limited and he was ready to start the special training immediately.

    Lu Tianhe immediately had someone make the arrangements.

    "Right Mr. Chu, I have some matters with Shao Hong in the next few days, I have to go back to Yanjing."

    "I'll leave this side of things to you."

    "Right, Yuyan is your cousin, right.How about I say hello and transfer her to your side to assist you?"Lu Tianhe was considerate.

    "It's not necessary.Besides, she and I are no longer brother and sister."

    In his faint words, Ye Fan had already left.

    Only Lu Tianhe and the others were left behind, Uggs strange.

    "It's just that, let them go."

    "Shao Hong, let's go."

    Lu Tianhe couldn't figure it out, so he simply didn't think about it anymore.

    After identifying the instructor of the Green Dragon Battle Team, the two of them's mission came to an end, and they then drove back to Yanjing to resume their orders.

    And that afternoon, on the military training ground.

    A full thirteen tall soldiers, full of expectation, were waiting at the same place.

    "Brother Yang, have you heard?"

    "The new instructor of the Green Dragon Battle Team has been confirmed."

    "Just appointed this morning, sealing the rank of Major General!"

    On the training ground, these people were whispering and discussing the upcoming new instructor.

    "Major General hey, that's a real general!"

    "I don't know if we'll ever be a general in our lives."


    "Hey, I'm afraid there's not much hope for us anyway."

    "But there should be hope for Ziyang and Ming Bo and the others."

    "Good talent, and there are people in the army."

    "There are connections to be made, backgrounds to be made, and abilities to be made."

    "Our group of people, in the future so really if someone becomes a general."

    "Ziyang and Ming Bo, can definitely account for two~"

    The people were laughing and chatting.

    And listening to their discussions, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo's chests unconsciously straightened up, and the fire called ambition in their hearts burned even more brightly.

    "Ye Fan, just wait!"

    "After I have been made a marquis in the army and made a name for myself."

    "That's when I, Li Ziyang, will trample you under my feet!"


"Oh, yeah?"

    However, just as Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo were, hesitating.

    Suddenly, a faint laughter, actually from not far away, quietly came out.

    In that laughter, it carried three points of contempt and seven points of playfulness!


    Hearing this slightly sarcastic laughter, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo's eyebrows, immediately wrinkled up.

    The original proud smile dissipated.

    The handsome faces then darkened.

    And then, with a heart full of displeasure, Li Ziyang and the two of them looked towards the source of the sound.

    In front, they saw a clear-headed young man, walking with his hands in the air.

    He was dressed in casual clothes, with a bit of a smile in the corner of his mouth, and the tips of his hair on his forehead, swinging in the wind.


    "Is that you?"

    "You.... why are you here?"

    The instant they saw this person, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo were immediately flabbergasted in place.

    Because of the tremors, one pair of eyebrows stared at them tremendously.

    It was simply hard for them to believe that they could still meet him in the middle of the military district.

    Yes, this clear-headed young man in front of them was the Ye Fan that Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo hated with a passion.

    In the beginning, before the Haiyuan Pavilion, Ye Fan ascended to the sky and stepped on top of the Jiangdong power.

    That day was Ye Fan's moment of glory.

    But for Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo, it was a nightmare that they couldn't shake.

    Because of Ye Fan, they were forced by their father to kneel down and apologize in public, which was disgraceful.

    At that time, they were not as good as Ye Fan and could only choose to endure silently.

    However, they were not willing to be trampled under Ye Fan's feet all the time.

    So the two of them, meeting up to enlist in the army, vowed to make a name for themselves among the military.

    In these half a year, they had suffered so much, and the reason they were able to persevere was because of an obsession.

    The one, the obsession that vowed to trample Ye Fan underfoot!

    But who would have thought that now the man they swore to surpass was also present in the military district.

    What was he doing here?

    Could it be that he's also a soldier?

    Thinking of this, Li Ziyang and the two of them burst out laughing.

    "Haha, Mr. Chu, I didn't expect that we were really destined to meet here?"

    "By the looks of you, you must be a new egg who just signed up for the army."

    "Haven't you even gotten your uniform yet?"

    "In that case, I'd advise you to go to the recruit check-in and get your paperwork done before it's too late."

    "As for this place, it's the Special Warfare Advanced Training Facility."

    "Not a place where recruits like you should come."

    Li Ziyang sneered and said, his words filled with a touch of arrogance, but all without the slightest respect for Ye Fan.

    After all, this was in the military district.

    That so-called esteem of Jiangdong, in this army, but it was not even a fart.

    Here, it was a place to look at titles and military achievements.

    Li Ziyang and the others were now in the rank of lieutenant and were seeded candidates for the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    Whether it was title or military merit, that was not something that a new recruit like Ye Fan could look up to.

    While Li Ziyang and the others were talking to Ye Fan, the person next to them was suddenly curious.


    "Yang, you guys know each other?"

    "Isn't it, not only do we know each other, but we have some grudges?The reason why Ming Bo and I enlisted in the army, but it was forced by him."Ma Mingbo smiled coldly, when he was pursuing Suzy, it was by Ye Fan that he got mixed up.

    And, because of Ye Fan, Ma Mingbo had been embarrassed several times.

    Ma Mingbo's hatred for Ye Fan was not weaker than Li Ziyang in the slightest.

    He had entered the military zone, just like Li Ziyang, and wanted to build up his career, and when he saw Ye Fan again in the future, he would make him kneel at his feet to apologize and beg for forgiveness.

    But I didn't expect that their reencounter would come so swiftly and so suddenly.


    "Cowboy him?"

    "This jerk even dares to mess with Beau you guys?"

    This Li Ziyang and the others seemed to have quite a reputation in this military district.

    Now when they heard this, many people around them looked at Ye Fan and threatened with a bad face.

    "Kid, newcomer, right?"

    "A word of advice, if you want to make it in this Jiangdong Military District in the future, give Brother Yang and the others a good apology today."

    "Otherwise, when Brother Yang and the others are selected for the Green Dragon Special Battle Team, you'll be in for a treat in the future."

    The crowd coldly rebuked at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan just shook his head and smiled at the sound, not commenting.

    "Fuck, you bastard still dares to laugh?"

    "Oh, that's right, you've just arrived, you don't know what the Green Dragon Battle Team, stands for."

    "I can tell you that this Green Dragon Battle Team was jointly established by the Jiangdong Military Region and the Yanjing Military Region."

    "The Green Dragon Battle Team's position is that of a top international special combat team!"

    "Docking the world's best."

    "In the future, it will be the strongest squad ranked first in Huaxia."

    "Those who can be selected for this battle team are not people with a bright future."

    "Kid, now you should know how powerful the Green Dragon Battle Team is, right?"

    At this time, the one who spoke was a tall, dark-faced man.

    He was born strapping and must have weighed at least two hundred pounds.

    Standing there, it was as if he was a small mountain, giving people a great sense of oppression.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he still smiled faintly.

    "Well, you're saying quite a bit, but so what?"

    "Not to mention Huaxia's number one, even if this Green Dragon team becomes the strongest team in the world in the future.Then when they see me, they'll still have to do a military salute."

    "Respect me like a father!"

    "Honor me as God!"

    Ye Fan's proud words were like thunder, quietly exploding in the world here.

    Li Ziyang and the others all trembled at the sound.

    And then, all of them looked like idiots, looking at the young man in front of them and cursing with a black face.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Brakes you?"

    "And honors you as Father and God?"

    "Who the fuck are you to talk big even here?"

    "Ye Fan, this is a military district, not Yunzhou, and not in Haiyuan Pavilion!"

    "Before you pretend to be something else, set yourself straight."

    Li Ziyang and the others cursed angrily.

    Everyone's gaze towards Ye Fan was filled with disdain.

    A punk kid, who hadn't even grown all his fur, dared to pretend to be a punk at them here, the future Green Dragon special fighters?

    "It's idiotic in general!"

    "If you keep pretending, do you believe that I, Tarzan, will slap you to death?"

    The black-faced man pooh-poohed and spat in disgust to express his disdain for Ye Fan.

    However, just as the crowd, present, was paying lip service to Ye Fan.

    Behind them, Jiangdong Military Region Commander-in-Chief Wu Yang and Vice Commander Lin Qinghe had already walked over.

    After they saw Ye Fan, they smiled politely.

    "Mr. Chu, I didn't expect that you would come so early.I've kept you waiting."

    Wu Yang exchanged pleasantries for a while.

    Ye Fan stood with his hands negative and expressionless, only returning coldly, "Make the announcement."


    Wu Yang didn't have any nonsense and only returned a good word.

    And then, this military district commander, directly walked up to Li Ziyang and the others.

    Seeing the commander-in-chief of the Jiangdong Military Region, Li Ziyang and the others naturally didn't dare to slow down.

    They were filled with trepidation and awe, standing just right, chest out and head up, standing into a pine, waiting for Wu Yang's order.

    "Everyone, listen to the order!"

    "With immediate effect, I declare Mr. Chu to be the Chief Instructor of the three armies of the Jiangdong Military Region and the instructor of the Green Dragon Battle Team!"

    "Full authority over the establishment of the Green Dragon Squad."



"And, grant Mr. Chu, the rank of Major General!"


    Wu Yang's voice, still on the training ground, echoed unceasingly.

    However, the crowd present was all stunned.

    This sudden appointment was only as if thunder struck down.

    The moment he heard Wu Yang's words, Li Ziyang was already confused.

    The entire person, dumbfounded as a wooden chicken!

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu, Green...Instructor Green Dragon?"

    Li Ziyang was startled in place and lost his voice.

    Ma Mingbo was equally shocked, a pair of old eyes, nearly staring into the size of a copper bell.

    The entire man, almost Jairus' eyes.


    "Major...The rank of Major General?"

    Ma Mingbo was also muddled on the spot, muttering to himself.

    These words of Wu Yang were like a slap on the faces of Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo, but they hurt in their hearts.

    The two of them, to death, had never thought.

    What Ye Fan had just said was all true.

    He, really became, a Major General of the Military Region, a Green Dragon Instructor?

    The rank of Major General, which they regarded as their lifelong goal, was just like that, spurned by Ye Fan?


    Great irony!

    The feeling was as if Li Ziyang and the others were just about to climb a high mountain so that they could trample Ye Fan beneath their feet.

    However, when they actually arrived at the foot of the mountain, they resolutely discovered that the young man they swore to trample under their feet was already standing on top of the mountain!

    At this moment, there were almost no words to describe the bitterness and trembling in the hearts of Li Ziyang and his two friends.

    It only felt that life had opened up to them, a great joke!


    "No, it's not possible?"

    "That's not true."

    "He, Ye Fan, is nothing but a country boy, a wimpy son-in-law, even if he is the Lord of Jiangdong, he is not qualified to be a Green Dragon Instructor, let alone a Major General of the Military District."

    "Not convinced!"

    "I, Mamabu, am not convinced~"

    After a long tremor, it was Ma Mingbo who was the first to stand out, openly calling out Ye Fan, disobeying Ye Fan, when this Green Dragon instructor.


    "This is a military appointment, how can you be allowed to make wild accusations here?"

    "Is it hard to believe that you want to disobey orders?"

    Wu Yang's stern voice, majestic anger exploded immediately.

    However, this time, it was too late.

    As Ma Mingbo walked out, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves.

    Right after that, the black-faced man from earlier also stepped out, unwillingly roaring, "I, Taishan, will not be obeyed either!"

    "How is he qualified, a brat, to rule over us?"

    "How does a young man with no name have the qualifications to be crowned with the rank of Major and be an instructor of the Green Dragon?"

    "Nonsense!"Wuyang drank again, "Tarzan, you are an old man of the military, is it, even you question the military order?Not convinced by Instructor Chu?"

    "In my life, I, Tarzan, will only serve the strong!"

    "Why should I serve a mediocre relation?"

    Tarzan was pleasantly unafraid and returned with an angry voice.

    Yes, in his eyes, Ye Fan was a relation.

    Otherwise, how could a brat with no resume, unheard of, and not even as old as his son, be named Major General and hold such a position as Chief Instructor just after entering the military area.

    If it wasn't based on his connections, could it be based on his ability?

    A twenty-something punk kid who's never even touched a woman, how much more can he do?

    He's forty years old, Tarzan has been in the military all his life, and he's only just become a captain!

    How can a young man be a Major General and lead them?


    "Not convinced."

    "We're not convinced either~"


    "A mere brat, why is he qualified, to be our Green Dragon instructor?"


    "We're not convinced!"

    "Resolutely not convinced~"

    In a split second, everyone present stepped out, all rebelling against this decision of the military district's posting.

    All of them, none of them recognized the identity of Ye Fan, the Chief Instructor!

    After all, Ye Fan was too young.

    Not as old as them?

    Having a junior, commanding himself, was naturally unacceptable to them.

    "It's the opposite, it's all fucking opposite~"

    "One by one, the wings are hardening, aren't they?"

    After so many years of leading troops, this was the first time Wu Yang had seen such a sight.

    He was so angry that he was about to order severe punishment.

    However, at this time, Lin Qinghe, who had been watching the show on the side, pulled Wu Yang back.

    "Commander Wu Yang, hold your peace!"

    "These people in front of us are all outstanding talents that have been carefully selected by our military district."

    "But all talents always have a sense of pride in them, don't they."

    "Just like a fierce horse, the fiercer the temperament, the more fighting power it has."

    "That's a good thing."Lin Qinghe said in a low voice.

    "So what you're saying is that we'll just let them fool around and we won't care?"Wu Yang frowned.

    Lin Qinghe shook his head: "Control, of course we should control.But it's not us who are in charge."

    "Then isn't Instructor Chu already serving?"

    "These, too, should be in charge of his soldiers."

    "Consider it, just a test for him."

    "Just as well, let's also see if this so-called Mr. Chu has the stamina to bring out a team of owls!"

    Lin Qinghe said slowly, but in his heart he was gloating.

    He was naturally dissatisfied with Ye Fan after he had disturbed his good fortune.

    Now, it was an opportunity to take revenge on Ye Fan.

    If he couldn't handle this matter today, Lin Qinghe would naturally have an excuse to persuade Wu Yang to remove this so-called Mr. Chu and replace him with someone else.

    When Wu Yang heard this, he also felt that it made sense.

    Whirling nodded his head while walking towards Ye Fan's direction, "Instructor Chu, I've said everything that needs to be said, the rest, I'll leave it to you."

    "Since you've become this instructor, you have to learn how to tame these blazing horses."

    Wu Yang said to Ye Fan, in a deep voice.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just walked forward with an expressionless face.

    And then, he stood in front of the crowd, looking at the disgruntled soldiers in front of him, standing with a negative hand, looking like he was going to lecture them.

    Lin Qinghe became interested, he wanted to see what this Ye Fan could say to appease these high-minded soldiers.

    Sure enough, in the next moment, Ye Fan's deep voice then rang out.

    He looked at the crowd, looked around the four directions, and coldly said.

    "I heard that some of you are displeased with me?"

    "Since that's the case, anyone who is not convinced, come out."

    Ye Fan spoke calmly, and in his low tone, one could not hear the slightest bit of anger.

    As soon as his words fell, Ma Mingbo was the first to come out.

    "I'm not convinced!"

    "Ye Fan, you're just a son-in-law, what qualifications do you have to teach us?"

    "I'll be the first to disobey if you become an instructor."

    Ma Mingbo bellowed harshly.

    Ye Fan sniffed and smiled.

    "Good, very good, have the guts."

    Between the faint smile, who would have thought that in the next moment, Ye Fan's appearance was steeply icy cold, while his feet stepped on the ground and walked several steps in a row.

    Finally, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, Ye Fan immediately kicked out.


    After hearing a loud bang, like a thunderstorm exploding, Maminabo's body was directly kicked out like a cannonball by Ye Fan.

    Rolling but crawling, directly flying out a few tens of meters.

    Finally lying on the ground, spitting blood, but was unable to stand up again.

    "Anyone else not convinced?"Evan's words continued to ring out.

    "Motherfucking chicken, do you really think we're afraid of you?"

    "I'm not fucking convinced!"


    As soon as Tarzan's words fell, Ye Fan kicked out immediately after.

    The scream was in, and the two hundred pound body was directly kicked by Ye Fan like a dog a few dozen meters away.

    "Is there more?Continue."

    Tianhe this time, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and asked faintly.

    The low and calm words were only like the chanting of death, echoing the four directions.


However, even though Ye Fan had kicked two people in a row, there were still warriors who were not afraid of death and stood out.

    For example, this handsome looking young man in front of him, the son of Li Er, Li Ziyang!

    "Not convinced."

    "I'm still not convinced!"

    Li Ziyang's eyes were red and his face was eventful, shouting at Ye Fan.

    Rather than being displeased, it was just more like being unwilling.

    After all, the scene in front of him had caused Li Ziyang's once so hard work to lose its meaning.

    These half a year, he had trained so hard, for what?

    It was still to ask for the title of Major General within ten years and trample Ye Fan underfoot.

    But who would have thought that for Ye Fan, it didn't take ten years to be crowned a marquis or a general, and that now was enough!


    As expected, without the slightest surprise, after Li Ziyang's words fell, his entire body then took off.

    The body of hundreds of pounds was directly kicked away by Ye Fan.

    With a bang, it actually smashed over the several meters fence in the distance.

    After that, another big man walked out, vainly trying to challenge Ye Fan.

    This time, he didn't just passively take a beating like Li Ziyang, but took the initiative to attack Ye Fan after coming out.

    But the result, was still the same.

    He hadn't even gotten the slightest bit closer to Ye Fan before he was kicked out by Ye Fan.

    His chest was caved in and his ribs were all broken several times by Ye Fan's kick.

    In the end, the man even screamed and was directly carried down.

    Just like this, Ye Fan kicked four people in a row.

    The fierce means shook the four directions.

    Suddenly, the world here was dead silent.

    The wind on all sides blew the sand in the sky.

    Under the heavenly river, only the young man was left, standing proudly with his hands in the negative, full of cold smile.

    His clear and beautiful face was full of majesty.

    His deep eyes seemed to be reflecting the stars and the sea, as if he was ruling the world!

    "Who else?"


    At the first gust of wind, Ye Fan's domineering words, however, shook the four directions.

    Under his majesty, naturally no one dared to come forward again.

    Everyone was terrified and pale, and all the previous disobedience and disdain had undoubtedly vanished under Ye Fan's might!

    That's tough.

    One person was kicked out a few dozen meters raw.

    That last person's ribs were all broken.

    Where is this tree power, this is fucking murder!

    No one doubted that just now, if Ye Fan used just one more point of force, Li Ziyang and the others were afraid that they would have to account for this in their lifetime.

    In this situation, who would dare to come out and scream at Ye Fan?

    That's a fucking death sentence!

    However, looking at the miserable appearance of Li Ziyang and the others who were covered in blood, the corners of Wu Yang and Lin Qinghe's eyes also drew fiercely.

    Obviously, they hadn't expected that Ye Fan would do death to them!

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu, you...Did you hit him a little too hard?"

    Wu Yang's old face paled and asked in a low voice.


    But Ye Fan sneered.

    "If this is considered heavy, then there's no need for this so-called Green Dragon Battle Team to train."

    "Since you want the Green Dragon to become the most dazzling sword in the Huaxia military world, then you have to face life and death!"

    "Because in the future, every enemy they face will only be more ruthless and heavy-handed than me."

    "You're right, but...But isn't this a training ground, there's no need..."Wu Yang was still saying.

    But Ye Fan, however, interrupted him directly in a stern voice.

    "A training ground is also a battlefield."

    "This..."Ye Fan's words actually blocked Wu Yang's dumb speech, his old face reddened, but he couldn't say a word.

    "Also, Commander Wu Yang, I remember telling you that I train soldiers and don't like outsiders telling me what to do!"

    "Since the Green Dragon Battle Team has been handed over to me, then no one else has the right to interfere."

    "Including you."

    Ye Fan's words were low and cold and hard, and his tone was full of unquestionable authority.

    In this situation, Wuyang naturally shut his mouth in good sense.

    Soon after, he also went back.

    Ye Fan was right, since he had promised to let him handle the matter of the Green Dragon Battle Team with full authority, there was really no need for him to interfere.

    Previously, Wu Yang was worried about whether Ye Fan could tame these bloodthirsty young men at such a young age.

    But now it seemed that he was overly worried.

    With the means that Ye Fan had just used, not to mention going to train a dozen of virile soldiers, but a dozen of generals, I'm afraid that Ye Fan would have to be ruled by him.

    After all, this guy was too ruthless!

    Not convinced?

    Beat you into submission.

    There was nothing, which could be more recognized and acknowledged than fists and strength.

    Ye Fan, however, had undoubtedly already deterred the crowd here by his strength.

    After Wu Yang and the others left, but Ye Fan continued to stand here.

    The Green Dragon Battle Team, needed five people.

    In other words, Ye Fan needed to pick five out of the eleven people in front of him.

    But Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo were undoubtedly desperate.

    They knew that they had been eliminated from the game from the moment they stood up to Ye Fan.

    In public and in private, Ye Fan would no longer pay attention to them.

    After fighting for so long, the dream they had been chasing for, but Ye Fan, stepped on it and crushed it.

    However, just as Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo's hearts were ashes, Ye Fan's gaze, however, looked over.

    It was that condescending gaze again, as if in his eyes, he, Li Ziyang, was just an ant.

    Li Ziyang hated this feeling, hated this feeling of being stepped on!

    He clenched his palms, a resigned light erupting from his brow.

    "You're very displeased with me?"The corners of his lips lightened, and Ye Fan's low, slow words quietly rang out.

    Li Ziyang's mouth full of blood, laughing fiercely.

    "You're damn right, Evan, I just can't stand you!"

    "You don't come from the same family as me, you don't come from the same background as me, you don't have the same looks or education as me?"

    "By what right can you be the Lord of Jiangdong and the general of ten thousand armies?"

    "And I, Li Ziyang, will have to kneel down as a dog and only lie down as a soldier!"

    "I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced ten thousand times~"

    Even now, Li Ziyang was still full of resentment and growled at Ye Fan like a beast.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled.

    "Very good!"

    "I never thought that your father Li Er was a wimp, but you're a bloody man."

    "Li Ziyang, right?"

    "I'm giving you a chance to trample me under your feet now."

    "Join the Green Dragon."

    "You want power, I'll give you power."

    "You want the future, I'll give you the future too!"

    "I've given you the opportunity, as to how far you can go in the future, that's up to you."

    "You...Are you serious?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Li Ziyang was stunned.

    He didn't expect that Ye Fan would choose him to join the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    The Green Dragon Battle Team, however, was established and cultivated as the first battle team of Huaxia.

    It wasn't hard to imagine that in the future, every person in this team would have endless future and brightness.

    Li Ziyang had originally given up, but he didn't expect that Ye Fan would choose him to join the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    "Aren't you afraid that after I become strong, I'll seek revenge on you?"Li Ziyang asked.

    Ye Fan smiled with a negative hand: "That, wait until you are qualified to challenge me in the future."

    "At least right now, you are not qualified."


On the training ground, Ye Fan's faint words echoed.

    The words were straightforward and cruel.

    But what was even more cruel was that what Ye Fan said was even the truth.

    Today's Li Ziyang, not to mention threatening Ye Fan, didn't even have the qualifications to be Ye Fan's opponent.

    After speaking to Li Ziyang, Ye Fan then turned towards Ma Mingbo and also included him in the Green Dragon team.

    Perhaps, these two were not the best physically among these people.But were, however, the most determined of minds.

    On the path of martial arts, what was more important than talent, was the mind!

    If they didn't have a strong heart, even if they had the best talent, they would not be destined to go too far on this path.

    In the end, Ye Fan chose four people from the thirteen.

    Without exception, all of them were the four people who had previously stood up to provoke Ye Fan and ended up being kicked until their bones were broken by him.

    As for the final one, Ye Fan was prepared to decide at a later date with the attitude of preferring to be short of candidates.

    That night, Ye Fan did not return to Qingyang Town, but stayed in a guest house among the military district.He started working on a training plan for the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    However, to Ye Fan's surprise, this night, Ye Yuyan came back to him.

    "Something wrong?"

    The cold voice carried an indifference that rejected people.

    Back then, Ye Yuyan was this cold and indifferent to Ye Fan.

    Now who would have thought that the creation of the world, a similar scene appeared again, but the two protagonists of it were already swapping places.

    However, for Ye Yuyan, Ye Fan didn't have any hatred.

    It was more just don't care.

    After all, a yellow-haired girl didn't have the qualifications for Ye Fan to hate her.

    He was now just treating Ye Yuyan, as a stranger like Li Ziyang.

    "Brother Xiaofan..."Ye Yuyan wanted to call her brother, but after that title arrived, she eventually changed her mouth, "Instructor Chu, I want to join, the Green Dragon Battle Team."

    Ye Yuyan lowered her head and whispered.

    In her words, there was trepidation and shame.

    She knew that she wasn't qualified to request anything from Ye Fan, but she really didn't want to miss this opportunity.

    The Green Dragon Squad was established by being cultivated as the number one special combat team in Huaxia, whether it was the resources enjoyed or the future, that was undoubtedly the best.

    Naturally, Ye Yuyan also wanted to join.

    Ye Fan didn't look up, still sitting at his desk writing notes, facing Ye Yuyan's words, he returned flatly, "Well, the soldiers of the Jiangdong Military Region, all want to join."

    "But..."Ye Yuyan struggled and finally gritted her teeth, "But Instructor Chu, Commander Wu Yang and the others, forbid female soldiers from participating in the selection.I also want to join on my own merit, but Commander and the others, won't even give me a chance."

    "I hope Instructor Chu, can help me seek an opportunity."

    "A chance to compete with them on the same stage."

    "That's all."

    Ye Yuyan's beautiful eyes burned with request and expectation as she looked at Ye Fan.

    But unfortunately, Ye Fan still didn't even look at her, just lowered his head and wrote something.

    "Since it's Commander Wu Yang's decision, you should go to him instead of coming to me."

    "Alright, that's enough for today, I still have things to do, you go down."

    Ye Fan waved his hand as if he didn't want to waste too much time on Ye Yuyan.

    He no longer had any relationship with the Ye family after all.

    If it was before, Ye Fan might have even helped her once for the sake of his relatives' face.

    But now, since he had already chosen to be a stranger.

    Why would Ye Fan need to, waste his energy on someone who was irrelevant?

    What's more, because of physiological reasons, there was already a gap between women's physical qualities, compared to men's.

    Wu Yang and the others' decision to forbid female soldiers from running for the Green Dragon Battle Team was by no means unreasonable.

    In the end, Ye Yuyan was still lost and left.

    On top of her pretty face, she was all miserable and depressed.

    A pair of beautiful eyes were also full of red, almost chocolate-colored.

    At this time, she was walking alone in the darkness outside, with an inexplicable feeling of sadness and loneliness in her heart, only feeling that the entire world, only herself was left.



    The next day, Ye Fan did not start high intensity training.

    After all, Li Ziyang and the others had been beaten up by Ye Fan yesterday, so today they were allowed to recuperate first and only had some simple physical training.

    However, Ye Fan was not idle, he found the logistics department and gave them a list of ingredients.

    "In the future, all the three meals a day of the Green Dragon Battle Team will be specially provided according to the specifications written on it!"

    "Also, the medicinal herbs that I have written in it must also be prepared in full tomorrow."

    Martial Dao cultivation, one must cultivate both inside and outside.

    Outside, it was all kinds of physical training.

    Inside, naturally, was diet and conditioning.

    After all, without sufficient food reserves, even if Ye Fan's training methods were good, they simply wouldn't have the energy to train.

    In addition, Ye Fan also changed the recipe of the Yang Dragon Body to a level that could be practiced even by an ordinary person who was new to martial arts, after it was modified and reduced.

    Of course, the power of the Dragon God Physique after modification and reduction was not even a tenth as powerful as what Ye Fan had practiced.

    But even so, if Li Ziyang and the others really succeeded in cultivating it, the physical strength would still be extremely terrifying!

    After all, the Dragon God Physique was the strongest body refining martial art in the martial dao world.

    Even if it was only a few tenths of its power, it was definitely not something that an ordinary martial dao powerhouse could contend with.

    "The training method is almost perfected."

    "Just who should be chosen as the fifth candidate for this Green Dragon Battle Team?"

    Because of the fifth candidate, Ye Fan was once in a tangle.

    Even at night, when Ye Fan returned to Qingyang Town, he did not think of a suitable candidate.



    At the same time, Jiangdong Military District.

    "Lin Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Please behave yourself!"

    It was lunch break time and there was no one around.

    Ye Yuyan had just returned from her bath, wearing a long loose skirt, and the hair on her forehead, was still damp.

    This usually rigid and fierce girl, but now after bathing, she looked amorous.

    Naturally, it caused some people, to covet.

    "Yuyan, I like you."

    "Just promise me that you'll be my girlfriend, okay?"

    "As long as you promise, I'll tell my father to nominate you to the Green Dragon Battle Team."Lin Fan spoke a bit too quickly and whispered at Ye Yuyan.

    "I'll say it again, get out of my way!"

    Ye Yuyan suppressed the disgust in her heart and shouted harshly, her palms already clenched.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Lin Fan's background in front of him wasn't in the way, Ye Yuyan would have already made a move on him.

    But Lin Fan didn't seem to have any intention of stopping, instead he intensified his move against Ye Yuyan, until finally, he reached out his hand directly towards Ye Yuyan's waist and hugged her.

    "You brought this on yourself!"

    Ye Yuyan was by no means a submissive nature, and in anger, the set of military body punches she had learned from Lu Tianhe before instantly struck out.

    Screaming, that Lin Fan was directly put to the ground by Ye Yuyan, his knees were bent by Ye Yuyan's lifting, and one of his arms was even broken.


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